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<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

Then why wait? If you could have owned Existence after all this time, why bother accepting all this bloodshed?

Did you consider that, had you waited longer to visit us in this time, that I would have?
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There's no way the Artillery Pantheon belongs to you. That's impossible—they've been at war with Data's army for ages, the one that is under your thumb.

Look closer. Artillery Pantheon, Kulic Nebula, Inquisition's Delight, Resistance Injunction—
*Glances at your face*
All of them belong to me, some of which you've never heard of.
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Then... you're bluffing.

Let's hear it, Singularity. Call my bluff.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*Struggles to speak with the side of my face pressed against the wall*
How?? You aren't even from my time!

I don't have to be—I gave the order in that timeline and fully intend to repeat history. And surely you understand what other organization must also be under my thumb.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*Pushes back against the wall*
What do you know about them??

*Leisurely holds the point of my knife in contact between your shoulder blades, removing the force from your push*
I know it was very traumatic for you, to say the least.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*Lunges at you*

*Catches you in the stomach with the tip of my knife, throwing you into the wall*
It would be a shame to throw your life away after coming this far.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*Looks at the floor*

A fitting end, isn't it? They faced a worthy death for the sake of the cause.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*Turns around*
How do you know that?

Who do you think sent them?
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

Congratulations, you beat a poor, uneducated girl who grew up in the middle of a battlefield before both of her parents died. With stunning achievements like that, I can see how you got your title.

Ah, yes. Murdered by the Grasp of Six Hands?
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

That was locked.

Locks are merely suggestions. Have you discovered how pointless your efforts are yet?
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