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4 days ago
Current Pepsi and Milk, also known as an affront to everything good in this world. And my tastebuds.
4 days ago
Pilk seems to be trending, so I tried it. Anyone who tells me this is a good drink is no longer a person I wish to associate with.
23 days ago
I'm starting to think I have serial profile stalkers
1 mo ago
Never fails to amuse me how busted RPG is on mobile.…
2 mos ago
I've these occasional bouts of nostalgia for an RP I ran years ago by this point. Good thing I never want to repeat that nightmare again!
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The day that Moss was hanged, eight others were cut down,
And when the graves had all been dug, the queen rode out of town.

(I have a badly written 1x1 check if you want to know what kind of person I am.)

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Oh my god I am finally done with Bozja this took so long.

Every relic, every achievement. This means 10 runs of Delubrum Savage, 50 runs of CLL, DRN and Zadnor, 10/10/10 honors, all duels cleared and 500 Critical Engagements.

Verdict: this is so not worth it, don't do what I did.
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The Quicksand?

Limsa Lominsa is one of the three starting towns.

All three starting towns have a bar, the Quicksand being the one for another starting town, that being Ul'Dah.

Balmung is infamously known for not just the Quicksand being crowded, but all of Ul'Dah being littered with players all over as its the most popular RP spot. But the Quicksand is the most crowded of all.
Normally I'd be gung-ho for a discord, but for an RP with this little players I'm not as sure. I don't really care either way, though.

Chie breathed heavily as she drew in more and more of the ambient corruption around her. Some of it started to swirl around her like a thin veil of dark mist, though most was drawn in and rapidly purified through her Ars Armagus. Good thing too, as all that raw magic was directly funneled back into the building in the midst of the action. The Ars Magi-in-training looked up from her crouched vantage point, watching as Selma dashed headlong into danger. Everything from the recoil damage to the impromptu wrestle match was bore witness to, all of it giving Chie a faint if-slightly-pained smile. Partially amusement, sure, but also pride and amazement at how strong her roommate was. If she put forth that kind of effort, Chie could hardly afford to lose pace. A competetive fire was lit underneath her, the dark cloud around her thickening as she began to purify even more Nox at once.

She could feel it. She could feel the building shifting under her weight. She needed to push it just a little more. Just a little more, and it would be brought down on the horde. She was so close. Yet, Chie couldn't give it the final push it needed. No, not yet, as she spied a blinding flash in the corner of her vision. It was Rivka, shooting up like the rising star she was, trying catch a freefalling Crystal. Chie could slow down their combined fall. She could save both of them so easily, if she'd just redirect her spell. All she'd need to do is reach out her hand, and...


Chie closed her eyes and shut out the scene completely. She didn't redirect her magic, nor would she save them. Her job was different. She needed to, and did, trust her team. Rivka would be able to save Crystal, so that left Chie with one job. The ground underneath her shook as she drew in all that Nox gathered around her, small cracks forming underneath her hands. She rose, opened her eyes and raised one arm to the sky.

"And fall."

The gravity-controlling diva clutched her fist and, in one swoop, the building toppled over. The foundations it were built upon gave way to the extreme force applied on them. Rubble, glass and steel collapsed down like an avalanche, rolling in the direction of the approaching army because of the angle of Chie's well. Selma, being in such close proximity, could feel the tug of its crushing weight. Chie didn't just bring down one part- the whole several-story building was collapsing and creating a dangerous shower of terrestrial meteors. Any drone caught in its wake would be lucky to get away with some severe damages- the less lucky ones most likely crushed on impact.

Chie felt a mild exhaustion befitting of such a spell wash over her, being forced down onto her knee from it. She took a couple of heavy breaths, scanning the dust-covered battlefield with her eyes. If that wasn't enough... she wasn't sure what would be.
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The other Gale is a big Swellow who runs the post office.

Next you're going to tell me you had a Breeze lined up already too
I wonder how well Gale is going to get along with the other Gale.

oh no there's two of them now
Here he is, for your viewing pleasure.

Names can be tricky at times. Do you want help picking a name?

Already settled on a pair an hour back, forwarded my sheet to the GM in PM for a cursory look.
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