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The Levogh - Turn 4

Célebron was intrigued, and so were his people. The fact that these guardian spirits were once human was something of a let-down, but they still commanded respect for what they are, not what they once were.
"Tell me, Kaebora, before your time is up... Where did you come from? How did you get this power? Is this the doing of some Godess?" asked Célebron. The two would converse for whatever amount of time Kaebora had left before his form was altered once again, and Célebron would ask many questions.
(C) Ask about the history, age, religion, and/or powers of Kaebora and his kind.)

As the Levogh awoke upon a new morning after the night of the full moon, many were filled with a new sense of safety and security. The spirits were not evil, that much was clear, and although there was much to learn about them still, the elves were free to go about their lives in their new home. They would be worthy of this mighty forest.
With the aid of a few builders and craftsmen, whatever rangers were left that hadn't been sent out to explore beyond the forest sought to uncover more of the ruins that the Levogh now settled in. They would leave the largest temple-like structure to last and attempt to systematically explore the ruined buildings and map out their locations. If they deemed it safe and useful, the structure would be repurposed as a dwelling or storage, or prepared to become a building of industry later on. Already the Levogh could feel the absense of a smithy, carpenter, woodworker and so on. Everyone could do basic leatherworking, but a truly skilled elf in those arts hadn't come along for many years.
Once the rest of the scouts and rangers returned, the largest and possibly more dangerous ruined buildings could be explored.

The Levogh - Turn 3

The elves were perfectly content with the owls watching over them, however some felt quite uneasy by the fact that they had not been seen feeding. Some superstitious folk believed the Owl King was counting down the days to when they would eat the Levogh! How foolish. Any elf who knew their calendar knew that a full moon was approaching soon. Three days ago it was six days 'til full moon. Now there were three. Célebron figured the Owl King was drawing lines in the dirt to indicate such. He wondered however, what did the owls want? Why were they telling the elves of the full moon? Were they indeed spirits, and would transform into something knew? Were the owls the elves that had dwelled here before, the ones who built these ruins?
Perhaps in time, an answer would be given. For now, there were work to be done instead of pondering over spirits. While they were fed and sheltered somewhat for now, Blackeye and his closest felt it wasn't enough. No parent should have to worry about how to feed their child.
"Scour the rivers, search the lake. With these forests brimming with life, surely the waters are full of it as well. We can fish these waters." he proposed. and so the Levogh constructed crude rafts and fishing poles to fish the lake and used their spears to fish the rivers.
Once the scouts had returned, Célebron had another mission in mind. He summoned his most skilled rangers.
"We did not travel so far and survive so much by knowing nothing. I want to know what else this land holds. Gwyneth, take a few scouts and travel north. Follow the river and see what else is out there. Be careful once you're out of the forest." he said to his lead scout, Gwyneth, a young elf maiden skilled in tracking and marksmanship.
"Kalorn, gather your men and travel south-west. Follow the river as well, return once you've found anything of note or when you find the end of the river." Célebron continued to Kalorn, a veteran elf warrior with exceptional eyesight and strength.
"Moragh, take the last group of scouts and travel east. You will also follow the river and see where it leads. Your orders are the same as Kalorn's. May the spirits watch over you all. Good luck."
Each party consisted of 3-4 elves and left Wildhome one party per day.

Once all scouting parties had left Wildhome, Célebron wandered around the settlement. The ruins still had to be fully explored and repaired. They weren't much more than shelter for now, but compared to shacks and huts this was luxury. There would be plenty of time to explore their new home once they had made sure the forest is safe from the outside. Who knows what awaits them out there, who seeks their resources or lives. Then, he met the gaze of the Owl King from a distance. They looked at each other for but a moment before the great spirit flew away. "The full moon is tonight... I hope you'll have had enough time to ponder my words, watcher." he said to himself, placing a flower at the base of the Owl Totem. Once the fishing operations had gotten up and running and food wasn't as big of an issue, Célebron planned on finally investigating the mushrooms that cover the forest....

The Levogh - Turn 2

Animals avoided this area of the forest, that much was clear. For now the Levogh could feed themselves, but as night fell the true pressence of the forests became clear. Owls, hundreds of them, if not thousands, stared down at the Levogh in the dead of night as the moon lit up the fungi, creating a magical scene of wonder and beauty. Truly, this land is blessed.
"My lord Blackeye!" said an errant. "Come! Look out into the night, it glows with wonder!"
Célebron had been keeping the company of his brightest minds to discuss the future of Wildhome when the young elf had interrupted them.
The elves gathered outside their shelters in what had probably used to be the central plaza of the ruins back when they weren't ruins. They stared in wonder into the glowing night-lights and caught the eyes of the owls. Blackeye stared back at them. Everyone froze upon realizing, one by one, that the watchers of the forests were directing their piercing gazes upon them. It took a while before Célebron stepped out from the crowd. His posture was confident, his gaze meeting each and every one of the owls'. Clearly, they were the guardians of the forest.
"We have come far." said Blackeye, catching the glance of a few of his people. "We have survived hardship and enemy alike. We have grown strong."
Célebron stepped out from the crowd, seeking to adress the owls. From years of living in the wilds, the elves' old language had evolved. Many could speak to critters and animals. "We are the Levogh. We come to start anew and grow stronger. Grant us your blessing, oh spirits of the forest, and we shall do you right by protecting this land and harnessing its' strengths."
No one saw Célebron as crazy, speaking to animals or fungi. After so long, nature had become a close ally to the Levogh. Still, some were unsure of the success of this move. Animals are said to be guardians of the lands they inhabit. There was something symbolic and magical about these owls... Perhaps they weren't just animals?
"Teach us the secrets of these lands and hold us accountable for our errors. Grant us your trust, and we shall not fail you." Blackeye continued, speaking with such confidence as if some elves thought he actually knew the owls could understand him. Was he..?

