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Maive KaldeEmpressDec 25th

At a height that barely allows Maive to call herself 4'11", this eldest often gets mistaken as the youngest runt of her family. Despite her thin and demure appearance, she is far more muscular than her frame lets on. Lifting younger siblings that are already taller and as heavy as you does that to a person.

Surprisingly, her uniform is her best-fitting piece of attire. Such is the power of the kind of wealth that allows for an ocean-side boarding school. She wears it as properly as she can. When she doesn't have to wear her uniform, her attire consists entirely of hand-me-downs (or in her case, hand-me-ups) she brought from home that are too large for her frame.

Some consider Maive to be a saint. Known as someone who is always willing to help, many students trust and confide in her as one of their limited supports at a boarding school. She's not the most intelligent person out there, but she puts the hours in to study. If someone comes to her for academic help, she'll do her best to teach them the concepts she knows. Her refusal of rewards and gifts is another strange thing about her.

Others consider Maive to be a blundering and naive people pleaser. These people often treat Maive as a tool to get something under the guise of requiring help. Of course, Maive isn't one to notice bad intentions. She still tries to help no matter her current state even if she's used as a gopher, her meals are picked away with "can I try that", or she's otherwise taken advantage of.

A point of contention is her family's financial status. While most choose to respect others regardless of wealth (outwardly, at least), her lack of money makes an easy target for those looking for something to attack.


Maive is in the arts program.

She's fairly far-sighted and has been wearing the same pair of glasses that she had since she was twelve.

Her favourite food are plums. She's also a human trash compactor able to eat almost anything as she's the least picky out of her family.

While her voice is definitely something special, her ability for housework and crafts is also something that cannot be overlooked.

She can remember conversations really well, making it a surprise when brings up an off-hand remark from weeks before.


Under the arcana of the empress, Basilea is the first queen of Atlantis. In addition, she is known as the Great Mother due to the care she gave her younger siblings. Tragedy had lead Basilea to vanish in a storm.

Basilea, like a storm, wields the power of Wind to demolish groups of foes and Electric to smite those who threaten her wards. Despite her status as a caring and motherly figure, the only boons she can bestow is empowerment to the two elements under her domain. The best way to protect those around her is all-out offense, after all.

Maive wields knives. Particularly of the kitchen variety.
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Verity Oxenbridge
The Devil | March 22 | 5'3

Petite and pale-skinned, with a big forehead and an unnerving gaze, one that looks at, and only considers, an individual's exteriority. There's an unbelievable arrogance that pervades her every move, and she holds herself as distinct from the crowd as well, slouching or leaning at her leisure. She has all the elements of a slacker, from non-existent fashion sense to non-existent hobbies to non-existent intellect, so where on earth does she get her self-confidence from, to go about her day as if she existed on a whole other dimension from the rest of her equally wealthy peers?

A trust fund baby, and one who clearly wasn't brought up all that well, if she let her perfectly-secured future get into her head so much that she's become a habitual skipper, an apathetic delinquent, a bratty hedonist. Verity makes no effort to engage in any classroom icebreakers, only spouts off nonsensical observations in group projects, and if you lay your eyes off her, it's guaranteed that she's going to go fuck off somewhere. She treats everyone equally, in that none of them are worth truly understanding, but she lacks a sense of distance as well, able to speak casually with just about anyone, regardless of whether or not she should.

She must have some brains, at least, to not fail her classes, but she's always on just the cusp of getting kicked, and her mere existence is spitting in the faces of any scholarship students who had to actually try to get where they are now.

Really, Verity's probably the type of person to spam low kicks in fighting games.

The doted-on daughter of the Oxenbridges, who started off as cryptocurrency gamblers before delving more deeply into 'serious' finances. Now, they own estates on every continent and travel the world to give talks of all sorts about the future of crypto, NFTs, AI, and FIRE. They produce nothing, generate nothing, but still rake in millions every year, with seemingly no effort.

It's how it goes, after all. Once you get enough money, it just starts making itself.

Verity grew up in that opulence and excess. If she wanted it, she could buy it, and the amount of conference dinners or occasions that her parents brought her to honestly outnumbers the amount of times she ate at home. The life of the nouveau riche was decadent beyond compare, and the shittier thing was that even if the markets all crashed the next day, the Oxenbridges had a large enough rainy day fund that they could continue to live without a care for the next three generations. They will never get their comeuppance, and she...

She had nothing but time. A whole century's worth of time to whittle away as she pleased.

So at the first chance she got, Verity decided on a boarding school.

Verity's the oldest of three children, and has a younger sister and a baby brother.

She chose Harbor Academy because it was in the middle of nowhere and, for whatever reason, is in Sciences.

Curiously enough, Verity has a better relationship with the people in the city than with her fellow classmates. God knows why though.

A fire axe. Hefty, unbalanced, but satisfying to swing.

Shackleton. An explorer of the Antarctic famed for his ability to lead in times of disaster, but who similarly failed to adjust to regular life in society and ultimately died in great debt, as many great men are wont to do.

A menagerie of buffs and cleanses, all of which intensify in efficacy in worsening situations. Absolutely worthless in rote situations upon the seas, but will kick ass otherwise. Mostly aligned with the Ice element, but has some Gun elements too.
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