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There is no set posting order, but please give other people time to post.
That being said, sometimes there are long periods where no one posts. If you are inspired to post, by all means write.
Tag/Mention players you interact with like @TootsiePop
Respect each other. Obey guild rules.
If you have major events or big scenes in mind that could move the story drastically, message us first before bringing it in IC.

You'll find out about events in IC

  • Red Arrow Sports Tournament - This doesn't exist but your parents think it does!
  • Down & Dirty Obstacle Course - There is an obstacle course but it's just there to use it whenever you want.
    No competitive event, like the brochure said there would be.
  • All-In Talent Show - Do you really think your counselors give a crap about your talents?

  • Wednesday Movie Under the Stars
  • Ghost Story Friday
  • Weekend Bonfires
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Sloppy Joe Saturday
  • The rest of the random happenings during the week will be found out during the morning by your counselor.
  • In all honesty, no one cares what you do to keep yourself busy.

Colorado, in a mountainous lake-side retreat.

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“Hello, campers! Welcome one, and welcome all to another beautiful summer at Camp Red Arrow. We’re happy to have you, and believe me, we know you’re happy to be here.” There was an intentional pause, as if Mike Oxmaul was waiting for a reaction. When he received none, he charged on. “Some of you, I’ve seen before. Some of you I haven’t, but I’m happy to see all of you now! If you’ll look around, you’ll see that Camp Red Arrow is just as beautiful as it’s always been — this year we even have a new net for badminton…” Mike Oxmaul checked his watch and tapped on it. “For our twentieth anniversary, we’re going to have a fireworks show midway through the summer… there’s an ice cream freezer, but don’t eat it all. Restocking is hard.”

There was another pause, before Mike shook his head, “can we cut? Let’s just do the whole thing over again. That sucked.”


Josh flipped the ancient TV off, and looked at the campers and other counselors, who were gathered in the rec room for the ‘opening ceremony,’ if it could be called a ceremony. Once upon a time, it had be more… ceremonious, but now it was kind of pathetic. Which, in and of itself, was kind of pathetic. Shaking his head, Josh ripped the ‘free’ sticker that was still on the side of the TV (the last TV had an unfortunate incident with a bat, and Mike had found this on the side of the road when he was coming by the camp; all in all? A net improvement).

“Yeah… That’s not the best intro, but ol Mike didn’t want to come this year... so he just recorded that video like two days ago…” Josh explained, shrugging his shoulders, as he crunched on a Funyun from the bag in his hand — one of the bags he’d brought along with him for the summer. Last year, the counselor stash had ran lower faster than he’d thought, and well… there were some mistakes you just didn’t make twice. “I thought he re-recorded it, but I guess not? Before anyone asks, no, you can’t have the fireworks. I’m not even going to make references to where they are.”

Josh knew the people he was playing with — one or two of them were people that had been coming here for a while. Joshua had no earthly idea how Camp Red Arrow got away with the shit it did, but… somehow, Mike Oxmaul pulled it off each and everytime… Of course, pulling the deception off wasn’t without effort! Mike knew what he was doing, he even created trophies for the Red Arrow Sports Tournament that they advertised, but didn’t actually exist. Every camper got one.

“Look, I get it. A lot of you probably don’t wanna be here. You were sent here by your parents who didn’t wanna bother with you all summer, and they didn’t trust you to be alone, or want to pay for a babysitter. But this isn’t as bad as you think it’s gonna be trust me. There’s a lake, there’s free food… We have double the amount of ice cream we usually do, because we got a new freezer. Trust me, this is gonna go great.” Well, it was no Captain America esque revitalizing speech, but it wasn’t his worst work! Besides, Josh didn’t get paid enough to try and make every camper happy. That just left his closing remarks, to cover what he expected of the campers.

“You guys can go to your cabins, get situated, and dinner’s at six thirty. Other than that? Don’t burn the place down, and NOBODY die. Try not to sit in the rec room all summer, it gets hot and the TV gets hot and if the backlight blows out because it’s hot we’re fucked because I don’t have another one, and I don’t think there’s a store that’s within walking distance, so… Try to play elsewhere. There’s only one rule, and that rule is ‘don’t fist fight within line of sight of a counselor.’ We don’t condone violence here at Camp Red Arrow, but we condone pretty much everything else. The people that are legacy campers? Make sure you help the newbies feel welcome.”

Josh should have given the speech from the goddamn beginning. Why did he even have to play the fucking video tape? Not only was it shitty; they had to cram everyone into the tiny ass rec room. “We’re gonna be stuck here for at least three months, so try, please try to get along. It isn’t as bad as you think it is, I promise.” Josh said, before giving the group one last not-so-comforting smile (he wasn’t the best smiler), and holding both thumbs up, the bag of chips crunching in his hand as he made a fist; something he seemed to immediately regret.

