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Yakushi Residence, Konohagakure
Daybreak, Present Day

"Uggggggggggggggggggh. . . Why does it have to be raininnnnnnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!" Bright red eyes glared at the dull gray sky above as it heaped a seaming endless downpour onto Konoha as if trying to dispell the clouds with nothing but sheer force of will. Unfortunately, the clouds remained and rain continued to spill from the sky, ruining her routine. With a sigh, Tsume let the bag of equipment fall to her side with a dull thud, running a bandaged hand through her scarlet hair as she thought of what to do with the rest of her morning. She'd wanted to get a quick bout of warm-up exercises in before she had to attend the ceremony, to get herself all jazzed up for meeting her Sensei and teammates. But thanks to the weather, she couldn't help but feel bummed as she turned away from the doorway to venture back into the house, failing to stifle a small yawn as she stretched her arms upward. "Bleh. . . I guess I can go see if Sawako-san is up yet. . ."

Making her way down the hallway with a hand trailing along the wall, Tsume made her way to her guardian's room, sliding the paper door open to see the woman still laying on the floor beneath a mound of blankets. A fringe of brown hair could just be seen peeking out of one side of the mound, emanating soft snoring as the woman seemed to still be deep asleep. She must've been working pretty hard at the hospital last night. . . The girl wondered, quietly stepping over to the sleeping figure before kneeling down by the mess of hair and gently pushing at the mound.

"Sawako-san. . . Sawako-san. . . Sawako-san." She spoke in an urgent yet hushed whisper, not wanting to disturb her care-taker too much but still wanting to talk to her. After a few minutes of persistent bugging and groggy false starts, the mess of hair rose up to reveal a single half-lidded brown eye staring at the prepubescent girl with an annoyed glare.

"Yes. . . yes, I'm up Tsume-chan. . . despite my best efforts," With a drawnout sigh, the woman rose up into a sitting position, still swaddled in her blankets as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes before stretching out her arms as she sat up more properly. ""What is it you seem to desperately need me for, my little hanabi?"

"Sawako-san, how long are you going to call me that?" The young yakushi gave her guardian a small pout at the pet name, even going so far as to turn away from her with a huff, though the smile playing at the edges of her lips betrayed her true feelings about the title. "Don't you know I'm going to be a genin after today!! A true shinobi, just like Noriaki-san!!"

""Yes, so you've been constantly saying ever since we got confirmation that you passed the exam." Sawako chuckled as she ruffled the Tsume's hair, who weakly fought her off with weak slaps and laughter. Once that was done, Sawako got up with a groan, likely from the aching muscles that often assaulted her after her more exhausting days at the hospital. Tsume often made her a special kind of tea on these days, she had forgotten about it in all the excitement and as she watched her guardian slowly get up, she couldn't help but feel a bit of her joy fade a bit, though was quick to shake it off as Sawako turned her attention back on her. ""So, what is all the bother to get me up this morning, hmmm? Normally, I'm lucky to catch a glimpse of you these days before you go off to start your little training routine."

The redhead couldn't help but flush slightly as Sawako's voice took a bit of a pointed tone when it came to the subject of her training, wishing that Noriaki-san was here right now. He always knew just what to say to get Sawako-san off her back when it came to her habits now that she had learned to pace herself a bit better, but right now she was all on her lonesome. "I just. . . wanted to enjoy a meal with you, Sawako-san. Ya, one last meal before I become a true shinobi!! Who knows when we'll next get time to eat together when I become a genin!"

""Hmmm. . ." Sawako raised a single eyebrow at that statement, giving Tsume a look that seemed to spear right through her. But there was no way that she could possibly guess tha- "Is that why you're dressed in your training clothes and not the kimono I had bought specifically for this occasion?"

Oh. . . shoot. Tsume's face shifted from one of shock to one of disgust as she remembered the [s]torture device[/i] kimono that Sawako had forced her to pick up a little while ago for the ceremony. It was admittedly rather pretty, Tsume could admit that much, but the way Sawako set it up on her made it feel way too tight and constrictive than she liked. Perhaps waking up Sawko-san for breakfast was a mistake.

Tsume's silence proved all the answer that Sawako needed, as she let out a sigh before getting up, grabbing the rambunctious tomboy by the collar as she started dragging her towards the door. This quickly broke Tsume out of her slight stupor, and as she realized what was about to happen, so to began the kicking and screaming as she was determined to fight putting on that damn thing as much as she possibly could. It was a fight that she knew to be ultimately pointless, but she would never give in to such a fate without a fight.

Tsume once again looked up at the sky with a glare, though this time her gaze was blocked by the taut folds of her umbrella as she slowly made her way to the Academy beneath the pouring rains. She looked down at the fancy kimono Sawako had forced her into, a fiery orange thing with specs of red dancing along the hems. Again, it was pretty, but each step she took reminded her of how restrictive and tight it was around her body. She was glad that Sawako-san was celebrating the event, given her feelings on Tsume's decision to be a ninja, but the redhead wished that her guardian would accept the fact that things like this just weren't for her.

