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As Abaddon floats up to and comes into sight from those atop of the building, she is greeted with a chunk of something hurtling toward her. She watches as the flying chunk of whatever hits her in the chest, not making any attempts to dodge it as she knows her reaction time isn't good enough for that. As it hits it leaves a large dent in her chest and chips of her body fly off as the spikes hit her, before it falls to the ground below. A loud noise catches her attention followed by multiple dull pangs as bullets chip her before ricocheting away, chipping the areas they hit.

She continues to float up till she is a foot above the roof of the building, watching a scene unfold in front of her. The one who threw the object at her attack the other, assuming by the others armour, that she was the one who had made the bone spear and seemed to be helping her. Time to return the favour she thought to herself, watching Celia almost grapple the other cape.

"Excuse me, Celcia?" She calls out in a loud booming voice, purposely misnaming her. "Running from your foe? Then trying to get rid of her by throwing things at her? Who do you think you are?" She asks the girl while contorting her hands and disjoined fingers, picking up two shards of the broken ally's armour.

"You really must learn some manners..." She says, hurling the two shards at the foes arms, trying to give the ally some room to move and recover.

As her hands reform, the fingers appear to be joined to her hand properly. A wide grin spreads across her face as she knows this means that she's growing stronger. A small pulse radiates from her as her master abilities grow stronger as well, to a bypassing civilian it would be like a wave of fear hit them.

"And to you my ally, I must warn you for your sakes, as much as you want to help if this fight draws out too long I may not be able to guarantee your safety around me. I mean you no harm, just a small side effect of my power, I would like to meet you after this fight, so you'd better stay on your toes." She says with a light-hearted tone, hoping that the cape would understand that she truly means them no harm.
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Chad Belton: Rockers HQ Spot B

The call from Sheila was an unexpected surprise. The message she was conveying was an unpleasant one. The HQ, for now, was off-limits; everybody to Spot B, and they’d reassess their options there.

‘Will do,’ Chad nodded, ending the call and quickly reminding himself where Spot B was... Spot B, Spot B, he knew it was an apartment... yeah, okay, he remembered what the building looked like. He’d head there once he was properly dressed.

Thankfully, that didn’t take too long, once he found a secluded area to get himself set up close to the HQ. A couple of minutes or so at most. And on he went, strolling along in full body-covering uniform as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and the criminal organisation he was part of wasn’t under attack by another criminal organisation. Fucking Community. If he had his hands on them, he could do so much to them, melt their bones, rip their flesh off their bodies, squeeze their hearts until they popped like pimples-

Huh. Turned out fantasising about killing people got you places pretty quickly. This was the apartment building. He just needed to get to the apartment proper, and that of course meant heading in. So he did.
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Evelyn Chambers – Tulpa

The other wards were encountering Protean, she noted, her Tulpa under the floor, slightly transposed with their target. Receiving intel through the comms and cameras via Decoy, she watched as Protean prepared something.

"I don't fucking think so," she snarled before activating comms.

"I'll deal with whatever he's planning to throw at you. Prepare a counterattack." That said, she finished formulating her projection.

Swift/durable brawler. Small form capable of increasing in size and altering shape.

Rubber-Flesh-Water(Malleable Outer Surfaces)+Lead(Dense), Steel-Flesh(Spring/Strength), Steel-Rubber(Sturdy Structure), Electricity(Energized), Air-Cloth(Light)| Lead(Heavy).

Baseline high physical resistance and strength. Enhanced reaction. Cellular modulation. Limit: Static physical composition; Static mass. Personal. Low end sonic projection. Limit: Non-damaging.

~~Alternate form. Size scaling. Size increase--error, incompatibility--temporary mass loss. Energy venting entanglement integration. Storage Method: Physical Integration. Reactive Venting Trigger: Uncontrollable. Trigger: Overload.

She locked things in, the silhouette—still in the floor—of her tulpa in the form of a six-limbed creature with deceptivly thin limbs, but a wide torso

"Stay standing..." was all she got before she made her decision.


