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Kat | Lesbian

Twenty-seven | Female ♀
G є t t σ k n σ w K α t

Hella Gay.
Has a full time job.
Tries her best to stay active on the guild.
Awkward as frig.
Jokes around all the time.

RP Style

Prefers slice of life over anything.
Will join the fantasy action genre every now and then
Has a knack to make her characters really sad and depressing, or die in the end. (Sorry!)
Sadly due to how her brain works, loses interest very often. (Sorry again!)

And of course, please don't forget to surprise me! I love surprises.

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I'm in if you'll have me.
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"Can't trick me like that."

Grass Field - Time doesn't matter at this point

As the sun shone down on the two, though it really was not much since it was England and only the heavens know why England barely gets a clear sky. Kate blinked and tilted her head a little before snapping it back at soon as Mia stopped speaking. She had quickly said goodbye to the guys she was talking to earlier, Kate did not mind for them, though she would appreciate if they kept their distance since men still relatively scare her. Yes, she knows they are not bad in any sense of the word, but she could never be too safe; hopefully this year that would change.

"It couldn't have been that bad-" She was cut off by Mia asking her about her summer along with the nudge on her arm, she saw Mia avoid the question and she had to let it slide for now so she quickly mumbled, "She'll tell me later." That little phrase should not be audible enough for Mia to have heard but if she did hopefully her prediction would be correct. Kate would like to think that her knowledge on her friends would be correct, if not then she would have rethink her life for a good... 10 minutes, Kate doesn't think, she do's.

Wait, what?

The quick deflect was still surprising and definitely caught Kate off guard even though she took it like a champ. "Oh yeah! I totally went places, I was all over the US! Miami, San diego, Austin, L.A. Summer was nuts!... Wish you were me though." Said Kate, she loved Mia's company more than anything, how she would never judge her for having tons of problems, because she definitely had problems herself. "But besides that, definitely fun, maybe... Visit me sometime? Or maybe I could visit sometime? Hell as long as it the classic Kate and Mia combo I'm pretty much down for anything." Said Kate as her smile grew even larger than before. The look on Kate's face meant a lot of things but mostly 'you can tell me anything' she had hoped that she could cement that in Mia's brain no matter what her mood was.

The question deflect was classic Mia, something that was pretty standard and usually Kate would call her out like 80% of the time. Though since they had just come back, she let it slide, but she could not say the same about the upcoming ones. When Mia said she was accepting her hug, Kate's eyes lit up, her body trembled and her smile grew a million times bigger. Kate had gotten giddy and started stomping around for a second, ending that with a quick open armed hop into Mia's arms. Arms wrapping tightly around her "Awh man, I miss this..." She let out as she nuzzled into the girl's shoulder with some definite difficulty because she was on the tips of her toes and she was definitely hoping she was not dragging Mia down at all.

She pulled away and shaking her arms in glee and listened to Mia talk about the muffins, and she replied with "Hey alright, I'm down. I've been itchin' for a cinnamon roll since I woke up so let's go grab some." Said Kate, taking Mia by the hand, looking up at her and pulling her into the festival.


Interactions: Mia @Cio,

"Been awhile huh?"

9:51 AM - Bulletin Board

Kate tiptoed once again just to see if Mia was amongst the crowd, why does everyone have to be so tall? Frig. Her eyes darted from one tall guy to another, this was honestly getting frustrating at this point. She took a swig of her coffee before feeling a buzz in her hands from definitely not Mia, instead it was the Golden Gals™ group chat. She immediately swapped to see what it was, though she accidentally opened some silly spam message about a nigerian prince or something before she saw the text.


After a quick response, she took a step back in the grass, she pouted and scrunched up her nose since the frustration of her not finding her friend was a bit on the annoying side, especially since she did not reply at all, she thought they were tight; Kate then started furiously typing with her free hand to Mia about her ignoring her- "Kate! Behind you!" A voice behind her called, and she immediately jumped in response and exclaimed in her mother tongue, "Ay putang ina! (Oh Fuck!)" her coffee splashed around a bit as jumped, so she hoped that Alexandrina's grass liked coffee. She quickly composed herself and turned around to see her friend, well... Best friend at this point, Her annoyed look from someone making her jump immediately went away as soon as she saw her face, her definitely definitely got better. She shoved her phone back in her pocket and jogged up to Mia, "Dude you scared me! Like holy fuck it's like not even 10 AM." Said Kate before chugging the last bit of her coffee and tossing it in the nearby trash bin. She turned back to Mia and looked her up and down, but eventually more up since Mia was taller. She blinked and took a step forward and took both of her hands, smiling wider than a kid in a candy store "Yo I missed you, like real hard, real bad... Hard... Bad hard, I missed you like real bad hard." Said Kate, rubbing her thumbs against her knuckles. She was pretty touchy with her close friends, and she was not afraid to show that at all.