"I bet I'm going to be the only dressed so needlessly fancy today. Ugh, it's going to be so embrassing, and I can't even complain to Fukuchan about it."She pouted, imagining what her noble friend would likely say about her plight. Most likely something to the tone effect of 'suck it up and don't complain'or 'a real shinobi wouldn't be bother by such trivial things'. Tsume loved her friend with all her heart, but she could be so annoyingly practical sometimes. "Uggggh. . . just bear with it Tsume. Soon, you'll meet your sensei, your teammates, and be one step closer to catching up to Noriaki-san and show how awesome you really are."

With a huff, Tsume half jogged-half waddled along the path with renewed intensity, ready to take on the whole of Konoha if she had too. Today was her day, and no amount of tight dresses, snide remarks, or stupid rain was going to put a big damper on her spirits. She couldn't way till she saw Noriaki-san again and showed off her new headband to him. She was certain that he'd be really happy, even if he didn't show it. perhaps she could even convince him to stay and partake in the dinner her and Sawako-san had planned on making tonight(after they finished thier little scuffle with the kimono). "Noriaki-san should just come with me and Sawako-san already, and leave his stinky clan of meanies to be stinky by themselves. . . oh, except for Riachan. Ria's fun, even if she's a bit weird, and she takes me to the theatres every now and then."

And with those little random thoughts, her mind would continue to trail off as she netered a daydream of cool ninja stuff with all her, as well as Noriaki-san giving that mean short Uchiha lady a stern talking too about how he and Tsume and Sawako were all family and were going to start living together and that there was nothing she could do to stop it.
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First Middle Last
D.O.B. | Age | Ethnicity
Single || Straight
Education | Position/Profession/Career
Physical Profile

Miscellaneous Items

Appearance Details
A full physical description to compliment your faceclaim and physical profile. This is where you can describe piercings, tattoos, scars, their sense of style and mannerisms. This section should be at least a paragraph in length.

An insight to the character's psyche, how they think, feel and process the world around them. This should include their likes and dislikes, examples of how they react to sitatuions and other like elements that attribute to their personality. This should be at least two paragraphs.
Character Synopsis
Introduction to the character, their history and primarily their motivations for engaging in vigilantism and using their abilities or skills to help the city. This should be no shorter than two paragraphs but can as long beyond that as you wish depending on your style of story telling.

Abilities & Skills
Superhuman Ability | Description should be at least a paragraph

Limitation(s) | Description should be at least a paragraph with three defined limitations

Weakness(es) | Description should be at least a paragraph with exploitable weaknesses.

Example Skill | Description

Supporting Cast
Any relevant characters you will be playing alongside your primary POV in order to flesh out the world around you. This can include, family, friends, loved ones and antagonists. This is an optional section on the CS and can be deleted entirely, left as a 'To Be Determined' and contributed to as the IC progress or filled out from the get go. Entirely your decision.
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"The Vongola is everything to me. . . and I will do everything in my power to protect it."

[hr ]
[hr ]

// A G E

// P E R S O N A L I T Y
Caterina is, to put it lightly, two-faced. Most that interact with her find her to be very cheerful, kind, and generous to a fault. She seems to want nothing but the best for everyone and constantly tries to make friends with just about everyone she meets. She tends to refer from any mean-spirited behavior, aside from the little splash of sass and light sarcasm that she utters from time to time, but to most everyone, she meets Caterina is just an average cheerful young woman and the apple of her father's eye.

In truth, Caterina is much more akin to a cold businesswoman, every action she takes calculated and planned to get her the most benefit possible in any situation. Taking her father's words of "never letting people see the true you" to their utmost extremes, the young woman has spent almost every day of her conscious life building up an unarming, harmless persona to keep those around her in the dark about her own true intentions.
// B A C K G R O U N D
Caterina was promised the world.

[hr ]
[hr ]
"In times past, the Lightning guardians have focused on defending their compatriots in battle. I, however, plan to make it so our enemies fear to even consider taking up arms against us."

// F L A M E
Lightning Flame: The Lightning Flame is known as the toughest flame due to its characteristic, Hardening. Lightning Flames can be employed to solidify and increase the firmness of objects. By themselves, the Flames can be used defensively by projecting a solid barrier and offensively by cutting like a sharp blade. It can also be used to electrocute like actual electricity.

// A B I L I T I E S
Vongola Hyper Intuition - A blood trait passed down through the generations of Vongola Bosses. It determines the eligibility of a person in order to be able to succeed the Vongola, and has been described by the Arcobaleno Reborn as being "a power that could see through all." That being said, it is not perfect and can be fooled through powerful enough illusions. The abilities and functions of this innate ability have been widely speculated, but there is much uncertainty as to what individuals who have it may actually be capable of. It is a trait of many mysteries and few answers.

