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A black Mercedes G-Wagon sped down the opulent streets of Beverly Hills, with Post Maloneโ€™s โ€˜Wowโ€™ blasting from the speakers and making the whole vehicle vibrate whenever the bass dropped. A short, dark-haired girlsat behind the wheel, her oversized red sunglasses shielding her eyes from view while she tore down the road. An even shorter girl took up the passenger seat, holding up her chubby-cheeked face against the window with a hand under her chin. While the driver enthusiastically bobbed her hand and sang along to the lyrics of the booming song, the passenger kept her eyes on the city speeding by, her morose expression a reflection of how this whole thing was making her feel.

A mere week previously, Valeria Crossโ€™ life had been nothing but peaches and cream. Sheโ€™d aced Sister Sylviaโ€™s first brutal World History test of the semester, broken her own personal bench record at the gym and was seemingly making progress with the guy sheโ€™d been talking to when the news of her sisterโ€™s indiscretion broke out. What had started out as a rumor being whispered in the hallways became fact when both Benjamin Cross and Ariana Pistelli suddenly stormed into the halls of Marymount High School, wearing matching disapproving expressions and looking like a united front for what was possibly the first time in their daughtersโ€™ lives. A quick visit to the principalโ€™s office confirmed the news of Stephanie Crossโ€™ immediate expulsion from the catholic all-girls school, a family meeting confirmed Beverly Hills High as her new school... And the consequent transfer of Valeria to make sure Steph was kept in check.

While the older sisterโ€™s pristine life seemingly went up in flames at the news, the expulsion from Marymount hadnโ€™t made a dent in the younger sisterโ€™s confidence. In fact, it had the opposite effect: raise the ego of the daughter of one of the most egotistical men in LA. Sheโ€™d be making her arrival at BHHS with her head held high, and the confidence of knowing she could get away with anything. This was just another challenge life was throwing at her, and damned if she didnโ€™t grab that bull by the horns and that dominate the son of a bitch.

โ€œI canโ€™t believe youโ€™ve fucking dragged me into this mess...โ€ Valeria muttered from the passenger seat after the prolonged silence between the sisters, letting out a resigned sigh and sitting upright in the plush leather of the spotless G-Wagon.

โ€œOh, cheer up, Sugar!โ€ Stephanie replied cheerfully, grabbing her sisterโ€™s shoulder and playfully shaking it while keeping one hand on the wheel. โ€œYou should be thanking me instead of moping around as if somebody died! You get to breathe the same air as your beloved AJ for a few months. Isnโ€™t that a good thing?โ€

Sugarโ€™s chubby cheeks flushed scarlet at the mention of AJ Tyler. โ€œDonโ€™t fucking say that out loud! The last thing I need is to scare off the only person I know at that stupid school!โ€ she pleaded with her younger sister, her doe eyes wide with panic.

Alfie James had been Valeria's very first friend in life, having met as toddlers during a play-date set up by their neighboring mothers. Theyโ€™d been extremely close and practically inseparable ever since, spending as much time together as they could... Until Val's mother had married Danilo Pistelli, and the newly-formed family moved away. The two friends kept in touch on and off throughout the years, and made a point to visit each other at least once a year. The short girl had kept the news of her transfer to his school a secret, hoping to surprise him on her first day. It was the only plus side to this whole unfortunate situation.

Spice let out an amused cackle, driving past the gates of their new school and taking a left in the direction of the student parking lot. โ€œRelax, Val! Iโ€™m not saying shit. My lips will be sealed as tight as your legs are," the girl teased, shooting her passenger a cheeky wink.

โ€œYeah, because it was your open ones that got us into this mess in the first place,โ€ Sugar snapped back without missing a beat. The banter between the sisters was so frequent that the quick comebacks came to them like second nature.

Stephanieโ€™s cackle was even louder this time around. โ€œWe didnโ€™t get that far. Ajani had her hand down the front of my skirt when fucking Turpin found us,โ€ she mused, brows furrowing together in an annoyed scowl at reminiscing the incident that messed up her hookup. โ€œAnd you know what?I bet you anything Turpinโ€™s secretly a lesbian. Thatโ€™s why she interrupted us that day: because she was fucking jealous of what Ajani and I were doing.โ€ the raven-haired girl added as an angry afterthought. Out of nowhere, Spice made an abrupt right turn, slammed the brakes and brought the vehicle to a screeching halt inside a once-empty parking spot.

