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Cast List

Wonderlander Roles
Wonderland Garden Owner: Katrina: @Midnight Howl
Mad Hatter: Marcus D. Hatter: @Midnight Howl
Cheshire Cat: Chess: @AngelofOctober
March Hare/White Rabbit: Ansel Wyte: @Hawlin
Dormouse: Moxie Giraldae: @Lady Selune
White Queen: Mirana Blanc: @Majoras End
Tweedle Dee: Indigo Marie Pelacour: @EchoicChamber
Tweedle Dum: Percival Rowan Pelacour: @EchoicChamber
Knave of Hearts: Roman Jacob Hawthorn@CollectorOfMyst

Male 'Alices'
Axel Dreis: @BeautyoftheDark
Ross Sänger: @AngelofOctober
Sage Reece Winter: @hagroden

Female 'Alices'
Deeandra K. Cherney: @Midnight Howl
Alison C. Liddell: @Akayaofthemoon
Morgan Rosewood: @Majoras End
Joanna Briggs: @SouffleGirl123

Dawn Evelyn Memoli @EchoicChamber

***Approved: Ready to be placed in Character Tab
Needs to be Edited or Finished before Starter can be made
Completed and pending GMs approval
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Chess - Cheshire - Cheshire Cat

“Are you lost?”

“Well yes I am, the signs are awfully confusing,”

“Hmmm, yes I do now see where you’re coming from”

“Why does that one point up?”

“Perhaps because it leads up, or maybe it leads down,”

“How does that make any sense?”

“What makes sense?”

“What you just said?”

“Did I say anything? I do wonder”

You wouldn’t be a fool to be uncertain if Chess is more cat than he is man or man than he is cat or more phantom than he is both. He unravels into existence as the ghost that he is, to guide lost travelers through the part of the forest he watches over. Whether he is a peddling meddler or an intelligent, but cunning guide he is still helpful.

As a cat he appears a monochrome creature with black stripes and white fur. You ask for his help and he only hums to himself or is it purring to himself. His stripes begin to unravel, to take the form and shape of a man with white hair, white eyebrows, with a black and white top and black pants. Who is he? But he speaks in the same cunning, dulcet tones, that are pleasant to the ear. He hovers over others, he’s rarely seen on the ground. And he’s rarely seen unless he wants to be seen.

Sparkling blue, nearly aquamarine irises glint in the light and all that is left is all, but a cunning smile when he fades.

Age: Unknown

Job: Caretaker of Wanderer's Doom

Played By: AngelofOctober

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hturt a tcaf ni ro eno tcaf ni si eil eht ton ro rehtehw wonk ot edacaf eht tsap ees nac uoy ton ro rehtehw s'tI. shturt elbidercni era sdrawkcab seil tuB. seil yranidroartxe llet ot eno osla tub ,derettalf ma I .em tuoba erom tib a wonk ot tnaw uoY.



I know no other fascinating story to tell in Wonderland. Many ask, who is the Cheshire Cat? Even those in Wonderland cannot simply fathom his existence with mere understanding. Cheshire, unlike many others, has lived in Wonderland far longer than any of them have come to Wonderland. Some say he was once a kitten born to a litter. But then, why are there no other ghostly cats wandering Wonderland? Some say he was the imprint of a child’s dream left in Wonderland. But then again, why wasn’t there any other marks of this child’s imaginations in Wonderland?

A more feasible answer I’d say is that Cheshire was born out of implausibility or some kind of figure born from the madness of others. There is plenty of that in Wonderland and even more likely is he existed before Wonderland and came across Wonderland in some way from another world. Whatever the truth may be, he has far outlived anyone in Wonderland.

What people know is that Cheshire can wander Wonderland as he pleases. Entering the castle without a key, bypassing the security gates or the guards simply by vanishing and reappearing again. He goes wherever he pleases with limited care.

Some even say that he may have been the Queen of Heart’s common housecat before she got tired of his antics considering her flippant attitude. She meant to kill him, but he simply vanished. Though Chess doesn’t wander like a man who has someone out for his blood.