D/E Explore & Improve Culture (Assuming nothing bad happened from Célebron talking to the owls)

The next morning, when the elves awoke anew, Célebron had found new determination. Surely if the Owls were the watchers of these lands, there were other animals with similar roles? He summoned his best scouts and woodworkers, commanding them to scour the forests. Document all living animals and note their behaviour. To tame this land, the animals of the wilds would be the key that unlocks the secrets as to how. The woodworkers were to carve a totem - a mighty owl in honor of the watchers. Célebron was confident there was more to these beasts than met the eye, and to show them his good faith he explained to his people that he wanted to construct a shrine to the animals that show themselves to be of important role in these lands. Without their blessing, surely the Levogh would perish. Little did Célebron know, this was the start of a new faith among his people...

The Levogh - Turn 1

It would seem the Levogh were not the first to arrive here. The ruins they found spoke of a higher civilization of elves that had once lived here, perhaps much like the Levogh had once been.
Whatever ancient elves had once dwelled here were gone now. The Wilder Elves has claimed these forests for themselves, and with it these ruins. This area would become the seat of power once again, for there was something truly alluring and remarkable about these old overgrown buildings. They could provide shelter and were functional in many cases, but what convinced the Levogh to stay here was the breathtaking atchitecture, perfect location and maybe, just maybe, the hand of fate had guided them here.

A) Settle atop the ruins.

While the ruins were beautiful and mysterious, exploring them would have to wait for now. There would be plenty of time to scout out their new home, but so much work cannot be done on empty stomachs. Elves have the gift to grow much food from little land, especially forests like these, and a thousand years of tribal life relocating from one region to the next had done much to teach the Levogh of how to fend for themselves in the wilds.
Nimble elves were sent out. What animals could they hunt or domesticate? What grows here and what can be cultivated?

A) Improve food
Yo @Kho, what race are you? I'm guessing human but I can't really tell for sure with all the flavor!

Also @Cyclone the "This RP is already going!" section has a misspell. "Below you will find a list of active players," it says, but the list is actually above it ;)

The Levogh

Our capital is Wildhome, deep within the forests by a large lake. Our culture is ancient, yet tribal. We are Wilder Elves - descendants of Levon, formerly Dark Elves. Now we are Levogh, led by King Célebron Blackeye. Our time shall come once again.

(Check the character section for more details!)

Blackeye was the name they had given him. A thousand years ago when the elves of Levon fled their cursed lands, they forsake their old tradition of taking the name of their forefathers. No longer were house names of relevance, for many of their ancient forebearers had been the cause of the curse and to even speak the names were taboo. Or so the mythology goes.
Barely a hundred years ago, Célebron's father had died. Not of glorious battle or of physical illness, but of grief. He had been an unremarkable King, given no name by his people and leaving no legacy behind. Customs dictate a new King be elected at the day of the funeral and crowned one week later. Had it been luck that the people had chosen him? Célebron wondered. No other suitable candidate had distinguished his- or herself from the crowd and as such people had elected the last King's son out of indifference, since his father had been neither a bad King nor a good one.

The week following the funeral and coronation had been a tumultuous one.

Before the Levogh had chosen the deep forests as their home, they roamed the lands. Danger and hardship was commonplace, but following the King's death a new threat had proven to rise above the others. Wild Beastmen had attacked the nomadic camps of the Levogh in coordination. They hurled spears, rocks and evil magic in an attempt to end the lives of the elves.
Everything had seemed lost when Célebron rallied his people, pushed through the overwhelming odds that bore down on them. A bolt of dark lightning struck Célebron across the face, darkening one of his eyes and the flesh surrounding it. When the battle was over, Célebron had slain the Beastman Leader with it's own spear. In the cries of victory let out by the Levogh, a chant began to wash over the crowd.
"Blackeye! Blackeye!"
Fianlly rallying behind a strong King, Wildhome was founded only a few years after. Célebron's father had been burried somewhere in the plains, another milestone marking the great many miles the Levogh had travelled to find their new home.

The time of the Levogh would come again.

The Levogh

(Representing color is "Crimson" according to the guild's textcode.)

