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Luke quite enjoyed the comfort the cushiony sofas provided, but upon seeing the other people that he would be living in group up and begin introducing themselves in the small kitchen, Luke decided that he would have to join them, and leaped up from the couch and walked into the couch, hands in pockets. He mirthfully looked at the assembled people in the kitchen, the 12 people (minus a few that had yet to arrive) that he would be spending the next few years with.

He knew Mei already, but there were a few more people that seemed easy enough to get along with. There was the blonde skirt girl, who actually was a member of House Lionheart. She seemed nice enough and confident, and Luke hoped they get along well.

Another two Legacies were present there. A guy named Enzo, from Arachne, introduced himself- while he did in fact look like he was two steps away from death's door, he sounded like a kind individual, and had a good sense of humor as well. The other Legacy was magic-less a Russian named Torok Vencor, whose musculature made Luke- who was quite proud of his own build- feel like a dwarf. He also seemed rather nice.

The other people there was a girl with a service dog, who Luke immediately felt a pang of sympathy (but also fear) for, a timid looking Greenhorn guy, another timid guy with long hair that was eating an apple, and a dark-haired young lady with killer fashion and a look of wisdom about her.

Luke stood quietly in the kitchen as the last new person, an unpleasant man with pale white hair and a nasty attitude, made a few comments about the lot of them, all of them not exactly welcoming. Him and Enzo got into a brief scrimmage before they both went their separate ways.

”Seems I walked in at a bad time,” he said sarcastically, leaning against the wall. ”Luke Svenson, Scion from good ol’ Denmark. Hope the next few years we share will be enjoyable and not involve any of us dying.”

”Speaking of dying,” he said, scanning his crowd over. ”I kind of wanted to get a good look at that Kappa pond tomorrow. Figure that a water-based creature won’t really do well against electricity. At least, if Pokemon’s taught me anything.” He grinned with a mischievous joy about him. ”Anybody want to come with?”

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"Hello, Alex." She offered her hand with a smile after his introduction. "Perhaps we can go hunting sometimes. I can teach you a thing or two about hunting myself," she said with great pride, puffing her chest. She was taught how to hunt as part of her marksmanship training. And good tracking skills was part of being a good Reaper. She used to hunt with rifles that was half as large as her body in the private hunting site her family possessed. "As a Legacy student, it is my duty to teach Greenhorns like you at all things involving on being a Reaper," she continued. She didn't say it outright but she believed that Legacy students were naturally superior to Scion and Greenhorn students, thanks to their lineage and the training they should have gotten from their families.

Towards Drakus however, she was far less amiable.

...What is wrong with this guy?

When he declared that he wasn't interested in knowing any of them before calling them pathetic, she nearly went to grab her pistol and send a warning shot right in-between his feet just to make him take back his words. However, Enzo then proceeded to tell him off verbally, and it was enough of a victory that she changed her mind.

However, she had to say some words of her own. She walked up to him and looked him up in the eyes with her hands on her waist (she was quite the shorter one of the two).

"That's right. Who are you to act like such a bigshot, huh?" She told him sternly. "Are you even a Legacy? What Family do you come from? I want to see who your parents are to raise such a badly behaved children like you."

Satisfied, she left the arrogant kid on his own. She had no time to waste on such a person. Really, it was a shame that she had to share dorms with him.

She then watched as the man she waved at from before introduced himself. Apparently, he was named Luke Svenson, and he was a Scion from Denmark.

"Pleased to meet you, Luke," she replied to him politely.

But then, he out of nowhere suggested that they checked out the kappa pool, even though the headmaster already warned against it.

"Are you mad?" she said to him with an annoyed tone as she crossed her arms, leaning her body on one leg over the other. "You know the headmaster just told us not to go there, right? And the real world is nothing like in your video games!"

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Deborah waited patiently as everybody made their introductions, arms crossed and smiling, looking the best she could as everyone stared at each other getting their first impressions. The mood had been nice yet tense, everyone seemed friendly, wishes of friendship along with fears of injury and death. She smiled softly as Alexandria ran head first into a faux pas, one that did not involve her undergarments for once, though it was a question that everyone was likely thinking as well.

"Yes, pardon the curiosity, but it is a bit peculiar. Is it a case of a total lack of magical sensibility or you just didn't adapt well to your house's traditional teachings?" she questioned, so her new friend would not be lone in her act. Though she suspected it was likely not the former case, being exceptional was the baseline for the school, and magic didn't always need to be sparks and fireworks, her own magic was quite discreet and focused on her senses and memory, for example, if she had developed it on its own instead of inheriting it she could have lived her whole life without noticing her own magical skills.

The pleasant mood was completely soured by that cute silver-haired boy she had seen so many times, it seemed he was a quite sensitive person, acting irrationally to the point his first act was to try to bully the blind girl. If she was not in a good mood she would have lost any goodwill towards him, though the day had been nice, with Alex's shenanigans and nobody bringing up any saint her family might have slain, so she perceived it more on the side of pitiful. So she chuckled dismissively at the act, though many took offense, including Alexandria.

Lucas was the last to present himself, and he brought a point of her interest. "I am interested in seeing that pond, seems like a waste that nobody can use it, plus, a pond so mystical to house Kappas ought to have some nice proprieties in its water. Yet, I am unsure if this is quite a Pokemon knowledge zone, Mr. Pikachu, I am sure Kappas fall in Youkai Watch or Shin Megami Tensei?" she smiled briefly before stopping herself. "Jokes aside, Alex is right, this is no video game. If violence was a possible solution, I am sure the veterans or the staff would have applied it already, it's not like Kappa are apex creatures, so I am left wondering why nothing is done. It could be cultural and religious respect, it could be a test or even a ruthless filter for overly curious students, but this is just guesswork...

