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A Katekyo Hitman Reborn! RP
✧Special thanks to Grey for providing some notes from previous RPs and helping make this OOC what it is and what it will be.✧

The Vongola Famiglia of Italy, the most powerful mafia family in the world, in terms of traditions, history, size and influence is said to be unmatched. Under its sprawling aegis are legions of families pledged to ideals of this underworld colossus, and across its long and storied history are all that the mafia can aspire to become as a force for good and for evil. On the toil of generations, its might has remained constant amidst the fickle ebb and flow of power.

This once noble mafia family no longer stands atop the mafia world. Though it has begun to reclaim its former glory, it is on the verge of internal and external destruction. Moreover, recent events have further challenged its former prominence. Under the nose of Vongola Quattordicesimo, a previously unknown force has begun to move. The Rilevare Famiglia, a militant mafia group who has amassed power rivaling that of the former Vongola, has made a name for itself by taking lesser families out from the inside. By crippling various families across the world, assimilating those that could be forced to pledge loyalty, and eradicating those that could not, it has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

With little to no information about the Rilevare available, there was little left for the remaining Mafia in power to do apart from prepare themselves for the storm that was to come. The growing forces and power of the Rilevare famiglia were unknown, though rumored to be on such a scale as to topple countries, though it is unknown if this is true or mere hearsay.


Reset! A Hitman Reborn is a roleplay set within the world of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! primarily following the continuity of the manga with influences from the anime. Much like its source material, this roleplay primary possesses elements of modern-fantasy, action, and slice of life. It’s narrative will revolve around seven youths, the bonds they form, and the trials they must overcome throughout their journey.

The setting of this roleplay will shift between a multitude of venues, the most prominent being Namimori and Kokuyo in Japan as well as Italy roughly 111 years after Sawada Tsunayoshi’s ascent to power as Vongola X. As a result, the world of this roleplay is far more developed and modernized compared to its previous iteration. For example, Namimori has become a full-fledged city, rather than a town; Kokuyo has grown in size, but is still relatively small in comparison. The Vongola Famiglia is under the leadership of Vongola XIV and, naturally, most of the characters of the original series will not be making an appearance.

The player characters are each one of the seven potential candidates for the titles of Vongola XV and Guardians respectively. That said, they are far from considered valid candidates by the mafia at large. They will be starting with a wealth of potential and basic knowledge of the ways in which the mafia world works, but it’s intricacies and the possibilities afforded to them will be vast and mostly unknown. The intent is that the events of the roleplay will allow them to grow in power through struggles against hardship and the lessons they learn from those around them. Character sheets should be generated with this intention in mind, both in terms of character and skill set.

Likewise, the guiding force for the plotline of this story is intended to be an equal balance of character and narrative. Although story arcs and key events will be planned out and enacted to drive the story forward, much like
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! the roleplay is more about character interaction and development as opposed to beating up the bad guys.

With the formalities out of the way, at its core this should still be about having fun. After all, a roleplay without fun is just another form of work. It is a collaborative effort and cooperation is key, so play never feel afraid to ask questions, present ideas, or anything of the sort.


  • All Fundamental Rules of the Guild apply, as well as all of the usual guidelines of RP etiquette: respect your GMs and fellow players; don't powergame, godmod, metagame, etc; communicate your problems and concerns; and so on and so forth. We've all been doing this for some time, we all know how this works. I trust you all to do what's best for development and story, know the capabilities of your character, and ensure that nobody feels unwelcome.
  • There are no hard rules as far post length or frequency goes other than the usual "no one-liners." That being said, I am implementing a soft one post per week rule to try and keep us moving and on track as often as possible. I understand that at times life happens and it might pull you away, but I’d like us to avoid stagnation as much as possible. As long as there is proper characterization and sufficient content to reply to, there shouldn't be a problem with briefer posts. and if there are going to be schedule issues, just let everyone know so we can make the necessary arrangements and we'll be golden. This should be done either through the use of the OOC on the guild or the group Discord chat. Do not make me chase you, and do not ghost us.
  • Typically, the GM is the one that sets the expectations and gets final say on all discussion related to the RP. While this holds true for most OOC conflicts, it should be clear that I'm willing to hear people’s arguments out as far as the IC and character ideas are concerned. Generally speaking, if an idea has merit to story and character progression, I'll hear it out; don't be afraid to point something out or suggest ideas if you feel the desire to.
  • I reserve the right to amend this section as necessary and as I see fit.
  • You are assumed to have read this section if you post a character sheet.

