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The very first thing Nico noticed when he finally arrived on the beach was the spearman, Huo Ren. He wasn’t fully in the loop, but he understood that a Zodiac was not a good sign for most of the people nearby. The next thing he noticed was the beam of light that tore through the sky, racing right at the spearman with a roar like thunder. Nico figured that would be a good distraction, but worried that wouldn’t be enough to kill the A-Rank. And then he noticed the world around him: NA Masters, some regular soldiers, and the frantic state of the battle.

”That shot might be what I need, but I’ve got to get going.” He hesitated for only a moment before making his choice. He manifested his Noble Arm, knowing that he’d need all the strength he can get. Still, he was confident that he could make the distance before Huo could recover. Between the railgun and robed girl fighting the Zodiac, Nico may not be high on the priority list considering his fashionably late arrival.

”Here goes…something.” And with that, Nico would take off, feeling Helios Rod’s power flood his body, barely restraining it in order to avoid burning in the process. Still, it’s a sight to behold, as Nico streaked down the beach like a comet, the sand steaming with each stride he takes. As he thundered down the beach, he’d aim a massive fist right at the side of Huo Ren’s chin in an attempt to knock him off balance, praying silently that the swordswoman and apparent lightning cannon would be enough to give him the element of surprise.

Alright, lemme fix that.
@Letter Bee Did some edits and fixed a couple things I hadn’t researched well enough the first time.

My character submission.
How detailed does the CS need to be? Also, would a Ready Player Me model work for a face claim?
Is this RP still open? If so, I have the beginnings of an idea for a perfectionist Medtech who treats the job like a test of skill, trying to outdo himself and screwing up sometimes because of his own hastiness.
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I’m Creative Chaos, a uni student who does a lot of Discord RP, but I wanted something more free and exciting. So I did some googling, found this site, made an account, and here we are. Hope to meet some good people and have some fun.
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