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26 days ago
@Ammo Same tbh, I haven't really paid much attention to AoE 2 since DE was released
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1 mo ago
man i wish y'all had some new beef, it's disappointing when i miss it just for it to be the same old shit lmao
1 mo ago
Having a discord is basically expected at this point for the guild even though it practically makes the OOC section null.
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2 mos ago
Y'know, I've been wondering if Casual would break 2 million posts by the end of the year for a couple months now. But with 1 month left and 300k more posts, it doesn't seem likely.
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3 mos ago
I would direct any questions about site development in the suggestions section or here:…


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@TheMerlin Yeah, some people make more than one. One for general interest checks and one for whatever category it is in. I probably would just bump the interest check, like others have stated, if you recently made it, though. Maybe you could try advertising the interest check in the status bar or on the guild's discord?
Taking charge. Too many people are guilty, including myself, of being a passive GM. You need to be upfront and assertive. Don't accept a terrible sheet just because you accepted everyone else. If someone is being a little shit and bothering the rest of the players, kick them out of the RP instead of twiddling your thumbs and wondering why everyone is leaving. Try your hardest to stay focused on the RP i.e. post on set deadlines (this one I'm especially guilty of not doing) and being an active role in the RP (albeit without going overboard; let the players have some reign). Etc.
Welcome to the guild, @Kiki is Anxious. Anything specific genre-wise you're into?
Welcome to the guild, @xxBlackRabbitxx.
@Sarge67 Welcome to the guild. Most DnD on the guild is 5th, but I imagine there are a couple that play older systems.
Welcome to the guild, @Hazelrah.
ᴇ ʙ ɪ ꜱ ᴀ ᴡ ᴀ ʜ ᴏ ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ɪ

Location: Kotana Village
Timeframe: Night

Finally! Back on the road. Learning more about the new world they were in and figuring out what to do was all swell and dandy, but there was only so much sitting around and talking Honami could take. Just thinking of dilly dallying in the forest any longer made Honami miss texting. At least then Honami could speed things up with her high WPM and use of abbreviations and slang, but Kaito, Hiroko and Ipharia probably wouldn't have a clue what she was saying, so it likely wouldn't be a good idea in the end regardless if it was possible. God, technologically illiterate people were the worst.

"So, a weapon, huh?" Honami commented as the group eventually arrived to the village. "Should be easy to get in a place that has a smith." She continued, noting the rising black plume of smoke from a nearby building.

Taking her share of coin from Ipharia, Honami followed Hiroko into the village, and to the nearest tailor. Making a point to look the part, she went out of her way to pick up a light blue haori, a sleeveless, knee-high kimono and some equally Japanese platform shoes for herself. It was as close as she was going to get to LARPing—live action roleplaying she learned of by stalking Western message boards—and what better way was there to LARP than to pretend that you're a badass Shinsengumi?

Making her way to the blacksmith next, clothes in hand, Honami spent the remaining money she had on a chokutō. It wasn't a katana, as she wished the smith had, but it was the best option. The smith's yaris were simply too lengthy for someone of her stature, and a tanto was hardly a warrior's weapon.

"I'd imagine so." Honami spoke up as returned to the group not long after Hiroko did. "At least in games large, major cities like the capital tend to have a mage district with enchanters, artificers and the like."
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Welcome to the guild, @Diminishing.
Welcome to the guild. I don't know what you mean by "claimed", but @Nallore might be your best option for that kind of stuff, I think?
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