At the speed of thought her projection's shadow rose from the ground between Protean and her team...and manifested. Immediately there was feedback. With the intention built in for it to protect and assist her teammates in taking out the target, the tulpa lunged towards Protean. It was wide of chest and hips, with four arms and two strange constructions that could be called legs. The arms were thin, Messiah could have wrapped her fingers around one with thumb and pointer finger comfortably touching. Its back had tiny inch long needles all over it and at the end of its arms were vicious looking claws. Its 'legs' were more like coils of muscle or vines if those muscles were...loose. Rather than claws, the legs terminated in splaying tendrils, each which ended in a sharp needle-like protrusion. It had no neck and its head was more like a nub, with no visible eyes or sensory organs. Its 'face' had colored patterns in red and silver on it, while its body was almost entirely steel grey, with winding, swirling markings. From the base of its spine extended something like a tail with the same composition as its 'legs', but much tighter wound.

In the midst of its charge, Protean struck. The end of its 'tail' splayed out as it began to be pushed back towards the Wards. The tail hit the ground and the needles extended into that ground. Suddenly it was anchored. The strike hit it square in the chest and immediately energy erupted off of its body into a three inch-field that crackled like electricity—the smell of ozone immediately apparent. Its form seemed less dense in the aftermath.

With no mouth or orifice to do so, it roared, then sprung back into action, moving towards Protean, seemingly unbothered by the mass it had lost or the veritable storm of crackling energy around it. Reaching with one of its right arms, it attempted to grab Protean's mantis shrimp limb. If the energy made contact it would burn and numb.

Meanwhile, Evelyn herself had taken up a position on the side of a hallway, back to the wall. She was sitting down with her eyes closed, counting in her head and managing her projection and the various intel it was feeding her.

"Don't let the field of energy around my projection touch you. Except you Messiah, your power will absorb it. I have the projection set to assist and protect you guys. I'll be keeping track of the timer on it and managing its actions."

Arriving at Sylph's location, he noticed that she was on the ground. Landing, he swapped back into his human form once he'd made sure no one was nearby. He pulled out a white mask and put it on before addressing her. He was in civilian clothes otherwise, clearly not having had time to change due to the urgency of the situation.

"Sylph, are you o--" he stopped mid sentence as he saw what had been a child. He almost threw up, but grit his teeth and swallowed hard, his cheeks flushing and fists clenching. Rage flashed across his features and he put his hand on Sylph's shoulder.

"You have to get up. There's nothing you could have done, but there is something we can do together. If we take him out...we can stop others from sharing a similar fate." He paused, breathing deep, his gaze locked on the horrible sight of the little girl's ruined form. He wouldn't let himself shy away just because it was bad, he wouldn't look away just because it made him want to retch.

He would recognize what had happened while he hadn't been able to do anything. He would do better. "If you don't come with me, I'll have to do it myself. Chances are that will mean a lot of collateral property damage, but I'm willing to go that far to stop this bastard." That said, he stood up fully, pulling away, before he walked a distance and then shifted forms.

A flash of nausea, overpowered by a second rush of rage and he was in his Second Vessel again. The rumbling hollow voice of his form echoed out.

"Either way, I'm going to make sure Eyeblight pays for what he's done." He burst into movement, accelerating all at once as he flew, only several feet from the ground, towards the coffee shop.

As he reached it a pulse pushed out, weak, just enough to shatter the glass of the storefront. His senses told him how many people, their positions, and who was severely injured or otherwise. It also showed him Eyeblight's exact location. Without entering, for he was too big to do so and effectively fight, he turned his head and torso away from the coffee shop. Tentacles easily slid through the gaps the broken store front windows created, snaking at incredibly high speed directly for Eyeblight from several angles. He extended other limbs through the store as he spoke, "Everyone close your eyes, don't panic, I'm getting you out of there."