The crowd of campers, was, understandably awkwardly silent at first, and Josh did what most of them were waiting for: “You’re all dismissed. See you at dinner. If you’re late you can eat cold.” At that, there was finally a reaction from at least one camper.

“Yeah! Go Josh! Hell yeah!” Ever burning with the power of positivity and overwhelming optimism, as soon as the counselor said they were dismissed, Christopher Robin exploded into applause and cheers that were perhaps too enthusiastic.

For your starter posts, please feel free to write your character’s arrival to the camp, and then what they do immediately after this little introduction! There are only two cabins, and they’re split by gender. Your character will get to claim either a top or a bottom bunk in the barracks-esque cabins. Find a bunkmate! It’ll be fun, I promise.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to @me in the OOC, PM me on the guild, DM me on Discord, or @me on the Discord server! The same goes for my two GM buddies, @Fabricant451 and @TootsiePop.
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Alexandra Christine Rossi-Nguyen was once one of the children sitting in front of her, gazing up at the video that many of these people were seeing for the very first time. It wasn't too long ago when she was the one sitting and staring at the old-school television watching one of the most dated videos she'd ever seen in her life. However, now she was standing toward the back, leaning against the wall and being slightly illuminated by the television as she mulled over what to expect these next few weeks. It was always something she had to think about, especially considering that what most of these kids were about to see and experience for the first time, she practically knew like the back of her hand.

Oh, how times have changed.

At least this camp didn't even try to hide the fact that they were here for completely different reasons than wanting to make friends and have fun experiences and a summer full of bonding! Absolutely not. There wasn't a single kid in the known universe that wanted to genuinely do that intentionally, and if the say they did, they're lying. Not even Alex wanted to do this camp when she was little. She would have much rather spent her summers at home and around a familiar environment (but we all know she was gonna lock herself in her room and watch Sailor Moon over and over again). Much to her dismay, however, her mother had enough difficulty managing two kids around and Alex's admittedly bratty ass so her parents figured it'd be much easier on them if Alex spent the summer somewhere else so that they could raise her two half-sisters.

Luckily it got her into this position. One where she could spread the wisdom onto the kids. Well, some of it. She had to follow some guidelines as she could do some stuff the kiddies couldn't. At the same time, she didn't want to be that hard-ass counselor who was by the books. Nobody liked that person. Was it easier to do? Most likely, but it definitely didn't lend any favors in terms of building relationships with the campers. And to be quite frank, it was the relationships that made camp more fun that it had any right to be. Basketball, soccer, the blob -- they were all made better by doing it with the power of friendship! Yes, nobody wanted to actually do it, but it happened anyway.

Except this time, she couldn't have the same sort of level of relationship building. The dynamic was much different this time around. She wasn't a fellow camper anymore. She was a counselor, and there was some sort of authority and power aspect behind everything. No matter what, she was always going to have authority and power over whatever camper she bonded with. Even if she wasn't going to use aforementioned power and authority, it was always going to be there.

Then, there were the relationships with the other counselors. Admittedly, she hadn't really interacted with the other counselors, so she didn't really have time to build her relationship with the others. They seemed cool, though. Hopefully she could become chill with them.

Alex was suddenly snapped back to reality as she heard a rather rambunctious camper yell out, before she realized it was none other than CR. Chuckling, she got off the wall and gathered herself. Luckily, she had gotten there a bit before the rest of the camp, so she had taken care of unpacking and getting settled way before the rush of campers. It was still strange switching positions and becoming the one looking in. But, it was something that Alex was just going to have to get used to. For the time being, Alex was going to have to follow the girls to the female cabin, and help out anyone that needed help, because someone was going to forget what they were supposed to do and get lost.

Lord knows what happened the first time she moved in.

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Interacting With: CR and Matthew @Hey Im Jordan, Emmy @TootsiePop, and Archer @spooner
Location: Rec Room -> Boys Cabin

As Mike Oxmaul’s voice poured out into the cramped rec room, Oliver Nichols took a moment to reflect on how the fuck he’d gotten placed in a three month long summer camp where the owner showed up via VCR tape. If he had to take a guess about the decision that landed him here, he’d have to go with the one that his sister, Madi, had oh so helpfully titled “Oli’s Freshest Fuck Ups #78: Cannonball!”

It had been two months before school got out, and Oli had taken it upon himself to throw the greatest party of the year while his parents were out of town at some medical conference. Now, after that, the details get fuzzy, seeing as how Oli was drunk off his ass by 11:00 and Madi was downstairs, talking to Logan Parker, but what everyone knows for certain is that promptly at 12:00, Oli came flying out of a second story window yelling “Cannonbaaaaaaaaallllll!” He got lucky and hit the water, but as he fell he flailed, and as he flailed, his arm smacked against the concrete ledge of the pool and fractured his radius.