"I'm going to assume I still can't hug you out here, alright alright, you owe me one whole ass hug, but I'll forgive you if you get me away from all these guys." Said Kate as she scanned the area, filled with men. She moved closer to Mia, and away from the main crowd practically turning Mia to face her. "So... Uh... How was your break? Do anything cool? Go places? Start a revolution? Try out new food? Come on tell me what's going on in Mia world!" Said Kate, she was really really happy to be here again, since home was not much to enjoy. She actually preferred being here in England rather than New York, and she preferred both places over the Philippines. What would make England the best place on earth is if her dad lived here as well, but life does not always work that way.

Mentions: Cass @ineffable, and everyone else in the Golden Gals

Interactions: Mia @Cio,

"The Plan B huh? I'm down."

Before the storm

"Last chance huh?" Said Kate, golden hour, September 7. Kate sat there, hugging her knees as she sat on the hood of her car, overlooking the beach of Santa Monica. At least, she was not alone, she was with her friends some of which she had met on the streets of LA on her way here. "It's never usually the last of anything Kate." Said one of the guys, Kate smiled as she looked over the group of misfits that have gathered here today. This was the life, but of course, it would not last long. Kate enjoyed herself at the very least, and sometimes it was usually all in the moment. Hours of laughter and bonding have passed, and Kate did not want this day to end but life does not work out that way.

Once the new day had arrived, she said goodbye to those who lived in LA and started her drive back to Brooklyn along with her friend who she brought along from the start. Her phone buzzed, in big caps letters it wrote "DAD." She took her phone and pressed it between her ear and her shoulder since she was driving. "Before you say anything, I'm on my way back. Oh, uh... Good morning too Dad. Yeah, I know it's a long drive, I'll be there before you know it. I'll see you soon." She hung up and continued her drive, continuing the exchange of stories with her friend.

The drive definitely did not feel long at all, even though it was a 42 hour drive (not counting the breaks and stop overs). Kate arrived back home, she was immediately greeted by a playful hug by her dad who hid behind the door as soon as he heard her pull up into the garage. Kate hugged him back and exchanged their pleasantries. She even got him a T-Shirt that read "Best Weed Dad." His father said that he loves it before he vowed to never wear in public. Her mom was not home yet, and she liked it that way; she gave her dad a quick pat before returning to her room, she was greeted by a lot of boxes and a whole lot of luggage. She collapsed on her bed for a good nights sleep before she left in the morning.

Morning arrived and her luggage was already gone, she got ready and ran downstairs, her dad had already readied his SUV with all her stuff inside. She saw a glimpse her mother in the living room and knew she had to say goodbye. She walked up to her mom who looked up at her, they awkwardly smiled at each other but it did end in a nice wholesome hug, that was rare but she hoped it would be the norm. They then went off and drove to the airport, Kate got on her flight and waited for what was to come.

Wednesday, September 16 2020
8:21 AM

Kate awoke to sensation of something warm and vibrating on her face, it was her phone, she must have fallen asleep holding her phone again, she accidentally opened the front camera and saw her zombie face before closing it immediately.. She sat up and looked around, her roommate Calla was probably still asleep, so she did not want to bother her. She looked out the window and she could see people already getting wild with music in the background. She moved to the bathroom, took a shower and got herself ready. She dressed in this outfit before grabbing her essentials and dipping out of the room. She must have spent a lot of time getting ready because it was 9:30 when she came out. Kate was not about to deal with people without a coffee.

She had a quick walk to the comfort cafe to order one of their absolutely divine mocha brews. When that was done, she made her way back to the Alexandrina to see what was going on. Coffee in hand and sunglasses on, she walked to the festival entrance, to see why everyone was crowded around this one little point. She squeezed past through the people, careful to not spill her coffee to see what was going on. She saw the list of students who have are known as 'The Elites' and she scanned through it, she saw Mia first before even seeing herself. The photo Ms. Fortune picked for her was pretty good, she can't say much for everyone else though. "... Plan B? Sounds pretty cool." She was already ready to take that name as her own, it did not seem like it was going to take much for people to start calling her- Buzz! She felt her phone in her pocket and saw a message notification from Mia, she read it and sent her replies.


The text was rather recent, so it was either Mia saw it just now or she just forgot to tell Kate about, but either way Kate was shooting her shot to see Mia again, it had been awhile, especially since they do not live in the same area at all. She looked around, standing on the tips of her toes just to see if she could find her friend, but everyone around her was so tall, especially with Kate being the 5'5" mess that she was she could not for the life of her see anyone, and she did not have the best eyesight either. She pulled herself away from the crowd, standing a good few metres away from everyone else, she took a swig of her coffee before sending a follow up text.


Mia was definitely close, she just didn't know where...


Interactions: Mia @Cio,

"Out of the fucking way."

