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Davarius took a moment to listen to what Adrien had to say about being special and Dav couldn't help but to smirk some from his response. I appreciate it... Taking it as a compliment that he was just as special as the cyborg. But you look cooler though. He added.

The comment about his powers being similar to that of the green lanterns and then thankfully giving a light fist bump, Dav thought for a moment. He read a little bit of comics so he knew some of what Adrien spoke of. I was thinking more like Psylocke from x-men but I guess you can saw my power is like a green lantern but it's not based out of a ring and the emotion spectrum. But I can do a little somethin' somethin' with it.

Dav was a little taken aback by the blood sample comment but besides that, this kid must be a fan of super heroes and anime by how he was referencing them. Was a little amusing but Dav gave a nod. Those can still be very useful. I haven't tried constructing blasters yet but I can make a bow and energy arrows. Maybe I'll try a machine gun later. Responding to the blasters explanation. I don't know about the blood part yet.

When he launched the grappling hook to the tree and explained this will be more about his flying than sparring, Dav figured, what the hell? Might as well get more versatile. I'm down with that. And don't worry...I can protect myself. He said as at that moment, Adrien launched into the trees.

Dav had to think of what he could use to fly. Wings? Yeah...but...he didn't know if that would just be a big target. He could make a jet? Nah...felt it would be too big. So...thinking about the pop culture and comic references. He had to think of a hero that could fly. Or used something to help them fly. Dav smirked to himself. He remembered seeing something before on a comic book cover. He thought about the object he wanted to conjure up and as he thought about it, the glowing energy formed again but this time, near his feet as shaped shifted it into what looked to be a surfboard. Couldn't help but think about silver surfer.

The trick was keeping focus on the shape and moving the board the best he could. As he stepped on the small platform, he used his mind to form an energy band over his feet to strap him to the board he created and with focus, started to levitate the object before launching himself towards the direction Adrien was going while trying to balance himself. He didn't want to go too slow but being that this is his first try flying like this, he didn't want to go too fast either.

Alright Dav...you got this...and you never been this high up on your own power...okay...where's Adrien? He said to himself looking around to get this fun started.

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Upon her prompt return to her bedroom the night before, Monalisa Brooks hurriedly grabbed her notebook and settled back into her original spot facing the window. For a few more hours, the young woman scribbled away in her journal, her eyes shifting to the spot in the courtyard every so often, waiting—and maybe even hoping—for another chance appearance of the headmaster and the mysterious masked man... or woman. This didn't happen, of course, which left Mona to form her own unlikely theories of what went down earlier that night. Of course, she wouldn't let anyone else hear about said theories; she'd agreed with the other students when it was mentioned that they should keep what they witnessed to themselves. Mona didn't want to start up any unnecessary gossip; besides, it wasn't like she had too many friends to share this information with in the first place. Mona didn't doze off until the blaring music from the party had finally ceased and the crowd of students had stumbled back to their own rooms.

She woke up just a few hours later to the sound of her alarm and, a few seconds later, her roommate groaning and muttering something about needing more sleep. See, Mona had always been more of a night owl rather than a morning person, which was something that she and her roommate surely had in common; it took her about twenty minutes to finally drag herself out of bed and to her closet, where she managed to grab a fresh outfit and head to the bathroom for a shower. It wasn't until after the scorching hot water began to run down her face that she remembered what had happened the night before; it was after she finished pinning her hair back and getting dressed that she decided to shrug it all off and try to forget it even happened. After all, she did have more important things to focus on, doing well in her classes being a main priority. "You have class in 20," Mona said to her roommate as she gathered her things and headed to the door, "You can't be late again." The other girl simply waved her hand and pulled the covers back over her head, muttering another string of barely audible words as Mona pulled the door shut.

