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@AlternateMan Yup, still accepting.

On an unrelated note, these new notification indicators are great. Props to @Mahz and his team.
@Araby264 My pleasure.

@Tominas Go big or go home? By the way, we'll be doing a four-term school year.

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All in all, it only took around an hour before the entire group had arrived and found their seats. The speeches began shortly thereafter and for the most part went largely ignored. Many students were too distracted with their new setting to really listen while others had already heard the same speeches time and again and had long since learned how to tune them out. There wasn't anything that any of them could say that could out weigh the effect the arrival had on them.

Their words felt hollow next to the reality of the school before them and the artificial island they were now on. One of the faculty drew some notice but for most of the wrong reasons. Though she smiled and welcome them to the school, the Vice Principal's eyes were anything but warm and if anything seemed to imply that she was wholly unimpressed with the students that had shown up. She went on a quick rundown of some of the rules which for the most part were par for the course but with a few exceptions. Most notable was the mention of being disallowed from venturing too far from the academy without escort and the brief explanation regarding point and ranking system they wish to implement. She also made a quick comment about defenestrations being prohibited above the third story. It wasn't long before she was excusing herself and welcoming the next and final speaker, Principal Arata Sako.

"Aha. I recognize that look. Don't worry we're about done." The speaker winked conspiratorially at them from up behind his podium while his face twisted into a wry smile.

Arata Sako was hard to place. He wasn't old but he was clearly past his youth. He wasn't dirty or slovenly but at the same time he was neither clean or or well kept. Jasper was far from ugly but he was just shy of being called handsome. There was a down to earth quality to him that seemed so out of place in the setting. He was a man apart from the rest of it all and it didn't seem to bother him in the least.

"My name, as many of you may know, is Arata Sako. And this, is my school. You are all here because you're different than everyone else. Special is a word that gets thrown around a lot but I want you to know that in this instance, I mean it. You are unique. There exists within you that unidentifiable quality that drives you forward that others lack and here we're going to hone that aspect of yourselves into something more. Now, I know you all have your own reasons for coming here, but whatever your purpose, I hope you'll come to enjoy this school as much as I do."

"Well...that's all I wanted to say. So how about we just call it a day and let you see what this school's all about for yourselves?" The gates that had been sealed behind him began to swing inward invitingly."Explore the campus, meet the faculty, or find a quiet place to do nothing at all. The day is yours. Make of it what you will."

OOC: Alright then, feel free to do whatever you please. Its time for some cooperative world building since I also want the participants to have some contributions to the setting you're all going to be RPing in. Describe or create scenarios, locations, and NPCs if you wish, but make them a bit vague to allow me to alter them as needed to fit the whole setting we have. You can start breaking off into group or going solo; I'll be updating accordingly.

And before I forget, here's some information regarding the aforementioned Rankings and Points.

@Jemmalyn Of course, you're more than welcome to join us.

EDIT: Updates are up. Sorry if I interrupted the interactions. Might have questionable internet in the next few days, so I decided to come up with the update now rather than possibly leaving you guys with nothing.
@yahoo3422 No biggie. I guess you weren't as rusty as you thought.

@Cat ...I'm a dog person, but that won't be an issue. You're welcome join us anytime.

EDIT: Might update today or tomorrow.
How To Be A Hero - A My Hero Academy RP
(New Applicants Still Needed)

How To Be A Hero - A My Hero Academy RP
(New Applicants Still Needed)

"I'm sorry to inform you, but the plan you've availed doesn't cover acts of Speedsters."
I'm enjoying the character interaction so far.

@yahoo3422 Seeing how Iccho's personality actually being played out is turning into a fun read. You really get a clear picture of what type of person he is.

I'll go with the someone who wants to create superhero insurance.
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