She turned towards the direction of the kitchen, though her vision was blocked by a wall. "Oh, the water is ready. Just a minute." she quickly left and after some moments, returned. In her hand, a bowl of Anko, sweet red bean paste. It was mostly for herself, though she couldn't help but to take a spoon and offer it to the Petit Princess. "Here, taste this~" she said, holding the spoon near Alex's face.

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As introductions went on, Mei realized just how diverse their little group was. Greenhorns, Scions, and Legacies all together...that was going to make for an interesting living situation. She vaguely wondered if, somewhere at the school, there were other Lepidos kids wandering around. It'd be strange to meet a distant cousin, but more family couldn't hurt, right? It's not like she had any siblings. Mei gave a shy smile to Alexandria as she patted her back, appreciating the gesture; she'd heard Lionheart kids could be arrogant, but Alexandria seemed nice. The next person to speak up was Levi, whose brevity was...a bit surprising. Maybe he was a "less is more" kind of person; she could sort of appreciate that. Up next was a kid named Torok, who was apparently from House Ivory. Perhaps even more surprising, however, was his lack of magic. "Everyone has some magic in them. Maybe yours is just...a bit late?" Mei offered, though she wasn't entirely confident in her words. "Even then, there are Reapers who don't rely much on their magic."

After that little exchange, another boy spoke up. He seemed even more nervous than she was, which was actually a bit comforting. Hunting was a useful skill to have when dealing with demons; maybe she could learn something from him. "Nice to meet you, Alex," she spoke softly, giving him a kind smile and hopefully reassuring him somewhat. Just then, another voice called out, seeming friendly until a sharp drop in his tone. Turning to look at the newcomer, Mei tilted her head a bit in confusion. There was always someone like that, right? Someone absolutely incapable of being nice for half a second? She stayed calm, though, seeing as Enzo and Alexandria were already tearing into him. Maybe he just had really mean parents. Mei just shook her head, feeling more pity for him than anger.

When Luke popped in, the tone seemed to lighten up again. She already knew him, of course, so she just gave him a soft smile. At his mention of the Kappas, though, her expression turned into something more skeptically amused. "You know they'll drown us, right?" she said, crossing her arms. "I had a cousin who was killed by a Kappa. If another Lepidos kid gets drowned by one of those things...yikes." The Takahashi family was mostly based in Japan, so Kappas weren't exactly unfamiliar foes. "Sounds dangerous. I'm in," she decided, her smile turning into a playful grin. Deep down, though, she was more interested in keeping Luke from drowning.

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Levi Hall

As he listened to Enzo declare he might find himself seven feet under, Levi chuckled to himself, he found joy provoking the other teen. He wondered just how far he would have to hound the kid before he snapped and punched him in the face. Levi thought it would be fascinating to see Enzo lose his cool, the kid needed to lighten up.

The lightness of a hand being placed on his shoulder made Levi flinch, ever so slightly. He set his confused eyes upon Enzo, realization hit him after the frail teen finished his sentence. He had seen Levi looking at Flowers in Heaven, his face started to heat up, biting down on his inner bottom lip to stop himself from saying anything. His eyes and face turning into frustration and annoyance as he looked away from Enzo.

Levi’s head tilted toward the sunny voice that piped up proclaiming everyone looked beautiful. The guy, Torok, was right about the beauty of some of the teens. As he had just been caught looking at a harmless painting and being completely embarrassed by it he thought it was best to keep his eyes away from the two specimens he viewed as attractive.

After Torok stated he had no magic ability it seemed to have rattled a few of them. Levi not knowing to much about the rankings and status levels of the school did not care the larger one had no abilities. He was just thankful he was not the only one without such gifts.

Levi was finishing up his apple when Enzo expressed how he felt to Torok. It started off gloomy then becoming more light-hearted he even managed to land a blow to Levi, almost getting him to choke on a small piece of apple, it left him with a silent stud expression. Levi was not sure how to handle kids his own age he mostly grew up with no-good adults and their criminal activities. If you needed something settled a good fist to the gut fixed everything but here it was sharp-witted tongue. That was not Levis strong suit.

He only half listened to the boy named Alexander make his introduction. However, when Alex proclaimed he was good at hunting and tracking Levi wondered if thievery would be an easy skill for him to learn as he already had stealth and vice-versa in regards to Levi. Yet Alex did not seem to have the right aura for thieving so he shoved the thought out of his mind.

Levi’s arm hair stood up as the pale one recited his little dialogue, he had a bad atmosphere about him, he thought of him more like an animal then a teenager. Some people have crazy written all over them and this kid was one of them. Levi cursed under his breath as Enzo went up to the wild animal, he moved his body in a better position in case anything went down, eyeing the situation intently.

You’re going to get yourself killed.

Levi’s body relaxed when Enzo finally excused himself and walked to his new room. Levi kept his eye on the short sickly kid until he was out of eye sight. He was thinking about heading to his new room himself but the blonde that was on the couch popped up blasting off who he was.

The boy Luke asked if they wanted to join him with seeing the Kappa he hated water but he really wanted to see this Kappa. He could still look without getting to close to the pound. Right?

“I will go.” After the three little words he left to find his room not waiting for any answer back.

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The Lionheart chick that always seemed to show a lot of skin immediately rejected the idea of going to the Kappa pond, saying that it was dangerous (which it was), against the Headmaster’s wishes (which it was), and bashed his video game logic (which was fair). Though Alexandra seemed to be against the whole idea, Luke did manage to win over Mei and one of the Greenhorns, Levi, and the French Scion, Deborah, seemed to entertain the idea.

