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“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?”
John Lennon

The Primordial Ones

“From the end springs new beginnings.”
Pliny the Elder

We've all heard legends, myths, tales of old. Of how gods and goddesses alike ruled our world. These ancient fables have been woven into the threads of history, teaching of ancient morals and values and showing us the ways of our ancestors. But are these ancient tales really just fiction?

The answer is no. Every mythology has its truth, and every pantheon has its power. All of these mythos draw from the power of the Primordial, an endless well of magical power. In the olden days, the many Pantheons ruled their respective regions uncontested and wielded absolute dominion over the world, but the rise of monotheism soon deprived the old pantheons of their undisputed power. Gradually, these “pagan” religions dissolved in strength as their followers abandoned the ancient creed in droves.

That is not to say that these old Gods are gone, however. The once-almighty pantheons of the old world formed a pact together, the representatives of the major religious sects forging an alliance of sorts to combine their waning powers. Perhaps they would not be worshipped as they once were, and that they were destined to be remembered only as stories, but the Gods and Goddesses of the old order decreed they would not fade from power. They would combine their powers and watch over humanity from behind the scenes, and they would train and empower the next generations of humans to act as vessels for them. Through these humans, these mortals, they would find communicators, mouthpieces of the Gods to the rest of the human world, and to fight against the forces of evil that the Gods were no longer strong enough to defend against.

The Communicators

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”
William Butler Yeats

Every God and Goddess of the old order would choose a mortal to invest their powers in. This mortal would then use their new, Godly powers to help reshape the world in the image of the once-almighty old gods. They would be trained in the usage of their incredible newfound abilities and then cast off into the world to represent the olden order from behind the scenes. It was quite the genius plan, allowing the Gods that could no longer use their powers to influence the Earth to still make an impact on the planet and help protect it from the darkness that lived on.

A number of Communicators would become well-known, though not necessarily as Communicators, but as society’s new leaders and pioneers, renowned for their ingenuity and wit, though the superhuman powers certainly helped. Some of the more notable Communicators in history include Teddy Roosevelt, (a Communicator of Hercules, whose supernatural abilities allowed him to survive a normally-fatal bullet wound to the chest and continue his speech), Joan of Arc, a Communicator of Athena, Wild Bill Hickok, a Communicator of Sekhmet, Leo Major, a Communicator of Thor, and a number of others.

Every great mythological figure would choose a Communicator to represent them in the world, and their imbued magic would serve to allow these new Communicators to flourish in their new roles. Communicators have been around for hundreds of years now, with the concept starting as early as the 1200s with the end of “paganism” and lasting to the modern day. The Communicators, along with the lingering magical presence of the Old Order of Gods, have since taken refuge in a sacred home called the Sky Palace, a large castle ripped straight out of fairy-tale books nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, veiled from the rest of the world by a mystical eternal blizzard. It is in this castle that the new representatives for the elder Gods will gather for the first time to begin a quest of fighting against the many perilous evils of the world.

The Sky Palace

“Well...it'll do.”
The Old Deus

After their fall from omnipotent power, the peaks of Mount Olympus or the halls of Asgard were no longer an option, especially with the Communicator plan to be put into motion. The Gods wanted a place that was close to the Earth, but isolated. The first location of the Gods was an oasis on the Western Sahara. The second, Ciel Terrestre, was a great manor located in the midst of the Camargue in France, surrounded by fog so dense that no mortal could ever cross it. With the rise of the New World, however, the Communicators were moved abroad to the Americas- namely, into the White Mountains of New Hampshire towards a spectacular palace nestled in the crags of the snow-capped peaks called the Sky Palace.

In a valley surrounded by dense forest, jagged mountains, and lots of snow, the Sky Palace serves as the home base for the Communicators. Surrounded by a veil of magic that, to mortals, manifests as howling winds and brutal blizzards, the Sky Palace is the only place on Earth where the Gods have a fraction of the power they once wielded, and as such is a safe haven for the Communicators. Young Communicators live at the Palace for a few years before being allowed out into the world, while older Communicators will come back to the Palace just to report in or to crash for the night.

Though technically the center of the mingling of the many Gods, the pantheons only get along begrudgingly, out of mutual necessity. The pantheons have separated encampments scattered across the misty valley of the Sky Palace. However, the Communicators from all the Pantheons work together as a cohesive unit and almost always forge bonds beyond their respective deity groups.

The logistics of the Sky Palace are historically run by Thoth’s Communicator, and the education of the new Communicators by Chiron’s. Heimdallr’s Communicator is typically responsible for the defense of the Sky Palace, though the home of the Communicators has never been under any threat since the previous millennium.

