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Hi! Could a post by myself be deleted from the thread 𝔸 / 𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐂𝐇𝐑𝐎𝐍𝐘 in Casual Roleplay? I had accidentally posted my CS twice. Thanks!

Apologies that this took a little longer than I originally said it would. I decided to flesh things out more as to not give you guys bare bones. Anyway, here it is! If you have any questions, please ask! I'll probably keep things open for a week to allow character sheets to be worked on and edited as you have the time, and questions to be answered as I have the time!

For anyone else that is interested and wasn't tagged, the game is open for you to apply, as well! I never catch anything in interest checks, either.

Um... this is amazing. No need to apologize. Something this well thought out takes time. I really appreciate the extra effort to make everything aesthetically cohesive and original!

A refreshing sweep of vitality rushed through Torbjørn. For being the other man’s first journey to this so-called Palace of Communicators, of which he still wasn’t sure was sane of him to think, he had quite a grasp on something supernatural. The image of the stone that Baldr had gifted to Tor flashed in his mind’s eye. Would he have the ability to manipulate the power of the runes as the other man did?

“Mmm, a good question. I’d like to think friend, ja? I was born and raised in Bergen; and, if I had to guess, I think it would be fair to assume that you are from the Oslo region based on your dialekt.” Fairly certain that the other man wasn’t a threat, a more trusting tone could be heard in Tor’s voice. As they cautiously trekked through the cave, Tor glanced over to Odin’s Communicator. ”Tell me, Mazorn—you asked if Baldr had let me know anything—out of curiosity, has Odin been chatty? Baldr visited me for the first time and the last time a few days ago. Either he is not the talkative type or he is testing me.”

The raven continued to act as a scout as it glided from rock to rock as they walked. As they squeezed through a tight corridor a large wrapped bundle caught his eye. The wraps were falling off of it in places and some sort of viscous liquid oozed out of it. Then, a voice carried through the darkness but a short distance away: “Okay, let’s get going then.”

Quietly Tor turned to look at his new travel companion. His eyes motioned to the voice as if to ask him if he thought they should go investigate.

Upon the evocation of the torch rune, a welcomed warmth grew from within Torbjørn’s body and radiated out to his toes and fingertips. The below zero temperature was suddenly much more bearable.

After turning around to the sound of another voice (an external one), he could only stare for a moment. He was a bit speechless after experiencing such an otherworldly sensation. A raven was perched upon the man’s shoulder. Its jet black feathers had a silky and sharp look about them. It cocked its head from side to side as the words “The son, the sun” formed from only what Tor could assume was its ability to manipulate airflow, much like a parrot.

“Den ravnen,” he managed to mutter, wide-eyed. Tor ever so slightly shook his head as if to snap out of a trance, then made eye contact with the other Norwegian. Right away he noticed what appeared to be a rune tattooed over the man’s left eye. Despite being of Norwegian descent and growing up in Norway, Tor had forgotten most of what he learned about runes from grade school. To him the value of learning them was purely of historical value; however, he had a feeling that they were going to become much more important. From the little did he remember, he thought that the tattooed rune could be Ansuz.

”Unnskyld… I’m Torbjørn.” He did his best to smile amicably, though it ended up just looking awkward. He never was much of a smiler. “Thanks for the, uh, stave, I think it was?” Curious, he glanced at the meager winter attire that the other Norwegian was wearing. “Ah, you are a true Norwegian!” he joked and added, “Is that why Odin chose you, friend? I must admit that I was beginning to think that I had lost my mind—that my missing Norway had manifested itself as a voice claiming to be that of Baldr. Yet, here I am.” His attempt at a friendly smile faded. A look of doubt replaced it. “You are real-“ He paused. “Right? Not a figment of my imagination?” Tor took a few tepid steps closer to Odin’s Communicator, unsure if he was going to disappear like a hallucination.

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