”Listen, Lex,” Luke began, looking at the blonde Reaper-in-training. ”The Headmaster said not to go into the pool, not go to the pool. So long as nobody decides to go swimming with the turtle demons, no rules and broken and nobody dies. Easy. I’d like to see a Kappa try and chase me down on land.”

”Either way, we can talk about it more tomorrow. It’s late, and quite frankly, I’m a bit tired. Surprise, I know.” He stretched his arms and turned to the stairs, looking over his shoulder at Torok. ”And by the way, dude, I want an arm wrestle in the future.” After saying that and giving the assembled students a wink, he ascended the blue staircase and went to his room.

His bags were laid neatly in a corner of the room, on top a red box that contained Luke’s weapons. The room itself was rather humble, with a simple desk, television screen, and cushiony bed. Luke flopped onto the bed, his beating heart slowly reaching a resting point and his eyes closing as the power of sleep lulled him to another place.

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Ryanne made her way down the stairs as the other students were discussing going to the Kappa pool. 'Not on your life.' She thought to herself. It would be just her luck they'd get caught and she'd get into trouble on her first real day at the school.

She went into the kitchen just as Deborah was offering a taste of something that smelled like beans to one of the others, probably Alexandria by her position. She made her way to the fridge and managed to find some berries, apples and grapes, and decided to make herself a simple fruit salad. 'Now to locate some bowls...'

This would be tougher for her, as since she wasn't used to this kitchen it would take a while for her to remember where things were. She started opening cabinets and feeling around. In the second cabinet she found the plates, and to the right she found some small cereal bowls. 'That'll work.' She carefully pulled one out and set it on the counter, then opened what she thought smelled similar to blackberries and blueberries and placed a handful of each in the bowl, putting the apple on top. She preferred her apples cut, but she wasn't in the mood to search for cutlery.

She put the remaining berries back in the fridge, then stood at the counter and began eating slowly, listening to her peers and thinking out her plan for the following day.
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Drakus just couldn’t let it go without getting some last final words in. Speaking softly as he left, being sure to show that his reply didn’t require his full attention or concern, he said.
”The inside of my arse you say? That would be less of a sorry sight then this sad mob.” he let out a small scoff, amused by his own words. ” And no, I did not come here to learn boy scouting skills from lowly rabble, I’ll take my place in the eternal dark before asking aid from a lessor.”

Barely turning his head, not even giving her his full attention, Drakus looked back at Alexandria out of his peripheral, and with a sigh of disdain replied.
”Fuck your legacies, and family names. It’s a misplaced unearned pride, but hang onto it if you wish and I’m sure you will get the chance to see my parents soon enough.” Drakus was not of legacy name or teachings, but had always been compared to those that were. Held to their standards and expectations so subsequently grew to hate them and all they stood for.

* * * * *

Upon finding and arriving at his room, despite the somewhat spacious and luxurious accommodation with all the amenities, Drakus was highly disturbed to find a secondary bed.
From his passing observation he suspected that his room had seemed a littler larger than the rest, and being the last in the hallway, perhaps it used to have an alternate intention. But still, he would rather sleep in the dirt than have to share with one of them. (Not literally of course.) He could only hope it was simply a spare. In any case it didn’t take him long to find his bed, sleep however wouldn’t come until hours later.

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Torok Vencor

The girl with the short skirt seemed to take offense to what he said. Typical of a lion heart too proud to know any better. She did say something about him not having any magic but he waited to reply to hear from the others in the room. Then a few others spoke up as well as a pale man that seemed to have a superiority complex. Then the sickly one spoke again, he seemed like a good fellow but he could only wonder what kind of training could benefit the poor lad.

His attention was drawn to the girl with the French accent as the lion heart stepped up to the pale white haired man. Again, another person seemed concerned over his lack of magical ability. All he could do was smile; even if they didn’t say it out right they were already worried about a stranger. Then another girl spoke her concern regarding his magical capability before joining in on the topic of the Kapa’s.

Another seemed to be enjoying a bowl of fruit and berries while the white haired man spoke up again toward the lion heart girl. Even if his words were harsh, he still smiled at all of them. Seeing a few of them head off to whichever room was theirs. Torok decided to answer a few of their questions and concerns. even nodding at Lucas's arm wrestling question.

“I have studied the magical styles and abilities of many reapers, including how their ability’s manifested whether it just occurred naturally or because it was forced. I tried to recreate all of those things to get my magical ability to come about. I know I have it, spending days with other reapers who just poured their magic into me with no change. I know I have it, because my body absorbed it… just didn’t use it.”

Still he was smiling as he looked over towards Mei, “oh I’m not worried about it. Mom says it is just taking its time, father is convinced it hasn’t surfaced yet because it’s very powerful and my body currently can’t handle it yet, but the rest of my brothers and sisters just call me Sleeper because of it.” He glanced back to the lion heart girl with the same friendly smile on his face.

“You know even though that one is… crude. just remember, no one can take on a behemoth on their own. He will meet his match and ask for help or die. Besides, it’s good to have someone like that in a group. I don’t know about you but I believe that he will be very good at making tough decisions, where I’m not very good at that. I’d rather try to save everyone, even if it gets me killed.” There he goes again trying to find the bright side of everyone and their usefulness.