Location: Pink Kitten Club

Interaction: @Pyxis


Police cruisers ran by from outside the diner window and Hyoon didn't really care since it was usually your average day in SOL. She messily finished her sandwich and even ordered a New York style cheesecake with drizzled caramel sauce to go for Lilith. Even with Aria being a little bit low on cash she was still able to at least do this for Lilith. Her phone buzzed on the table, she leaned over to see what it was: a text from Lilith telling her to come pick her up.

Hoon swallowed her spit and wiped her hands on some napkins before replying an affirmative. She thanked the waitress who put the cheesecake in a takeout container and moved out the diner. She was looking down at her phone as she walked down the sidewalk, only to be greeted by a flash of blue and red lights in front of her. They were surrounding the Pink Kitten and Hyoon immediately sprinted to the club. Her heart was racing, she was hoping with all her life that this was not anything related to Lilith at all.

She pushed through the police and the other people that surrounded the place, with a few "Excuse me."s and "Out of the way."s. Though since she didn't exactly work there she couldn't get past the wall of police officers surrounding the place. A few police officers were trying to stop her from running past but she kept insisting that Lilith was in there and she needed to see if she was alright. After quite some persistence the officers just let up and let her through but asked her to proceed carefully.

The moment she ran in, an ambulance rolled up and she was pretty thankful for that. She saw Lilith, "Holy shit." blood falling from her face and she immediately pushed through the people to get to her. She slipped herself under the taller girl's arm and helped her to the ambulance, "Hey Lil, you with me?" She asked as she walked slowly, people were moving out of the way as soon as Aria glared at them.

As soon as they left, paramedics came in and rushed to Lilith and Aria's side, they brought Lilith over to the ambulance and started to do their thing. Hyoon stood by the door, unsure of what to do at this point.
Key ⭐️: Friendship 🌸: Attraction ❤️: Romance ❌: Distaste
A little different than expected


Airi "Oniri" Okada | Lesbian | Fall 23 | #F5615C

Twenty-six | Female ♀ | 5'11 | 152 lbs

+ Reliable | Passionate | Loyal | Humility
⊹ Poor Planning/judgement (This can go either way)
- Indecisive | Quiet | Intimidating

α p p є α r α n c є

✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧

s k í l l s & w є α k n є s s є s

Demonic Speed ; Her speed comes second to none, blink and you'll miss her. Paired with her blade and wit, she often only uses her insurmountable speed when in combat or when fooling around. This was a gift that was simply amplified to the highest by a celestial, it is because of this speed that she is revered to as an Oni.
The Silver Star ; A woman known for her skill with the blade, the name "Silver Star" was given to her after she became the greatest swords-woman in the town. Her speed along with this skill made her so fast that she was given a lot of nicknames, but the Silver Star was what stuck the most.
Akuma Reflex ; This is basically just heightened reflexes, but it is only amplified during combat, in everyday life, it doesn't seem to show very well.
Itamae 板前 ; Airi is a really really good cook. What? You thought it was all going to be serious? Being a cook is more of a secondary thing since she is a swords-woman. Her skill with the blade, is equal to her skill with her knife. She's methodical and delicate with her cooking, which is why the food she makes tastes so good.

She is extremely indecisive, unless it is in combat, but sometimes she ends up not taking down those that need to be taken down. Her indecisiveness was what made some of her attempts in whatever she was doing fail.
She gets easily confused pretty often, often staring into space during a conversation because she was trying to understand clearly what the person had just said. She's very wise, but it sometimes does not become clear to the other people because of her confusion.
Insomniac; Airi forgets to sleep sometimes, the only few times she is guaranteed to sleep is if she is excited for what happens after she sleeps or if she is extremely fatigued.
She is extremely scared of spiders; she once threw her sword at a daddy long legs while she was meditating.

g í f t p r є f є r є n c є s

✧ Loved Gifts
♥ Liked Gifts
♠ Disliked Gifts
♦ Hated Gifts

✧ Cooking stuff, Handwritten things, musical instruments, spicy foods, rice, bladed weapons
♥ Arrows (She's learning how to use a bow), Books, Music Disks, chocolate, strong alcohol, Anything that resembles stars,
♠ puzzles, pineapple, rodents/gerbils, heels, blunt things.
♦ Hats (don't give someone with horns a hat), Sour things, anything that resembles spiders (yes, specifically those hairclips), scented candles, glasses, weak alcohol

t r í v í α
Hella scared of spiders.
I wasn't able to find a picture that matched her description with the horns, but she had oni horns, they look like this:

Really athletic, she's got abs which is pretty cool.
An excellent cook.
Struggles with Insomnia.
She thinks that handwritten things are the best things a person can receive that comes from the heart.
Loves rice way too much.
Has named her blade "Okita" for some reason.
Easily confused, like most optical illusions hurt her brain.
Would rather die than wear heels; okay maybe not but she really doesn't like wearing heels.
Give her a hat, and she will hate you forever.

в í σ g r α p h ч

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