When his parents came back the next morning to find Oli in a hospital and one of their windows busted out, they’d lost their minds. The two of them had put their foot down. They’d have zero bullshit this summer, and if that meant shipping him off to summer camp, then into the woods he’d go. To be fair, things went Oli’s way for the most part after that point. His parents thought he was going somewhere to learn respect, and character and responsibility, but really he was gonna do the same old shit, with less consequences. If you really thought about it, “Oli’s Freshest Fuck Ups #78” might be more of a win than he’d initially thought.

That had brought him, and Madi, to Camp Red Arrow, watching as a muscular dude who could not give any less fucks turned off the TV that was blasting Mike Oxmaul’s voice throughout the room. Madi was standing off to the side, by one of the other counselors, while Oli had taken a seat by CR and LaLa, the only other people he knew at this place. Not that he was against making friends. In fact, looking around, he could see plenty of people he wanted to get to know. The dude, Josh, started talking, and more or less confirmed what CR had already filled him in on. This place was paradise. His eyes flicked over to Madi, who’d crossed her arms over her chest, while a disapproving scowl crept across her face. God, three months and basically no rules to enforce? What was she going to do with herself?

At Josh’s dismissal, Oli stood up, tired of sitting still after a long drive to camp, and more than ready to explore this place. He watched the other campers mob towards the doors, and he did the same, joining the crowd as they all tried to force their way through the exit and out into the fresh air. His two large duffel bags gave him a buffer between him and the rest of the campers, but not much. People still crowded up against him and it was a relief to step out into the open air.

He had to hand it to Oxmaul. He knew where to build a summer camp, at the very least. Red Arrow Lake was beautiful, and the area surrounding it wasn’t any different. The fresh air, pristine water, and wide open spaces came together to form a little nook in the wilderness where everything seemed picture perfect. The lake was spacious, and the beach seemed to extend for a ways, earning it a spot on Oli’s to do list. He was pretty sure he saw a boathouse down on the lake as well. He’d have to give that a look too.

Oli didn’t hang around taking in the wonder of nature for very long before jogging back to the group and heading into the boys cabin with four other dudes. Inside, the barebones decor and lack of any visible comfort would’ve been distressing, if he hadn’t brought his own blanket and pillow from home. He swung his duffel bags up onto the first top bunk, nearest the door, and pulled himself up onto the mattress. He gave the group of guys a once over. They were a good looking group, for sure, but good looking didn’t always mean chill. After deciding he didn’t care whether they were chill or not, Oli reached into his duffel bag and pulled out a dark blue, velvet pouch. Oli opened the pouch and produced a ziploc bag full of weed, and a long, glass bong. “So, who’s trying to get this summer fucking started?”
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Interacting with: Herself

Sucking on a blue raspberry ring pop, making it resemble a pacifier, the only child of the camp director, who went by the nickname Krysti, planted her feet in the left-handed batter's box. She made circles with her baseball bat as she waited for the rundown pitching machine to send a ball flying. Another summer without him caring, another year where nothing she did mattered, another opportunity to go out with a — clink! — bang. Tightening her grip on the handle, she kept her eyes on the machine as the ball she just hit got sent into the stratosphere.

She arrived when all the counselors got here, which meant all her shit was already on her claimed top bunk, which was the bed right under the glow-in-the dark stars she put on the ceiling. Also, her name was carved all over the wood frame so if people wanted to play games with her, she'd — clink!FIGHT them. That was HER bed for the past seven years! If they dared touch her comforter, she'd make sure they'd wake up with a pleasant surprise right by their FACE.

It's shit. She'd shit on their bed.

The green haired troublemaker didn't give a fuck if she sent any of those pansies home. If they couldn't handle her, they couldn't handle this camp. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, and how she wanted. There was no man, woman, or old person that could put her in her place. Camp Red Arrow was her playground and she'd be damned if someone thought they could tell her what to do.

Fuck 'em! They all could just — "Eat shit!" clink! — for all she cared.

Don't even get her started with her father. Her dad was stupid for bailing. They were supposed to play catch. That fucker. Hell if she'd show up for that stupid orientation thing, with a shitty video and shitty people telling them the rules and shit, and it being complete and boring shit, like fucking — clink! — SHIT. They were all probably uncomfortably close to each other, sweaty as balls, in that tiny ass rec room.



Interacting with: the Rec room and the boys' cabin.
@smarty0114@Hey Im Jordan@spooner

Why was he here?

Holding up his mother's ancient camcorder, using it to mask his lack of enthusiasm, the curly-haired boy with a cute hat on, observed the room in silence. His mother wanted him to die, didn't she? A horrible and terrible death. She told him what he would bring and confiscated everything that gave him joy. On top of losing his means to make music, he had to tolerate an existence without the use of his cellular device, which was utterly pointless in this dead zone. He could use it for his playlists, but was there even outlets in the dorms to charge it?