“As for the Kappa Idea. I think I’ll pass on that tonight maybe tomorrow? we will see. I do not believe I will be sleeping in my bed tonight though. The night sky here is far too gorgeous to waste, especially when we don’t have to work for another day. If anyone would like to join me your welcome too I will never say no to company.” The tall blonde was still near the door and still smiling. However, it would seem a few of the others were already getting tired and heading off to bed.

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As several others retired to their rooms, Mei felt exhaustion grabbing at her. Despite the fact that she'd slept on the boat, it hadn't exactly been comfortable. Besides, she had to unpack, and that wasn't going to be a quick process. "I ought to get some sleep too. Need to be well-rested if I'm going to keep those Kappas from drowning all of us." It was a joke, of course, but not entirely untrue. Kappas were no joke. "I'll...see you all tomorrow, then." With a small wave, Mei turned and walked up the stairs to a door marked with her name. She paused, tracing her hand down the door and to the handle. For some reason, she found herself hesitating; if she walked in, it added so much...permanence to it. She'd never lived anywhere that wasn't San Francisco, and now she was all the way across the ocean in Japan. And yet, what else was she going to do? Call her parents and go home? That wasn't going to happen. So, she closed her eyes, and slowly opened the door.

As she walked inside, opening her eyes, she found her room to be...pretty modest, compared to the rest of the manor. Then again, by dorm standards, it wasn't all that bad. She had space, at least. Her luggage was off in one corner, with a desk in the other. A cushy-looking bed was pressed up against the wall, with a sofa and TV on the opposite side of the room. Dropping her purse at her feet, Mei unpacked the essentials from her luggage, leaving the rest for later. With a comfy set of pajamas on, her makeup and jewelry removed, and her succulent placed on the desk, she finally felt able to get some rest. There was even an outlet next to her bed, which was good news for her phone. She figured that about 6 hours of sleep would be enough; so, she set an alarm for 8 AM. Throwing herself into bed, Mei closed her eyes, the clutches of sleep pulling at her. Slowly, but surely, she was lulled to sleep. Whatever tomorrow held for her, she felt ready to face it.
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Alexander Grossem

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Thankfully a few of the people present offered some kind words and reassurances to Alex, as well as this it seemed that he wasn't the only greenhorn here, a small blessing but it was comforting to know he wasn't alone.
The girl would shared a very similar name to himself offered her hand, which he shook with a smile, turns out he might have a hunting companion as well, honestly it had surprised him that she said that, he had not taken her for the hunting type, of animals at least, demons he could believe.
"Yeah that would be sweet, it would be nice to hunt with someone pleasant for a change." Alexandria, or small Alex which might help in breaking confusion between the two would make for a far better hunting companion than his father did.

Alex gave a warm smile to Mei as his response, he had to admit he was glad he decided not to slink off to his room, he was actually enjoying being around others for once.
Well, some of them at any rate, one of the new additions threatened a dog... he threatened a service dog.
What sort of backwards self-conceited arsehole does that? The guy got a grilling off the others as recompense but Alex decided not to say anything about it.

Shortly after that commotion, a suggestion was made towards the group by Lucas, which was ridiculous, but at the same time it had piqued Alex's interest, at long last he would be able to see something that he had always thought to be nothing more than fairy tales, he didn't know what a Kappa was but Lucas referred to something called Pokemon, perhaps they were related? It would have to be something to ask, not now though, as it seemed most people were calling it a night and going to their rooms.

Alex still wanted to see what the surrounding woods were like though a nice walk through nature would help him relax in this strange new world, as well as that he could start making some markers as well no doubt these woods would be the host of a number of trials for the new students, so he may as well get acquainted with them.
"Hey, I'm going for a walk in the woods for a bit, if anyone wants to join me they're more than welcome." Hey, he didn't stutter that time, Alex is starting to get comfortable already, hopefully someone would join him though, if not a nice quiet walk in the night would be equally enjoyable before he called it a night.
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While others found it difficult to entertain themselves Rei had come prepared. A rather worn looking novel sat

on the corner of her bed. A title engraved across the cover that was almost impossible to read at a distance

but if you took a moment and stared intently at it, maybe even ran your fingers across the engraving, you would

discover that it was titled The Alchemist. A beloved book that she must have read a thousand time. A story

about a young Shepard who set out on a journey for treasure but in the end finds his personal legend, His

destiny. She didn't know why she loved the book so much, maybe it was because she wanted to be the boy in the

story. Maybe it was because she wanted to have adventures or perhaps it was because deep down, she always knew

that she was meant for something more. The String of destiny tugging her across her misfortunes, leading a path

to this very moment. She had arrived, she could feel it in her being and while others saw a tiny room. she saw

fate. Filled with pride and excitement, it would burst forth from her tiny being if she let it and of course she

would not. All this emotion underneath her cold collected shell. Her face a blank slate of any expression. You

would never know what she was really feeling. You almost might wonder if she was able to feel at all. Violin was

one of her many emotional outlets and it just so happened that she brought her violin with her and it was in

this very room. An Item that she Insisted was brought with her and not stowed away like simple luggage. Though

it took a little Persuasions, Rei had gotten her way. The case was tucked neatly against a pillow. She reached

for it and opened it, revealing a beautiful ebony violin lying dormant inside. She grabbed it gently and

gracefully tucked it under her chin. She turned it thoughtfully before letting her bow caress the strings in a

harmonious strum before freeing the musical notes into a vigorous tune with an upbeat melody. The sound filled

the room and carried throughout the halls filling the silent void for hours until her arms and neck ached and

fingers became numb. She felt calmer now, relaxed enough that she decided to slip on her nightgown and into

bed. Setting the lights in her room to a dim hue because she couldn’t bear being in complete darkness.