For Caterina, however, this mystical 6th sense of the Vongola bloodline is diminished as a result of the Harmony of Sky Flame not being present within her body. While the ability is still within her, it seems that she is unable to obtain it's full potential, at least through natural means.

Skilled Dying Flame Wielder - Caterina, in particular, has shown great skill in using the solidification aspects of Lighting flames to great effect in varying up her attack styles in combat by creating temporary constructs of sorts. Whether it be turning her spear into a type of trident, creating a string to reel it back after throwing it, or even creating platforms through her Fiamma Boots to allow for better in-air maneuverability, she has proven to be rather skilled in manipulating her flames attributes, even if her way of doing so is rather unorthodox when compared to the typical Lightning wielder.

Agile Fighter - Caterina has trained to be an extremely agile and evasive fighter, using speed, flexibility, and unpredictable movements to assault opponents without ever taking a hit in return. She has also proven quite skilled in the field of acrobatics and parkour, able to move through almost any environment with ease and efficiency no matter what obstacles might be in her way.

Deceptive - Caterina has always been a bit tricky when it comes to her words, a trait that her father often tells her is inherited from her mother. While not necessarily a liar, the way she tends phrases things often leave room for . . . interpretation. She understands the power that lies within words and as a result, always chooses her own with extreme care and precision. This often makes her as elusive and hard to pin-down in conversation as she is in combat.

Multi-lingual In her strive to prepare for the role of Vongola boss, Caterina has been extremely diligent in her studies of language, as diplomacy is just as important an aspect of running a Famiglia as one's combat ability. As such, She can speak English, Japanese, and Italian fluently, as well as being competent in several other languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.

// E Q U I P M E N T
Box Weapon - Spear - While a spear seems an odd weapon for the Guardian of Defense, those that face Caterina will quickly find that she is more than capable of defending her allies, even if her way of doing so is by eliminating threats herself. An extremely offensive weapon, she can slash, pierce, and pummel her foes as she spins and twirls around them in graceful movements one would find just as suitable on a dancer as they would on her. Not only that but when you add her skill with Lightning Flames to the mix, you get a true force to be reckoned with on the field, whether it be by launching bolts of electrical destruction from afar, reinforcing the weapon to make it tougher and more effective via hardening, or changing its form and usage by manipulating the Solidification nature of Lightning to form simplistic constructs that allow her weapon an ever wider amount of versatility.

Box Animal- Serpente Fulmine(Medusa) - Medusa is a large python covered in shimmering emerald green scales, with a line of buzzing Lightning flames racing all along her body from head to tail. She proves to be the heart of Caterina's defensive abilities, often found coiled around the girl's body during battle to make use of its ability to create rather sturdy barriers of Lightning flame at will. These shields, known as Serpe Aegis, allow Caterina to be as gung-ho a combatant, making up for her own lack of a defensive weapon. that said, she isn't too reliant on it and is willing to command Medusa to assist others in battle. When fully uncoiled, Medusa is also able to create a much larger barrier that is extremely resilient to attack, even by Storm flames, but she must remain completely stationary when performing this maneuver. Not only that, but it is extremely tiring for the constrictor, and afterward, she is too exhausted to be used in combat.

Despite being a mainly defensive Box animal, Medusa does have some offensive capabilities, though they're only deployable when she is separated from Caterina. These include the use of Hardening on her own body in order to increase the strength of her natural Constriction ability as a Python, as well as launching bolts of lightning flame at enemies, though the latter is more of a harassment tool than something meant to actually hurt as the flames as they are now are rather weak.

Lightning Ring: Class C - A standard Dying Will Ring that she uses to channel her dying wil flames.

Fiamma Shoes - A hi-tech piece of combat-foot wear that allows the user to fly through the air through the propulsion of Dying Will Flames from their soles. Caterina found them to be a natural fit for her more mobile fighting style. She had them specifically modified to make use of a steel-toe and rugged material to make them more useful in the heat of battle, the channeling of Lightning flames making them rather effective additions to her arsenal(especially against male opponents). She also makes us of solidification to, instead of shooting out a thrust fo flame, form a platform for her to jump off of, enabling sudden stops and quick redirections if needed.

Combat Knife - For those times when there just isn't enough room to use her spear.
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Vacuan Desert, Midday

The air within the airship was hot, stuffy, and reeked of humanity as the large group of perspective Shade students huddle next to each other in the cramped vehicle. The only light present within was scorching rays that came in through the windows, and for those who looked out, nothing but wasteland was present to greet them for as far the eye could see. Almost as oppressive as the heat was the slight thrum of anticipation that hung over all of them, especially as they saw the small group of older students whisper and converse among themselves near the front of the ship. This uneasy, murmuring silence would continue to fill the room until a sudden outburst rang through the hull.

