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1 P M / / S E I R E I T E I

The Seireitei was usually quiet at this hour, but given the circumstances, hustle and bustle was everywhere. Hundreds of squad members running around in packs trying to make it to their barracks on time for the scheduled squad meetings. Shinigami from all of the different squads were hustling around and there was little time left before the meeting started, and people definitely didn't want to be late. Luckily, those from Squad 7 had avoided the traffic, although the noise of the shouting and running from outside was so loud that it could be heard even from those inside the barracks.

A captains meeting had taken place earlier about a distinct issue that seemed to have taken the Seireitei by storm and the rumours had been spreading of a Senkaimon serial killer. The Captains had most certainly taken notes of the few missing shinigami that had been disppearing, but most of the assumptions were written off as killed in the field of duty. Something was definitely brewing and many seated officers were starting to be concerned about the health and safety of their squad members from a potentially dangerous threat that was starting to be seen as more than just mere rumours.

1.30 P M / / S Q U A D 7 B A R R A C K S

The air in the barracks was somewhat cold and crisp, yet the stifling atmosphere of the room and the large amount of Shinigami present seemed to heat everybody up, as the captain took the stage and people stopped talking in order to hear the words of their captain though there was still a whisper travelling around the room as their captain prepared himself to speak. For the squad newcomers, this would be the first taste of their captain.

"Welcome, everybody. We've got a few things to cover, so please be patient." spoke the Captain as he took a slight pause in his speech.

"Alright, firstly I'd like to welcome the newcomers. We've got a number of recruits from the academy, and I'd like you to show them the ropes." he spoke as he took a small breath. It was obvious what was going to come next wasn't exactly positive.

"Secondly, we've got a much more sinister issue to cover. As you may or may not have heard, this "Senkaimon Slasher" rumour has been travelling far and wide, and it seems to have some basis. As nothing official has come from central 46 yet, and the head captain doesn't really have anything to say about it, the only thing I can do is ask you all to stay vigilant and be very careful if you have any business through there." he spoke as he looked visibly upset by it. Rumour among the squad was that he'd lost a good friend in this instance and that he had been campaigning hard among the captains for an investigation into it, but hadn't got anywhere. He took a deep sigh.

"Your tasks today are pinned in your rooms. Meeting dismissed." and like that, the tension was gone as he walked off to mind his own business. The talking started up again, and the noise was once more present. And it had one predominant theme: The Senkaimon Slasher. The rookies must have found their lucky day, as many of those who had thought about giving them a rough welcome were now occupied with another issue.
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Bakuto Hokori

"Dull...this is really dull introductory meetings are a real bore..." these thoughts are that of Bakuto Hokori who is sitting at the meeting trying not to fall asleep in front of the captain. He only heard bits and pieces of what was truly said by the squad seven captain. Things Bakuto did pick up on were of this "Senkaimon Slasher" Bakuto tried not to laugh as he was amused by this title someone got. Was someone really slashing people up? Or was it someone slashing up the Senkaimon? The latter was what Bakuto was imagining even if it was impractical it was an amusing thought to him.

Bakuto, a young looking male soul reaper. He was somewhere looking around his early twenties, black spiky hair, with a tattoo on his left side of his face and appearing a bit under his shihakusho on the left side of his chest. His zanpakuto resting across his lower back within its sheath in its unreleased state.

Not that Bakuto cared much about this 'Slasher' unless it turned out to be a hollow then he just couldnt get himself to care. The moment he heard that their duties have been posted and they were dismissed Bakuto sprang out of his seat. "Last one there can eat my dust!" Bakuto yelled with a smile on his face before taking off at full speed. Bakuto used Shunpo or Flash step to turn and leap across the room at great speeds.

"Please let my job be killing some hollow, please let me kill some hollows. Oh I can only hope! Maybe I have been finally approved to go to Hucho Mundo to go on a mass slaughter. Oh that we be amazing!" Bakuto literally talking to himself as he runs back to his room.

Getting to the room as fast as he can not caring if he was the first or last one there he wanted to see what his job was and he was very much looking forward to see what the captain have given him to do. Bakuto was like a child before the holidays waiting to open his present. The glee on his face as he ready to find out what his mission or job is.
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Araragi Mia

What a strange day to join Seireitei, what a strange day indeed. News of a serial killer seemed to increase the tensions in the room, and Mia herself found the thought to be rather amusing. A serial killer is a perfect way to test her tactical mind, a fine opponent indeed. She'd read that serial killers tend to hold themselves to prideful standards, using their wit to get around being caught. One could almost call them highly intelligent to the point that they have abolished their moral compass in pursuit of their goals. Not that she admired those murderers, she simply found them fascinating. A type of people that chose to abolish anything human in pursuit of greater good or greater evil. Just like those men she'd read about in stories.

