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Friday, December 16th, 2016

Location: Their homes
Interacting With: Each other @lovely complexFacebook group thread message to their entire class

Sitting on a stool connected to her parents’ island, was Lorelei Foxley, Lala for short, the daughter of the ‘old money’ residents of Westworth. Wearing one of her many beanie hats, she scooped a large spoonful of much needed Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It was the crack of dawn (or felt like it) and her house was… a madhouse. Since the early morning of December 10th, she and her boyfriend, who was also her next door neighbor, were housing— “GET UP! KYLIE, IT’S LIKE SEVEN THIRTY! WE’RE ON A SCHEDULE OR SOMETHING!” The voice that screamed and broke Lala’s silence belonged to Troy Blake, who was standing up above a bed in which his girlfriend and one of his girlfriend’s friends laid on, both of them pretty much naked. Troy, conversely, was fully dressed, and ready to rock for the day. Plus, the sooner they left, the sooner this ends.

“But babyyyyyyyyyy, I’m still like jet lag from… last week. And the hour difference is KILLING ME. Plus, plus, PLUS I can’t ABANDON Belle… she’s too comfy.” A dynamite, whiney redhead with hardly anything on, known as Kylie Warren, sprawled on the futon in the living room, holding tightly onto a smiling, dark haired girl, Belle Lyon, who too was extremely hot for no good reason.

Troy just groaned and reached down to pull Kylie forcibly out of bed, but his hand was batted out of the way by the other girl’s. “Leave her be…” Belle said in a long, wide yawn. “She had a long night. Tell him, baby.”

“I hate you.”


Before Lala could hear anything more from that side of her house, her eyes bore witness to a big busted, topless, tiny latina blonde prancing into the kitchen and going to the fridge, “I’M SO HUNGRY. Where is my Tigerrrr when I need him? Goooood morning, sugar!” Multitasking, Juliana Espinoza (Julie) opened the fridge, while grinning at her hostess. FOOD.

Soon to follow though, was the blonde’s twin, Isabel (Izzy), who contrasted her twin in hair color and was even SHORTER than 4”11’, standing at 4’8”. She grumpily came into the kitchen, with annoyance written all over her face, and without hesitation, grabbed her sister’s wrist, pulling her away from the fridge. “This is not the Castle, you can’t just walk around practically naked! What if Lala’s dad was here?” Stopping in her tracks, she gave her new friend, who was munching on cereal slowly, a gracious nod and walked out of the kitchen. Julie pouted as she watched the fridge get further and further away. Noooooooooooooo. When Isabel passed a closed door, she gently knocked on it with her knuckles, “Jude, Ender. It’s time to get up. Please and thank you.”

“We’re going shopping! Denver trip! Woot-woot!”

Meanwhile, behind the door that Izzy had knocked on, Erick Anderson, more commonly (and preferably) known as Ender, wrapped his arm tighter around the waist of his girlfriend as she groggily tried to open her eyes. They were on vacation. It was seven. Too early. “N’yet,” he said lightly, tiredly. “We have time.” Jude Darling was not going to disagree with her boyfriend, she loved to get as much sleep as possible, especially when her friends consisted of highly active, highly energized cheerleaders that loved meddling in people’s lives. One thing to note is that Jude has child-like features, and once was a boy that was diagnosed with delayed puberty at age 14. By the time Jude reached 17, she came to terms with the fact that she was transgender and has been on hormones for the past couple of months now. She would be the designated geek in Belle’s Candyland. Yeah, her friends were weird, and back at Beverly Hills they were all known as ‘The Candies’, which usually a Candy was a girl that dated one of the jocks, or had a special love interest and had yet to get romantically involved with them, and all believed in a thing called love… perhaps to an obsessive level. A sisterhood. Jude would be the only nerd in the herd of babes, but still very much Ender’s eye Candy.

Widely yawning, Jude nuzzled her face against Ender’s chest and whispered, “Mm, okay…”

With her spoon resting in her mouth, Lala glanced at her phone wondering to herself what her boyfriend was doing. She sent him a quick text.

To: Piglet
I have a feelin’ you’re ready to hit the slopes
Are you eating?
I have some yogurt. Moms is making pancakes and bacon. Like pounds of bacon.
idk i think we’ll be out in like an hourr??? I think connor and leon wanna come with us idk why
they cant keep up

that’s cool. Davy doing fine?

Christopher Robin glanced up from his phone and across the kitchen table at Davy, who was currently doing… something on his phone. In CR’s opinion, Davy was probably better than he had ever been — and most of the group there would likely agree. In the short time they’d known each other, Christopher Robin had found a kindred spirit, someone who was as good as he was at the thing he most loved to do: fly.

CR and Davy were two peas in the same pod, best friends who, by a stroke of luck, had met and immediately hit it off. Brothers till the end, or something. “Yo, duckman. You doin’ fine?”

“Hell yeah. Pancakes. Bacon. Friends. Snowboarding. Mountains. The art of flight. I’m doin’ better than fine. I’m doin’ sublime.” David replied to his friend with a grin and a wink, and CR pulled out his phone:

To: Snowflake
he good.

“Don’t worry, brother. We gonna bring liquor, and you know we gonna bring bud. It’ll be a good day. I gotta call my man Jar, he’ll meet us up there. What’s taking Noli and Leon so long? ...and the other two. The King and Queen.”

“I still can’t believe you even attempted to go to the mountains without me.” Melody Fletcher, the strawberry blonde beaut, and also ‘the Queen’ that CR was talking about had already been up for the past hour since she knew it would take her time to get ready to snowboard. Well, she skied, which seemed to be frowned upon by CR and Lala. It wasn’t her fault she didn’t know how to snowboard! Leaning in to bring her face closer to the bathroom mirror, she dabbed her lips with plum lip gloss.

Connor nodded in response to her as he scrubbed his teeth with his electric toothbrush, wearing nothing but his boxers as he listened to Melody speak. Connor was the King to her Queen, affectionately referred to as ‘El Jefe’ by his Elite friend, and widely renowned as the leader of the group of boys. Truth be told, it had been his idea to suggest this trip to cheer David up. And it had been a success! Turning slightly, flexing his stomach muscles as he did so, Connor sleepily responded to his girlfriend. “Uh-huh.” It was way too early for this shit.

It was never too early to listen to your woman. “Uh-huh what?” Melody scoffed in annoyance. For all she knew, he was going to find some hot babe on the mountains and replace her. That was not going to happen! Not on her watch.

Connor pulled the toothbrush out of his mouth and leaned over into the sink, spitting into it. He quickly washed his mouth out with some water, then stretched his arms high above his head, smiling at her. “You know, baby. You’re gonna have to learn to snowboard.”

Changing the subject. Melody brought herself upward, pulling away from the mirror, and turned to look at boyfriend. First, with a glare, but then her green eyes caught sight of his gleaming smile and then trailed down his god-given physique. “I… wait, why?” He was distracting her with his glorious body. This wasn’t fair.

“Because it’s better than skiing and I want a snow bunny snowboarding girl, that’s why. Now, I’m going to put my clothes on, and we’re going to go downstairs and eat some yogurt, then we’re going to go follow Davy and CR and be sad because we aren’t as good as them. Any questions?” Connor asked, reaching out and brushing some of her hair out of her eyes, before going so far as to wink at her. Melody was easy when you were Connor. Too easy.

Biting the bottom of her recently glossed lips, Melody beguiled by her love’s charm suggestively asked, “Can you… not put your clothes on for a little bit longer?” They had time...

“I guesssss….” Another wink. Connor locked the door.

And behind another door, that wasn’t as locked, Noelle Snyder laid on top of her lover with only a sheet to cover her nude body. Lovingly, she brushed her nose against his and brightly grinned, “Round threeee? Or should we get ready…??”

“Round three or bust,” Leon said, looking up at bae as if she were crazy (and she was, but she was the good kind). Of course he wanted round three! That was the only way to live, and it was the absolute best part of having a consistent girlfriend, Leon had found. Between the cuddles and the food and the sex and the food and the love and the attention and the comfy cuddles and the sex…. Leon was all in on Noli, a totally new experience for him! All his life Leon had bounced between girls, but he’d found something… special with Noelle, and for the past four months, they’d been a thing. Would be for a lot longer, if he had his way (and he would).

Her big, kittenish eyes glinted with complete adoration, but there was also an underlying enchantress residing in the tiny girl. Leaning in close, she brought her lips to his ear, brushing them against it and even nipping at it before whispering something to him. For his ears only.

“Now that won’t be a problem.”

To: Snowflake
ya idefk what they doin’ i’ll round them up in ten minutes hit up group chat???
Ya got it piggy-wigs. My piglet :P

And with that, Lala was already on her laptop, pulling up her browser and opening Facebook, going to the group thread she and CR had with their classmates. Quickly, she typed up a message: I’m headed to Denver today with our special guests. Who wants to come? The dance is tomorrow so if you haven’t gotten your dress, I’m talking to you, Rachel, this would be a good chance. The sooner we leave, the better. I’m sure our cheerleaders don’t want to miss the game… BUT, no promises. If Lala was being honest to herself, she would rather be at the mountains snowboarding but if she allowed just the Candies to go with some of her classmates, things could go wrong. She didn’t know WHAT could go wrong, but something was bound to happen when a Candy was involved. She learned that real quick upon their arrival in Westworth.

