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The Raven Trespass – Val

“Jacen wants to hold off on talking Trithemeus until we’re on Coruscant. He said something about a complication.”

Val Syndulla stood at the Raven’s communications console. Their link was audio only, no holo, as he had called in from the palace on his subvocal link.

“That’s not good,” the captain replied, voice flat.

It wasn’t. Jacen Jast, Jaren’s brother and the real spy in the Jast family, was typically open handed with the Raven. Jaren and his crew were a highly valuable asset to Coronet Analytica’s private intelligence business. Jaren was a dependable independent contractor with a top-of-the-line ship capable of handling its most dangerous and lucrative contracts. Coronet kept them well-provisioned with supplies and munitions, and during their jobs with the firm the executives kept their tremendously long lines of credit open to the crew for their expenses and rarely asked questions. “Complications” had never entered the dialogue during their dealings with Jacen.

“Why don’t we head this off and assume Coronet’s going to short us on support,” Jast said after a long moment’s thought. His tone was confident, which Val liked. The Raven and her crew ran into obstacles with fair regularity. Jast, for all the traits that made him seem a dashing rogue with more balls than plans, was ultimately a cool, competent commander who knew how to control and contain a situation. “Find out if Thrax and Sena are onworld. Let’s bring them in on this. If we can’t get Coronet’s codebreakers on our team, we’re going to need our own.”

“What if they ask for a price?”

“Let’s just set up a meeting before talking numbers. For tomorrow if possible. If they push for a price let’s offer them thirty. Figure that should be enough to get them on board, but if they don’t bite tell them we can negotiate in person.”

“Sounds good,” Val said, bringing up the contact information on the console.

“Alright, I’m going into this dinner. Jast out.”

- - -

Khulbe’s Palace – Jast

Jast decided, upon entering and admiring the transformed throne room, that Khulbe certainly had good taste. He wondered how much was of the Hutt’s own conception, and how much he left to the designers.

After he and Telsa had introduced themselves into the room with a sweeping bow on the captain’s part and the pilot’s best approximation of a curtsy, the two took their seats. Light chatter filled the air, and they tested appetizers. Jast made a point to lock eyes with Nima and offer her a smile. They had the bones of a good rapport. Though Jast rarely saw the Twi’lek—he saw Khulbe in person perhaps a handful of times each year, spending most of his time in the field and interacting through intermediaries more often than not—they got along well when they ran into each other.

The Hutt spoke.

“I would love to hear of your journey here, and of your passenger.”

Jast smiled. He’d been expecting this question. For a moment it had seemed that it might be avoided, seeing as how well the deal turned out, but there was only so much good fortune he could ask for. He took a sip of Corellian brandy and got on with it.

“Well, let me tell you, this trip over here really starts on Tatooine,” he said, and he launched into the story of their escape from the Smuggler’s Moon just a few short months ago. He related the exciting parts, mostly, interspersed with a good deal of humor. His flight from Nar Shaddaa on a tramp freighter, his duel with the Mandalorian on the Arkanis Sailer’s lowest levels, just as he was boarding an escape pod. He wasn’t a bad storyteller, as far as he could tell.

“…and who do I see? The Mandalorian, same one from Nar Shaddaa, and he’s got his gun on me. I have my blaster on me, but it’s at my waist and my hands are in the air, and I’m forgetting at this point, but it’s still set to stun.” The story ended with a gunfight with a pair of Trandoshan mercenaries and a grueling chase across the Dune Sea as Jast and his compatriot fled Mos Shuuta on a commandeered speeder while the Mandalorian pursued them aboard his state-of-the-art gunship.

“And I’ll never forget this, I see something way up, way above us. It’s the Raven,” Jast said, looking over at Telsa. “I couldn’t believe it. This girl,” he said, pointing at her, “comes flying down into the atmosphere, bearing down on this gunship at, what, must have been a 60, 70 degree angle and unloads. And I swear, I didn’t even know we had that many guns on the ship,” he said with a laugh. “And that’s how Telsa shot down a D-5 Mantis.”

His second looked down, clearly at least a little uncomfortable being the center of the attention. He would have felt bad had he not caught the white flash of a brilliant smile.

“Like something out of a movie,” he continued, “I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me that story.” He pressed on, but the rest of it was more mundane. The trip out to Ord Mantell to meet a contact in Worlport, dipping their toes in the TDT business smuggling pseudoteth, and then the heist. The piracy was one of the least interesting parts to the story, which wasn’t something he’d expected when they’d taken the job. They’d just pulled into a refueling station, a rest stop in orbit around a brown dwarf, barely a living soul present, and done a spacewalk with some fusion torches.

“So, end of story, we pulled out of Worlport and set course for Nar Shaddaa, and just as we’re touching down here we find out this Zelosian girl has been hiding out in a crawlspace—this access way to the landing mechanism—for over a week. Apparently she’d crawled in there while we were docked in Worlport,” he said, taking another sip of brandy. It was a fresh glass. The story had taken him a while to tell. “She was half-dead when we found her. Had to hook her up to an IV and everything. Turns out she’s a decent mechanic, so I have Val putting her to work now in our engineering bay. She’s been talking about bringing a new hand aboard to help out with the technical workload now that Glaato’s gone. Seems like we might have found one.”

It was one of those lies that was so near enough to the truth that you could forget you were lying. “And that’s the story. It’s been a trip.”

- - -

The Raven Trespass – Boqorro

“Wise choice,” Boqorro said, offering a smile. “I think the captain and first officer are off the ship by now, which leaves Valera in command. You said you’re good with tools, yes? Mechanic-type? Valera is the chief engineer on the Raven. I am sure she will have some ideas about how to put you to work while you are with us.” As he finished, footsteps from around the curved edge of the corridor came within their earshot, and as if on queue, Valera arrived, a small collection of neatly folded clothes in her arms.

“You’re looking better, miss,” the blue Twi’lek said. She talked fast, the words flowing at a rapid clip. “I don’t think we’ve done formal introductions yet. I’m Val, this is Boqorro. The captain let me know you might be coming aboard with us for a while, which is great, seeing as you have at least a bit of mechanical know-how.” Boqorro realized he hadn’t introduced himself. That had been rude, he figured.