The Wilder Elves of Levogh were once rulers of a mighty civilization, a kingdom that stretched from coast to coast in a faraway land. They were not known as "Wilder" Elves back then. At their apex, the Levon (now called Levogh) were dark elves commanding mighty armies, sorcerers of great power and cunning lords that commanded respect and wealth. No one remembers how they were cast out, but eventually the kingdom fell. Some say to inner political struggles, other say it was a curse, a third account even suggests a cataclysm tore their land asunder. Either way, they were forever changed as they left their broken homeland. Now, a thousand years later, not much is remembered of the old ways. Their culture, language and looks have changed. They no longer wear draping robes of magnificent colors or decorate themselves in wealthy jewelry. They no longer command mighty armies of the finest weapons and armor. They are now more akin to woodelves than dark elves, but have clung to their ruthless and ambitious traditions. Neither dark-elf nor wood-elf, the elves of Levogh adopted for themselves a new name - Wilder Elves - and have made a new home for themselves in the forests far away from their cursed land.

Race: Elves. A mix between Dark Elf and Wood Elf, granting them the somewhat insidious traits of the Dark Elves but without the powerful armor and weapons and mixing it with the wild culture of Wood Elves, granting them cunning and knowledge of the land but not the druidic talents or 'peaceful' nature.

Capital: Wildhome

Ruler: King Célebron Blackeye

Type of Government: Tribal/Light Feudal

Religion: WIP

Geographical Location: (Not yet confirmed)
The bear, surprised and shocked, ran away back into the woods. It seems Albic's towering visage and inhuman roar was more than enough to challange the bear. For several moments afterwards, the odd pair stood in silence, listening as the bear disappeared into the wilds.
"That..." began the gnome, uncharacteristically out of words. "Was... Amazing!" she burst, the last word expressed so loudly that the birds would've flown away in fright if Albic hadn't already done that.
The gnome seemed to regard Albic for a few moments with both fascination and glee, and then straightened her posture, nodded to herself reassuringly and held forth her tiny hand for a shake. "I'm Binksy! It's short for Binksandradine, my given gnomish name of course."
The tiny humanoid's ears flickered with rage. "H-how dare you?!" she exclaims as Albic lightly kicks her bag. She gets up from the ground and waves her hands in anger. "What am I doing sittin' around?! You knocked me on my arse so what the bloody hell do you think?!"
She didn't seem to have any interest in Albic's heritage or his belongings, only her wounded pride. [i]"What are YOU doing here is the better question, are you tryina' rob me or something?!"
Albic's awareness of his surroundings may have missed the gnome somehow, but it did not miss the rustling of leaves nearby. The path that they were on was nothing but a small trail after all, and the wilderness surrounded them completely. Still, it was bright day so any nightpredators shouldn't be out roaming about. This isn't the land that is so familiar to them, however.
The gnome paused her rage for a moment as she too heard the noise. "Oi. Was that you?" she said in a much much more hushed tone. Her fingers stroked the handle of her shortsword.
From the thick brush the pair heard the rustle repeat itself. There was indeed something in the bush. "Okay, that wasn't you was it?" the gnome said and drew her blade carefully. She seemed nervous, but not in an inexperienced kind of way... Just... Dislike, probably. Albic wasn't too sure of how to read people, he was better with animals and plants.
Out of the brush came a big black nose. Then a pair of yellow eyes. Then two furry black ears, and a big drooling mouth with teeth. That's a black bear, Albic realized. Not the largest of bears but still of size enough to rival himself or swallow the gnome whole, quite literally.
It didn't seem agitated yet, but it did seem surprised to see two living creatures so close. It seems the two had been so stealthy that even the wildlife had missed them.

Fight or flight, Albic? Or is there a third option?
Deciding to head west, Albic made for the road heading out of town. Finally escaping the crowds, noise and smells, he could feel his mind regaining focus once again. The wilds was where he belonged. Out here, in the untamed lands of a new continent, he would be at his absolute best.
Suddenly he bumped into something with his foot. "Ouwf!" came a noise, but it wasn't his own. He looked down and saw a gnome, sitting on it's rear in the dirt. "Watch where yer goin' ye big goof!" said the tiny humanoid. Blinking a few times, Albic felt stunned. How had he not noticed this little person until he had literally walked into it? Though, she didn't seem to have noticed him either and seemed equally as surprised. "How'd you manage to sneak up on me like that anyway?" demanded the gnome. She was small, made aggressive gestures as she spoke and the words just poured out of her mouth, as is usual for gnomes speaking common. They were simply way too fast in their sentences sometimes, a biproduct of their own language being terribly fast and minds even more so.
She was dressed as a typical adventurer, if not a bit thuggish, and carried a way too large backpack with her. She had a few scars from old cuts across her face, confirming Albic's suspicion. She seemed like quite the rogueish type. A shortsword (not much more than a dagger to Albic) hung at her waist and a green-pendant necklace hung around her neck. She seemed upset, her face lighting up in red that made her freckles look like pink spotlights.
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