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What was once a grassy and quaint countryside looked now to be nothing more than a rotted hellscape. The grass and any other form of vegetation in the area had utterly withered, leaving nothing but putrid masses of blackened ash. The air was filled with a hazy, purplish hue that carried a foul odor with it. The ground was littered with craters and cindered scars, likely caused by spell fallout. Sprawled around were what was left of the corpses of the casters of said magic, torn to shreds or had various puncture wounds lining their bodies. Some of the magus still seemed to be alive, however, though a number of them were gravely injured. Before them stood a monstrosity that clearly didn’t belong in this world.

It was a hideous quadruped creature that was covered with red scales and plated with bits of carapace that had a dull black color. To note, it was still able to stand on two legs and its long claws were covered in blood, in addition to its countless spiked tendrils. Being roughly the size of an elephant, the creature’s numerous crimson eyes glistened in the moonlight as it stared down the surviving magus like a predator staring down its evening meal.

Parts of their faces were covered by their hoods, but judging by the visible frowns and gaping mouths, it was safe to say fear was the main emotion going through the mages’ minds currently.

“Regroup! Keep it at bay with long range spells and allow our front units some relief!” Shouted the apparent leader of the squadron.

“It’s no use! The bloody thing ignored everything we’ve thrown at it, and it’s made work out of our thaumaturgists! Our ranks have been too thinned o-Gaagh!” The poor man’s unfinished statement was his last spoken words. The creature had run the man straight through with one of its appendages, then promptly whisked him off his horse. Having been pulled to the entity’s gaping jaw, disgusting snapping sounds could be heard as it began to chew its morsel. With their ranks desecrated, the leader soon found they were out of options.

“We can’t stay here any longer! Either that thing kills us all or we end up becoming more of its friends!” Yelled another. Indeed the purple fog at this point had only grown thicker, and the air became more wretched as a result.

“Retreat! Have our long range units provide cover fire, we’re getting out of here!” A couple of magus shot fireballs at the creature while some conjured alchemic circles and used them to transmute ionized energy to create sparks to blind the life form while they galloped away on their horses. Of course this only served to anger the creature, as it let out a horrid bellow while they made their escape. Some more of the squad got picked off, the leader was forced to listen to their futile cries for help. Some even begged for their lives, as though the damn thing could understand human speech. Their cries were soon replaced with wet crunching sounds and the tearing of flesh.

Thankfully, it seemed their plan worked, as the roars of the thing began to fade with distance. One of the other riders rode closer to the leader and began to address them.

“W-We didn’t get a chance to burn any of the bodies. Will, will they be-”

“You should already know the damn answer to that!” They snapped. “But what choice did we have!? We weren’t prepared for this, and the damn Association couldn’t bother to spare us more resources. To hell with it being ‘short notice!'” Bullets of sweat ran down their face as the reality of the situation set in.

“What are we to do then?” The underling replied.

“We go back and tell the higher ups what happened. We’ll be reprimanded, and they’ll likely send another b-list team to their dooms. There aren’t that many reavers in this region as it is, which is why we were sent here in the first place.”

The underling raised his head at his leader’s statement, his wide eyes expressing that he may not have fully believed what he’d just heard.

“When the reavers are mismanaged, it’s us the scholars who have to pay for it. But, perhaps it doesn’t have to be a repeat of tonight’s events. I hear that a new team of reavers is being made in the Republic. Perhaps when we return, they’ll allow me to make a small recommendation.”

“Do you mean Irvin’s team?”

“Yes. After all, since they’ve only been recently established, I’m sure they’re just itching to prove themselves. Besides, it’s only fair that someone else cleans up this bloody mess…”

The underling held his head down; Underneath his hood, his face was controting with both melancholy and guilt. “It’s not fair to them, though…”

Prologue: Converging Paths

The rising sun marks the start of their journey, their futures stagnant in the face of events predetermined.

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Morgenröte - mid morning

It was a serene morning in the Republic city, a gentle breeze rang through the air like a pleasant chime. The streets of the Republic were somewhat wet and the air was a little humid as it had been raining the night prior. The streets were lined with academic and industrial buildings dedicated to the research of various supernatural fields of subject. There were also various shops lined with arcane and antiquated wares for any onlookers to latch interest onto. The brilliant light of the sun shone off of magical constructs that served various purposes, and numerous familiars and golems were hard at work, aiding their masters in preparing for today’s events. This place was indeed the city that housed the world’s magus authority.

Eleven souls had entered Morgenröte, all either holding their letter of invitation in their hand or had it tucked away somewhere or another. The newcomers entering the city all had the same destination, the large tower that was situated in the northern part of the city. The invitations they received all came from the administrator of said establishment. These souls had done something that drew attention to themselves, whether it had been academic accolades, a sterling reputation on the field, or even sheer determination. But, it seemed they weren’t the only ones heading in that direction either.

Looking overhead, in the city skies, two girls could be seen flying on a broom heading toward the same locations as the other invitees. Their clothes alone gave away the fact that they too were magus. Both looked to be young girls in their late teens, nineteen perhaps? One was a silver haired lass that wore a frilly blouse and had a dark purple skirt, she wore a long dark cloak and a traditional witch hat to complete her wardrobe. The other lass had long blue hair and donned a white leotard that looked more like a swimsuit mixed with a captain's outfit than magus garb. The visible reptilian tail instantly marked her belua heritage, and she also had what appeared to be a small squid sitting on her shoulder. The way they flew was graceful, yet rather rushed, the others would likely see them zipping along the skyline. It seemed they were speaking to each other.

“Evelyn.” Said the blue haired girl. “We wouldn’t be rushing like this if you hadn’t taken so long to get ready this morning…” She whined.

“Nonsense Lapis.” She replied. “Genius like this needs all the time it can get to prepare. Besides, they should be grateful that I’m choosing to grace them with my presence at all!” The silver haired girl, apparently named Evelyn, certainly wasn’t lacking in confidence.

“I should’ve just left you to go to orientation alone… Brother will yell at me for being late on the first day.”

As the two flew, they saw some of the other selectees walking the streets or whatever means of transportation they preferred.

"I think some of those people are headed toward the tower as well. Pretty sure some of them are from out of town, I don’t recognize their faces.” Said Lapis.

“Well, if they are, I suppose they’re at least somewhat worthy of note. We’ll find out once we arrive.” Replied Evelyn, in a rather dismissive tone.


Eventually, the two witches had arrived in front of a large archaic looking tower. One could tell just by looking at it that the sorcery that was used to build it must’ve been the work of a master. Evelyn lowered her broom so that she and Lapis could safely descend. Facing the structure, they took a moment to absorb the scene. The tower was nestled in the center of a marble walkway fashioned in an elaborate, circular design with multiple branches. The way in stood alone, away from the other buildings in the city gave it a bit of a lonely feel, but powerful at the same time.

“So this is the place that my brother works? I guess he was too busy with work to at least meet me out here…” Lapis said with a somber tone.

“Hmph, were they really too busy to have someone out to meet with their most promising member? How unprofessional!” Evelyn somewhat shared in Lapis’s exasperation, albeit for a different reason…

The girls turned to see that the other nine had made their way to the tower as well. They both had looks of curiosity and a bit of surprise as well. The appearances many of them held immediately designated them as outsiders to the young witches.

“Wow, I hardly expected to see people from the Fae community to arrive here as well. Oh, uh, Good Morning! My name is Lapis Valeniquen and this is my familiar Hachigan, it’s nice to meet all of you. I trust you all are here to join the tower as well?” The octopus thing resting on her shoulder chirped cheerfully, waving to the crowd with one of it's tentacles.

“I believe that’s safe to presume.” Evelyn chimed in. “The silver-haired beauty that stands before you is known as Evelyn Grace, who’s star magic will soon be known and admired throughout the world!”

Lapis shot her friend a look, only being able to shake her head in disapproval.

Evelyn turned to look at one of the new magus with more detail. The woman who, like her had silver-colored hair. Hers was tied in a long ponytail and she wore an elegant dress.

Excuse me, but have I seen you somewhere before? You look rather familiar, though I'm not sure why..."
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Location: Morgenröte | Mentions: @Enkryption @AzureKnight

"... and remember Shavis, do take care. I do not want to get back word that you died on the field, okay?" Patia handed her the coat that they had both received upon entering the Magus Association. Patia had borrowed her coat and asked a couple of her friends to put defensive sigils on it. "I won't be able to help you but hopefully, this is enough."

