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~ Town Borders ~

Nathaniel revealed that Lady Imre always could have fought. They only hired the Eon Tower since they did not know the strength of their assailants. The explanation only served to tell Einer that, basically, he was the only one that needed protecting in that carriage the entire trip.

His pride wounded and his insecurities reinforced, Einer was silent when they entered the clinic, the doctor fixed him up and he was discharged, ready to rejoin his fellow Reavers. Lady Imre and Ruecian were glad that that he recovered fine, but attention was the last thing Einer wanted right now. His silence at their words might have piqued curiosity, but Lady Imre's business fortunately diverted attention from that.

After that, the Reavers and their clients were all on their way back to where they started. Einer sulked on the inside, but he has recovered enough to be able to play some relaxing music during their ride. When it was time to say goodbye to Lady Imre, Einer bowed his head at her sympathies. Good thing too, or else he would have just glared noticeably at her.

”Alright, a job well done, team. Glad it seems like none of you are slacking on your training! Unless you guys have stuff to do somewhere else, I say we head back to the Tower. Got use some rest, especially Einer.”
Ruecian Valeniquen

Einer was now composed enough to talk again. "Indeed. I think I need to... relax for a bit once we get back." Just endure for now, the musician thought. Once he found his answer, then all of this will be in the past.
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Hector Wyland

@PaulHaynek,@Polaris North

It was a bit of an awkward ride back after the group received a vague explanation as to who the heavily armed brigands were, and...Hector was having trouble accepting Ruecian's congratulations. Hector had barely hung on by the skin of his teeth, and was left with a busted nose and a bruised ego for his troubles. Einer got off worse, with a bullet through his shoulder. Plain and simple...Shavis was the only one to really hold up to the Tower's reputation, save for Ruecian who was so far above Hector that it didn't bare mentioning in his mind.

Einer's music soothed the nerves of those present, and Hector would close his eye. Peace, but won not through his own strength. The group would be back at the tower in due time, with Hector shuffling out of the carriage and bowing respectfully to Irma as she bid farewell. ...Some small part of him didn't just resent the fact he failed, but...the fact that such a lovely lady had to stain her hands with blood to save his life. Hector knew she was strong, and yet...it was more from a burgeoning affection that formed this shame.

As Ruecian declared that it was time for them to get some rest, Hector would clench his left hand, looking down at his boots. He couldn't undo his failures, but he could ensure that they'd never happen again. His gun had been fine-tuned, but the finger pulling the trigger remained as dull as ever. So he'd need to hone himself. "Ruecian. I have a favor to ask of you," The marksman spoke, meeting Ruecian's eyes with his own. "I'm ignorant to how Magi improve themselves. If it weren't for Lady Irma's timely intervention, me and Einer would be far worse off. As such...please. Train me."

It was quite the thing for a man who scoffed at magic early in his life to plead like this...the second, bitter taste that Hector had tasted. The first time was his instructor in Thaumaturgy, whom he pleaded to teach him how to destroy apparitions. Galdr...flowed somehow from that. And now, Hector thought that perhaps, a new teacher could lead him to greater heights. He'd never manage it on his own, late bloomer that he was. Herne would pop free of Hector's sleeve, slithering up his arm and wrapping one coil around his shoulder for support, before hissing once. ...That...might also be him asking to be trained, though training an ephemeral snake is a tall order.

"Oh and Shavis, he does fantastic work. A might bit expensive, but well worth it," Hector said, wondering just how dangerous the Belua woman would become with an upgraded arsenal.
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@PaulHaynek @Polaris North @Hammerman @Enkryption @Silverstein @The Irish Tree @Frozen0Titan @Rune_Alchemist @FrogRFlowR

All of the Reavers had completed their respective quests and had settled back in the Tower, some of them doing other things to wind down the evening hours like eat or socialize. After retiring to their rooms, night seemed to quickly pass as the morning sun soon rose back into the air.

The morning sun shone through the glass stained windows that adorned Eon Tower. The members within had all awakened at the crack of dawn, having made their way to the mess they were all instructed to eat a light breakfast and quickly to boot. The reason for this was stated by Arteus at an earlier date: The inquisitors were arriving this morning. Notably, The one heading the inspection was Grisha Pensworth, a notable inquisitor of some renown who hailed from the district of Grimvine in Flugell. Along with having a reputation of being impatient and formidable, he was clearly not to be trifled with. Accompanying him was an up and coming knight of the Church, Alexandra Haschwalth Vander. Rather young for being a Church official, Alex had a habit of being overtly meticulous and regimented in order to compensate for her lack of experience. Not to say that she herself wasn't naturally gifted, Alex was a bright young warrior with a promising future. Despite her personal circumstances, she carried a sharp mind and a keen eye for detail when it counted.

Alexandra accompanying Grisha here on the inspection was no surprise, as most inquisitors brought an assistant or two with them during the process. Indeed, it was someone else's presence here that was cause for concern: Tethys Aria Zaerado - A high priest who was well known within all circles of the Holy Church, also called The Holy Seer, her power as a psychic held equals part fame and infamy. One had to wonder why such a high ranking official volunteered to be a part of something as routine as an inspection.

The young Fae Leon had already long sensed her arrival as far back as a few days ago, due in part from forging a pack with that cursed grimoire that used to be in her very possession. Damian may hold some apprehension at the arrival of the Church officials, due to various reasons. In addition, Einer and especially Hectorwould have no doubt heard of these folk. Currently, the three Church reps were riding through the streets of Morgenröte on an elaborate and ornate magitech vehicle. Being easily identifiable as being of the Holy Sect, it got various looks from the citizens of the Magus capital that didn’t follow or even care for the faith. Eventually, the vehicle arrived in front of Eon Tower. The chauffeur had been the first to exit the carriage, and had promptly opened the doors for all the occupants. First was Alexandra, then Grisha, then the last was Tethys. Grisha thanked the man, and bade him wait by the carriage while they conducted business.

