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@Cyclone Hey bro. Yeah I was just kinda curious as to what roll I'd get, I probably can't join up in this one either to be completely honest. You just never know, sometimes you get a spur of inspiration and manage to stay afloat with it.
Mind if I claim a roll? :))
@Timemaster Hi! Well... I haven't officially closed it but we haven't posted for a while. It's my fault entirely. Keep an eye out, we might be getting posts soon :))
@Kangutso Nah he went back home before your next expedition.

@Willy Vereb I believe the rolls are a must yes, but you can choose to reroll them.
You can find a map on page 3.
Turn 11 is live!

... like 2 days later than expected but hey

Edit: forgot your daddy-frost thing again, @Cyclone. Oh well, I guess the gods are silent for now.
Turn 11

The Iceborn


The Maerinum

@Lady Selune No post found. Auto-dropout in 3 turns.

The Antari


The Children of Artemon


Clan Oreborn


The Lycan Covenant


The Orc-Grave Swamp Enclave


Kingdom of Morg'Talren

@Dogematix No post found. Auto-dropout in 3 turns.
o you know I'm into this even tho I'm so slow at responding
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