Shortly after her message another one popped up, this one from Christopher Robin. similarly, me and a couple of the lads are going snowboarding, whoever wants to can tag along, ya? ya. pce, meet at my house in 20 if u wanna go. moms making pancakes maybe u can snag one.
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A collab with @Grim327

“We are finally FREE! Can you believe that, baby?”

It was officially the first day of winter break. School was out, and things would stay that way until the first week of January. A celebration was in order, and Westworth’s secret couple were doing so in their favorite way: cuddling in the back of Aiden’s truck with a thermos of hot chocolate at their secret meet-up spot. The Clearing -as Aiden liked to call it- was a place he had found by accident during one of his random drives around town. The lovebirds’ safe haven was at the top of a cliff with no guardrail, and the view stretched out before them was their hometown. Westworth was bordered by a forest on one side and mountains stretched out in the distance, the surface of everything covered in pure white snow.

Sierra Jameson and Aiden Pierce were dating. Even now, a month and a half after they had first begun their relationship, the raven-haired woman still couldn’t really explain how they had come to be. Sierra and Aiden were as different from each other as the night and day were, and yet the simple decision of their English and Chemistry teachers to pair them together for a project and the lab respectively had snowballed into this relationship.

At the beginning of the school year, Sierra had been mourning the loss of her first love Jason Singh, and had sworn to never fall in love again. Meanwhile, Aiden had been patiently waiting for her, dropping some hints here and there but keeping the way he felt about her as a secret. From the moment he’d laid eyes on her on the first day of their freshman year of high school, Aiden had developed an unrequited crush on her that he’d kept secret throughout the years. There was something about her rebelliousness that attracted the more conservative Aiden. While he knew from the start that getting together with her was going to be almost, if not, impossible; Aiden still found himself drawn to Sierra. Lost in her break-up grief as she was, Sierra failed to notice the signs or catch the hints, but her best friend Sami did not. It was him who planted the seed in Sierra’s mind that ‘the southern gentleman’ was interested in her, which she immediately dismissed as a joke. Aiden Pierce, the mechanic/football jock that thought they were still living in the fifties? It was a laughable remark in Sierra’s eyes. Of course, as the time went by, she began to pay attention, notice the signs and confirm Sami's suspicions: Aiden Pierce indeed had a crush on her.

Completely shocked at the realization, Sierra began her efforts to find out why in the world this well-mannered, quiet, shy jock could possibly harbor a crush on her of all people. During her ‘research’, their time together became less limited to the classroom. They began to go out after school: simple things at first, but eventually turning to official dates. The more moments she spent with Aiden, the more Sierra found herself attracted to him, trusting him, and wanting to open up to him more. Before she knew it, the one keeping the secret crush was her.

It was during one of their dates that Sierra finally came clean, heart pounding hard in her chest at putting herself in such a vulnerable position once again. From his part, the young man knew most people, including his parents, would probably look down on the relationship if it ever came to fruition. And yet, he stayed the course and waited for the moment that was possibly on the horizon... Which had finally arrived. Aiden, ever the gentleman, had waited until her confession to openly make his own and ask her to be his girlfriend. A teary-eyed Sierra had accepted, even if deep down she was scared shitless of what this would mean. A long, deep kiss was shared at The Clearing under the stars of a chilly October night, officializing the start of Sierra and Aiden’s relationship. Aiden was in total bliss immediately afterwards. After the kiss, he’d simply wrapped his arms around Sierra and pulled her in closer. The moment had finally come, and he hadn't wanted it to end. Yet, even as great as the feeling was, there was a part in the back of Aiden’s mind nagged at him. He knew that while the two of them were finally together, the real battle started now: the fight to stay a couple and see just how far the pair could go together.

Over a month into their relationship, and Aiden still felt amazement at the whole thing. He couldn’t be any happier than how it turned out. He’ll find himself wondering, however, how exactly Sierra had fallen for him. But one look at her, and those thoughts immediately vanish. A part of him wished their relationship wasn’t so secret, though he knew the last thing he should do was push her into anything she didn’t want to do. So he simply waited patiently for her to be ready before doing anything. At least with the onset of winter break, he didn’t have to think so much on the subject. They could simply enjoy their time together without having to worry about school. After the football game later that night, the final pillar standing in the way of those two will finally be knocked over. . . Well, his mom wouldn’t approve, to put it mildly, but Aiden didn’t care. They would cross that bridge when they got there, and right now, Aiden was happy with simply enjoying the time he now had with his girlfriend.

Aiden looked towards Sierra before responding, “It’s hard to believe, babe. Time seems like it’s flying by now. Once the game tonight is finished, there’ll be nothing holding me back from seeing you. . . Well, there’s the job, but we’ll manage.” Aiden kissed Sierra on the forehead before pulling her in close. “So baby, I know it’s not your thing, but do you think you’ll be coming to the game tonight?”

Sierra, who had been busy nuzzling her face against Aiden’s neck for warmth, looked up at him with the expression of someone who had been asked a dumb question. “Well, obviously,” she replied sarcastically, rolling her eyes. “Just because you don’t see me it doesn’t mean I don’t go. You of all people know just how far I go to make sure I make it to all your damn games.”

And it was true. Ever since her and Aiden had started dating, she’d attended every single one of his football games. She knew that it would seem out of place to her classmates to see her there, so she’d taken huge -and even ridiculous- measures to not be recognized. Firstly, she’d used some of her sister’s old clothes: cute little pastel-colored things with lace and flower patterns that made her feel like a cupcake. Next, she’d bought a real blond, straight-haired wig and some big, hipster-looking fake glasses. And when she was at the field, she made a point to always sit on the corner of the bottom bench of the bleachers, where she knew no one really paid attention to her. In all honesty, it was a nuisance to go through, but she’d wanted to show support to her boyfriend even when she truly disliked the sport he played (and all sports, for that matter).

Aiden couldn’t help but chuckle when he’d found out of the various ways Sierra used to try to hide her identity when she attended his games. He knew Sierra meant well, and he really appreciated the effort she was putting into their relationship. However, Aiden was really hoping she would get comfortable enough to be open about their relationship soon. Aiden didn’t want to have to keep the two of them a secret forever, but he understood this would be a huge obstacle for Sierra to get over. Aiden had been thinking of a way to go public with the relationship for a few days now, and for the most part, his thoughts had been fruitless until he settled on one big idea… What if they went to the coming up dance together?

Aiden knew Sierra and dances didn’t mix well at all, but when would a better opportunity present itself? All Aiden needed now was a good time to ask her. Now seemed to be as good a time as any to ask. “Heh, I guess you have a point…” He trailed off, getting nervous knowing the answer he was going to ask next. “Hey babe, what do you think of this dance coming up?” Aiden already knew the answer she would give, but at least this was a good place to start.

Sierra looked at him as if he had turned into a particularly nasty booger. “Aiden, you of all people should know exactly how I feel about the dance.” she told him, sliding off the back of the truck and standing up in front of him. She crossed her arms in front of him. “I think dances are stupid. Their music sucks, they’re nothing but a waste of my time and money, and I’m NOT going. Why are you asking me this again?”

Aiden frowned when Sierra jumped up. He was nice and comfortable, and now that was gone. He smirked however, when she described her thoughts on dances. Yep, knew it. Aiden leaned up and slid to the end of the truck so he was sitting on the tailgate, “Well babe, I was thinking: what if you and I decided to go this dance. . . you know . . . together. You know, show everyone that we’re a couple.” Aidan braced himself for what would probably be one of her infamous “Hell No” moments.

Sierra rolled her ice-blue eyes again, becoming visibly irritated. “You know, I will never understand why you keep insisting we make our relationship public. I think it’s fine the way it is now. People don’t need to know what goes on in our private lives.”

Aiden slouched his shoulders at her response. He quickly regained his composure before replying, “ I mean. . . It’s not like everyone would know what’s going on with our lives. They would just know that we’re in a relationship. I don’t know about you, babe, but I’d rather not keep our relationship a total secret forever. I don’t see any reason why we should hide it. If anything, letting everyone know now would show them we’re both off the market. Besides, folks are bound to find out sooner or later. Might as well tell them ourselves with a bang.”

“Aiden, just quit it.” Sierra said in a defeated voice, rubbing her right temple. “Folks, as you call them, are bound to make this a big deal and talk shit. I don’t like to call attention to myself, and you know that in this fucking town me going to the dance with you is bound to be the gossip of the week.”

Aidan was beginning to be discouraged at this point. However, he resolved himself to win this argument, or at least, make the ending more interesting. ”First of all,” Aiden began, “if anyone talks shit about you or us being together, I’ll knock their damn teeth out. Secondly, I have a proposal. A smile formed itself on Aiden’s face as he paused for dramatic effect, “If we win the game tonight, we’ll go to the dance together. But if we don’t win, we won’t go to the dance, and I won’t bring up outing our relationship again. Deal?

At Aiden’s declaration of knocking people’s teeth out if they spoke ill about them, Sierra let out a snort. Her boyfriend was the nicest, most polite person she had ever come across, so she knew that this was an empty threat. In any case, the one doing the teeth-knocking would be her.