"By the gods, this is taking forever!"One of the third years, a tall, rough-looking Faunus with silver hair and tail complained as he looked out one of the windows, fiddling with a rather hi-tech looking gauntlet as his foot drummed u a constant beat upon the metal floor of the airship with his impatient tapping.

"Kid, calm down. We haven't been flying for that long." One of the pilots said in response without looking back, massaging the bridge of his nose before turning back to address the hold of students as a whole. "Might be a bit longer than we expected tho. Got a call from the group ahead of us, looks like the testing area is a little bit too hot for us to land there. We'll just keep cruising by it and you'll have to walk over." The silver-haired youth let out a curse, glancing over the rookies in the hold with a clear sense of disdain.

"We'd probably be able to land just fine if we didn't have to play babysitter for these fucking greenhorns." The complaint got a bit of a chuckle out of the other third years, though one merely clicked his tongue, walking up to his fellow student with a flamboyant swagger.

"Oh come on Wolfy, no need to get your tail in a bunch like that." With dark hair, crimson eyes, and a suit that seemed more for some kind of masquerade ball then the battlefield, he made for a rather odd- fit for the more weathered looking Shade students. One that wasn't [artcularly well-liked either, if the expressions on the others were anything to go by, especially the Faunus boy, who actually seemed to bare his teeth a bit when he was called 'Wolfy'. "Easy there, I'[m just saying. We should make are juniors feel more welcome, no? We were all first years at one point, so no need to treat them as a burden like that, right?"

With a twirl, the dark haired 3rd year gave a smile and a wave to the assembled students, walking up to take a position in front of them all, almost like a teacher of sorts.

"With that said, I'll go ahead and introduce myself and start things off. My name is Noir of Team NOIR, a pleasure to meet you all. I would introduce my other team members, but sadly, no one else on my team was interested in this venture. A pity, truly, to be separated from them, no matter how brief." Placing his hand over his heart, Noir seemed to wilt at the thought but quickly sprung back up to gesture towards the group of prospective students, a grin back on his face. "But enough about me, would any of you like to introduce ourselves? Perhaps you have some questions about Shade Academy? Anyone? Anyone at all? Don't be shy, we won't bite. . . well, most of us anyway. Not sure about Silme over there."

Noir turned to give a small wave to the impatient silver-haired youth, whose only response was a prompt "Fuck off!" before he went back to looking out the window. The other third years were more willing to introduce themselves, giving their own names and team names, though this felt more due to Noir's constant prodding than any desire among them to ease the mood for their Juniors.

"Are you fucking blind or something? We're flying past the zone?!?!" The one doing the shouting was a young man with short silver-white hair, a similarly colored tail sweeping side to side in an agitated manner, and fierce amber eyes currently focused on a flustered, but resolute pilot. T

"I-I'm sorry kid, but that LZ is filled with way too many Grimm to risk a landing right there. I'm redirecting us to another spot nearby that'll hopefully-" A bang from the youth's fist hitting the ship's ceiling silenced the pilot, flinching slightly but holding his ground. "Look, If you got a death wish, that's on you, but don't drag me into it."

The youth eyes narrowed but didn't say anything more, instead choosing to leave the pilots to their own devices. As he strode away to the drop doors, however, his gaze flittered across the gather prospects before him.

"Ochre, Opal, Carobelle, and . . . uh," He snapped his fingers a few times as he ran through some sort of mental checklist trying to remember the list the headmaster had given him. "Carrie, no. . . Cherry-no that's not it either uhh . . . Cer- Yeah, Cerry! You four are present, right?" As he waited for the lot of them to reply, the silver-haired fauns rather conspicuously began to put on the strange gauntlets that had hung by his hip this entire time. Sleek and smooth, with a white-gunmetal finish to them that was only broken by the bandoleer of dust vials that encircled the wrists. If one focused closely on them, they might just be able to make out the symbol o the Schnee dust company within the dim-lighting of the airship cabin, though it appeared to have been savagely defaced by a number of gouges in the metal's surface.

"You all are going to be teamed up with me for the coming mission. So I'm going to explain that, because just sitting around in this glorified flying toaster in silence is killing me." Pulling on his gauntlets to make sure they were on properly, the third year continued to make his way to the drop doors while speaking. While most of the prospects were looking somewhat confused, all of the third years were smirking to each other while grabbing onto their belongings. Two of them even seemed to be exchanging Lien. "Simply put, it's extermination with a twist. Something's gotten the Grimm in this area real riled up, and we're going in to clean em up. Hopefully, while that's happening, we can find out what's happening but that's a secondary objective. As our glorious headmaster always bashes into our heads, again and again, our duty is to the people and all that, blah blah blah." Silme's pantomime of the headmaster, complete with a mock salute and swaggering walk, drew a chuckle from some aboard the airship, particularly those among the third years.

