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Appearance: (A picture or a description of what your char looks like.)
Age:(How old is your char?)
Name: (Your char’s name. Pretty straightforward.)
Nickname/Alias: (Anything your char is called that isn’t their real name.)
Gender: (Your char’s gender. Again, pretty straightforward.)
Personality: (What kind of person is you char?)
Biography: (How was their life leading up to this point?)
Skills: (What you char is good at.)
Equipment: (What your char carries on their person.)
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Age: 21
Name: Roxy Black
Nickname/Alias: Black Widow
Gender: female
Personality: Roxy comes across tough and sarcastic. She keeps a wall between herself and others. She doesn't trust easily but if someone earns her trust she is loyal to them. She isn't very forgiving or understanding. If you screw up or piss her off it will be along time before she is willing to let it go. She is brutally honest. She doesn't care if you like her or not. She is very stubborn. Once she decides something it is hard to get her to change her mind.
Biography: Roxy was raised by her father. Her mother was never part of her life. Her father hated her. Roxy never knew why. She never bothered asking. Her father was very abusive of her because he wanted a son but was never able to have one. He tried her to be an assassin. She excelled despite her father's abuse. She wanted to prove to him that she was just as good, if not better than the son he wanted. She tried as hard, sometimes harder, than his men just so she could prove him wrong about her.
Skills: knife throwing
Equipment: throwing knives
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Name: Isago Obonye

Nickname/Alias: Baboon

Gender: Male

Personality: Isago comes off as being kind-hearted, calm, and jolly. Usually he will not look at things negatively but can also have a serious side when it comes to work, enemies, or things being done wrong to his friends. He has sympathy towards anyone who are a slave and who are mistreated as one. He can be cunning and a liar to get out of situations.

Biography: Isago was formerly born into slavery to father he never met since he was sold off and a sickly mother who died when he was 5. As a child, he worked in his cruel master's home until one night the town he lived in was attacked by bandits (Who often traveled on land but at times by sea as well) that took him in and trained him to be like them. Throughout his teens up to now, Isago have learned that if there's something you want in life, you take it. That's the only way of survival.

Skills: Quite good at lying/persuasion to get out of sticky situations, he's an expert swordsman and hand to hand fighter. He's very skilled in free running (Pretty much parkour). And he's quite strong

1 sword
1 dagger
2 pouches of powder that induces sleep when mixed with liquids and consumed.
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Age: 15

Name: Kai Seymour

Nickname/Alias: Sea Urchin

Gender: Male

Personality: Kai is a rather expressive individual. He usually makes his feelings, as well his as thoughts and opinions quite clear to those around him, even when they hardly make him sound smart. He is bold, impulsive, and headstrong, and will do what it takes to survive when the situation demands it. Kai misses his old crew and his life out at sea, and often thinks of those times. This is apparent as he frequently goes back to the waterfront at night to sit by the harbor while gazing out into the waters.

Biography: Kai was raised and trained out at sea by his pirate father and his crew. During his childhood, he witnessed countless successful plunders by the pirates. Seeing the men whom he practically considered family live their lives by taking what they wanted by force, the then young and impressionable Kai readily took after their ways, and he was contented with his life as far as he knew. However, everything changed one day when they chose the wrong target to rob - an enemy vessel with a crew they could not overpower. This failure resulted in the death of Kai's father and his men, leaving the terrified teenager hiding as a stowaway on the enemy ship. He eventually made his escape when the ship arrived at the waterfront of Luthias City. Since then, Kai had been surviving by the only way he knew how to - by taking what he needed, whenever he needed it, and by any means necessary.

Skills: Swordsmanship and firearm handling. (I'll include ship steering and sea navigation, though those are probably not going to matter in this RP.)

Equipment: Cutlass, flintlock pistol.
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Appearance: Shi is one of the unlucky few struck with dwarfism, and in his adulthood has been at most 4'8". However, almost as a sort of compensation, he is pudgy and very wide, often giving him the appearance of a ball. He is often found dressed either in the yellow robes of an imperial governor when dealing with other thieves, or the brown clothing of the peasantry when not working.
Age: 35
Name: Liu Shi
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Gender: Male

Personality: Shi is polite, first and foremost. He sees the use of imperfect titling as a personal sin. He is a man of lies upon lies, often even fibbing about non-important information just to practice for when it really counts. He expects the same out of all the thieves he meets, and insists on proof whenever possible, even for seemingly trivial matters.
Biography: There was a time, in a far off land, when Shi was a real stand-up guy. He stayed long hours in school and the library, poring over books of politics, dreaming of a glamorous career in the imperial court. His wish was granted when his hard work paid off, him just nudging out the bottom scorers in the merit test. However, he, coming from a less-than-wealthy family, didn't have many resources to study and didn't do so well that he could land the capital duties of his dreams. Instead, he was sent to the far corners, often having to govern barbarians or raiders. This is what led to him taking the bribe that fell him. He thought one might not hurt, but the emperor has spies everywhere, and Shi was immediately booted out of his place and exiled. Now, he hopes Luthias is far enough away from the emperor's steely gaze and the disappointment he would face from his family should he ever return.