This was the absolute worse.

He hated every second of his time at camp and it only just begun!

Caught up in his woes, Emmett adjusted his hat and side stepped to the window, giving the other campers space. As the counselor talked about ice cream and the 'perks' of camp, the scrawny diva surveyed the amenities, continuing to keep to himself and avoid interacting with the other boys and girls in this jam packed room. His eyes fell on the jukebox. Vintage. He wondered if it had good jams. Probably not, but he could hope. And check later, of course. From the jukebox to the Nintendo 64 and Xbox, the handsomely dressed teen continued to take mental notes, while feeling out of place. If anything, he'd unplug the consoles in order to charge his phone for his downloaded content. He'd have to stay sane somehow.

“We’re gonna be stuck here for at least three months..."

Three WHOLE months! The striving music producer hoped to his mother's God that she was planning his funeral because when he returned, he wouldn't be breathing. Not at all. He'd surely be a cold corpse when this summer was through. Such was the life of Emmett Valentine, the would've-been-famous music guy!

Gingerly, he closed the LCD screen (putting the camcorder in the bag), as all the campers tried to escape the room, unceremoniously. When he tried to leave, he was forcibly pushed back and his delicate bottom rammed against the hockey table. Closing his eyes, to ease his irritation, he patiently waited until things cleared out. While he waited, he slipped in his earpieces and listened to the last song he had on play, which was something he helped produce for his friend back at home. Then, and only then, did he trail behind. With a checkered backpack on, pulling a mint hard-shell suitcase from behind him, Emmy shuffled to the place he'd sleep for the next century. Heavily sighing, he looked down at his low top converses (they were black) as he trekked onward down the path to the cabins.

Leisurely, he bobbed his head to the music, erasing the gruesomely hot sun and the bugs, all the goddamn bugs. He needed to change his attitude. Sure, he didn't want to be here but he kind of had no choice. He was already here. There was no way he could be productive in the middle of nowhere, at least in terms of his passions, but he could try to make his mom happy. Try to expand his horizons! Enjoy being young! Make mistakes! Have fun.

And yet... he stopped in front of the cabin. Looking it up and down, Emmy released an inaudible grumble. There was no bright side to this 'adventure' as his mother put it. He didn't know anyone. He didn't have his guitar or laptop or portable drum pad controller or mics. He had nothing. Just himself, a camcorder, and a harmonica if he needed to feed the itch to play something.

Once again, he gave a depressive groan, pulling one of his earpieces out, as he entered the cabin. Before he even claimed a bed, one of the guys decided to offer weed, which was rewarded with an unapologetic grimace.

Pause. "—Thank you."

Originally, he was going to ask if the bottom bunk was taken, the one right under the weed boy's bed, however, Emmy was immediately turned off by the offer of 'kindness' and chose to walk deeper into the cabin, claiming the bottom bunk on the other end of the room.

Well, this was it.

His bed...

Before he did anything with his suitcase, he examined the sheets and the mattress. Frowning, he noticed a stain on them. He'd probably sleep fully clothed and with the hotel-looking sheet his mom rolled up and packed for him. It was always good to be safe rather than be sorry. After ripping the pillow case and sheets off his bed and onto the floor, he threw his suitcase on top of the seemingly rock hard mattress.

Turning around to awkwardly watch the other boys, Emmy took off his hat and fiddled with it in his hands, "So. This is where.. we'll be staying." He cleared his throat, debating if he should introduce himself or not. He could hear his mother's voice bitching and whining inside his head. After licking his lips, he reluctantly greeted, "I'm Emmett."
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Frankie sat in the chair next to Josh with her legs crossed her right foot taping the air. The video playing was so redundant not one of the kids sitting in this room was paying any attention to it. And for Frankie it wasn’t any different, the girl was looking anywhere but the ancient television. Even though there was no reception anywhere Frankie stared down into her phone in hopes to find something to do but of course it came up blank. A huge sigh left her as she shifted in the uncomfortable plastic chair. Her focus shifted to Josh as he began to speak about how the summer would play out.

Slowly Frankie took of her sunglasses to get a better look at the young man sitting next to her. Did he get hotter since last year? Her mind traveled back to past years when she had just remembered Josh being a nerdy kid that stayed in the background. But now as she watched him going on and on about ice cream she couldn’t help but stare at his face. Biting her lip she made a mental note to explore it further at a later time. The murmur that broke out when Josh mentioned that camp would last for three months surprised the blonde. This must mean that there are a lot of new campers. Frankie raised an eyebrow and tried to arrange her face into a calming expresion at the same time trying to spot the new kids. They could be of use during the summer.

