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Leaving the ordeal behind them, Brynn, Sean, and Marshall made their way into the party, mainly in the pursuit of alcohol. They’d need a lot to forget about what just happened back there, but Brynn knew there was more than enough to go around. When the Elite threw a party, there was usually enough booze and alcohol to feed an army.

The landscape was just as she expected. Students were strewn everywhere, drunk and stumbling, with loud music blasting that could almost pierce your eardrums. Usually, Brynn would already be dancing on the tables or off with some football player, but right now she just felt overwhelmed.

As soon as the trio found their way inside, Brynn witnessed Marshall seemingly gain the ability to walk on his own, and watched as he began meandering his way over to the bar. She knew he had milked the "Help me, I’ve been strangled!" bit so he could feel up blondie’s biceps. That bastard. With Marshall abandoning her, this left Brynn alone with Mr. Hero, and she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous standing next to him. Trying to cut the silence, she spoke, “That sure was something out there. Sorry that had to be your re-introduction to Beverly Hills. Owen is, well, Owen, and he had to make a scene.”

Sean didn’t want to be here, he honestly didn’t. His sister had dragged him along, damn near physically and against his will. After what had just transpired outside, though, he was pretty sure it was a good idea he had shown up. Everyone else, it seemed, had just been stressing out — having damn near panic attacks in some cases. Sean knew what to do in situations like that, stay calm. Stay cool.

He was glad he’d been able to defuse it without a fight. He had a feeling Owen knew how to handle himself in such a situation, and he didn’t really want to fight. Not yet, maybe even never again. When Selena had walked away, Sean had chosen to attach himself to someone else from the group that he already knew, having not been entirely sure if the other people would react kindly to the way he’d kind of… well, shut Owen down.

Plus, Brynn was cute. After she spoke to him, he just gave her a nod and a small attempt at a smile. It wasn’t perfect, that was for sure, but hey. Sean hadn’t exactly been a very big smiler lately. “Hey, someone had to do something. I feel like if I hadn’t, Marshall wouldn’t have been able to walk himself to the bar like he did… Can’t have that kind of thing happening on my first outing.”

To Brynn, Sean seemed pretty subdued. Even after everything that just happened, he remained pretty indifferent, the only sign that he had any sort of emotion toward the situation was the slight attempt of a smile he gave, as well as his choice of words. “Marshall would have been toast if you hadn’t been here. His idea of a fight is arguing with the clerk at Bloomingdales about giving him the wrong size shoe to try on.” She smirked, a small laugh escaping her lips. “He was lucky you were around.”

Well, at least he was appreciated. There had been a part of him worried he had overstepped his bounds, but Brynn (that was her name, right?) seemed to not feel that way. Check her off the list. “Thanks, I’ll be here for… well, the rest of my life, unfortunately.” Sean’s eyebrows furrowed and for a brief moment, his face seemed saddened, but then he smelled something delicious. He tipped his head back, sniffing more intently. “I think I smell… well, I don’t know what it is. But it smells delicious. Let’s go eat it. Like, all of it. It smells cheesy. I love cheese.” Sean reached down and grabbed Brynn’s hand, rather than waiting for an answer, and he tugged her along the way over to where the food was.

Food was the one thing that made him happy, no matter what. There were so many wonderful flavors and tastes he’d yet to experience. When he saw the spread laid out on the table, he looked over at Brynn. “Okay… you’re the native. What do you recommend first?”

One second Sean was growling at her not to stare at him, and the next he was taking her by the hand and pulling her around with him. This kid sure was confusing, and Brynn couldn’t exactly tell what his deal was, but she went along with it. “You can’t really go wrong. Mr. Wells is an incredible chef. His son Trevor is one of the Elite so he made all of this for the party. Pretty generous if you ask me.” Taking a look at all of the options, she gestured to one of the plates to the left of Sean. “If you like cheese though, the Mozzarella Sticks are bomb. I think Mr. Wells uses three types of cheese in them, they’re addictive.” Gazing up at Sean, she couldn’t help but stare into his gorgeous eyes, but remembering the epsiode from earlier, she looked away, focusing rather on the rest of the party than him.

Sean watched as she looked up at him, for a few seconds that lingered longer than perhaps they needed to, and then turned her attention away from him, and rather to the rest of the party. Well, at least she was trying to be mannerful. Plus, being stared at was… much more bearable when it wasn’t an entire limo of people gazing at you like you’re the next item for bid at an auction house. Rather than mention anything, Sean first went for one of the mozzarella… sticks. Sticks? Those things looked more like logs.