Skills: Administration, philosophical debating, speeches, appraisal
Equipment: Money. Loads of it.
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Name: Annie Ford
Nickname/Alias: 'onest Annie (accent optional)
Gender: Female

Personality: Caring to those she sees as hard done by but can hold her ground against some of the meanest looking thugs when she needs to.
Biography: TLDR; She was married off to a rich lord who then killed her family, she took her opportunity when their carriage was attacked by bandits and made off with the finery and one of the bandits - selling the goods and buying a tavern in Luthias. For the past twenty years she has been carting ale for sale around the city, listening to gossip and picking pockets as she went.

Skills: Reading people, sifting gossip for important information, pickpocketing and her stout frame won't make her the deadliest fighter by a long shot but she isn't to be discounted.
Equipment: The dagger she used for her first kill has never left her side since.
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Appearance: 5'0, dark hair that is cut unevenly around her ears and has longer layers on top that stick out. Deep brown eyes and a pale complexion, with a small almost pointed nose. Skinny but has tight little muscles on her legs and arms. Sometimes wears charcoal around her eyes to look menacing. Normally wears dark clothes and a thin black cloak.
Name: Krista Mueller
Nickname/Alias: Ratte
Gender: Female

Personality: Ratte is carefree in the deadly sense. She holds her true feelings back well behind a mask of sarcasm, flirting and general boisterous and rowdy behaviour. She is a pessimist, but can be very caring on the inside and looks after those she considers worthy of her care with a fierce loyalty, though those people are few and far between. She is determined and stubborn - if she wants something, she's going to try to get it, even if that means betraying someone.
Biography: Ratte grew up with her sister in a quiet little family that couldn't afford much. Ratte was never the favourite child - she was brutish and stubborn and often came home with bruises or something stolen, often egged on by her sister though nobody ever saw that part. Her parents were at the end of their patience with her, when her little sister became sick. Ratte took on the role of providing the medicine for her under the guise of having found a job. In reality, she was stealing and when her parents and sister found out, they banned her from the house. Ratte lived on the streets for a long time after that, still sneaking medicine into the house when she could, but learning skills to live on her own and survive in this bitter world of ungrateful beings. She eventually hitched a ride out of town to escape from a group that she had pissed off with her nature and stealing from them and never came back. She was never able to settle, moving from town to town, eventually landing in Luthias - somewhere she was hoping to make a name for herself before she moved on. A name everyone either hates or fears, of course.

Skills: Pick-pocketing, lying, lock-picking, knife-throwing, drinking shots.
Equipment: A knife on her belt, a lock-picking set in a small bag on her shoulder, deck of cards.
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Age: 22

Name: Stella Zucherro

Nickname/Alias: Skell

Gender: Female, Straight

Personality: Partly quiet and shy, can be quite wry sometimes. Finds a lot of things funny and has a nice sense of humor.

Skell was born Stella Zucherro, her parents abandoned her with a hardcore, in the shadows gang. She grew up surrounded with tattoos, cigarettes and a variety of drugs. However, her new found family took great care of her and made sure that she received a childhood that was both healthy and happy. When she was 17 her family decided to give her a tattoo of a skull on her face as well as several more on her arms. Skell had been left by her parents in a box painted with skulls and that tattoo proved her willingness to survive. She has a bit of money but doesn't want to accept the money that the gang gets from their dealings and instead wants to earn her own. Which leads to where she is now, stealing items and selling them in numerous back alleys and markets across the country.

Being silent. She can creep around anywhere without anyone hearing her. She can also change her personality very quickly, to lure in "prey" though she remains true to herself.

Usually just carries a few daggers with her as well as a couple of sleeping dart guns.
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Age: 20

Name: Ahsoka Whittaker

Nickname/Alias: Swindle

Gender: Female

Ahsoka is fairly playful and witty when it comes to others. Her messy hair is reflective of her personality, unqiue, unstable, spontaneous, flawed, yet oddly charming. Although resourceful she is sometimes blinded by her ambition and has fallen into traps before only to escape thanks to her quick thinking. Her nature makes doesn't make Ahsoka seem very intimidating but as any survivor would she does whatever it takes to get ahead.

Ahsoka was born into servitude for a wealthy noble family. Ever since she was little she was told she was no one of value and was kept locked in a basement unless she had work to do. More than once she had nearly starved chained to the wall of that basement and was severely beaten for stealing food. All her life Ahsoka believed her family had sold her into slavery and abandoned her. One day when she was about thirteen Ahsoka learned that she was actually the illegitimate child of the father of the noble family. Deciding she was going to take back what was her birthright that evening she escaped her shackles and stole many of the family's valuable possessions. Before anyone in the house woke up she disappeared into the night never to be seen by them again. She isn't particularly skilled in combat although she has pretty decent aim with her mini crossbow her real assets lie in her specialty skills and strategical thinking. Ever since her escape seven years ago Ahsoka has delved into the criminal underground scraping by on her determination to make something of her life.