“This ship is a real piece of work, needs all the help it can get. Might turn out to be the case we’re lucky you jumped on with us,” she said cheerily. “Come down to the engineering bay,” she said, pointing out a door down the hall, “once you’ve finished getting settled. Feel free to pick out a room, we have plenty of extra bunks here, get something to eat and so on. Take a shower too, probably. But yeah, once you’re settled, I have a project I could use your help with.”

“Also,” she added, presenting the folded clothes to the Zelosian, “I thought you might want to change.”

T’a smiled as she accepted the clothes. “Thank you.”
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Khulbe's Palace - Zura Lom

Zura had to admit that the human pilot was an excellent storyteller and she found herself swept up into the adventure that had culminated in his arrival on Nar Shaddaa. There was a brief silence as his story concluded and then several of the girls began clapping and everyone joined in, even Khulbe, who smacked one thick arm against his stomach in appreciation.

The courier had painted a rather vivid picture of his escape and part of Zura was envious of his freedom to roam. That feeling quickly passed as she realized Jast had nearly died and her position in Khulbes household kept her well fed, well paid, and without much fear of her life being destroyed on some shithole planet like Tatooine.

"I should have you visit more often, Jast. Your stories are quite remarkable." Khulbe rumbled with decided amusement in his voice. Zura had been with him long enough to discern the various tones and timbers of his voice, and what they meant. "This has reminded me of something you might find interesting."

The Hutt rumbled something that D440 did not translate and a short pause took place before a floating holo-projector sped into the room, halting just shy of the Hutts throne. A series of lights blinked on and then a tall humanoid being flashed into existence. Everyone knew him at once, Kade Ritgar, the holo-actor. Zura felt her skin tone flush with pleasure at his face; he was popular with pretty much anyone of the female gender, regardless of race or species.

"Mr. Ritgar is making a personal stop here in two weeks to have some of my girls model his new line of clothing. I know he is aways interested in exciting stories for his holo-projects," The Hutts huge eyes turned from Kades image toward Jast. "Perhaps you would like to join us for another meal and regale him with your adventure?"

Zura saw a flash of interest go through the assembled slave girls. Scarifs Styles, Kades clothing line, was famous throughout space for its fabrics, alluring cuts, and unbelievable prices. Everything manufactured by Scarifs was limited addition and it was possible Khulbe had paid for his own line of slave wear to be commissioned. Zura herself had only met Kade once before when Khulbe attended the premier of a holo-film that had been shot on Nar Shaddaa.

She shot a quick glance at Jast from under her brows, and then at Telsa. The two of them were excreting pheromones suggesting nervousness, Telsa more than Jast. Zura wondered if it was because of the setting, or if it was because they had not been truthful in their story. The truth of it would only matter if they were caught but that wasn't her concern. Khulbe was, however, but nothing of what Jast said caused her any concern for the Hutts safety. She took a sip of her spiced rum and wondered what Kade would be like.

Nar Shaddaa - Thrax and Sena

Thrax rolled onto his back, his breath coming in heavy gasps, his black hair plastered to his forehead with sweat. Next to him, hands sliding up and down her belly as she squirmed on the bed, Sena smiled and then gave a final sharp gasp and collapsed into the mattress.

They lay in silence for a couple of minutes, both staring up at the ceiling as the pounding in their ears subsided and they got their breathing under control. The whirr of the air purifying unit was the only sound apart from the very distant rumble of the Nar Shaddaa spaceport. A collection of holo-images showing Sena and her family were scattered about the room along with an explosion of clothing and a half dozen data-pads and comlinks in various states of assembly.

"I'm going to shower." Sena announced abruptly, bouncing up from the bed. Her abs still glistened with sweat and he admired her ass as she made for the door. "Stop ogling, pervert!" She snapped as she caught sight of his gaze in the mirror.

"To late, you're well ogled!" He ducked as she chucked a shoe at him and it bounced off the wall to fall among a pile of clothes. She vanished into the refresher as he stood and walked into the living area of her small apartment. It was a single room unit, a few stories above the smog line. The slicing business paid well enough that she could afford some nice digs, far nicer than his own dwelling near the city core. His own trade paid well enough that he could afford vacations and nice toys, but one had to be discreet, and he paid for the run down unit to keep up appearances.

He wandered into the kitchen and retrieved a snack, munching on it as he continued to wander about, oblivious to his own nudity. Anyone above the smog layer got a generous amount of sunlight and he enjoyed the warmth on his skin. His musings were interrupted by the chirp of his comlink and he hurried back into the bedroom, rooting around in the mess on the floor until he found his jacket. He pulled it free and then fished in the pockets until he located the comlink.

"Thrax." He snapped the word as he flicked the comlink on.

"Well heya Thrax, it's Val from the Trespass."

"Val, you old pirate! What can I do for you? Got a job? You never call otherwise." Thrax walked back into the living room, pushing his hair back from his face.

"Jast has a job and he wants you and Sena. I'll call her after you. Money is good, it'll be dangerous, and we're working for Khulbe."

"I'll let her know, we're meeting up in a few minutes." Thrax replied quickly. Khulbe had hired Jast for something. That meant the money was really good. The Hutt rarely paid poorly unless it was a garbage job, and Jast didn't do garbage. "How much are we talking?"

"20k each." Val's voice had gone flat and Thrax felt his eyes narrow.

"You're fucking with me right? You want us both, or you wouldn't have mentioned Sena, which means you need both our skills. 30k a piece and I want information on the target before I sign on." He could almost see Val grimacing on the other end of the comlink.

"Fine. I'll check with Jast and get back to you. I'm going to call Sena anyway, just so you know."

"No issue." Thrax responded as he disconnected the call. A moment later he heard Senas comlink begin buzzing and she appeared at the door of the refresher, her hair damp, water still glistening on breasts and thighs. He was very glad the state of her apartment did not reflect on her personal grooming habits, she was a smooth and clean as fresh durasteel.

"It's Val." Thrax said before she could go for the comlink. "Jast has a job, Khulbes hired him to do something. Not many details but I told him we want 30k each." He was walking toward her as he spoke and she must have seen the mischievous smile on his face because she began to back away from him.

"Back you savage! I just showered!"

