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E P I S O D E O N E : M E E T I N G T H E T E A M


May 3rd, 2021 | 11:00p.m. | Happy Harbour, Rhode Island

The warm spring temperature harmonized with the cool sea breeze to make for mild and pleasant weather. Standing at the base of Mount Justice with the sun reflecting off of his red metallic form, was Red Tornado.

11:00pm. This was when the newest arrivals of the Young Justice team were expected to meet Red Tornado to be welcomed to the sanctuary and more importantly, the rest of the team. Several other teens had arrived throughout this week. Much like the Justice League, they all had their own quirks and identities. He expected three new faces today, but was also tracking yesterday's arrival being a part of the initial tour of the Secret Sanctuary.

A few steps away from Red Tornado one of the new arrivals waited with him, having gotten there early, standing quietly next to the silent android. Daphne adjusted her sunglasses, pushing them back up her button nose. They hadn’t said a word to each other for the past fifteen minutes aside from a polite greeting. It was difficult to get a feel of his expression, since his metal face remained blank the entire time. It made her a bit uncomfortable, was she supposed to say anything? Fifteen minutes of silence was kind of long right?

When he suddenly started to speak Daphne nearly dropped her backpack.
“Follow me inside” His voice while definitely robotic wasn’t as monotone as she expected.They hadn’t spoken much, but it was easy to get used to. The android promptly turned around and walked through the underground entrance at the base of Mount Justice, without actually looking to see if the teens were following him.

They started the tour in the common area.
“There is a kitchen at your disposal where you may prepare food and eat it.” Red Tornado stated simply. Granted a tour usually wasn’t all that exciting to begin with, but having an android explain the functionality of a kitchen, well you get the idea.

The kitchen had a large, U-shaped couch, in front of which sat a coffee table and a wall-mounted widescreen television, with a variety of gaming systems attached to it. The lounge’s perimeter was made up of bookshelves that reached from the floor to the ceiling, containing a collection of the widest possible variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

“Any questions about the use of this room?”
He regarded the young heroes with the same set expression.

Taking their silence as a yes, he continued onwards.

They visited the dormitories, the gymnasium and the meeting chamber. All rooms accompanied by the same dry instructions of Red Tornado. The teens by now were getting admittedly bored, some showing it more obviously than others. If Red Tornado even acknowledged this fact he didn’t do anything about it, he merely carried on, as he was required to give them a full tour of the HQ.

Required until more pressing matters caused him to suddenly stop in place while leading the group to the next location. There was no indicator of someone else contacting him until he verbally answered to seemingly no one.

"Affirmative…" He paused and looked at the group he had been touring around and made a not so empathetic decision. "You three will remain here until I return to complete the tour. I should not be long." He gave a nod to the group before heading towards the Teleporter Room and leaving the sanctuary utilizing the Zeta-beam tubes. He left the teens to assume there was some important Justice League matter that needed his attention.

"That's unfortunate." Viktor finally piped up from the rear. He'd been quiet the entire time, observing and listening to everyone in his company. He had roamed the Sanctuary the night prior, but was looking for more insight from Red Tornado on every location within his new home. "Hmm."
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”Finally, I thought he’d never leave!” A voice could be heard saying. “elkraps wobniar!” Suddenly, the room filled with multicolored flashes of light for a few seconds, as Zachary Zatara made his entrance into the room. “Hello everyone. I’m Zachary Zatara! Better known as... sthgil ni eman ym etirw“ He pointed his wand up, and the words Zatara the Great were spelled out in purple glowing letters for a moment before they faded away. As he did, he took off his top hat, and took a bow.”You may know me from Youtube. I’m close to a million subs. Like and subscribe! You... may also be familiar with my cousin. Zatanna Zatara...” He sneered for a moment as he mentioned that. Everyone knew who his cousin was, and it bothered him having to live up to the standards set by her and his uncle. Now was the chance to make it big on his own. “Everyone knows I’m the charming one.” The pearly white grin quickly returned to his face.

Then he turned his attention to the handsome boy in the group. That wasn’t himself of course. “So, who might you be?” He flourished, and a red rose appeared seemingly out of nowhere and he handed it to the boy. “I look forward to getting to know you better.” Then he kissed the boy’s hand.
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The computerized voice of the Watchtower's Teleportation system spoke up throughout the entrance hall of the Mt Justice Sanctuary.

"League Identification: 036 - Nightwing and additional Authorized traveler."

In a flash of light, two figures stepped out of the teleport platform: the first, a tall and well built man wearing black armor not dissimilar from Kevlar, adorned with a blue bird symbol across his chest. He wore a domino mask to shield his identity. On his back were two sheathed escrima sticks. This was Nightwing. Secret Identity: Dick Grayson. The first protege of The Batman. He stepped further into the sanctuary hall.

"I'm telling you, my time here was some of the most formative and best memories I've had in this whole superhero business. The friends I made here have never let me-" He stopped when he realized that the young man who had accompanied him was still standing on the platform. Nightwing shook his head.

"Hey - I know this is going to be a change. It was a change for me too. I went from working primarily with just Batman - and he's not the most social guy - to a team just like this. I know it seems daunting, but I promise it will get easier. Just give it a shot okay? And if things don't work out, we can head on back to Bludhaven" Nightwing approached the young man, attempting to talk him into joining.

