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Current Taking a hiatus from RPG. Got too much going on in my life...
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Question of the Day: "Is Rumple secretly a hyperrealistic creepypasta writer?"
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Time for me to put my Bad Guy shoes on...
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Visitor messages are back!! O.O
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Chrono Aslyum PCs: done, awaiting review whilst focusing on my Sith for Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath


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Good luck to all of you. I can't commit to this RP any longer.

Greetings everyone!

I'll just be working the holidays. No real interrupt to my schedule otherwise, so I'll be free to write. Still working on my PC, I should have something posted soon.

I promise.

Greetings, @Dulcet. Pleasure to meet you, and read your RP's premise.

Close friend of Shylarah here. She wants to RP with me and thought this one might be up my avenue...

I have something in mind--a monstrous idea, to be sure. Love themed, though I might leave it to you and your Host to decide what kind of spine-tingling love it might be.

Hopefully I'll have a pitch for you soon.
@yoshua171 @Celaira @Ganryu
Dominic, The Crimson Arc(AKA YOUR BOI D-MONEY!)

Fuckin' Ethan Baine followed me! D: (inside joke, great job Tundra!)


@Fallenreaper kya!

I am interested in this concept... I love the whole idea of tech mixed with magic. I see that robotic body modifications are possible- would a magitech powered android (in the vein of astro boy) be possible to play?

Long as you bring them ass turrets, I honestly can't wait to see what you bring to the table. =3

@FantasyChic @LancerOfBlue @Vinsanity

Welcome to MA, dearies. >=3

Yosh mentioned three sides of the story: Resistance Group (RG), the Prae, and Szayeis.

I'd like to elaborate on the Prae side a little. I have a Prae Warrior named Rico whose crew operates like hunters (as described above), but will also be (at some point) the RG's initial obstacle/opponent. They're not exactly hunters, but do some of the same work, plus more. They also don't directly respond to the Prae government. Fallenreaper's Charles is directly connected to Rico--you'll see why soon once you read the IC thread.

In short, I'm playing the Villains (though others are free to join up as bad guys, too) and I welcome you with relish.
My first CS approved.

The first of four, the leader: Rico


And with that, the debut post.

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