Shavis smiled, taking the coat into her hands before wearing it, feeling the magic radiating off of it. "Thanks, Patia. I'll try to keep my neck attached to my body at all times." She gave her Fae friend a big hug and Patia laughed as she patted her back before they finally bid each other farewell. While the two hadn't been talking as often as before, this would mark one of the first times in many long years that there would be actual distance between them.

Still, they couldn't limit themselves for each other. Both of them wished to go to the Magus Association. While Patia was hard at work mastering all forms of magic through intense studying, Shavis was given the opportunity to pursue a possible dream of hers. Still, there was no time to dally. She had to make her way to the Eon Tower and be there on time. Shavis headed over to where they were keeping Scarlett, a mage that had gone too far into Void magic and turned her in a way no one seemed to expect. Still, Scarlett was invited to the Eon Tower as well.

"Scarlett! We're heading out!" She called out to the other mage and waited until she would appear from her room. Shavis didn't mind her all that much. Once the door opened, she gave her a small smile before gesturing for her to follow. "Excited?"

Shavis began her long walk to the Eon Tower with Scarlett, turning her eyes upward to the sky. The sun had barely peeked through the horizon when she had left, a little too excited to begin with her time as a Reaver. She felt a tug at the back of her head and she heard a growl, prodding her mind. As she walked, she summoned a miniature version of Shadar— a pocket tiger spirit if you will. He appeared on her shoulders, a low growl as he lay down, watching the streets with his keen eye.

"This... Reaver business. Your recklessness can get you killed." Shadar warned yet his body seemed to be completely relaxed.

"Isn't that why you're here to make sure I don't do that?"

Shadar's tail flicked against the back of her neck, a bit annoyed. "I'd rather you choose not to make these reckless decisions yourself instead of relying on me."

Shavis smirked to herself as she reached up to pet the familiar's head. It wasn't too long until she spotted the front of the Eon Tower. For a moment, she looked upon it. For the longest time, she simply looked over it with minimal interest. Sure, she had heard about the Reavers and she always thought they were cool but the Eon Tower just seemed like something in the background.

Now that she was standing in front of it, damn. "This tower looks so fucking old." She muttered to Scarlett, giving her a good natured chuckle as they continued to go to the meeting point.

Both of her gauntlets in their inactive forms looked more like thick gloves than actual gauntlets. She gave a wave to those already there. No one had come up to greet them yet as the appointed time hadn't come upon them and she looked over her fellow to-be-Reavers. Looked to be a fun time for all of them. Two of them had arrived from flying brooms and introduced themselves.

She gave them a wave. "Shavis, worked at the Association and now got a promotion." She responded in a much more casual tone but equally cheery before patting Shadar who eyed Hachigan and its master. "This is Shadar, my familiar. Good to see some fellow Galdr mages."
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Aldin stared out the window of the carriage he rode on. The rain had cleared away, but it didn't do much to wipe away the dreary mood left with the weather. Further, the knight was out of his element, a city of magi being a farcry from the countryside where he'd lived his life to this point. Truth be told, were it not for the others who rode along with him, a nursemage and a sickly, presently resting, middle aged woman, doubtless he would not have accepted the invitation given. Still, three invitations, two of which were rejected out of hand, and a third to which Aldin Rei finally acquiesced, and he was finally on his way, riding in the carriage for a week.

He'd made his demands of the association mostly to make them leave him alone. A salary that would make any tenured researcher blush as well as cozy passage to their base in a gilded caravan for himself and his mother, who was to be put up with the finest of care. Aldin was no mage, merely a swordsman with some peculiar talents, and if not a mage, then he definitely was no Reaver. Besides, he knew this as the same association that had snubbed himself and his mother in his youth. So, he mocked them, asked the impossible, expecting them to give up, only to find all his requests not only met, but exceeded. A slight scowl crossed his face. His bluff called, Aldin had no choice but to accept, especially with his mother's own health at stake. While he'd not meant it, he truly would get everything he wanted out of his gamble.

The carriage rocked on the cobblestone street as it continued along towards the giant tower. The thing was ominous in his mind, something of a point of dread. In his experience, magi were nothing more than troublemakers, either through malice or hubris, and their creations were what had allowed him to make a living cutting down, yet now it seemed that they were to be his hope. It felt like a farce.

As they approached the front face of the Eon Tower, the carriage pulled steadily to a stop, and the conductor stepped out to open the door.

"What, just dropping your new Reaver and a sick lady out on the streets?" Aldin asked, shaking his head.

The nursemage couldn't help but chuckle at his remark. "Relax, your mother will be staying aboard to be transported to the medical ward. You have a meeting to make."

"Wh- Hold on. The agreement was that I would see her there. You can't just expect me to-"

Aldin was cut off by the door opening. Much as he wanted to argue further, in the end this was another client, and baseless petty squabble wouldn't do anything to help make sure he was paid enough for his work. "... Very well," Aldin growled, before stepping out of the carriage onto the rain-slicked stone.

Those who were there might have been surprised. To step out of such a luxurious vehicle was a young man who looked more or less like a hick. His clothing somewhat ratty and damaged from previous combat, armor plates showing where the material came apart. While he was a rugged looking fellow, his face wore a scowl that seemed more of discomfort of his current situation rather than that of a dour personality.

"Reaver, Aldin Rey, at your service," Aldin spoke, a disingenuous note to his voice. He looked at the three women who had already gathered, raising a brow. They certainly did seem to be a varied bunch already, and indeed, were it not for the familiar standing on one of their shoulders, he would easily have taken her for a barbarian chieftain. His hand rest on the blade at his hip as he stood there, not expecting any action, but ever ready, quite positive there could be a nasty hazing just waiting to be released.
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Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily

"Nice… Nice nice nice nice nice! That color definitely suits her!!"

Lanus Retily whistled, his gaze locked at the two witches flying above him. Particularly the silver-haired one.

Beside him stood his ex-pupil and now-lover, Renee Terfiel, who had her arms folded under her chest, glaring at him.

She knew perfectly well what he was doing. He was looking up her skirt!

Only once the silver-haired witch was out of sight that he continued his walk.

Their destination? The one and only Eon Tower, of course! They had been called here to the beautiful city of Morgenrote for their capacity as Reavers. Apparently, their strength was needed urgently. As such, the two made their way here as fast as they could.

Still, it didn't stop the man from gawking at panties.

The female fae could only sigh. She had given up a long time ago in stopping his perverted tendencies.

The two made their way to the northern part of the city where the tower was. One could see it from everywhere in the city, owing to its massive size compared to the rest of the town.

Once they arrived, they found that the two witches they saw before were also there, as well as a number of others who they could only assume were reavers as well.

The witches ended up introducing themselves first, naming themselves Lapis Valeniquen and Evelyn Grace. Oh, and there was also the octopus familiar named Hachigan but he couldn't care less about that!

Once they finished, the man didn't hesitate. With a smile, he walked up to them and gave an elegant bow. "Greetings, Miss Valeniquen and Miss Grace! My name is Lanus Retily! And my companion over there—" He gestured towards Renee. "---is Renee Terfiel! It's a pleasure to meet you!"

Lifting his head, he began ogling the two girls. Hmm… hmm! The silver-haired one is definitely the cute type! Those lovely armpits and her sideboobs almost showing… what a lovely tease! But the other one isn't bad either! That leotard of hers leaves her crotch little to the imagination!

Renee then walked up as well. Elbowing Lanus on his sides, she gave a bow as well. "I'm Renee Terfiel. Apologies for the rudeness of my partner. He simply cannot help himself." She glared at Lanus.

Lanus' attention then moved to the other attractive woman that had arrived. He walked up to her and gave a bow as well, just like he did with the witches.

"Well met, Miss Namista. Miss Scarlett. My name is Lanus Retily, at your service."

He noticed the… unconventional features the latter possessed. But to him, it didn't matter. A beautiful woman was still a beautiful woman in his book even if she was a victim of some alchemical disaster.

"I'm Renee Terfiel, his companion." The girl fae followed with her own bow. "If you have any complaints regarding his attitude, please tell them to me. As his girlfriend, I'll make sure he hears it."