She drifted off into a deep slumber and had only awoken due to the sudden jolt of the boat. She slipped out of

bed and slipped on her silk robe while staring out the window. Contemplating the shadows and dim lights that

flickered against the fauna of the Island. The Halls soon came to life, the students crowding the halls and she

could hear the slight roar of their excited chatter outside her door. She would get dress and collect her

things and sit on the edge of the bed and wait..and wait … until there was no more sound. Then she would open

the door and make her way down the hall, on hand cradling the book to her chest and the other hung down at her

side, carrying the violin case. The ships halls were now peaceful and she maneuvered quickly thought them

without obstacle until she came to the pier and she hesitated for a moment before stepping onto it. Holding her

chin up she walked briskly fully over it and onto the soft earth. She could see the crowds of students off in

the distance and she was amazed at the quantity. She lingers behind in an attempt to become unnoticed and so

far it seemed to work quite well. Suddenly an older man came from the shadows and spoke out to the Edgar youths

in front of him. Demons… She never fought an actual demon only personal ones and was surely up to the

challenge. The fact was, the idea of fighting demons wasn’t what really surprised her but the small information

she just learned about her father. He hunted demons. He walked this very ground. Her years of resentment and

rebellious still lead her here. Like father Like daughter The thought repulsed her and a small jolt

of adrenaline-fueled her rage within. She ..took a deep breath and slowly exhaled Don’t get all worked

up, not over him.
Now that most of the students were making their way through the concealed paths of the

forest. Rei was more intrigued by the pond. She broke from the path and made her way towards the Kappa pools.

The steam rising into the air and causing an unearthly effect. Cautiously she started towards the murky water

with shadows of squirming creatures within. She wasn’t going to be deceived by the warm water, the fact that it

was even a pool was already off-putting, she would drown with or without the kappa’s help. Quietly she set her

things down. Her free hand reached into one of the pockets of her jacket revealing a sandwich bag full of

speared cucumbers. Apparently, this wasn’t just Rei favorite snack but also Kappa’s as well. She read somewhere

that they went berserk over cucumbers and could possibly be a tool to befriend them. Now seemed a better time as

any since the following day they would probably be all slaughtered. She opened the bag, grabbed a few pieces

before tossing them near the edge of the pond. She herself was at a reasonable distance so the fear of being

pulled in was minimal. She crouched down and waited ::::

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Alexandria heard Drakus' "retort" to her words. But she decided not to grace him with another answer. Hmph, I have nothing to say to a rabble who doesn't care about his family legacy.

She then listened to Torok's explanation on why he still hadn't manifested any magic. To her surprise, it wasn't because of some mistraining or anything. His family had tried to teach him on the subject, but he simply could not do it. "I-it doesn't make sense!" She blurted out once again. "No Legacy Reaper should be like that!"

She quickly realized that she might have been rude once more. And so she quickly added, "N-nevermind. It's not your fault after all. It's just..." she trailed off. It's just my own incorrect assumption... She finished the thought in her head.

Mel then brought up how some Reaper didn't really much on magic. Thinking logically however, she couldn't agree that it was ideal to be a magicless Reaper. "Magic is a significant part of the arsenal of a Reaper," she replied to her. "Without it, you might get by if you could compensate through your raw physical capabilities but you would still be much stronger with it than without it."

She then heard Torok trying to defend the terribly insolent boy from before. "Very good at making tough decisions? I only see him running away at the first sign of trouble," she replied, blatantly insinuating that he was a coward. "Those kinds of guys are selfish loners, not team players. He would definitely prioritize himself over the others." She then looked up straight to Torok's eyes. "I don't think taking a risk in trying to save everyone is a bad thing. In fact, that is how you should act as a Reaper. Never take the easy path. That's what my father always says. Taking risks is necessary for your growth, even if it means giving yourself more hardship as a result."

She finished her little speech with a remembrance of how harsh her training had been. Her parents would have her thrown into dangerous situations on her own without any backup. And she had to get out of there with her own strength, no matter what. She knew that they were probably watching over her from the shadows, but even when she sustained quite the injury that made her bleed, they still didn't come. The pain was enough to make her cry. But in the end, she had to bear it and finish the training, even with said wound. That's why they had taught her self-aid, so that she could sterilize, suture, and bandage her own wounds.

After hearing how some students were onboard with Luke's plan on seeing the kappa, she could only let out a sigh of defeat in response. "Fine. I'll go," she told him. "But like you said, not to swim. Just to sightsee," she emphasized. She was surprised though by how Mei reacted. She took her to be the timid type. But then, she said she was in, even though right before that she said it was dangerous, and how a cousin of hers was killed by one of them.

I guess she is less timid than I thought she was...

"S-sorry for your loss..." she said to her, referring to her cousin. She was fortunate that she had never experienced a tragedy like that in her family.

She could see how Deborah was the type to be interested though. And her words piqued her interests as well. Magical properties in the water? If they could help her in her duties as a Reaper, she would certainly love to take a dip in it for sure.

As long as there weren't any kappas.

The heiress then suddenly left. Something about the water? Was she cooking something in the kitchen?

She then returned holding a bowl of some strange dish she had never seen before. With a smile, she offered a spoonful of it to her.

"E-eh, w-what is this?" Alexandria said to her, flustered by the suddenness of the offer. "Some kind of food? W-well, I guess one spoonful couldn't hurt..."

She took the entire spoon in one gulp. She paused a little, assessing the strange, unfamiliar taste spreading in her mouth, until she exclaimed, "Mmm, that was delicious! I've never eaten anything like this before!"