CS template is located in the CHAR tab. We are currently closed and not looking for other players at the moment.
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This section will be updated as more details of the setting are revealed ICly or OOCly.

State of the World



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ĸυrυne мιĸazυĸι (三日月 狂音)

"Fascinating. Won't you show me more of your reactions?"


"Conspiracy? Nothing of the sort, really! Just plain curiosity, you know?"

// A G E

// P E R S O N A L I T Y
Kurune hardly displays strong emotions to anyone, but on the inside she's still a human fully capable of feeling emotions normally. In fact, Kurune is extremely sensitive and over-analyses situations. She's also very receptive to new things and does not deny anything that's considered 'unscientific', because she's fairly into the occult and superstitions herself. To her, anything is possible and can be explained. She isn't the type to fear the unknown and supernatural. Quite the contrary, she seeks such excitement and thrill in her life. That being said, however, she dislikes attracting too much attention to herself, hence is subtle in her pursuit of the unnatural and unconventional.

On first impression, one would describe Kurune as quiet, nice and smart, mostly ambiguous traits. For people who have known Kurune for an extended period of time, they would often bring up the topic of 'unpredictability' when talking about her. Kurune builds an invisible fortress around herself while putting up the act of a friendly person. In the end, the most lasting impression people do have of her is that she is a 'nice person'. She likes to keep a low profile anywhere and for anything she does. Due to her mental conditions, she had always felt that no one understood her, and learnt that she only got hurt every time her hopes and wishes that people would understand her were crushed. As a result, she learnt to distance herself from people unnoticeably as a form of self-defense. Being so distant, Kurune feels lonely ever so often, yet is more than unwilling to share her true self with anyone, afraid and paranoid that her weaknesses would be exploited by others. One positive side of distancing herself and keeping a low profile, is that her existence to others is rather expendable. In other words, she is quite the invisible character to others in her life. She could cause a ruckus one day, and the very next day people can still forget about her existence. Convenient, isn't it? Currently, her highly sharpened morphing skills caused her outward personality to be extremely fluid and generic, but her true self still exists- it simply lies in deep slumber within her. She loves meddling in others' businesses when she deems it will benefit her. When she sees the chance to gain favor from someone, or the chance to make others owe her favors, Kurune makes the effort to grab the chance and help those people. This is relevant to her hobby of studying people where on a daily basis, she observes and experiments with all sorts of people that she gets acquainted with, so as to collect data and information about how different people react to things. Kurune loves asking for favors and in a way that for some reason, she is always on the receiving end and getting away with only having to return simple favors.

On a deeper level, Kurune suffers from OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). The two do not affect her outward behavior very much, but they heavily shape her personality. To summarize, the obsessive thinking and intrusive thoughts that constantly attack her mind, and the ADD which causes her to drift off into her own thoughts every other moment, combine to make her into someone who is always overworking their brain. Hence, Kurune had formed the habit of calculating all sorts of combinations of people and their reactions, situations and their progressions, actions and their motivations behind them. Instead of being resentful for having these disorders, Kurune is grateful for the most of it. She experiments psychologically on anyone she meets and pays close attention to the results displayed. Some may say that her personality is warped in a way, but to Kurune, it's "Just plain curiosity, really!"

