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8 yrs ago
Current "There is no right. There's just the wrong that doesn't pull you down."- Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead
8 yrs ago
I dunno, what's on >YOUR< mind, RPG?
8 yrs ago
Geometry Dash's soundtrack gives me the feel-goods.
8 yrs ago
Shakespeare: *Forgets the number of the apartment he just moved into* Oh, crap... 2B or not 2B? That is the question.
9 yrs ago
"no u" - Manny Pacquiao


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<Snipped quote by Audacious>

*looks back at Phoebe*
Then what do you suggest? Any ideas?

We can’t put her back, but we also can’t let her run off.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

Close the chamber.

We don't know how to turn anything back on. We'd just be locking a little girl into a tiny prison cell.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

Well, maybe we can just…
*looks at small Claire and whispers*
push her back in?

*Looks back and forth between her and the container she popped out of*
And then what?
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>


Because we’re tainting an experiment!… Or something, probably.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

What do you mean? You wanted to go here with me.

With. Her.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

Talk to her.

Truthfully, we shouldn't be talking at all.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

Well, it’s your turn then. I’ll make sure she doesn’t leave.

... Turn?
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

I mean, yes, but why? And it was just theoretical speculation of the clone bits, I didn’t think I would be right.

It's a genetics lab. Knowing Mom's work, that's about as good of a guess as you could make.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

*stammers a bit*
This could be Mom! Or another her! A clone.

*In a hushed but stern tone*
Don't you, of all people, start freaking out on me now. Of course it's a clone- Remember where we are.
<Snipped quote by Audacious>

Stay right here, I gotta talk to my sister.
*turns to Phoebe and huddles up*
I really hope this isn’t what I am thinking.

I never know what you're thinking, but I usually hope that too.
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