He didn't bother replying as he scooped her up and took two steps into the bedroom, tossing her back onto the bed. She giggled and spread her legs again, beckoning him toward her.
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Khulbe's Palace - Nima Tarkona

Nima was among the first of the girls to applaud Jast as she was completely engrossed by the tale he gave to the group and nearly hanging on the edge of her seat. It was just like the fictional stories she would borrow from the library on her downtime. In fact, throw in a love interest and the captain basically had a holo-drama series in the making. Khulbe must have had the same thought because what he said next after praising the captain, was unexpected.

"I should have you visit more often, Jast. Your stories are quite remarkable. This has reminded me of something you might find interesting."

A holo-projector zipped into the room and stopped to hover just past where she sat. It flickered to life to show the image of the famous actor Kade Ritgar. Nima knew his face, as did most of the galaxy. She was watching one of his dramas with the girls just the other day and according to her master, he was due to visit in two weeks time. She glanced over to where her friends were perched on their stools and smirked. She could tell how excited they all were, even Ehottecri couldn't help but share their enthusiasm. Those girls were all die-hard fans of his dramas and had watched every single episode. While the twi'lek was also a fan of his work, she knew that he was a man making a living for himself like almost everyone else in the galaxy and wasn't swayed by his celebrity status. Nima looked forward to meeting him as she was fairly positive Master Khulbe had in mind for her and the girls to try on the new clothes he would be bringing.

Bringing her attention back to their guest, she wondered what life was like beyond these walls. The twi'lek had spent her entire existence sheltered, as something valuable to be safeguarded. Was this to be the rest of her days? Holed up behind the walls of this elaborate palace until she became too old and eventually get sold off, probably back to Olan Fyaar at Madrassa to train new slave girls to be like her? For a brief moment, a flicker of sadness spread across her face and she turned her cheek to hide the slip in her demeanor. She disguised the motion by making it look like she purposely turned to rearrange the skirt of her dress and was glad the Hutt sat behind her.
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Khulbe’s Palace – Jast

Jast smiled. “Sounds like a good time. If we’re able to stop by, we will. With a little luck we should be able to get the job done and be back here for the event in time.”

“I’m a huge fan,” Telsa added. “I’ll make sure we make it back for it.”

“It certainly helps having the fastest ship in the galaxy,” Jast added.

“Well, not the galaxy,” Telsa offered, taking a sip of her wine.

“The sector, anyway,” Jast answered.

“Some sectors.”

Jast looked at her. She wore a teasing smile and, had the situation not been so formal, might have been giggling. He returned the smile with a smirk of his own and looked back to Khulbe as he leaned back in his chair. “Most sectors,” he said, taking another drink from his glass. Telsa nodded, acquiescing.

“All jokes aside, it’s an amazing ship,” Telsa said. “Jast told me that you were behind funding it. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know I made sure he put your money to good use.” Val had done far more work on the ship over the years and had advised on the purchase and modification of the Raven every step of the way, but Telsa had made some specific recommendations for the engine and piloting subsystems, part of the deal Jast had agreed to when she’d come on with them.

Telsa had flown interceptors during the war, and wanted to again. The Raven wasn’t an interceptor, but she handled like one more so than any freighter Jast had ever flown. The controls were responsive, almost uncomfortably so, and Val had called Telsa’s thrust and booster choices “ridiculous” and “unnecessary.” They were expensive, too, but the end result was a ship that felt like a podracer, and when Telsa was behind the controls, calling the Raven the “fastest ship in the galaxy” didn’t feel so crazy.
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Khulbe's Palace - Khulbe

The remainder of the evening passed swiftly enough for all involved, cozy and intimate enough that those assembled were able to overlook the rather dangerous business relationship that could potentially kill some of them. Khulbe was a gracious host, accepting compliments from Telsa about the food, and then having the chef brought out to accept the praise herself. Even the stilted tones of D440 did not put a damper on the evening as he translated the Hutts deep rumbling voice.

A small desert made jogan fruitcake came as a final completion of the evening. Khulbe had allowed the slave girls to leave one at a time to enjoy something to eat. It was not often that his kitchen was tested to the fullest of its skills as Khulbe himself usually enjoyed live frogs from numerous different planets. On this particular occasion he allowed the chef to indulge herself and enjoyed a somewhat spicy water creature from Naboo, something called a Gungan, and a young one at that. It turned out to be quite delicious.

As the deserts were polished off and the dishes removed, Khulbe heaved his massive bulk more upright and the slave girls straightened their backs on the small cushioned stools they occupied.

"I am going to retire. I have a number of engagements tomorrow that I cannot miss." D440 translated rapidly as Khulbe began to move his bulk toward the darkness beyond the curtains. "Enjoy your stay."

He waved away their thanks, and then paused, almost forgetting what he had learned about humans. He knew Jast was not one for slavery but even a man like him would appreciate the company of a pretty girl.

"Jast, take your pick of my girls to keep you company. After Zura has chosen hers."

Then the darkness swallowed him.

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The Ronto Springs Casino – Gleetch


Twenty-one was the sum of the amount of points Gleetch had amounted in this current round of pazaak. Unfortunately for him, this means he had just lost fifty-five credits. For the third time this night, this new deck of cards had failed him. He cursed the night he bought it from that scoundrel of a Devaronian back on Tatooine.

That’s a bust. Better luck next time,” the Ithorian dealer echoed out through its two mouths as he collected Gleetch’s credits. He’d begun to organize his pazaak deck once more for whichever fool attempted to play the house again.

Gleetch sat motionlessly, staring down at his very own deck of cards. Oh, how they’ve failed him for the last. Finally, he jerked his head upwards very slightly. His round, dark eyes observed the dealer’s wrinkled face. The Rodian arose from his seat with great haste and pounded his fist upon the gaming table, garnering the attention of anybody nearby.

“Watch yourself, scum. I don’t take kindly to an Ithorian looking at me like that. If you have a problem, we can settle it outside like true men,” Gleetch spoke rapidly in his native tongue before patting his holster twice.

The poor Ithorian raised his hands upwards, entirely confused and afraid. He’d of course done nothing wrong but that was the way it went. “Apologies, sir. I meant nothing by it. Now, if you’d please leave. We don’t need any problems here,” he replied. The dealer’s stocks for eyes circled the room, in what was a plea for assistance.