He has meant many Alice’s and even thee Alice. Always guiding them through his Wanderer’s Doom, with philosophical quandary and misdirection, as it is his style. There is only one person who Chess actually spends some considerable time with and speaks “clearly” too. Even the most clear Chess speaks is often vague and that is Kat.

They met when she was but a child. And he was but a kitten, perhaps no one is for certain. Kat claims he was younger, but Chess doesn’t necessarily appear to age to many. She seemed oblivious to his ramblings, but he didn’t mind she answered in her own amusing ways. It soon turned to frequent visits in the White Castle, where he would wander in and no one knew for certain how he came in.

To adventures that took her away from the boringness of castles. They grew a kinship through their adventures and he felt something stirring in his heart. If he indeed had one. When she moved to the garden, he visited more often when there were no Alices’.

And he has a nasty habit of sending undesirables to Kat’s garden to lead them to being attacked by vines. He does find it fairly amusing.

He finds himself at a crossroad. Knowing the passing looks Kat has during their conversations. And know how he feels. He’s not afraid of destroying their relationship, he is waiting for Kat to make the move first. Even his own romance seems to be a puzzling game to him.

Other Information:

Most will mistake Chess’ actions as one of malicious, cruel, intent. Few view him as a liar and manipulator because of his cunning and tricky ways.

Those who know Chess best, know he is none of those things, a deep thinker, who likes games, an intellectual who likes to think to himself on philosophy, moral questions and ethical values. He is romantic in some sense of the word. But is often forgetful. Sometimes his own tricky nature is merely because Chess has forgotten a thing or two in the current conversation.

Chess like the rest isn’t all the way there. Has a habit of spacing out and zoning out of conversations, to fade, and bring up a completely different subject. It eventually connects to the thought he originally had, but it’s not always so straightforward than that.

He is rarely ever seen walking. As a cat, he’s always levitating or sitting atop tree branches, and as a man he is seen with buckled slippers, black breeches, and a black and white top that looks quite a lot like his fur he also somewhat levitates off the ground, often seeming to sit on nothing with his legs crossed.

He is often seen wearing a sly smile even in his human form.

Chess method of speaking is by unraveling himself or evaporating ghost like, appearing as a cat, then as a man, then as a cat again. It gets quite confusing to watch him switch between forms while he’s speaking with you.

How to tell if you're on good terms with Chess is a little difficult, he won't compliment you, won't say nice things [not that he says rude things either], but it is all determined on how much He Teases you. If he likes to include you in his games, its a likely chance you're on fairly good terms with Chess. If he doesn't include you in his Games and his Games seem deliberately Harsh its most likely you have gotten on his bad side somehow.

He has a standard London Accent. That is often spoken in a slow cadence, that holds on a little longer on certain words he is emphasizing.
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Ross Sänger

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Wonderland Job: NA

Previous Occupation: Veterinarian

You could have mistaken him for the original Alice, if not for him being a him, and not a she. He seemed to choose sophisticated clothing, simple button down shirts, with ties, without much of his own personality in them. His suits are often well ironed and he doesn’t seem to have a crease or wrinkle when he wears them. If anything, he could be jokingly called Wonderland’s prince.

Handsome, with narrow features a sharp oval face, with sharp blue eyes. Blond hair that curtains over his forehead, showing off his pale, snow white complexion. Like he is a beautifully made porcelain doll. A sharp angular nose, and thin lips that were thicker at the bottom though not by much. He may have been more handsome if he didn’t have such melancholy in his eyes.

He speaks with a rather thick Germanic accent, but it is not overbearing, or too loud. It’s actually soft, clear, and even toned. He spoke articulate and well educated, despite his pronunciation of words sounding off at times. He stands at 5’7” and weighs around 117 pounds.

Personality Strengths:

On one hand Ross is a very generous and charitable person, he is deeply honest and seeks to do the best that he can do for others. He seems like a countlessly selfless person who seeks not to harm others. Though he is also deeply religious as well, despite his current turn in the world. He’s not so religious he will throw the gospel at you, but he does believe in God and doing God’s work.

