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Alexander Grossem

Talking to @Calatrava

Alex was startled slightly when he heard a thick accented voice behind him - but more to the point is was the fact that he'd been called a weirdo by this stranger.
Turning to see who this person was, he was met with an unusual sight, a young man slightly smaller than himself was in relatively normal clothes, but had some sort of sash over them that looked like it had spider-webs on it.
From what little briefing Alex had received about this place it was said that a lot of people would be coming from famous families that have been sending their children here for generations, he couldn't remember what the titles were though, but one thing was clear this person was one of the ones that were born into this life, whereas he was someone thrust into it blindly.

As always he replied in a soft tone, although he did have to raise his voice ever so slightly to ensure he could be heard over the others speaking around them.
"I'm only trying to see what types of people are here, seems like there's someone from every walk of life..."
Alex trailed off slightly when he took the time to look at this person; who as he just found was called Enzo, looked very ill - it seemed odd that someone would be accepted to this school, of all schools when they looked as ill as he was - in any other circumstance he'd have thought that he was talking to some who was terminal, a thought that was compounded when Enzo had a coughing fit, it wasn't a nice one either, it was that type that hacked in your throat, like he was trying to cough up nails and broken glass...

Alex looked a little concerned for Enzo as he replied "I'm Alexander, or just Alex for short." it was then that Enzo gave a light-hearted chuckle and implied that neither of them were doing too well at the moment.
He couldn't help but give a wry smile in response and said "Heh yeah, I don't do very well on boats I've been ill the entire journey.
He was just about to ask about the sash, pointing at it before he was cut short by a howling wind, at least that's what he thought it was, a more appropriate statement would be a howl carried by the wind.
But... they were on the coast of what he assumed to be a small island - what in gods name could be causing that noise?

Alex had to raise his voice to prevent his words being drowned by the wind"Whats happening?!" he half shouted to Enzo.
In Alexs mind slapping an assumption of a strong wind with; an albeit harrowing howl, to anything paranormal or related to demons was still too much of a stretch, part of him still didn't believe that they existed, and this would certainly be the first test of that belief.
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Enzo's brow raised in annoyance as the winds swept around them with ghastly moans echoing through the docks. The sheer despair of the noise brought a chill down the lad's spine, and he turned around slowly to face the general direction of this adversary. He couldn't really fathom whether this was a demon deliberately attacking an area so filled with reapers and students. The teachers of the academy should surely be able to respond. So, unless this demon was extremely powerful that it thought it could take on an entire island's worth of reapers, Enzo came to a hazy conclusion that this may be a test.

A good number of students around them began to panic in their inexperience as they started scrambling away from the source of the eerie moans. However, a few distinguished individuals stood their ground, and something immediately told Enzo that these were the golden eggs of their batch of students. The few who he could see might become excellent reapers. A few meters from him stood a blonde guy, fists crackling with lightning as if he could box the darkness away. Beside him were the distinguished legacies of Lionheart and Lepidos as well as some other faces who rooted themselves in place against the oncoming onslaught of winds.

"Do you fight good, Alex?" Enzo eyed the taller boy before turning around to fully face the darkness. "Test or real, we may be in for a surprise." Enzo tried to muster the will to summon his spirit-armors, but a sudden bout of coughs wracked through his system. His throat tightened in pained breaths as the Arachne legacy was brought to his knees. "Putang ina," Enzo growled as he the coughs stopped, allowing him to prop himself up on his right knee whilst eyeing the space in front of all of them. "I want you to take everything you know, and chuck it to the waters. The human world is not your world anymore, my friend,"

Enzo grimaced amidst the madness as he forced his legs to stand up, causing him to wobble for a few split seconds. Placing a hand on the hilt of his kris, Enzo drew his blade with a resounding click of the scabbard. The best he could do now was not to appear weak in front of the others. There was no way he would withdraw whilst he bore the clothed sash of the Arachne. Test or not, this event would decide how others see him, and how others saw his House. Combing his hair back to allow him to see better, Enzo brandished his weapon as he spun it in his hand.

"You're in our world now, and all the demons they told you were just fantasies," Enzo spared a glance at Alex. "Are as real as the day and as dark as the night."

As he stared down at the darkness in front of him, Enzo tried to suppress the bursts of coughs threatening to rip out of his mouth. He couldn't afford to be weak now; he had to prove that he was just more than a nobody carrying a famous name.

Suddenly, his eye caught sight of a guy near him and Alex: a long, black-haired student who had seemed to have inched closer to him during his conversation with Alex. Enzo shot a stern glare at the innocent-looking student, signaling for him to flee if he could not fight. Since Enzo failed to recognize him, he had the feeling that he was a greenhorn-- ignorant to the task reapers did in the profession.

"Hey, you, if you can't fight, take a flight," Enzo spoke to him over the whistling gusts and moans, coughs intermittently punctuating his words. "If this is indeed a real threat, you wouldn't want to be in the thick of it."

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Luke’s shocked reaction to her Legacy status made her feel just a bit embarrassed. She reached up to scratch the back of her neck, looking away with a nervous laugh. “Really, I’m nobody special. Just House Lepidos. There’s butterflies on everything I own though, thanks to my parents.” Mei looked back at him, giving him a shy smile; “cool” wasn’t a word people used to describe her much. But it was nice to hear it now, when friends were few and far between.

At that moment, the girl she’d been shielding turned to face her. Mei was a bit startled to find it was Alexandria Vesperantus from House Lionheart. Lionheart kids had a reputation, after all. Still, Mei just smiled at her, concealing whatever suprise she felt. “No problem,” she said, nodding at her. Mei noticed the wind starting to pick up a bit, though it wasn’t too bothersome to her. San Francisco was windy practically year-round. Though, if it got much colder, she would start to have a problem.

Just then, a faint, shrill sound reached the girl’s ears. She narrowed her eyes, putting it off as the wind, until it happened again. Turning to look at Luke, Mei realized it wasn’t just her. His cheerful attitude was suddenly something a bit darker, and electricity was crackling in his hands. At his warning, Mei’s expression darkened; in an instant, her hand was in her purse, wrapped around her bō. In one fluid motion, she pulled it out, then pressed a button carved into the metal. The bō expanded from one foot to its full six feet length, bright white and complete with intricate designs of butterflies. “You too. This sounds...dangerous.”

Looking around, Mei felt relieved to see that not everyone was unarmed. People were pulling out guns, knives, preparing their magic...the only problem was that nobody knew what they were up against. At the cost of sounding arrogant, Mei figured she probably had more combat experience than the average new student, so she quietly took note of the more frightened-looking of her peers. Whatever was going on, she might need to protect a few people. Mei moved her hands to grip her bō properly, adjusting her stance. She didn’t have much range, but the second anything got close, she’d be ready.

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Levi Hall

Levi continued halfheartedly to listen in on their conversation, sure he could go find another target, but truthfully he was getting pretty tired. It was well past one in the morning and his body and mind were exhausted. As he had been nervous, borderline hysterical, to even sleep on the long godforsaken ship ride. He let out a large yawn and shifted his weight from the right side to his left, to stand in a more comfortable position. As he did this his stomach gave out a little growl, it demanded food, he hung his head down in irritation.