Before the bounty hunter could even reply, two stocky Gran fellows approached him from behind. It seems as if the establishment had finally picked up on Gleetch’s loud antics. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d be blacklisted.

“Big guys, huh? Big guys! I’ve worked for your boss, you know! Wait ‘till he hears about this.” Gleetch began to walk away from the table, shaking his head. The two guards trailed him, ensuring he made way for the exit.

Receiving a shove of “encouragement,” the Rodian found himself back on the streets of Nar Shaddaa. He stood up, dusting off his red jumpsuit before storming off in the direction of his ship. Had it not been for Khulbe the Hutt owning that joint, a few people would’ve died.

No-doubt about that.

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Khulbe’s Palace – Jast

“Did you try the Gungan?” Telsa asked. Jast shook his head.

“I’m trying to keep to the stuff I recognize,” he answered. That was challenging. Though Jast had been to more than a few of the galaxy’s corners, Khulbe’s staff had assembled a dining experience that sampled dishes from across the known universe, many from worlds of which Jast had never heard. It was a surprisingly eclectic experience of the palette, and, to be sure, a welcome one. lol

Before they knew it, the evening had run its course. Jast and Telsa thanked Khulbe for his hospitality as he departed, and the captain made note of the Hutt’s offer. It was not one he was interested in taking up. Moral qualms aside, he imagined Telsa would not approve, which was reason enough.

After Khulbe’s departure he and Telsa made their rounds, saying goodbye and goodnight. As they spoke, Nima, the fire-skinned Twi’lek, gently guided them to the throne room doors. They swung open, and as Jast and Telsa made to leave the slave girl spoke.

“Captain, a word?” she asked. Jast paused, considering her with quizzical interest. He waved Telsa on. His blonde compatriot, slightly drunk, nodded and made her way to her quarters without him.

“Of course.”


Jast nodded, noting that they were decidedly not alone here, and they proceeded down the corridor toward his quarters. He assumed Khulbe’s license, heard by all, would allow them to proceed without being accosted, but there was a nervous anxiety in the back of his mind. This was a dangerous place to take ungranted liberties. He made polite conversation as they walked, complimenting her dress, the food, the entertainment. They reached his rooms. As the door slid close behind them, he went to the bar.

“I know touching is an issue,” he said, pouring a pair of drinks, hard liquor, and sliding one toward her, “but if drinking isn’t, please feel free. What’s on your mind?”

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Khulbe's Palace - Nima Tarkona

Nima caught the glass with ease and carefully sipped the drink. She typically wasn't one for hard liquor or heavy drinking as it doesn't take much for her to start feeling it's effects. She also isn't a fan of how it causes one to lose control over their mind and body.

"Touching, at this time, isn't an issue since permission was expressly given by Master Khulbe. If you want to touch me, you will be free to do so. Otherwise, if that permission wasn't extended, just me being in this room would have spelt trouble for the three of us were I to be found here." She took another sip of the brown liquor, "Drinking also falls under the same category."

She held the cup in her hands, almost unsure how to continue. She was afraid, but she wasn't sure if she was afraid of his answer or how it might change her. Subconsciously, she started to spin the glass cup between the tips of her fingers as she finally brought herself to ask him the question that has been bothering her since the hangar incident. "Why did you stand up for the girl?"

Jast took a long drink, draining half of the liquor from the crystal glass before setting it down and taking a seat on one of the several high rise stools that flanked the marble counter. He motioned to the seat beside him, extending an invitation to sit. "You mean the Zelosian?" he asked after the moment's pause, his words slow and deliberate. Guarded, maybe. "Seemed like the right thing to do, I guess." He took another sip of the liquor.

At his invitation, she took the seat next to him, arranging her skirts carefully around her. Nima continued to play with her glass. "This is Nar Shadaa, Captain, no one does anything because it's the right thing to do. Especially when some stranger nearly screws up a business deal for them..."

"That's not how it is where I come from," Jast answered, leaning on the counter as he considered the liquor. He turned the glass in a slow circle. "I've been doing this for a while," he continued, "but I've never found it easy to leave the ideals of the Republic in the Republic. The worlds and the people out here are different, but I'm not." He took another sip, set the glass down again and returned his eyes to hers. "I don't know what happens to a girl who falls into Khulbe's hands, but I had a chance to keep it from happening. So I kept it from happening."

"Master Khulbe is probably the best a slave could ask for, which I know is surprising. He makes sure we are looked after." She never had to explain what it meant to live under Khulbe before, but most times her guests weren't concerned about holding a conversation with her. "I only hear comments here and there about the Republic. What exactly are their ideals? Is it really so different as here?"

Jast smirked, exhaled something resembling a small, mirthless laugh. "I don't know. It's a big place. Individual rights, though. Liberty. Freedom. That kind of thing." He took another drink, pausing to collect his thoughts. "There's no slavery. Well, I mean, there is, but it's illegal. Mostly. Like I said, it's a big, complicated place. Generally speaking, though, you're allowed to do what you want. Drink what you want to drink. Touch who you want to touch."

"There are free Twi'lek women here Captain, they are just few and far between. Most are sold by family, some sell themselves, and others..." she trailed off, taking another sip of her drink not wanting to finish that trail of thought. This was a door she hasn't opened in a long time. "How many twi'leks have you seen look like me?"

“A few, maybe? I couldn’t say.”

"And how many of them still have their freedom? Can live their lives how they choose to without fear?

“Maybe not so much here. But back home, for me, yes,” Jast answered. “The laws protect everyone in the Republic. So yes. If they lived on Coruscant, Corellia, Alsakan, yes. They could.”

"Here there is no freedom..." Nima ran a finger across her collar as she spoke. "What if she betrays you? Would it still be worth it?"

Jast shrugged, uncorking the liquor and pouring another glass. “I don’t know.” He put the harsh liquid back with practiced ease. “It’s not a crazy idea. We’re taking precautions with her while we’re in the air, just in case. It’s not safe bringing strangers aboard, but I think it’s worth giving her the chance. Considering the circumstances.” He rolled the crystal glass on the rounded edge. “What makes you so curious, Nima?”

