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In Character Regulations

• Inform everyone, or at least the GMs, if you're unable to post in respects to the pace of the roleplay.
• Be sure to read everyone's post before posting your own. Collab posts are definitely encouraged.
• If you want something drastic to happen within the story, or whatever, please let the GMs know your idea via PM.
• Please use the header given below for organizational purposes!

| ✡ G M: Lionhearted | ✡ C O - G M: Severance | ✡ G E N R E: Supernatural, apocalyptic, modern fantasy, mystery, action


audi, vide, tace



citius, altius, fortius

✡ The Beginning

It has been some time in which nearly every individual taking place within the supernatural community has experienced omens or visions of a mysterious force that is hinting towards catastrophic events. This has stirred fear and panic — causing several covens, packs, and groups to close their doors and lock their gates. Here in Salem, Massachusetts, survival is hard when placed in the heart of the supernaturals' dwelling, thus, it is easy to become callous and selfish, shutting out the rest of society to ensure one's own safety. Though, it is now that these tendencies have been cast aside, and a door has been opened, inviting fellow creatures of the night to come and discuss their experiences and their fears to help inform the rest of the community. Perhaps the time has come to ignore all rivalries and centuries-long quarrels to allow for a chance at some kind of unity, regardless of how short-lived it may be, to discover what it is to come.

Founder's Day has come! A huge event for the people of Salem to gather within Washington Park in celebration of another year coming for the small city-town. Pop up shops, food trucks, and several booths open up to give several activities for the citizens to enjoy. The day begins with live music, celebration, drinking, and continues on until a fireworks show wraps up the night. The streets will be crowded, the park will be full, and the people will be lively — but what about the eerie presence of Salem's best guests?
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