She then blushed, realizing that she was embarrassingly being excited over food. Coughing, she added, "Y-yes, that was very delicious indeed."

"Good. Then it's a deal!" she replied to Alexander. Hunting had definitely become a hobby of hers, not just part of her needed knowledge as a Reaper.

"Going for a walk to the woods? At this hour?" She raised her eyebrows. "Are you sure that's a good idea? Aren't you tired?" she asked him with her arms crossed.

However, she didn't say no. With a sigh, she replied, "Fine. I'll go with you. I'm not that tired myself as well. Got a lot of rest on the ship." Boring rest, she added in her mind with annoyance.

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Levi Hall

Levi had found his room, with his back to the closed wooden door, he inspected the small space. Some of his other housemates seemed to be sharing but Levi’s room was made for one, this would explain the size. Even though his room was smaller it still was large enough to fit the single vertically placed bed tucked away in the far left corner, siting beside the bed was a tiny one drawer nightstand, a desk with a small television planted on top lined the wall horizontal next to the door entrance. On the opposite side, in the right corner, stood his heavy bag(for boxing) already placed on its stand with his other possessions settled underneath, and a wooden dresser five feet away from his belongings.

While pulling objects out of his pants pockets he walked over to the nightstand casually tossing the items on top of its surface. His cellphone landed with a thunk, remembering it has been dead for almost two days Levi went to the corner to retrieve his cell-charger. Being overly exhausted he opt to unpack the rest of his property tomorrow, or any other time that wasn’t now, he didn’t have much just two large green duffle bags and his guitar in its case. It only took him a minute to find his charger and another to plug it to the wall and phone.

Levi switched the light off then plopped on his back atop the new bed, hands behind his head, the single mattress was soft and comfy. However, after almost an hour of tossing and turning sleep still did not draw near. Levi knew why, giving a little curse, he went back over to his belongings to ruffle through one of his duffles. Eyes having already adjusted to the darkened room Levi easily found the thing he needed to catch some Zs.

Within seconds Levi was asleep.
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Alexander Grossem


Alexandria Vesperantus

Alexander was glad that someone had decided to join him, and it was none other than his potential hunting buddy in the future, this would be an ample opportunity to see what type of person she was, but perhaps beyond that it would be nice to talk to someone from his home country, and someone who was a member of the families related to this school he could stand to learn a great deal from a conversation with her.

”Great! I’ll just grab a few things from my room and I’ll meet you at the door.”

Alex made his way upstairs and found his room, a sign on of the doors marking which one was his.
Upon entering his was stunned slightly, he was room was so big! Well, in comparison to his old room, it was easily twice the size, it also had a lot of things in it which he had never owned in his life, a PC being one of them.
Perhaps the most perplexing was the fact that his rifle from back home was leaning against the wall nearby his violin and a stand where you can read a music sheet from, as well as a little stool that looked rather ornate to be something as simple as to sit on.
They must have thought it would be a little strange for a hunter to be without a tool to hunt with, he was grateful for that at least.

Alex found his bags and rifled around in them abit, withdrawing a knife in it scabbard, which he put in his jeans pocket, and an object that looked like a marker pen - it was a fluorescent chalk, it would serve as a marker in the night until he got his bearings in the woods around them, that was all he needed really.

He made his way downstairs and waited by the door for Alexandria.

Alexandria herself on the other hand also took a little detour to her own room. But for a different reason than Alex as she already had everything she needed (her gun) on her.

She kinda needed to go to the bathroom first.

Only now after she finished talking with everyone that she realized her need. Squirming a little, she headed upstairs immediately to find where her room was.

Once inside, she was once again surprised by how spacey and comfy it was. It was almost as luxurious as her own room back home. She had a bookshelf to put her books in, a wardrobe to put her clothes in (with a large dressing mirror on the side), a shoerack to put her shoes in, a pair of study chair and table, and even a desktop computer (she had no time to check its specs right away unfortunately).

And the bathroom, it was just as luxurious, if not more.

It had both a shower and a bathtub, giving the option of a quick bath or a long, relaxing one. She saw all sorts of fragrant soaps she could use for the latter. There were also shampoo, conditioner, and a pair of toothbrush and toothpaste. And of course, there was also a towel as well. All adding to that, there was a large mirror built into the wall and a hair dryer as well.

After relieving herself, she returned back downstairs. She saw that Alex was already waiting for her.

“So, shall we go?”

Alexander turned to see that Alexandria had not decided to to change her clothes into something more fitting, it wasn’t exactly warm outside afterall, but each to their own.
”Yes, let’s.

The pair made their way outside into the chilly night air, the clouds were sparse, and stars littered the night sky, a waxing moon was giving a small amount of illumination as well, it was really quite serene and idyllic.
The woods themselves surrounded their new home and it was evident straight away that they didn’t quite seem like any normal grouping of trees.
It seemed like they absorbed sound in a similar sort of way snow or fog does, it’s like there was a barrier between the path and the woods themselves, it also felt as if there was something lurking in the depths of the shadows, but Alex just thought that was the nerves of a new place acting up on him.
Alex, and Alexandria made their way to the edge of the path and peered into the darkness, where Alex broke the silence. ”It seems kinda eerie in there, I can’t really place it though.”
Turning to Alexandria, Alex asked ”Do you think there’s any demons in there?
“This close to the dorms? No, I don’t think so,” she replied. “That would be too dangerous for the students, especially since we’re newcomers and all.”
She might said that but she still looked around warily around the dark woods.
Never hurts to stay cautious after all…

Whilst her words provided a small piece of confidence, the memory of the headmaster nonchalantly talking about sending students home in bodybags did give rise to some concern in his mind, but if there was anything truly dangerous in there, they would most likely have been informed.
”Well, I suppose there’s only one way to find out… Alex made a step over the threshold into the woods, nothing really changed much, it just seemed darker - to be honest Alex wasn’t quite sure what he expected to happen.