The three individuals stood directly facing the Tower; They were silent for a moment, as if taking in the site.

”This is Irvin’s base of operations?” Alex said, rather puzzled and unimpressed. ”I was expecting something more…modern… This tower appears to be utterly archaic and simple in design. Though, I imagine we’ll much more once inside, yes?” She said, turning to Grisha.

”Indeed, you’d be correct Vander” Grisha replied, sighing with a bitter reluctance. He wore a distinct scowl on his face as he slowly took a few steps toward the entrance. ”Irvin has always had taste that can only be described as ‘esoteric’, for lack of a better word.” He stared up at the tower, as if curious about its actual height. ”I don’t understand why he needs such a large structure; his ‘staff’ could fit into a moderate conference room. Let’s just get this over with…” He then turned to their third, Tethys. ”Anything we should look out for in particular. Aside from what was previously discussed?”

”Mainly, all I can say is that something is…off within the walls of Eon.” She responded coldly. ”I sense a faint echo that’s attempting to mask its presence, something in one of the upper rooms. Perhaps a magus that Arteus had entered into their ranks off record? Aside from that I’m mainly concerned about the Fae boy with that old tome, and that Florestas fellow. We also have those local police reports detailing two potentially malfested magus that are members of Eon to consider.”

”Quite right, with all on our plate, you can perhaps understand my gripes Lady Zaerado.” Grisha said, with a powerful grimace. ”Enough chatter, if it’s all the same to you. Let’s begin.”

Instead of knocking, the trio had let themselves in, with Grisha being the one who opened the doors. Upon entering, Alex was somewhat impressed by the architecture that contrasted the rather antiquated outside. Grisha walked through the halls as if he was already familiar with the layout of the building. They seemed to be heading for the conference room.

The reaver team and the tower staff had quickly finished breakfast and were making their way toward the conference as instructed by the Tower’s headmaster, both he and Brun were absent from the group for the time being. Perhaps making last minute preparations? Regardless, the staff were leading the recruits to their destination. Nadia was oddly silent, a cold expression on her face. Childes and Bellum were bickering among themselves, Kiff was helping Naomi carry some documents and notebooks with the former cracking morbid jokes in order to lighten the mood, and of course Naomi was none too amused. Elaine was acting as the de facto leader of sorts for the group, trying to let everyone towards the conference area as orderly as she could. Sweat beads rolled down her face as she tried to hide her panic at the situation at hand. ”Why in the Six's name is the Church’s Holy Seer here?!” She said frantically, shooting a nasty glance at Kiff and a worried one at Leon, as she had a guess to the answer of her question.

”Oh wow, my first inspection!” Eve said, who’s excitement made it seem like she saw this as some odd rite of passage. ”We just gotta play nice for some Church mooks, right? They got nothing on the Star Plasma Witch!”

”Is that what you’re calling yourself now?” Lapis said with a bit of gall. ”You know, a witch must earn her title officially from the Association board, not to mention the Church officials aren’t gonna take you seriously if you use a corny name like that.”

”Aw, whadda you know??” Eve quickly snapped back.

Both of you hush! Elaine exclaimed at both of the bickering girls. The usual gentleness and warmth in her voice had vanished like it was never there to begin with. The sudden snap caused the two of them to make scared yelps, immediately clamming up and remaining dead silent. The scene caused Ruecian and Xashan to snicker a bit, but a quick glare from Elaine put an end to that. Roze looked at them, and could only shake her head, having enough insight to remain silent.

Eventually, the group that was composed of the whole of Eon’s members, minus two, had made their way to the doors to the conference room. The recruits already felt the signatures of the three individuals all the way down the hall, but being here in front of it was something else entirely. Elaine breathed in heavily, opening the doors to the room within. The group would see the three inquisitors sitting at the center table, Grisha was seated to the left and Alexandra was seated to the right with Tethys.

”Ah, Ms. Elaine, it’s been a little while.” Grisha said, apparently already acquainted with the woman. ”I trust you’ve been well?”

”Yes, Inquisitor Pensworth.” Elaine said plainly, albeit with a bit of anxiety in her voice.

”Come now, there’s no need to act so formal, Grisha will suffice. This is, after all, a routine inspection. Well, mostly.” He said, glancing at Tethys for a moment, who was quietly sipping tea. She did eye Leon, along with the cursed tome he was always carrying on his person since making a pact with it.

Grisha began turning his attention to the others in the group, first taking notice of the other staff members. Childes, Bellum, Nadia, Kiff, Naomi, and Rana. They all stood side by side, each of them reacting to the gaze of the Inquisitors in different ways. Old Man Childes picked some wax out of his ears and flicked it off to the side, and made no gesture of greeting or showing of respect. Bellum looked at him with disgust, but quickly turned and waved at the officials. Nadia made a polite bow, her face oddly neutral but her eyes denoted a bit of rancor. Kiff, unprofessional as always, had his shirt untucked and held a hand in his pocket. He waved with the other. Naomi attempted to bow as well, struggling to keep her books and documents from falling on the floor. Rana stood straight at attention, her hands clasped and held to her waist, making a professional bow at the inquisitors. Grisha looked at them all, raising a brow as he gave them all the once over. Alexandra also adopted a puzzled look at the staff members present before them, honestly looking a bit underwhelmed.

”You all must make up the administrative office for the Tower.” Grisha said. ”My name is Grisha Pensworth of Grimvine, state official of the Royal Flugell court and will be the one conducting the inspection of your base of operations today. The two ladies I have with me are here serving as my assistant and as an advisor, respectively, for this process.” He said, gesturing at Alexandra then Tethys.

”Good Morning, my name is Alexandra Haschwalth Vander, knight of the Holy Church also from the Grimvine district. It’s nice to meet you all.” Alex said.