As soon as the speech was over Frankie stood up and patted her colleague on the shoulder “Great job Joshie! You didn’t scare’m too much!” she shot him a sparkling smile before turning to the group of campers idling around them. “Alright girls! You can follow me and this lovely lady and we will take you to your cabin!” she said loudly as gestured towards Alex who had stepped forward from her spot leaning against the wall.

The group of girls made their way towards the cabins in a slow manner as the heat was getting almost unbearable. Frankie fanned herself with one of the camp maps as she walked next to Alex. She turned to the taller girl “So did you hide the good snacks already or is that on the agenda for later?” Frankie grinned from behind her sunglasses.

When they arrived at the campers cabin Frankie threw open the door sending out a puff of stale musty air. “Well! Here we are! Your mansion for the next three months.” She stepped out of the way so that the girls could step inside. “If you need us we’re up in the counselor’s cabin over there…” she pointed to the larger cabin up the path. “...but don’t go crazy. Anyway I’m going to lay out down by the lake to get some color on this translucent skin. Please don’t bother me if you haven’t brought a drink or popsicle or something. Okay byyyeee!” she said sweetly lowering her glasses and shooting Alex a wink before turning around and heading down to the lakefront.

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Location: Rec Room ----> Boys’ Cabin
Interacting With: Emmett @TootsiePop, Oliver @smarty0114, Matthew and CR @Hey Im Jordan


It had all started two weeks ago, back in the suburbs of Palm Beach, Florida. The clique of troublemakers from King’s Academy called The Misfits had decided to celebrate the end of another academic year with a little get-together the night school let out. They’d ordered some pizza, fooled around the jacuzzi and raided the liquor cabinet, eventually getting brave and tipsy and deciding to play a few rounds of Truth Or Dare. With each round passed the dares got bigger and bolder… Until their host Sonny Drake was caught mid-dare throwing eggs at a cop car near the Crown Heights’ Police Station. Because there was video evidence of the event and it was his third strike, Sonny was referred to juvenile court, where he entered a plea agreement to spend three weeks in juvie and four more weeks of community service… Not to mention how his parents had vowed he’d be grounded for the rest of the summer, too.

Just like that, Marisol’s dreams of a fun-filled vacation were gone. Kavan and Kavi’s parents had pretty much banned them from hanging out with the remaining Misfits, and Archer was dead-set in his suggestion that maybe the best thing he and Mari could do was get away from Palms for a few weeks. After much deliberation and talking to their parents, the best friend duo had been signed up to attend Camp Red Arrow for part of the summer. They had arrived at their Colorado haven a few hours previously, and Marisol had been able to take dibs on the bottom bunk closest to the girls’ cabin door (fast and easy escape route) before she and Archer met again at the rec room the introduction speech that had left her outraged to hell.

"This is bullshit!” Marisol cried out as soon as she walked through the doors of the rec room, kicking at a small rock nearby. When the counselor had said in his speech that they’d be stuck there for at least three months, the young woman had choked on a piece of gum she’d been chewing. In her numerous conversations with her parents about Camp Red Arrow had the words “three months” ever been mentioned. A few weeks? Yes. But months. Mari wouldn’t have agreed to that in a million years. Three months?! Are they fucking stupid, or what? We start classes mid-August, and there is no way in hell my parents did ship us here for three months! Maaaaybe one and a half-- and that’s pushing it. And even if it is that long, I don't know if I'll make it without a drop of saltwater in my body! Like, fuck! Who in their right mind would spend their summer in the fucking mountains instead of the beach?! Fucking hermits: that's who. And are we hermits? Fuck no!" Marisol’s words came fast, agitated, rising and falling in pitch: the clear sign that her anxiety was kicking in.

Archer had been uncharacteristically quiet during the whole speech in the rec room. With every point that the counselor had spouted the wavy haired boy had become more and more annoyed. He had actually thought that Marisol had made some research on where they were spending their summer. “Well…” he began, copying his friend in kicking at the gravel on the ground. “Did you really not check anything when your dad sent you here?” the young man asked as he tried to hide the annoyance in his voice.

Mari glared at her best friend. No. He gave me the rundown and I trusted his judgement. Guess I should have done my research, huh?” she grumbled, kicking a larger pebble against a nearby tree before rummaging in her pocket for another piece of gum.

“This is some bullshit though…. I really have to sleep in a cabin with kids I don’t know? In bunk beds?!” he lamented, digging in his pockets for his cigarettes while his small friend popped the peppermint-flavored gum pieces into her mouth and began to chew. He shakily lit one of them, took a long drag and exhaled a cloud of nicotine-scented smoke, staring towards the other campers heading to the cabins. “You think we can pull of sleeping outside?” he asked, chuckling sarcastically.

The pint-sized girl joined in, shaking her head while an amused smile still lingered on her face. “Oh, I’m sure we can. These people don’t seem to give a flying fuck about what we do or not. And even if they did care-- so what? They’ll send us back home to our mansions and beaches? Boo-fucking-hoo,” Mari replied in the same sarcastic tone as Archer, pouting and making a mocking crying motion with her hands.