Nima leaned back into the stool, crossing her arms as she spoke, "I have spent nearly my whole life on this moon being reared to be a class 1 slave and I have seen the darkness it holds. I have seen fathers, mothers, brothers sell their sisters and daughters. Some of these people would sell their own mother for a few credits. No one has offered kindness without wanting anything in return and would definitely not have offered it earlier in the hangar. I'm trying to understand you Captain. I have never met someone with your ideals..." She paused, afraid to voice what she felt for the first time in her life. It was hope that brought her here. Hope that someone would extend her that kindness, but there was fear there too.

Jast offered her a small smile. "I haven't met a lot of people like me here either. I'm not sure I understand myself half the time. Why I'm here, I mean. Why I work with the people you know," he said, voice seemingly thoughtful. "All I know is some things are right, and some things are wrong. I try to do the right things when I get the chance. So maybe that's helpful to you."

"It is." She replied, offering back a sad smile of her own. "That girl is lucky she snuck aboard your ship. I am starting to wish someone like you was there for me all those years ago..."

“She is. Hopefully she sees it that way.” Jast reached out to give her a brief, reassuring touch, hand to her shoulder. “I’m sorry I wasn’t.”

Nima laid her slender hand on top of his, savoring a touch that was given in reassurance, rather than lust. "Thank you for your time Captain. I will leave so you can rest for your trip tomorrow. I wish you safe travels and hope you return with your bounty." She removed her hand from his and stood, using the counter for support. She didnt drink enough alcohol for her to start feeling tispy, the conversation itself was draining on her. She stepped towards Jast and laid a hand on his broad shoulder.

"For luck." She said before laying a soft kiss on his cheek. "Good night Captain."

"Thank you," he answered. "Good night."

Nima didn't remember the walk back to her room. She barely heard the security system recognize her collar and open door to her chambers, she simply walked into the space when it was made available to her. Once the door shut behind her, she pressed her back against it and slid to the floor. It was then that her emotions were allowed to bubble to the surface and for the first time in years, she cried, hugging her knees to her chest for comfort.

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The Raven Trespass - Val

A shirtless Jaren Jast, caf in hand, flickered into holographic existence on the holoprojector console. “Hello?” he asked, setting down a datapad out of view

“I didn’t think you’d be awake,” Val said. The Twi’lek engineer was seated in the Raven’s pilot seat. It was so late in the night to be considered early morning.

“Still on Ord Mantell local time,” Jast answered. “What’s going on?”

“I was looking into hangars at Garbella Memorial,” she said. She was referring to Garbella Memorial Starport, one of the largest planetside starports on Nar Shaddaa. “Hangar 141 has an open berth next to the Rodia’s Revenge. It’s a freighter captained by a Rodian bounty hunter, Gleetch Elnam.” The holographic image of Jast was too small to interpret his facial expressions, but by Val’s estimate he seemed to become thoughtfully curious.

“Rodian bounty hunter?” he said, attempting to remember. “Didn’t I shoot him?”

“Did you?”

“Yeah, on Ryloth a few months back. During that job for Yurga,” he said.

“No, that was Gleenik. Gleenik Anam, I think. Different Rodian. This guy’s a freelancer. He’s a good merc according to Khulbe’s database.”

“You think we need the help?” he asked. Val nodded. She did, in fact, think they needed the help. Telsa had been right in pointing out they were going after the Pyxis. It was a dangerous group, and if the crew needed firepower, they didn’t have it.

“We do.”

Jast nodded. “Alright,” he said after a moment. “Book the hangar, we’ll talk to him about coming on with us.”

- - -

Spaceyard NSD-04 - The Mandalorian

Thresholds were the key to the Ministry’s operations. In a galaxy full of trillions, in an empire whose citizens numbered in the hundreds of billions, it was impossible to expect absolute security of information. The Ministry of Intelligence had determined long ago that there were certain tolerance thresholds it would have to accept, simply for the fact even an organization as robust as the Ministry lacked the resources to make itself omniscient. Some spies would go unrooted out, some defectors would disappear into the manifold worlds of the Republic, and some information would make its way into the hands of the enemy.

Medical records of hundreds of the Sith Empire’s highest-ranking administrators, Sith, and most prominent private citizens had not been within the tolerance thresholds the Ministry deemed acceptable, but once the offending Republic agents had escaped Nar Shaddaa, and then Tatooine, there seemed to be little to be done to remedy this failure of internal security.

The Gunslinger, as the intelligence team charged with reviewing the incident had named him, and his crew had escaped on an XS-class light freighter, such a common and replaceable ship that a hunt for the team seemed to more or less entirely impracticable. That said, they appeared to be irregulars, and the ship was outfitted with military grade ion warheads that required specifically designed, similarly military grade launchers to fire. The intelligence team concluded that it was probable that the ship was likely not a disposable asset, and that its crew would continue using it. A quick transponder swap was still an option for the crew, however, and that issue plagued the team’s ability to develop a strategy to track the field team.

Until a clever intelligence analyst on Dromund Kaas had applied the philosophy of tolerance thresholds to the problem.

While transponder signals could be changed with some clever slicing and engineering, even swapped freely with a dedicated program, a ship’s drive signature, that is, the many various emissions and signals given off by the ship’s engine, would remain the same without considerable effort. This was not particularly useful, usually, as ships within a particular class would have only marginally different drive signatures. This made transponder codes the superior form of identifying vessels, practically speaking. However, for ships as readily and eagerly modified as the XS freighter, the various modifications made to the ship would alter the drive signature substantially enough that similar ships could be distinguished from one another.

By using the sensor readings captured by the D-5 Mantis during its engagement with the freighter over Tatooine, the analyst was able to extrapolate a void-applicable drive signature, which could be used to parse through and compared to the drive signatures of other XS-class freighters. Initial tests showed significant enough variance in the drive signatures among XS freighters that the ships could be meaningfully distinguished.

For their success, the team was rewarded with a reassignment from the nigh-palatial accommodations of the Ministry of Intelligence’s central headquarters in Kaas City to a cramped office on an orbital spaceyard over Nar Shaddaa.

Deklen Ordo found something amusing in that.

Ordo stepped off the turbolift and into the offices of Kadiza Star-Traders, a company which existed only on digital registrations filed with the Nar Shaddaa government. Inside, a half dozen sleep-deprived analysts sat in their cubicles, furiously working away at their terminals on whatever it is analysts did. Ordo passed them by without much greeting and came to the office of Lieutenant Skaddi.