I need food and sleep when is this stupid school going to.....

His thoughts interrupted by gust of wind, his whole body started to quaver with fear, as it grew in speed trashing his clothes around. A howl followed the wind making some students jump into action and others panic. Levi’s fear started to dwindle, he was relived to learn this was not the beginning of a thunderstorm. Some people would welcome a storm over demons but to Levi the demon was the better choice.

He could hear some of the students yelling above the wind for others to get ready for whatever creature was about to ascend upon them. Levi had no weapons, no magic, and his fighting skills not something to write home about so he only had one strategy in mind. Stay hidden, sure he hated the idea. It was only the first day and he was already showing how weak he was. However, he was no idiot fighting something that was obviously stronger than oneself would be a suicide mission. He had no plains on dying anytime soon nor dying for people he doesn’t even know.

Just as he was scanning for the optimal place to lay low. He caught sight of Enzo, although his body betrayed him he never seemed to lose his spirit. It was kinda inspiring. Levi watched as Enzo gave him a signal to retreat and telling him he should flee, not for the first time tonight Enzo had made Levi pause. He did not like the fact that a kid, who by Levi’s eyes was at deaths door already, judged him so quickly as an incapable person.

Levi gave a smirk ”Don’t worry your pretty little head I can fight just fine.” Levi pulled the rubber-band from around his wrist and wrapped his hair in a messy bun to get it out of the way. Then he took a moment to mentally prepare himself for a fight.

God I am such an idiot. Levi thought to himself.
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Ryanne's hair stood on end as the awful moan carried towards them on the wind. She positioned herself with her back against a wall, and George placed his body behind her with his head poking between her legs. This was how her father had taught her to fight when George was around, as he was her responsibility and she needed to protect him. She heard other students becoming worried, some of them gasping in panic as they tried to find safety. Ryanne wasn't sure there was safety, so she simply stayed where she was and did her best to ready herself.

For Ryanne this was a chance to prove that she wasn't helpless, that she could at least defend herself even if she didn't know much yet. And that she wasn't afraid of things just because she couldn't see them. As she steadied herself against George and the wind, she heard a conversation between the boys nearest her. The first sounded smug, though he commenced coughing just after speaking. The second voice sounded scared, he didn't know what was going on. A third sounded less confident, but certainly wasn't backing down. She sighed, just what she needed, a couple of idiots trying to impress each other right next to her.

"Hey, if y'all get me killed I'll haunt you forever." She yelled at them, then instantly regretted it as she realized how awkward it must have sounded. George was steadily growling now, the hair on his back standing straight up against her leg. She reached down and patted his head, trying to comfort him.

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Alexander Grossem

Talking to @Arreyis @Calatrava

What happened next seemed surreal to Alex - Enzo was reduced to a coughing fit whilst uttering some foreign dialect, and he went on to state that everything he doubted was real.
Alex observed around him that people were getting ready to fight, well not everybody but a fair few especially those near him - one of them even had sparks flying from their hands although Alex had no idea why that was.

This scenario presented an issue for Alex, a significant one.
These people with their armaments and maybe magic were all built to fight and maybe even kill, although Alex struggled to work out just how a sword was going to hurt the wind or whatever was carried on it.
Alex, was not a fighter - he was a hunter, he could track a man or beast for miles on end and take them out from a distance, he could not however fight something or someone to the death with his bare-hands, which is all he had at the moment, he was fit but not strong.
But just because he could not fight, did not mean he would run - what sort of impression would that make here if he fled at the first sign of trouble? No one would want to stand by his side if all he could do was run.

Enzo made that remark as well although it may have been directed at another guy near them, the persons response was to tie his hair back and assume a defensive stance with his fists.
Alex made a retort to what Alex had said though ”I don’t have a sword or a gun to fight with, my hands won’t do much good against whatever that thing is coming towards us, but I won’t just run away- I’ve lost too much already just getting here to give up at the first hurdle.” it had been a long while since Alex had spoken to another with so much conviction behind his voice, perhaps some good changes were already taking place for him.

It didn’t change that Alex was lost here, honestly he thought everyone was blowing this way out of proportion, the wind was strong without a doubt and there was something off about the wind as well, but he couldn't quite place it.
Honestly he was at a loss as what to do, at least until another thick accented voice shout over the wind - upon inspection it appeared to be a red haired girl with what looked like a service dog? Alex loved dogs, but he was honestly taken aback that someone with a service animal would come to this school, or be invited for that matter, she must be truly be exceptional to be admitted with a drawback that required a service dog.

It presented an opportunity for him to be of some use however, he'd be no good in a fight, if indeed there was one coming (something he still doubted) but at the very least if things got really dicey he'd be able to get someone who may need the help out of harms way, what good would anyone be if they were dead?
Alex gave a Enzo quick glance, he looked ill; far worse than himself, but was still mustering the energy and courage to stand-fast against whatever was coming, it was admirable indeed, but it seemed as it was more to prove that he was in fighting shape despite how it appeared on the surface, strange he barely knew this guy but Alex seemed to hope that Enzo didn't put any unnecessary risk on himself given the state of his health.
He made his way over to the girl with the service dog, an act which earned a growl off it, but paying the dog no mind for now Alex asked, again needing to raise his voice just so it could be heard in a wind that was now beating against him, "Are you alright? I won't be any good in a fight but I can try and get you away from here if things go south." Ironically, and unbeknown to Alex, he was probably the least capable here for a straight up fight at this stage - but still he thought he was doing the best he could in a situation like this.
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The suspense only increased when a silhouette appeared in the distance. Luke prepared to charge, but he could only help but feel just a little suspicious of the shadow in the distance. It looked about the size of a human, not much taller than Luke himself. It could have been a Ghoul, perhaps, but it seemed a bit strange for a Ghoul to give away its status with random moaning.

Suddenly, the figure stepped out into the light, and Luke saw at once that it was not a demon- rather, it was a middle-age Japanese man, standing at just above 6 feet, with a bald head, a pale grey beard, and a tan robe that swayed in the wind, which was slowly dying away. The moaning had stopped almost entirely as well. The man, who Luke eventually recognized as Headmaster Yasue Hiroji, gave a brisk nod, and the wind suddenly disappeared, leaving an utter and complete silence.

He then spoke, his English harsh and abrasive.

"Greetings." His eyes, sharp and beady like those of a hawk, scanned the crowd of students before him."Students new and old, from wide and far, experienced and novice. Welcome, to the School of Death."

He began to stride back and forth, like a drill sergeant before his squadron of soldiers. "I'm sure what you just witnessed scared some of you, intrigued others, and downright enthused some more. Needless to say, there is no Demon- that was simply a call of one. But in your time here, you will see Demons. You will fight Demons. And you will lose to Demons."