“I guess you’re right…” Archer sighed as they continued on the path that led to the cabins. “We should probably make the best of this, huh?” he said making a face as he took in the scenery. “It’s just so… different,” he muttered, hiking his duffle bag up onto his shoulder. “Then again… that is what I wanted...” Archer said quietly, eyeing his friend from the corner of his eye. He still hadn’t told his best friend about the incident yet. There really wasn’t a good time to say ‘Hey, I tried to kill myself 2 weeks ago’, was there?

Different is being generous… Fucking weird is more like it,” she shot back, looking around at the nearby lake and sea of trees stretching in front of them. The brunette soon felt a pang in her chest: she was already missing the white sands, crystalline waters and ocean blues from her Florida home.

The boy just shrugged as they continued on towards what apparently was the Boys cabin. The door stood open, allowing Archer to peer in before going inside. He quickly turned back to Marisol, giving her a skeptical grimace. “Weird is the right word for sure...” he said, slowly making his way inside while the green-eyed girl remained perched on the doorway.

“Sup’, dudes?” he said to the room as a whole quickly claiming the bottom bunk in the farthest corner of the cabin. “I’m Archer and the little girl with a permanent frown plastered on her face is Marisol.” he said jerking his head to Mari still in the doorway.`

The short brunette could only smirk and shake her head at Archer. He was always the best person to introduce her to people they didn’t know. “Fuck you,” she whispered in the tall boy’s ear, playfully elbowing him in the ribs before turning her piercing gaze to her friend’s roommates for the summer.

Marisol’s green eyes scanned each of the boys’ faces, her brain immediately jumping into her favorite pastimes: judging people by first impressions only. She quickly recognized the boy closest to her as the overly-enthusiastic one from back the rec room. The one at the far end of the room standing opposite from Archer immediately rubbed her the wrong way, giving her vibes of that one insufferable snitch character Randall from the cartoon Recess. The other one was cute, and reminded Mari of that one actor who played Spiderman in the latest movie adaptation. And then there was the tallest and probably most attractive one of all; whose dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and wide grin made him look like a spitting image of Archer’s cousin Max Wallenberg back in Florida. But it wasn’t his looks what caught the brunette’s attention… It was the contents of the ziplock bag and glass bong in his large hands.

Oh my God! Is that- ?!” Mari cried out, stomping into the room and staring at the items in the look alike Max’s hands as if she’d finally found the solution to all her life problems. “Holy shit, dude: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! You’re my fucking hero!”

Archer looked up from digging in his bag when he was offered over the bong. “Oh. Nah, man. Thanks. Maybe later,” he smiled sheepishly at the larger guy. “But as you can see my friend here really needs a hit.” he said, standing up and hiding the pill bottle he had gotten from his bag inside his pocket. “I’ll be right back, I need to try and contact my mom and let her know we’re alive.” Archer lied.

“Can you call my dad too while you’re at it? Tell him the plane didn’t fucking crash or blow up and we’re not charred pieces of flesh and bone being devoured by sharks in the middle of the open ocean,” she teased, letting out a loud cackle of laughter at her morbid remark.

He rolled his eyes “Sure. I mean, if i can get service out here in the first place...” he said, shaking his phone at Mari and walking in the direction of the door. “Try not to scar them too much physically or mentally while I’m out, k?” he whispered to his best friend as he passed her on his way out.

“No promises!” Mari called out after him with a mischievous smile, watching Archer venture out into the wilderness without her.
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This was such bullshit. Eden didn’t even do anything bad to deserve this torture. Sure… she had known what Harlow was up to back in Chicago, but it’s not like she was an accomplice to the crime. Her sister was the one who got busted for shoplifting, yet it was Eden stuck in an awkwardly quiet car ride through the mountains with her mother, on the way to fucking summer camp. Like she was eight or something.

The lavender-haired teen leaned her head against the passenger side window as sunbeams streaming through the treeline strobed across her face. She assumed the car ride was awkwardly quiet, but truth be told she had earbuds blaring edgy screaming, electric guitar, and double bass shoved into her ears, so she couldn’t be sure. Sitting up, she posed for an Instagram selfie, making a pouty face with a bunny ear filter on. See you after summer camp, Sinners! She captioned the selfie for her many online followers.

Eden then scrolled her socials as they travelled, not noticing her data service bars were decreasing the further that they drove into the mountains. She had service long enough to see that Becca, a girl from her old school in Chicago, one who had always been waiting for Eden and Elliot to break up, had liked the past three pics that her boyfriend had posted. Her cheeks flushed hot with jealousy, but before she let it consume her, she clicked Becca’s profile to see her pics. Elliot had liked her stuff back. A fiery rage overtook Eden and she chucked her phone into her leather black cat backpack. So much for making a long distance relationship work. What happens at summer camp stays at summer camp, fucker.