The younger man, wearing a similar black and brown armor set, adorned with a "T" insignia above his right pectoral turned away for just a moment, before reaching with his hands and signing "fine" in the air. Nightwing smiled and hit the young man playfully on his shoulder and lead him towards the sound of the rest of the young heroes.

"Now, when I first joined, Batman made me promise not to reveal my identity. At first, I kept up with that for awhile. But eventually, I grew to trust the team enough to share that part of myself. For now, I give you the same advice that he gave me. If you want to reveal that side of who you are, that's up to you. When you feel it's right. Otherwise - it's dark glasses at all time okay? When you aren't wearing a domino mask or that Court of Owls helmet of yours. In fact, maybe we take it off for introductions?"

The young man who had recently begun to ask to be called "Jack" nodded, taking off the metallic alloy helmet and revealing his face. He brushed his dark hair out of eyes and adjusted the customized domino mask.
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💀 The Sanctuary.

💀 Whoever.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” A ghostly voice echoed throughout the training room, “I present to you Casper!” It continued, a short pause lingering in an attempt to conjure forth drama on a stage beheld by none. Indeed, it would have been an awkward sight, seeing the Wraithborn unlocking further results with his dark magic. “A fearsome creature!” The voice carried on, now a sense of mockery present in those ghostly words. “Lord of the dead! He can rip out your soul, make a slave of your lifeless self! Like glass, he can shatter your very essence!” High praise, but patronizing words, all the same. “But what can’t this bundle of necromantic joy do!? Fly!”

As if on queue, Casper fell to the ground, yet again, a repeat of what had transpired throughout that morning. Was he able to feel the chill of a cold metal surface against his skin, the boy may have recoiled, but as it was, the Wraithborn slowly raised those eyes to meet his dear, close friend, Coal. ”Dude..,” phantasmal vocals added to the Wraithborn’s speech, a lingering echo accompanying every syllable, ”go fuck yourself..”

“Be still, my beating heart!” The bird offered in turn, small, taloned feet hopping in place before a flap of its wings brought the avien atop Casper’s head, messy black hair soft and silken beneath those digits. “Let’s go again, Cassy’ The Friendly Ghost!”

Clenching his teeth, the boy attempted to dismiss the rising frustrations building within. How many times had he done this? At the very least, attempting flight through his ghostly powers was far less obnoxious than getting stuck in the Spirit Realm, which he had managed to accomplish more than once. Indeed, Casper was an accomplished Necromancer, or rather, more accurately, an accomplished Wraithborn. However, it would be a lie to claim that he wasn’t still getting used to this existence. A single year prior, he was alive. Spells were cast through a medium of words, and incantations. However, now that very magic was not only a part of him, but what comprised him. It was his very being. Magic was no longer used through studious means, but rather through an effort of will, which was far more difficult than one could imagine. Regulating the effects, deciding on desired outcomes, and balancing the weave of magic stitching itself together both internally, and externally required practice. A feat Zatanna had attempted, and managed well. However, she could not be there holding Casper’s hand, and neither could his mother. No, instead, he had Coal. A best friend by all intentions, but an obnoxious hassle, all the same.

Energies of black and white began manifesting, licking across Casper’s frail body in a snake-like fashion, winds of darkness vaguely swirling around the Wraithborn. His feet soon elevated, rising from the cold, metallic floor as his body was carried aloft by the dark magic brimming from within. Like a ghost, Casper floated, a nearly weightless frame unbound by natural restrictions. This was, of course, until the Wraithborn fell, hitting the floor with a thud, and a groan. ”H-how long was that..?” Casper muttered, rolling to his back as phantasmal eyes turned to look at the ceiling.

“Like,” Coal commented, “nothing you should admit to in your Super Smash profile.”

Casper struggled to his feet. With all of his dark powers, the boy was not sturdy by any stretch of the imagination. A fall from the distance he had endured, little more than a few feet, was enough to hurt. ”I have to learn this..”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Cas’! That’s my job!” Coal objected, a beak lightly pecking at the Wraithborn’s head.

”And stop trying to set me up with people..,” Casper rolled his eyes, a hand rising to gently grasp his friend between black claws, before dropping Coal atop the teenager's shoulder.

“Why!?” Again, the bird objected, “have you seen the fine fucking pieces of meat around here!? Perfect for you.” A proud statement, one the spirit clearly stood by, and one which managed another groan from the necrotic creature.

”This obsession of yours is really weird, Coal..,” the Wraithborn added, shaking his head as the teen continued out of the training room, and started down the corridor. If he recalled correctly, the new recruits were arriving this very day. They may have already made themselves known on the property, and knowing Red Tornado, he was certainly making sure that their arrival was full of exciting new impressions.

It became blatantly known when Casper came face to face with his team, the creature's tail slowly swaying from side to side. Social interaction was a bitch. “Hello, everyone!” Came a voice from the Wraithborn’s shoulder, causing the boy to flinch slightly. At least Coal was willing to speak for the both of them, and Zach had already started the fireworks.
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