When it came time for power training in Roxgeo Forest Mona found herself running a bit late, but she wasn't too worried about that fact. See, power training reminded Mona of gym class, a course that she hadn't been too fond of since an incident in elementary school. Although training in the academy wasn't the same as having to endure countless, brutal games of dodge ball and flag football, she still couldn't help but find herself slightly anxious at the idea of having to use her abilities in the forest. After all, her power wasn't exactly useful in combat. Nevertheless, Mona slowly made her way down to Roxgeo, her hands tucked in the pockets of her jacket. She figured she should just get it over with, all while hoping that she wasn't partnered with someone who could kick her ass.

he training session had already begun when Monalisa arrived in Roxgeo Forest; she'd arrived just in time to see a hologram of all of the pairings; It only took a few moments for Mona to realize that this "Yeojung Bae" person she'd been partnered with was none other than one of the girls from last night. "Yunnie," Mona said under her breath as she scanned the grounds; she spotted the girl in almost an instant. After all, it wasn't too hard to find someone who wore a large, navy blue bow and cat stockings. Upon approaching the younger girl, Mona couldn't help but notice that it seemed as if she'd just woken up from a state of unconsciousness; it made her wonder just what she had missed before her arrival. She stopped about a yard away from Yunnie, her eyebrow raised as she gave her a quick look over.

"I was running a bit late, so I'm really sorry if I kept you waiting..." Mona said in a soft voice, "The hologram thing said that I'm paired with you for today. I'm Monalisa... but I guess you already knew that..." Awkward. Of course she already knew that; they had only met a few hours ago. "Anyway, my power isn't all that spectacular; at least, it isn't when compared to some of the others I've seen. And it isn't useful at all when it comes to combat..."

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A string of deafening silence went by between the cryomancer and the sorceress. The two refusing to tear their aggressive gazes away from each other as their powers of ice and fire only continued to dangerously display itself at one another.
Not long after, Aira noticed how silent Morrigan had become. And for a brief moment, worry only began to lace itself around her as her fire that burned on the palm of her hand slowly started to diminish the longer she’d look at her partner who stood just at the opposite side of her, frozen…literally.

Aira then opened her mouth as to say something to reach out to her, but decided to halt her words. The quarrel that had just occurred between them might’ve been more than enough trouble for the day for both of them. Anything she may say any more might trigger something that both could do that they could possibly regret.

Morrigan then suddenly recovered from her frozen stance as if coming back down to earth from deep trains of thoughts and started to pace towards Aira. The fire sorceress flinched and took a step back, vigilance once again engulfing her whole as fire came back flickering out of her own two hands.

And as a counter, the cryomancer’s arm had frozen up and shaped into a sharp blade. Aira blinked a few times - the hatred this girl has for fire was remarkable.
The sorceress gulped down on what seemed like her weariness - fighting and killing were never any of her intentions on this matter, but she knew the least she could do was calm the ice bearer down. At this point, the closer Morrigan only got to Aira, the more the flames started to flicker (seeming to forget how dangerous fire is when inside a wild forest.)

Suddenly, Morrigan stopped at a considerable distance from Aira. The fire sorceress watched as the girl started to slightly quiver, pain expressing itself on her face. The icy armor that once shielded her entire body started to melt in a rapid pace as the clear color of her skin started to expose itself. Morrigan only began to stay further away from Aira the more her flames burned her. Once the scenario occurred to the sorceress, as if realizing what she had done, she immediately flushed out her flames until no tint of fire was left to be seen around her being (or her surrounding).

Morrigan then quickly dropped down to the ground on one knee, groaning in agony while tightly clutching onto a specific body part that seemed to have painfully stung her.
“Oh, crap.” Aira gasped in pure concern, worried that she might’ve been the cause of any of Morrigan’s possible injuries.
The fire bearer quickly approached Morrigan, but halted just a few paces away from her, still worried about anything that can happen if they were to make any sort of physical contact with one another.

“H-Hey, are you-“
“I will put those flames out, Aira.” Morrigan remarked at her, attempting to stand back up on her two shaking legs. “I won’t be stopped!”
Aira could only look at her shaking figure from head to toe. At least she seemed fine. At this point, there should be nothing more anyone could do to make things any worse. Morrigan seems badly injured, and Aira would never dare walk into the headmaster’s room just because she was involved in a dangerous ‘sparring session’ that she never opted for in the first place.