"It's a simple mission with simple parameters: get in, wreck shop, maybe figure out the 'why' of it all while you do it. Now, if any of you greenhorns find yourself getting into something that you may find difficult to handle by yourselves. . . well, that's where us 3rd years come in." the youth was silent for a moment as if waiting for applause that never came. "That said, this is also a test and the six of us here are the ones handing out the grade. Whether you pass or fail depends on how we feel you handle yourselves. While we'll be sure not to let any of ya kick the bucket, don't expect us to babysit ya. If you can't deal with this kind of situation, or work with your fellow huntsman whether you've known them for 5 years or 5 seconds, then you're just not what Shade wants. We survive out here by working together and showing any creature or bandit we face out here why Shade isn't a place ya want to fuck with."

Seeming to be finished with his little speech, the Faunus continued making his way across the ship to the hangar bay doors, gauntlets whirring to life as he secured them in place. Brushing off his shoulders a bit, he glanced over his shoulder to cast an amber eye over those in his squad.

"Ochre, while you guys are under my command, you'll be second in command. Let's see you put that name of yours to good use. Carobelle, if Ochre loses his nerve out there, you're the back-up. Hope that isn't asking too much of you. Cher-no, Cerry. Try not to freeze up out there. . . and welcome to Vacuo. And finally, Opal . . . I'll admit, don't see much in ya at the moment, so try your best to prove me wrong. Oh, and as a word of advice to all of you when forming ur landing strategy, flying Grimm tend to be a good choice."

"Wait a minute, what do you me-" Was all the pilot was able to get out before the Faunus slammed his fist down on the bay door release. A fierce surge of wind blasted through the small space as the hangar doors on either side of the group slid open, muffling the myriad of curses the pilot was throwing at the young man as he turned his back towards the yawning sky. "See ya down there team. . . unless you wanna fail, that is."

And with little more than a grin and a hop, he was off. Hurtling down towards the sprawling Vacuan desert. A number of black figures polluted both the air and the land as the creatures of Grimm that had gathered swarmed over the sands, from the jackal-like Beowolves to the Garuda that patrolled the skies above. As the 4-winged Grimm saw the plummeting morsel heading there way, they were quick to fly close in on the lone Huntsman. However, as they got close, the Huntsman was quick to leap into action, flipping over in mid-air as a bright green glow emanated from the fingertips of his gauntlets. Before the Grimm could even get close, he unleashed a powerful cross slash, the wind-dust from his gauntlets unleashing it as a strong gust of buffeting winds that battered the encroaching Grimm away from him as he fell.

Another swipe of his claws launched onto the back of one of the creatures, knocking it down to a lower elevation from the impact. Before the creature could attempt to right itself, the Faunus dart across its body, lashing out with two more powerful slashes to disable two of its 4 wings. Robbed of much of the thrust that allowed it to remain airborne, the Grimm bucked wildly in an attempt to dislodge the unwanted rider as it begun a jerky downward descent to the desert floor, tho to no avail as the Huntsman dug a clawed hand into the creatures back to ride out the bumpy ride.

Back in the ship, most of the students were struggling to keep their belongings from getting sucked out the hold while a few of the third years were engaged in a shouting match with the pilot over what just happened. One of them, a dark-haired youth with crimson eyes and dressed in fancy attire, strolled over to the group as a hole hand in his pocket as he waved to the prospects.

"Greetings all. My name's Noir and the mutt that just flew out the doors was Silme, as he forgot to mention." More than a few of the third years gave Noir a sharp glare at his declaration of Silme being a 'mutt', particularly the Faunus among them, but before any of them could get into it, another barrage of shouts from the pilots took their attention away from him. "If you were one of the names called, well, I suggest you hurry before the pilot decides to close the doors, as he definitely wasn't kidding about failing you if you don't follow his crazy little scheme. Unfortunate, truly, but such things can be common when you're a student at Shade. Life's tough and all that."

Noir gave a shrug before stepping away from the doors with a flourish as if inviting the four students named to take the plunge.

First challenge: Execute your landing strategy using any attribute you feel is appropriate. Bonus points for style!(not really, but what is RWBY if not style over substance)
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Name: Daphne
Age: 30
Race: Dhamphir(Bauchstehen)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 165
Class: Kineticist
Appearance: Daphne could be best described as an enchanting young woman, bearing a heart-shaped face framed by short bangs of raven hair and eyes like glimmering gold orbs that sem to speak of an intelligence far beyond her years. The influence of her Bauchstehen mother can be seen in the tapered tips that sharpen many of her features as well as her relatively tall stature. Thanks to the variety of her mother's race, the telling features of her Vetala-bloodline are much more difficult to parse without the use of specialized magic, the only possible tell being the slight fang-like point to her canines, though they are bearly much bigger than that of a normal person.
Personality: Daphne is a playful girl, often to a rather disagreeable fault. Always eager to learn new things about the world, it can be nearly impossible to get her to settle down in th epresence of new knowledge. Along with this is her rather stubborn nature when denied something she wants or is uised to getting, the result ing tantrums often leading to her flexing her strange abilities in order to cow whoever stands in her way. Despite being relatively kind to most, an angered Daphne will see little problem in hurting those who get in between her and her desires, though often finds that the threat of doing something proves to be just as effective as actually doing it, if not more so.

