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Current Reject Modernity, Embrace Masculinity, time to go to gym!
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So liberating, free from old reins.
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Free Top G
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With friends like these...
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Failure is an illusion, they are stepping stones to True Success. I don't need to go win things that are detrimental to my grand plan.
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@ZapdosDone with work.

I will post tomorrow, if unable to make it on time, proceed without me.

In light of this overwork, I got 3 days rest.
Aside from cerebral, can't wait to introduce Kyouka reflect/redirect/parry magical beams/attacks.
Lol how does one know that hey I'm this Class and gets a feel of their abilities?
@Dark CloudNot like Kyouka paid attention to people's names hehe
Finally posted.
I felt exactly powerless as I've never engaged in a fight before.

This felt surreal & the sensation of realism just keeps increasing by the second, this is no joke. I thought the creatures that spawned are only told in children's fairy tale books, in truth they're terrifying yet beautiful in person, superior to acting props. I am astonished yet scared off of my wits, beholding what's in front of me.

As the battle rages, the only thing that registered in my mind & heart is an inkling of a fighting stance with my Warfan, ready on the double, it's like my body just moved. Not because we're taking command after command from this Military Captain guy, but my survival instincts took over, I have to stand my ground and fight even though I am scared.

The stage has been set & the show must go on, I'm...No...

We are in the fight of our lives.

The least I could do was help with the citizens' evacuation, which I did.

Suddenly I heard another one of those seemingly Military Leaders, directed at the direction of me and the other two. @Dark Cloud @Calle @xenon

I don't really wanna fight, no? But my luck seemed alright as a woman stumbled upon our path, I think I'll go save.

"It's alright ma'am. We'll find her. Hatboy, Respectable Lady. A helping hand won't hurt but we'll make haste, I'm sure you know the phrase a parent wouldn't have to bury their child. I am no fighter but we gotta stick together, any ideas?

I am so cowering behind this superficial make-up, I'm shivering & I certainly know why.
Finally my wifi outage is done in both data and wireless.
@Zapdos Nothing really, I just happen to see a fine pattern of posting order hehe
I'll post when Zapdos post.
Wow the Commander literally has Black Air Force Energy.

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