He picked one up and hefted it in his hand. Heavy. Good. He pulled it up to his mouth and bit down on it, suddenly feeling his mouth explode in a menagerie of tastes and cheesy goodness. This was everything he’d ever imagined when thinking about food. This was it. SURELY, it couldn’t get better than this. Sean held the cheese stick up to Brynn’s lips, and though he spoke, his words did not address the food. “Thank you for trying. I’m not exactly a social person, so being in the limo and having people just like, oogle me… was the worst thing. I appreciate it.” There, now Brynn at least knew that her efforts did not go unnoticed.

Brynn let a smirk play on her lips briefly before taking a bite of the food Sean had held out to her. It was surprising, almost sweet, seeing the change in the interaction between them, even from just a few minutes earlier. It also didn’t hurt that a hot guy was feeding her food. “Yeah, I know we all can come on a little too strong, especially me, but I hope you don’t hold that against us.” She replied. Her eyes flickered down to the table to look for something else to taste. “Here, try this.” She stated, dipping a chip into homemade guacamole and mimicking his actions from a few moments ago.

Sean was happy to eat the chip that was offered to him, crunching it down before he spoke simply. “I’m not going to lie to you or sugarcoat it. I’m pretty sure you and your friends are crazy, after what I saw. Hailey, that’s her name, right? The Ringleader. She was egging Owen on the whole time. And she littered with that Sprite can.” Sean winked. “She’s the craziest.” But seriously? How did no one else see it? Maybe he just didn’t have the full story — but from where he was standing, Hailey had wanted that to happen.

“Sticking with my gimmick of not lying or sugarcoating things, I would like to take you outside and dance now. That’s a party thing, right? I’ve never been to one before.” While speaking, Sean obtained another cheese stick, biting it and watching as the cheese strung out in front of his lips.

“Never sugarcoat things. That’s the way I like it.” Brynn was known for being brutally honest, so she was glad to know that he felt the same way about being truthful. “Hailey is indeed something else. Much like Owen, she tends to enjoy making a scene on her terms, even if it seems wrong or krass. I can understand why you think she’s crazy.” On the subject of dancing, she realized how sober she was in comparison to everyone else. Usually by now if she was talking to a boy this attractive, she would’ve skipped the formalities and found a room by now. But, after speaking with him and actually getting to know him a little bit (a new concept to her), she knew that was probably the wrong move. And by the sounds of it, Sean had never been to a party like this, so dancing sounded like a plan.

“Yeah, that’s a party thing. Let me get a drink first, and then we can go and check it out, okay?”

“Sounds good! What are you drinking?” Sean himself wasn’t a huge drinker, but he could go for something. New year, new him. Might as well see it in drunk and dancing with a girl he barely knew. “I’ll go with you, maybe there’ll be something I’m interested in.”

Brynn took his hand, not waiting any longer to get a drink in her system, and brought him over to the bar. “Tequila is my signature, but I’m pretty much down for anything.” she replied grabbing two of whatever drink the bartender was making. “Who knows, maybe you will find something you’re interested in. Everyone has a favorite, they just have to find out what it is.” She spoke, mentally noting the double meaning in her words after they had left her mouth.

“I think I already did find something I’m interested in.”
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Interacting with: Martha @Dirty Pretty Lies (COLLAB), Pippa (Mentioned) @Emma, Grayson (Mentioned) @Syn, Trevor (Mentioned) @Silent Observer
Savannah waltzed around the party, seemingly walking on air as she made her way from group to group. A social butterfly in every sense of the phrase, she tried her best to get around to all of her classmates, either to introduce herself or to catch up with her acquaintances. Even though she had been at BHHS for months, she surprisingly hadn't met everyone yet. To some, she was a complete anomaly who walked around saying "Y'all" and to others, she was the new girl from Texas with the red hair. Sav wanted to make sure people knew her, at least on a conversational basis. Plus since she didn't really come to the party with anyone, she was trying her best to not have any downtime on her own. This made meeting everyone a great goal and excuse to always be talking. Savvy didn't want to be stuck in the corner by herself. Not tonight.

So, from group to group she went, chatting everyone up and letting her southern drawl work its magic. However, as she stood talking with one of the girls in her Modern Literature class, she felt someone push past her into the crowd of people. Casually looking over her shoulder, her eyes found Grayson weaving through his classmates with a girl in tow. Realizing the girl was none other than her Calculus tutor, Pippa, her joyful expression changed to one of panic.