Smirking triumphantly, she turned to look at her big sister. โ€œBut that means jackshit now, doesnโ€™t it? Weโ€™re in the Hills, baby, and weโ€™re going to make this new school our bitch. So letโ€™s go out there and show these people exactly who the Cross sisters are. Got it? Thereโ€™s no turning back now.โ€

Sugar, of course, wasnโ€™t the least bit motivated by Spiceโ€™s pep talk. She most certainly wasn't the family socialite, and although she could always do enough to get by, the unpredictability of these whole series of events had really messed up with her . โ€œLetโ€™s just get this shit over it. I canโ€™t fucking wait for graduation.โ€

โ€œUgh, such a little Grinch!โ€ Stephanie cooed, playfully pinching her sisterโ€™s cheeks until her hands were swatted away. With one last laugh, she opened the car door and jumped out. โ€œSee ya around, Sugar! I really hope you have an amazing first day,โ€ Stephanie called out to Val, blowing the girl a kiss before slamming the door shut and strutting down to the schoolโ€™s entrance.

Now alone inside the car, Valeria took the moment of peace, quiet and solitude to compose herself. From the second she'd woken up that morning, Sugar had felt a painful pit inside of her stomach: the tell-tale sign that her anxiety levels were at an all-time high. The last time she'd felt this nervous was when she lied to her mom about sleeping over at a friend's house, went night surfing instead and almost fucking drowned. The prospect of starting all over again at a new school at such short notice frightened Val immensely. All her life, she'd attended schools in which she knew a handful of people- individuals that made these big transitions a whole lot easier on her clinically-diagnosed anxious self. To be thrown into such a different setting- at such a crucial part of her school life, in such a random way- secretly had the young woman in hysterics.

But at the end of the day, Valeria Cross wasn't known for being a pussy. Much like her sister, the girl took on any challenge presented and made it her bitch. Hiking Mount Elbert in Colorado? Check. Benching her own weigh at the gym? Check. Following that cute boy from Brentwood School that she met at Zyla's party on Halloween on Insta? Check. Transferring to Beverly Hills High would be no different. She just needed a quick breather.

After a few minutes of breathing exercises, Val was finally ready to follow her sister's advice and face her new reality head-on. The long haired girl gave herself one last once-over in the rear view mirror, let out a deep sigh, exited the car and set out in the direction of the flashiest cars around the parking lot.

It was easy to pick AJ out from the group of teens huddled in front of their luxury vehicles. Sugar could spot that charming smile from a mile away, and his adorable laugh effectively gave her body temporary relief from her anxiety. The prospect of approaching him while he was surrounded by his friends was slightly nerve-wracking, but it was her best shot at pulling her surprise appearance. She could hear the pounding of her heart clearly in her ears, growing louder and louder with every step she took towards her crush. And when his friends finally became distracted, she hurriedly crept up behind him and gently covered his eyes with her dainty hands.

โ€œGuess who?โ€ Val whispered softly in the boyโ€™s ear, her smile masking the slight nervous tremble in her voice.


After the impromptu tennis session, Charlotte had decided to take a little walk around the island, and was surprised to see most of the other guests already dressed up and mingling. She tried her best to sneak her way back to her cabin then- there was no way she wanted the pool of potential partners to see her in such a disheveled state. Thankfully, she succeeded, and was able to reach her temporary accommodation without any incident.

When she opened the cabin door and noticed someone elseโ€™s belongings on the other side of the bed, the young womanโ€™s face lit up with a smile. Her bad bitch was here! Finally!

โ€œDidi Iโ€™m hereeeeeeee~!โ€ Lottie called out to Indira, plopping herself down right in the middle of the California King bed. Her arm collided with something as it fell, bringing the blondeโ€™s attention to the mysterious item. It was a hot pink gift box decorated with a rose gold bow, and an envelope with the name Charlotte scribbled with gold ink in neat calligraphy sitting in top. Frowning, Lottie picked up the envelope, pulled out the card and was surprised to find herself staring at Rachelโ€™s handwriting.


