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~ Maximum of one character at this time.

~ All espers will start with a gold, silver, and two bronze grade glamors. These grades may be attributed to their characters Instrument, Style, Genre, and Leitmotif respectively. Over time, all espers will be allowed to upgrade their glamors.

~ Returning players may start with a Silver Grade PR from their chosen faction. Alternatively, they may choose to have a Bronze glamor if they feel it fits their character better.

~ New players start the RP with a Bronze Grade PR glamor.

~ Returning characters may keep their old Backups, though they may be requested to change it depending on the character and who the Backup is from.

~ New characters do not start the RP with a Backup, and must forge relationships in Pax Septimus to earn one.

~ A character sheet can be rejected for any reason, including your behavior in other RPs. Though usually we'll just ask for some small corrections before you can join.

~ I'm not one to set hard limits on what a character can be. But the following are going to be a tough sell:
-Characters under the age of 13.

-Characters that have been espers for a long time.

-Characters that aren't espers.

-Characters that aren't Gemini agents, Mavericks, or Freelancers.

-Characters that aren't human. Having a non-human esper form is fine.

~ You may alter the character sheet, but the order of information and how the information is indented should remain the same. Only a single space between paragraphs. Do not use the original Magenta color in the color tags, and do not color the body text. Other than that, you're free to dress it up how you like.

~ All character sheets must be posted in OOC. The extremely shy can PM a GM or Co-GM, who will discuss the sheet in private.

Character's Name, as well as the alias for their esper form if they have one. EXAMPLE: Elroy Bates / Immortal Volcano

Character's Age. If their Esper form has a different apparent age, list both. EXAMPLE: 67, looks like a teenager in their esper form

Male or Female, and list if it changes in esper form. If you answer "yes please," I'm rejecting the sheet >:C

A picture or a written description is fine. Be sure to note key features like accessories, hair style, scars, etc. Also remember to describe both their normal and esper forms.

Your esper's trinket that enables their transformation.

Details about the esper's Instrument. Refer to the character creation guide for notes on how to make all glamors. We're mostly interested in what it looks like, as well as its keywords, stats, and extra abilities.

Details about the esper's style. Namely the resistances and special abilities.

Details about the esper's genre. List the element, keywords (and costs), as well as any special abilities.

Details about the esper's leitmotif.

Details about the esper's PR. Note their loadout and any special effects.

Details about a special gift your esper received from their waifu/husbando friend.

The faction they work for.

This is the space where you can describe the character's personality, backstory, and any other details you feel like sharing. Remember to give your GMs and players some good hooks to work with.

Below is the basic format for a character sheet. Remember to change the text color to something other than "Magenta"

In addition to this, you'll also want to create a "Banner Character Sheet." This contains a quick run down of your character's attributes so that the GMs can more easily determine if an action was successful or not. It looks something like this, and can be hidden in a hider inside your posts if you wish.

Age | Sex | Faction | Leitmotif
Weapon | Weapon Keywords | Weapon Damage Type | Weapon Special
Style | Style Special
Genre | Genre Element | Genre Special
[Element Notes] All other notes



Here's what Mika's would look like filled out:

16 | Female | Gemini | Somebody's Watching Me!
Nails | Hands | Arcane | Cat Scratch Fever
Eye of the Tiger | Survivor
Spirit Animals | Nature | ANIMAL
[Poison, Transform], Pull, Restrain, Construction, Heal, Stabilize, Extend


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"Now I’m Pissed!"

Dead Head

”Name’s Asher, Asher Blake. Who’s askin?”

”32 years young, baby. But I don’t look a day over 21.”

”Do what? Oh, I’m a dude, clearly.”

“Yeah? Sure I don’t mind posing for a few photos, make sure you get my good side.”