He rejects the extreme ideals of Catholicism though, such as holding picketing signs and telling people they will rot in hell. It is not really his style and doesn’t believe people who kill, hurt others, or manipulate others is a true follower of their faith. He sees those behaviors as ugly, negative behaviors that go against the will of God no matter the religion.

He is an animal lover, considering his previous occupation. He believed by healing animals he was doing the work all Human’s should do. Like all the faithful, he has his own interpretation of their symbolism and meanings. He believes that shepherds and tenders of the land is one to respect mother nature, don’t liter, don’t harm animals, don’t harm the environment. He believe Nature works in compromise to God’s plan not opposed to it.

Though it’s not all about God’s plan or work with Ross. He is an empathetic soul, who listens to the words of others and takes on the burdens of their pains. He is a quiet individual, that lends useful advice, and even comfort to those suffering.
Perhaps because he can somehow relate to their feelings. He can be a sensitive individual, tends to wear how he feels on his sleeves. Though he is educated and smart, he can be charming, and witty as well. Though not in any malicious way. He values others and the things they have to say.

Personality Flaws:

Currently Ross is struggling in a sea of confusion. He understands what he has done is a sin against his God, but hopes in some way he could be forgive. Worse for him is the struggling with his own fate, between being a good individual who believes he deliberately failed God’s plan, while another side of him bad mouths and blames his God for not giving him a sign or an answer to help him when he needed it the most.

He put his faith into God, and would think God would have blessed him for all of his good will and not have remained so sullen and silent in his time of need. Another part of him knows it was temptations from the darkness that he allowed to tempt him into believing his own early death, to reject God’s plan for him was entirely his fault.

There is a conflict between his thoughts and his own religion, which he is slowly losing a grip of. Which tears himself inside because his faith was what kept him going for so long. But now it’s the reason why he gave up with silence.

While Ross is caring and giving soul, he is a deeply sensitive and emotional person. He doesn’t display emotional outburst, but bottles all of it inside of him. He has little confidence to start conflict with others, and he has little confidence in expressing how he feels. Maybe because of how his father raised him in the past. How his mind when he was a child adopted some kind of vague concept of manhood. He finds it difficult, ironically to reach out to others when he needs help, but knows to reach out to others when they need help.

He probably had suffered from depression for a long time in his life, which gave wake to his emotional apathy and deadness inside. He comes off offstandish to new people and doesn’t let them into his walls easily. He’s so eager to help them, he uses his aid of others as an emotional wall to keep others away from him.

He doesn’t love easily any more. He doesn’t open his heart so easily any more. He doesn’t pour his heart and soul out as easily any more. And he is afraid he has no purpose, he is afraid now that he has rejected God’s path. He is also unsure of where to go.

Furthermore, he doesn’t understand what kind of test Wonderland provides him. Lost and hurt, guarded, and unready to open his heart Ross is deeply conflicted internally.


Rejection 1: Family

Rejection 2: Love

Rejection 3: Employment

Rejection 4


“We have a twenty-nine year old white male en route,”

“Copy that,”

“Ross, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me,”

“Good, you’re on the way to the hospital, okay,”

“Ross, you have to be strong, stay with us, okay, you’re going to be fine,”

Why didn’t it work? Sirens. Wailing. Equipment jangling. Frantic voices. Calling his name. Calling him. Was this God’s plan too? He held a stranger’s hand. Sirens. Wailing. Birds chirping. Nails digging into sheets. Nail digging into soil. The smell of medical equipment. The smell of grass. A last little white light in his eyes. Turns to sun. Looking at blue sky with clouds. This was not Hell. Not anything like it was pictured. All of these colors in this world, a land to wander perhaps, but maybe he would lie here in wonderment. How did he get here? Why was he here? Where was he?

Other Information:

He likes peppermint tea when he is upset, and likes earl grey tea for breakfast instead of coffee

He doesn't drink alcohol

He is a vegetarian
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