Skaddi was a lean, hatchet-faced Ministry officer with a deep mistrust of Ordo. Cipher 12’s mandate requiring the integration of the Mandalorian liaison had been accepted and executed, but professional accommodations did not extend to the Lieutenant’s personal relationship with the mercenary. Ordo didn’t care for him much either. Most of Cipher 12’s staff were overcompensated bureaucrats who had never fired a blaster at a moving target. He figured that kept him employed, though, so he didn't pass overly harsh judgment on this note.

“We have a 96% match docked at the personal hangar of a Hutt businessperson,” Skaddi said in greeting, eyes fixed on his terminal screen. “Entrepreneur and reputed crime lord by the name of Khulbe.” Ordo smirked. For all the things the Ministry of Intelligence knew, its understanding of Nar Shaddaa was superficial at best.

“I’m familiar with him. Following up will be difficult while they’re berthed there,” Ordo offered.

“Scans detected what we are highly confident is a modified portside missile system. We’re not following up,” Skaddi rebuffed him. “You will take a team planetside by way of the Manticore and wait for them to move. Once they’re clear of this hangar, apprehend them on the ground or incapacitate them in the air once they leave Hutt airspace.” Skaddi looked at Ordo, icy, piercing eyes locking with the Mandalorian’s. “Understood?”

Ordo offered him an appeasing smile. “Understood.”

- - -

Garbella Memorial Starport - Jast

Garbella Memorial Starport was the single largest structure in Dijuula City, a monolithic cylinder two kilometers wide and hundreds of stories in height. It was capable of accommodating nearly any atmospheric capable starship or aircraft in the galaxy in its massive array of hangar bays. Jast whistled as Telsa brought the Raven in on approach.

“That’s massive,” he said, his eyes taken away from the terminal for a moment. Telsa nodded, and continued updating Garbella Memorial Control with their approach vector.

“How’s the message?”

“Mr. Elnam and Company, my name is Jaren Jast, captain of the courier ship Raven Trespass. I understand that we have we a mutual association with Khulbe the Hutt, and that you have an excellent reputation as a mercenary. I have a unique and exciting opportunity with high potential compensation, and believe that you and your crew would be an excellent fit for the job. We will be docking our ship at Hangar 141 at Garbella Memorial Starport, and would be interested in discussing this opportunity further if it suits your interests.”

“I hate it,” Telsa commented after a moment’s thought.

“What about it?” Jast asked with a laugh.

“Mr. Elnam and Company?”

“What am I supposed to say?” Jast asked.

“Just, Gleetch Elnam. Colon,” she suggested. Jast tilted his head, and acquiesced, amending the greeting from Mr. Elnam and Company to Gleetch Elnam:.

“Fair enough,” he said.

An hour later, after clearing their approach and descending into the great central ring of Garbella Memorial on repulsorlift power, Telsa set the Raven down in Hangar 141. She completed her post-landing checks with practiced ease, and they lowered the boarding ramp and disembarked a few minutes later.

Val and their new crewmate, the Zelosian T’a, made their way to a stack of crates, where Val planned on assigning T’a to do inventory on the provisions they’d ordered to restock the Raven. Most of what they were taking on was water, but they had an urgent enough need for dry goods that Val, acting in her quartermaster role, had insisted on provisioning the ship before making another trip off-world. Jast watched as she handed off a datapad to T’a to take inventory while she spoke with the docking officials. E2-M6, the ship’s astromech droid Val had tasked T’a with repairing upon her coming aboard, beeped excitedly as it followed the Zelosian on her errand. Boqorro, Val, and now E2 had taken a liking to T'a quickly; Boqorro had even fixed up her old blaster for her, which the Zelosian now carried strapped to her thigh.

“What now?” Telsa said, hands on her hips. Jast shrugged, taking in the massive, four-ship hangar bay and settling his eyes on the silent form of the docked Rodia’s Revenge.

“We wait for Thrax and Sena. And we see if Mr. Elnam and company want to play ball,” he said. Telsa nodded.

“Easy enough.”
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Garbella Memorial Starport – Gleetch and Co.

“We really need to invest into a fucking cleaning droid,” Gleetch growled as he maneuvered through the confines of his ship. His elongated fingers trailed against one of the ship’s overlaying pipes, revealing just how dust-filled the ship was. Luckily, he had a canteen full of that lovely drink to soothe his woes.

A curious beep was arising from the direction of the ship’s cockpit. From the looks of it, the gang had a message. It wasn’t often that they’d get these. Usually, they were offered contracts in person. Truth be told, Gleetch hated being on this piece of metal. He took any chance he got to land and stay as for away from it as possible. It was always so claustrophobic and stuffy. Well, that shouldn’t be a surprise when you buy your ship from some bum merchant on Ryloth for cheap.

Rubbing his face, the Rodian took a swig of his canteen and entered. He saw the large Houk, Bluurok, sitting down and observing this constant beep.

“Look, Gleetch. It’s been making noise for the past five minutes,” the Houk sat there with absolute concentration. One could even mistake him for a statue.

“You’re an idiot. You know that? Get out of the way.” Gleetch remarked with scorn in his voice before pressing forward. He patted the giant’s shoulder twice, signaling for him to move. Thankfully, he did.

“Why don’t you do something useful and fetch Jor’ Kai, eh?” The Rodian said before focusing his attention on the ship’s terminal. His fingers began to clack at a few buttons, opening up the message.

“Gleetch Elnam: my name is Jaren Jast, captain of the courier ship Raven Trespass. I understand that we have we a mutual association with Khulbe the Hutt, and that you have an excellent reputation as a mercenary. I have a unique and exciting opportunity with high potential compensation, and believe that you and your crew would be an excellent fit for the job. We will be docking our ship at Hangar 141 at Garbella Memorial Starport, and would be interested in discussing this opportunity further if it suits your interests.”

“Interesting…” the Rodian muttered to himself before hearing the loud padding of footsteps behind him. In stepped Bluurok once more and the infamous Jor’ Kai right behind him.

“Let me guess. Some Hutt on a rimworld?” the crackshot pilot, Jor’Kai remarked. He crossed his arms, waiting for the Rodian to explain. From that look on his face, he was probably fairly annoyed. On the other hand, Bluurok just stood there looking as aimless as usual.

