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What is this?
It's going to be a My Hero Academia (MHA) RP. At least one that makes use of the setting and terminologies within the MHA universe. We'll be staying away from canon characters.

What makes this different from other MHA RPs?
Well, I'm not really sure what they're plotting or what they have in store for their participants. As far as this RP goes, I'll be staying away from the whole high school setting. Or at least won't be fully focusing on that type of general environment. It'll be more similar to the idea of an apprenticeship or internship with some field training mixed into it.

What do you mean by internship/apprenticeship?
I'll initially just take in a few participants and their characters will be assigned to mentors who'll be in charge of teaching them on how to be a hero. Personally, trying to maintain a proper school-setting is a tad difficult for me, hence I went this route. For now, the story will be mission-based with time skips in between to help with improvement and skill progression for everyone's quirks.

You mentioned limited slots for the RP. How many exactly?
Let's go with at least three (3) and at most probably (6). Will be going with quality over quantity here. If the RP goes well, we can definitely get some more participants.

What do you expect from those who would wanna join this RP?
RPing etiquette, I guess. As far as how regular posts and updates are going to be, that'll depend on how often everyone posts. Personally,
I won't be strict since I know how real life and procrastination gets in the way. Once a week would probably the minimum? My goal would be a long standing RP and not necessarily one that has everyone posting each and everyday. Although that would be fun, I'd still prefer an RP and a story that lasts and actually progresses.

Last words from me?
Questions are more than appreciated and if interest builds up, we can get things started.
Hey guys, online and back home. Sad to say though, after going almost 2 weeks without internet, I sort of lost my motivation for RPing and stuff. Sorry, but I think I won't be continuing this anymore. Feel free to do whatever with everything in the thread. I apologize for wasting everyone's time. See ya.
@Lucius Cypher I mean, you still don't have a character, so you can make the quirk more useful if you want. Its pretty useful as it is, but if you aren't going the physical route, then I guess its pretty mediocre.

See ya, dude.



@Lucius Cypher I think you should right down the details of the quirk you wanna go with instead of slowly divulging parts of it after a few posts. It kinda gets confusing when a new aspect is suddenly introduced.

Shock absorbing boots? Nah. I said bits and pieces, he'll start with nothing and focus on support course types of training. I mean, that's the whole purpose of the RP. To kinda be a student and train. With the classes/training he'll be taking, he can learn how to make the gear he wants, gradually building up to more impressive tech.

@Lucius Cypher Yeah, gonna say no to the exoskeleton. Like I said, bits and pieces.

He feels pain sure, but like your second responds says, when he feels pain that means that he's over exerting himself. He can still trudge onwards despite that, overheating his body for whatever reason, but it will do more damage to his body that he won't be able to black out from. In a way his quirk can be a curse too, since he'll be entirely conscious despite his excruciating pain, to the point that even once his body does wear out and he's completely paralyzed, he'll still be awake and helpless to do anything about it. Which is why he relies on his power armor.
Since he doesn't have enhanced endurance, when he feels pain, he's more than just over exerting himself. Where did the overheating come from again? And why can't he pass out? I thought he didn't need sleep? Is it actually not being able to sleep too?

If you want your character to focus on his armor, I'm cool with that. He just needs to start off with nothing at the bottom.

@Animal@Araby264@yahoo3422@Superboy@Tenma Tendo@Tominas@TaliPaendrag@NobodiesHero@Pirouette@Iatos

I'll be gone for the next 4 days. I'll have access to net, but I doubt I can do anything productive; will most likely be on discord.

I've made updates for the training facility group and for Severa/Ryoma. I'll be posting it before I leave.

@Lucius Cypher

[Discord Server]



This RP will be based on My Hero Academia, but will be influenced by other series; good examples would be One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100. Despite drawing inspiration from the shonen genre, I plan to include some sort of realism in the story along with darker and more serious themes. A general plot will be present, but will be used more as a guide than something we'll be strictly adhering to.


I was ninja'd and am forced to double post! I'm judging myself.

@hatakekuro Yup, I'd appreciate that. I could also do it on discord if you prefer that. My username is Rob#0331; DM me, maybe?
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