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A weird one. Like a portal story but instead of a high school Japanese school girl, it's a foreign tourist that gets pulled into another world kind of weird.
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Characters that would normally not really collaborate being force to by circumstance!
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Slice of Life.. and/or a survival-type RP.

And honestly... feeling super nostalgic and really in the mood for an old-school wolf pack RP. Does that make me a furry..? Hahaha. Honestly, at this point, I don't even care.
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Two ideas immediately jump to mind, one being mecha and kaiju on a far off planet. The other is dungeon-crawling, since I've been playing Fate: Undiscovered Realms.
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Still can't help but crave something Star Trek after getting back into Star Trek Online.
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rewatched arcane with my so and now dreaming of something in LoL/Runeterra/Arcane setting once more
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