Afterwards, Lanus paid a short glance towards Aldin, causing him to raise his eyebrows. Surely he can't be a Reaver? He doesn't look like one…

He shrugged. He's a guy so it's not his business.

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Rhythmic yet hurried steps resounded near Taltrus laboratory. A familiar figure- Johan, his brother, entered his room with a letter in hand. A small, rock-like golem waved at Johan. He looked towards the ceiling and found Taltrus hanging upside down, conducting another one of his tests. “Brother, it's from the Eon tower, surely you can't be thinking of being a Reaver despite father and mother's wishes?” His brother was used to his eccentricities at this point.

“Well, it's nice to see you to brother.” Taltrus' replied, voice steady and measured despite circumstances. An eyebrow pricked as he felt the boots lose grip on the ceiling. The amount of void magic inserted into the boots was miscalculated, to the point of causing an imbalance. Taltrus would fell off the ceiling landing gracefully in-front of his brother as if nothing had happened. “Thanks for bringing this to me.”

“Why would you ever want to be a reaver, I've heard it doesn't pay well, all risks considered.” Johan continued, stiffening his face and crossing his arms.

“My, brother, it's almost as if I am an Ostelas who has no real need for monetary greed.” Taltrus replied teasingly, as if the two has had this conversation ad-infinitum. He made his way to one of his workbenches and began fine-tuning the magitech boots. He held a hand out and was given a tool by one of his golems. “I'd much rather use my talents to help protect and improve others' lives rather than be cooped up here making potions for father and mother for the rest of my life.”

“Surely it can't be just because of Jeanne-”

A loud bang interrupted Johan's words. The golems that were working through their conversations all stopped moving.

“I am sorry, brother, I didn't mean-”

“Johan. Please, don't. Just... don't.” Taltrus choked out. “I am leaving, and there's nothing neither you nor our parents can do about it.”

Johan sheepishly and silently left Taltrus' workshop.

Generally Taltrus would open a portal to travel, he prefers to physically travel to the place to feel out the location. In this case, it would be his first time in the Republic city. The Olstelas has a branch within the city, but Taltrus had not visited it. At the very least, Taltrus would take in nature and fresh air, it was good once in a while.

Taltrus peeked his head out of the carriage as the tower loomed over the horizon. The architecture and magic became more apparent as the carriage drew closer. He looked up from his tome, taking in the grandiose tower. The magic hummed, causing goosebumps on his skin. Even from far away he could tell that this was the work of a high level Magus.

Taltrus stepped out of the carriage, thanking the driver before hyper-focusing on the tower once more. The magical aura held by the building became heavier the closer he approached, it was almost suffocating; so much so that even a non-magically inclined individual could feel the thrums of magic against the back of their head. A smile crept on his lips, impressive magic to say the least.

Snapping out of his wonderment, a few others began introducing themselves. While there were a dozen or so people, only a few had introduced themselves so far. All appeared interesting, to say the least.

“I am Taltrus Olstelas, pleasure to meet you all.” He gave a wave, his robes engulfing most of his arm. A few seemed to be more swordsmen than magician in his eyes, a curiosity for sure. It seemed that they all eyed each other in curiosity, some even staring at the man who introduced himself as Aldin.
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Leon Hyksos

A glimpse.

A glimpse of a tragedy befalls the land.

It was vague, It was dark. It was unclear. And yet it feels like i'm standing in someone's presence; being choked and held captive as its audience.

A monstrous shadow towers over me, and yet i can't move an inch no matter how i tried.

I was a reluctant observer at a horror show.

I can hear its purr, and feel its gaze. It's murderous intent. It's like an artist sculpting their artwork of carnage, splattering its victims' blood everywhere on the canvas of the battlefield.Commanding the shadow made from its enemy's corpses.

The last thing I heard was its bloodcurdling roar, a warcry for destruction...

Leon abruptly wakes up and bolted off his bed. The fae was soaked in his sweat, realizing it was all a bad dream.

I can't remember the last time i have a dream like that. Was that a premonition? or just a nightmare. I hope it's the latter.

It seems this city truly is the hometown of the magus(s), the leylines here are more potent of magecraft and mostly equivalent to the ones back at Ithaca.

"Gods, why did i ever take this job." Leon mutter, briefly caressing the broken part of his pointy ears.

Leon gets off his bed, grabs his invitation, and heads toward the Eon tower.

Present time, Eon tower.

Unknown to anyone that notices his presence. Leon was already at the tower when the other reavers arrived. The hooded fae was sharpening his knives while quietly eavesdropping on the other's exchange of introductions nearby.

He was like this wallflower archetype at a party, that silent kid that watches from a distance that never interacts unless spoken to. Playing off the mysterious and silent trope which is kinda borderline creepy if you really think about it.

From the two greenhorn witches that flew over, the shehulk with the feral familiar, the peculiar riffraff human, the two fae lovers, and the caped alchemist that appeared out of a fancy carriage. He was there. Listening, gathering little information he can get, remembering their names and briefly taking a glance at them with his deadpan eyes.

Being a student of espermancy and a master of espionage, deciphering people based on his observation is like second nature to the rogue fae.

Everything was up to par with these colorful people. Some are more eccentric than others. Some are more dignified. which is tolerable..

Well except for his fellow fae kind that was oogling and stealing glances over the opposite sex in front of him the moment he got here. Leon was right on the money every time his eyes wanders off. As if he was peeping along with him! I can almost hear his impure thoughts the longer I observe him. And I don't even have telepathy!

What a terrible day of having the gift of predicting one's movements
. The psionic fae's face darken and regretted ever examining Lanus's perving out.

The hooded fae remained silent and continue to sharpen his tools like nothing happened.

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Inhaling an entire breathe of air, Einer took in the sights and scents of the Morgenröte Republic. He had never traveled to this part of the country. In fact, he had never traveled outside of Flugell until now. It was certainly an experience for the young Devaron, but he never forgot why he came here. The Theocracy back home was safer for Einer and more familiar, but it did not have what he truly desired.

Before moving on, Einer spared a glance at his invitation to the Eon Tower, one of the many sects the Magus Association had. It was the first organization he saw and decided that it would be the place where he would begin his search. He had also heard it was formed pretty recently, likely the reason why he was accepted despite his middling magical abilities.

Einer sighed. He was far from home, and knew no one here. He was a stranger in a land that he did not know, but the things in life worth pursuing were hardly easy to pursue.


~ The Eon Tower ~

Einer arrived at the designated location in the invitation, the Eon Tower itself. It towered, of course, but it was taller than the young Devaron expected. He was at awe, and started wondering what was inside. It certainly would not be anything Church-themed so he decided not to expect anything and let himself be surprised at what it offered.

Looking back down, he saw the assembled people and immediately guessed that they were probably fellow Reavers. His guesses were confirmed when two witches who arrived via a flying broom introduced themselves and asked those present if they were here for the Tower as well.

They all looked so... capable. Powerful. Independent. They would not be defenseless in a fight, nor do they need to fear a crude ambush. And who was Einer compared to these people? A short, lanky boy who casts his magic with a damn lyre. No doubt, they would order him to the back lines in missions. Protect him from harm, if only by principle. Would they even need his healing abilities? These people did not even look possible to hurt.

The young Devaron, who arrived on foot carrying only a small sack of his belongings and his personal lyre, closed his eyes to purge his envy from his being and compose himself. If what he sought was here, then there was no need to worry about anything.
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ATTN:@Polaris North
{In the beginning, there was naught but Darkness, The Principal Setting. It stared for some, unblinking, and unerring. And, then, one day, It blinked. It erred. I was. The Mother Darkness. The Maiden Abyss. Eater of Knowledge. Ever-hungering for more and more.


An explosion of bone and flesh...

{Brothers were born. Sisters were born. Siblings, mine. In blinks, like I. I cared not for one. For I sought only to learn, infinitesimal.}

"It hurts!"

Molten hot blood sprayed wild...

{To learn the most, experience is needed. This is the Truth. By opening the door, you have availed yourself to It. Now, open your eyes -- }

"Scarlett! We're heading out!"