The grimiore itself comes in the form of a metal pouch with 4 different colored marbles inside,

Nothing quite says “knock knock” like Asher’s iconic SPAS-12, dubbed Hatred. Hatred is a solid black SPAS-12 with an angry red dragon painted on it in a manner that makes it wrap around the gun and positions its head so that it appears the dragon is roaring when the gun is fired. The upper rail features a set of hardened spikes running along the edges that give it a punky aesthetic to match Asher. It also features a strap that stretches from barrel to stock for convenience. Rather than standard buckshot Hatred fires slugs of solid metal that pack one hell of a wallop. When at a nice close distance Asher can also use Hatred’s special ability to fire off a short range burst of magical fire that’s nearly guaranteed to catch anything on fire on a direct hit.

SPECIAL: Dragons Breath allows Hatred to fire off a short burst of magical fire in a close proximity. This acts as an ignite cast but only at short range, around 6 feet.

Carbon Fiber

Grade: Silver
SPECIAL: Upon taking esper form Asher’s body becomes mostly made from carbon fiber where possible, shedding weight and allowing him an extra degree of reaction time when attempting to dodge attacks.


Asher’s melodies manifest as fiery constructs of his anger and rage, a deep hot fire reminiscent of smoldering coal. Asher’s fire feels much hotter than it actually burns to those without a strong resolve.

GRADE: Silver
NOTES: [Ignite, Heat] Damage X, Damage, AoE, Puddle, Sky Call, Powerful, Scatter, Shield, Blink
SPECIAL: Asher’s ignite attacks are 1 rank higher.

Eye of Malice

Bronze grade
Asher’s left eye stands out from the other when transformed, slightly larger and more intimidating with a deeper red emanating from it.

As far as accessories go Asher only carries a pistol and a baseball bat, for more delicate situations.


”I only work for myself, ain’t nobody the boss of me!”

”What? Do you want my life story or something? Piss off!”

For the last 15 years the average day in the life of Asher Blake has been filled with debauchery, high octane metal, dangerous stunts, and a live fast die young attitude. Lead Vocalist of the band always did come with its perks, and Asher was never one to not take advantage of the situation. He and a group of friends formed Dead Head in their junior year, choosing to drop out and pursue a musical career over traditional forms of education. It only took a couple of years before the group found a groove in their local scene and although it was modest it was a start. Through dedication and commitment over the next few years Dead Head managed to grow more and more renown as they slowly grew into an ever more prominent force.

By his mid 20s Asher Blake was well and truly a rock star. Dead Head toured the nation and consistently sold out venues time and time again. But with all things, as time goes things change and people want different things. Dead Head, once a rising star, was now coming to a natural point in its life where its members sought change, different experiences, and a chance to grow. Much to the dismay of its fanbase, Dead Head split up when Asher was 28.

Without any plans and an obscene amount of money Asher wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. For the first couple of years the partying was enough but it didn’t really bring Asher any fulfillment. It wasn’t until a rather raucous block party that Asher found his calling.

Disaster struck. An uninvited guest, a gruesome monster from the chaos realm. Debris and destruction rain around Asher. The crowd screams and runs to and fro unsure of who or what has caused the chaos. As he watched everyone around him running, terrified for their lives, something within him stirred. A strong connection reached out to him.

The crowd almost seemed to part around him as he neared it. A shotgun, a standard pump action at first appearance but the longer Asher stared at it the more he could feel that just below the surface it’s true self lay waiting for him alone to take. As Asher gripped the weapon the dam burst, the emotions roiling in him grew astronomically as the anger within him almost took physical form. Bursting forth from him and the weapon it swirled around him in a storm of lights and magical energy. Spreading forth from his hand at the point of contact his skin slowly transformed into carbon fiber. Energy coursed through Asher’s body as his anger roared to life like a high powered engine.

Just as quickly as the energy burst forth from him it also returned, swirling about him until it finally coalesced into a burning heat that seemed to radiate from his body. Asher gripped the shotgun, racked a shell, and set his eyes upon the source of the chaos. It was time to whoop some ass.

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