Well, that was their first meeting. Short and concise, without anything of note for the privates to work with. Dull. No need for her to prove her mental superiority then. A sigh came from her lips before raising up on her feet, walking out of the place with her prideful, dignified steps. She walked much like a noble woman carrying food to husband and friends of his, a trait of old. A trait much different to the young man rushing out, something she imagined being a man that really had to take a dump. What a fool.

Once out of the barracks, she took a deep whif of the air before moving towards her quarters. She had no rush, no need to waste energy, simply walking as calm as a rosebed back.
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Juliet paused for a moment after the captain's dismissal, wondering if going about daily concerns in a possible moment of crises was a good idea. AFter all, there had definitely been disappearances, and it was entirely possible that a hollow or crazed shinigami was involved. Besides, if nothing else, further investigation would help to call down everyone's nerves and improve their job performances. On the other hand, if there was truly a murdering going around, the swifter he was caught, the better. She continued on this line of inquiry for a few more minutes before coming to the conclusion that there was no reason to appoint at least a small group of shinigami to look into the matter. By then, however, it was too late for her to speak with her captain about her worries. She could always go looking for him, true, but disobeying a higher up could throw things into chaos in its own way.

With a sigh, she put her hands behind her back and returned to her barracks. Which she got there, the assignment was waiting for her just as the captain had promised. Hers, was sentry duty, nearby the area of the last disappearance. "Hmmm." Juliet mumbled, rubbing her chin. Perhaps her captain was more concerned with the situation than he led on? Of course, the captain commander could've outright dismissed his request to probe the situation, but that didn't mean he wasn't allowed to assign his own squad to keep guard over the area.
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It took awhile for Wallace to actually get to the barracks today. The jobs they had been assigning him were rather boring, and placid as of late. He still really wasn't sure why they had placed him on Squad 7 even all these years later. He was much more oriented towards combat than he was towards anything else. Maybe it was just his past catching up with him, and he wanted more action but as of late he felt like he was being wasted. He wasn't a legend, or even a natural talent like some of the legends from the past. But if he was one thing he was strong, and willing to do what he had to do. You'd think they'd have better assignments for a guy like him. With his two Zanpakuto hanging from his belt he had entered the barracks just in time to see what was going on. He listened to the Captain talk as he usually did, and today seemed like they were to focus on the killer running around. At least it was something he supposed but likely the stealth squad was also lookin' for this guy. He wouldn't last long if that was actually the case. Still he needed something to do. As he brushed by his squadmates he looked at the board and sighed. There were few other assignments. "Alright anyone got any leads? We need to find this slasher guy but I've got little idea of where to begin. He'd be an idiot to show up where he was already. So maybe we should ask the other squads if they got any information on the matter? If we all work together we can have this case solved, and get back to being lazy. Also newbies you got to work hard too no slackin' till the jobs done." grumbled Wallace as he scratched the back of his scruffy head.
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Yamimaru Okasawa / / Shiroi Umō (White Feather)

For a few days now people had be whispering around weird disappearances in the Senkaimon but no one had properly addressed the matter. On that they the Captain had assembled a meeting with all ranks to inform everyone about the subject.

From what the Captain had said it seemed that the disappearances where actually murders but there was still no information about the assassin, he could be an Hollow, which was the most likely option but it could also be someone else, even a shinigami. After the instructions given a few shinigami rushed towards their rooms where each of them would receive specific task for that day. While walking back to his room Yami was hoping that we would be able to work alone because, firstly he liked it better that way, not that he did not like to work with other people, but while working alone Yami did not need to be concerned about his teammate's safety, and secondly while working alone he could call his shikai in full power. He knew well that his Zanpakutou hated when it was called in his incomplete form and Yami cared about his Zanpakutou thoughts.

When he arrived to his room the task was already there, so Yami took a seat on his bed and started reading through it.
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Sayuri yawns as she leans against the wall in one of the back corner of the room as the rest of her squad gathered for the meeting they were going to have shortly. She's had night Patrols for the past week and a half, not that she minded. She actually enjoyed the peace and quiet it provided. The only problem were days like today where she wouldn't be able to sleep. Luckily she had the day off today and that night so she could sleep later. She stifles another yawn as the Captain walks up on the stage as the meeting finally started. Annoyingly the meeting was super short and had nothing important in it. Just a warning to be careful of the "Senkaimon Slasher" as the rumors put it. She put little stock in the fact that they were just a murderer. There was some other purpose or something else going on, 'Hmm... Maybe I can pick the captains brain on what's going on.'