// B A C K G R O U N D
Kurune is a Chinese-Japanese mix. She was born in Kyushu, Japan and lived there with both her parents until the age of 14. Her parents were on terrible terms and she had never seen them being nice to one another since she was born. Her father was a tyrant. He had always abused his position as the breadwinner of the family to make her and her mother serve him as if he was the king. As a result, Kurune and her mother lived very unhappily while her father simply enjoyed life at its finest. Eventually, her mother decided that she was not going to put up with him any more and filed for divorce for both herself and her daughter's sakes. They got into one final, huge argument regarding the divorce and hurled furniture about, scaring the Kurune then. Eventually, the ultimatum was made and they divorced. Kurune's father wrestled with her mother for the custody of Kurune, but the mental abuse he had done to Kurune was considered in court and sole custody of Kurune was given to her mother. At that time, Kurune was 14. Her mother felt apprehensive about remaining in Kyushu, so she took Kurune and returned to Namimori, her hometown.

Growing up watching both her parents hating each other down to the bones carved wariness into her soul. If her parents had gotten married on a good note, how did they not have a single shred of love for each other for as long as she lived? What exactly can she trust of the things that people show her? She deducted that it was impossible for 'true love' to exist, and that any romantic attraction people have are just temporary, passionate, instinctive desires. This made her learn that excessive emotions were just burdens and she trained herself to keep her emotions under control at any time.

Being naturally intelligent, she did extremely well in her academics for a few years in Midori Middle, a prestigious girl's school, and promoted to the sister high school of Midori Middle. However, the stress in the changed environment and her mother's increased expectations eventually got to her and her grades plunged with every examination there was. Unable to maintain her excellent grades, she had no choice but to transfer to a school with lower academic standards at the start of her third year in high school. Devastated by the seemingly hopeless future that they were going to have, her mother began to live carelessly and recklessly, drowning away in alcohol and in despair. With her mother in that state, Kurune has no choice but to work instead of her mother, and is currently the only one bringing in income for her family by taking up various part-time jobs.


"In order to perform the greatest act, it can't just remain an act. It has to be your 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕪."

// F L A M E

// A B I L I T I E S
Supporting Actor - Due to her habit of paying close attention to people and their reactions to all sorts of situations, she is well-trained to put on an all-round perfect 'act' comprising of more than just the sight, to trick and convince people into believing/perceiving something that isn't a truth. She is also trained in all sorts of skill sets in her pursuit of being able to play out all sorts of possible roles. Though her range of skills are definitely wide, her knowledge in each ones are not deep.
(Examples of putting this into practical use in combat is creating/replicating extremely realistic illusions with ease and nearly instantly. What differentiates Kurune's illusions from another skilful illusionist's illusions is that she herself blends/plays perfectly into her illusions and hence enhancing them, making it difficult for others to even believe it's not reality.)

Fortune Teller - Combining her ability to anticipate all sorts of situations/behaviours, and her skill with her tarot cards, she can easily prevent driving herself or her allies into a dead end when encountering enemies, and she will for sure be able to make an unpredictable Plan B as many times as she wishes to.
(An example of putting this into practical use is that Kurune is able to notice both the big picture and tiny details and reads the battle flow very accurately. She is then able to combine her awareness of the situation with her wealth of knowledge from observing others, creating many possible alternative plans and escape routes in her mind during battle.)

Esper - Kurune possesses latent esper abilities.

Hardcore Part-timer - Kurune has taken up countless part time jobs ever since her parents divorced in order to provide for her mother and herself. She doesn't stay at one job for too long, in order not to let others get too close to her and to make herself less noticeable. Because of her experience in countless different jobs, she gained many valuable skillsets, though she's not an expert in any single one. She's basically a jack of all trades, master of none. She grew to become someone who picks things up very quickly.

// E Q U I P M E N T
Tarot Cards - Tarot decks that have accompanied her through the years that she uses ever so often to experiment. Kurune brings a deck with her wherever she goes and consults on them whenever she is in a pinch, or when her instincts tell her that something out of the ordinary is about to happen.

