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-Work in progress-

Name: Cole Smith
Nicknames: The Sword Hero
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Level: 1

Class: Legendary Sword Hero

Hero Class: Sword

Specializations: N/A

Magic Affinity: Wind, and Lightning

(brownish eyes replaced with blue)

Born in rural Maine young Cole was born to a group of successful fisherman, and belongs to a long line of such people dating all the way back to the inception of America. Cole's parents were often too busy to raise him so Cole was actually sent to Connecticut to live with his uncle Phil who was taking care of the grand parents. Phil was more of a laid back sort of of parental figure, and much more geeky than Cole's actual parents. Phil was a teacher in Hartford, and used his money to help bring Cole up to be a rather nice, if not quiet young man. Cole tried his best at sports as a young man often taken to local games by his grandfather on the weekends when he was feeling well enough. However they weren't especially his forte, and he ended up simply stopping sports all together in order to hang out with his Uncle, and his friends around a DnD table.

Eventually Cole moved back to Maine where he finished school, and helped his parents out for a time. He helped with a lot of his parents' warehouse work while they managed the financial, and business aspects. However one aspect seemed to remain a near constant in his life after his teenage years. He was constantly teased, and picked on by a jock by the name of Chad Buckley the head of a football team when he was still in Hartford. Growing up Chad seemed to never actually give Cole a break, and though he never got too physical it was unrelenting. Thankfully Chad was dumber than a sack of bricks when he was younger, and Cole managed to prank him in return multiple times in retaliation. Chad would reappear in Cole's life later as he moved to California for an college course in business to further consolidate his life. However by pure coincidence Chad's scholarship also landed him in the same school, and Chad, while mellowed out somewhat, still was a bit of a prick. Cole's hope of life changed as he grabbed a strange book, and was quickly transported to a new world...

Preferred Weapon(s): Legendary Hero Sword

Appearance of Weapon:

Abilities of Weapon:

Name of Skill:

Abilities of Skill:

Downsides of Skill:
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Auriel Asher

She doesn't have any nicknames yet.





Fighting Undead

Magic Affinity

Born within a monastery, Auriel was chosen to be trained as the Holy Warrior, a singular member of a lineage of warriors that have devoted themselves to the Four Legendary Heroes. It was decided at her birth that she would be trained in order to one day assist the cardinal heroes, taking the fact that she was born with angelic wings as a holy omen of the heroes' need to be summoned. For as long as Auriel could remember, her mother had lived in the monastery where Auriel was raised. From what her mother had told her, Auriel's father was once a great hero with a legend that rivalled even that of the cardinal heroes themselves, and that her mother had travelled at his side where she too earned quite a bit of renown as well. However, whenever Auriel asked about her parents' past, she was always met with cryptic answers and promises of being told later. Auriel eventually conceded and simply waited for the day that might never come.

When Auriel had been told that she was chosen to inherit the title of the Holy Warrior, she was ecstatic. The church had viewed her wings as a divine gift, and that it was fate that she was to become the Holy Warrior. Ever since she was a small child, Auriel fantasized about what her future might hold in store for her. As she grew up, Auriel endeavored to surpass her instructors so that, should the time ever come, she could be of the most use to the heroes. All throughout her younger years, Auriel was told to never trust the Shield Hero. However, despite the teachings and attempted indoctrination of the church's conviction, Auriel remained true to the journals of her predecessors which told her to remain true to all of the cardinal heroes. Auriel would go through her lessons, saying what her instructors wanted to hear whenever the topic of the Shield Hero came up so she wouldn't have to deal with the chastisement.