Eyes of liquid scarlet snapped open, as the sleeping beast of their namesake was summoned by her self-appointed caretaker. It was not the decision of the recovering cannibal to be overseen by anyone but the guiding hand of Death, itself, while serving her chosen punishment to be eventually destroyed by a bigger, better monster than herself.

...disappointingly, that had yet to occur.

Still, Shavis was not so bad...

Dragging herself out of bed, Scarlett sat before an installed mirror, and started to brush her hair - the beige strands were thin, cut into a choppy mess that curled against the curve of her jawline... hiding the scars that streaked and carved the lower half of her face.

Such was the price to pay to boil blood to the point of smelting iron.

Finishing her hair, Scarlett would stand, and strip out of her sleepwear; changing into fresh linens left by her hovering caretaker, but ceased dressing at her small clothes - putting on a heavy, burlap clock of adobe red to afford herself any sense of modesty.

Such was the price to pay for embracing the bestial darkness.

It would be the pap-pap of her bare feet that would serve to alert Shavis to her arrival - the silent Mage of Alchemy did not announce herself; like a housecat, she came and she went, as she fancied; staying only to be doted on by an permissive mistress.


No. Yes? Maybe. Scarlett wasn’t certain. On the one hand, she was closer to her punishment becoming reality. On the other hand, she was losing her, honestly, pampered lifestyle. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to atone for her sins, her greed and gluttony, but at the same time...

Shaking her head, Scarlett wouldn’t bother to answer; slipping through the opened door before Shavis could do the unthinkable thing of making her decide on a “yes” or “no” binary. Fortune would find her, and pit Shavis’s Spirit Animal against the tigress’s attention, so Scarlett could continue to go without answering.

It wasn’t like she couldn’t answer, if pressed, or wouldn’t answer, at some point, but...
{Knock, knock...}

Gritting her teeth, Scarlett muttered under her breath, "0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5. 8, 13..." as she walked forward. It was the perfect sequence of numbers, as each one made a square, then another, and another, and another; each, nice and neatly, subdivided by an ever-growing spiral. A massive, infinite, ever-expanding spiral that calmed her down by reminding her of one, significant fact:

She was insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
Her worries were pointless.
So, why stress?

Relaxing, Scarlett didn’t even know the amount of time that had passed, before --

"This tower looks so fucking old."

Jolted into reality, Scarlett looked up at the “fucking old tower” and took notice that it was baring the burnt of the rising sun upon its exquisitely carved masonry that stood out against the mundanity of its surroundings - it was the centerpiece, the pièce de résistance, the crème de la crème.

It also looked like it got really warm.

As they approached, Scarlett’s stride would fall out of step with Shavis, as she focused on the tower, and suddenly leapt forward onto all fours like a beast; springing off her fingers and toes, before her right arm swept forward - morphing into a strange tube of iron and galvanized blood where scarred flesh and bone once were.

A “fwoop” echoed the stunned silence, as a harpoon fired out of the tube, and latched into the stonework before Scarlett was reeled up several feet of metal chain. Hitting the side of the building with her left hand to brace, and her bare soles to steady, she wrenched the harpoon out, and fired once more as gravity tugged her down.

Ascending the tower in such inhuman fashion...

...just to reach the sunny top, lay her cloak upon the sun-worn stone, and settle down for a nice, comfy nap.
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"I have to get going. You will be fine here, won't you?"

The woman speaking was addressing some of the city's guards who themselves were apprehending two low class criminals that were unlucky enough to cross path with the silver haired woman. She was well known to the Guards at this point: Asterope, the Thunder Witch. Though not officially a Reaver yet, she wasn't too far and had lived in this city all her life - hence why the locals knew her. Some yellow-ish sparks of electricity still lingered on the two fools that tested her, the men completely zoned out.

"We'll be fine." answered the guard, and after dusting off her cape Asterope made her exit.

"A fine first day this is. Surely, with this, I stand to be late !" she told herself, accompanied by a sigh. "No matter."

Asterope was right in that she was amongst the last to arrive at the tower, yet still arrived a little before the two Witches, Evelynn and Lapis. Arriving on site she immediately noticed the group of people that had gathered in front of the tower. Amongst whom...


The tall woman would hear from behind her as Asterope walked closer. The two of them had met before and studied together, exchanging some tips and tricks on lightning magic. The definitely smaller woman seemed not at all intimidated by her large fey friend, instead bearing a large smile. "I did not expect to find you here - what a pleasant surprise! I imagine you are here for-"

She was cut short by Shavis' companion sprinting away, suddenly, and using some sort of contraption to scale the tower walls.

"Oh. It seems you have lost your companion for the time being."

The two witches had made their appearances now, stopping Asterope for continuing speaking to Shavis. Just as they were done and she was about to resume, she was interrupted once more by the one called Evelyn.

"Good grief, let us catch up after, yes?" she said to Shavis before turning to Evelyn now.

"Miss Grace, yes? I am Asterlope, though some people seem to have taken a liking to calling me something else, which I don't wish to entertain." she said with no pretention at all.

Though she spoke mostly to Shavis and Evelyn, she Magu did not fail to notice the others in the group. Every single one of them were colorful in their own ways. She would eventually get to interact with all of them, hopefully.
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Hector Wyland

In some capacity, Hector had expected Reavers to be eccentric...but this...'display' was having him reconsider the effort it took for him to even come here after being accepted into their order. He'd expected that, since this was a Veyonistic organization, that he should expect commoner magi and skilled individuals but...he was astounded by the flippancy on display. The already tired looking man somehow deepened the bag under his eye as he listened to the conversations around him, gradually wishing that he'd brought earplugs. Today was going to be a long day, especially with the one called Evelyn boasting of her magic already.

And, then someone climbed the tower. In seconds, specifically. ...It was astonishing how grotesque the act was, clambering up the wall like an insect with some sort of alchemical contraption. "...Hah," Hector said, breaking his silence as he watched the magus called "Scarlett" reach the top of the tower before them and then vanish from his sight. Good riddance, he supposed. But, he needed to make an introduction beyond monosyllabics. "I am Hector Wyland of house Wyland. Marksman and practitioner of Galdr and Thaumaturgy. Herne," he said, the last word he called summoning a thin veiling of mist near his left foot, before a difficult to spot snake crawled its way up and along the leg of his trousers before sitting comfortably coiled along his left wrist. "My familiar."

The snake observed those around, its air-like composition making it difficult to really tell where it was looking. As far as familiars went...it looked somewhat weak, both in size and solidity. But, it wasn't as if Hector named each familiar after the first. After all, the transient spirits his Galdr called upon would be different each time. He was already aware that with his training being so brief before coming, he likely paled in comparison to the Veyonists and Animists around him. ...But, he wasn't about to show weakness needlessly. "A pleasure to meet you all," he lied, imagining that he'd have to work with any potential number of the assembled recruits.
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The Purifier

Location: Outside The Tower
Interactions: @AzureKnight, @Polaris North, @Blaze Gamma, @Hammerman, @Inertia, @Silverstein, @PaulHaynek, @Enkryption, @FrogRFlowR, @The Irish Tree

Silent slow steps moved the strange being through the city streets, the cool morning air was sure to give way to a warmer afternoon. covered in long flowing robes, the 6’ tall humanoid draped in the signature cloak of the reavers covered most of his body. What wasn’t covered were two long antennae looking almost like horns draping down in front of the hooded mage, one arm that held a very old yet strong wooden staff. The staff was rough and twisted like it was still growing, a sphere of sapphire grasped at the top that seemed to flash and swirl dimly with magic. There was no rush or urgency to its pace at all.

A few soft mewing’s could be heard just under the cloak, a keen eye could see a few things, what looked to be another smaller arm held two small cats while another hand stroked them gently. His cloak also looked dirty, moss and green algae nearly smothered everything but the reavers emblem, small shoots of grass and leafy plants grew from it as well as small flowers of different types and colors. Almost looks like it could be a bush if it stayed still.

The slow-moving creature walked like an old man, the only sign that it was acknowledging anything in its environment at all was the subtle twitch and flicker of its antenna. Reacting to every new movement, sound, smell, even the changes in temperature and wind direction. Stepping up to the entrance of the tower it paused, there were already others there and it seemed time was running short for arrivals. Setting the cats down they watched each other for a moment the small felines rubbing up against him then running off.