Those tentacles not attacking, deftly scooped up civilians and pulled them from the store, prioritizing those who weren't already prone on the floor. Those who were injured were likely already beyond his ability to save. Moving them might just worsen their condition. The goal was to get everyone out of the way so he could truly focus on taking down Eyeblight.
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Sofia Stien - The Airport

Sofia opened her eyes to see that piles of dust had replaced the people that had been around. Sofia followed Chatterhead's instructions and touched the floor, activating her power to make him vanish through the floor. However, after a momentary pause when Sofia looked up she saw the green man leering at her as he stepped close to her, bringing out what appeared to be a lightsaber. Normally Sofia wouldn't be scared. But the way he had talked about her power made it sound like he knew how it worked, plus she couldn't make him fall through the floor. And if he was approaching her anyway, that meant her power wouldn't protect her. That left just about one option. "Let's run!" Sofia said, turning around and doing just that, tugging insistently at Chatterhead's hand, not so scared as to leave her charge behind.
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Mire continued bounding across rooftops towards the Rockers HQ completely unaware of the call she was supposed to have received, in her haste to get involved in a fight she'd left her bag (which had her phone in it.) back in the alleyway with Visage. Mire couldn't help but feel excited as she saw the HQ building off in the distance, things were looking bad, and Mire was going to make them worse. Mire Leaped from the rooftops, shifting her density mid air becoming more gaseous so that her impact on the ground wouldn't slow her down. Reforming into a human shape Mire looked around taking in the situation while slowly walking towards the HQ, the building was falling apart. Mire would spot two people at the receptionists desk, one of them was obviously some kind of cape judging by the rubble deflecting off the air around them. Perhaps they were the one taking down the building, though the sounds of crashing and smashing from further inside indicated otherwise Mire didn't care. Theses guys were already here and she was itching to fight, and she'd rarely fought other capes so this conflict was going to be interesting.

Mire's mist quickly started spreading outward and her arms formed into curved blades that were long enough to drag along the ground. Mire broke into a sprint, her bladed arms scraping against the pavement as she headed straight for Swarm and Firefly.

Silvia's eyes widened in horror as she saw the mangled mess of what used to be a child, tears instantly started running down her cheeks as she took in the grizzly sight. The blood, the bones poking through the skin. Silvia fell to her knees and started silently crying, I... I didn't save her I-I'm... Silvia put her face into her hands. Silvia started shaking If I hadn't hesitated, d-din't cover my eyes... I would have seen her... I could have saved her, but I didn't. I'm a useless piece of waste. Here I am with bullet proof skin and the power to make tornadoes, and I hesitate and got people killed. I should be dead not them... Silvia was slowly shaking her head when she felt a hand on her shoulder and flinched. It was Outsider, thank goodness someone useful was finally here.

She looked up at him as he spoke, she wished she could agree with him about there being nothing she could have done but it just wasn't true. Though Outsider was right about Eyeblight needing to be stopped before he could cause more damage, Silvia stood up slowly still very clearly shaken from the dead body. Silvia watched Outsider fly off down the road, there was a hero, no fear and the drive to protect those in danger over himself. Silvia curled one of her shaking hands into a fist and started off after Outsider, she couldn't waste time feeling terrible now, that would only lead to more deaths. Silvia ran as fast as she could to the Cafe skidding to a halt next to one of Outsiders tentacles, she looked through one of the shattered window. There Eyeblight was, his hideous form sending a wave of fear over Silvia, her wings quivered as she felt her resolve rapidly degrading. I-I can't do this! Silvia went to cover her eyes but stopped, she couldn't do that again, last time people died because she looked away. She just needed to get Eyeblight's attention, Silvia built up a wind blast in her mouth and fired it off at Eyeblight, the blast would be pitifully weak because of SIlvia's lack of focus but it would still fell like a stern shove if it were to hit Eyeblight.
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Raymond Haywood: The Airport

Hm. Go figure he’d still be immune to the others’ attacks, if his own couldn’t find their mark in any way.