“I... think I’m perfectly capable of doing that by myself, thank you very much.” Aira voiced out with a vexed sigh as she crossed her arms. All the ice girl really seemed to think about was putting out Aira’s flames, or turning the whole universe into a literal icy snow globe. At some point, it made Aira deeply ponder on what were the reasons or why exactly does Morrigan have a hatred towards flames. Both elements should have no trouble in learning the art of balance… right?
However, Aira took this opportunity to address the other matter.

“You… should be calm enough to listen to me now, because this doesn't seem to be something to joke around about.” Aira remarked with a sharp tone. “Assuming that you’ve seen me outside in the courtyard last night, you… must’ve also seen what exactly went down.” Aira continued, trying not to give out too much information, just in case Morrigan may have actually not been there to witness the whole thing. She'd have to wait for Morrigan to lay out her side of the story. “Well, whatever you’ve seen, it’d be best not to spread it around the academy. We have no idea what any of it may cause.”

Aira waited for a response from her peer, hoping that in some way or another, she had understood her tale and proposition.

Aira’s eyes tentatively fell down to where Morrigan was still covering the area of where she seemed hurt. A nerve in Aira started to kick into her consciousness, a nerve that she seems to be desperately fighting back.
No, this lady done nearly killed her with her weird dancing ice puppet! There’s no way she deserves-
No. NO.

“I-I’ll have to consult some people who were there with me about this. They’d need to hear about you, but as of now uhh… you need any help with that?” Aira addressed, with a slight jerk of her head at Morrigan’s wound. “I know a spell here that can ease it out.”

Aira’s pulse then took a leap, her inner wits telling her that no matter the response she gets, she knows damn well she would, at a lower degree, regret what she had just done.

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@King Tai

"HEYDAVTHINKFAST!" Adrien shouted, as a grappling hook shot past Dav just a little a meter or so from his face. Barely a split second later, Adrien flew past, the sleeves and legs of his clothes pulled up to let his jets work without burning them up, and threw a large handful of leaves in the guys face. Once he'd finished that completely necessary task, he zoomed towards the branch he'd grappled, spinning around it before perching casually on top.

"Sorry for the wait, I just had to plant some drones real quick!" He called from his position. "You ready to start? 'cause I know it's your first time, but you're not gonna catch me if you keep dawdling like that!"
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Yeojung "Yunnie" Bae

Yunnie is in a world of flashing lights.

Truthfully, the experience isn't new. It bears, in no uncertain terms, a high resemblance to the doctor's office, not the pediatrician but the specialist, with his little bright flashlight that burns into Yunnie's eyeballs in hopes of finding some "difference," some solid piece of proof that she isn't normal, that she needs further inspection--

But unlike the doctor's office, this isn't a memory. It's just--flashing lights, quiet murmurs, intense gazes. Yunnie can't place where she's heard these voices before, but the message is familiar: something's wrong with you. She knows those words all too well, not just from the scientist who prodded at her when she first showed "deviance" (her powers), but from her parents as well. They hid it a little better than the medical personnel did, but it was there. Yunnie remembers her parents' disapproving looks, the "talks" behind closed doors that she would eavesdrop, only to discover the cruel truth of what these powers really meant to the businessman and his wife.

Presently, though, Yunnie's mind stops relieving painful old memories and emotions and starts taking in the sights of the present--that is, if you can call a dream the present. There's not much she can glean from the warped images that quickly shift in front of her, but she tries all the same.

Her first coherent thought: Where am I?

Her second: What's happening?

Her third: Where's Ronnie?

By the time she gets past these thoughts, however, the ominous nature of the dream is melting away, taking along with it Yunnie's distractions as everything plays in reverse--scientists, something wrong, her parents thatdon'tloveherbecauseshe'stooimperfect--

--And once again, Yunnie is on solid ground. The forest comes into view as her feet find their footholds again, and the haze disappears to show a confusing, if blessedly tangible, reality.

No Ronnie: check. Weird dream: check. Person from last night--wait, what!? Blinking rapidly and clutching the soft, familiar material of her denim jacket, Yunnie tries to make sense of this situation. Okay. He's definitely gone. Did anyone see anything? Is she going crazy? And what was that dream all about!?

(Though, in Yunnie's poor, muddled mind, the thought goes more like this: where did he go and why is she here what did she DO to me!? Without spaces.)

