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That almost sounds like you wanted a popularity contest; not that it explains what judging is based on, if anything.
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Well the judges are basically any arena regular. Obviously the Arena is kind of a barren wasteland, but I have plans to maybe fix that in the coming months.

Judging is usually based upon the opinion of the judge, and whatever Arena system you're using. Here, the most common is T1, and fights are judged according to the parameters set by that.
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Aye. There's been lots of past issues with crews coming in and using their own crooked judges in their own crooked tournaments, and sometimes even homegrown judges may be rather biased, so I'd recommend a set of three judges, one who knows neither party, and one from each player's 'camp', so to speak.

If you doubt a judge's neutrality, check their history. Keep a record of what actions take place during your fights, and try to stick to techniques with references. If you can't describe a move well, don't describe it at all. If you play your cards right you won't get the wrong end of the stick when you eventually run into someone dishonest.
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Like me for instance.
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Like me for instance.

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