...more disconcertingly, a lot of civilians just died gruesomely, in a very short amount of time. He wasn’t exactly unclear on the rules of engagement in war: avoid civilian casualties. His own path to where he now stood wasn’t exactly one that followed the unspoken rules, but he didn’t mindlessly eliminate everyone who posed even a minor threat to him. Though, were they civilians, having stood against the Doctor, even if it wasn’t of their own will?

...Raymond hated moral quandaries. More pertinent, more of a technical problem to wrap one’s head around, was the situation at hand: could he help from here, somehow? Something that could be done to negate the issue in question? Negate... cancelling out... maybe that’d work, since it seemed the villain would be more than capable of wounding Sofia in her phased state? If he could convince everybody to follow along, that was, simple as the plan was.

‘Stop running,’ he muttered through the commlink, keeping his eye on the situation without scoping in for now. ‘Whimsy, see if you can grab on to him directly, or else help somebody else to hit him. Alloy, try to destroy his gadgets, but don’t waste your charge. Chatterbox, keep trying to persuade him to deactivate his phasing. Thunderbolt, if you get a chance, beat him down.’ And as for himself, he’d keep waiting for his moment to take the shot. It wasn’t like he could do anything else for now.
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Jason frowned beneath his helmet, keeping himself slightly superimposed over the villain while he stayed at the ready. Like this he couldn't really do anything, and the senseless murder around him just made him burn with a cold rage.

And when the villain announced that he wanted to fuck with Whimsy? No.

He moved so that he was always between this kid and his ally without directly getting in the way of his partners as best as he could. If he had to he could grab both her and Chatterbox and get them to safety or pounce onto the villain order to take him out of the fight.

Lillian stopped suddenly, her eyes flitting up towards the direction Protean was about to —

There he was. She couldn't help herself as a shudder ran through her. Not one of fear, though she was afraid, but one of anticipation. She felt a very primal desire to bash in his dumb face, stepping forward one step before she realized what she was doing. Her fists clenched either as she felt the itch to transform.

Need to get him outside, she reminded herself. They'd cause less problems structurally if they went outside.

And he caught on in mere moments, which was all she needed to dive into action herself. She couldn't transform, not yet, because it would slow her down. As he charged, she tensed before the projection appeared and intercepted.

"Acknowledged," she replied to Tulpa, motioning for the others to follow as she dashed towards the exit. Outside she could go to her biggest...
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Mouth briefly agape as numerous members of his fanbase simply...vanished, Chatterbox was left reeling...that was until Whimsy pulled him into motionn. For a moment he followed, unthinking, and then his mind connected the events that had transpired and his focus narrowed. An angry snarl left his lips, a similarly unpleasant expression overtaking his features as he shot off rapidfire tap-commands and small vocal cues into comms with his thralls. He shifted the organization and had them focus on rescue, first-aid, and evacuation. They were to secure the place, with only a few of his empowered remaining in his concourse so he could use them when his power would have real impact.

Speaking of impact, he steered Whimsy, taking the lead, and guiding her in Alloy's direction even as he spoke through comms, loud enough only for them to hear. "Whimsy, we need to touch Alloy and see if her power can take out the rest of the bastard's machinery. It's one of our few chances to deal with him. Thunderbolt, get a bit of distance between you and the Doctor. I don't want any collateral, especially on our end." There was a vicious edge to his words, like he really, truly wanted the man to not just be defeated...but to suffer.

No one took his fans from him, his adoring, endearing followers were innocent and while he would put them in harms way, his intention was never for their lives to end. They weren't useful that way and they could not be with him that way. What the doctor had done was disgusting, beyond even what he would be willing to do for power or amusement or recognition. For that, he would pay. When they captured the bastard and the Broker took his powers, he would brainwash the disgusting freak, find out his weaknesses, that which he cared for most...and then he would give the man awareness of his own actions...so that the 'Good Doctor' could destroy all that he cared about without any control over his own actions.

At the thought of the misery the insect of a man would experience, a cruel smile touched his lips. That was how this had to end. The Doctor had made this personal...so he'd have to respond in kind.
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Swarm released the arrows blocked by his influence. Then he reached into his pack and donned his mask. There was no hiding it now. He spoke to Firefly, "Be ready for anything."