Rapid descent into panic aside, Yunnie remembers her manners. The girl (who was part of the mystery-solving party from last night) introduces herself, and Yunnie scrambles to keep up.

"I-I-I'm Yunnie, yeah," she stammers, still shaken. "It's goodtomeetyou! Say, have you seen a guy about this tall with curly hair and, um, a nose piercing anywhere? He was my partner--I think--but he just… disappeared." I'm not crazy, I swear! Please tell me I'm not crazy…

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Adam Hill

"Always wanted to see rocks dissolve in midair, sounds good to me." Adam floated a few more rocks to him, lazily drifting in the air around him like fruit flies. Calculating the amount of time it took to dissolve the stones and how many at any given time could be useful to the both of them.

Although such information was not useful to Adam in any regard when alone, they WERE training to become heroes of some sort someday, so gathering information on his protentional team might come in handy on the field, or if for whatever reason, he had to take one of them down instead. There was also a possibility that he might meet with another with powers similar to his own or one of those he attended the academy with, so any info gathered would have some use in the future.

Inhaling deeply, Adam let the stones slowly advance on his partner, gradually picking up the speed as they were melted.

As he did, he let his senses run lose, picking up on fragments of conversation among other pairs and the occasional glimpse at what most of them were capable of, it was honestly fascinating at how much variety the group possessed. A whole plethora of possibilities and information all around him, Adam probably couldn't have been happier in that moment, well, not entirely true, a few other minor things had occurred and that had increased his morale too, there was still one other thing.

Coffee jelly.

Oh how tasty the treat was, a supreme delicacy fit for even the highest cultured person, and now his thoughts were directed at coffee jelly. He made a note to purchase some at some point later so he could stop thinking about the blasted coffee jelly, with it's bittersweet taste of...

Damnit brain focus on the training session.

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It didn't take Monalisa long to realize that Yunnie was still slightly disoriented from whatever happened before she arrived, so she stayed quiet for a bit, waiting for the younger girl to regain her composure. She watched with a raised eyebrow as the girl clutched the material of her denim jacket and blinked for what seemed like the millionth time; whoever was training with Yunnie before Mona arrived must've done quite a number on her. But just as Mona's mind began to wander elsewhere, trying to put together the pieces, she was brought back to the present situation when her partner finally began to speak. Yunnie stammered as she uttered a few words, a sign that she was still shaken up from some prior occurrence, but Mona kept silent as she listened to what the girl had to say.

"Say, have you seen a guy about this tall with curly hair and, um, a nose piercing anywhere? He was my partner-"

When she mentioned the tall boy with curly hair and a nose ring, Mona began to wrack her brain, trying to make some sort of connection; she thought that since she'd been here for a while and saw many different faces on a daily basis, maybe she'd be able to figure out who Yunnie was talking about and maybe even come up with a name. But she couldn't. And even if she could remember who the boy was, she hadn't seen anyone leave the area while she was on her way to the forest. "Sorry, but I don't have a clue," Mona said with a shrug of her shoulders, "As I said before, I was running late, so I'm not sure what happened to your partner. All I know is that I showed up a few minutes ago and saw that we were partnered together..." Mona's voice trailed off as she looked down at her sneakers. "Maybe he had some sort of emergency and had to leave early?"

Though Mona didn't like to think that Yunnie's previous partner was in some sort of trouble, it was the only logical solution she could come up with. Nevertheless, she didn't want to dwell on the boy's whereabouts; instead, she wanted to find out exactly what it was that he did to Yunnie before he left. "But when I did arrive you looked like you were in some sort of daze," Mona said curiously, "You know, like you'd just woken up or something. Was it something that this boy did to you?"

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Rainna Rivera

It was rather fitting that Adam would choose to practice with rocks, considering that just a moment ago Rainna was wondering how her mist would do against them. With all the abilities he had described himself possessing, he did not imply that he was a mind reader in any way, did he? Well, he was playing with stones before, that could be the reason. Corroding something as resistant as stone was rather strenuous, and apart from watching her own energy level, the effect of her mist on her partner's health needed to be taken into consideration as well, especially at the concentration she was generating it.

