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Plans Come Crashing Down Pt 2

Location: One Night in Hell→ Exiting
Time: Evening- Opening


Killian’s eyebrow raised at Damian’s reaction. His right hand fell to his side and pulsed Vis, reading a spell. The air charged with prepared electricity nearest his palm. He didn’t like that Damian acting out his frustration out on a patron and prepared to act should the Licenti’s aggression increased. It was out of character compared to Damian’s usual, quiet demeanor. Killian to wonder what was up. Instinctively his lips pressed tightly together. Preventing him from inquiring about Damian’s unusual behavior until they were alone and out of eavesdrop range.

He carefully sized up Damian when the Licenti dropped to the kid’s eye level. His stuttering returned as he talked with her, trying to calm her down. Killian nodded when Damian looked at him for agreement. Silently, he continued to observe the exchange between the pair but didn’t draw closer. He couldn’t tell if the girl would bolt or not again.

Mercy’s expression soured suddenly when Damian mentioned their boss. Killian’s gut stirred with anxiety about the familiar expression. It was one of anger and utter hatred, something he had seen multiples when he was a gang member. A powerful motivator.

Mercy stepped back from Damian as her voice twisted into something angry, “Your boss? Protect me? She is the reason I did it. That bitch killed my brother!”

“Damian, let’s take this elsewhere. Did you see where she came from?” Killian suggested as he pointed to an emergency exit leading outside.

He didn’t want to go out in the cold, but having a scene among the crowd wasn’t going to help anyone. Damian also looked like he could use the fresh air.
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Arc 2 Day 2
{ ONIH | About 8 pm }

Masha had moved herself closer since it seemed that Killian and Damian couldn't be trusted to handle a simple thing like taking a child out of the club. “Honestly,” she sighed, rolling her eyes some as she slipped her way easily through the people who had already started to clear back from the scene that was being made. “Why do I bother to hire anyone if I still have to do everything myself.”

She stopped about two feet back from them, so she could just barely make out what the girl had said. But the look that filled her face when she looked at her was easy to read. Pure hatred and pain. She knew that look. She’d seen it in the mirror when she was a child and she had lost her mother.

But what had Masha done to hurt this child? Who could she have possibly taken from her to make her look at her like that? The thugs that had attacked her and Nikki never once crossed her mind.

“It shouldn't take two fully grown men to deal with a child,” she said, pushing aside the confusion, and stepping closer to them. “Get her off the floor. You're making a scene.” She looked to Killian and said, “and find out what she was up to.”

{} {} {}


Rich Axford

All rational thought had left his head at this point. Frankly, all thought had left his mind aside from the confused jumble of fear and excitement. If it wasn't to do with Coriann, he didn't care.

The touch of her fingers, the low murmur of her voice, the promise of pleasure and pain. The actual pleasure and pain from every nip of her fangs, press of her lips against his, and her weight pinning him down onto the bench. He was a big, strong man, but even her slight frame held enough coiled muscle that he knew that she wouldn't be easy to dislodge from his lap. Not that he wanted to do that anyways.

Not even as she kissed him, holding his throat so it was almost difficult to breathe. He groaned lowly after a sharp hiss, large hands grabbed at her thighs his grip as uncertain as his groan. But despite his uncertainty in how he felt, it was obvious by the way he kissed back that he didn't want her to stop just yet.
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One Night in Hell Club, Bar area.

Day 2 (Arc 2): Around 9pm

Corinna was taking her sweet time. She knew that Rich wouldn't even try to escape her. Not after she injected her poison on him. Being on the very corner meant that she could do whatever she wanted as long as she didn't raise too much suspicion. Licking every single drop of blood that came out of his wounds, she continued alternating between kissing him, cutting him and licking the wounds. She could feel the mix of fear and excitement on him, she could feel his difficulty to breath under the strong grasp of her hand around his neck as she slowly sucked out vis from Rich. Feeding too fast wasn't her style. She liked to savor her meal, she liked to feel every single drop of fear, excitement... She wanted to feel everything.

The second Rich's large hands grabbed Corinna's thighs, she stopped kissing him, surprised. Now that was interesting... She could still feel his conflicted emotions on the way he touched her, the way he groaned, his eyes but still, she could also feel his desire as he kissed her back.

Pulling her face after a brief while, she looked at him, with a sinister smile on her face.
"You don't want me to stop, do you?" She asked, loosening her grasp on his neck, letting him breathe a little bit better.
"Don't worry, we are just getting started..." Corinna said, passing her hand through his chest, gently caressing it, but as soon as her hand got near his ribs, she stopped, and instead of continuing, she pressed her sharp, dagger like nails between his ribs.
"Tell me that you want me... Tell me that you need me!" She said, before plunging her fangs on his neck as she continued to press her finger in between his ribs, cutting him as she slowly continued to press him, the wound between his ribs getting deeper and deeper.

"Your taste... delicious..." she said, raising her head and looking him deep in his eyes with her mouth red from his blood.

"It's been a long time since I had such an enjoyable and satisfying meal..." she said, slowly passing her hand along his thigh caressing him before passing her fingers again through the same location, cutting him.

"What do you enjoy more, my little prey? My lips, my fangs or my nails? Let's see how much will you last..." She said, before kissing him again in a fiery and intense kiss.

Every second that passed, Rich felt himself become weaker and weaker, not only due to the blood loss, but he could feel that, just as she said, she was feeding on him. Pleasure and pain, fear and excitement... It was tough to choose between them and as her fingers continued to slowly get deeper and deeper on his abdomen, he knew it was only a matter of time until she started piercing his organs...

"Your time... Is running out, my adorable prey. I want to hear you... Do you fear for your life? Do you desire me? Would you throw away your life for me? Tell me to stop, and I will stop, but if you don't say anything, I'll assume that you want me to continue..." Corinna said, stopping cutting, stabbing, caressing and kissing him, instead, she was simply looking deep into his eyes. Eagerly awaiting for his answer.

Why was she doing all that? If she wanted to feed herself she could have did it and walked away very easily, but instead, she was taking her time, and now that she had already sucked out enough vis, she was playing with him...
So many questions, so many doubts... But there was no time to think about them... As she stopped kissing him, he would finally realize how hurt he was...

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