Suddenly Swarm heard a screeching noise. He turned to see the grinding of blades against concrete. Mist was enveloping the area rapidly. He instinctively pushed back against the mist with force. At the same time he opened his pouch containing tungsten steel balls. He grabbed a handful and threw them. His telekinesis amplified their speed into bullet-like velocities. The objects flew in a shotgun like pattern at the girl's main body form.
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The Wards


Mastar felt her body get flung back by the force of Protean's punch, her legs failing to keep her on the ground as she actually picked up a bit of air time. As her body reconnected with the floor, however, it quickly became more elastic as Mastar liquefied herself, forming back into the familiar body when there was a safe chance to do so. This guy was a pretty tough customer, that was sure. One of those punches could easily spell total disaster for her. She felt the heat, no doubt if a punch connected she'd catch on fire.

At least until Tulpa's projection managed to pull out something to get the nasty blasts out of the picture, Mastar stood back up and dusted herself off in her standard fashion. She was thinking about what she could do. Lobbing shots wasn't much of an option, considering that he could probably easily dodge around the shots... wait a tick, maybe it was a good idea to lob some shots. Maybe she could turn the tide of the battle into the Ward's favor and render the thing she was afraid of useless...

"Here's hoping, lovelies. Cover me!" Mastar smiled and prepared some shots in her hand, Just in case shit hit the fan, she was prepared to turn around. She took a deep breath, and darted forward, chucking two blobs of her sticky and flammable tar at Protean, but not at his mouth. She was aiming for something that was a bit more problematic for the ex-hero, and with her practice as a vigilante, she was confident in her aim.

His claws.

If he tried to punch with tarry claws, he'd set himself on fire, not to mention have a harder time actually winding up for the punch. The biggest risk here was that Mastar was getting a little close, but with the projection defending her as best as it could to Mastar being ready to flee from a blast, she wasn't too terribly worried.

Too, terribly worried. She was still absolutely fucking scared.
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The brute’s punch pushed Metanoia back, her other arm reaching out for Metanoia’s sword simultaneously. Metanoia had grown slightly faster though, her strength and speed increasing by the second and her broken shield now weighing her down less. Instead of trying to move the sword out of reach, Metanoia moved it just enough so that the brute snapped the blade further away from the base of the sword, leaving behind a few inches of thicker bone.

She whips the other undamaged sword on her right hand toward the villain, then immediately retreats to buy herself time to grow further as she hears the angelic cape begin speaking. As she waits for the brute to make the next move, she simply raises her unbroken sword in acknowledgement of the angelic cape, having already learned her lesson about looking at the porcelain angel. Metanoia instead just focuses on staring at the villain in front of her, ready to dodge or move as needed.

Simultaneously, Metanoia will shift a bit of mass toward regrowing the thinner part of the broken blade while continuing to pack more muscle into her frame and thicken and repair her armor.
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Alessa Heather: PRT HQ

Could things have gone better with Collin? Probably. Could they have gone much, much worse? Oh yes.

Was Protean’s immediate realisation of how things had transpired verging toward a worst-case scenario? Very probably. And... well, he was powerful. She’d never realised just how powerful before now, though - he could move faster than she could see, obliterate any of them with the kinetic energy alone, and even if he couldn’t necessarily dodge light, she had to lock on to him in the first place, and that would be... difficult. At best.

Thankfully, they had their best weapon around in the form of Tulpa’s projection. And what a projection it was! It’d even recharge Alessa’s own power, if she touched its energy field, so it was hardly like she was going to run low on juice. On the other hand, if it had to demanifest, there went Evelyn’s support for the next several minutes.