His voice began to get more powerful. "You will learn how to engage and defeat the Demon hordes that threaten humanity here. It will not be easy. In fact, it will be quite grueling. Some of our older students can attest to that." Luke noticed a few nods in the crowd. "But the training you will receive will undeniably prepare you to become a Reaper. A member of society that protects it from the darkest of forces, delaying Armageddon one day at a time. No matter what path you've come from, the path you all share ahead is the most noble one that any human can walk, and if you complete your training with focus and discipline, I can guarantee that this prestigious School will teach you, no matter what family you've come from, how to walk that path best."

There was a brief smattering of applause, before Yasue spoke again. "Now, I'm aware that it's quite early, and that the boat ride might not have been the most pleasant. As such, our new freshmen students will be having the rest of this morning and tomorrow off. Older students, your work begins 6:00 AM sharp. You have 4 hours to rest."

There were some groans, and some boos, in a distance area of the crowd, but a glare from Yasue ended them promptly.

"Upperclassmen, you know where to go. Freshmen, follow my colleague, Beauregard. He is the head of security on the island and is responsible for all of your safety. Please consult him with any questions. In the meantime, explore the campus and village. I just ask you not to go into the pool. It is heated, but there are Kappas in there, and they will drown you. I'd rather not have to send another dead student in a body bag home because they couldn't resist the warm water."

Luke blinked. That was sudden. And morbid.

"Otherwise, though, enjoy your day off. I will see you Tuesday morning. Sharp." And with those parting words, Headmaster Hiroji strode off into the darkness.

The man that the Headmaster spoke of, Beauregard, stepped into the light, and Luke suddenly felt very short. Beauregard must've been a pro basketball player or wrestler, as he stood at some towering 7+ feet tall and was strapping, with massive muscles that made it seem like he spent every waking moment lifting weights and then dreamed about lifting weights for the extra physique points. He had brown hair and a beard, a black suit and purple tie, and a massive red face scar, probably obtained fighting a bear (and winning.) Beauregard was not a talker, though, and he only made a gesture with his head before walking off, with Luke quickly running after him to catch up.

After a quick walk through the forest, Beauregard stopped at a rather large Oriental manor, a beautiful red-white building that seemed freshly cleaned and renovated, and removed a crinkled piece of paper from his suit jacket pocket. He then read off a series of last names, his voice gruff and deep, reminding Luke once again of a bear.

"Vesperantus. Grossem. Takahashi. Thomas. Nibelung. Svenson. Knight. Vull. Hall. Tarantella. Truehorn. Vencor. In here." And without further adieu, or any explanation, really, he strode off, guiding the rest of the herd of freshmen further into the woods.

Truth be told, Luke was quite happy to be in the same dorm building as Mei, and he looked forward to meeting the rest of the people there. It would be a fun year, hopefully.

Unless he drowned in the Kappa pool.

Luke took initiative, leaping up onto the porch in an energetic jump and opening the front door. His jaw then dropped through the floor.

The inside of the manor (which was labelled Lotus Building by a wooden sign in front) was such a departure from the crappy boat he had been stuck in that it made Luke wonder if they were both truly commissioned by the same institution. The insides of the building were pristine and modern. There was a small wooden kitchen, with an oriental design, that looked quite homey and nice, but Luke could see straight down the hall a massive living room, featuring several large sofas, a titanic screen that could be fitted into a movie theater, a pool table, and what Luke's teenage self recognized as several of the latest video game consoles. Beyond that were two staircases, one with blue carpeting and one with magenta, which Luke attributed to male and female.

A note was tacked to the wall near the entrance, scribbled in messy English- Your luggage is in your rooms.

Luke immediately kicked his shoes off, striding into the large living room and sinking into the sofa there. He yawned. It had been a long trip, and Luke, for once, was tired. Go figure.

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When the silhouette appeared, she immediately aimed her gun towards it. With both hands of course. She wasn't some uncultured idiot who would only use one hand, especially sideways, for no reason. She could if she needed to in a quick combat situation. But for good aiming where the enemy was still far away, two hands made far more sense.

And then, the silhouette walked up to the light, revealing that it was not a demon at all. In fact, it was another human, just like them.

She lowered her gun though she still held it with both hands. She couldn't just trust this newcomer right away.

Only for her to realize that he was the Headmaster, causing her to blush at her shame for not recognizing him right away. She had seen his looks before from photos that her parents had. How could she not remember right away?

She returned her gun back to its holster on her thighs, making sure the safety was back on once more.

She listened to his speech with full attention, standing with her back straight. She would absorb every single word he uttered, just like her parents told her to. This was her first lesson, and she had to be the perfect student from the very start.

Hmph, it didn't scare me in the slightest. It's just wind and some ghoulish moanings. Nothing threatening in the slightest.

Losing to demons? I would never do that!

I am ready. No matter how hard the training would be, I would ace it and bring pride to Papa and Mama!

She couldn't help but feel sorry about the older students. They had only four hours to rest.

Well, such a thing just came in line with the job as a Reaper. She had trained for 24 hours without rest before. They should be able to handle something like this.

Alright. We can explore the campus and the village. And don't go to the pool. Kappas are there. Tuesday morning is when the classes would start. Got it.

The Headmaster then disappeared, and replacing him was someone whom she thought was more like a bear than a human. He was easily double her size, or even more. The Headmaster was intimidating, but this guy was intimidating as well in a different way.

They then followed him through a short forest. Even though it was a short trip, mosquitoes still managed to land on her legs and bit her there a couple of times to her annoyance. It didn't take long until their bites started to feel itchy.

If only she could master the flame skin magic. This would never be a problem. However, she still couldn't manage to do it without burning her clothes in the process as well.

Thankfully, they soon arrived at their destination. It looked to be an Oriental manor of some sort. Was this where they were going to stay?

As her last name was amongst the one called by the bear teacher, and him telling them to stay here, her suspicious was correct.

Oh thank God she didn't have to walk further into the forest!

She was also glad that the Burgundian Heiress would also stay there with her. She gave her a glance, too shy proud to express her gladness.

The boy from before took the initiative, and he opened the front door first. She noticed the sign on the front. So this is Lotus Building...

When she entered, she was immediately awed by the luxury inside.

It was just as good as back home!

There was a kitchen, which she would probably only use to make instant noodles since she's terrible at cooking anything else. The large screen to watch TV? That could be nice. She was always fond of watching action movies. A pool table? She had that back at home. She used to play with her parents and the servants. Video games? Unfortunately, she never touched those. Her parents never introduced them to her.

And then, there were two staircases. The magenta-carpeted one was for the female, she assumed.

The boy decided to throw himself into the sofa immediately before releasing a loud yawn afterwards. She resisted to do the same. Instead, she turned to the others and asked, "So, should we do the introductions now? Or should we just save it until we get some rest first?" with her hands on her waist.

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Ryanne pulled George out from behind her, and faced the boy. "I appreciate that, but I doubt..." She stopped as the sound stopped and a few gasps emanated from the crowd. Speaking with a heavy Japanese accent she heard Yasue tell them that there was no danger, and then give them a rundown of what they could and couldn't do. He also told them that a man named Beauregard would take them to their residences.