She was about to open her mouth to mock him when he said he had a proposal. At this, Sierra raised a suspicious eyebrow, but upon hearing it she smirked. The Westworth High Wolves were going against Valor Christian that night: their biggest competition yet. It was a school that was not only a ridiculously popular favorite in the 5A bracket, but they were also undefeated. And even though Sierra knew that Aiden’s team was strong and capable, she also knew that the basket was leaning more against their home team. This was bound to be an easy win for her.

“Well, looks like we have ourselves a little deal here.” Sierra declared, walking back to her boyfriend to wrap her arms behind his neck. “You are on, Aiden Pierce.”

Aiden and his team were gonna have to play their asses off if Aiden was to win this bet, but he believed it was possible. Right now, though, she’d agreed, and the game wasn’t until later. Aiden wrapped his own arms around Sierra’s waist before looking up at her and replying, May the best man -or woman- win.” Aiden then leaned up to embrace Sierra in a deep, long kiss.

The kiss, like every one she’d had with Aiden, made Sierra’s heart soar. Her boyfriend had the ability of making her feel like she was being taken to heaven, light-headed with happiness. Whenever she was with him, everything else in the world seemed to melt away, and what truly mattered was the two of them. She only broke the kiss when she felt breathless.

“So, um, how’s about we go somewhere else and do something to keep us warm in this weather?” Sierra suggested, locking her eyes with his before bestowing a peck on his lips. “My mother and Shawn will be away for a while, so we’ll have the house to ourselves for a few hours.”

Aiden didn’t want the kiss to end, but Sierra pulled back long enough to suggest moving the scene somewhere else. A smile spread from ear to ear on Aiden’s face. “Trying to tire me out before the game, aren’t you?” he said with a laugh. “That’s a nice strategy you got there, Si.”

“Well, I mean, I hadn’t really thought of that. But it’s a nice idea, so thanks for that!” Sierra replied with a smile of her own. She gave the young man another kiss before unwrapping her arms around him and walking in the direction of the truck’s passenger seat. “Now let’s get going. Premeditated strategy to win the bet against you or not, I’m actually freezing my ass off.”
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Sami Alejandro

Location: His home - The road - The Diner
Interacting with: His mother - Group Chat

“What are your plans today mijo?” Carla stood off to the side as she watched her son load up his prized red Mustang with some bags.

”Well I didn’t have any before. Maybe chill with Sierra but I just got a text and looks like some of the boys are heading up the slopes, so I thought I might tag along” Sami closed the trunk and turned and leaned against it, folding his arms as he did so.

”Is there anything I can do for you mami before I head off?”

He was such a good boy, always offering to help. Brushing a strand of her dark hair behind her ear, Ms Alejandro smiled to her son. “No no, you go have fun with your friends. Just do me one favour? Don’t punch anyone, Samuel. OK?”

”I’ll try not too. I love you” Sam offered his mother a smile before he climbed into his car. He wasn’t one for social media, in fact he hated it. If it was up to Sami he wouldn’t even have facebook but it was a requirement nowadays. Pulling up the class group chat, Dominican Yoda posted a quick message:

”Heading over to CR’s place now, any brothers and sisters that want to ride shoot me a message”

Placing his phone back into the beat up leather jacket that always adorned his stocky shoulders, Sami set off towards the home of one Christopher Robin. Safety was a priority for Sami so if indeed anyone did message him for a ride, he would pull over to read it. For a sixteen year old boy in a small town, Sam had the brain of a forty year old sometimes; it was part of his charm. Westworth was a beautiful place if you liked the edge of nowhere aesthetic. Not a lot happened there but that wasn’t a great issue. The youth of the Denver town seemed to get in enough trouble which was more than enough to make up for the lack of things to do. Life would certainly be interesting this winter break with the Candies that currently occupied the homes of CR and his Mrs Lorlei. Hollywood meets Westworth? Sami would be happy to sit back and watch the show.

The Dominican boy had been awake for a couple of hours, even though the rest of his small world was still drifting in dream world. Sleep for Sami was a rarity, he maybe got 3 to 4 hours a night, generally broken too. Sleeping right through the night is something he hadn’t done in years. He wasn’t exactly sure of the cause. Sierra and others have tried to force him to the doctors or to take medication, both of which he refuses to do. If there was anything in this world that Sami hated, it was Doctors, la Brujo’s in his mind. He understood they were there to help but they were not for him. It was a crippling fear that had possessed him since he was a child.

CR’s place was literally on the other side of town, so although the drive wasn’t long in a town as small as Westworth, he fully expected a few detours to take place. Some people just couldn’t resist a ride in the Mustang. Sami’s dark eyes were drawn to his hands on the steering wheel, specifically, his bruised knuckles. The skin was flaking off in some places and certain finger movements were making a somewhat satisfying cracking noise. His mother wasn’t kidding when she asked him not to punch anyone. It was a problem and he knew it. Sami the problem solver had a habit of solving said problems with his fists. It was why his knuckles were in the state they were in and why was pretty sure he had a few bruised ribs as well.

He stopped at the world famous Westworth Diner, hopping out of the car he hurried inside. The man needed his caffeine. Sami Alejandro without either a coffee or an energy drink was like seeing Colorado without snow. He quickly jumped up to the till and smiled

”Usual black coffee to go please, gracias hermana”

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Interacting With : Sami Alejandro (@BrutalBx)

Sadie came from the back towards Sami with a freshly made cup o' joe in hand. "Thought you'd be getting here soon." Sadie gave a tired but bright smile to Sami as she set the coffee in front of him. Her day had began early because she had chosen to take the earliest part of the opening shift for one of the older waitress' this morning. The woman had agreed to this little adjustment with Sadie so that the young girl could spend most of the day with some friends as opposed to working the noon shift. Sadie looked somewhat tired because all last night she had been looking over all the details for tomorrows dance just to make sure they hadn't missed anything.

She had gone to sleep around two in the morning so waking up at five was much harder this time then she thought it would've been. She'd been at the diner from the moment they opened making sure everything was ready for when the patrons came. Once they actually opened she was busy for a while because the usual group of older men who seemed to spend more time at the diner then at their own homes were here as soon as the doors were unlocked. Once she had finally gotten a breather from the activity of the early crowd, she checked her phone because Face Book was being a little active already. That's more or less how she knew to expect Sami. If he was heading towards Roo's then he was probably about to pop in.

After ringing Sami up for the coffee Sadie asked, "I'm about to switch off with someone. Would you mind waiting to drive me over to Roo and Lala's? Probably going to head out with Lala and them. If not that's fine." Sadie had gone through quite a bit of difficulty to get her schedule free while not fully skimping out on work. She was happy that her boss was alright with the slight shift in the waitresses' schedule but since Sadie worked so hard he had been alright with it. She wanted to spend time helping out her friends with their own dance preparations and the prospect of going to Denver made her glad she had cleared up her schedule. Before Sami could answer Sadie asked one more thing, "So, going with anyone to the dance?"
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Location: Home Sweet Home -> Lala and CR's Houses
Interacting with: | Eachother | Lala and the Candies @lovely complex | CR and the Elites @Universorum|
| Madi's Outfit | Oli's Outfit |

"Oli! I swear to Christ, we are not watching fucking Spongebob! We are not children!" Madison Nichols screamed at her brother, as she struggled to wrestle the tv remote out of her brother's grip. Oli held on tight though, and finally Madi surrendered to spending her morning watching the adventures of a talking sea sponge unfold with her brother. "Y'know Madi, you should really lighten up a little bit. Spongebob is fun for all ages," Oli said with a smirk, which was met with a kick in the side as retaliation. His sister was not amused.

The twins daily tiff was interrupted by the huffing and puffing of their parents as they heaved two very large suitcases down the stairs of their home. "Thanks for the help you guys!" the twins' dad said when he finally reached the living room. The duo looked up at their parents. Oliver offered up a hearty, "You're welcome!" earning him an eye roll from his dad. His mom proceeded to commandeer Oli and Madi to help lug the heavy suitcases out to their dad's car, an old but well kept Cadillac. Once their parents' luggage was squared away, their parents turned to face them. "First things first. I am very sorry we're missing your guys' dance," their mom said, while their dad nodded. "Oli, take pictures for me, and make sure this Davy fellow doesn't get any ideas." "Mom! Can you not?" "Okay, sorry, sorry! Please be good, we'll be back in a week. No parties, or boys, or any hard drugs!" With her speech done, Lucy Nichols got into the passenger seat while Jameson got behind the wheel. They waved to their kids as they pulled out of the drive way, and sped out of town, off to a conference on something that neither Oli or Madi cared enough about to remember. The point was that they were home alone.

As the twins walked back into the house, their respective phones buzzed with messages from their class group chat. "Looks like the bands getting back together," Oli said, glancing over at his sister. "Fuck, I've gotta get dressed! God, could Lala not tell us we're going dress shopping like, the day before! I mean, I know I don't have one yet, but god damn!" Madi shouted as she bolted upstairs to her room to get ready.