“Not exactly,” Gleetch replied. “Just read it for yourself.”

“You know I can’t read, Gleetch.” The Houk said firmly.

Heaving out a loud sigh, Gleetch didn’t even bother offering up a reply.

Jor’Kai grinned as began to approach the monitor, “It’s alright, big fella’. All you gotta do is read the zeroes. That’s how much we’re getting paid.” He peered in, scanning the message.

“Well, what do you think? I’ve seen that Jast fella’ around Khulbe’s before; smuggler type. I assume they need muscle,” Gleetch added. “If they try to pull anything, I like our chances.” The Rodian smirked.

“Well, why the hell not?” Jor’ Kai responded. “We could use the extra credits.”

“You know,” Gleetch began as he typed up a response. “They’re actually in this starport. Why don’t we pay them a visit?

The message Gleetch wrote read as…

”We’ll be there shortly. Expect us.”

Jor’ Kai chuckled as he glimpsed at the short message. “You got a way with fuckin’ words, Gleetch. You know that? Let’s get moving.”

The Rodian waved his hand dismissively as he arose from the pilot’s chair.

The trio began to make way for the ship’s boarding ramp. As they watched it slowly descend, each of the bounty hunters took one look at each other. Gleetch nodded before making his way out of the Rodia’s Revenge. The others followed.

“That’s the one,” Gleetch spoke as he pointed at the Raven Trespass, docked at hangar 141. The three bounty hunters made pace for the ship, scanning the area for anything of interest. Once they stood firmly in front of the Raven, the trio would simply wait.

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Nar Shaddaa - Thrax and Sena

Sena woke to the sound of her commlink beeping and groggily turned her head to the left to look at the clock on her nightstand. It was early in the morning. Too early for the night she had. To her right lay Thrax, who slept like the dead, undisturbed by the ringing or her movements. She contemplated ignoring the call in favor of savoring the warmth of her linen sheets but she decided otherwise and with heavy limbs Sena rolled out of bed, exposing her nude body to the room. She dragged her feet to where her clothes lie in a messy pile and fished out her commlink.

"Sena." she answered, her voice heavy from her slumber.

"Good Morning, It's Val."

"Morning! Early call must mean you have details about this job for Khulbe that Thrax told me about? Or at least where to meet the Trespass?" She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she spoke and was glad she rolled out of bed to take the call.

"Yes it does. 30k each if you'll take the job and exact details about it will be given when you get here. We'll be docked at the Garbella Memorial Starport."

Sena took a moment to think about the offer, running slender pale fingers through her short black hair. It was a high risk/high reward job, that much was given, but she liked the crew of the Trespass and 30,000 credits is 30,000 credits. She figured they could always refuse once they heard all the details if the risks were too great.

"Which Hangar?" She asked.


"Alright, see you later!" She said as she hung up the call and turned to crawl back into bed. Inhaling deeply, Sena wished she could just close her eyes and go back to sleep but she knew if they were going to make it to the hangar at a decent time, they needed to get up soon. For that to happen, she had to wake up her slumbering partner who had turned in his sleep towards her direction while she was on call. Sena started by tracing her fingers along his chest, making random symbols upon his skin, seeing if that was enough to wake him. When he didn't react, she moved her body closer to his and started planting small kisses starting from the nape of his neck and working her way down, occasionally using her teeth to gently bite him. Thrax's breathing pattern soon changed from the deep even respiration a person does during sleep to the more shallow, quickened breaths.

Sena stopped when she reached his hips and brought her gaze up to meet his, very much pleased with herself.

"I can get used to waking up like this." Thrax said, his voice deep.

"Val called to give us a rendezvous should we want to take on the job. They'll be at Hangar 141 at the Garbella."

"Any details?" he asked.

"They'll be given when we get there."

"Damn, I had wanted those details before we saw them… do we have time for you to finish what you started?" Thrax asked, his eyes dancing with excitement. Sena replied by returning her soft lips to his body.


It was early afternoon by the time Sena arrived at the starport by air taxi. She paid her driver and waited with her gear by the main entrance of the port for Thrax, keeping a careful eye on the sea of species that moved around her. Pickpockets and thugs frequently use these areas as hunting grounds for travelers who don't pay attention to their surroundings. She had packed relatively light, one duffle bag carried the tools she needed for work and the other carried her personal items. Sena didn't have to wait long at the bustling mouth of the port before Thrax showed up, which was impressive given he had to travel back to his place to pack and change. He brought with him a securely locked trunk for his belongings rather than a bag like she did. He would be bringing with him more sensitive items than she would, as all her data pads were equipped with security settings that made it so only she had access to their contents. With a short greeting, Sena plopped her bags on top the trunk and they carried their belongings together.

The pair made their way to the hangar where the Raven Trespass was docked, weaving through the heavily trafficked port with ease even with their belongings in tow. There were many other species traveling as they were. Some were on their way to jobs, others were wandering from one port to the next seeing where their travels will take them. Even fewer were more high profile people that paid others to protect and move their property while they conduct business. Once they reached the blast doors of the hangar, they placed the trunk down so Thrax could activate his commlink to hail Jast's ship while Sena fixed the dark brown jacket she wore back into place and kept an eye on their luggage. As soon as a connection was established they resumed their march through the doors while they waited for someone on the ship to accept the call. Even if they decided not to take the job, at least they got some decent exercise out of all of this. In front of the Trespass they found an interesting trio: a Rodian, a human, and a houk. They stopped their approach at the sight of them, not wanting to alert the strangers to their presence.

"Either Jast is in trouble, or he is assembling one hell of a crew for this job." commented Thrax as he signaled for them to quietly place down their luggage. If things were to get dicey, he would be ready for it. He lowered the volume on his device and handed it to Sena; it was still ringing.
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Garbella Memorial Starport, Hangar 141 - Jast

Jast rubbed a temple. This really didn’t qualify as negotiating. No, it was more haggling than anything. The Twi’lek dockmaster, a tall, sallow skinned being with a shit-eating grin like a shark’s, would not stop smiling. He wanted twenty percent above market rate for the water and wouldn’t clear them for takeoff until they paid.

Not even haggling. It was plain extortion.