"Well, no class 'til Tuesday, that's good." She said aloud. Having come from a heavily southern American town, her own accent was fairly thick normally, but around strangers she tried to minimize it. She winced when 'Tuesday' came out sounding like 'Tuesdee'. "I suppose I'll follow you to Mr. Beauregard."

She followed the boy and the rest of the first year students to Beauregard, and then followed his giant-sounding footsteps to a house. She could tell the place was fairly large by the buzzing of electronics it put off. It was nearly as loud as her own home, though she guessed this one was only two or three stories compared to her home's five. When they entered the house, it was well lit, giving her slight vision where the darkness outside had given her nothing. She let George's halter go, allowing him to stretch his legs after the long boat ride and waiting at the dock.

"So, should we do the introductions now? Or should we just save it until we get some rest first?" This was a girl's voice, about three feet in front of her. From her shadow she was taller than Ryanne, though not by much, and she was facing them with her hands on her hips.

Ryanne sighed, this was a moment she usually dreaded; getting to know her peers. She was awkward in social situations and preferred for other people to do most of the talking. She figured though, if she were to get to her room and some food quickly she might as well get it over with.

She pointed towards George's shadow, where he lay on the floor to her left. "That's George, he's a service dog. No treats, no scratchies if he's working, and whatever you do, don't call him pretty. He hates that. Also, don't get too close to me when he's around without saying hello to him, he'll bite you. I'm Ryanne."

George lifted his head as if to acknowledge that she was talking about him, then lay back down and huffed out a big sigh. He was exhausted, and hungry, and Ryanne had yet to tell him to go find their things so she could feed him.
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Levi Hall

Levi turned his attention to the honeyed voice that threatened to haunt him if he became the cause of her death. Upon observing the individual, Levi, noticed it was the short little red-head with the black lab he walked by moments ago. He was at a crossroads, struggling with what action he should take, help the small vision-less girl or stay and help the guy who could barely stand. The decision however was made for him as Alex rushed to aid the girl and her dog.

Levi regarded Enzo once more before turning back up toward the shadow that was now forming in front of the students. When it reached the light a man was revealed, a tall man who may have been the Headmaster, Levi started to relax and send a little thanks to the heavens that this time the demon threat was a sham. While listening to the old man he was glad to learn that he had some time to relax before school really began.

What the hell is a Kappa. He thought as the old man finished speaking.

He walked slowly behind the group of freshmen students following the giant of a man named Beauregard. He was taking notice of the small forest, not paying attention to what was in front, and almost ran into one of the other kids, when the group stopped at its first location. After his name was called he looked at the red and white building for a few minutes, soaking up the fact this would be his ‘home’ for a short time. Finally he walked into the building, only catching the last half of the blind girl introducing herself. He himself was not up to sharing, he wanted food, so he left Ryanne and the others to raid the fridge.
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As soon as the first hint of a silhouette appeared, Deborah sighed, placing her knife back and relaxing her face, though the pout remained, no longer a reflex of her aiming, the expression was there due to the fact she just had had the wrong reaction, she had trusted the raw data too much. Of course, she had already fixed the mistake, but pointing a weapon at the wrong target was unacceptable.

"Memorandum to work on the Antikythera's context recognition and to schedule instinct taming training sessions." she told herself, letting her magic make sure she would not forget it. Then she stopped and fully relaxed, just in time for the headmaster to step into the light and introduce himself.

Of all the things he said, the kappa business was what truly had hit her, it was already bad if it was a pool, but if he referred to a hot spring, that would be a disgrace, as it was something Deborah looked forward to in her first trip to Japan.

Moving into the forest, towards their dormitory, the heiress was pleased to see it was a quite pleasant and elegant looking building. She followed in the middle of the group, with no rush in mind. Once inside, it was time for quick scouting, her eyes quickly capturing the names of games and books available, as well as taking note of the layout of the building, all that while Alex and Ryanne started the round of introductions. By coincidence, she moved into the kitchen along with Levi, not to raid it, but to take note of its supplies. "Excuse me, Mr. Hall, I will just take a brief look!" she said as she approached, looking over his shoulder and into the fridge. The roll call had allowed her to know at least the surname of each student, Antikythera was tailored to notice the most minute of facial expressions, such as the ones that come by instinct when one hears their name.

"Mostly local vegetables and fruit, lacking in dairy and meat variety, a rich selection of spices... But alas, No wine..." she told herself as she continued her analysis, before turning around. "Ah well, autre pays, autre coutume. Good thing I memorized a few cookbooks on local recipes." going to the oven and starting to heat up some water, she would not patiently wait for it, however, instead, she left the kitchen, seeking to rejoin the main group.

Back onto the main room, she moved to Alexandria's side, seeing the introductions still being made, she joined them. "I am Deborah of house Nibelung. I look forward to working with you."
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"Headmaster Yasue," Enzo muttered under his breath before also sheathing his blade into the scabbard once more. "An honor to finally see you." A figure of legend or even myth, it was always a point of curiosity for the young Enzo to know who was the one running such an intensive and deadly school of assassins. The old, balding man's looks left many of the newer students to scoff or even question how someone who looked so pathetic could teach any of the more fit and younger students. However, Enzo himself was a believer of the notion that looks could always be deceiving. Even the insects who took to flight in the darkness underestimate the single silver thread glinting in the moonlight, and they dash against the thread, only to find themselves tangled in a web beyond their comprehension.

He could now smile at least.

There were no preemptive demon attacks or tests-- it was just some sort of bizarre introduction, probably to jolt the greenhorns among them. At least, he didn't have to be wiped on the floor this early. He still had time to train his dwindling stamina, after all. Wouldn't want others to see the legacy of Arachne panting and drooling on the floor in utter fatigue after lifting a sword.

Skinny, pale, sickly, and weak-- the four horsemen of the end for any reaper's career, and yet, here he was blessed with the chance to still train amongst his peers. Enzo vowed to never waste this opportunity.

He glanced at Alex and the long-haired guy who he interacted with earlier, noting that they were going to be in the same dormitory. It was comforting, at least, to know some familiar faces.

"That was your first experience with one of the demons' typical calls," Enzo nodded at them with a small grin. "Some have more creative calls, of course; but if an ominous sound in the night makes your spine tingle, then, a demon might be present to rip your spine out."

After all the announcements were given, they were all led through the bends of the forest until they reached what seemed to be a luxurious dormitory. Its parapets of red and white limestones towered over the trees, its bright paint glistening with the first rays of dawn. Enzo smirked, now seeing where all the Great Houses' investments were being used for. The inside was more luxurious, though. With cutting edge technology, satin and velvet sofas, and even some scented candles, the academy really put their back into creating a place of solace for all of them once Enzo and his peers were reduced to quivering piles of black and blue once the training started.

Enzo might be the first to die in the upcoming series of brutal training regiments, but at least he would die with his ass on a fucking Pikachu beanbag which sat in one corner of the living room.

