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@Kangutso Nah he went back home before your next expedition.

@Willy Vereb I believe the rolls are a must yes, but you can choose to reroll them.
You can find a map on page 3.
Turn 11 is live!

... like 2 days later than expected but hey

Edit: forgot your daddy-frost thing again, @Cyclone. Oh well, I guess the gods are silent for now.
Turn 11

The Iceborn


The Maerinum

@Lady Selune No post found. Auto-dropout in 3 turns.

The Antari


The Children of Artemon


Clan Oreborn


The Lycan Covenant


The Orc-Grave Swamp Enclave


Kingdom of Morg'Talren

@Dogematix No post found. Auto-dropout in 3 turns.
o you know I'm into this even tho I'm so slow at responding
Hello again. I'm gonna start enforcing a sort of turn-advanced-once-a-week thing, meaning I'm gonna cram out a advance-turn-post with the posts I have. This means you have until tonight to finish your posts and put 'em up.

I'm doing this to get this rolling a bit less bump-ily to get myself to post more often and to decrease dead waiting-time for everyone.

So! Post today!
Update: (didn't wanna edit because 4 days ago)

Mannerlicher's progress and the dwarven expeditions have been added in to the turn 10 post.
Also some Artemonian trade with the giants have been written in. Sorry for missing it.

(Only concerns @Lady Selune, @Kangutso and @Pirate)

Edit: this thread seems a bit quiet but most of the discussion is going on in the discord. Come over if you aren't there already!
@Kangutso how about ò,..,ó
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