Despite her childish nature, one would be foolish to dimiss her based entirely on such an impression, While definitely not the most worldy or patient of individuals, she is one possessed of a snake's cunning when it comes to getting what she wantsor gaining revenge on those who she believes to have wronged her. Patientce isn't a virtue she takes to with any speed, but if no other choice is sensible, she is capable of holding a long and lasting grudge and waiting as long as is needed to finally get her way.

Biography: Daphne was, quite simply, born to be a weapon, brought into the world by a bargain between her Vetala-sire and a powerful necromancer. Despite this truth, however, her early life was not one of egregious hardships or overtly cruel treatment. While the experiments that the Necromancer put her through to give her the power she know possesses were undoubtedly painful, after each gauntlet of trials she was treated with the utmost care and softness. her master, as he bid her to callhim, often gave her anything she requested of him as long as she participated with his efforts, and even when she didn't in some of her more rebellious moods. He was everything that she could ever want in a guardian: Kind, soft-spoken, understanding. Not only that, but the day when his experiments bore fruit within her, birthing a strange, but miraculous new power within her core. . . the jpoy and praise that he heaped upon her left her in jpyful tears.

Unfortunately, as she'd later come to realize, it was this success that uncovered the location of her Master's lair, as the immense surge of Negative energy, as brief as it had been, had been noticed, Within days of the discovery, her Master's home was set upon by a great force of intruders, bursting through his defenses and traps with worrisome speed. Daphne was more than prepared to tear down anyone that threatened her master or his work, but he denounced her for such thoughts. She was not ready to face such powerful foes, not as she was in that moment. As such, he had her spirited away under the cover of shadows so that his success wouldn't be destroyed by those who wouldn't understand. Daphne's last glimpse of her master was him turning to face of against a horde of faceless foes in armor.

In the years following her escape from her master, she could find no news or trace of him, aside from news that the forces sent to capture the 'vile necromancer' had failed. The simply joy in hearing that her master had escaped from his pursurers satiated her in the moment, as she thought that he'd soon come to her at any moment. But as days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years, she found herself wondering in silence where her master had gone. Why hadn't he come for her? Had she been. . . abandoned?

Such a thought was too much for her to bare, and so she convinced herself that there was no way that it could be true. Instead, she dedicated herself to finding her master, traveling all over in search of him, as well as learning all she could about the world outside of his lair. She came into some trouble now and again, partially due to misunderstanding, partially due to recklessness and her own volatile temperament. But she never stopped looking for him, convinced that they would see each other again.
Hex: (hex value for character dialogue)

AC: 15
Attack: Gravity Blast: +3 to hit, 1d6+5 damage
Negative Energy Blast: +3 to hit, 1d6+3 damage
Special Traits: Undead Resistance: Dhampirs gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease and mind-affecting effects.
Resist Level Drain (Ex): A dhampir takes no penalties from energy drain effects, though he can still be killed if he accrues more negative levels then he has Hit Dice. After 24 hours, any negative levels a dhampir takes are removed without the need for an additional saving throw.
Light Sensitivity: Dhampirs are dazzled in areas of bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.
Negative Energy Affinity: Though a living creature, a dhampir reacts to positive and negative energy as if it were undead—positive energy harms it, while negative energy heals it.
Vampiric Empathy: Though dhampirs often relate poorly to humanoids, some share an affinity with baser creatures. These dhampirs gain the ability to communicate with bats, rats, and wolves as if under the effects of a speak with animals spell (caster level equal to 1/2 the dhampir’s Hit Dice). In addition, they gain a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks when dealing with these animals. Whenever these dhampirs initiate an exchange, animals begin with a starting attitude of indifferent. This is a supernatural ability. This racial trait replaces manipulative.
Alternate Spell-Like Ability: Ajibachanas gain comprehend languages as a spell-like ability.
Senses:Darkvision: Dhampir see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.
Low-light vision: In addition to their ability to see perfectly in the dark up to 60 ft, dhampir have low-light vision, allowing them to see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
(List commonly used, ranked, or specially modified skills)Acrobatics: +5, Escape Artist: +5, Intimidate:+4, Stealth: +5, Use Magic Device: +4
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After the first 3 volunteers went up, the rest generally fell in-line with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Noir seemed pleased none the less for the participation clapping his hand together after the last first years went.