Once they went inside, the blonde lad from earlier immediately plopped on the sofa before anyone could even step foot into the room which somewhat gave Enzo an idea of who he was as a person, and a red flag stuck out of his head for Enzo to judge. Not to mention the shoes he kicked off were the ones protecting all of them from the inglorious scent of his socks (or, maybe, it was just Enzo). This one was definitely not a Legacy. He'd be more well-mannered if he was.

Still, the Lionheart legacy met Enzo's expectations as one of the more social individuals. She took off talking to all of them, asking the lot if they would like the social conventions of introductions or to just rest first. Personally, he would have preferred to rest first. Or, bathe for that matter. Up at the crack of dawn and with some smelling like a crack, it was taking everything for Enzo not to sputter and cough like he was expelling the legions of Hell from his lungs. However, before he could voice his concern, the apparently visually-impaired girl with her service dog took the stage of introduction.

Perfect. Now, according to social conventions, everyone had no choice but to introduce themselves.

So, Enzo sucked it in and listened attentively.

Then again, with Ryanne, as she was called, it seemed more of her introducing her dog since she spoke around forty-five words with only two of those directly about herself. And, one of those string of words was 'scratchies'.

A commotion in the nearby kitchen caught Enzo's attention, noticing that the long-haired guy and a rather voluptuous girl were inside. While it seemed the female was examining the supplies, the guy he met earlier was more interested in pillaging the food even before anyone could blink. Then again, for him to be able to slip past that silently proved that the guy was more skilled than he thought. If it wasn't for the woman's voice, he would have never noticed the would-be modern raider.

And, he needed to put a stop to that.

As the woman went back to start introducing herself, Enzo listened to her while making his way to the fridge.

Ah, a scion of one of Strigiform's branches. It seems there's a possible genius among us. House Nibelung. I'm pretty sure I've read up on that minor house somewhere.

With a few strides, Enzo reached the fridge as well, and before the thief would be able to open it, the legacy placed a finger on the fridge door. With his free hand, Enzo placed it on his mouth to suppress a cough before glaring at the pillager.

"I don't know where you're from, but where I'm from, we listen to others when they're talking," Enzo said in a stern whisper. "Especially, that these are the people you're gonna work with, in life and in death. We also don't take food when others didn't have the chance yet to even see the kitchen, let alone eat."

With that, Enzo turned back to the gathering and introductions. Still, he remained a few steps away from the fridge just in case the raider would still persist.

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself first, Lionheart?" Enzo chuckled at his fellow legacy. "But, hey," He looked at his potential peers and allies. "I'm Enzo. I know that that you think that I look like a few steps before I bungle my way into a coffin, and you're not wrong." A gentle grin formed on his face as he addressed his peers once more. "Twelve," He mused as if pondering the future. "There's twelve of us here. I hope the twelve of us are still here by graduation. We started this together; let's end it together."
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As Mei tightened her grip on her bō, ready to jump whatever was coming her way, her eyes narrowed at the sight of a humanoid form appearing before them. As he stepped out into the light, Mei realized who it was: not a Demon, but Headmaster Yasue Hiroji. The Headmaster Yasue Hiroji, famed swordsman and head of the Society. Just the sight of him made Mei relax from her fighting stance, though she didn't put away her bō just yet. As the wind vanished, leaving nothing but empty silence, she couldn't help but wonder just what was in store for them. The harsh manner of his English was almost intimidating, though she still made a point to listen to him. He was the Headmaster, after all; whatever he had to say, it was in her best interest to pay attention.

"...But in your time here, you will see Demons. You will fight Demons. And you will lose to Demons."

The statement was so matter-of-fact, so knowing, it actually did frighten her a bit. Losing to a Demon wasn't something many people came back from. Of course, this was a school, so perhaps they had a means of keeping students from being outright murdered. Still, Mei wasn't so arrogant as to believe she'd never lose to a Demon; she was no pushover, but Demons were a different kind of dangerous. She had so much to learn...but that was why she was here, right? With a sigh, Mei pressed the button on her bō, causing the staff to contract back into its smaller form. At the very least, there was nothing about to kill them all. As Headmaster Yasue finished his speech, she clapped along with the others, surprised at the power in his voice. He seemed to genuinely believe in what he was saying; somehow, Mei found it rather reassuring.

As Headmaster Yasue continued to speak, Mei winced a bit for the older students. Four hours of rest wasn't much, especially when they'd need to go to class. She and the other new students had some time to get their bearings, though, which was nice. Mei knew she'd want to explore the campus and get to know a few more of her peers. She perked up a bit at the mention of a pool, until Headmaster Yasue mentioned it being infested with Kappas. And that they would drown her. The delivery was so deadpan, it was almost funny; still, the thought sent shivers down Mei's spine. As the Headmaster bid them all farewell, a hulking beast of a man-Beauregard-stepped forward, who was well over a foot taller than her. She was fairly certain he could break her spine with his bare hands; she was just glad he was supposed to be protecting them.

As he gestured for the group to follow him, Mei put her bō back in her purse, before jogging to catch up with him. Walking through the forest, Mei found herself enraptured by the scenery; San Francisco was all city, so even just being in a forest was somewhat refreshing. It was beautiful. Soon, though, they came out through the other end of the trees, stopping at a large manor. The Oriental look of it reminded Mei of her high-rise back in California; it was a gorgeous building, and much bigger than she was expecting. As Beauregard read off a list of names-including hers and Luke's-Mei felt rather relieved that she had a (potential) friend living with her. Not to mention, being in close proximity to the forest would be good for her magic. A grin broke out on her face as Luke leaped up onto the porch, prompting her to follow him inside.

A small laugh escaped Mei as she took in the decor. Compared to the ship she'd just been on, Lotus Building was...something else entirely. Peering down the hall, Mei noticed a huge TV screen, complete with comfy-looking sofas, video game consoles, and even a pool table. She was pretty damn good at pool; she made a note to play a bit at some point. Her eyes moved to the small kitchen, a somewhat unexpected accommodation; would they need to cook for themselves? Or was there a cafeteria somewhere? Mei wasn't completely incompetent in a kitchen, but she definitely had room to improve. Finally, a set of staircases led to the upper levels of the manor, presumably to their dorms. In all, she was pretty pleased with the way things were turning out so far, though she knew this was just the tip of the iceberg.

As Luke strode down the hall to the living room, Mei felt a bit tempted to follow him. If only to try out the couches. But there was a whole group of other students she wanted to meet before she took a moment to rest. Alexandria was calling for introductions anyway, so she might as well, right? First up was a girl accompanied by a dog, whose name was apparently Ryanne. Mei nodded along as she spoke, well aware that petting service dogs was a no-no. George was very cute though; Mei was content with enjoying his presence from afar. Just then, another boy walked past the group, seeming disinterested in the whole "getting to know everyone" thing. It was 1:00 in the morning, after all...she wasn't surprised. Next up was a girl named Deborah, who seemed nice enough, and pretty self-assured. Mei could respect that. After her, a rather sickly-looking boy spoke up; at the mention of his name, Mei suddenly realized he was Enzo of House Arachna, a fellow Legacy student. She made a mental note of his presence, though he seemed rather kind. Sensing a lull in conversation, Mei took her chance to speak up.