Oli on the other hand simply chuckled at his sister's words and meandered to his room to get ready for a day of boarding. He packed a bag with all the gear he'd need. His board would be waiting for him in the garage, so that was covered. Once he was prepped, he strolled down the hall to Madi's room and knocked. Madi swung the door open violently as she ripped a brush through her hair. "Wait! Why the hell are you wearing your boarding jacket? You're not going with CR!" Madi shouted. "Madi, my dance clothes are already picked out, thank you very much. You can't say the same." "Exactly! I need you to help! You're my gay brother, the least you could do is offer me fashion advice!" "Okay so first, that was homophobic, two, there will be loads of girls there who are far better than I am at women's fashion, and three, I want to get to know this guy who asked you to the dance. What's his name, David? Davis?" Oli said, waltzing into Madi's room and taking a seat on her bed. "It's Davy! And he's very nice, and very cute, so don't scare him away you skeez!" Oli laughed and Madi shook her head before finally setting her brush down. "Okay let's go, I'll do makeup in the car!"

After a short drive in which Madi had applied very minimal makeup, the twins got out of the car. Madi strutted up to Lala's, knocking on the door as she opened it. "Knock, knock!" Madi called as she walked into the kitchen. Her eyes scanned the room, seeing some of the LA Crew, most of whom she'd met, though only pretty briefly. She gravitated towards Lala, offering up a slight smile. "Looks like you're having a relaxing morning," Madi said, looking around at the chaos of the Elites and the Candies.

Oli on the other hand, strolled up to CR's home, him and Davy chilling in the front yard. Work had kept him from meeting CR's friends from the west coast, but he'd seen enough pictures to piece together who was who. "Hey CR!" Oli said, waving to his friend before turning to Davy. "And you are the boy who's taking my sister to the dance, right? Davy? I'm Oliver, but everyone calls me Oli," he said, reaching out to shake Davy's hand.
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Luna Woodland

Location: Home
Interacting with: Her Aunt | her classmates by the Groupschat.

Luna woke up early from her aunt's attempt of being quiet in the kitchen. She still believed that her aunt never tried to be quiet so her niece would be able to sleep in for just once. The white-blond haired girl looked at her phone and sighed. Her phone had exploded with messages from the groups chat and she didn't really feel like checking them. Yet, she did.. Just to get rid of the notifications. She scrolled trough the messages and shook her head, they were her classmates and some of them were nice but most of them, in her opinion, lived a little too loud. But then again, she was the opposite of all her class mates.

Luna got out of her bed and walked into the bathroom, a quick shower and a short time fixing her hair later she walked back into her bedroom and started to get herself dressed into one of her simple outfits. She kinda only wore 'simple' outfits since she didn't like to be put in the middle of the attention circle. She had 'nice' clothes, her aunt kept buying skirts and jeans and heels, she simply refused to wear them. Before going downstairs Luna grabbed her favorite Beanie and putted it on while walking downstairs.

''Morning Luna'' Her aunt said with a bright smile. Luna smiled slightly and sat down at the big table. ''Morning Auntie'' Luna said and was happy her aunt didn't start over her outfit for once. She grabbed the mug with coffee that was hers and started sipping. ''Got plans today? Cause I was thinking..'' Her Aunt started. Luna looked down, not again! ''I am still not planning on going.. It's not like I have a date, or a dress'' Luna said. ''You must! You made a promise'' her Aunt said and Luna wished to just sink into the ground. It was true that she promised her aunt to make more social contacts. ''Do you... Wanna help me shop for a dress?'' Luna asked but to her surprise her aunt shakes her head. ''I want you to ask your classmates if you can tag along, I heard a few mention that they are going to shop today'' Luna's aunt said and Luna sighed.

She had no other choice... She grabbed her phone and opened the groupschat. She started thinking on what to write, wrote and deleted it again.. Then she looked up and her aunt was looking pretty stern. She was not getting away with this... So she started typing: Hey ehm.. I know I've never really tried to make friends with you guys.... But is there someone (One or a few of the girls!!) that would like to help me finding a dress for the formal? I have a promise to keep to my aunt. - Luna She showed her aunt and when she smiled, she hit the send button.
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Location: CR’s front yard
Interacting with: Oliver Nichols @smarty0114

David’s heart had been heavy when he’d arrived in Colorado, just under a week ago. His outlook had been bleak, his smile… gone. It’d all been left behind in a fateful moment, where he’d been… well, dumped. Davy was dumped, hard, abandoned and left a husk of his once bright and happy self. It had been Connor’s idea to drag them here, and while he may have originally wanted to stay home… Connor had been right, coming on this trip was a good decision! It was only by luck and fate that Davy happened to be snowboarding that particular line that particular day at that particular time, only pure luck that he had stumbled upon Christopher Robin, the boy named after a storybook character and quite frankly the person who splashed Davy’s life with color again.

It was only with Christopher Robin’s help that Davy found his step again, and from there found his confidence. It was on Christopher Robin’s suggestion, that David asked Madison to the dance (which had went spectacularly well, all things considered), and now… here he was. Being spoken to by an older brother.

David had been sitting on the snowy ground in his snowpants when the twins arrived, and he’d been quick to jump to his feet when he realized that the male was approaching him. He gave the other teen a bright smile and a nod, and accepting the handshake. “Yep! That’s me! I’m really kinda surprised she said yes? I didn’t think it would go that well, really? I expected her to say no! But, she agreed and that’s great, for me. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to make her night one she’ll never forget —” David paused for a moment, realizing that his mind was slightly… clouded, to say the least, and his words could be possibly misunderstood. “— er, I don’t mean, like sexually, but like… I just wanna make sure she has fun?” S.O.S.

“Hey, bro, Oli. Don’t trip, he just a little awkward. It ain’t his fault, he had a rough time back in Hollywood, Madi gonna help me show him the light and shine the sun back into his life, or somethin’ like that. Look, I dunno. I just know that she’s nice, he’s nice, they’re dating. Don’t punch him.” The S.O.S. from Davy had been picked up on by Christopher Robin, and Christopher Robin had swooped in to save the day, like he so often did. “Hey, you want some pancakes? Moms made pancakes.”
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Location: Home → CR’s front yard
Interacting with: Charlotte, Oli @smarty0114, CR and Davy @Universorum

Whether or not you are aware of it, there are people in this world that exist solely to challenge your way of thinking. Right in the moment that you think everything is bleak, that’s when they will show up. You grow up thinking that everybody is out for themselves, that it is simply human nature to be selfish. It’s evolutionary, survival of the fittest, kill or be killed. And love? Love is nothing more than a real life fairytale. We made it up. We made it up, because the hope of love keeps us warm at night, even when we feel cold and abandoned.

And then you meet them.

That challenging person. The one who makes you believe - no - the one who proves that good people exist in this world. There are caring, smiley, wonderful people - people that will give you their last pencil, even if that means that they have to take a test in crayon. For Jareth, that person is his best friend, Remy.

Without Remy, Jar might not be in Westworth today. He had never been in a placement for longer than a year before, but something changed that fateful day, in the middle of seventh grade. One person’s kindness opened Jareth’s eyes to all of the good things in life, things worth living for. Small town shenanigans. Lifelong friendships. A place to call home. Finally.

One week ago… everything changed, again. Jareth’s best friend in the whole wide world, admitted that he liked him. Like, liked him, liked him. And since then, it’s all Jareth has been able to think about. Nothing has ever shaken Jar, to his core, quite like this revelation has.

If Jar was being truthful with himself, he would say he is an absolute idiot for not seeing it sooner. An idiot… or in denial? Because, admitting that he saw it sooner would be admitting that he was looking for it, and looking for it would be admitting that he wanted it to be true, and wanting it to be true would mean that he was, at least, a little bit... gay.

Not that there was anything wrong with being gay!

But is Jareth gay? Well, bi would be more accurate… because he and Desi did stuff. They were young, and it was awkward, and they didn’t want to do it again, but that’s not because Jareth didn’t find girls attractive. He did, and he found guys attractive too. CR was, and Remy was too, Jar especially liked the way Remy dressed (probably because of the emo influence on his style). But would he fuck a guy? This was a question best tested by science!

So, there Jareth sat, home alone on his bed with his computer in his lap. Experienced musician, practicing scientist. He was going to test his sexuality in the only way a single, hormonal teenage boy could... porn. Jar would watch gay men do their thing, and if it turned him on - which it would - he would… do something about it. He would stop avoiding the subject with Remy, and confront the situation. No more excuses, no more fear, no more denial. ▶ Play video. The trackpad clicked with a note of finality.


At the sound of his foster mother’s voice, Jareth clapped the laptop shut and tossed it aside so quickly that you would have thought it had just burst into flames. Fire, there was not. Awkward boner, there was. Jar’s eyes darted around the room while his heart beat so fast and hard that his ribs were practically rattling. The skinny, panicked boy took a steadying breath, trying to reign in the flare up of anxiety.

“Jar? Can you come help me with the groceries?” Charlotte called up the stairs again.

Groceries. Right, that was fine, totally normal! There was no reason to be weird. This wasn’t weird. He didn’t actually get caught… Jareth shook his head and left his room, closing the painted black door behind him.

“Coming!” Jar responded before descending the steps to the first floor. At the entryway stood a very tired, but still beautiful, overnight shift nurse, with two armfuls of groceries.

“There’s more in the trunk.” Charlotte said when Jareth went to take them from her. “Did you have your headphones on too loud again? I called for you.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry.” Jar easily lied over his shoulder on the way out to the light blue prius.Yeah, a prius, only the manliest of cars for Jareth to have learned how to drive in. He hefted the bags of canned goods out of the trunk and closed it by standing on his tiptoes and using his elbow to force it down with a thunk.