Starring at the duo left for a moment the amalgamation of cloth and plant life slowly and quietly slipped inside, not saying a word to the others gathered. Even with its rather strange qualities the being stepped into the middle of the courtyard with its aged, hunched overlook and began to stand to its full height of 7’ the robes that were dragging behind him came up off the ground, his hood pulled back to reveal its armored skin and jet-black compound eyes.

Its antenna and compound eyes finally acknowledged the others in the area, turning to each one individually, observing their qualities then moved on to the next one without saying a word. Black eyes almost peering into their very souls.


The first two people he took notice of where two smaller witches, one had white hair and a wide brim hat with a broom next to her. They seemed to hold a presence of importance that he could not describe. The other had blue hair and looked as if she belonged on the ocean. His own water element called out to hers, even his antenna twitched and moved with her summon. They both seemed like children almost with their attitude and looks.

The next was a fellow Belua this one had feline ears and a beautiful mane down her back, a marvelous familiar next to them was also quite interesting. They looked like they were going to be formidable allies.

Purple hair caught his attention making his head tilt to the side for a moment, amazingly sharp blue eyes looked both fierce and tired. His stance portrayed a fighter but with a weapon that needed finesse.

Another couple were talking to the others, Fey by the looks of them, he liked that they still smelled like the forest, yet they seemed a little off to him and he wasn’t quite sure.

Another man who seemed to not care about his appearance much like himself stood in the gathered crowd as well. His posture was relaxed but held an air of intellect about him he had not yet seen among his peers here.

His instincts were humming with slight warning and curiosity as it felt like unknown eyes looked upon him for a moment with indifference. His antenna twitched and jumped trying to find the source but decided that whomever it was must have been just as shy as he was when he first came to this city a little over a month ago… or was it two months?

Another one seemed to be hanging back from the others, a small male with an instrument on their back. Tilting his head to the side, he hadn’t seen much of others using music as their magic focus and he was excited to see what the small lanky one could do.

Remembering the strange one he saw earlier, climbing the tower itself he didn’t get a good look at them but trying to understand every person here was going to be troubling. He hoped they would be nice if they were going to join them.

Another of average height and long white hair stood nearby, her stunning violet eyes held power that almost radiated from her. Like something inside just wanted to reach out and touch you, he did not believe that would be a pleasant experience.

The last person he set his gaze felt like he was having a bad day or maybe just didn’t want to be there, either way he was there, and his familiar is adorable. His eye patch was noticeable but that just goes to show you went through hell and came out on top.


It took Him a few more moments to realize that he had not introduced himself like the others had. With a flick of his wrist, he gathered the moisture that still held to the ground from the rain into a small ball. With some subtle finger movements, it spread out in the air above his head until it formed a few words. The dirt he picked up with the water making it easier to see.

The first words were, “Im Tilnak” then changed again after a few moments, “I don’t talk much”.

The water he gathered dropped onto him in a way that looked at first like poor control until the plants and flowers covering him began to blossom and flourish more so than they are already were.
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Eon Tower - Mid Morning
@PaulHaynek@Blaze Gamma@ReusableSword@Polaris North@Inertia@Hammerman@FrogRFlowR@Enkryption@Silverstein@The Irish Tree

“And with that, we’re requesting that your team handle this matter as soon as possible. It’s been quite the terror, for lack of a better word, for this region for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s also created multiple other instances of its kind as well. We’ve heard they’ve decimated another village just within the last few days.” Said a middle-aged man. We wore a robe traditionally with the garb that officials of the Association adorned, along with having his black hair in a ponytail.

“Interesting. Is there a reason why my team was specifically requested?” Replied a man with long purple hair, wearing elaborate ceremonial attire. Both men were in a room within the middle halls of the Tower, sitting on opposite sides of an office desk with a few stacks of paperwork on the table. The purple haired man sat with his chin resting on his crossed hands with a curious expression on his face.

“The last team we sent after it was completely decimated with only a few survivors making it back, the recommendation came from them. Your sect has some of the strongest Magus in the country; we understand that you’re also taking on some new talent as of late. We feel that your forces will fare much better than what we currently have available.”

“That may be true, but I’m afraid we’re also dealing with a couple of things on our end. Our new members may all be skilled in one way or another, but not all of them have any real experience in dealing with abominations. As for our veteran members, I’m afraid that Selini is attending a summit with the Church, while Xashan is on his own mission in the west mountains. Ruecian is busy prepping for the newcomer’s orientation, and Rozemyne is needed as an advisor for them."

The official was clearly growing frustrated at the situation, as it sounded like the request was going to be rejected. “Surely you understand the gravity of the situation, we can’t let that thing continue to roam free. The plains in that area are slowly being turned into a miasma breeding ground as we speak!”

The purple haired man sighed. “Indeed, they are. The summit should be letting out soon, when it does I’ll immediately send word to Selini. It seems that this happened at an inconvenient time for the both of us.”

“Grrh, I suppose it has. Just see to a resolution in any way you can, just remember that all eyes are on you Irvin.” Replied the official. He promptly got up from his chair and exited the room. Arteus clicked his teeth, and stood from his chair as well. He folded his arms and thought for a moment, considering all the options that were left on the table. Unfortunately, there weren’t many…

He could sense the mana from the gatheried newcomers now standing just outside the Tower. They’re…strong, yes indeed they’re strong. But ‘strong’ isn’t enough for this situation. He thought to himself. For now, he thought it best for Bryhildia to handle it, she alone should be enough. He needs Roze and Rue here right now.

He was broken out of his thoughts by Scarlett’s mana signature, he noticed it was moving higher along the tower right now. He didn’t really know what to make of it, but he decided that Roze would do something about it anyway. He left his office and made his way to the conference room, it was time to meet his new team.


A young woman, dressed in unique black witch garb, walked the hall as she headed toward the conference area for the orientation. She stopped in her tracks, sensing a shifting mana ascending the tower. She sighed, and made her way toward a nearby window. Gazing out, she saw Scarlett crawling up the outside walls like a cat. Her eyes squinted in an annoyed glance, she began gathering up her magical energy to unleash a spell. Her channeling was accompanied by a gust of emerald wind flowing around her.

“Fly, Icarus!” She uttered. Her galdr command brought forth an impressive green hawk, larger than a man, with a visible skeleton case around its body. Letting out a large screech, the creature shot a powerful squall toward Scarlett, knocking her off the side of the tower. However, with staggering speed, Icarus flew after the girl and caught her with its talons just as soon as she was blown off. Roze then beckons her familiar to bring Scarlett face level to her, jumping on its back and looking down at Scarlett with an expression of disapproval.

“Master Arteus will disapprove of such behavior, back to the ground with the others you go.” She scolded her.

Icarus began to sharply descend back to the front of the tower, minding the luggage it was carrying. With one graceful swoop, Icarus descended to the group of magus and gently dropped Scarlett at Shavis’s feet. It made a satisfied cry, showing off its magnificent wingspan. Roze hopped off the bird promptly thereafter, giving it a nod of approval before beckoning it to vanish in a veil of evergreen light.

“Morning. Sorry, it’s not a good look for her to be climbing the Tower in such a way.” She said to Shavis. “Welcome to Eon all. Rozemyne Levina, just call me Roze for short.”

“Hi Roze!” Evelyn waved cheerfully at the black robed witch, seeming to be familiar with her.

“Weird, I wonder why that woman started climbing the tower like that?” Lapis said, cocking her head in confusion.

“A better question to ask is why were most of you late getting here.” Said a voice with the bearing of a stern and solemn military leader. The large doors of the front entrance slowly opened with a loud creak, and they revealed a Belua who had the appearance of a young man. One could immediately recognize the similar features he shared with Lapis. Despite being shorter than most of the people present, an undeniable power could be felt radiating from him.

“Oh…Hi brother. Forgive me, it was Evelyn’s fault that I was late.” Replied the younger sibling, making an apologetic bow.

Evelyn simply replied with a firm ‘Hmph!’ while crossing her arms. Lapis’s brother simply sighed and shook his head, as if he was used to this behavior from the two. He then turned his attention to the rest of the party. “I certainly hope the rest of you don’t have such flimsy excuses. Tch. Although, we at the Tower don’t have much room to talk either. All I’ll say is that we’ve been dealing with our own issues as of late. But that’s not for you to worry about right now. Name’s Ruecian Valeniquen, the resident combat instructor of Eon Tower. Those of you who are more physically inclined will become well acquainted with me, so be prepared. I see you’ve already met Roze, think of her as a field advisor for now.”