Well into her teenage years, hordes of demons and evil creatures began to ravage the countryside. The incursions were small at first, enough for the country's army to handle it, but as they grew in size, Auriel couldn't help but get herself involved. It was clear that these incursions from the hordes were a sign of something far worse, that they were the precursors of the next Waves to plague the world. She tried to convince to the kingdoms that the time to summon the heroes was now, but the kings and other leaders of the nations preferred to fend for themselves, saying that the summoning of the heroes would only happen if the waves became too much to handle. Auriel had been training her whole life to battle these foes. Even when the monastery wouldn't let her leave, Auriel would fly from a window and meet the hordes head on. Her training helped immensely, and she quickly became an even more experienced fighter as she did battle. Soon her reputation as the kingdom's guardian angel spread. But her reputation and fighting ability only served to work against her true desire, as the kingdoms believed that with her around, they wouldn't need the heroes. Auriel would once again become very outspoken about summoning the heroes, and that she was only one person and the waves would eventually become strong enough that she wouldn't be strong enough to stop them. She might have been capable, but she was no cardinal hero after all.

In one particularly violent battle, the strength and organization of the horde was far greater than Auriel had anticipated. Auriel was one of the first to meet the enemy in the field of battle, and one of the first to fall to the surprise as chains and nets were launched into the air by fel machines to intercept her. It seemed that her reputation hadn't just reached the ears of the people. Soldiers managed to reach her and get her out of the battle, but she was too injured to fight. The holy magic that surrounded her would need time to heal her injuries, and there was no telling when she would be healthy enough to fight again. It had been months since that battle, but Auriel is once again fit to travel the land. Her injuries had left her bedridden, and she is now a shadow of her past self. She would need to raise her strength again for when the first true wave comes. Luckily, her defeat on the field of battle, and destruction that ensued from the last demonic incursion, was enough to galvanize both the people, and the government to finally summon the heroes. Auriel is making sure that she is there to attend the summoning ceremony and finally fulfill her destiny.

Preferred Weapon

Abilities of Weapon
The spear is imbued with holy magic, making is more effective against undead and unholy creatures.

Amulet of the Church of the Four Heroes
Camping Equipment
Travelling Clothes
Armor (as seen in her picture)
The Lost Journal of Archiel, and his personal account of the Four Heroes

19 Gold
73 Silver
50 Copper
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Name: Cleomine
Nicknames: Cleo
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Level: 1
Class: Bard
Specializations: Performance, Disguise/Deception, Stealth, Talking out of trouble before a fight starts, Swimming.

Magic Affinity: Water and Light

Preferred Weapon(s): Rapier

Abilities of Weapon: None


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Name: Flin Meeru
Nicknames: Flint, the Sun Lance, Spear Hero, Solar Knight
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Level: 1

Class: Legendary Spear Hero

Hero Class: Spear

Specializations: N/A

Magic Affinity: Fire, and Light.

(Red jacket instead of green, red pants instead of green)


Flin was born to a family of decent standing. His father was a hard-working man, always doing his best to provide for his family. He worked in construction, which got him a good bit of money. His mother, however, was rather fragile in mind and body, making it difficult to keep up with any kind of job. As a result, her husband was required to bear the load, to earn money for the family. He did so with pride, however. They weren't exactly poor, but they certainly didn't have much money left at the end of the month. It was enough to survive. They'd always been kind to Flin, despite everything. And Flin was more than happy to help around the house.

Flin was quite the bratty individual at his high school in America, and was one of the coolest kids. Or at least, that's what he told himself. He wasn't always this way, though. When he was younger, he was more of a geek and hung out with the more anti-social, but nicer kids. But he was always picked upon by those who came from wealthy families, those who acted like they were better than him. His friends cared for him, but they never helped him when he needed it the most. The bullying lasted for several years. It was rough, but it taught Flin one important lesson. The only one who could truly help him, was himself.

After that, Flin began to change. He would start lashing out at bullies more violently, and be by himself. He was still trying to be the best person he could be, only fighting back out of self-defence. In essence, he was a kind person, but rough around the edges. After one of many fights, he was told to write 40 pages of "Treat others with respect." He chose to do to in the school's library, where it was nice and quiet. After a while, he decided that it was time for a break, and began to search through bookcases for interesting books. Eventually, he grabbed a strange book, and then it happened...