Brian was on duty for the day and wouldn’t be home until well after the game tonight. Now would be an ideal time to talk to Charlotte about… things. Jareth didn’t have that many people that he felt comfortable telling anything to. There was Wendy, his therapist, but his next session wasn’t until Wednesday. There was Remy, but Remy was a big part of the thing that he needed to talk about, so that was out. Char was safe, she had to be. Deep breath, here goes nothing…

“So, mom, I-”

“Jareth.Michael.Wells. What did you do?” she accused.

Jareth balked with wide eyes. “What?! Nothing! I-” Did she have superpowers or something? How on earth could she have known? Sonar? Was the laptop volume just too high? He should have actually been wearing headphones, fuck!

The brunette smiled and her gaze softened. Her dark brown eyes almost looked teary. Jareth passively thought that she must have had a long night at the hospital. He should just help her put away groceries and forget about it, so she could get some sleep. And that’s what he tried to do, pawing through the bags, and taking the jar of pickles out to bring to the fridge.

“It’s just… I don’t think you’ve ever called me mom before.”

There was a pregnant moment of silence. Jareth’s grip tightened on the jar and he froze in place. She wasn’t wrong, he hadn’t. Not that he could recall, at least.

“I assumed something must be wrong… is everything okay?” Nurturing, observant, empathetic. These are the traits that make Char so good at what she does - both as a nurse, and as a mother.

Jar focused on his chipped black nail polish. Concentrating on slowly tapping his thumb on the pickle lid made it easier to talk. “Yeah. Maybe. I just need to talk about it, I think.”

Charlotte set down a can of peas and turned her attention fully to her foster son now. “Go ahead, I’m listening.” she softly encouraged.

“Last week I talked to someone. Well, they talked to me. And I didn’t really react the best to it, because it scares the shit out of me. I don’t want to mess up the friendship, because what if we break up? That doesn’t always end as good as Desi and I did... But, I’m going to the dance with them tomorrow, and I think I want it to be more than just a friend date.” Jareth blurted, getting it out there as quickly as ripping off a band-aid. He didn’t mention names, or genders, but Charlotte wasn’t a dull woman.

“The heart wants what it wants. Remember what Wendy said? … Try not to stand in the way of your own happiness.” Charlotte said and put her hand on topping of Jareth’s fidgeting thumb. The boy had a million and one nervous ticks, stop one and another one would start. Jar pulled his lip rings into his mouth and bit his lip, causing that awful metal scraping on teeth noise. Char winced at the sound and patted his hand comfortingly. “Does Ray know?”

“Shit.” Jareth’s eyes bugged. He’d said too much, this was bad. Remy might actually kill him. “No! You can’t!” he pleaded. Fuck!

“I won’t, of course, I won’t. I was just curious… Ray’s kind of...”

“Yeah…” Jareth agreed. “Thanks for listening. And not saying anything. To anyone. Especially Ray - or Brian!” Jareth’s phone buzzed in his back pocket.

“What? No ‘dad’ for him? He’s not that-” It became clear to the woman that she had lost the teenage boy to his technology. Heartfelt chats with Jareth were always short lived, he struggled with expressing his emotions vocally, unless it was through music. What Jareth was capable of with an instrument or a pen in his hands, was either mind blowing or heartbreaking - oftentimes both. Feeling like she had made good motherly progress in their relationship, Charlotte went back to putting away the groceries. This conversation could, and would, continue another day.

The phone notification was for the class facebook group message. CR was wrangling up the homies for a boarding trip. That sounded perfect. What better way to clear the mind than to spend the day freezing your ass off and trying to keep up with your much higher-skilled friends?

I’m in.
I think left my board at your place.
Be there in ten.

Jareth sent a series of responses to the chat and then put his phone back in his pocket. “I’m gonna head over to CR’s place, we’re going to the mountains.”

“Okay, call me if anyone breaks anything. I’m cheaper than an ambulance, and equally or more competent than EMS.” Char said with a smirk over her shoulder.

“Definitely. Thanks… again.” Jareth replied before running up the steps and throwing on some extra clothing. There was no way he was braving the snow with less than three layers on, he’d end up an emo popsicle in seconds.

Once thoroughly dressed, Jar strolled through the front door and walked the few blocks to CR’s homestead. If there was one good thing about living in such a small town, it was that practically everyone’s houses - and most of the recreational activities - were all walking distance from each other. He arrived in less than the ten minutes that he predicted, to find a bunch of people hanging out in the yard, which didn’t surprise him all that much.


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Location: Her house ----> Lala's house
Interacting With: Audrey Huntsberg (NPC), Girls present at Lala's house

Delilah Duclerc’s day started much earlier than she would have liked on her first day of winter break. She’d been fast asleep when her phone chimed, signaling the arrival of a new text message. The tiny brunette had made her mind to ignore it and simply go back to sleep when yet another incoming message made her phone chime. Sleepily, she grabbed her phone from her nightstand, unlocked it, and shot up. This was a family emergency, because why else would LA-based Audrey Huntsberg would be messaging her at this time of day? Delilah’s older cousin wasn’t the type to pester anyone with her problems -much less at this time of day-, so there had to be a very big reason for her urgent messages. The two had been as close as sisters since they were children, re was bound to be some Audrey drama behind all of this... And Audrey drama was much more eventful than the most popular soap opera or teen drama series you could think of.

And so, after making sure she didn’t look as bad as she felt on the inside, Lila took a seat by her desk, turned on her MacBook and made the FaceTime call. She stared at the screen while the call connected, taking in her messy bun, the shadow of dark circles under a pair of green eyes, and even the small kool-aid stain on her pajama top. At about the third ring, another face came into view: that of a woman who looked just the slightest bit older than Delilah. She had layered dark brown waves that fell past her shoulders and out of sight, a flawless olive complexion, full lips and a pair of chocolate brown eyes capable of staring all the way down to your soul. Her resting bitch face softened and broke into a small smile at the sight of her younger cousin.

“Hey, Lila-boo.” the young woman greeted Delilah, winking and throwing a kiss at the camera.

“Hey, Audrey-bear!” Lila greeted back, waving a hand to say hello.

Audrey’s expression changed from one slightly happy to a distraught and slightly sad one. “Lils, I’m so sorry to bother you so early, hun. I just needed to get something off my chest, like, now.”

Worry was now visible in Lila’s face. “That’s okay, Auby. That’s what I’m here for. Now… What’s bothering you?”

Audrey hesitated for a second, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths as of preparing herself to say something . A few long seconds passed until she finally said: “I’m dumping Alexandros.”

Delilah’s eyes widened, and she covered her gaping mouth with her hand for a second before bursting out. “What?!”

“Yep, you heard right. I’m kicking that fucker’s ass to the curve.” Even when she had said this cooly, the shadow of tears were visible on her brown eyes.

Delilah bit her bottom lip in concern, but she was not feeling particularly surprised at this turn of events. Alexandros Mossos was Audrey’s boyfriend (or shall she say ex-boyfriend now?) of , and the father of their five month-old twins. From the moment her cousin and this man had laid eyes on each other, the best way to describe their feelings was leaning more towards obsession than actual true love. Both of them having big egos and even bigger prides, the first few months of their chase was filled with betrayals, to the point that it soon became a contest on who would hurt the other’s pride the hardest. In the end, Alexandros had been the one to give up, and him and Audrey had briefly dated for two months. Although their relationship was fiery, the pair were happy… Until Audrey caught Alexandros in bed with another woman.

Fast-forward to their senior year of high school. A wealthy friend throwing a beach party, both Alex and Audrey tipsy (and, in all honesty, missing each other to bits), and a handful of private cabanas strewn around the beach… And BAM! One night stand. Eight weeks later, they find out they’re expecting. But the surprises didn’t stop there… Beverly Hills’ most toxic couple were expecting twins.

At about four months pregnant, Audrey and Alexandros became official. His parents had offered them a wing of their estate, and Audrey had accepted. The parents-to-be had moved in together, and the amount of time spent together had helped strengthen their bond to the point that their relationship was actually based on love, and not obsession. Two weeks after their high school graduation, Audrey had gone into labor. And after ten excruciating hours the cries of Xander Elliott and Briella Amelié had finally filled the delivery room.

“I just don’t understand… After the children were born, he’d been so happy with us. He was always showing us off and being nothing but a darling to us, Which was why I’m struggling to believe this is happening...The fucker never came home last night, and this is the third time he’s gone out without even bothering to tell me.” Audrey’s mood had visibly changed from sad to angry: her eyes were fire. “And while he’s out sticking it into some slut, I’m supposed to just play the submissive girlfriend act and not ask any questions while staying home and taking care of our kids?! Nope, not me! He knew very well what he was getting into when he got back with me. He knows I’m not playing around. But it seems that he didn’t learn his lesson the last time I dragged the bitch he was cheating on me with out of his room by the hair and then set fire to his Ferrari.”

Delilah grimaced, reminded of the now iconic and legendary scene. She could only imagine what Audrey could do now that she had two little ones depending on her. “What are you planning to do this time?” Leave it to her cousin to come up with some sort of plan to get back at those who crossed her, no matter who they were.

