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RPGC #30 – Celestial Lights

1. Of or relating to the sky or physical universe as understood in astronomy
2. Of or relating to heaven; divine

With Celestial having both an astrological and spiritual meaning, you may choose in what way celestial will be the theme of your story. If you don’t know what to choose there is always the option to combine both definitions in your story.

May the Celestial Lights guide you as you write this story.

There is also an art contest with the same theme and if you decide to make cover art for your story, you have a shot at winning both contest. But if you only win one both entries will still be displayed (so either your story will be added in a hidebox in the Museum of TDAC winners, or your cover will be added in a hidebox in the RPGC Trophy case)

Core rules:
  • At all times follow the Fundamental Rules of the Guild and the Moderation Policy for Forum Contests.
  • After reading the above this should be obvious: No plagiarism and respect copyright laws.
  • The story you submit must be written by you and specifically for this contest.
  • This is a place for original fiction, no fanfiction allowed.
  • No explicit sex, but you may fade to black.
  • No excessive violence or gore.
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to this thread. You will receive updates on the contest and on the number of entries, and reminders about the deadline here. I will not PM them.
  • The winner of this contest will be honoured in our Trophy Case.

Contest rules:
  • There will be a minimum word count of 500 and a maximum of 5000
  • Please PM @Calle the entries and give it as title RPGC#30 - (Your Title).
  • Your entry can be anonymous or carry your name. Let me know what you want in the PM. If you don't specify, your entry will be posted anonymously, but you may always claim your story during or after the voting round.
    Even for anonymous entries, the name of the writer will be added to the entry in the Hall of Fame.
  • The deadline is February 1st 9:00 CET, which is 8:00 game time (both times are in a.m.)

Number of entries so far: 1
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Ooooh! Calle I love this theme!

I’m hoping that I can enter this one, just commit to it and get it done. I could certainly enter the art contest.

Thanks again for running this.

We literally do not deserve you <3
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I was looking for this but turns out I was just early. I'll be entering this time around. Godspeed to everyone.
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We have our first entry and still 18 days left in the contest.
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10 days before the deadline. And that is not too late to start, it's perfectly possible to write a short story within a few days.
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