Preferred Weapon(s): Legendary Hero Spear

Appearance of Weapon:

Abilities of Weapon: shield-hero.fandom.com/wiki/Legendary…

Name of Skill:

Abilities of Skill:

Downsides of Skill:
Some spare change
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Dúlamán(Doh-lah-mahn) Cain

Beast, Lamán, Cain





Restraining/trapping, Distraction, Cooking, Entertaining(singing)

Magic Affinity:
Dark and Wind

Abandoned at a very young age, Dúlamán had been a slave for as long as he could remember. Being a Komori, commonly called a vampire, there were many who sought to buy him if only for his species rarity. Taught to sing and perform, to be the well-behaved slave, quiet until ordered to speak. He was constantly on display and forced to play nice with the humans that treated him as nothing but an object to be shown off. Lamán's resentment grew greater with each passing day until he simply couldn't take it anymore and did the unspeakable. He attacked one of his Master's guests. It was only because his master's "kind nature" that he was given a choice; enter the gladiator pits or be killed. He chose the pits.

There he was forced to fight for his life, day after day, just barely surviving most days due to his naturally enhanced agility and flexibility. At least until the quartermaster offered him a deal: If Dúlamán could survive the going in and out of the arena until he reached the age of 24, then he would be granted his crime would be forgiven and he would be allowed to live as a free man. With the prospect of being free, the vampire trained constantly. Fully aware that he would never be the strongest physically, he focused on furthering his agility and stamina in order to outpace even the oldest of veterans. By the gods he had managed to last and has only recently been given his freedom, though, without the food and shelter the pits provided, he is finding much harder to live freely than he had ever imagined.

Preferred Weapon(s):
Whips and Daggers

Appearance of Weapon:

Abilities of Weapon:
Has a chance of inflicting a mild paralytic poison, more effective of humanoids and nonpoisonous beasts.



  • Bedroll
  • Rain tarp
  • Entertainer's clothes
  • 20 Copper
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Name: Fernando Gutierrez

Level: 1

Class: Shield Hero

Hero Class: Shield

Specializations: Survival Training, Languages, Tactical Training,

Magic Affinity: Wind

Appearance: Tan skinned with Knife cut hair down to his shoulders. He has brown eyes and a curved hawk like nose. He stands 5'7" and weighs about 180 lbs. He has many scars on his body and his clothes are ragged and worn. He has a quiet attitude and talks very little. But when he talks he has a sort of tenor voice that is a bit raspy from lack of use. He unknowingly has a protective spirit and has on many occasions helped a person but he tries very hard to seem indifferent. He has no qualms about getting his hands dirty but only resorts to violence when necessary.

Biography: Fer is from a war torn country in the South American Continent in the early 1980s. Living in the harsh rural mountains, made him a hardy young lad. When the guerrillas started abducting children he was unfortunate to have been trapping when his younger brother was taken, his father and mother butchered and his younger sister abducted probably to be sold as a slave. Fer tracked down and joined one of the guerillas. His aim was to find his siblings and exact revenge, on whoever he could, from within. He endured harsh and violent conditions. He learned to use conventional and fabricated weapons. His trapping skills eventually earned him a place as a tracker and forager. All the while his goal was to find his siblings.

By luck or providence, he was able to discover that his poor brother had not survived the harsh living conditions of jungle and a boy soldier. It had been many years and he felt that he had failed his siblings, his parents and justice. He was contemplating ending it all when on his way back to camp he heard a cry of despair and pain.

