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Ladypug 2 yrs ago
masif bicth is u
Ladypug 2 yrs ago
ur a lil bitch
Phantomlink959 2 yrs ago
I see you lurking my page, popping up to the top of the visited list from time to time.

Been awhile since my horrible GM-ing skills murdered heroes of a different story... So, sup? How have you been?
DruSM157 3 yrs ago
I seen you creepin’
NuttsnBolts 4 yrs ago
I see you lurking my page ;)
Gowi 5 yrs ago
I saw that!
Anderiel 5 yrs ago
Akali > Kat for midlane faceroll champ. *walks away*
Zombehs 5 yrs ago
Hey, figure this works just as well as a PM I guess. Wanna do a short collab for ChaserS rather than ping pong posts?
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