"Oh, shit." She spoke, ignoring what the person she was speaking with was saying. "Excuse me for a second." Breaking off the conversation, Savannah turned around and headed towards the kitchen, where it was a tad less crowded. Pulling out her phone, she texted the person that needed to get here as fast as she could. Martha. Her best friend had been crushing on Grayson for as long as she had known her, and would be devastated to see his new year's kiss go to someone else.

Honey, you better get here real fast, some girl’s taking your man.
What are you on about SavSav?
Plz don’t tell me what I think it is...

Pippa’s all over Mr. Gray so come quick. If you wanna kiss him at midnight you srsly better hurry
Fuckin’ shit I’m the only Ana to his Grey
Give me a sec, I’ll have MarMar give me a glow up
I’m gonna rock his world. just you wait. #MarthaColletteWells2k43

Alright thank god, glad you’re finally getting off your ass.
That could be you bitch, GET HERE!!!

SHUT UP!!! I’m coming I’m coming
Better call out a Hail Mary so I don’t stab a bitch #jesustakethefuckingwheel

See you soon!!

Savannah was too busy furiously texting Martha to notice who was around her, and it wasn’t until she put her phone down that she realized that she was a mere three feet away from the guy at BHHS who made her little southern heart skip a beat. Trevor Wells.

His smile made her melt like a snowman in the middle of a Texas heatwave and she could honestly look into his gorgeous eyes all day. Realizing that she was staring, Savvy turned around quickly, trying to hide the blush that suddenly crept onto her cheeks. The redhead had turned so quickly that she became dizzy, but she didn’t know if that was the alcohol starting to hit her or her simply knowing that Trevor was standing diagonally from her. It was probably the alcohol.

The last time Sav had a "crush" on a guy like this was back in 5th grade. His name was Mason, and things did not go in her favor. He caught Savvy doodling "Mrs. Mason Reese" in all of her notebooks and got freaked out beyond belief. So, like any elementary-aged boy, Mason got his cootie shot and ran as far as he possibly could from her on the kickball field. Since then, Sav hadn't really found her cup of sweet tea. Sure, there were definitely guys she was attracted to, but she had never come across someone who was "doodling in her notebook" worthy. That was until she came to BHHS and saw Trevor at his locker on the third day of Junior year.

Sighing, Savvy leaned back against the counter, finishing her drink and placing it down on the granite. Deciding she needed another one, she walked over to the bar and got a new glass filled with something potent. God knows she would need to be a little drunk for later. Sipping on the concoction, she returned to her spot in the kitchen and decided to converse with the random girl next to her, anxiously waiting for Martha to show up and make a scene.
Hey, so, unfortunately, things have come up and I'm not going to be able to join. Have fun though everyone!
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Savannah sat pensively at her vanity in a silky blue robe, putting the finishing touches on her makeup and judging her reflection in the mirror. Time was ticking, and she was technically supposed to be on her way by now, but she couldn't bring herself to stand up and walk out the door. Her outfit was picked and laid neatly on her white duvet; the sequined café colored romper, the pair of nude strappy heels, and the tassel earrings awaited Sav, but still, she remained frozen in her chair. Tonight was her debut in a sense. The entire BHHS student body would be at the party, and it was her job to try and make the best impression that she could. She already had gotten along well with most of the people at school, but in the back of her mind, she worried it was all too good to be true. All she longed for was for people to accept and like her, and she always feared that the opposite was the case. Her brain felt clouded with thoughts as she coated her lips in red liquid lipstick.

A small knock on her door pulled her briefly out of her thoughts. "Come in!" she yelled, hoping whoever was on the other side of the wood could hear her. In walked her father's fiancé, Deana, carrying two glasses of champagne and a smile brighter than the north star. She and Sav had bonded a lot since her moving in. They went on shopping dates (with her father's credit card of course), had movie nights, and got their nails done together every three weeks. It was nice for Sav to have a motherly figure out here in California.

"I thought we could toast to the new year before you left for your big party, but don't tell your dad. You know how he feels about you drinking alcohol in the house." Sav's soon to be step-mom handed her a flute and sat down on the edge of her bed. "What do you want to toast to?"