"Phew, we might need a break soon," she declared some time into their little practice session. "Hey, let me knew if you don't feel well, alright? Don't let the sweet scent fool you, the air really isn't too good when I'm doing my thing."

She had made the earlier comment about the night before wondering if he had anything to add regarding the topic, but it appeared that he was not interesting in conversing about it, at least not for the moment. Perhaps he had not figured out anything new, or he just did not want to share his thoughts on it. Whatever the case, there did seem to be something else on his mind, be it the incident involving Outterridge or something else altogether. His attention appeared to be divided, but maybe that was just an 'enhanced perception' thing.

@Eric Horst

The change on the hologram screen took place in a split second. It would have been nearly impossible for anyone else around, occupied with their own matters, to have noticed the small image swap. Dr. Roy, however, due to the nature of her abilities, did feel something - an interference, of sorts. She had taken interest in a consensual spar between a cyborg and a psychic energy manipulator, when her senses had alerted her that something was up. She immediately turned her attention back to the device that was projecting the screen in hopes of figuring out who or what was tampering with her technology.

"Everything alright, Allison?"

The technopath turned to face the Head of Athletics, who had noticed her agitation. "Something's wrong out here, Damien. I just don't know what it is yet."

"Are the kids in danger? Maybe we should end the session early today."

The science teacher shook her head. "Let's not alarm the students, but we should alert the staff to be more aware of any anomalies."

Darn it Outterridge, you should have known that it was a bad idea...
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Morrigan stood as straight as she could, foggy breath escaped her lips. If it wasn't for her legs threatening to betray her, and her side still pulsing in anger, she would of looked like one of her puppets. If it were anyone else but a person who could use fire, she wouldn't of tired out so quickly. But that acursed flames forced her to constantly keep her ice together which was more draining. She heard what Aira was saying, and the young woman spit off to her side.

"Your right, I saw everything last night, but I don't give a damn about any of it. And don't worry, I won't go blab to anyone about you guys being out, not like I have or want any friends. Just stay away from me you glorified candle, I want nothing to do with you Goonies rejects."

Despite knowing that class wasn't over yet, Morrigan walked off, her legs trying to give out only once. But she was to stubborn to stop, and walked back into the forest and back towards her room
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Aira carefully eyed Morrigan as she tried to come up to a proper stand. The ice girl was visibly struggling in almost all aspects. Aira was just about ready to cast her healing spell on her – all she needs is Morrigan’s word.

"Your right, I saw everything last night, but I don't give a damn about any of it. And don't worry, I won't go blab to anyone about you guys being out, not like I have or want any friends. Just stay away from me you glorified candle, I want nothing to do with you Goonies rejects."

The cryomancer replied coldly as she turned her back on Aira and started to trudge her way out of the forest, leaving the sorceress with her blood boiling
In expectations to see Morrigan turn around, Aira stood, shook, as she watched the cryomancer walk further away out of the forest, dismissing her with deaf ears.
“H-Hey, get back here! Sparring class hasn’t even- huh?”

The next moment, Aira’s attention went from her sparring partner to the center of the forest just at her peripheral visions in where the heads of the department as well as the hologram that displayed the list of names and pictures of the students stood.
The teachers could be seen from a far distance, huddled into a close group with worry and trouble clearly expressed on their faces.
With one more glance back to make sure, Morrigan was now nowhere near her sights. With another long, heavy and vexed sigh, Aira resolved to the only thing left suitable to do.

As she made her way towards to where the professors were, Aira couldn’t help but replay a specific quote that Morrigan had said;

“..not like I have or want any friends.”

“Huh, figures.” Aira mumbled to herself followed by a quiet scoff.

As the sorceress neared the group of professors, she could see them tending to the hologram as if it happened to have experienced some kind of disruption.

“Err.. e-excuse me? Miss Allison? Sir Damien?” Aira shyly called out with a low wave at their direction to get their attentions. “I uhh..”

Before Aira could address her matter to them, her eyes distinctively went to the hologram that the professors seemed to be worried about.
“Do you uhh.. happen to require any assistance there?” Aira asked, her eyes refusing to tear away from the technological device

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