A New Life

“Fire! Fire! Oh my God, I'm on fire! I'm on actual ****ing fire! What the hell?! How do I turn it off?!”
Julia McGinnis, Communicator of Hestia (1994)

Communicators are chosen based upon compatibility as the driving factor. The Gods use their powers to scope out and select youths of roughly college age (though that is far from a rule set in stone) and appear to them in a dream to recruit them to the cause. As it happens, Gods can be very persuasive. While compatibility is the most important factor, a couple of Gods have taken to choosing their Communicators based on family lineage, though this is far from a universal rule as well. The key for a God/mortal pairing is the functionality and similarity of the pair that makes the duo actually work effectively, more than any bloodline obligations.

Communicators typically wield powers that relate directly to their overseer God. These powers do take some time to get used to, hence the brief period spent at the Sky Palace in order to hone the powers. These powers, while not necessarily world-bending, are quite significant, enough to make Communicators formidable combatants.

Outside of their unique Communicator abilities, there are two other universally shared abilities that Communicators possess. One of them is the gift of condition: all Communicators will find their linguistic abilities expand dramatically after selection, as well as their physical capacity improving immensely. The other ability is much more of a failsafe and is termed Invocation. Invocation allows a Communicator to call their representative God into a physical form for a brief period of time, using their own body as a vessel. While a very powerful ability, the usage of this technique is immensely taxing and even dangerous. After all, very few mortals can stand to even look at a God in their native form directly without bursting into flames- to take one into your body is close to suicide.

Gods that possess Relics may also pass down their weapons or other tools to their Communicators. After all, being stuck in New Hampshire, they have very little need for them. Might as well hand them to the next generation. The same can be said for familiars- certain animal companions may also attach themselves (perhaps a little too much) to their new Communicators. These sacred Relics generally are linked to the Communicator's powers and can thus only be wielded effectively by said Communicator, their respective God's bloodline, or another God. The Relics will painfully sear the flesh of anybody else that tries to hold in, Communicator or regular mortal. While this burning effect can be mitigated with lots of layers, the item still cannot be used to its fullest potential in the hands of another.

Demigods are still a concept that exists even in the modern day. As it so happens, being relegated from your status as Universal Overlord to just being a voice in some kid’s head is not enough to douse the libido of many of the Gods. Some of the Gods have briefly taken mortal forms to go elope with the local country folk and have produced a few demigod heirs. That being said, despite being genetically more Godly than Communicators, demigods are looked down upon as tainted and unworthy. This type of treatment certainly won’t affect the Demigod population of Earth and make them seek revenge though, right?

RP Application

➼ Basic Rules Apply: I think beyond any level of skill as a writer is the importance of being open and friendly to other people. Paramount to anything else I could say is the importance of amiability. Mean-spiritedness is not an option.

➼ Flexibility: I'm not looking for strict posting timetables as much as I'm looking for people that are willing to be open and communicate about the entire process of writing. If you're open with me, we can work things out. If not, then I can't be expected to read your mind.

➼ High Casual: This does not mean that I'm going to tally up your word count for every post or do a detailed analysis of each piece of writing you submit. Rather, I'm just looking for thoughtful characters that demonstrate personality, flaws, and room to grow. Having a well-balanced cast of well-rounded characters is far more important than the number of words you can type out or the quality of your coding (not to say either of the latter is discouraged!)

➼ Character Creation/Pantheons: For this RP, I'm looking for a group of new Communicators to replace some of the retiring Communicators of the past and fill in their shoes. Communicators would tend to be roughly college-age individuals, but that is not a hard-and-fast rule. As for their respective aligned Gods, I will be operating a list of Gods from which you can reserve your choice for a character. So long as the God of your choice doesn't come from Hinduism or Abrahamic religions and isn't taken by somebody else, I will be more than happy to add it to the list! The tables will be kept in the Discord. Speaking of which...

➼ Discord: While the RP will be taking place on RPG, joining the Discord is going to be very, very important for the purposes of the RP, just because it is vastly easier for me to be able to keep all the running tallies in one place. The Discord is not 100% mandatory but it will definitely make your life a lot easier to join. And plus, I think it tends to be good fun as well!

Click on the picture of the Halycon below to join.

Discord Link above. Click the bird to join!

RP STATUS: Open for Applications!

Please leave your CS applications in the OOC first before moving them to the CS tab after approval from the GM. Thanks!

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