"Um, hi everyone. I'm Mei Takahashi, and I'm from San Francisco. Both my parents are Reapers who went here, so all of this isn't super new to me. I hope we can all get to know each other better this year." Was that too cheesy or shallow? Suddenly feeling self conscious, she crossed her arms, though she kept a polite smile on her face. Someone else go now, please.
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Levi Hall

Where the hell is the junk food.

A voice spoke out asking to see the contents of the refrigerator. He would have been spooked if he hadn't already heard her soft steps and shadow slipping past. She loomed over him, speaking with a mater-of-fact voice, felling uncomfortable because his space was being invaded he swiftly sidestepped to the left. After she was finished, she muttered something about cook books and went back to the group.

Thinking now he would finally get something to eat, he reached out, only just getting his finger tips on the refrigerator door when he was once again stopped from satisfying his hunger. Levi looked over at the new invader, he knew this invader, the sickly Enzo and he once again was pausing for the shorter boy.

Ugh, it’s the walking dead.

Once the hushed lecture was over Levi opened his mouth then closed it without speaking, but it didn’t matter Enzo already turned around to start his introduction. Levi’s feelings about the interaction was mixed, on one hand it was amusing how serious this kid was yet he also hated getting lectured by someone his own age. With the fridge being safeguarded Levi began shifting his eyes throughout the kitchen, landing on a large wooden bowl full of green orin apples.

After quickly snatching up the orin he strolled over to Enzo, positioning himself right beside the unhealthy boy, taking a large bite out of the juicy green apple breaking the silents after the girl called Mei spoke.

“Names Levi.”

He spoke it loud enough for the others to hear but never moved his eyes off Enzo. He gave him a little grin the took another bite of apple. Levi did not say another word showing that was all the group was going to get out of him.

Now that he was filling his stomach he started looking around the room, noticing a lot of valuable goods, but he spotted something he wanted for himself. It was a hanging piece of art by Takashi Murakami called Flowers in Heaven. Levi blushed at the cute multi-colored flowers that smiled happily. Remembering he was in a room with a group of people, he gave a little cough, then look toward the ground.

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Torok Vencor

A creaking ship and many unfamiliar faces. How comforting. The thought rolled around his head for a moment as he slipped in and out of consciousness. The boy was used to the ground beneath him being sturdy this boat stuff just wasn’t for him. The movement of the boat made the normally loud blonde stick close to a bucket and near a corner.

The moment they were able to get off the boat Torok was relieved and with a smile on his face made his way to the nearest statue, pillar, or tree within the gathering area. They were still waiting on a few others to get off the boat and he was quick to sit down and fall asleep. Hopefully a quick power nap would cure him of the nausea and the headache that clutched his head.

A voice woke him, a strong yet calm voice of the head master. There was a tension in the air and he was sure that he missed something. Picking up his spear and making sure the rest of his weapons were where they should be he listened to what the old man said while trying to filter out the fog in his head. At least the power nap worked.

Something was said about 6 a.m. and following some big bloke, that was apparently the head of security. A third of the students seemed to go in another direction as the rest of the crowd moved toward a small patch of forest. Honestly if he wasn’t so tired, he would probably be striking up a conversation with someone right now. The tall blonde simply kept towards the back of the group as they walked up to a nice looking red and white manor. The architecture of these buildings was absolutely alien and stunning to him.

While he was admiring the artisan’s ship of the building, someone called his name out with a list of others. Then the crowd moved on leaving twelve individuals just outside the manor. A few of his new comrades quickly entered the building. Yet he stayed outside, only for a moment. Just long enough to breath and look up at the stars in the night sky. Always a beautiful sight. Then with a sigh and a smile, he turned and stepped into the building.

When he stepped in the others already seemed to be going through introductions. A girl with a service dog, a sickly legacy who looked like he was a few steps from deaths door, a girl with a French accent, more than a couple quiet ones in the group, what looked to be a few legacy among them, and a girl or two from the Americas. With a smile on his face, he looked over all of them resting his spear on his shoulder, the long blade covered by a florescent red bag.

With a laugh and a cheery tone he spoke up, “my look at all of you beautiful people, this place is going to be fun for sure.” He wasn’t trying to be creepy but not everyone responded the same way to a compliment. “I’m Torok Vencor, I am a legacy from the Ivory house and I don’t recognize a single person here.” Still he smiled while looking around at all of them. “I’m sure we will all get along just swell… well after, we break through everyone’s shell.”

He paused for a moment while looking about some of them, “and for those of you who are not as akin to this new world you find yourselves in. do not worry you’re not alone, I can guarantee that every single person in this room is terrified and that fear will take some time to get through. Hell I’m terrified.” He said while still smiling, “I’m not afraid to admit it; I’m just a legacy with no magic trying to do what he can to help. Were a team and for one reason or another we are here to help. So if you need help, ask. I’ll be happy to help you out.”

He spoke truthfully but he wanted to get his opinion on himself and the others out as soon as he could. It was his nature to help others succeed and try to stay out of the lime light. He just hoped that the others did not think he was making fun of them in some way because he had this stupid smile on his face. Hell who could blame him? He was excited after all.
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Alexandria watched as one by one they made their introductions. First, there was the peculiar girl who had a dog with her. Now that she thought about it, there wasn't a rule against bringing pets to the school. Especially when said pets were needed to help and guide their masters.

Indeed, only now she realized that the girl was blind.

She immediately felt bad for her. She couldn't imagine not being able to see your surroundings forever. Everything around you would be total, pitch-black darkness, and you could only sense the outside world through noise and sound.

Are you sure that you're fit to become a Reaper?, she thought to herself, looking at her with a mixture of pity and sympathy. But if the School accepts her, that must mean she's fit enough to do so, even if she's blind. Hmm, I guess with enough training, you can sense enemies through their noise and presence. And their smell too if they're one of the stinky ones. And there's the dog that could certainly help her around. I shouldn't be so presumptions and assume that she's incapable of combat.

She noticed how two of them decided to check out the fridge first, one of them being the heiress. The fridge, huh? She could certainly use some snacks, even though she already had her dinner on the ship. The heiress then returned, introducing herself at last. She gave her a smile. They were already acquainted after all.

Another guy then went to the fridge, before quickly returning, telling her that she should introduce herself first.

"A-ah, of course. My apologies," she replied with a little blush. Indeed, decorum stated you should introduce yourself before demanding others to introduce themselves.

She then turned to face the group. "My name is Alexandria Vesperantus, a Legacy of Lionheart. Pleased to meet you all." She gave them a curtsy as elegant as a curtsy could be. However, the effect was ruined by her flashing her black lace panties once more in the process as she raised the hem of her skirt.

The poor girl had always wore lengthier dresses back at home. Going to this school was the first time in her life that she wore such a mini skirt. She needed to, for ease of access to her gun.

"Enzo, huh? Nice to meet you, Enzo." She offered her hand to him with a smile after he finished his introduction. He was clearly looking unhealthy like he admitted himself. "And indeed, I do hope we would all graduate together as well."