He paused for a moment to inspect the party, taking particular note of the hooded Fae that kept sharpening his knives and the insectoid Belua that had just arrived. The latter was due mainly in part to sheer intrigue, as Belua with more feral appearances weren’t commonplace in such urban areas. The former mainly because of the way he looked around at his peers with his bag-outlined eyes, as if he was silently judging them. It kind of annoyed him, if he was being honest.

“At any rate, I believe that’s enough pleasantries. Follow me and we’ll begin your initiation; Welcome to your new lives as Reavers of Eon.” He said, beckoning the others to accompany him into the Tower.

“Ah~ So soon after graduating and already I’ve been accepted into an organization that recognizes my genius. Fame and fortune here I come!” Mused Evelyn to herself.

“Evelyn…” Groaned Lapis.


Being led into the inner workings of the Tower, the party would see the various mechanizations and magical artifacts that lined in. Marked with marble floors and pillars, one could see that again much effort was put into its architecture. While on their way, they passed by a robed man with a ponytail. He had a face full of frustration, but it went away for a moment when he noticed the party.

“You’re the new team?” He said. He looked at all them, seeing the myriad appearances the party held. His expression sombered up a bit. “Good day.” was all he said before making his way toward the exit. “Half of them don’t even look like magus, Gods above we’re doomed…” He muttered under his breath. Ruecian signaled to ignore the man and continue onward.

“Hey Lapis, what do you make of that bug person?” Evelyn asked, getting her friend’s attention. She made sure she whispered so that only Lapis could hear her.

“What of him? Have you never seen a Belua with such a strong animalistic appearance? Our kind are very genetically diverse, so our looks can vary wildly. I bet his connection to nature is especially high, and he’s probably really strong too.” She replied.

Eventually, they were led to a pair of large ornamental doors. “Here we are, say hello to your new boss.” Said Ruecian, as he opened the doors. The revealed room looked to be an audience chamber of sorts; the room was lined with stained glass windows and a large red circular rug covered much of the floor’s center. Standing before them was a man with long purple hair and stylish robes, they all know him from their letter of invitation. He was the one who sent them out after all.

“Morning all, I’m glad you were able to make it here. I’ve introduced myself to you all, but now you get to put a face to the name. Arteus Navarre Irvin, head magus and Chief of Staff of Eon, at your service. There would’ve been a couple more magus meeting with you here, but I’m afraid they're indisposed currently. Regardless, welcome to your first day as official Reavers of Eon. The Tower acts as an arcology of sorts, separate from the Magus Association enough to where we can act on our own for most situations. Naturally, we have our own facilities that help sustain our autonomy, from a whole magitech factory to a library housing countless grimoires and artifacts. We also have staff that assist with creating compendiums of magical beasts and combating abominations. I know that some of you already have experience in dealing with monsters and the like.”

He folded his arms, taking in the new team that stood before him. “Now, do any of you have any questions for me? If not, we’ll go ahead and get you set up for the field. We’ve made sure to have a few jobs lined up for you, should help in getting acclaimed in how we do things out in the field.”
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Renee Terfiel and Lanus Retily

The two fae's attention then switched to the newer arrivals. First, there was Taltrus, who actually looked like a bona fide magi by the way he dressed. Lanus didn't reply to his greeting, not interested in him since he wasn't a cute chick, while Renee gave a polite bow.

Next up was Einar, whom Lanus quickly mistook for a girl. As a result, he walked up to him and gave a bow, introducing himself with his charming smile, before Renee elbowed him, saying with a grumpy look that he was a boy.

It took him quite a while to recover.

Leon was next though only Renee noticed his presence. The hooded figure was definitely watching them in silence. And so, she decided to walk up to him and gave him a greeting.

"Hey, aren't you going to introduce yourself?" she asked him with an annoyed look.

After he answered, Scarlett happened.

Instead of chatting like a normal person, she decided it was a good idea to run on all fours before jumping up the tower, transforming her arm into a harpoon in the process.

Both Lanus and Renee's jaws fell. They didn't expect her to make such a move!

"Uh, Miss…" Lanus turned to face Shavis. "Is she… alright?" And by alright he meant alright in the head though of course he couldn't say that to her face.

Renee's eyes squinted. She could barely see her landing safely on top of the tower.

She shook her head. What an odd person.

After finishing his conversation with Shavis, Lanus's attention moved towards Asterope. As she was another beautiful lady, he quickly introduced himself to her as well. And not without giving her this cheesy line.

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Asterope. A thunder mage, I presume. Your beautiful eyes are shining just as bright as the lightning of the gods itself!"

Once again, Renee had to apologize for his… flirtations.

She herself was quite familiar with his sweet talk. After all, it was part of the reason why she fell for him in the first place. Most of it were a miss but when it hit, it hit, making her blush profusely.

A one-eyed man then introduced himself. Once again, only Renee responded to his greetings. The sharp-eyed fae quickly noted his snake familiar as well as the tired look on his face, taking the conclusion that he seemed to be someone who never cracked any jokes and would only speak if necessary.

As a fellow introvert, she could get by his attitude.

And then, Tilnak made his introduction.

Immediately he beat Scarlett as the most memorable magus so far. He was a Belua—an insect man. And for some reason, he brought with him a pair of cats under his cloak.

Renee's face said it all. She clearly was frightened by his looks and the way he looked at everyone, including her.

As for Lanus, well, he scratched his chin, examining him from top to bottom with great interest. What a rare specimen! He proclaimed to himself. Still, he preferred watching from afar instead of approaching him and giving him a greeting.

His attention soon switched towards the green hawk descending from the top of the tower, carrying with its talons the harpoon girl from before.

"Ah, a Galdr familiar!" He proclaimed. "I wonder who the mage might be."

He too had his own familiars. Though he rarely brought them out unless he needed to.

It didn't take long for him to get his answer. From a window, a woman jumped, landing right on top of the bird.

"Wonderful! Another beauty!" He exclaimed with a grin, readying himself to greet her the moment she landed.

"Well met, Lady Levina!" He gave a deep bow. "Lanus Retily, at your service." He smiled. "I have to say, that was quite the impressive show you just produced there. As a fellow Galdr mage, you have stolen my—Ouch! What was that for?" He pouted at his girlfriend, who just elbowed him. Again.

"Apologies for his rudeness. He simply can't help flirting with every woman he sees. Renee Elfiel, at your service." She bowed as well.

The two didn't have the chance to chat with her further as the front entrance opened, revealing the presence of a Belua.

Immediately both fae could feel the power emanating from him.

Damn! That's some magic, alright! A sweat traveled down Lanus's forehead.

What a dangerous person… Is this how a top-level magus is? Renee gulped.

When Lanus learned that he was Lapis's brother, he let out a small sigh. Welp, that's a woman I should never touch…

The two then followed him inside, along with the rest of the group.

Wow, this is impressive…

Renee looked around, her mouth slightly opened as she gawked at her surroundings.

So many magical artifacts…

Lanus chuckled at her reaction. He didn't think it was impressive in the slightest. He had been inside the Fae Queen's palace after all.

When they met with the ponytailed man, Renee gave him a glare. She could hear his words perfectly and she didn't appreciate being underestimated like that. Lanus, on the other hand, took it a lot more in stride. He simply shrugged. He didn't know what he was talking about. They'd just have to prove themselves to him.

They eventually ended up in front of a large ornamental door. And inside was the man that had invited them all.

"Well met, Master Irvin." Lanus bowed. "As you requested, my cute girlfriend and I are now here."

Renee's cheeks turned red as she too gave a bow. Flashing a glare at her boyfriend for a few moments, she returned her gaze forward and spoke to the older man. "I'm at your service, Master Irvin. Thank you for choosing us for this prestigious position. I swear, we will not disappoint you."