Compared to her compatriots, Tethys held a serene and perhaps even lax air around her. Setting down her tea, she finally gazed at the Eon staff, making note of each of their appearances. ”Greetings. My name is Tethys Aria Zaerado, High Priestess of the Holy Church and the acting Seer for the Royal Court. I will mainly be acting as an observer here, so don’t pay me too much mind” She said, eyeing Leon with a peculiar gaze. As the seer looked upon the Fae boy, a thick tension began to fill the room. Grisha adjusted his throat, noticing that things were about to be derailed.

”You there, I don’t recognize you, are you a new member of the staff?” Grisha said, addressing Rana. She maintained a professional poise and responded formally to him.

”You are correct, Inquisitor Pensworth” Rana responded. ”My name is Rana Schuellen, I recently joined the Tower as its Administrative Secretary and Operations Scheduler. It’s a pleasure to meet such esteemed guests.” She was used to such regimented proceedings. Grisha nodded to her introduction, but didn’t say anything to her after that. Instead he addressed the group as a whole.

”In addition to most of the staff members, I’m also already acquainted with the members of your veteran reavers. Xashan Vhastia, Rozemyne Levina, and although his sister is actually a newcomer, I’m also acquainted with both of the Valeniquen siblings.”

Eve turned to her two friends with a look of surprise on her face, wondering why an esteemed official from an entity who was effectively the political enemy of the Magus Society. Ruecian and Lapis winced somewhat, but said nothing in response.

”That aside, why do we start having the Tower’s new recruits introduce themselves.” Grisha said, now addressing all of the new members of Eon’s reaver team currently present. ”Although with that latest arrival coming down the hall.”

Grisha was referring to Asterope, the Thunder Witch, who mana he was able to feel even while sitting in this room. She had to leave the Tower for her own personal reasons, but she has now returned. As she made her way to the conference room, the large double doors began to gently swing open as she joined her companions for the inspection.
From the Night Prior

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The double doors swung open with a thunderous bang as Asterope made her entrance into the room. She came to a halt at the entrance, allowing her violet eyes to leisurely scan the surroundings. Without any notable sense of urgency, she proceeded to stroll in, gracefully finding her way to an unoccupied spot on the side. Adorned in her distinctive dress and an impressive cape, she emanated the regal aura which was so recognizable of her.

"Apologies for my tardiness! This morning was truly chaotic — I barely had the time to make myself look presentable for our esteemed guests." Asterope chose not to sit down and instead remained standing, meeting the inquisitor at eye level as she responded to him.

"My name is Asterope. You might have heard the moniker given to me by others, although I would prefer if you did not. I arrived early in the morning from a mission; please excuse my tardiness. But please, don't let me interrupt; continue." she said with all the politeness and smiles that was due when speaking to a man of Grisha's rank. All while remaining true to herself, of course.

She then looked around the room, recognizing many of the faces of those present. When her eyes met with Shavis, she gave her a smile and a little wave of the hand.
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Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily
Interactions: @AzureKnight

Renee and Lanus were naturally there, walking with the others towards the conference room. A certain tenseness was visible on the female fae's face, knowing that the Church representatives were coming to meet them. Lanus, on the other hand, was as relaxed as ever.

"Hey." He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Don't be so tense. They're gonna think you've done something wrong if you keep looking like that." He smirked.

"Oh, don't you say that now!" Renee retorted with a huff. "You're the one that's not taking this seriously enough. I swear, if you end up ogling any of their female members—"

"Now now, I may be a pervert but I'm not suicidal. I'll keep my eyes to you the entire meeting, how about that?"

"Don't do that either! If you dare to grope my thighs while we are in there, I'll refuse to sleep with you for a week!"

Yes, it actually happened. Multiple times in fact. Whenever Lanus got bored, his hand would start rubbing her exposed thighs shamelessly, not caring in the slightest that they were in public.

Normally, she wouldn't mind (though it was still an embarrassing affair for her) but this was a serious meeting with the Church folks. What would they say if she let out a moan from his caressing?

As the two got closer, they felt the presence of the Church members in the conference room even stronger. Chills assaulted Renee's body, making her link her hand with Lanus, who fared better as this wasn't his first time he met with people as powerful as them.

When they entered the room, they saw that there were three inquisitors in total — two women, one man. Lanus, as promised, averted his gaze from the females (though he could tell from a glance that they were indeed beauties).

The two kept their silence as the inquisitors had their attention towards the staffers. Only when they told them to introduce themselves that they spoke.

Though before they could do that, someone else made their entrance.

Asterope, the Thunder Witch. Renee was somewhat impressed by how confident she was in entering the room even though she was late. Lanus, on the other hand, merely took a note that she was yet another beauty he ought to mingle with. He swiftly responded to her smile with his own.

"Well, I suppose it's my turn to introduce myself now." Lanus turned to face the inquisitors. "Greetings, honored inquisitors. I am Lanus Retily. And this here-" He patted Renee on her shoulder. "-is Renee Terfiel. As you might have surmised, we came from the Great Ithaca Forest."

He opted not to mention his association with the fae queen. It was simply… unnecessary.
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Mission: Idle | Interactions: All

Shavis wasn't exactly quite sure what the gravity of the situation was regarding the visit around the Church representatives. She understood that they were extremely important in society but, as far as she was aware, they did their thing and the Magus Association did theirs. It wasn't exactly rare for her to hear negative opinions about the church back when she was in the association headquarters but Shavis tended to stay away from people like that.

Ah, whatever. It was best to just get this over with.

Shavis shouldered on her coat to at least make sure that she looked formal enough to meet with such high-ranking representatives before falling into line with the others after breakfast. As they made their way closer to the conference room, the weight of the magical energy the representatives held made itself quite known. Hah, well, Shavis guessed you wouldn't exactly be in a high position if you weren't powerful enough, right? Instead of nerves, however, it was more of a thrill that Shavis felt. It wasn't every day you met someone powerful— well, aside from the Tower.

She noted the Church officials and idly wondered what Elaine was asking about earlier... why was the Holy Seer here? Well, Shavis wasn't going to pretend she understood what those folks in the church thought so Shavis just shrugged it off and listened to their introductions.