"How about..." Sav thought for a second. With all of the amazing things happening in her life right now- her modeling career, her new life in Beverly Hills, great new friends- the girl didn't know what else she could want. What was it that she so desired in the new year? "Let's toast to health, happiness, and to hoping that I somehow pass Calculus." Clinking glasses with a laugh the two sipped their champagne. "Thanks, Dee, that was really thoughtful." Finishing her drink, she set it down on her vanity. "I won't be back too late after midnight, I know dad wanted me to-"

"Oh, forget what he said. Stay out as long as you want and have fun with your friends. High school is some of the best years of your life and you shouldn't be missing out on any of it." Taking Sav's empty champagne flute in her hand, Deana started walking towards the door. Before disappearing into the hallway, she turned back to Sav, shocked to see her still sitting there. "Now, get your ass out of that chair and finish getting ready. You have a party to get to." Sighing, Savvy finally arose for her cushioned chair and moved towards her bed, slipping on her outfit and her shoes. She knew tonight was going to be incredible, but she needed to not get so in her head about it. Sav needed to let her hair down and have a good time, both figuratively and literally, as she pulled her bright red mane out of its ponytail, letting her soft curls cascade over her shoulders.

Deciding she needed to loosen up a bit more, Sav reached under her bed to her alcohol stash, pulling out a bottle of vodka, a double shot glass, and a small thing of cranberry juice. Taking a deep breath as she measured the shot exactly, she tossed it back, letting the liquid burn down her throat, followed by the sweetness of the cranberry. That was the first of many shots she'd be taking that night. Noticing the time, she grabbed her phone and her keys, running out the door and not looking back.

Savannah took an Uber to the party, not wanting to task anyone, especially her dad, with driving her. As they rounded the corner, the beach house came into view, and a small gasp escaped the redhead's lips. Even though she had been in Beverly Hills for months, she would never get used the size of the homes that lined the streets; they made the houses in Hico look like shacks and sheds in comparison."You can just pull over here, thanks." Sav pointed to the curb outside of the house and gave her thanks to the driver before stepping out of the car.

Well, this was it. Savannah took a deep breath before walking up the driveway and towards the entrance, where she could hear the music pounding before she had even stepped foot in the house. Walking up and opening the door, she was stunned as the interior of the house was more ornate and extravagant than the outside. Looking around, students flooded every inch of the house. Some had turned around to acknowledge her entrance and others just continued to dance and have fun with their friends. Friends. The mere thought reminded her, where was Martha? Pulling out her phone and texting her, Savannah wondered when she'd arrive. Until then, the redhead grabbed a drink and roamed around the party, until she found a group of people she somewhat knew and attempted to woo them with her southern charm. Speaking in her slight southern drawl, she tried to start a conversation, "Hey Y'all, how's it going?"

Taking a trip to Candyland folks!

Nikki’s eyes fluttered open, the light streaming in through her window. After trying the ramen that Devin made (it wasn’t anything special, but very salty as expected), and snacking on some of the candy that Kat had offered everyone, she retreated to her room and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Yawning as she sat up in bed, Nikki had hoped to feel refreshed after a good nights sleep but instead felt groggy and a little nauseous as she thought about her first day of studies. What was the Dutch girl in for? She had no idea.

Climbing out of bed, she headed to her closet to change into the uniform that was neatly hung in the same place it was when she got here. It reminded her of the shirt and skirt she’d wear to Catholic school, and the mere thought of that horrifying place made her cringe. Walking into her bathroom, she started her daily morning routine. Her skincare regimen included too many products, but since she had such pale skin, it was extremely necessary. Her mother still looked as though she was in her thirties, and her secret was a good moisturizer, so Nikki followed suit. She brushed her teeth and began applying her makeup, at least attempting to try and look presentable on the first day. Nikki needed to make a good impression, after all, and let everyone know she somehow had her life together. Pulling her hair up into a ponytail, the girl seemed to be satisfied with her appearance.

Nikki exited the room and headed downstairs to the kitchen where she was met face to face with Shiro and- a new girl? The blonde assumed she had arrived very late last night after she had gone to sleep. “Good morning,” Nikki said in a quieter tone, grabbing some cereal from the cabinet and milk from the fridge. “Hi there, I’m Nikki,” She said to the new girl with a kind smile. Perusing the list that was left on the countertop, the girl mentally noted to go back upstairs to grab her gun. "Sounds like a packed day. Better eat a good breakfast." she stated, taking a bite of her cereal.

Interested in Medical! I think healing powers would go along well with this additionally.
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