@AzureKnight@ReusableSword@The Irish Tree@FrogRFlowR@Enkryption@PaulHaynek@Silverstein@Inertia

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Location: Morgenröte | Interactions: @Hammerman @FrogRFlowR @Enkryption

A couple of people had arrived, most introducing themselves and others seemingly keep away from the group. Well, Shavis wasn't going to judge them. She responded in kind to the others, greeting them with a smile. They had quite an assortment of characters among them and it seemed like everyone really was combat capable and some seemed to even lean towards physical combat like she was. There was a Belua there who was more insectoid than humanoid and Shavis had to be honest, it would be the first time she had ever seen one. They mostly had humanoid-leaning Beluas back in her tribe after all.

Her ears visibly perked up at the familiar sound of someone calling out to her. She looked over, a grin on her face, as Asterope made herself known. Before she could finish her statement or Shavis could even make a move to hug the older girl, Scarlett suddenly bolted from her position and started to climb the Tower.

"Scarlett no—! and she's gone." Shavis looked back at Asterope with a bashful smile. "Seems I have. Good thing the Association won't get on my ass this time." She gave a nod to Asterope when she stated that they could just catch up later when they had more time to themselves.

She turned towards Lanus, giving him a small shrug. "I never know what's going on in her head..." She paused, looking back up for a moment. "Probably thought the sunlight feels good up there."

Another familiar appeared, a green hawk, came up and grabbed Scarlett from the Tower and another woman had made their presence known. The hawk ended up placing Scarlett back to her and she gave the woman an apologetic smile. "Yeah, I figured as much. Thank you for getting her, I don't think I could." Well, technically, Shavis was pretty confident that Shadar could likely scale it and grab Scarlett but she wasn't sure if that would have been allowed. Roze. She seemed really cool.

"Come on Scarlett, maybe you can take a nap somewhere else." Shavis said, almost soothingly towards her companion, and reached down to pat her on the shoulder. With that, she would attempt to help her up to her feet.

Another Belua exited from the Tower who was apparently Lapis's older brother who was apparently their combat instructor. It looked like she would be seeing more of Ruecian eventually. Really, there was nothing good about having expectations of other people based on their appearance. He might have been smaller than most of them but he certainly felt like he could pack a punch— whether it was magically boosted or not.

With that, they were led back into the Tower. She fell into step with Asterope but made sure to keep her eye on Scarlett to make sure she didn't get into another set of trouble.


As they were walking in the Tower, she kept her eye out. Someone had passed by them and quite loudly admitted his disappointment of the group. She heard a low growl from Shadar and she shushed him. She forced her attention back to Asterope, lowering her voice so she can have some form of short conversation as they were walking. "If you asked me when we were younger that you would become a Reaver, I wouldn't have believed you." She placed her hands in her coat's pockets. "Glad to have you here though. I like making new friends but having a familiar face besides Scarlett here doesn't hurt."

They came upon the ornamental doors and were led inside to find one Arteus Irvin. It wasn't like he was unfamiliar to her. Even before receiving a letter from him for the Reavers, he had made an impression upon the Association... especially on Patia who wished to become a Sage. Master Irvin went on to say that there were others they could meet eventually but their amenities were what really clicked for her. Aside from the beasts and abominations that they could train with, but also the magical artifacts and creation of magitech.

"Throwing us straight into the fold huh boss?" She commented after Lanus and Renee were done. "Are we going to do this as a whole group or are we going to be split up between jobs? I don't mind working in a big group but I gotta know what to expect."
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ATTN:@Polaris North, @AzureKnight
Above... the sky... the infinite light of the sun... the warmth of its ethereal touch... and yet, it was so far... impeded...

It would go unnoticed by the witch, surely, the look in Scarlett’s eyes, as she tilted them to where she was channeling her spell. Against her bestial urges, she didn’t sink her harpoon into the wall, and hold her ground. No, no. They assumed her domesticated; cowed by Shavis - tamed and tempered...

...she had to maintain that illusion. If she did, they would send her out into the dangerous world - to the punishment - and salvation - she sought. If she was dangerous, they would lock her away... or worse...

So, she would allow the witch her triumph at range; freely fall into the talons of the Summon, the giant bird of prey, and come face-to-face with the Summoner.

Scarlett’s eyes, lipid pools of her namesake, stared at the woman that deigned to scold her - pupils mutated into crossing, before she narrowed her eyes, and grinned, as her tongue overextending upon the scar that caressed her cheek and exposed rows of fangs --

-- or, did she? Rozemyne only caught a glimpse of what lies beneath - the beast filling the void that Scarlett left behind. And yet, as quickly as it came, she was staring at an apathetic woman that didn’t seem any more bothered than she was interested.

Her eyes conveyed a message, loud and clear, though: “I don't care.

Still, she wouldn’t resist - allow victory; play docile; earn punishment.

As they landed, Scarlett wouldn’t make any sudden movements until Shavis put her hand on her.

"Come on Scarlett, maybe you can take a nap somewhere else."

In her quest to comfort, Shavis likely wouldn’t notice the sharp spines beneath the cloak - it was heavy for a reason, and she was more dense muscle than sensitive flesh. However, it would be impossible for those that walked behind Scarlett to miss the bloody footprints she left behind, as the spines receded into her flesh...
{You wanted to be dropped.}

She did. The Beast had almost won. The Human had reigned her in. She wanted to skewer the feet of the bird, and be dropped - freed - knowing, well, she would survive with her Alchemy to stitch her back together, so long as her brain was intact.

Scarlett kept the spines of serrated iron from Icarus’s feet, but they still were like a death metal porcupine. She, too, wanted to be free. But, this was not the time, and not the place.

At least, not yet.

So, she followed Shavis like she was told to... into the fray... into the fire...
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Leon Hyksos

Interaction: @AzureKnight

Leon's whetstone grazes his dagger for the last time as soon as the giant skeletal bird made from pure energy picks up Scarlett from the sky like a piece of lost baggage, and drops off from where she started on the ground. It was an impressive sight, so much so that it made Leon's sluggish eyes widen for a moment.

The esteemed representatives of the reavers made their entrance. Two of them were present. One seems like a witch named Roze. A mature woman clad in a black dress almost made for a funeral setting, the one who summons the monstrous green bird. And the other, a Stern handsome young man with snake scales for skin.

Upon his inspection of the two veterans, Leon's head suddenly started to split. like a migraine out of nowhere, His Mind's eye began acting up. A sensory alarm that triggers the Fae rogue whenever he's in danger, no matter how small or big the circumstances of the peril are. Whether warning him about eating a slice of spoiled meat or a life-threatening event is near him. It will inform him moments before.

A deafening pulse drummed in his skull. The sight of danger is staring right at him. It was the combat trainor: Ruecian Valeniquen.

I dunno why my danger senses registered him as a threat, but it's best not to disregard it; Even if it's a false positive. I bet he's the type of instructor that won't take subpar results, the kind when he asks you to jump; you only answer 'how high?' Hmm, The thought of it alone makes me exhausted already.

'Is it too late to go back to being an independent contractor?'

Leon deeply sighed, keeping his thought to himself, and pushes through to becoming more than just a mercenary.

Just as instructed, He followed the group inside the tower.


The Eon Tower was huge from the inside! It's like a museum filled with relics and the latest magitech all around. The designs were overwhelming and one might be entranced by its structure alone. Better not get lost in this wonderland!

The interiors inside the building are great.. the first person they met inside.. not so much.

The group encountered an aggrieved ponytail-haired reaver heading their way, who vocally belittle their appearance the moment he looks at them.

Like, what's his deal? Was it his disappointment in their fashion sense or was it the quality of the group? Either way, it doesn't make any difference, The rogue fae responded with a shrug and the same apathetic face he always has, indifference to the people around him.

Ignoring the rude remark of the disgruntled side character, Leon tailed the group and makes his way toward Lord Irvin's fancy headquarters. The head honcho of this whole gathering. They were assembled; briefly discussing the issue of why they are summoned and the functionality of the Eon tower.

'He seems pleasant enough, kinda chill yet deliberate in handling his biz, I've never met the man at the top before.. until now. Normally, I would work with the reavers but as a third-party contractor. More on the human side of the law.. hunting notable criminals in the city. The reavers get the credit, I get the gold.. no attachment whatsoever. As for handling monsters well, that's a different story..'

Leon lets his thoughts drift by as he remained mute, listening to the others talk to the Sage of Eon. Some of them are acquainted with him, like the Belua warrior woman named Shavis. Who had no shame in expressing herself. God, I wish to have that kind of confidence in socializing.