The pair began their short excursion into the some unknown territory, it remained uneventful and silent for a few minutes until Alex came across a sycammore tree, he found it quite odd considering that was the only one he could see and the climate didn’t really seem to suit it, he put the thought aside however as he pulled out the fluorescent chalk from his pocket and marked it, over the coming weeks this would be one of many he’d make, it what he’s done for most of his life after all.
Alex spoke as he put away the chalk ”Hey, I heard a lot of talk about families back when we made introductions - are a lot of people’s families important here? I know that it’s got something to do with Scion’s and Legacy, but not sure what exactly…
“What, you don’t know?” Alexandria replied, her voice sounding a little annoyed. “The Legacies are direct descendants of the thirteen original apostles of Charon! Scions are the less-than-direct ones, and then you have the greenhorns that are not related to them in the slightest,” she explained. “It’s natural then that Legacy students are held with the utmost importance as well as given the most expectations.”
Alex didn’t really understand the gravity of what was being said, but he had heard the name Charon before, it was a greek god or something and the name of one of Pluto’s moons.
”So, you’re a Legacy student of… Lionheart right? Alex hoped he had remembered correctly she seemed a bit annoyed by his lack of understanding.
” What’s your family like?”
“My family?” Alexandria paused for a bit before answering. “They’re… fine. They can be a little harsh sometimes but that’s only because they want the best for me,” she explained.

Alexander nodded in reply, he wasn’t quite sure of his own, well, they have disowned him now, but still it seemed difficult not to think about them from time to time.
They’ve been walking aimlessly for a while now, And Alexandria was starting to feel bored. Nothing was really happening, and there weren’t really any sights to see as it was pitch black around them.
“So, should we return soon?” she asked her traveling companion. “I think that’s enough night air for me already.”
Alex was in agreement, honestly, he thought there would be something interesting in the forest, but was mistaken.
Ah well, there’s going to be plenty more opportunities to explore in the future.
”Yeah, I think that’s a good idea, the cold is starting to get to me now as well.

And with that the pair headed back the way they had came - marked by the fluorescent chalk Alex had been using.

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Luke awoke the following morning at the crack of dawn, around 5:30 to 6:00 AM, from a loud moaning sound that resonated throughout the house. Luke leaped out of bed, his eyes scanning the vicinity in trepidation, before realizing that the TV screen in his room was blinking bright red and displaying the words “MORNING ALARM.” He sighed annoyedly, or maybe even a touch disappointedly.

Though initially miffed at the sudden, unnerving, and very, very loud alarm, Luke was also quite glad that the alarm had woken him and given him time to enjoy the morning and explore the grounds. Quickly, Luke dressed into a casual outfit- a t-shirt and pair of khaki shorts, a light olive jacket, and a pair of beige hiking boots, before journeying downstairs.

He noticed the fridge had been restocked with a variety of food items overnight, a revelation that surprised him as much as it miffed him- staff were entering their dorms at night, unless there was some strange magic at work. Casually taking a slice of bread from a loaf sitting on the counter, Luke sat at the counter, eating the slice while waiting for others to join him in the barren kitchen.

To join him, perhaps, on new adventures through Death Island's many nooks and crannies.

Speaks to:

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Levi Hall

When the alarm went off Levi’s body jerked to the right, rolling off the bed with a loud thump, his body ached and his head was groggy so it took Levi a few moments to realize where he was. He lifted his head up, seeing the television flash ‘MORNING ALARM’, he threw the only thing available at arms reach toward the blinking bright light.

“Oh no, Mr.Fluff I didn’t mean to throw you.” He slowly picked himself off the ground to retrieve his precious plush.

Unsure of the time Levi unplugged his cell-phone from its cord in sync with holding down the side button to turn it on. While it was firing up Levi stuffed Mr.Fluff Under the bed not wanting anyone to see him, instantly after the phone finished booting a wave of unanswered calls and texts lit up the screen.

Old Man: Son be home late on a winning streak feeling damn lucky with sky diamond she looks like she got speed

Old Man: did you even come home last night

Old Man: we finally found safe way to move the warehouse goods big payday coming

Old Man: you been gone for almost two days where you at you getting my text

Old Man: text or call me back you are starting to piss me off

Old Man: seen your shit is gone where the hell are you

Aidan: Yo LJ where you at man your dad is tripping

Kat: Levi love please call your father he is very worried about you


Ash: For all that is holy will you get a hold of your father! He is driving me nuts! This is why we did not last you have to much family drama.

He never told his father about the scroll nor the Reapers that killed the creature from it and when the packet from The School of Death arrived he still kept silent. He knew his father would never believe or maybe he just did not want to share the new world he became a part of. Whatever the reason when the time came Levi packed up his things an left without a word to anyone.

Squeezing his eyes shut, throwing his head back, a sigh escaped his lips. He knew he needed to tell his father, it is not like he could stop him now, he popped back a quick text.

Fu*k off! I am doing my own thing.

Within seconds his father responded back. Old Man: you little shit where are you what the hell you talking about doing your own damn thing

Instead of shooting off another text he called his father, with great agitation, he paced his new room explaining to the old man where he was. Yet he still skipped on the demons and reapers. A lot of cussing was involved but in the end Levi won the argument. It is not like the older thief would bring in the law to help find his son nor could he go off and try to track Levi down himself. Levi pushed the end button but not before he promised his father to keep in touch every couple of days.