"Ah yes, yes. It's a wonder to meet you all. Now then, with that out of the way, I should probably tell yo-"

"Actually, Noir," The silver-haired youth appeared next to his dark-haired compatriot in what seemed like an instant, lightly pushing him to the side as he took center stage before the crowd. "I think I'll be the one to tell them what we're doing. After all, it was partly my suggestion to the headmaster that them here." Silme's chuckle earned a confused frown from Noir, clearly not accustomed to the wolf Faunus offering to do, well, anything. That being said, he quickly stepped back and watched, looking unsure of whether or not Silme could be trusted to not pull some wild stunt.

"Now then, greenhorns, the test is pretty damn simple: We've noticed a gathering of Grimm out in the desert recently. Nothing too sizable, but definitely enough to be strange and worrisome to the nearby villages and what have you." Reaching into his pocket, Silme pulled out his scroll to casually tap a button. Soon after, a ringing came from every first year's scroll, the screen lighting up with first a document on the environmental conditions of the area and the types of Grimm that had been spotted among the gathering. It was mostly just your basic Creepers and Beowulves, though some reports talk of the possibilities of other kinds being present, so keep an eye out.. . oh, almost forgot about the Garuda. They'll make the landing a bit difficult ". . . but you're all huntsman, right? You all should be fine if you're worth your salt."

"Wait, what do you mean by 'landing'?" Noir's protest was quickly barreled over as Silme talked over him, gesturing towards a few people within the crowd.

"Okay so. . . my group of newbies was. . . Opal, Cherry, Orchard, and Caramel. . . that doesn't seem right, does it? Amara!"

"Opal's right, the rest are so off that I know you're just fucking with them, so don't waste our time with the schtick."

"Yes, hilarious really, but is no one going to bring up him using the word 'landing'?"

"Ahh, you're no fun, Amara. Wouldn't be proper of us Upperclassmen to let the freshies off without a little hazing." Silme waved the pink-ish red girl off before turning his attention back to the crowd. "Fine. Opal, Cerry, Ochre, and Carobelle. The lot of you are with me, so let me let you in on something. Us Third years aren't just here to make sure none of you kick the bucket, but we'll be the ones who decide whether you pass or fail based on what you see of your performance and how well you listen to our directions. And I'm a pretty strict grader, so you all best give it your best if you don't want to be sent packing after this is all over."

Silme let his words hang in the air for a moment as he went over to one of the windows, gazing out into the wide blue yonder with a sly grin before turning his eyes towards the ground. The intercom burst to life as a slight rising sensation was felt by everyone inside as the aircraft gained altittude

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Name:Kajiya Katsuya
Age: 14
Appearance: i.pinimg.com/564x/82/24/7e/82247e6017…
Rank: Genin
First Element: Earth
Second Element: N/A
Clan: Kajiya
Ketsui: A sword of his own making, it has been enhanced by Kajiya smithing technique to be rather durable yet light and balanced to wield. Not only that, but it acts a chakra battery, enabling the user to store a small amount of chakra into the blade for later use. While it has even a small amount of chakra stored within, the blade uses it to perform self-maintenance, meaning it never needs to be sharpened or cleaned, though this does cause a small chakra drain from the stores.
Kajiya Forge Tools: Special equipment needed to perform Kajiya Seal Smithing.
Seal Expolosives:
10x Concussive bombs
10X Flashbangs
10X Smokebombs
10x Incendiary bombs
Fuinjutsu Supplies
30x Blank Tags
3X Storage Seals
Family: Kajiya Yo(Father)
Kajiya Yumeko(Mother)
Kajiya Masae(Older Sister)
Teacher: (i will decide this part.)
Past: Katsuya's childhood life was . . . simple. He had a home to come to, a loving carin family, a life devoid of much tragedy, strife, or even discomfort. The kajiya clan were, by and large, mainly a civilian clan of skilled smiths and craftsman, providing weapons and tools of exceptional quality to the Shinobi of Kumo through their specialized sealing techniques in exchange for the protection they recieve within it's borders. And Katsuya likely would have been just another one of them, despite his highly apparent fuinjutsu skill in his early years, if not for his siter deciding to buck convention. Instead of following in the footsteps of their father and taking up the ways of a smith, she pursued a career as a Shinobi of Kumo, quickly advancing up the ranks at an almost metoeric pace.

By the time Katsuya was old enough to have memories, his sister was already a well-reknowned Chunin, with a bevy of successful missions under her belt, powerful techniques that she often showed off to her younger sibling and, most importantly, more than a few war stories about her time on the field. From these stories, Katsuya found the sparks of inspiration that lit his imagination. It;s because of his sister that he wants to not only be a great blacksmith, but a great shinobi as well, using his experiences to craft the greatest Shinobi tools the world has ever seen.
Personality: Katsuya is, for lack of a better word, simple. When it comes to most things, he'll often have a hard time looking deeper than surface level, tends to be almost stupidly trusting of all people, and couldn't hold a grudge against even the worst of people. While not the excitable sort, he can very much give off an aura of positive energy. While prone to frustration and anger like anyone else, Katsuya seems the type to lack a single hint of malicious intent towards anyone, and often takes a rather pacifistic approach to conflict in most cases.