Lock picking, survival, quick thinking, escaping, scamming people, developing schemes

Small gadgets, mini crossbow, small dagger, fake playing cards, throwing darts
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Age: 23

Name: Tristan Flegs

Nickname/Alias: Shadowbeast

Gender: Male

Personality: Quiet, he only talks when needed, Tristan is Selfish unless you gain his respect, Tristan always looks forward he will do anything without a hint of fear, using his skills he can climb the tallest towers in a matter of seconds and he can take down 3 guards alone this personality made him the thief he is today.


capable of acrobatic feats and trained in the arts of pickpocket, stealth combat and knife throwing

2 long knives, 10 throwing knives and some lock picking tools
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Age: 20

Name: Reeve Thybaut

Nickname/Alias: The Crow

Gender: Male

Personality: Despite Reeve being a former noble, he has just as many street smarts as a criminal who's grown up in the slums. He is typically cold, calculating, and has a complete disregard for the lives of anyone he doesn't care about, which means he hasn't met a single person whose death he's been sad about. After his fortune was torn away from him, Reeve wanted revenge against those who ruined him more than anything else. This sometimes lead to illogical behavior, such as rushing into action, killing someone who harbored useful information, etc.

Biography: Up until Reeve's 11th birthday, he lived a carefree, happy life. Entertainment whenever he wanted it, presents almost constantly, not to mention he could whatever, whenever. However, on that fateful day, the bank came to Reeve and his family. Their money was gone, and they were seeking repossession of the family manor. Despite his parent's protests, they were kicked to the streets. They didn't have any life skills, because they thought they didn't need any. That winter, his entire family was killed by hypothermia. It was that day that Reeve's heart hardened, like ice. At least he learned something. "The more crutches you have, the more it hurts when they're kicked out from under you."

Skills: He has a cold deposition when it comes to what has to be done, and will perform any action without hesitation. This can be a blessing or a curse. He is also very manipulative, and strikes fear into most. Since he was a noble once, he knows how people act, how they think. Most of all, he knows their weaknesses. He also has a photographic memory and is very manipulative. He has an extensive knowledge of chemicals.

Equipment: Dagger, Chemical components, Shortsword, Bag.
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Age: 22
Name: Nadya Pavel
Nickname/Alias: Gypsy
Gender: Female

Personality: To those that are the closet to her - they know her sweet smile to strangers is only a façade. She is very cunning when it comes to getting what she wants. Nadya easily knows how to play on the heartstrings of her prey, or knows how to keep then preoccupied. For those she is closest to - she likes to make sure everyone gets their share, if earned, and is very independent. Wont rely on you for much except company.

Biography: Nadya grew up with her mother in a nomadic traveling group - that she banded with for years. This is how she became affiliated with the Gypsy lifestyle. Constantly having to beg for food, money, and struggling to make trades with people in towns - but as she got older she found better ways to get these needs. Entertaining the masses for money with her lute/tarot cards/fortune telling/dancing became a quick way for money.
Or, there was stealing.... Her mother didn't teach her the stealing aspect, it just came naturally as she was beginning to starve more and more - hunger and materialistic wise. Even though the nomadic tribe traveled with goats, and constantly revisited the same spots for rest, and foraging. It all wasn't enough for her. She wanted more money, food, to relax instead of constantly travel to these empty promise filled homes.
Nadya eventually disbanded from her mother at the age of 15, following a man who promised her a life of leisure, but eventually abused her and she ran from him shortly after. Nadya then found herself where she is today, home - amongst whom she now considers family.

+Playing the Lute
+Faux fortune telling
+Advanced pickpocketing
+The power of persuasion when it comes to men
+Very light and nimble on her feet thanks to dancing
+Creaing diversions

> A small knife tapped to each side of her thighs
>A deck of tarot cards
>Her Lute
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@KatherinWinter sorry for the wait I just need to make a new character if it is more modern
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Name: Eryx
Alias: None, though some have called him Snow on account of his oddly white hair.
Age: 23


Personality: Eryx is quiet and calculated, his eyes are almost never still. He has claimed that the world moves slow to him, and he doesn't like it. This makes him irritable at times, but he's always reliable when he's assigned a task.

Bio: Eryx was arrested at a young age for violent outbursts, he is cold and uncaring yet completely honest. He has never spoken a lie to protect himself. He was always a fast thinker, using this to get into and win fights, stealing, and calculating how to get away with theft. After stealing from the wrong people there was an unfortunate event where in an act of revenge, he took the fight to an enemies family to teach a lesson.

Eryx has been off grid for half a decade, and what has returned in a much more quiet man. He doesn't seem as prone to violence, only acting in self defense. Nobody has matched his defensive capability, most would be too tired to keep fighting by the time he strikes back. People who remember him can speak for how viscious he was, and that his hands aren't to be underestimated.

-Basic Lockpicking
-Advanced hand to hand capabilities.
-Agility and flexibility, effective but crude.

Equipment: A pair of sturdy gloves, steel plates are on the both sides of the palms, as well as the backs of the fingers.
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