Audrey seemed to read what was going through Lila’s mind, and she couldn’t hold back a smile. “Don’t worry, there will be no scalp-ripping or vehicles set on fire this time around, though a good kick in the balls is very appropriate. I'm merely moving out of here and back to my parents with the kids...” she said, with the fierce determination that had always defined her. “Alex’s family have been nothing but welcoming and amazing to me and the kids, but I refuse to live in the house of my soon to be ex-boyfriend.”

Delilah nodded solemnly. “Yeah, makes sense.”

Audrey gave Lila a small smile now. “Plus, I've been accepted at UCLA’S business school for the spring term. It’s a shorter distance if I move back home, and I really don't need the kind of stress and negativity that Alex is giving me in my life right now…” She trailed off again, her expression looking a bit less sad now. “They've got a daycare center on campus too, so I don't have to worry about the kids while I'm in classes and I can drop by to check on them whenever I want.”

Delilah gave her cousin a glowing smile while excitedly clapping her hands. “Oooooooh! Congratulations. Audrey-bear!”

Audrey was now visibly cheered up, her face brighter at the thoughts of building a future for herself and her family. “Thanks, love! I’m super excited about it. Those who say having children at a young age slows you down are fucking liars. In my case, having my kids has only made me want this even more, because it will benefit all of u-.” A small cry suddenly erupted from behind Audrey. The young woman glanced back, then gave Lila another bright smile. “One sec. Duty calls.”

Delilah nodded, watching with a soft smile as Audrey walked out of the screen. She heard her cousin’s voice, softly talking to someone she couldn’t see. And then Audrey came back holding a gorgeous, chubby little baby on each of her arms, both of them a tiny copy of their dad. Briella was on Audrey’s right, wearing cute heart-print pink pajamas, and only distinguishable from the blue pajama-clad Xander on Audrey’s left because of her earrings.

Lila let out a high-pitched squeal. “Oh my God, you guys are sooooo CUTE! Hi Xan-Xan! Hi Brie-Brie!” The children stared in awe at the screen for a few seconds, but upon Lilla’s coos and gestures they broke out in wide, toothless smiles. Briella even began to coo back.

Audrey, who had stared at the interaction go on happily for a few minutes, eventually spoke up. “Well, I gotta get going. These two are all smiles now, but give them five more minutes and they’ll be screaming bloody murder. Wouldn’t you, loves?” she said, that last sentence directed at her kids. She kissed one of their cheeks before turning to Delilah again. “Thank you so much for listening to me, Lils. It truly means the world to me.”

Delilah smiled again while waving an airy hand. “It’s no problem! That’s what families do for each other. She directed her attention at the infants again, waving at them. “Bye, babies! Auntie Lila will visit you soon!”

“Bye, hun! I’ll keep you posted! The beaming faces of Audrey and the babies froze on the screen for a second before shutting off.

Still smiling, Lila stood up and made her way back to the bed. Just then, her phone dinged, signaling the arrival of a Facebook messenger notification. She checked to see what it was about, and read that it was Lala inviting the girls to Denver for a pre-dance shopping spree. Lila’s face fell at the mention of the upcoming dance the next day. She was now reminded about how she still didn’t have a date, but would have to attend nonetheless due to her committee duties. The last thing Lila needed right now was to give into the dark pit of despair that was now consuming her at the thought of attending the dance alone like a damned loser. The logical answer to this was to distract herself, and staying at home was bound to not help with that. And so, Lila decided to get ready, have some breakfast and head to Lala’s for some retail therapy.

She arrived at her classmate’s house at 7:50 AM, blessing Audrey for having woken her up early. Otherwise she wouldn’t have read the message on time. Bonjour, chéries!” Delilah said enthusiastically, prancing through the open door. But when her eyes fell on the amount of people at Lala’s house, she stood dumbfounded in her tracks. “Oh, my! I didn’t realize it was this many people!” she said, letting out a nervous giggle. Although she was a social butterfly, the sight of so many beautiful, wealthy girls made her nervous.
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Location: Flashback, English classroom → Present time, Rachel’s bedroom
Interacting With: Each other @Universorum → Near the end, Rachel texts FiFi @Silent Observer

The previous day, during the English exam period…

“Okay don’t make fun of me…” Rachel Watts adjusted her journal in her hands, the journal that they had to write in at least twice a week and have it ready for their final at the end of the school year. They didn’t have much of a midterm. Their midterm was a pizza party, a discussion of their favorite lessons this semester, and reading an excerpt or two from their journals. “You see, I like to entertain concepts, even if they’re things I’ve never experienced before, while… getting into the heads of some of my favorite characters. In Beyond These Walls, Volume 3, Ilene Emory, an orphan that gained access to the fantastical world that is Linthia, has grown extremely attached to her traveling companion, Dalton Wilcox, a rugged nomad of some sort. You too start falling for him because he’s painted in a way that makes it hard to find things to NOT like about him. There’s obvious chemistry between these characters… but then, he was gone. No warning. No words. No nothing. Gone. For the first time in Ilene’s life, she experiences heartbreak.” She paused, biting the bottom of her lip, “I wrote a poem based on her emotions.”

Her curly, golden locks draped down her shoulders, down her chest, as she scanned her class with hopeful anticipation. Her tender voice had a hint of nervousness. Presentations always made her anxious. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath in and shut her book closed. She would rather say this from memory than depend on a script. It would come out more natural. Everything was better when it happened naturally. After a moment of calm and silence, she opened her eyes, revealing her gorgeous rapture-blue, before clearing her throat and exposing a piece of her soul.

“I named my poem First Love…” Her cheeks grew in heat. Okay, focus, Rachel. You got this.

“I rise from petals
With sleep on my face
And groggy eyes
Wondering where did he go?

Not too long ago, he and I danced
On water with tip toes
And our hearts on fire
Having no care but the other

He faded as fast as my dream
To the land of barbed wire and order
And went to the prison of his mind
Wondering if he could go back in time

The seasons changed
From orange, gray, blue, white, pink,
And green, yet I still find myself in our garden
Having doubts of whether I was worth his return

Days go, months past
After the flowers dissipate
And my bitterness shriveled the leaves
Wondering was something I did no more

I rose from needles
With darkness on my face
And glaciers in my eyes
Having found that I too was done with rainbow butterflies.”

Her writing wasn’t only limited to poetry. Actually, she preferred narrative above all else, but she believed there were stories all around them and she wanted to bring to light every single one of them… by now, her cheeks were flaring. She wasn’t even that good with poetry but she was INSPIRED.

"Excellent job, Ms. Watts! I could feel the trembling agony that Ilene was experiencing. Quite a talent you have. Never stop exercising your muscles.” Mr. Vanderfield gave his pupil student a nod in respect.

Actually, the trembling was probably me dying up here… but thank you. Um, okay. I’m done now… someone else go so the focus isn’t on me.” Rachel scurried to her seat that was next to her best friend’s (Ffiona’s) desk and hid her face with her journal, blocking out everyone’s voices. So embarrassing.

As he sometimes did, Lawson had spent most of the class spacing out. Would he ever go up to the front of the class and read from his journal? Maybe, maybe not. He had a way of zoning out and disappearing, even with how small the class was. Plus, he was busy! Working on something, some top secret sheet. Looking up from his desk as he finished the last bit of work on the piece of paper he’d been doodling on, the Law realized that there was a bigger distance between himself and the eventual recipient of the note than he’d originally intended.

No matter, he could work with this. Going back to his piece of paper, Lawson carefully folded it. Each crease had to be perfect — this was a battle of physics, and in a battle of physics, the string was pulled to its tightest, and there was no room for error. So, Lawson pulled out his student ID card and ran it over the folds, making sure each crease was as smooth and tight as possible. Once he was finished, he marveled at his creation before he leaned his arm back and… off it went.

The piece of paper, now folded expertly into a long distance paper airplane, soared across the room and landed on target (as he’d known it would! no room for error), sliding to a halt in front of Rachel. Now he just had to hope that she would heed the message written on the wing: ‘Unfold me!’ the paper loudly commanded.

Rachel thought she was hiding well, with her journal standing up on her desk and her head lowered, so that the book shielded her from the front of the class, but alas, it was not good enough. Her space was intruded by a paper airplane that crashed into the poem she had just read outloud. What was this? A secret message? Were they under attack by the Old Hag and her ever growing, evil coven?! Suspiciously, she pinched the tip of the plane and laid it on the palm of her left hand. Sorcery that commanded her to open it. How could she resist when it yelled: UNFOLD ME. Trying her best to stay as quiet as possible, hoping to not bring any attention to her, she opened the plane up.

Lawson had worked hard on the message he wanted to convey. It wasn’t like he was zoning out for no reason, no, he’d been distracted with art. Lawson had doodled (and make no mistake, they were just that: doodles with an ink pen) a cartoonish version of himself, dressed seemingly as Uncle Sam, complete with beard and a black and white, surprisingly accurate, rendition of the Zespa — the nation of Elves from the books that Rachel read — flag, and pointing out at the person reading the message with text written above his top hat:

I want you!

Beneath Uncle Lawson’s pointing finger was the rest of the message:

To go to the winter ball with me!

An arrow indicated for her to flip the paper over after she’d read the written text on the drawing side.