"Call me when the job is ready," Leon spoke, almost in a whisper to anyone, dismissing himself from the meeting. Without waiting for a reply, He scooted out of the room quietly as a mouse. He wasn't being rude or disrespectful, He just didn't have the energy to deal with a crowded crew.

If anyone needs the rogue fae (which i highly doubt) He's in the library, doing some last minute research on the variety of monsters found inside these books, taking a quick power nap, or both! If I'm being honest.

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The rest of the Magus who had arrived before and after him all stood out in their own way. While Taltrus kept himself fit, some of the others simply out classed him in physicality. Most did not hold the 'looks' of a Magus, although his sensitivity to mana suggested otherwise; it was certain that they were all strong in one form of magic over the other and not to be underestimated. Some may have even had ill-fated encounters with abberations or abominations like himself. The one who introduced himself as 'Hector Wyland' exuded such vibes.

In-fact Taltrus had heard of a few of them by chance. The one that stood out the most was Scarlett Ishval. His eyes trailed her as she scaled the tower with relative ease with her magic. He crossed his arms. Her story made its rounds in alchemy circles. A sad and sobering story, that. One that he has decide to take to heart since both of them shared magical schools. Judging from her use of magic, her alchemy skills were no joke, but her prowess in void magic was likely better than his. He made no comment nor discernible expressions as the instructor yanked her off the top of the tower.

Taltrus had also heard of Asterope. While also dabbling in Alchemy, she's an excellent and stubborn Elemental magus whose sole focus is lightning. Personally Taltrus prefers branching out to no not be bound by a single focus, but there's a certain respect to those who masters one and forgoes the others. Her lightning magic is no joke, from what he's heard.

The others that stood out to him was the hulking belua, Shavis and her familiar. It was clear she did not have the air of a magus, but her connection to magic, especially Galdr, was strong. Tilnak was unique, an insect-based Belua was a rarity, to say the least. Taltrus knew of their existence, but this was the first time he had met one in the flesh. Finally, Leon, the one that seemed to be intently observing others.

As for the others... well, he's certain he'll form his own opinions of them soon enough.

The representatives of the Eon Tower were excellent Magus, as expected. The first was the one who swooped Scarlett out of the sky, Roze. The other was also someone he had heard of, Ruecian Valeniquen. Eon Tower definitely had lived up to its namesake with its decorated and prestigious Magus.

Taltrus silently followed the group as they made their way through the tower. The closer he got, the more intense the thrumming of magic was against the back of his head. A reaver made a passing comment that seemed to disgruntle some of the group. Taltrus simply returned a smile, something like that wouldn't shake his desire to be a Reaver. Jeanne's face flashed through his mind, his smile slowly faded away.

The group soon met the master of the tower, Navarre Irvin. To say magic clung to him would be an understatement. Taltrus wasn't sure if he'd met another Mage that was as skilled as Navarre; his reputation preceded him. While his father was a strong mage in his own right, he paled in comparison to Navarre.

“A pleasure to meet you, Sir Irvin.” Taltrus bowed lightly.

Taltrus' eyes lit up at the mention of the magitech factory and the boundless information the tower held. It was one of the main reasons he chose to join the Tower. Other than becoming a Reaver to protect others, it would also help further his own research and magitech knowledge with their resources and help. While Taltrus did not lack 'funding', the Tower could offer more than that. It had resources one wouldn't dream of attaining through normal means.

Taltrus eyed Leon leaving the room, as he awaited Navarre's next words.
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Aldin quietly observed the going ons as others arrived, trying his best to make his peace with the situation. Those of the group who were arriving were a lively and colorful bunch, to be sure. He supposed this wasn't any surprise. Reavers were known to be powerful magi, and magi were, as a rule, eccentrics. Aldin may have been an outsider to this society in its entirety, bur he knew this all too well.

As the familiar dragged the last of their numbers back to the ground, Aldin couldn't help but notice something of a nauseating kinship. A slight pang in his blood. While the hulking man who had arrived after him was bestial, this woman could only be described as feral insanity, the barest mask of humanity only just covering it. He felt it was almost the air of a chained animal, waiting to be loosed.

The swordsman put off the thought. He was already dealing with enough internally to have to worry about his new companion's nature. Especially when one of the others was acting the part of the infuriating fool, gawking and gaping while playing at a gentleman. Aldin scowled slightly.

By the arrival and introduction of the liasons from the towel, Aldin couldn't help but let loose a low growl. I was brought here on your own time and auspices. I cannot speak for the others, but blame your own management if you wish to complain about any tardiness. Much as he wanted to speak, he kept the thought to himself.

Likewise, as they entered and passed the harried looking doomsayer of an official, Aldin scoffed. It was a joke. Magi should clean their own messes, and yet, here he was, being roped into a position that seemed it would be doing just that. A glorified janitor. He shook his head, following along until they finally reached their handler, a man whose appearance oddly mirrored Aldin's own, although with a much more sophisticated air, compared to the roughness of the backwater mercenary.

Aldin quietly listened to the introduction, as well as the talk of jobs already set up. There was something off about it. An underlying urgency or a note of what could only be described as impending death. Aldin had gotten this sort of air before, of course, though there was a certain weight to it when it was coming from someone other than an alderman, even though the man was quite young.

"Before we do anything, I'm presuming that the jobs you've set up for us have something to do with the distressed flop of a man we passed on the way in?" Aldin finally spoke, getting right to business. "I've no issue with this, however, before anything, I'd like to visit the infirmary to be sure that the guest I brought along is well set up. I trust that's not an issue?"
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Hector Wyland

Ah, and so it seemed the savage girl was brought back down to earth with the speed he'd expect from any organization that took itself seriously. Hector wanted to bite back at the Belua saying they were all late, but was already aware of seniority being a key part of any organization. His military rank didn't mean anything here, so he'd just have to bite his tongue and bear with it. Wordlessly, he would follow along for the tour of the tower while Herne coiled around his left bicep, somewhat "pulsating" in layers of transparency while he relaxed.

They would soon be meeting with the head of the Tower, a man who looked the part of a mage. Though, he did seem rather young...but then again, a Veyonist was likely born practicing magic. Hector was certain that, in terms of magical expertise, everyone in the room far outstripped him. But, expertise didn't matter compared to lethal efficiency. Monsters didn't get easier just because you were more knowledgeable. At the question of whether any had questions, Hector would say: "Only one, sir. Will squad assignments be permanent, or will we be rotated out on a regular basis?"

Hector had a sneaking suspicion that, just due to the way the universe seemed to love playing cruel jokes on him, he'd already imagined himself being stuck with Scarlett for a long period of time. He has no doubt that she had the social decorum of a cactus...or perhaps, of ivy would be more accurate given her penchant for climbing. He also would hate to have to stand more than ten minutes of Evelyn's boasting. In fact, one of the only people in the room that he wasn't developing a distaste for was the young woman he'd overheard introducing herself as "Asterlope," a man who had introduced himself as "Aldin Rei" who carried himself with a good amount of dignity in both his words and posture, and the...other young woman(?) adorned in green who seemed as apprehensive as one could expect of a novice.
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The Purifier

Location: inside The Tower
Interactions: @AzureKnight,

Tilnak turned to see a familiar carry the strange one back to the ground as another stepped out of the main door. Tilting his head quizzically to the side he listened to what they had to say but waited for some of the others to begin walking inside before he began to move as well. His steps were slow and quiet just as he normally was. These veterans had a different air and feeling about them, one that radiated power and commanded respect.

A small crimson pool on the floor caught his attention as they walked, he began pulling the bloody puddles and drips into a small red orb in his palm. He paid no heed to the man that disregarded them or the intricate architecture. Sure, it was nice he guessed but it wasn’t a forest, it wasn’t natural even with parts of it being natural. just like this city, it wasn’t home.

Another man introduced himself to them as their leader, he seemed like a good man and slightly reminded hi of the old man that raised him. An air of wisdom surrounded him. The introduction was short and to the point. Tilnak did not believe that he needed any extra equipment, he had his staff, his small seeds and things, and his cloak. There wasn’t much else he knew that he would need. So, his response was simple.

Using the small amount of blood, he had picked up from his team member he formed the red liquid into words for a moment before pulling it back into the small orb he had it in before.

“When do we start?”
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