Tiger Lily and Mastar acted in their own ways - Lily heading toward the exit, Alessa imagined to maximise the size she could reach, and Mastar preparing to hurl pieces of herself at Protean, complete with the request to cover her. Cover, cover- yes, that might do. Without hesitation, a ray of energy burst from Alessa’s face, directly toward Protean’s eyes. White, ultraviolet, raw heat - and much stronger than she’d usually implement. All in an effort to burn out the mole’s eyes, and his nose too at that. It wouldn’t be permanent by any means. Just long enough for everyone else’s plans to take root.
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A Visage

Pavement sounded rhythmically under Visage's feet, the gentle gait barely heard over the sounds of a city just waking up. A soft humming emitted from her pocket, the vibration carrying up her leg. Taking out her phone, she saw the number, and declined the call. Smiling slightly under her mask, she took the time to unspool her headphones and slip them into her ears, tucking her hair in front the cord. It was still visible, the black cord peeking out near her mid region, and ending in the pocket she slid her upside down flip phone into. The music had already started, high pitched slightly electronic humming mixed with an acoustic guitar sung in Visage's ears. "The moth don't care when he sees the flame" she mouthed along, watching each person she passed carefully.

The second they made eye contact, her power brought an uninteresting form to their mind. A dark haired Asian girl, who was reading as she walked, tentatively glancing up occasionally. Their suspicious abated, and their dissonance at zero, they would look away uninterested. That, and Visage would gain another node. More to sort through, but worth keeping the neighborhood off alert until she got to her location. "And nothing fuels a good flirtation

Like meat, and anger, and desperation."
She sung, her beautiful blue eyes watching as she came within a block of their newer HQ.
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The Margrave knew a call to action when he heard one, and along with the other Wards hastened away from the betrayer's bedside. On the way the team encountered Protean, to whom the Margrave -in his distraction- paid little attention to until his presence caused the group he flowed along with to grind to a halt. Bewildered, he caught the tail end of what the Cape told them before taking a blast of force that sent him flying. Another traitor!? he concluded, disbelieving, after smacking against the floor. Unlike Collin, this could prove troublesome. Protean was renowned for his adaptability, able to change himself to accommodate and then master any situation. Even so, however, the Margrave felt no urge to sacrifice his pride and flee as he stood up. Neither did the others seem to. Today, it would appear, they'd be taking down a local legend.

Protean could attack in many forms, but could he attack on many fronts? Resolving to see how thin the team could spread him out, the Margrave prepared himself. He was not afraid. Well, he was afraid of pain, but not of the ultimate consequences. Either justice prevailed or his misery came to an end. Tulpa spawned a new, intriguing manifestation to buy her team time to get ready and hopefully wear Protean down, which suited the Margrave well enough. Tigerlily sought an exit, no doubt to take the fight elsewhere and make space for her ability, but her hug-victim new that a solution to that issue would not be forthcoming. “The vagrant won't cede to us a battlefield where we have any advantage,” he said in a low voice as he pulled a toy from his pocket. “We must pressure him here. If you retreat, do so to come at him from another angle.” With a pop, the piece of plastic in his hand turned into a MAC-10 submachine gun.

Ready to rumble, he rushed to separate himself from the Wards as far as the interior would allow, trying to put a light between him that neither the projection nor Mastar would cross. Once satisfied, he let of bursts of automatic fire. Unless Protean possessed up-to-date knowledge of the Margrave's arsenal, he might not be aware that the bullets headed his way were rubber and put more effort into defending himself from them than he should. If not, or if he took enough of them to put two and two together, he might write off the Margrave as a non-threat—a mistake made far too often around here. They could still distract him, and if he made no attempt to defend himself, put out an eye if the Wards were lucky. Combined with Messiah's own attacks, his efforts would surely bear some fruit.
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Mina Kreiger (Alloy)

"...Roger that, Headhunter, Chatterbox," Alloy said quietly over the comms whre only the Jacks could hear, before beginning to sprint towards Chatterbox and Whimsy as fast as she could, her face wearing a rather grim and somewhat wrathful look, "Losing armor on my back though for this so far. But this bastard won't get his hands on Whimsy, or the rest of the civilians..."