I'm really sorry about you and Luca. I know how much you loved him, and he was a complete idiot to let you go! I know how much breakups hurt, and I know that with how much you love him you must be down in the dumps. But I don't want my sissy from another missy feeling miserable! That's why I want you to have these goodies- I promise they will make your sweet heart feel just a little better.

Love you lots,

Now curious and excited, Lottie removed the lid from the gift box, and immediately let out a delighted squeal and clapped her hands at the sight. A dozen chocolate-covered strawberries, a box of Godiva chocolates and a bottle of rosรฉ were neatly arranged inside the box, nestled safely in a bed of rose petals: the signature post-breakup Rachel Ashford Care Package. Grinning, the blonde opened the box of strawberries, plucked the biggest, juiciest-looking one and took a bite out of it. A moan of satisfaction escaped her lips as the sweet and rich taste of dark chocolate hit her taste buds, effectively numbing the sting in her heart for a few delicious seconds.

The blonde was too busy marvelling over the chocolate covered strawberries (rightfully so!) to notice the shower tap turning off and a fresher looking Indira stepping out in new clothes. A model couldn't walk around in the same clothes all the time, right?

She briefly glanced at Lottie sucking her chocolate-covered fingers before screaming at the smaller girl, rushing over to give her a hug, even if it meant accidentally jumping on her bed. Luckily the strawberries survived the attack. "Lottieeee!" Indie whined, forgetting about her earlier hesitation. "Where were you? I thought you'd be here when I arrived!"

Charlotte was swallowing the rest of her strawberry when she was tackled by the taller, darker frame of her best friend. Her girlish giggles filled the room while she wrapped her arms around Indie. โ€œSorry, babe!โ€ she apologized, bottom lip sticking out in a pout. โ€œI was blowing off some steam at the tennis courts. Figured it was better than sitting here crying while you got here.โ€

"Girl! I told you to forget about that guy! You're a bad bitch that don't need a guy, okay? If you need someone to remind you that youโ€™re a bad bitch, you come to me." Indie did her best to hype up her bestie. There was absolutely no way Lottie was leaving the cabana still upset. It was then when Indie remembered her past reservation. She quickly clambered off the blonde to stand by her bed instead. "Hey, have you spoken to Michel since our yacht trip?"

For a second, Lottie was taken aback by the way Indie suddenly jumped off her body as if sheโ€™d gotten stung or burnt. These types of physical expression and closeness between the two had been a part of their friendship for as long as the two could remember. So why was Indie suddenly acting as if their closeness was weird? But the curious frown soon turned into an understanding expression when the Indian girl voiced her question.

โ€œNope,โ€ the girl answered nonchalantly with a shrug. โ€œI havenโ€™t spoken to either of you since it happened.โ€

Indie didn't know what to make of the answer. Was it a relief? Was it not? Even she didn't know. "Do... do you think we should talk about what happened?" She asked.

And there it wasโ€ฆ The elephant in the room.

Charlotte let out a nervous chuckle. โ€œI mean, what else is there to talk about? We had a few too many drinks and ended up hooking up with Michel on his dadโ€™s yacht like the big, happy family we are. Iโ€™m not fazed by it, and I sure as fuck donโ€™t regret it. It was a cool experience.โ€ She said with another shrug, taking up a seating position on the bed. "Why? You still embarrassed that your best friend ate you out like a freshly-baked cupcake at a birthday party?" Lottie teased, playfully tickling Indie's sides.

Indieโ€™s face warmed up after Lottieโ€™s comment and she made a sputtering noise that was a healthy mix of indignation and shock. After successfully batting away Lottieโ€™s arm, she finally managed to speak. โ€œShut up! I saw you taking Michelโ€™s dick like a champ at the same time so you clearly enjoyed it!โ€ That was probably her worst comebackโ€ฆ Good lord.

Lottie roared with laughter, letting herself fall backwards onto the bed again. "Hell yeah I did! I felt like Piper Perry in that one video where she has the six dudes standing around her while she's sitting on the couch knowing sheโ€™s about to get fucked up," she told Indie in between giggles before ultimately succumbing to a fit of laughter.