The doors opened again to reveal Asterope and Shavis perked up. She had heard that Asterope had a few things to deal with and another mission but it was good to see her again. She gave her friend a smile and a small bow of her head, a silent promise that Shavis was definitely going to corner her at another time to talk to her.

Lanus and Renee had introduced themselves next. Fun as ever, those two aren't they?

Shavis stepped forward next and she kept in mind that she had to be formal. So, following the lead that both Asterope and Lanus had paved, Shavis began to introduce herself. She placed a fist over her chest and gave them a deep bow, their own tribe's most respectful actions to authority. "I am Shavis Namista and I also came from the Great Ithaca Forest.

With that, she straightened up again and stepped back.
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Uskeche had arrived back with the other members of the Reavers. The quest itself was very mundane and uneventful. The wizard was breathing heavily feeling tired from walking back to the Reaver’s HQ. “That was quite a boring task, perhaps we will be given a more exciting job.” Uskeche slowly walked behind Ruecian and Xashan. They had done most of the work although he felt he had helped somewhat. The amnesiac wizard was glad to be back at Eon Tower. He did in fact hope that he would participate in something more exciting. And hopefully, something that would lead to his true identity.

Uskeche went back to his room to retire for the night, although he could not sleep for long as his mind was racing. As the morning came Uskeche got dressed and made sure to bring his staff with him. Ignoring Eddi while he was walking to the conference room. He was notified there was an inspection, and that he was needed in the conference room. Sitting down in one of the uncomfortable chairs. He shuffled his body so he was more comfortable for what was going to be a long day.

Uskeche didn’t recognize any of the inspectors. But he felt weary of them a reason he surmised was because he disliked authority figures. Watching them and the other members interacting with each other. Noting to himself what their weakness could be. He never knew if he would fight them one day.

“Man, these guys look like they got a big stick up their butt. Although some of them I wouldn’t mind haunting.” Eddi said floating over the inspectors. The sickly-looking wizard watched as everyone introduced themselves, when it finally came his turn he coughed loudly.

My name is Ushkeche, I am new to the Reavers. It is a pleasure to meet you all.” He said he felt embarrassed he did not properly introduce himself when he first arrived. Shuffling in his chair he felt uncomfortable when he spoke to crowds.

"I really hope I don’t have to do that again.” Addressing Eddi who was floating above Grisha’s head. He was sure he was going to get some looks thanks to his appearance.

“I wouldn’t think so boss, Your not exactly a good public speaker.” Eddie let out a wheezy laugh and in response, Ushkeche glared at him. It was quite frightening to anyone who saw it.

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Leon Hyksos

Unaware of the watchful eye from above, The Holy church representatives are being observed from a high vantage point by a certain fae rogue perched on top of a stony ledge of the Eon tower, Anticipating their arrival this morning.

"They are hunting you.." A chilling voice whispers in his ear.

"From the moment you form a contract with me, you've opened a can of worms upon my release. You shouda read the fine print, Fae." The grimoire said with a playful yet fiendish laugh."But fret not, as long as you got me, i'll take care of your problems." The mimic said with a wide grin on its pages.

"That sounds reassuring" Leon rolled his eyes and continued to peer into his binoculars.

"In any case, Do you know these people?" He asked.

"Let's just say I'm their past sin they try to sweep under the rug." The grimoire said, forming a wicked smile upon its cover.

The fae rogue raised his brow in curiosity. Why does Kiff have something that belongs to the Holy church? Also, what business does a malign sentient book have to do with them, to begin with? that sounds contradictive to their beliefs. Ugh, my head hurts. is too late now to return this accursed book to Kiff? Rather than pry into what the possessed book is trying saying. Leon decided to leave it as it was.

As the carriage arrived, The esper fae became more observant. Eyeing out each of the passengers going out of that wagon.

"Who's that stepping out first? She seems too young to be a knight. doesn't she." Leon peered through his scope and saw a young and beautiful paladin stepping out.

"That's Alexandra Haschwalth Vander. Careful fae, that young rose has thorns. ever heard of the Vanders? their swordsmanship is the bar of all swordsmen everywhere." The grimoire whispered in his ear.

"and that skinny guy with the scowl?" Leon turns his focus towards the white-haired man with his scope.

"That's inquisitor Grisha a.k.a. Mr. no-fun-allowed guy, a.k.a Mr. Killjoy. If there's any illegal use of magic involved outside the church, you bet your magus ass he'll be there to seize it. He seems to be the Shot-caller of this inspection." The grimoire childishly sticks out its tongue, expressing his disdain towards the slender inquisitor.

"And her. I recognize that scarlet hair, that ceremonial robe. that's the lady I saw from the vision and interrupted my scrying." Leon's jaw dropped after seeing the Scarlett soothsayer in person.

"That's the very talented High priest Tethys. The biggest sinner of them all, The hypocrite." The grimoire said, showing its pettiness towards its previous owner.

"I'm sure you could already tell the power difference between you two. If she's able to block your clairvoyance. can you imagine what she can do with her espermancy at full power? still, i don't get why she ever aligned herself with the Holy church, it seems like a waste of her talents. but fret not my little harbinger. You can surpass her with my help."

"I can?" Leon nonchalantly said as his eyes glowed, staring blankly at the distance. Captivated by the tome's words.

"That is if you're willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to change the course of the future. You won't abandon me like she did, won't you?" The tome said with an enticing voice.

The knife-eared fae became solemn and didn't answer. He became bewitched by the book's proposition. For a moment, Chaos fills his thoughts, He was hungry. He was entranced. He was maddened with desire. He wanted power.

He wasn't gonna let go of this tome just yet.


The rogue fae immediately got dressed and went to the meeting. Shaking off the feeling of what the grimoire said to him earlier. Of course, its warning still lingers in his head. Leon can't help but become wary of these people.

