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I'm still unsure if Funeral or The Suburbs is my favourite Aracde Fire album...
@Cairo@jakeb1993@Indy Cooper@OppositionJ
Hey look at that! Intro post is up and alive.

So for the last two or so days y'll have been staying in the big old hotel called the Kinmokusei: kinda like the mixture between a Las Vegas casino and one of this crazy hotels in Dubai. It's big and fancy and probably way out of most of your league. Earlier this morning, a message was left for you to all be waiting in the lobby at seven in the morning. When you arrived, you were all ushered into the Van and driven over to the rendezvous point. Your free to chat amongst yourself, take in the sights, or have some introspective pondering, or whatever suits your fancy.

Alright, alright, alright. After some consideration and consultation, I have come up with the final roster. To everybody who PM'D me or posted your sheet here and you weren't accepted. I thank you for you time and effort. There is always next time right?

@Cairo playing Jon Durand: What can I really say here? Jon is your sorta classic cyberpunk protagonist, but with a few twist that make him help stand out. I love the world building you did with Maginot and the little touches you made to help flesh out Western Europe more fully. All in all an excellent job!

@jakeb1993 playing Peter Skrit: Let me start out by saying I love Peter as a character. He's completely different from what you'd expect in your head when you imagine player character in a Cyberpunk RP, but still manages to easily fit into the world. His skillet brings something different and new to the table, and his connections with various cooperate entities may or may not become useful when things to go to shit. That and how could I say no to his vast collection of bow-ties? (I love little character details like that.)

@Indy Cooper playing Shen Mei Yun: Ever team needs a skilled hacker and whose better for the job then 咆哮的老鼠? Really though I like that Mei Yun as a believable character. Like she feels like she could be a real person which is always a good thing in my book. She's definitely well quirky in some ways, but hey isn't everybody. That and having somebody from the GFEZ is going to be rather useful at least in the beginning for our intrepid band of adventurers.

@OppositionJ playing Akina Izuna: Ah yes, the scion of an important company mixed with an experiment gone terribly terribly wrong or right depending on who you might ask. She's an interesting character with layers to her, and that's always a good thing. And you seem to have a very solid platform upon which to expand her form, which is also another good thing. I really apprecaited the detail you into with her sheet from her background, to her weapons, and her personality. It really helped give me a sense of her character. And of course well PsySys presents some interesting opportunities on my end as a GM of course.

and last but not last we have @Red Coil playing Sam Li: Alright here is the deal. I really like what you have done with Sam at the moment. The genetic engineering spin on things is interesting and different. Your little lore dumps were great and ypu clearly seem to care about Sam as a character and the world. That's something I can appreciate. Yet you hadn't finished your sheet, but at the same time it is the part of the sheet that matters the least, the personality section. Because personality mutate and change over the course of RPs as we as writers find the voices of our characters. So I'm gonna break some rules here and take a chance on you. Because I like the idea and I'm interested to see where you take her.

You may all move your CSs over to the CS section of the Roleplay. I will also be sending you all a PM link to the discord posthaste. And the introductory post is already in the works, so expect that soon!
@Jarl Coolgruuf
I got it!
@Plank Sinatra
I can't really in my good conscious extended it just for you. It was stated clearly in several places that the deadline was at 12:00 AM today. Cause if I let you finish up your sheet that would be unfair to those that followed instruction. Which would be as the kid's say.... kinda a Dick move? I hope you understand.
I was going to make a minor edit to my character, but I believe the deadline has past, so I will leave it alone.

Indeed. Indeed. The Deadline has in fact passed! Reviews and Acceptances are happening as quickly as I can manage. So I'll tag you all when that happens! Until then you must now all wait in agony. But honestly, I should be done soonish!

Hey guys!

Squeezing this update in before I go sleep. Currently, I had like two exams coming up and a research paper that I'm currently revising. And my time management skills have never been too great, so I'm just a little stretched thin at the moment. So pardon my silence at the moment. Everything is looking great though! Anyway onto some maintenance things.

As people slowly began to start finishing their CSs and post em here or PM them to me, that's cool. But mostly because I don't have the time to really properly look at them, I'm not gonna be able to really look at them till Sunday when the deadline hits. So don't expect any real comments or suggestions from me in terms of feedback. That and I don't know; then it feels like I'm rewarding those who had time to get shit done quickly and punishing those who might not be able to get anything up until right before the deadline, and won't have time for some additional commentary. Just feels like iffy with me or whatever. Specially since it looks like I'm not gonna be able to take on everybody for the ride.

That being said if you need any like lore questions answered or something like really pressing in terms of maybe like a crazy concept for a character that your not sure would or not. Feel free to blast me a PM or post the questions here and I'll manage to squeeze something in. I have my laptop with my most of the day, So I can do like short reply bursts like this and answer questions, but not much till my schedule calms back down next week.

And just to give you time check it is 1:42 in the AM Here on the East Coast of Canada which makes it Thursday. Which means you folks have a little under three days left to get those sheets up and running. Best of luck to you all and may the wind catch your creative sails.

Peace out, my dudes.
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