After grabbing a quick shower Levi dressed in an over-sized, black, long-sleeved sweater a maroon tank top underneath with dark jeans and boots to match. His next step was to grab himself something to eat from the kitchen. Turning the corner he watched Luke bite into a plain slice of bread.

What kind of psycho eats plain bread.

Levi himself grabbed two slices of bread, peanut butter, and banana to make a sandwich. He also grabbed a bottle of water to wash the thickness of the sandwich down. He leaned his back against the counter munching on his food.
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Ryanne jumped when the alarm went off, though she had been awake for some time already. George rolled over and grunted at her side, then sniffed her hand to see if she was awake. She patted him on the head and sighed.

"Time to get up George. Gotta get used to a schedule again." Ryanne was used to getting only four or five hours of sleep at night, though she suspected that would change as her activity level increased with the school's various training programs. Her blindness also lead to insomnia, though she always at least laid in bed between 10 pm and 5 a.m. With a more rigorous schedule she hoped that would change, otherwise it would be a miserable several years for her.

She stood and stretched, taking care to do her morning yoga before getting ready for the day. The stretching released tension she had been unaware of in her shoulders and lower back, making her feel much more awake and ready to tackle the newness of the school grounds. Going to her clothes she selected a nice soft sweatshirt and jeans. Her mother always bought her colors that went with her hair and eyes, so this was a dark blue that made her paling eyes pop brighter. Not that Ryanne cared much, she couldn't see herself anymore. She put on some tennis shoes and brushed her hair into a messy bun at the nape of her neck.

Calling George over, she attached his halter handle and yellow service dog vest to his halter. He licked her face a few times as she did so, which was his way of showing her that the new place wasn't going to change him. In the four years she had had him he had licked her face as many times as he could while she put his halter on, which always earned him a hug and a few treats from his jar. She fished those out of her trunk, throwing them at him and hearing him jump to catch them.

"Good boy." she said, scratching his chin as he came over to her. "Let's get this day started, shall we?"

Heading downstairs to the kitchen she sensed that there were two others already there by their shadows in the kitchen.

"Good morning!" She said brightly, feeling a bit more social after a decent bit of rest. "Could one of you point me to bread, a banana, and the toaster? I don't wanna bother y'all by lookin' for it."
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Alexandria slept like a log, only having sweet dreams in her mind as she slumbered. And so it was only making her more displeased when the TV alarm woke her up earlier than she wanted.

"W-wha... What is that noise?" She sat up on her bed, groggily looking around while rubbing her right eye. She soon found out that the TV in her room was flashing, and it was proudly displaying the text announcing that yes, it was indeed the one who was making the loud alarm noise.

She yawned, raising both of her arms upwards for a stretch. She got off her bed, turned off the alarm with the TV remote, and then undressed herself as she was going to take a shower.

"Aaah...." She smiled in delight with closed eyes as she enjoyed the warm water the shower was giving to her. Not only that it cleaned up her skin, but she also felt that it was relaxing some of her tense muscles from the long journey the day before.

Finished, she dried herself off with the towel available. She dressed herself back with all new and fresh clothes, finding her old one starting to smell a little. Being clean was part of keeping the good name of Lionheart after all. The clothes themselves looked exactly the same like the old one however. She had a couple all similar to each other.

After she put on her shoes and did her hair, she went downstairs, finding that there were already a couple of students there.

"Good morning everyone." She greeted them as she joined in their partake of bread. She chose to have strawberry jam with said bread.
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It must have been around 3 am when she arrived at the dorms. The house quiet and serene when she entered. it was a relief that she was the only one awake at the time. She had enough excitement for one day and was ready to wash it away with a nice hot shower.
Walking silently down the halls until she came to the door with her name on it. Which she dislikes Instantly and decided she would cover it up later.

Her door opened to a small room with elegant accents of Silver, blue and white. Lace and silk adorn her oversized duvet, with large prints of white dahlias, immersed her full-size bed.
She placed her things inside her white trunk that laid at the foot of her bed and walked into the bathroom. A quick glance in the mirror, it was almost shocking how dirty she was.

Her hair and clothing were a mess…was that a leaf in her hair?
She tossed her dirty clothes in a basket and stepped into the shower, the water soothed her aching body and as she washed, she discovered a few bruises.

After the shower, she moisturized her skin, slipped on her silk nightgown, cleaned her teeth then brushed and braided her hair. A night routine that has never been broken no matter how tired she was.

The lighting in the room was too bright to sleep in so she placed a silk scarf over the lampshade and plopped down on her bed.
While looking up at the ceiling she fidgeted with Something in her right hand, a small silver button which she rubbed fondly with her thumb. She smiled softly and placed it into a shallow, porcelain dish on her nightstand…..

For someone who was so exhausted, she didn't sleep very well and ended up on the floor with her duvet. Morning arrived quickly and she sluggishly forced herself off the floor. After getting dressed she slowly opened her door. Listening as the house roused with life and the morning alarms set off throughout the house. Voices coming from the kitchen. She sighed and cradled her yoga mat to her hip as she walked down the hall to the kitchen.

Rei Stood in the Archway of the kitchen. Dressed in a rather tightly-fitting yoga attire of black and blue, her midriff exposed. Her long Silvery hair draped over her backside and shoulders and was slightly wavy from being braided the night before.

She watched them all for a moment before speaking “Hello”

She then proceeded into the kitchen and placed her mat against one of the cupboards. Searching in the ones above for an empty glass, then proceed to fill it with water. :::

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