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"All night would be best," he said, cocking his head in some confusion over her antics. "But just make sure you can give me a reasonable expectation of how long. I dont want to be this close," he held up thum and forefinger barely a hair's breadth apart, "And then suddenly lose my edge."

When she proffered a hand, he shook, and pulled a battered leather wallet from his back pocket.

"You mean dollars or pounds? I've got some gold dollars from like eighteen fifty, if that suits your fancy."
Dana blinked at her, a strip of bacon halfway to his mouth.

"Alright, I'm getting called out by a spoon. I just like to eat things that are closer to their natural state. Bread takes so many different changes before you eat it. Movin' on. I want a owl's eyes, and a hound dog's nose." This was a simple enough request in general. Baby's First Magic, even. Except there was that pesky Law of Equivalent Exchange. "Trick is this: I can't lose my sense of touch, or my sense of taste. It can make me deaf, take away my balance, but I need to be able to feel and taste."

Senses were simple things, and typically when a practitioner wants to increase one, another has to be decreased in exchange. Like many pieces of magic, one could get the desired effect and then worry about the cost later, but Dana couldn't afford that now.

"Probably I could do it myself, but I can't risk accidentally numbing my hands or tongue."
Dana woke at the same time as the bell, but not because of the bell. He woke because this is the time that the school woke. For the first few seconds of his consciousness, he could feel everyone in the building rousing themselves. This only lasted the briefest of moments before he returned to himself.

His eyes fluttered openand he got out of bed, humming along as a Dolly Parton song played from somewhere else in the dorm. When he stepped outside, the rasping croak of Crow came from up on the roof, picking up the song from where it left off when the other student had left the dorm before Dana did.

He walked into the cafeteria, and piled a plate with fruit and bacon(he barely touched grains, personally), and peered around the room. He wasn't one to put much thought into where he sat, or who with, but he saw Imani sitting with Jo, and remembered he'd been meaning to speak to her.

Serendipitously, as he approached she was discussing exactly what he needed from her.

"So... I'm open for business, right? you two hear anyone needing any potion, you tell them to come to me, right? God knows I could use the cash."

"Well, gods know I have the cash to burn," he said as he sat nearby. "Think you can whip something up for me?"

Mainly he knew her through Imani, but her business made her easy enough to approach.
Cassandra of course was reasonably familiar with the treaty. In fact, she had a copy of it(or, most of it) back at her dorm. It was a subject that concerned her a great deal, though, and so she watched Count Varis with rapt attention.

As the lecture went on her eyes began to widen, as she was fighting her lack of seep to pay attention. She soon had a wild look in her face, and her pen was standing still.

When Varis brought up Solaris Pius, and its final exclusion from the treaty, Cassandra suddenly sat forward, brow furrowed. She had never heard of this practice itself, let alone the fact that it was considered as a part of the law.

The Starage Commandment was a point of particular interest. The Count was right, in that its existence had enormous symbolic significance. That was the part of the Treaty that ensured, in theory, that humans and mages(for they were separate in the Treaty) carried the same protections basically everywhere. Count Varis treated it more as a curiousity, dismissing it as a legal entity.

When the Count opened the floor for questions, Cassandra's mistress was actually asking the very question Cassandra herself was about to pose. She smiled at the coincidence. Though she didn't know what was going on in the vampire's head, it was nice to know that they landed on the same point without even discussing it. Of course, this was anecdotal, and could easily be a fluke.

Neither mage nor vampire got an answer, as the doors blew open with force, making Cassandra jump, nearly leaving her seat.

Cassandra raised her hand, but spoke without waiting for permission.

"Count Varis, were we all supposed to enter the room and anounce ourseleves? I think my tutors missed that particular piece of etiquette."

Hey, I'm still around and interested, just still working on my CS.

I think this will be my color.(code is 7ea7d8)

Character name is Dana Allbright, face claim is Lucky Blue Smith. You can look him up, but I'll obviously have pictures when my CS arrives.
@Allycat Nobody said the life had to be innocent ;P

Yeah, reciprocity is a weird one. Always good to edit that kind of thing to fit the world.

Also, for simplicity I think balance and equivalent exchange can be combined. They're kind of the same, in spirit.

Here's some that I found. Obviously you have your own ideas for how things work, so all of these might not jive, but it's the kind of thing I mean.

@Allycat I dont mean like things that aren't allowed, I mean things that cannot be done.

Also, to revisit the picture question: does a face claim have to be a literal photograph, or is a realistically styled drawing okay?
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