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<Snipped quote by Blabbo>

When was the last time you've been to the plaza?

Oh, I don’t know. It’s been a good minute.
<Snipped quote by Blabbo>

I see... Say, you hungry?

*turns to you and nods*
<Snipped quote by Blabbo>

Ah. So not a bomb, even a little bit?

Well, you can make it not safe if you wanted, but that kind of thinking works for anything.
<Snipped quote by Blabbo>

A little dynamic battery? That's pretty cool.

It’s fun to mess with when I am bored. And completely safe.
<Snipped quote by Blabbo>

Careful, that looks important.
*Closes the door behind me*
What are ya workin’ on?

* holds it in my hand*
It's just a small energy cell that can change how much is used depending on the shape. But right now I am just playing with it.
<Snipped quote by Blabbo>

*Navigates my way through the building until I find the room you’re in*
Ah, looks who it is!

*jumps, letting out a small yelp, and I scramble to catch it*
*is messing with a device, flipping it around like a Rubik's cube*
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