So this is like an annual thing where we're supposed to get an evaluation from these guys? They look so dignified compared to the reavers. These guys are all about dishing out orders, huh?

Leon looks around and sees their not-so-subtle glances, like a noose constricting around his neck, getting tighter and tighter each time their eyes meet.

He tries to observe them thoroughly. Even with his telepathy, He can't get a read on what they are thinking. Perhaps this is the workings of the holy seer to block any form of mind reading.

Leon formed in line as the rest of the reavers introduced themselves. To the others, this is nothing more than an introduction. To Leon, this seems like a death row. A wild witch hunt trial to see which reaver is hiding something. The esper fae plays it cool and tries not to stir the trouble he purposely sinks himself into. Maybe they are just here to talk?

He took a deep sigh and introduced himself. Right after the timidly new guy named Uskeche, who reeks of death and seems to be glaring at someone invisible<?>. Bossman Arteus sure loves his novelties.

"I guess it's my turn, my name is Leon Hyksos. Espermancy. A former resident of the Ilthaca forest. now living in the streets, I guess?" Leon bashfully scratches his head.

"For the record, if this is some weird recruitment to join the holy church, lemme be the first to decline." Leon became more direct.

"I can sense Lady Tethys observing me from the moment she arrived here. her presence is already intimidating enough" He said to inquisitor Grisha while stealing a glance at the scarlet seer. She was quiet and elegant, a real saint if you ever seen one. Quite the opposite of what the malign grimoire just told him earlier.

For a moment, the esper rogue became dumbfounded and got lost in her deep blue reflective eyes. So this is the all-seeing psychic eye in the flesh? it's so mesmerizing.

"Err. Aside from that, If there's anything else the lady seer wishes, I'd be happy to assist her quarry personally." The rogue fae compose himself and tries to be tactful to the reaver's esteemed guest and ends on that note.
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~ Eon Tower ~

Another morning, another day wasted in the library poring through books that lead to nowhere. Einer was beginning to doubt that what he sought was not in this Eon Tower, or perhaps in the entirety of the Magus Association. Already, the bard was drafting a resignation letter in his head. But no, Einer decided it was too early for that. He would give this place one week to give him a lead. Or at least... something that could point him in the right direction. If not, well, he was not particularly close to any of his fellow Reavers so him leaving would surely not cause any commotion.

Einer got up from his bed and remembered that this Tower was due an inspection from the church. And it wasn't just any Church folk from Flugell, the inspectors included a woman named Tethys Aria Zaerado which surprised Einer. This Tower was more than meets the eye if she was coming here personally to see what was up.

Einer joined the rest of the Reavers in meeting with the Church inspectors. The bard had no intention of making himself stand out so he tried his best to stand behind the others. No reason to grab their attentions, not yet at least.

”That aside, why do we start having the Tower’s new recruits introduce themselves.”
Grisha Pensworth

Well, introductions shouldn't be too bad. To help him be more conspicuous, Einer allowed the other Reavers go first. First was Asterope, whom Einer briefly wondered where she went, then Renee and Lanus then Shavis then this new guy whom Einer haven't met yet then Leon, who seem to be already starting something with Tethys.

"Before anyone assists anyone, let me introduce myself first as Einer Devaron. If that is a familiar name to you, then that is because I am from Flugell just as you three are." Einer bowed at the inspectors with his lyre on hand. "If, ever, you meet with my family back in Flugell, err, may I request that you keep my presence here secret? I do not wish for them to worry about me."

Einer then looked at Alexandra Vander. He didn't know her personally, but the swordsmanship of House Vander was renowned in Flugell. The house was respected by the Devarons, amongst others, and felt he had to acknowledge it. "Now, while the presence of the Lady Zaerado was a pleasant surprise, may I also acknowledge that a member of the famed House Vander has also blessed us with her presence today?" The musician internally cringed at his words. That wasn't exactly being conspicuous.
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As Scarlett and Lupina stepped onto the grounds of Eon Tower, their current duties to the tower were fulfilled for the time being. It was clear that something was going on, as bodies were busying themselves and gossip was flying left and right; discussion of an inspection, of inquisitors, and of their benefactor coming to visit.

A moment of recollection, and Scarlett remembered that The Holy Church was conducting interviews of the new members of Eon Tower - a contractual obligation agreed upon by their ruling council and benefactor. It stood to reason that everyone would be gathered for the, therefore, mandatory - and one-sided - Ask Me Anything from the higher clergy.

As such, Scarlett would be anywhere else.

Breaking away from Xashan, the Bestial Alchemist would drop to all four, and break into a full sprint, before the councilman could attempt to stop her. Unlike last time, Xashan didn't know where Scarlett was going, and before he could think about an potential locations, Lupina would go, "Oh~" and Baast would swallow her; flying her up to the tower as Xashan was distracted by her fellow's escape into the trees.

In an instant of telepathic communication, Xashan had been left standing alone with the burden of explaining where two of the newest members had gone.

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Hector Wyland


After only a single day of training, Hector felt like every single drill sergeant that he'd been through had nothing on Ruecian. Whereas they mostly barked orders, Ruecian was the type to go: "You should be able to dodge this after a while" and then slam you into the ground at full force with magic. And after they were done, he'd boast that the next time he wouldn't have to "go easy"! As if the dislocated shoulder and pounding headache the day after weren't signs of the magus having all the delicacy of an avalanche handling a tea set. But...it was fruitful, at the very least.

Covered in bruises and with his back feeling as if he'd carried a boulder with it, Hector had gained serious understanding of two things come the days end: The explosive power a Magus unleashed in combat, and how to react quickly to a magic-oriented threat. Ruecian was leagues above him now, but Hector had managed to dodge...once. Just once. And then immediately get hit afterwards. But it was still a sign that the marksman wasn't just taking his lumps without the lesson. In spite of the fear that next time Ruecian was serious about not going easy on him, Hector was thankful for the lesson.