The metal-skinned girl had cut off using her charge as soon as it seemed ineffective, though she could feel a lessening of the metal skin on her back. Death was a fact of life, a thing she had seen amidst her work and heard about and...witnessed firsthand when she gained her powers. But to see someone mow down civilians, even if manipulated ones, like mere fodder was crossing a line for her. This asshole, no more like "Dr. Doomed" was going to get what he had coming. She could handle Chatter doing some manipulation, he didn't go and just murder them, but this was a while nother' level. And to wanting to turn one of the group into a guinea pig for study? That too was unacceptable.

This guy, he'd have his balls roasted off before she was done. If he had any left by the time they got their hands on him.

Of course, as much as she was pissed, she held it back as best she could. This was no time to go on a hulking rage, and ruin plans.

Allison Mead (Excaliblast)

There was a stairwell not too far from here...that she knew for a surety. A more secure route than an elevator would perhaps be, if these twats had any measure of tactical sense about them amidst this revenge plot. Sure, it was a run in the opposite direction than she had just initially come out of her classroom, but she at least had a barrier, and the little wall indentations near classroom doors for at least "adequate" cover. The brown haired girl git her teeth a little she had thought about these things.

But something was wrong, the moment that PA system finally went quiet....as silent as the grave perhaps. It sent a chill down her spine, her instincts screaming "GET OUT OF THERE" to her body. After all, she had just...she had just laid into the Community's leader like he was the little bitch he was, hadn't she? Fact #1 they had learned in class, the Community was a very attached group. So the moment the gunfire stopped for a moment, Allison's body moved without thinking as survival instinct took over briefly. Legs pumping, heart thumping in her ears, the blade barrier making an excellent backboard for a running start.

She ran, ran as fast as her legs would push her. Yet as she ran the bounce of an object seemed to ring in her ears as well, registering as loud as dropping a pin on the floor of a silent room could seem. Considering there were guns, and these guys were crazy bastards, she didn't even think about what it could be. A damn grenade, some tinker construct, Patriarch's shriveled liver, didn't matter since she would need to put distance between her and it regardless...at least according to her gut and her brain in unison.

The college girl took a dive towards the nearest corner that turned down the hall, trying to just put distance and...well, she supposed make her way towards the other stairwell at this point. Maybe. At the moment, the desire to "not die" was stronger. Much stronger in this moment.
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Sheila Hopkins

Outside Rockers HQ

Creep frowned when she was told the Community was attacking everywhere. A joined attack on all teams? They were making their move? … Very well.

‘In that case. We Rockers may be able to retreat from our current predicament and help where we’re needed. Let me get back on you on that, after we’re done abandoning our HQ. I’ll call again, keep me posted if anyone so desires.’ That was all she had to say before she tried to call her allies. Out of those, only Salem replied. Nothing from Mire, could be she just wasn’t in a state to answer her phone, nor Pester, who should have been there, and Visage straight-up declined her. Though frowning, she could understand if she had gotten into a tough situation. That said, this meant only Salem would be arriving at Point B. That was useless.

In fact, here Salem came running. Good to know somebody was dependable around here.


Before Salem could enter the building, Creep showed herself to him alone and waved him over. Assuming he didn’t enter the building anyway, she’d start talking to him while they were in view of the HQ, except Creep was hiding them both.

‘The Community is attacking all our allies. This city is now a battlefield. Some parahuman archer is attacking within our HQ, probably with one more person. I’ve seen mostly everyone evacuate, but I haven’t seen Pester, and-’ and this is about the time Mire dropped down and started advancing at the main building. Creep made an unhappy noise looking at that, but okay, guess they were attacking.

‘- c’mon, we’re assisting Mire. I’ll cover the both of us, they won’t see us. Stay as close as you can. If you find the archer, melt his arrows,’ she told Salem, grabbing his arm and pulling on him as she headed forth towards the ensuing battle while doing her best to cover the both of them, running ahead to make that easier. She was startled seeing Mire being attacked by someone, she had to get in closer and see what was going on.

Of course, she was internally preparing for that their enemy could see her. Her eyes were looking in all directions, perfectly focused, and she was ready to jump to dodge at any time.
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