Rachel had to stare at this piece of magnificent art for a moment. She was stunned that someone else in her class, other than FiFi, was interested in Beyond These Walls. This was a pleasant delight to her. Absentmindedly bringing her thumb to her lips, she bit at it, contemplating if she should turn her head to look at Lawson. The cartoon looked just like him! Was he the herald of this plane? He must be. It felt too soon to look at him and she would surely do something foolish or clumsy to make him take back his plane and send it elsewhere. Her stomach felt a warm rush with the realization that Lawson, the Law of her class, wanted to take her, out of all people, to the dance! Not wanting to make him wait too long, she turned the paper over.

Lawson had been quick to bury his nose in a book of some sort of throwing the plane. He’d learned long ago that in this class, the exact type of book you were reading didn’t really matter, as long as you were reading and not being disruptive, teacher didn’t give a damn. Or, maybe that was the ADHD; keep the fool distracted, and he won’t distract anyone else… Well, Lawson could live with himself either way. But now, he had to steal a glance over the top of his book, eyeing toward Rachel. Did she flip it over? Did she like it? Did he draw well!? That dumb flag wasn’t easy; he didn’t even read the books very much, he just knew she liked it a lot and looked it up on his phone to help! Oh! She flipped it over… Now, he waited. Quickly, he dove back into the book.

Wait a second. This was his math textbook. Mistakes.

Meanwhile, back at Rachel’s desk, the back of the paper was finally revealed to her. It was certainly simpler than the front; though on this side there was a drawing of a cartoonish, almost chibi like Rachel this time, gesturing at two boxes, each one indicating a simple choice: Yes, or No. Lil Rach had a speech bubble connected to herself, and inside of it, Chibi Rachel implored big Rachel: Check yes or no! Then give it back to Law.

There was so much excitement in her small body. She hadn’t been this excited since, well, yesterday! When she stood up late reading until she passed out in her fort. This was sweet of him. This was a new experience for her! Formally being asked to go to a dance with someone else. Her and Ryan never got around to going to such events… she didn’t even think she cared about going to the Winter Ball, but now someone wanted to go with her! Her eyes twinkled at the paper and she quickly, almost urgently, grabbed the pen from behind her ear and brought it to the paper.

Minutes past that felt like hours and it seemed like Rachel was looking at the paper far longer than anyone would warrant, but she too felt inclined to draw on the paper. It was only fair! In time, she was folding it back into the plane. Her blue gaze surveyed the class not once, not twice, but three times, before she shifted her body to look over at Lawson. She gave a little pout when she couldn’t see his face. Ah well. She’d see his face soon enough.


Narrowing her eyes, she gently threw the plane toward the boy. It glided in his direction, but sunk fast… what? She was not a professional plane thrower. Oddly enough, the plane landed gracefully on the floor, by his foot.

Lawson saw the piece of paper at his feet, and bent down. Oh, boy. She’d responded! Now he had to just hope that she said yes… Holding his breath, Lawson picked the piece of paper up to his desk, and slowly unfolded it, with great anticipation. What if she said no!? Then what?!

Doom and gloom.

Instead of checking yes or no, Rachel had set the no-box on fire, ultimately scribbling on it and bringing it to ashes. No was not an option! The yes-box, on the other hand, had two tiny birds inside the box and music notes surrounding them that spelt: OK. She even added fireworks around the box because it added to the excitement of her answer. Then in small, very small, letters, she wrote: (I’m a rebel. >.< I’d love to go with you! Text me so we can discuss deets! :3)

Perfect! She was in. Great. He’d have to save this note, that seemed like something CR would do, and CR had a very good relationship with his girl. Lawson very carefully folded the note back up and slipped it inside of his pocket, leaning back in his chair and letting out a huge, huge breath. Freedom! Success! Perfection.

OH MY GOODNESS! The sun was out, the sky was bright as a... guardian angel, the birds were chirpin’ (not really though, since it was kind of chilly… the birds were MIA for the winter), which meant one thing: Rachel was wide awake and ready to take on her day! She had fallen asleep on the floor buried in blankets and surrounded by books. Her curls sprawled every which way. This would not do! Absolutely not. She had people to see, places to go, things to DO. She scanned through her notifications on social media, which she rarely used - really, she only used it to see if her class was planning anything. Nodding to herself at the messages CR and Lala left, she reached her phone to text her bestie while shouting out to her dad, “DADDDYYYY! Can I go shopping today? You were so happy I finally got a boy to ask me out! Now I can be normal. But I must look DECENT and the only way to do so is by going shopping, in Denver, with some of the girls. I will make sure to text you every hour and send a picture every four hours. I will be with FiFi, Desi, Remy, Lila… errr, basically my entire class, but like mostly the girls.”

To: Flowers
Meet me at our spot in ten.
We gotta be at Lala’s in twenty. <3333

“And what about those other girls?” Dr. Watts opened his daughter’s door and looked at her scrambling in her room like an animal.

“Them too, yes. But I can assure you they won’t give me any ideas! I promise I’ll be home after the game. Don’t you want me to look good tomorrow? Abigail would like pictures of me and Lawson, I’m sure!” Rachel rushingly crawled onto her bed and reached for her hair tie.

“When will you start calling her your mom? Also, I trust you, Rachel. No funny business.” The man of the house furrowed his eyebrows at his overly excitable daughter. It was too early for this.

“OH MAN. I’m so, so, sooooo running late. Y’know how my class is. They wait for no one.” She intentionally dodged her father’s question and darted to her bathroom. Today was going to be a fun day!

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Interacting With: @alexfangtalon Sadie Hill, @BrutalBx Sami Alejandro & @BeautifulSnow Luna Woodland (via Facebook Group Chat) And the others from the chat as well

Sophia was one of the usual openers at the Diner at least during vacation time, she got up rather early those days just to make a little bit of extra money in order to help out around the house with her grandmother. She usually worked out in the grill area cooking up people's breakfast and then handing it out to the customers. She was usually out by or around noon when she was done, Sophia preferred the early mornings mainly so that she could spend the rest of the day hanging out with her friends. Sophia was making up the last batch of scrambled eggs, it was the last thing she wanted to do for the morning. Grabbing the plate Sophia headed out of the kitchen area and made her way over towards a table where an elderly man was seated reading his daily newspaper. "Here you go." Sophia said with a bright and friendly smile as she made her way over to the front counter quickly untying her pony tail so that none of her hair would get into anyone's food.

Sophia looked over at Sadie and smiled at her friend. "Long morning Sadie?" Sophia asked her friend she enjoyed working the early shifts with Sadie which made work much easier having someone that was closer to her age to talk with. Then the door to the diner opened hearing the little bell going off, seeing that it was Sami coming in for some coffee as well. "Good morning Sami hows it going?" Sophia said as Sadie started brewing him up a cup of coffee, that's when Sophia felt her phone going off it was her Facebook app going off from the group chat that was set up for their class. Lala inviting anyone to go to Denver with them to go dress shopping, Sophia realized that she didn't have time earlier in the week before vacation started to get a dress herself. And the Christopher inviting anyone to go out snowboarding with some of the people from Hollywood, she didn't really get the chance to meet any of them yet either briefly when they stopped by the diner but didn't get to know any of them.

To The Group:
"I'm totally down for some dress shopping, got my money saved up. I also just finished my shift at the diner will be there soon."

Sophia hit send then she saw that there was one from Luna as well, she talked with her from time to time but Sophia didn't know the girl that well yet either. But she was more then willing to also help her out as well, deciding to privately message her on the page.

To Luna:
"Yo Luna, i'll help ya out like the group message said meet up at Lala's place and I could help you out if you'd like."

Sophia hit send once more looking over at Sami and then Sadie for a moment, she hated to mooch off of others but she lacked a car and usually just walked from her place over to the diner or towards school or she relied more on her grandmother for a ride to if the weather was bad. "Soooo Sami, mind if I hitch a ride with ya as well over to Lala's?" Sophia asked looking over at Sadie as well who also was asking for a ride over to. "Let me go and get changed really quick as well." Sophia said as she headed off, walking past a coworker who was taking over her place back in the grill, she headed into the staff room pulling out her duffle bag which contained her regular clothes and quickly dashed off to the girls room, locking herself in a stall pulling out her clothes. Sophia came out a few minutes later looking over at Sadie and smiled at her friend since they got off close to the same time with each other.
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Sami Alejandro

Location: The Diner - Westworth
Interacting With: Sadie@alexfangtalon & Sophia@Nallore
Collab With: @alexfangtalon

Sami was greeted by the lovely Sadie offering him his cup of coffee. She was always seemed to be on the early shift when he went to the diner. Not that he minded. He enjoyed her company, such a sweetie pie. "Gracias, Sadie. You know I need my caffeine" He took a sip from the piping hot tar and smiled contently. This was the stuff. ”Hey Sophia. I’m good thanks” He offered the girl a smile as she rushed around behind the counter. As per usual, Sam was bombarded by the lightning fast ball of awkwardness that was Sadie Hill. First she asked for a ride and before he could even respond she asked about the dance. In all honesty he hadn't really given any thought to the dance. Would he go? More than likely, there's usually some fun to be had even if you go stag which he most certainly would. Someone had to look after those idiots after all. Before he could say anything, Sophia chimed in with a request to a ride to Lala’s as well. "Of course, I'll give you girls a ride. Be my pleasure. As for the dance...I'll be there but as of right now, I will be going alone. What about you little sis?"