He followed the sound and happened upon a very common scene of four or five guys surrounding the poor body of girl from where the sound had emerged. He was about to turn away when one of the young men parted and he saw the dirty and tear streaked face of his sister. Rage and pain clouded his emotions as he deftly loaded his old pump action riffle. Despite the emotional storm going on in his soul, Fer managed to quickly and accurately send two bullets bursting into his intended targets. He did not even stop to assess the damage when a quick reaction from one of the remaining three young men reached for the riffle. Far let the riffle be torn from his grasp but his hand immediately pulled the hunting knife he wore on his waist and plunged it deep under the ribs of the attacker who slumped to the ground after a gasp of surprise. The one that had been assaulting the young girl had succeeded in punting on his pants and stood up just as the other lad managed to close in combat with Fer and knock him to the ground trying to pry the knife from his grasp. Fer reached up with his other hand pulled the lad’s hair towards his face and bit hard into his neck until he felt the metal taste of blood. A yell of pain from the wounded neck which was spurting in a rhythmic fashion.

Before he could get to his feet he felt a sharp pain on the left side of his head. He fell to the side trying to fight off confusion and a nausea. Before he could recover he felt the weight of a sweaty body on his and rancid breath near his nose as the last attacker fell onto him striking with his hands. Adrenalin and desperation made both defender and attacker inaccurate in their scuffle. Somehow, the attacker’s hand happened upon the hunter knife that had been dropped. He raised the knife and brought it down upon the raised arm of Fer who had appempted to protect himself. The blade plunged deep into the left forearm and scrapped bone protruding from the other side. The lad used his weight and pushed down forcing the blade slowly down. It was a life and death struggle. The blade was dangerously close to Fer’s neck when a shot rang out. While the weight remained on him, it was dead limp weight. Blood started to drip from a hole on the side of the face of the attacker and Fer pushed the dead body off him, the effort causing him to almost pass out from the pain in his left forearm.

A crying girl rushed to his side. “FER!” the girl said between sobs. Fer propped himself on his knees, the Adrenalin slowly leaving his body and giving way to pain and nausea. He still managed to hug the young girl and say her name through bloodied and busted lips. “Rosa, please forgive me!” He added his sobs to hers as they held each other surrounded by a grim collection of bodies darkening the earth and pooling blood.

Five days later found Fer and Rosa in a rural train station headed towards town. They wanted to leave so much grief and pain behind. Perhaps even one day make it to America. They had somehow made it down the mountain to a village where they had found good people who patched up Fer and helped them find a ride to the rural town. They bought passage with the selling of the equipment and cash found on the dead bodies of the assailants. It seemed like their bloody past was behind them. There had been no signs of pursuit and nobody would even know who was missing or who had attacked with so many rival guerrillas in the area. While they waited, Fer's gaze fell on the odd and eclectic offerings of a merchant. It was a worn book. Fer smiled, his younger brother had loved books. He had been the smart one in the family. Fer knew how to read of course but had not envisioned a life outside farming the land like his father. He knelled and for 5 pesos bought the book. He was on his way back to Rosa and the approaching train.

In an instant, there was a bright flash of light which all but blinded the young man. When his vision returned and the spots dissipated, he was standing in a stone walled room.

Preferred Weapon(s): Shield, (proficient in fire arms , bows and knives)

Appearance of Weapon: Dependent on the ability being used but at rest it looks more like a solid metal bracer with a jewel on the center of it.

Abilities of Weapon: (if applicable)

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Name: Rivia Silvermane

Nicknames: Pup, Crimson Fang, Rivi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Level: 7

Class: Ranger

Specializations: Hunting/Tracking, Ambushes, Close Quarter/Unarmed Combat, Scouting

Magic Affinity: Dark and Earth


Rivia's childhood was far from conventional. Born into a nomadic tribe of wolf demi-humans, she was taught how to hunt, forage, kill, and the like from a young age; whether with weapons, traps, or bare hands. Typically a lone huntsman from the tribe wouldn't go after anything larger than a boar by themselves, though her father had famously beaten a bear by himself-and with that he had become the Alpha of the tribe over his older brother, becoming the most respected individual amongst them all and she was no exception, always wanting to emulate her father whenever she could and grow up to be just like him. Though she would always get in trouble with her father for roughhousing with the other children a little too much, often leaving them with bloodied noses and the like. He always had a rough time reigning in the free-spirit girl, raising her by himself after her mother passed away when she was only a couple of years old.