Or at least he would be if his face wasn't swollen up on the right side on the day THE Inquisitor Pensworth was arriving for an inspection, along with Tethys Zaerado herself! And despite that, it felt half of the tower barely understood the significance of their arrival, with some actively squabbling and displaying improper manners, even in the Inquisitor's presence. Hector on the other hand stood at military attention, chin up, chest out, shoulders back, and stomach in. And, once Tethys spoke after Grisha and Alexandra's introduction, Hector felt a cold bead of sweat roll down his neck. Introductions were in order, and Hector was eternally grateful that his fellow Flugell noble Einer had presented a perfect opportunity to interject in the shotgunning of self-introductions.

"Right you are, Einer," Hector said after the bard, giving a respectful military salute. "Hector Wyland, former Corporal of Flugell Reserve Company 6-2." An introduction that served to identify his duty and past experience rather than his birth, not like he didn't think it was important, but to an inquisitor, a blue-blooded nobleman had as little protection or meaning as a street thug when it came to investigation. Even Hector's own father cowed to them, and Hector had learned well enough to do the same.
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Not for the first time Damian asked himself why was he doing this again. Comfortably positioned where he could see all parts of the room he had waited since early morning for everyone to arrive. From his possible future compatriots filing into the room and making introductions to the visiting..... representatives from the Church.

The sight of them dredged up the urge to growl but instead kept silent. They weren't the main source of his ire and besides, hidden as he was no one knew he was there...except the Priestess no doubt. Seer's always made some things...difficult as it were. Still, he chose not to complain. Despite his instincts telling him to leave so as to not give the Church any more targets to destroy, he instead remained.

In the tower.

Hiding within the same room as the church members....

Why was he doing this again?

"Only the fish who swims against the river will know the source of flow..."

...ah, that's right. He wanted to damn the Elders and their divinations, but never had they steered him wrong before. Much as he wanted to simply move to the Southern continent as he had planned, he knew trusting his family's judgment was the right call.

So here he sat, hiding from all in the room. To anyone who tried to sense him out, Damian might as well appear to them as magical and as loud as a normal, unmoving wooden chair.

Didn't prevent the man from feeling this meeting was going to go swell...
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Eon Tower

Early morning
@PaulHaynek@Polaris North@Hammerman@Enkryption@Silverstein@The Irish Tree@Frozen0Titan@Rune_Alchemist@FrogRFlowR@Eviledd1984

”Recruitment?” Grisha responded to Leon with an oddly amused expression. ”No boy, I’m afraid that’s not our purpose here. I doubt most of you would mesh well with our ranks. Although, some of you were once already from our sect.” He said, smirking a bit at Hector, then Elaine.

Tethys began to address the Fae boy next after Grisha. ”While I am a bit curious about you, boy, please pay it no mind for now. That will come later.” She said in a gentle tone. ”Let us focus on the task at hand.”

I wasn’t expecting to meet individuals from the Wyland and Devaron families. Alex thought silently to herself.

The inspectors had eyed all of the new recruits with curious gazes, remaining silent as they all had stepped forward and gave their introductions. Some chose to remain silent, like the girl dressed in the strange yellow robes. Grisha noticed that she had some tentacles sticking out of her garb, confirming that she was also a Belua. She seemed to be purposely keeping herself in the background. What did she have to hide, he wondered? When everyone finished, Grisha put his eyes back on Elaine, who was the de facto representative for the Eon staff currently. Elaine responded with a flustered gaze, probably feeling that the inquisitor had something to say about the absence of the tower’s administrators.

”Elaine.” He started. ”There was a matter that I wanted to discuss…”

Elaine let out a small yelp ”Please, accept my humblest apologies! I…honestly have no idea where Arteus and Brunhyldia are currently but-”

”I wasn’t referring to them, nor was I expecting them.” Grisha cut her off, the response made her and everyone else in the room dawn a confused look. ”I will explain in detail a little later. But, for now, just know that something special has been prepared for you all.”

”I…don’t follow. What do you mean, Grisha?”

”You can thank your directors for that. That’s all I’ll say on the matter for now. ” Grisha then got up and stood in front of the Eon magus.

”As part of the inquisition, we’re doing something more recreational, so to speak. This was something that was decided on due to the influx of new reavers Eon added to their ranks. Case in point, you all.” Grisha said, adjusting his glasses.

”Recreational?” Elaine responded. ”What do you mean?”

”You’ll be going to a neutral city near Flugell. The State of Cambridge will hold a joint summit consisting of both your team along with select knights from the Church. I’ll go into more details when the time comes, but for now just know that this will be an exercise that will test the capabilities and aptitude of your new members.” An annoyed and perplexed expression was then adopted on Grisha’s face. ”As such, this was something that both Selini and Irvin had agreed upon with the Church in advance. So, them not being here and having not explained it to you is rather…irritating to say the least.”

Grisha motioned for the other two ladies to stand. ”In the meantime, we’ll be inspecting the other offices while we’re still on the premises. Please be sure to settle all of your affairs and finish all preparations before we leave, I don’t like excuses.” He said with a rather ominous tone. ”Elaine, why don’t I start with your office.”

”Sure, that’s fine Grisha.” She responded. Grisha followed behind her as she began to lead him to the medical ward.

”Vander, after I finish with Elaine, I’ll inspect Ms. Whitsett’s office next. Why don’t you take a look at the Alchemy Lab and the Greenhouse?” Grisha said to Alex. Nadia has silently followed Grisha and Elaine out of the conference room.

”Understood. Please lead the way.” She said, looking at the two oldest members of the Tower. She followed behind Childes and Bellum as they exited.

”I’d actually like to have a look at Mr. Luther’s…library. I’ve been quite interested in the grimoires that the Tower has acquired in its time.” Tethys said, shooting a glance at Kiff. The man responded with a surprised, almost flustered look.

”Oh! You, uh, mean me?” Kiff said in an innocent tone, cutely pointing a finger at his face.

”Do you know any other racy kleptomaniacs around here?!” Naomi said to him.