“Let me take it from here,” Val said, “looks like we have company.” The engineer nodded over to the gathering crowd. Jast looked over and gave Telsa, ever on his right, a nod.

“Alright. You take care of it. No more than fifteen percent, final offer,” he said, the last bit directed with pointed frustration at the dockmaster. Val nodded, and let the two get to the real work.

Jast and Telsa walked over from the hangar’s far right, and as they approached, the captain of the Raven Trepass flashed their guests a broad, white smile.

“Thrax, Sena,” he said as they closed the distance, giving them both firm handshakes in greeting. “Pleasure to see you two again. And you,” he said, moving to the Rodian at the head of his trio, “must be Gleetch Elnam,” he said, offering the captain of the Rodia’s Revenge a hand in turn. “That’s a great looking ship you’ve got over there. Jaren Jast, captain of the Raven Trepass. Pleasure to meet you.”

Telsa, meanwhile, made introductions with Thrax and Sena. She’d become such an integral part of the crew that Jast often forgot she was still relatively new to the scene on Nar Shaddaa. She hadn’t had a chance to meet the breaking-and-entering tag team the last time the crew had contracted with the pair. “Right, sorry,” Jast interjected. “Thrax, Sena, this is Telsa Jetstar, our dedicated pilot. She’ll be flying us out to Ord Mantell for the job.”

- - -

Garbella Memorial Starport, Aerospace Control Tower 3 - Yaan

A short, stout Lannik sat at his console atop one of the eight vaunted towers of Garbella Memorial, at the very heart of the starport's nervous system. Aerospace Control Tower 3's deck was a busy, chattering office, abuzz with energy as dozens of aerospace controllers worked away to carry out the starport's day-to-day business.

Deben Yaan's communicator buzzed excitedly in his ear, and the Lannik tapped a button on his console. "Garbella Memorial, Aerospace Control," he announced into the receiver. He should sound more alert, he knew, but it was early and the caf hadn't done enough for him that morning. Not that he needed to be, really. Garbella Memorial was not only the largest starport on Nar Shaddaa, it was also the most advanced. The starport practically operated itself, its automated systems providing more than enough information and processing power to guide its air and starships through docking and launches. For all the business of the control tower's setting, he was more of a supervisor to the computer system than an aerospace traffic controller.

"Aerospace Control, I am requesting an immediate lockdown of Hangar 141," the caller stated flatly, save for some clear emphasis on immediate. It wasn't a request. Yaan's understanding of the military came from holovids alone, but that authoritarian bark sounded like an order a military officer might give. He yawned.

"Please provide clearance codes," he answered. The military officer-type on the other end of the call provided a long alphanumeric string, which the Lannik diligently recorded and inputted. The system denied clearance. "Please repeat," Yaan said, and the charade played out again. Denied. "I apologize, sir," Yaan said with clear insincerity, "but your clearance codes are out of date."

"This is unacceptable. I speak on behalf of the Sith Empire! That hangar needs to be locked down at this moment!" The caller's voice grew louder and more shrill with each syllable. Yaan took a sip of his third caf of the day, mulling over what the Sith Empire could want with a hangar currently berthing three light freighters. Or why a Sith official would be calling an aerospace control tower to do, well, anything. It felt too mundane.

"If you would like to speak to my supervisor, I can arrange for him to take your call," the Lannik offered, looking over to Grotto and giving him a nod. The Toydarian, busy with another controller's console a few cubes down, put up a hand in the universally recognized signal for wait. "He's busy at the moment, can you hold?"

"Absolutely not! Who is this-" Yaan pressed the hold button and drained the caf before taking his next call.
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Garbella Memorial Starport – Gleetch

The trio bantered amongst themselves, waiting for Jast and his crew to arrive. Talk of what the group would buy with the supposed shipload of credits they’d receive was the main subject. Gleetch would also make predictions on what exactly they were dealing with. If he had to bet on it, he’d no doubt wager on the issue being space. That seemed to be all too common nowadays. On the other hand, Bluurok hoped there would be no violence whatsoever. In other words, a waste of time.

“Who are those two?” Gleetch pondered as he saw two strangers approach the Raven Trespass. Just how many people did this Jast fella’ hire anyway? Gleetch only hoped there was enough credits to go around. While the Rodian loved his job, he sure as hell wasn’t going to do it for free.

Before the silence between the duo and trio could be broken, out came the Raven Trespass’s crew from the hangar’s far right corner. The trio sized them up, observing them for anything out of the ordinary. From the looks of it, they seemed to be the everyday mercenary. It was common practice for them to do this. After all, they were shady individuals who haven’t worked well with groups in the past. To the victor goes the spoils...as they say.

And so, the formalities came. It seemed as if the duo was familiar with Jast and the sort. Gleetch, had never met the man and was never one for greetings. He simply kept to himself, observing the entire scene with perhaps a hint of annoyance. It was no secret that the Rodian was ready to get going. He was eager to lay waste to some poor fools all while getting paid for it. This “camaraderie” was a hindrance. A waste of time, even.

Jast seemed to have gathered quite the crowd. This wouldn’t be the typical “find the target and blast him” type job. With the group assembled, Gleetch knew the bunch were in for quite the adventure. Luckily, this most likely meant a good payday. Now, he only had to decide whether he could trust them or not.

Finally, the smuggler captain himself would approach Gleetch with eagerness it seemed. His open hand would extend towards the Rodian, expecting a shake in return. Not one for formalities, Gleetch stared down at his hand before crossing his arms in response. He’d rather cut to the chase then make a new buddy. Not to mention, it isn’t like this smuggler had earned his respect. Any chum could deliver crates. Well, that’s what Gleetch told himself anyways.

“Let’s cut to the chase, smuggler. How much are me and the boys getting paid?” Gleetch spoke in basic. “While we’re at it, why don’t we discuss who we’re shooting at too? Seems like you’re gathering a small army.” The Rodian smirked while glancing over at the others. He looked back at Jor’ Kai who stood behind him. Usually, he’d be the one to do the talking. As evidenced by this encounter, Gleetch was not good at these sorts of things. On the other hand, Jor’ Kai was definitely much more charismatic and seemingly friendly to the everyday stranger. A completely different story when compared to the erratic and impatient Gleetch.
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