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Current Eagerly counting down til the contest entries are posted. I can't wait to see what everyone entered!
6 mos ago
You're an hour ahead of me, but i'll take a puff to help celebrate
7 mos ago
30 in 54 minutes. Farewell, young adult status
7 mos ago
@murdervictim same! I turn 30 wednesday
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i got to pick out my engagement ring :3


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Starfire stepped out of the T-Jet and onto the roof, hovering just above the ground in ready stance, looking over her shoulder to see Soleil and the rest filing out of the jet. She nodded to Lio, Bob, and Captain Marvel and smiled her naturally friendly smile at them. Her eyes scanned their surroundings, and then suddenly a small creature went flying across the horizon, hitting the ground with a loud 'thud'.

"I think our friend may be in that direction." She pointed towards where the small imp-like creature landed, though she was sure the rest of the Titans heard the creature hit the ground.

Soleil positioned herself somewhat between Star and Robin, readying herself. This is your moment, Sol. He might be a teen and not know who you are, but this is your moment to impress him. Don't screw this up. She silently told herself. Her hands started to glow with embers, ready to fight. Mentally, she was replaying every mock battle she had against her parents, having just been the basics as she hadn't gotten into real battle yet. She composed her face, Robin's sternness spreading her lips thin, brow furrowed.

I generated a character you're having Ghost fight off - for some reason I pictured something small when you mentioned him picking them up with the inky tendrils and tossing them about. If you had something particular in mind please feel free to let me know and I can update my post but I wanted to share what I got lol

Looks like a lil pesky fella lol

@Ezekiel No worries! I know life happens, I just realized that rule was strict (honestly, it has been eons since I last RPd, so I just scrolled through some existing RPs rules and picked what I liked/sounded proper) and felt maybe that was deterring folks from posting.

Thank you for letting us know now, and safe travels friend! We'll be here - enjoy your trip ♥

I'm removing the 8 days rule, so if that's what's been preventing you from posting please feel free to come back if you'd like

As Robin stared her down, Soleil met his gaze and nodded, giving a slight smile when Robin said she could tag along and instructed Alrick to look after her. In her time, he would never let her tag along to missions. Of course, she was just a kid and still coming into her powers but she never thought it was fair considering that her parents were literally teenagers when the Titans were formed. They were fighting villains and protecting Jump City when they were just kids.

She would always beg and plead for them to take her along and let her fight, determined to be the next great Titan. After she turned fourteen, Dick began seriously training her. He went easy at first, but Soleil continued to seek more. She had her father's determination, and her mother's heart.

"Since we'll be going by hero names, my name's Solwing." She offered as she followed behind, realizing that she perhaps should have given that to them before. Though she had never been on a mission, she knew not to use real identities in battle.

As the team approached the T-Jet, she marveled silently. The vintage (to her) T-Jet was a sight to see, and she had never been allowed to board the one they had. Inside, she geeked a bit, excited to finally fight. She took a deep breath and loaded into the T-Jet, taking it all in.

I'm back from my trip, taking an extra day to rest. Anyways I've posted with Robin who is now loading everyone aboard the T-Jet to go to Ghost's location. Also posted with Pulse who has gone to address Bob and Captain Marvel at the door.

Welcome back! I hope you had a great vacation. :) While you were out, I put up a discord as I had gotten a few requests for one. It's new and bare boned, but it's up. Feel free to join if you wish, if you choose not to that's okay too. It's not meant to take place of the forum, just be a side place for extra rp/chat opportunities.

I should be posting my reply here shortly y'all :)
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