โ€œI was legit worried this totally ruined our friendship. I don't want things to be awkward between us.โ€ She then let out another over dramatic sigh. โ€œDo you know how much that two week silence scared me? Woman, I have dark circles under my eyes from the stress!โ€ Indie let out in a huff.

"And here I was: thinking you were ignoring me because I didn't do the job rightโ€ฆYou break my heart, Indira, you break my heart..." the shorter girl replied cheekily, winking at Indie before laughing again.

โ€œI think you did the job too well if you ask me. You sure you havenโ€™t been with another girl before?โ€ Indie struggled to keep the amusement off her face.

โ€œNope. But thank you so much for the compliments, Miss. If you ever want to try again, just let me know. You know where to find me,โ€ Lottie clapped back, grabbing the nearest pillow and smacking her friend with it.

Indie laughed, climbing back on Lottieโ€™s bed. That was when she noticed the chocolate strawberries. โ€œOh my God! That looks so lush! Can I have one?โ€ She asked- no, pleaded. It included the infamous pout. โ€œIf you gimme a piece, I can tell you about this article I read while on the cruise!โ€ She winked.

That certainly caught Lottieโ€™s attention- enough to roll onto her stomach to pay more attention to her friend. โ€œAn article, you say? Is it gossip?โ€ she asked Indie curiously, picking one of the strawberries from the box and handing it over to her friend. โ€œHereโ€™s your payment. Now spill it!โ€

Yes! Victory! Indie grinned as she picked one of the strawberries and took a bite. โ€œOkay, so...โ€ She spoke as she finished chewing. โ€œThey finally released the engagement photos of Baroness Marissa and Yousef Tarhan! Fucking finally!โ€ Indie squealed in delight. She climbed off Lottieโ€™s bed briefly to pick up her phone that was still charging by her own bed before showing her the images.

โ€œYouโ€™re kidding?!โ€ Lottie cried out, covering her gaping mouth with both hands. Baroness Marissa Guerrero de Massy and her boyfriend Yousef Tarhan were the best friend duoโ€™s favorite celebrity couple. Their love story was something out of a fairy tale, and to know they were finally engaged after the many obstacles they had to overcome convinced Charlotte that maybe love wasnโ€™t dead after all. โ€œOhmyGodletmesee!!!!โ€ she shrieked, jumping up into a seating position next to Indie in order to see the pictures better.

There were multiple pictures of the couple together, some included the couple smiling at the camera in formal wear, and some were more โ€˜personalisedโ€™ photos of the Baroness and her new fiancรฉ holding matching coffee cups, her ring prominently on display for all the world to swoon over. โ€œHow cute are they?!โ€ Indie let out another unholy squeal. โ€œI've waited for this for so long!โ€

"Right?! Ugh, I want a love like that..." Charlotte whined, swooning along with Indie for another minute before letting out a sigh and dragging herself out of bed. "Alright, as fun as this has been, I have to take a much-needed shower," the short girl declared, making a beeline towards the bathroom but stopping at the doorway. "Wanna come with?" she asked Indie, shooting her friend a mischievous wink paired up with a playful laugh. She was joking, of course, but she wouldnโ€™t mind if the dark-haired girl actually joined her. An extra dose of dessert never hurt anybody.

โ€œOi! You keep playing with fire, you lose your strawberries. Tread carefully.โ€ Indie threatened, picking up the box of chocolate strawberries as insurance.

Lottie glared at her best friend, pointing an accusing finger at her. "If you eat my strawberries I swear you'll have to sleep with one eye openโ€ฆ" she warned the olive-skinned girl, keeping the mean mug for a few more seconds before laughing again. "You can eat three more, but that's it! I don't want to hear you complaining about your skin breaking out!"

โ€œLove you too!โ€ Indira laughed. โ€œNow go for your shower! Bad bitches don't stink of sweat!โ€ The party was going to start soon, and if Lottie doesn't start getting ready now, sheโ€™ll be late.

"I hear that! See ya in a few, then. Love ya more, you slut!" Lottie called out to her friend, blowing Indira a kiss before disappearing behind the bathroom door, her last giggle still echoing across the room.
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