The Asian-looking girl from before then introduced herself. She seemed a little nervous in the process so Alexandria decided to give her a pat on her back as a boost of confidence.

"Relax," she told her with a smile. "We're all friends here."

The man who got to the fridge first then spoke up and introduced himself. "Introduced" with large quotation marks, as he only said two words in the whole exchange. Alexandria gave him a little glare of annoyance as she felt he wasn't taking it seriously at all.

Another guy then took the stage of introduction. His name was Torok and he was apparently a legacy from Ivory. He was clearly one well-built man, especially when compared to some of the other men here. She could tell that he had trained his body well, and she respected that. She herself had her own physical training back home, though as she was a girl, and of the petite kind, she couldn't really "get ripped". Instead, she trained more in speed and agility instead of strength. It was also why her weapon of choice was a gun.

However, she gave him an irked look when he said that "every single person in the room is terrified". Hmph, she's certainly not terrified! Not in the slightest!

Wait, no magic? What does he mean? Don't tell me his magic hasn't manifested yet!

She couldn't believe it! How could a legacy not have manifested his/her magic when they're already this old? Didn't he get any training in the department?

"No magic? Don't tell me your magic hasn't manifested yet!" She blurted out. Ah, she did it again. Speaking rudely without thinking. She quickly tried to correct herself by saying, "D-did you not get any training at all in the department?" She didn't want imply that he was some idiot who just had no talent for magic even though he was a Legacy student.

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Alexander Grossem

Alex had just went to aid another classmate, whom in his mind he thought could do with the help when the source of all the wind and commotion revealed itself.
It was not a demon nor was it some sort of monster, no it was none other than the headmaster of the school, which in a way made it far worse - if a man was capable of that alone, then what was he not capable of?
He explained to every student what the situation was, and welcomed back the returning students, as well as the new ones to the School of Death.

After a brief statement it appeared that the new students got a day off before they started, unlike the poor souls who were returning and had 5 hours sleep to grab as soon as possible, it probably wouldn't be too long before the same is required of the new blood as well.
Alex, as well as the girl with the service dog walked with a group of the other freshers following an absolute unit of a man, and also the head of security - something that didn't require much thought as to the why of it, only crazy people would want to mess with a man like that.

After a short walk through the woods, something Alex enjoyed immensely (he'd have to start exploring it as soon as possible and create some markers for himself) they arrived at a house that was going to be his and a number of other people's home for the rest of the year.
Alex was barely stopped his jaw from hitting the floor and tripping over it once he seen the inside of it, the house he lived in for all of his life barely even compared to what this place was like, the exterior of the house betrayed what lay within as well, he did not expect this at all from what he seen of the buildings architecture.

The rest of the group hadn't hesitated much in making themselves at home - a few were in the kitchen probably hungry after such a long journey, and the group was introducing themselves one by one.
The house was interesting... perhaps house is not the right word for such a grand building, manor seems more fitting, but that was not what had caught Alex's attention, it was the people he was now going to be living with.

It was quite a mix of people that's for sure: there was Lucas, a confident and outgoing blonde haired boy, who seemed far too comfortable in this alien world; and if what the headmaster had anything to say about it (kappa...) a hostile one to boot, next was the girl called Alexandria, the girl who struggled to stop her panties from being on display to those around; he was starting to think it was deliberate it was happening so frequently.
After that was the blind girl that he had walked with, and her dog called George - she seemed out of place here in his mind, but looks could be deceiving, and in this new world they were probably far more deceiving than they used to be, it was a pity he wasn't allowed to pet the pup, hopefully that would be allowed later on as he got more familiar with the new people.
Next came a boy named Levi followed shortly after by the sickly lad Enzo - he liked Enzo, he seemed very friendly and confident hopefully they could get on well with each other, he wasn't quite certain about Levi though, he spoke few words but they told a great deal about what type of person he was... One to keep an eye on. Of the few skills Alex had that was one he was rather adept at doing.
Then there was Torok who seemed too friendly for a man holding a spear and Mei - an attractive girl who looked a bit nervous, but that was understandable.

Finally there was Deborah, someone who seemed to hold themselves in high regard, she seemed a bit odd though as if she was constantly concentrating or something...

It was slightly staggering being in the presence of some great people, a mere hunter like himself didn't seem right here, it really did put it into perspective just how much he had lost to get where he was now, this was his family now, this strange bunch of oddities who were all going to be learning how to kill demons, or for some people refining that skill.
Alex felt it was his turn, he really didn't want to speak out to them all like this but he didn't want to seem disinterested like Levi 'the fridge raider' was.

Once again, he had to raise his voice a bit just so everyone could here him, Alex never thought that his soft manner of speaking would hinder him so much in a single day.
"Um.. Hi. I'm Alexander Grossem, I'm not a legacy or scion or anything like that, just a normal person, or well as normal as a person can be when they're at a school for death heh..." Alex trailed of slightly there "You're a fucking idiot Alex... he scolded himself mentally.
"Erm, I'm pretty good at hunting and tracking it's all I used to do before I came here, so hopefully that will come in use when we start working... Oh! It's nice to meet you all as well, I hope we can all get along together."

Alex had hoped that he made a good impression here, it's not like he was anything important or useful as he was, it was gunna take a lot of hard work before he could reach some of the levels people were already at here.

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‘Damn’ a sudden burning rage swelled within Drakus. ‘How humiliating’ how had he let himself be so blindly distracted to make that mistake! He could only imagine the thoughts of degrading laughter running through the smug little minds of these females before him. ‘Just kill them both now.’ A voice echoed in his head.
”Shut it.” he snarled out aloud.
Lucky for him, he didn’t have to answer any more on his motive as the students became distracted by the growing winds and howling sounds.
As people all around him prematurely drew their weapons or prepped their powers, puffing out their chests and taking macho heroic poses, Drakus simply frowned and rolled his eyes.
Numbers took away the burden of responsibility making room for the cocky displays of confidence. Drakus simply used this opportunity to study his peers, or as he considered them, potential competition.

As expected it soon quickly passed, there was somewhat of a greeting, as brief and uninformative as it was. Then the crowds began dispersing onto the island.

Drakus stood proud and tall as always, that condescending glare glowing in his yellow eyes. He was not like these people, he thought to himself as he followed behind them entering into their new home. As he studied the backs of their heads he was sure they would share little in common.

As the students filled the main room and a few filtered to the kitchen. Drakus had a quick look around and maintained his stride.
He was disappointed to note the two females he engaged from earlier were also freshmen and here. As he walked through the small crowd introductions had began. People were talking of home towns and parents. Reapers and legacies. He overheard the number twelve, that meant there were eleven others for him to overcome and defeat. Well none or ten, after hearing of two with seemingly no powers.

Pushing in and possibly interrupting another, Drakus began his introduction.
“I am,” he started off upbeat and normal just like everyone one else. A fake smile painted on his lips, head and shoulders held high with insincere enthusiasm. Then his voice and interest snapped off coldly as he reverted to his earlier and usual demeanour. ”Not interested in getting to know any of you.”