Sayuri made her way after the Captain slipping threw the crowd easily, "Hey Captain. I know you're probably busy but I was wondering if I could pick your brain for a bit. I wanted to compare opinions on the quote on quote Senkaimon Slasher."
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Location: Squad 7 barracks
Mentions: Squad 7's Captain
Interactions: Juliet Chosha @jynmi88

The entire squad was once again gathered outside as they awaited their Captain and the string of announcements he had to make this morning. Gatherings of this size were a common occurrence, and from a single sweeping glance, Baili could tell the majority of them weren't exactly tuning in. Most of those who were listening attentively were the newbies, bright eyes locked on the lone figure on the stage, backs straight as though their respectful posture would earn them notice and some points. She can't help recalling when she was in that exact same position scant decades back. Inwardly, she hoped that she would be one of the few assigned to show these newcomers the proverbial ropes.

Near the back of the group, she stood with hands folded, a small frown on her face as the "Senkaimon Slasher" was mentioned. This issue had been going around Seireitei recently. Stories of how a few Shinigami had gone missing for days before anyone even questioned their mysterious disappearance circulated amongst the ranks. Truth be told, it was a little frightening to know someone out there was capable of spiriting Shinigami away and leave no trail behind, but Baili was confident in her superiors. They will get this 'Slasher' soon. So she didn't dwell on it much, walking away as soon as they were dismissed and head straight to the duty board. She had to get there first lest she ends up needing to push and shove her way to the front. Curse those tall people.

A quick glance down the sheets told her that she was put on sentry duty, together with Juliet Chosha. Since the area was near where the last individual disappeared, it was decided each patrol will go in pairs in order to deter more disappearances. Or at least, ensure some form of alarm can be risen before anything disastrous befalls the patrol. A sliver of uneasiness wormed its way into her heart, only to be squashed and kicked away. She is a member of the Gotei 13 and she will do her duty to her utmost ability.

Nodding her head firmly, Baili turns away from the board and sets off to find Juliet. She knows who the other woman is, for after every showing of her failed kido during training sessions, her squadmates will never fail to jokingly point her in the direction of the red-eyed female and suggest she ask her for help. Baili never did, partly because she knows she is destined to never master anything beyond Bakudo #1: Sai and partly because her Zanpukuto Spirit constantly reminds her to focus on improving her strengths before working on her weakness. After all, he reasoned, who the hell needs kido when we can bury them under a tidal wave of sand! At times like this, Baili wisely remains silent and doesn't draw attention to the fact that it will be years yet before she can reach that stage.

"Juliet Chosha?" She called, craning her head as she glances about, stopping a few squadmates to ask if they've seen her. Clicking her tongue herself after getting a few negative replies, she murmured. "Urgh...what's the point in being proficient at Reiatsu Chikaku if I'm not familiar with the other's reiatsu?"
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Seated Office | Shinigami | Hot-Head

TIME: Present Day – Afternoon | LOCATION: Gotei 13 - Naoko's Quarters | INTERACTION:@Pirouette

It was another boring ass day in the life of a Shinigami, Kizu had been laying down outside starring at the sun while he picked his nose with an idle finger. Sparrows fluttered across the sky as an omen of good will and faith for Kizu. That or it was just the doing of his Zanpakuto and he wasn’t just aware of it yet, Kizu was still one of the only seated officers who had yet to know the same of his sword nor the abilities locked behind them. Either way nothing really worried the explosive Shinigami prospect, although what did rile him this time was the fact he was forced to go to another mandatory meeting. These things were droll and heavy in the boring department, most of the time when his captain spoke he was either asleep or zooning out half the time. These rumors going around about a murderer were boring, Kizu didn’t see them happening so they didn’t exist to him. If they would just let him go off on his own he was rather zealously confident he could take down who ever this poser was.

Seeing the time run closer to 1:30 drained the will from his body, but nevertheless, he actually got up to attend this ridiculous meeting. Kizu passed by Naoko’s room to see if she was there, but alas she was always early to everything. Punching the wall on his way pass her room he let out a small sigh before finally arriving to the meeting. His captain spoke and spoke and spoke, until he finally got to the main attraction. “Senkaimon Slasher”? What a stupid name. That wasn’t even cool enough to be scared of or to put in the presses. With his ambitions crushed and tattered Kizu exited the meeting up in arms. Kizu returned to his room seeing his mission before crumpling it up and throwing it behind him. Maybe Naoko had something more interesting to do, or at least have something to say about the slasher. Kizu made his way over and pounded on the door making his less than desirable presence known.
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