However, despite his simple attitude, one would be very mistaken to consider him an idiot of any kind. While uncaring of social norms in most cases, that can is something most caused by eccentricity rather than simple ignorance or lack of awareness. In most cases, Katsuya is fully aware that he is either being used by some or possibly intruding on others but simply doesn't care about these rules or standards. In his own words " I do what I want and what will make people happy. That's really all I care about doing." A quote that, while accurate, isn't entirely true.

More than anything else, Katsuya loves Fuinjutsu, to what some could consider an unhealthy degree. It's not uncommon to find the boy working hours into the wee hours of morning on a new sealing formula he wishes to test out in his latest weapon designs, eager to prove his mastery over his Clan's techniques over and over, with every failure only pushing him onward to learn from his mistakes and push his knowledge to it's limits.


Ninjutsu:5 (E-Rank)
Kenjutsu:15 (E-Rank)
Fuuinjutsu:30 (D-Rank)

---Clan Skills---
Kajiya Seal-Smithing Techniques: The Kajiya clan, while small in comparison to others, are well-known for their abilities to craft extra-ordinary weapons and ninja tools through the mixing of their Hiden Smithing and Fuinjutsu techniques. For most practioners, this simple means making blades with minor, but impactful effects such as increased durability, improved chakra flow, a honed cutting edge that never dulls, and the like. But for those with exceptional skill and dedication, they can access twist the clan techniques in wild new directions, forging truly special weapons with effects unlike anything ever seen before.

For Katsuya, he sits at a bit of a mid-point between the upper tier of what his clan usually stays at and the beginning of making weapons with truly innovative effects, but he's confident that he'll one day create something magnificient. That being said, when compared to a normal blacksmith, he's proven to be an excellant craftsman, with the use of fuinjutsu techniques along with his forging helping to drastically speed up the process without risking the integrity or qualiyt of his creations.


Kawarimi (cost's 20 Chakra)
Bunshin (cost's 10 Chakra and requires 20% Chakra Control.)
Henge (cost's 5 Chakra.)
Earth Release:Subterran Voyage
Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique


Strength: 15 (Your physical strength)
Speed: 10 (Your physical speed)
Handseal Speed: 1 (How quickly you can form handseals.)
Agility: 10 (encompasses Flexibility and Reflex's)
Intelligence: 10 (Your technical knowledge, aka book smarts.)
Wisdom: 5 (Your physical knowledge, aka street smarts.)
Chakra Control: (7) 35% (1 point = +5% Chakra Control)
Chakra: (10) 200 (1 point = +20 Chakra)
Finesse: 10 (how Fluidly you can use your physical Skills like Taijutsu and Shurikenjutsu.)
Stamina: 15 (How long your character can last)
Ryo (Money): 2,000
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And so the Emir Julian Ambrose Khan the First and Only, Bearer of the Sacred Key, Custodian of the Great Games, the Wisest and Noblest Ruler of All Suldan, died for the 17th time that could be remembered.

Three of the deaths had been assassinations, before would-be assassins finally learned that corporeal death was but a trifling matter to His Majesty. Several others had been sporting accidents. One was a duel that the Emir had insisted be to the death (he had later had the other duelist executed and their family sentenced to hard labor, for this was the Emir's way). Three of his deaths had been so unseemly that none dared speak of them even in whispers, for the walls of the royal palace had many ears.

This death however was from an overdose, his seventh such untimely demise. The Emir was a man of boundless appetites and little restraint, and he indulged in the all the worldly pleasures his station afforded him with the zest of one for whom death had no everlasting sting. However when he emerged from the decanting berth this 17th time it was immediately apparent that something had gone terribly wrong. The Sacred Key had been corrupted, bent and twisted by a viral agent, and the Emir's glorious form was desecrated beyond repair.

Worse than even that, though, was without the Sacred Key the planet's many defenses which had been constructed to keep Suldan safe from those who might oppose the Emir's glorious rule lay dormant and inoperable. In a panic the gilded Lords and Ladies who had built their court around the Emir's magnificence attempted the impossible, thinking to break their way past the security locks like craven thieves in order to save themselves, but the Emir's defense grid was far more cunning than any of them and it was just as ruthless as its master.

Reprisal was swift and thorough. Even as the defense grid chastised them for their hubris it turned its tungsten spears against them, raining destruction from on high. Within minutes the royal palace was no more, a cloud of dust and flame rising above the shining city of Hadiqa, capital of Suldan and seat of all light and culture. More spears fell shortly thereafter, shaking the foundations of the city in an admonition to those who also might think themselves above the Emir's unassailable law.

And so with his body broken but his noble spirit undiminished, the Emir and those still loyal to him left Hadiqa ahead of the ravening wolves howling at the gates, retreating into the badlands beyond the city to gather his strength and plan for his eventual return.

War does not determine who is right — only who is left.



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