Being the daughter of the alpha meant there was a lot of pressure on her basically from the day she learned how to hunt, though a lot of it was self-inflicted. She had to track better than anyone else, she had to bring in more kills than the other hunters, she had to. It was a matter of pride, an unhealthy competitive streak that got her into many a fight with her peers. She seemed possessed with this obsession of being the best; after all, as the next alpha, anything less was weakness! A sign of unworthiness for the role. Due to this mindset of wanting to constantly challenge and improve herself, she would disappear for weeks at a time at times, only to return or be found after her father would form a search party covered in blood from head to toe and various scratches and cuts. She would spend these weeks just hunting and fighting the wildlife, learning their habits, how they moved and even copying some of them into her own fighting style. She got to the point where the feral, animalistic style of how she would spar with her peers was even alarming to the tribe; they were far from civilised, primitive and well drilled in the ways of old, but she seemed to take it to another level-she was a wild animal when she fought.

She even picked up some animalistic habits. Growling when threatened, angry or afraid. Whimpering when in pain. Nuzzling, or even purring, when happy. She would eventually go on to be confronted by her father about her behaviour which would tone it down a little, but she still lacked a lot of restraint when in fights or spars, getting to the point where only her father would be her partner. After much consideration, it was decided he would send her away to another tribe for a while-try and get her away from her father's shadow and influence. The new environment would do her wonders! Or so the theory went.

They never got a chance to test it.

The day before she was meant to embark, she went on one last hunt with her father. Unbeknownst to them, this was the day the waves had started. Caught in the middle of the event and nowhere to go, they had little choice but to fight-or rather, that's how Rivia felt as she charged at the monsters involved despite her father's warnings. After all, if they didn't deal with them here, it put the rest of the tribe in danger! The result was inevitable, she barely scratched them before a single blow just about brought her to her knees. Her father ended up saving her from the killing blow, the last thing she saw before she blacked out was her fathers back to her as he fought against the monsters.

When she awoke, it was all over. She doesn't like to speak of the scenes she found, but the monsters were gone. Her father was dead, atop her having used the last of his strength to shield her. She would say she didn't cry, but that would be a lie. She cried for hours before finally piecing herself together enough to take him back to the tribe, not before reclaiming his weapon; a family heirloom, the symbol of the alpha. The Silvermane blade.

Upon her return, she was distraught to find out that they weren't the only ones caught up in the waves. The entire encampment had been laid to waste. All the children she had grown up with, the elder hunters she had learned from, her teachers that had scolded her. They were all dead. Everyone was dead. She would spend a few days, wallowing in grief and unsure about what to do. She did at least have the sense about her to give them burials. Once she was done with that, and the shock and grief began to leave her system, she was left with a wave of bitter anger and guilt. Everyone had died because she wasn't strong enough, at least that was her belief anyway.

So as her father had wanted, she left. Not to go the other tribe, no she left on a journey to strengthen herself. And to hunt down the waves and get whatever meagre vengeance she could, living off whatever she could forage or hunt. The clothes she wears she found in a chest back at the encampment; souvenirs of her mothers.

Sometime during this journey, she heard the rumours of the summoned heroes. Childhood memories of stories passed down through the tribe told of similar heroes, and it would seem that their goals aligned. Fighting back the waves was close enough to her desire to wipe out the monsters associated with it at least. So she has gone to seek the heroes, eager to test or see their abilities in action before deciding to ask to assist them. It wouldn't do if the rumours were exaggerated and they were really just a bunch of weaklings after all.

Preferred Weapon(s): Daggers/Throwing Knives, her own hands

The appearance of Weapon: The Silvermane Blade

Abilities of Weapon: Duplication
As the name suggests, the dagger/knife has the ability to duplicate itself, allowing her to throw them without fear of running out

-The Silvermane Blade
-Travelling Clothes
-A backpack
-Rope and other various things to build basic traps

Money: stuff all
Gold: 0
Silver: 0
Copper: 0
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