”How rude!”

The banter between the librarian and the environmentalist was cut instantly as Tethys cleared her throat. ”I’d also like Mr. Hyksos to accompany us.” She said, beckoning Leon to follow them. As the three left the room, Tethys would look oddly at an empty corner of the room. I certainly didn’t think YOU would find yourself here, Mr. Florestas. Fortunate that we would find you first. Damian could clearly hear that Tethys was projecting her thoughts directly into his, along with the fact that his attempts to hide his presence were meaningless before her.

The members of the staff left in the room were Naomi and Rana, the rest were the majority of the new recruits and the veterans.

”A joint exercise with the clergy? Things just keep interesting.” Roze said. ”Guess it’s best we start getting ready.”

”Right.” Rana said. ”I will need to remain on standby in case the inquisitors need anything. Naomi, I trust your office is also ready for inspection?”

”...Well, yeah, it kinda has to be…” She said with a weak tone.

”Hmm, sorry Hector.” Ruecian said, turning to the sniper. ”Was thinking that it’d be better for you to take it easy today, but looks like we got a road trip to worry about.”

Lapis looked at the two with a curious expression, but before she could inquire she was pulled away by Evelyn.

”Come on, Laps!” She jeered. ”Those prostrating clowns want a show, we’ll give ‘em one! Gotta pack our bags.”

”Oww! Eve, you’re pulling too hard, stop!” Lapis whined as she was unwillingly dragged off.

Xashan sighed in frustration. ”Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Scarlett and Lupina are nowhere to be found. Man, those two, I swear…” He said. ”Oh, and Florestas isn’t here either…”

”He hasn’t officially joined yet, though.” Roze responded.

The reavers were now free to make a few small preparations before they had to embark out. There were some concerns as to what Tethys wanted to discuss with Leon, and Elaine was acting rather strange. However, due to the nature of the inspection, that may not be cause for immediate concern.

There was also the matter of the missing administrators, along with some of the other new recruits.
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Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily

”You’ll be going to a neutral city near Flugell. The State of Cambridge will hold a joint summit consisting of both your team along with select knights from the Church. I’ll go into more details when the time comes, but for now just know that this will be an exercise that will test the capabilities and aptitude of your new members.” An annoyed and perplexed expression was then adopted on Grisha’s face. ”As such, this was something that both Selini and Irvin had agreed upon with the Church in advance. So, them not being here and having not explained it to you is rather…irritating to say the least.”

Lanus and Renee exchanged looks with each other. A joint summit? An exercise that will test their capabilities and aptitude? That didn't sound pleasing at all.

The moment the inquisitors left the room, Renee let out a relieved sigh. Lanus smirked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"That took long enough," he remarked with a smile.

Renee looked at him. "What do you think? That joint summit thing?"

"A pain in the arse for sure," he chuckled, retracting his hand before putting it in his pocket. "We'll have to impress those Church bastards. Expect something completely unfair."

A worried look flashed at Renee's face, something Lanus quickly picked up on.

"Don't worry." He put his hand on her head this time. "You'll do just fine, my dear."

Renee averted her gaze, sadness and doubt permeated her face "But what if I froze up again? And if I don't, I… I don't think I could fight against Corrupted humans with my full strength."

"Kyaah! W-what are you doing?!"

Lanus swept her off her feet, carrying her body in a princess carry.

"Training," he replied matter-of-factly.


"Yes, we'll do a quick training session together before we leave. Don't complain. I'm your master, remember?"

"B-but, there's no need for you to carry me like this!"

He didn't respond. He instead ran as fast as he could out of the room and towards the courtyard, all the while carrying Renee in his arms.

"Stop! Stop this right now, you idiot!" Renee banged her fists on his chest. "Your hand is touching my butt!"

After a dramatic jump down from the second floor, the duo finally arrived at the courtyard. There was a fenced off section there designed to be used for training and sparring and it was there that Lanus finally put Renee down.

"Idiot!" Renee slapped him the moment she was set free. "The whole place now saw me getting carried by you! Do you know how embarrassing that is?!" She yelled while blushing.

Lanus smirked. "As embarrassing as this?" He raised his index finger and twirled it around. An all too familiar black fabric was attached to it, flipping it around like a flag in the wind.

It was her panties.

Renee's eyes widened in horror as her hands moved under her skirt.


There was nothing down there other than the smooth skin of her buttocks.


She drew her bow in an instant, firing an arrow straight at her lover and mentor.

Lanus' smirk grew. This was exactly what he wanted.

A spar with her where she got to let off steam and to prove she wasn't as weak as she thought.

It might lead to her making him sleep on the couch for a week but that was a sacrifice he was willing to make.
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~ Eon Tower ~

After the assembly had begun parting ways following the announcement of a join exercise with the Church, Einer could not help but release a long sigh at the development. "Oh, dear. I haven't been here long and I'm already being sent back to Flugell's direction. A sign that I should be heeding, perhaps?" The musician mused to himself. "Well, there's little to be done about it. My fellow Reavers, I shall all see you later."

Einer also made his exit back to his room to make preparations. He noticed that the Church members were more interested in the veteran members of the Tower plus that Leon fellow. In fact, Einer's words were flat-out ignored as the assembly moved on as if he had not spoken a word at all. A tinge of annoyance and envy was felt by the bard, but he supposed it was for the best. Einer certainly did not need the Church meddling in his search for power.