He looked to Enzo @Calatrava
“If even a quarter of the people here are nearly as pathetic as they appear or sound then there will definitely not be twelve graduating, we will be lucky if they can just stay alive.”
He then turned to Ryanne @Arreyis
”And if that mutt bites me I won’t hesitate to put it down.” he warns.
Having said his piece and made himself known, Drakus was now intent to find his rooms and belongings.
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Interaction/s: @Krytavius//@ReusableSword//@Dark Light
Mention/s: @Poppirious

"I hope you like Snow White," Enzo whispered to Levi as his black eyes glared at him, fully knowing well the trickster's intention. "You might choke on that apple, and instead of having seven dwarves, you might be buried seven feet beneath the ground." The legacy gritted through his teeth as he focused on the introduction, only to notice Levi eyeing Murakami's painting which adorned the wall opposite them. The lad's split-second appreciation at the painting caused a grin to curve Enzo's lips. He placed a reassuring hand on the taller boy's shoulder as he chuckled at his expense. "I guess you do have some redeeming qualities after all. You might just be buried with flowers instead."

Thus, the introductions continued on with the rest of the team. The more notable ones being that of a surprise introduction from Torok and Alex.

Enzo had to admit that Torok's optimism and sincere care for a group he barely knew was refreshing. This guy, built with muscles on his muscles was the epitome of health. A sudden pang of jealousy stabbed at Enzo's heart, causing a twitch and a grimace to grace his pale face. His jaw tightened at the memories where he used to pray to whatever gods had deigned to cast upon him a look of mercy to cure his affliction. Through those years, he gained nothing from the gods but frustration and fatigue. He had learned to live with his curse, doomed to always be capable, but never enough. Never enough.

"We're all afraid of death, brother Torok of House Ivory." Enzo smiled at his peer before coughing into his hand. "But, I've learned to stare down at the abyss until it turns its gaze away." The legacy of Arachne sighed before pushing down the green-eyed monster down. He had no right to direct these negative feelings towards a genuine lad like Torok, after all. This guy worked his butt off to get to his physique now. "So, if you could teach me to get some abs, that would be great." He laughed softly. "Without killing me, of course. I found that curl-ups was to possible fractures as Levi is to probable ass-kicking if he continues to chew that apple like a goat." He shot a sly grin at the raider before turning back to Torok. "It's nice to meet you, finally. I've worked with your House before. Noble reapers. I'm sure they're proud of you."

When Alex spoke up to introduce himself, though, Enzo confirmed that he was as innocent and clean as a newborn baby's butt. Sooner or later, he would get stained with more than just shit. Still, Alex had some serious skills in tracking and hunting. Important capabilities in a world filled with demons. He would make a great ally in the future.

Then, a rather unfriendly voice pierced the room as a silver-haired student announced himself. Right off the bat, the feeling of insufferable superiority and cutting-edge edginess gripped Enzo's spirit. His body language and the way he eyed everyone else was borderline cruel, and as much as he attributed his personality to a sob story in his childhood, he couldn't really take it further with him insulting almost everyone he just met. Especially with him mouthing off to Ryanne.

Here Enzo was trying to connect and establish relationships with as many people as possible before Death finally found him while this bastard was just throwing away the gift of a longer life by being a dick to others. It would be more bearable if he was insulting random people, but the mere fact that they were the ones who would wipe his nose if he ever got injured or in trouble was sickening. He was making the wrong enemies.

"Aw, wee lad," Enzo tilted his head in mock concern as he finished his little threats. He coughed along as he made his way towards the silver stag who was more or less stood at the same height as Enzo. "You do have a point. But, don't worry, we won't be like you, so, we'll survive. You, on the other hand, might need some help," Enzo stopped as he coughed before continuing. "Everyone could teach you a few things here, gago. Alex with tracking, Lionheart with marksmanship, or even me," Enzo shrugged his shoulders. "Getting your head out of your ass. Pretty simple even for a toddler, but I know you can catch-up, right?."

A kind smile and a gentle nod after, Enzo turned around to walk towards his original spot as he adjusted his sash. He never really liked lashing out at anyone, but to forsake the importance of bonds in the name of foolish pride was stupidity in a league of its own.

"If this was your way of getting respected and admired, then, it was as effective as Juliet's poison," Enzo glanced one last time at him. "In that, it will lead to you dying or getting others killed."

With a final bout of coughs, Enzo decided that it was time to retire, at least. His body screamed for him to rest.

"While you youngsters are having fun, this oldie will just toss himself to bed. As soon as I find my room." With that, Enzo hauled his satchel before making slow, dragging tippy-taps towards the rooms. If anything, he might be staying in the same room as his siblings when they were staying here at the Lotus.

Lotus. Such an apt flower. It grew out of the filth and muck, and at this moment, there was so much to mud to sift through. He could only pray that they all succeed and bloom at the end.

Silently, he hoped that at least with this prayer, the gods would finally answer.

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Ryanne listened politely to all the introductions, but when the one who didn't actually introduce himself threatened George she paled, then went hot with anger. Who was he to act like such an ass? They were all first year students, and whether he liked it or not they were stuck together. He might as well get over his high and mighty attitude.

Still, she didn't say anything, merely whistled for George who came directly to her side his nails clinking on the floor.

"It was nice meeting you all. We're going to get settled in." She wasn't sure if they were done introducing themselves or not, but she was certainly done listening. Her stomach was growling, and so was George's, and she needed to feed them both. "Let's find our things George."

He lead her upstairs, up the magenta carpet, as he could smell his food with her belongings. She took the steps with one hand on the railing and the other on George's halter, though she could have gone without him. Stairs were fairly easy as long as you could maintain balance. They found their room easily, her bags marked with brass tags written in both standard english and brail. The smell of George's dog food made it easy to identify without needing to read it though.

She pulled the big bag upright and used the string pull to open the bag, then dug inside her carefully packed trunk to find his dishes. She filled one with food and left George alone to.find the bathroom. This too was easy to find by the smell of water, the sound of the pipes below the floor.

"Well, this should be interesting at least." She fully expected to be removed one way or another from the school before completion. She was smart, she was able to do for herself, but she was still blind, and more than once she had considered herself and George to be a hindrance more than a help. Ryanne was grateful for the experience though, as it broke through the boredom of Midland-Odessa.

She filled the second bowl with water from the tap and walked carefully back to the room. Placing it next to George, she gave him a few pats on the back and then explored her room. A bed, situated across from a large window. She assumed there was probably a decent view of the forest from here, though she couldn't appreciate it. A dresser and wardrobe, near the window but offset from the bed. To the right of the door she found a desk with a computer and headset. The keyboard she discovered was in brail, and the headset had little marks for left and right, both very considerate of whomever had set up her room.

She sighed as she listened to George eat, it was one of the least pleasant experiences of her existence. Listening to George gobble his food was like nails on a chalkboard for her.

"I'm going downstairs George. You stay here." She said, then went to make her way downstairs to find something to eat. She had smelled apples, and fruit sounded delicious.
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