Folding Fan - A (collection of) folding fan(s). She keeps one with her wherever she goes, just because she has a weird obsession for them. They are mostly purple and consists of flower patterns such as the cherry blossom. Which design she brings along for the day depends heavily on her mood. After joining the mafia, she embeds long flat blades in the folds of her fan which can be thrown out. Used in combination with her illusions, the launched blades are offset in sight and by predicting the reactions of others, her blades are difficult to avoid.

Box Weapon: Souba - It's a double-bladed katana, the purpose of having two blades is for the user to easily trap swords between the two blades and disarm the opponent. Kurune has no idea how to wield it properly yet. She kept this box weapon with her because she wishes to learn how to use it properly one day.

Box Animal: Falena di Nebbia - Depending on the flames Kurune injects, the number and quality of moths vary. Kurune's most common use of her mist moths is for scouting purposes. In combat, Kurune often uses a swarm of them to immobilize or obstruct the visions of the enemies. Usually, the amount and quality of flames injected is directly proportionate to the number and size of the moths. However, past a certain point, the number of moths will not increase even if Kurune adds to the amount of flames injected. When Kurune injects an immense amount of flames with a strong resolve, the shape and pattern on the wings of the moths change. Looking at the patterns on the moths causes hallucinations and psychological damage. Effects vary with different people.

// T H E M E
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Akari be done, yo.
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Here are my two character sheets! Just putting it together so it's easier to look at.

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Okay, so I’m going to go through this as Grey and I did for each character.

Now first and foremost, each character would need a reason to be in the Vongola. Why did they choose Cyril over other branch mafia families. Why Kurune when she is essentially a civvie. And why is Ari with them? Why does she know about mafia stuff? In the cases of Kurune and Cyril we could easily work out relationships with Yoshi that would serve this purpose.

More individually:
Kurune(@Kyouki) - Essentially, I like Kurune’s aesthetic. She is a good character with a lot of potential. Still, I have a few questions. How does her weaponry and skills play into her overall character? She seems to be fit for espionage or something not directly melee. I think in this case it may be necessary to focus her up a little bit. She was a civilian before, essentially just a normal person, so this is especially important. You can always enhance her skill set and equipment a little later. For instance, mist doesn’t feel like it plays a big a role in her character as it should. It doesn’t seem to compliment her character. We could also use a bit more clarification on the application of her skills, abilities, or weaponry, why she chose to focus on those, etc.

Cyril(@Ambra) - Cyril is pretty much okay and there isn’t anything inherently off about him other than the redundant weaponry. He has a Kusarigama. He doesn’t really need the chain/knife at this point. I mean if you wanna just keep the knife as a side weapon, it could work. We also need to work more on his relationship (as well has his famiglia’s) to the Vongola as a whole, not just Yoshi. We can try to work on that together if you draw a blank, I’ve already brainstormed simple stuff.

Ari - For Ari, the biggest thing is essentially the why she would be brought in as a combatant and member when she isn’t a guardian. She should fit a bit more naturally into the group. Her character might benefit from a bit of focusing up in the combat department as well. You don’t necessarily need to remove anything depending on what changes you may make to her. There is a lot of freedom that comes with her because she is more a side character.
Side note: Ambra… Is like Ari trying to be like Yoshi with them there gauntlets fam?? Cause he was reppin that first. Lol she cute tryin to get on his good side tho xD

Mist - I’m sure I don’t need to write this, but I will anyway. I’m trusting you guys not to abuse the power of mist. Apart from that, there seems to be a bit of overlap between Kurune and Ari. I feel that after looking them over and a little editing they could be a bit better differentiated. By the end, it should be clear why Kurune’s skills or talent would have her chosen as the Mist guardian.
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Not 100% done yet, but here's the basic layout for her. Just gotta construct the backstory and think of some quotes

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I know its full and all, but as a KHR fan, just wanted to wish this RP some good luck. I'll be stalking this thread to watch how this story unfolds.
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