If that car ride was bullshit, sitting through Mr. Small Cock’s televized intro was worse. Eden hadn’t seen a TV that old since elementary school, when the substitute came rolling a monster of a cart into the classroom. But this was the larger version. Eden cared less about the TV video or the counselor’s speech that followed, and instead scanned the room to assess her fellow campers. There were definitely a few cuties, making her glad that she dressed to impress with one of her favorite skirts and a pair of thigh high socks. When it came time to disperse, Eden jumped at the opportunity to find her cabin.

She walked fast, wanting to pick the most prime real estate available in the cabin. Which, growing up as a younger sister, was obviously a top bunk! Harlow always got the top bunk. Thinking about her sister again made Eden sad… this was the first time that they would be apart. Like… ever. Distracting herself, Eden spotted a vacant top bunk across from someone’s bed with a really cool alien bedspread. The purple-haired girl threw her backpack up on the empty bunk to claim it and climbed up the ladder to make it with her own ouija board comforter.

Well, now what… Eden thought to herself once her bed was made. She looked around the cabin and wondered what she would do next. There was no cell service and doubtful any wifi, only human interaction… and bugs. Truth be told, Eden was kind of shy. She made a lot of friends online because she was bubbly and confident behind a camera, but in real life… Well, not so much. This would be easier if her sister was here. But that was the point, Eden was sent here to be away from Harlow. Her mother thought she was a bad influence, and while that was probably true, she was also Eden’s best friend. No sister, and no Sinners. Sitting on her freshly made bed, Eden pulled her knees to her chest and felt the weight of how alone she would be this summer for the first time. This was really going to suck.

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Featuring: Madison Nichols & Oliver Nichols
Location: Boy’s Cabin
Interacting With: Marisol @Dirty Pretty Lies, Anyone else in the boys cabin

Arms crossed and lips pursed, Madison Nichols was quite a sight as she leaned up against one of the walls in the rec center, dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, a tie dye shirt proudly proclaiming the name of the establishment where she’d be spending her summer. She spotted her brother, looking smug as ever. Of course he was. This had been intended as a punishment for him, but the more time Madi spent at Camp Red Arrow, the more she realized that this was going to be less grueling for Oli than it would be for her. She’d been counting on a fun, structured, summer. This was clearly not that.

Her orientation had proven as much. While they went over a few ground rules, it became apparent that the counselors were more or less here to make sure no one died, rather than shape young minds. The young man who was currently speaking, Josh, had made it clear to her that the rules weren’t necessarily meant to be enforced. Absurdity.

Lost in her thoughts, Madi nearly missed the dismissal of the campers. She watched them meander out into the open air, some splitting off towards their respective cabins, and others finding their friends in the small crowd. Had she been in a better mood, she might have headed to the girls cabin as well, in an attempt to make a good impression on the campers she’d be overseeing. That said, she was royally perturbed, and as anyone with siblings knows, sometimes the best way to make yourself feel better, is to go and fuck with them. That base instinct drove her towards the boy’s cabin, where she figured her brother would be unpacking.

She shouldn’t have been surprised by the sight that awaited her. As she passed a dark haired boy walking out of the cabin, she entered to find Oli, bong balanced precariously between his legs as he packed a bowl to the top with ground up weed. “Oli, are you fucking kidding me?” she exclaimed, earning her a fair share of looks from the other occupants.

Oli rolled his eyes as he finished packing the bowl, and shoved the bag of weed into his pocket. In one fluid motion he slid off the top bunk, picking up the bong with one hand, and fitting the bowl into it with his other. “Madi, chilllllllll,” he said, unfazed by her outburst. Living with her for the past seventeen years had made him accustomed to her oh so righteous rage. “Me and my new best friend Marisol are gonna go take in the natural splendor of Camp Red Arrow. You should join us,” he said, looking down at his sister.

“Mom and Dad said no drugs. Or alcohol.” To the innocent bystander, the steely nature of her tone might have indicated that she wasn’t fucking around. To Oli, it just mean that he was winning.

“Well, good thing they aren’t here, because I brought copious amounts of both.” The taller Nichols twin flashed his sister a smile, playful and nonchalant, before.

“Why am I not surprised? Y’know, I could write you up,” Madi said, resorting to the only threat in her arsenal.

Oli laughed and shook his head. If he was afraid of any actual repercussions, it didn't show.“Sis, totalitarian camp counselor is not a good look for you.” He turned to Marisol, his effortlessly charming smile spreading across his face. “Don’t mind my sister, she’s all talk,” he said, before stepping around Madi and out the door. “Anyone who’s here for a good time, feel free to follow me,” he called out, before starting a trek down to the beach.