But before actually leaving, Einer passed by Hector on his way out. "Training under Sir Ruecian, are we?" The musician greeted, hiding his envy quite well. "Well, best of luck. I would join you, but my frail body isn't suited for... physical exertions."
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@AzureKnight @Silverstein

Uskeche’s eyes seemed transfixed on Leon’s eyes. His sharp blue eyes seemed to be piercing right into his mind. The smell of death and oddly enough tulips seemed to fill his nose. Uskeche’s eyes soon moved away to look over at Grisha. Thinking he would rather be back in his room than listen to Grisha babble on. One thought in his mind would be to turn him into a statue and shatter him into pieces. But that would be counterproductive to wanting to learn more about his past. Even though Grisha has done nothing to help him in that. He hoped he would find some answers in Cambridge. The mage was sure he would be able to impress them with his magical knowledge. “Maybe you’ll find something about your past, maybe you won’t chief. I think we should try to impress the bigwigs so we can stay in the Reavers.” Eddi spoke to which Uskeche nodded in agreement. Perhaps it would be best to stay in the group so he doesn’t lose the lead to his past. There was a chance he could find some clue who he was.

Uskeche first went into the library, and he was amazed by the renovations from before. His main goal is to be there so he can learn more about the history of the land. Being interested in the books about the past two hundred years. Taking in all of the information he was reading. Writing down notes of names that seemed familiar to him. In his reach about his past one name seemed to come up to which he would like to ask Arteus. The name he kept seeing was someone named Azdul Hazred. This person apparently was a terrible person. A powerful mage that was doing horrible things to achieve godhood. However, he disappeared without a trace. Speculations think he did truly ascend but others assume he was murdered and his body hidden. But he had a feeling neither was true and that Azdul was alive. Taking a few more notes before putting away the books he was reading. Uskeche left the room and towards his room.

Packing his things which was not much since he didn’t have much when he joined the Reavers. Currently, he was sitting on a chair in the lobby of the tower. His staff was resting beside him while his suitcase which was quite small, was resting against the chair. He had his eyes shut but he wasn’t sleeping. Eddi seemed to be watching people walking past him. Occasionally he would comment about how cute one of the female members was but Uskeche seemed to be ignoring him.
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Leon Hyksos

"And here I was, hoping to never see them again after this inspection." Leon frowned at the idea of spending more time with these church folks outside their own terms. His reception towards this joint exercise was rather vapid. He wasn't feeling the competitive spirit like the rest of the reavers; Like the fae lovers who rush in to do their 'training'. or the firecracker Eve who likes to be the center of attention wherever she goes. Or the bard, Einer who seems eager to become a better fighter and seems to have a past to where they are headed.

Nevertheless, The rogue fae was compliant enough since it was a direct order from the head reaver himself. This makes Leon wonder what kind of relation the reavers really have with the holy church? are they rivals? Is this some kind of wager on who is the better faction? and why did Arteus decide to agree to this?

The answer lies once they arrive at the state of Cambridge.


Leon takes a deep sigh before being summoned by the high priest to accompany her towards the tower's library.

You know there is trouble when Kiff is involved. It's time to face the music I supposed. The grimoire did warn that this day would come.

The fae rogue simply followed the High seer's request and walked as a group.

Leon kept his cool despite the uneasiness brewing in his mind. He keeps on walking alongside Kiff and the high priest, stealing glances at them.
Holding his tongue during the walk.

Leon kept silent as they arrived at the great library, Stacks of tome and bookshelves as far as the eye could see.

"So, you like books, High priestess?" Leon breaks his silence, asking the scarlet seer, feigning ignorance in his tone.

"Me personally, I've become enthralled with them ever since I've become a reaver. Mr. Luther has a wide range of grimoires, from the obscure to the rarest of its kind." He continued.

"Funny enough, out of all these millions of books and anecdotes from this library, the one book that caught my eye is the one that belongs to you." The fae rogue brazenly said with a smirk, standing in front of Tethys, lifting his cloak, revealing the cursed grimoire hanging underneath his belt.

"Is this what you're after right? No need to beat around the bush." Leon directly asked.

"You're really gifted, Ms. Tethys. The bar of all espers in the realm, able to produce a powerful sentient object. A book that can foresee the future. The soothsayers in our village would kill for your talents." Leon said, spinning and playing with the cursed book around fingers. You can see the faint black aura corrupting and shrouding the Fae's arm as he holds the malign tome.

"Label me an enemy of the holy church if you want, but I'm afraid I can't hand over you this grimoire just yet. I need its power to protect the ones I care about. Surely you'd understand?"

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Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily

"Give it back!" Renee yelled, drawing her bow and firing an arrow at Lanus.

"Then you'll have to take it from me, my dear." Lanus chuckled, easily dodging the arrow before cutting down the conjured birds with his Glindrung. All the while still twirling the black fabric with his other hand.


Her blood boiling to its limit, Renee sent a barrage of arrows towards her mentor, firing three of them every time she let loose the string of her bow. All the while moving around the courtyard, trying to catch up with how fast Lanus was moving all over the place. She didn't care in the slightest of the fact she was still wearing a miniskirt. And with no panties around to keep her chastity intact, well, let's just say anyone who was watching (including Lanus) would get a nice view.

Still, Lanus' plan was indeed working. Renee's movement grew faster and more precise the more the battle continued. She normally only used one arrow at a time, but now, a barrage of them were flying all over the place, shattering into all types of elemental birds. It was enough to give Lanus a good sweat.

"See? You really are strong! You have nothing to worry about if you can give me a good workout like this!"

"Oh shut up! You're not even using your familiars yet!"

He chuckled. Of course he didn't. He didn't want to call them for what was essentially a mock fight. It would be troublesome for him in the future if they started to think that he took their aid without giving them the proper respect.

The fight soon ended, however, when one of Renee's arrows transformed into frogs who then exploded on top of Lanus' right foot, binding them tightly to the ground with living vines.

Lanus smiled, readying himself for the inevitable slap that would hit him in the face. She got him. He didn't see that arrow at all.

Only for him to receive a strong punch right to the bridge of his nose.


Some time later, the duo arrived at the infirmary, to, of course, treat Lanus' now bleeding nose.

"Alright you! Go inside and get yourself treated!" Renee huffed with folded arms as they stood in front of the door to the room. "And be quick! We have to depart soon after all!"

Lanus, now pressing a handkerchief to his nose, could only nod weakly before knocking on the door.

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ATTN: @AzureKnight

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