Madi fumed, but didn’t follow, stewing over the blatant disrespect that she certainly should’ve expected. This was going to be a long summer.
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I've just seen a face
I can't forget the time or place
Where we just met

I have never known
The like of this, I've been alone
And I have missed things
And kept out of sight
But other girls were never quite
Like this, di-di-di-di'n'di

Mentions @Bee

To Isaac,

When we landed in Colorado you told me that the first time you saw me smile was when we were thousands of feet in the sky and I had my nose pressed against the airplane window so hard it looked like I had a pig snout. I still don’t think I was smiling then, I was just amazed that a tube of metal was able to be so high up. I told you, right? That I’d never been on a plane before? Never really left California. I’m sorry if my nails dug into your hand during takeoff. The plane was so shaky I thought we were gonna die. I didn’t wanna die there because if I did I wouldn’t have seen the blue sky above the white clouds. If we did die then, I think I would’ve seen more red than blue so I’m glad we didn’t die.

But when we landed in Colorado and you put me in the cab to camp, part of me thought of telling the cab driver to just take me as far as my pocket cash would take me. Part of me thought of running away again. But when I run away the only destination for me is back where I started, back where you found me. In an alley. About to make a mistake for a fix. When I run away, I don’t run from my problems, I run right back into them. I didn’t run. I hope you’re proud of me for that.

I’ve only been at camp a few hours but I haven’t made any friends yet. I don’t think people want to talk to me, I think they might know about me, my past. I think they look at me and see a monster or something, or maybe they look at me with disgust, like how could someone do what I’ve done? They don’t know what it’s like. They probably talk about parties and weed like it’s the same as a latte. Maybe it was a mistake to come here if they’re going to remind me of things like that. Or is that the point? Surrounding me with bad influences and access to things that will make me go back down the spiral? I dunno if anyone else is gonna write letters but I think doing this will help me stay afloat. Even hundreds of miles away I’m relying on you to be my anchor. That sounded corny I’m gonna erase it. Shit, this is a pen.

Hopefully my next letter I’ll have made a friend.


Phil Coleman had arrived at camp rather unceremoniously in the back of a cab. The driver wouldn’t even help her with her bags, granted her bags were a backpack and a small carryon as well as a jar of cashews - the jar was the size of 35 oz. barrel of cheese balls - bulging under her arm. She was early enough to miss the parents dropping kids off and early enough to just sit in the rec room after being checked in by someone who asked, straight out, “Are you the one with the drug problem?” That was certainly a banner start to what was sure to be a summer she would regret.

Her arrival meant one important thing: Writing. Phil had never been much for writing her thoughts down but her sponsor thought it would be good for her, a way for her to track her own progress in more than just a recovery method. He told her to think of it like a diary, just one that she would send to him whenever she could. He even bought her a notebook to write on; it had Link on it. She was quite fond of it. What she was less fond of was the orientation video, if it could even be called that. Once the rec room filled up, Phil closed her diary and paid attention while biting her nails that poked through the sleeves of her shirt.

As to be expected, Phil sat as far back as she could, all the way on the far side, away from other campers. With her pale complexion and thin, light blue hair draping across her forehead she likely resembled some kind of ghost or a weird take on the girl from The Ring. Maybe that’s why no one sat next to her or talked to her before the video or now after. Sure, she didn’t exactly speak up or introduce herself, but the fact that no one crossed that boundary to introduction said to her simply that everyone knew about her and made their mind up sight unseen. Just like when she was in high school, before running from that. Just like everyone who only ever called her worthless, pathetic, good-for-nothing…

The area code may have changed but people didn’t seem to.

When everyone was dismissed, Phil sighed and decided to wait until the rec room cleared out a bit before making her way to the girls cabin. No doubt she would be stuck with the crappy bed but considering she’d slept on rocky sidewalks and alleyways that smelled of piss and beer she’d be fine having a mattress even if it was harder than a boulder.

Putting her pen in the margins, she closed her diary and looked up. She immediately widened her eyes and looked back down, then quickly looked back up, then down, then opened her diary and put it in front of her eyes so she could peak out over the top. Standing near the wall, and promptly stepping away from it to...go somewhere, was a girl. A blonde girl. Phil had to assume she was a counselor but Phil hadn’t met her. The first thought she had was that the girl was pretty.The second thought was that she was like, really pretty. The third was confusion as to why she thought that and if it meant anything. The fourth she had to pen down in her diary.

P.S. I haven’t made a friend but I think I’ve seen an angel. But it’s a girl. Is that weird?

If anyone would know what was going on, it would be Isaac. But he wasn’t here and his answer would take a week! Maybe longer. Until then, Phil just stared at the girl. Her mouth might’ve been open. She might have had a little drool on the corner of her lips. She didn’t care. She doubted she would be noticed anyway.

But maybe not everything this summer would be a total waste.
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