Sadie was definitely grateful that Sami would be willing to drive her. She let loose one of her signature smiles when he said he would be at the dance. Sadie hoped everyone would show up and have a fun time. When he turned the question back to her she thought back and realized that she didn't know if someone had asked her or not. Most likely not because she was always busy and if someone had asked she never would've realized it. "Wouldn't miss it for anything. Spent to much time trying to make it perfect for everyone that skipping would be out of the question. I don't think I'm going with anyone though. I don't remember anyone asking me." At that the person Sadie was switching shifts with came in and waved to the young girl. "Oh, there's my replacement. I'm gonna go get my things." Sadie rushed to the back and grabbed her bag from where everyone left their things. She came back to the area where Sami was and asked, "Are ya ready to head out?"

"Yes ma'am, let's get going" Sami made sure his to-go-cup lid was secured so as to not spill his manna before getting to his feet and following the girls out into the cold winter air. He had kitted his beloved mustang out for the dire temperatures of Colorado and made sure to have plenty of stuff in the trunk so the old girl would never be stranded. Moving to the passenger side of the car, Sami opened the door for Sadie and Sophia. [color=olive]"You're chariot, ladies" He grinned. Once they was safely inside, he quickly made his way to the driver’s seat and started up the beast. "Onwards we go" Before Tte car pulled out of the diner car park, Sami turned on the radio and then carried on deeper into Westworth.

”You little sisters be careful around those Hollywood kids. Bet they come with all kinds of drama”
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Luna Woodland

Location: Home -> On the road
Interacting with: @Nallore's Sophie and @Universorum's Lorelei (Both by message)

Luna laid her phone to the side after sending that message, most of the time she didn't get any response from her class mates. Not that she didn't mind, she rather had a few real friends than a lot from which she didn't know who was a real one and who not. She ate her breakfast, small talking with her aunt about the weather and things they heard on the radio, she suddenly saw her screen light up. She quickly checked her phone while taking a bite from her toast and was surprised to actually see a message pointed to her.

She smiled when she saw it was Sophie. She didn't know the girl that well, but she knew they both worked at the diner, though she was there far less than Sophie and so now and then they talked a little at school. ''Looks like I will be shopping today.. With a big group even'' Luna said, she wasn't really a big group person but she would handle it. She knew her aunt would be happy. Luna then started thinking, what if Lala didn't want her there? Luna sighed and wrote a reply to Sophie in private:

To Sophie:

"Hey Sophie, Thanks for wanting to tag along! I will meet you there then I guess. Do you think that I should also ask Lorelei? I don't know her that well.. I kinda know you the best from the whole class ^^' I have the bad feeling my aunt is right, it is time to actually start blending in some"

Luna laid down her phone with a sigh and her aunt took her niece's hand in hers. ''Don't be so hard on yourself, you are different but that is beautiful'' she said. Luna smiled kinda weak, she was her aunt's only 'daughter'. If it had not been for her parents who died, her aunt wouldn't have had children at all probably. ''Thanks auntie'' Luna said and got up, she hugged her aunt and then headed for the door. She grabbed her coat, car keys and bag. Then the girl exited her home and headed to her car. Al though she was only seventeen, her aunt had been pretty determined about getting her niece a permit to drive and a car once she had turned sixteen.

She thought about sending a message to Lorelei and so she sat down in her car and started to type a private message to one of the most popular girls she 'knew'.

To Lorelei

Ehm.. Okay this might seem strange but I heard from Sophie that you are going to shop for dresses today with a group. Sophie said that I could tag along if I wanted and I would like to but kinda wanna know for sure that you don't mind. I will not need much of your time and I can even take a few girls with me in my car

Luna hit send and sighed, she could start driving and if she got a answer on her question, she could drive towards the house. If not, she could always send Sophie a message and then decide what she would do. She started the engine of the car and then drove away, with the question in her mind: Was she gonna make friends today?
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Location: CR’s Front Yarrd
Interacting with: Eachother

A collab with @Universorum

Oli laughed as CR jumped in and tried to rectify Davy’s awkward, foot-in-mouth situation. ”I’d hardly describe my sister as nice, but if you have CR’s seal of approval than I’m sure you’re mostly alright,” Oli said, smirking. In truth, he had very little reservations about his sister’s love life. As long as the dude wasn’t a complete garbage can, Oli couldn’t care less. He just liked giving the boys a hard time. Before he could take CR up on that offer of pancakes, Jar walked up and greeted them. Oli waved his own silent greeting to Jar before turning to CR. ”I would love pancakes, Madi took forever getting ready so your boy here didn’t get breakfast,” he said.

“Look, man. Madi’s aight, don’t bring none of that sibling hatin’ mumbo jumbo bad juju up into my piece when we’re gettin’ ready to board. Now, I’mma go get you some pancakes, ya’all get to know each other. Oli, this is Davy. He’s from Hollywood, has a pet duck. Davy, this is Oli. He’s from Westworth and is your date’s older brother. ” his words flying as fast as ever, Christopher Robin disappeared off into the house almost as soon as he’d started speaking.

Davy stared at Oli awkwardly, wondering why his best friend had chosen to abandon him, to forsake him like that. Clearing his throat, he attempted round two. “I’m not actually from Hollywood, exactly. I’m just from LA, near Beverly Hills? I live in, uh, a house. That my mom and dad bought when they got together like a really, really long time ago, and then they made it not a sucky house. Technically, I live in the underground bunker? Dude, I suck at talking to people, I’m not even gonna lie to you. But the people who owned it before us had a fallout shelter, in case nuclear war happened, so my mom and dad converted it into, basically my own little house. It doesn’t have a stove, but it’s got everything else! Yeah. I do have a duck though, his name is Sprinkles.”

Oli grinned throughout Davy’s rambling. This kid was funny. Maybe he didn’t quite mean to be, but he still was. Plus, he sounded like a pretty cool guy. No one he knew owned a pet duck. ”A pet duck? That’s new. Me and Madi used to have a hamster, but he was kind of janky. He took a leap off of my bookshelf and after that he was never the same,” Oli said, smirking. ”You can stop freaking out by the way. You seem like a nice guy. So, Davy, what brings you to Westworth, aka the Middle of Freaking Nowhere? CR mentioned that it had something to do with a bad breakup, so I know that much.”

“So, yeah, basically? See, about a few months ago now, I had my heart ripped physically from my chest and that sucked a lot, and I just didn’t want to leave my room ever, so I kinda just stayed there for like the whole time. Until Connor and Ty had an intervention and brought all my friends over to my house and they all crowded in my room and were like ‘listen here you little shit, you need to get out and enjoy the world!’ So their suggestion was to go to Colorado, cuz they know that I like Colorado, cuz I like the snow? So we came here and I was snowboarding and still pretty depressed, and CR saw me hit a line and then rushed over and was blown away and he demanded we board one together, and I tried to weasel out of it but Ty and Connor forced me, so I was, y’know, forced. And so I did it. And then we basically immediately became best friends and here I am. I don’t even want to leave really, but alas, I have to go back eventually for New Year’s.” Davy explained, talking fast and still noticeably nervous, but perhaps a little less so. It wasn’t really the older brother of date thing that was tripping him up, in reality David was just kind of… shy as fuck.

”That’s CR for ya. He has a way of making everyone feel welcome,” Oli said with a grin, kicking around some snow with his feet. ”So what the hell is Hollywood like?” Oli asked, still smiling. He had a habit of diving from question to question, but he couldn’t help it. He loved learning new things about people, especially things that pertained to the world outside of Westworth. ”I’ve been out of this town three times, which is not nearly enough. I’m gonna move to LA when I graduate, go into acting and film. That’s my dream right there,” Oli said, casually spilling his life goal to someone who was basically a stranger. ”But seriously, Hollywood? Is it sunny all the time? The beaches are probably amazing, right? Celebrities on every corner? God damn it I want to see it all so bad!” Oli said, his grin starting to look like that of a madman.

“Alright, so yeah. It’s always sunny there, definitely. I think it was 78 degrees when we left, and that’s cold for us. Celebrities on every corner… yes and no, see, my family has a bunch of celebrities in it. Like, world famous supermodels, a few superstar musicians, and more than one or two actress, so personally, yes I get to hang out with lots of them, but GENERALLY speaking, for the people who aren’t in the ‘it’ crowd, so to speak, nah. Not really a lot of celebrities. Oh, you wanna do acting and stuff? Cool, I can hook you up with some connects — unless Madi ends up hating me and then I have to run homes with my tail between my legs… but, hey, all the girls I know say I’m secretly cute.”

It was official. Davy was Oli’s new favorite person. He was funny, nice, and he had connections with Hollywood. Oli was thrilled. ”Davy, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship,” Oli said, smiling and clapping Davy on the shoulder.
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Collab with: @Silent Observer

Location: His kitchen
Interacting With: Himself and a not so great memory.
|| Outfit ||

The Delaney household smelt like a waffle house. Pure, glorious breakfast scents that usually came from either there or the house next door, where Remy's grandparents lived, trailed throughout the building and trickled through the opening of the cracked windows. After all, the blond boy, who is the 'man of the house' when his dad isn't around, got his skills from his Papa Blake. Who knows what he would aspire to be if his pa didn't cook like a beast. Wafflecakes. Bacon. Italian sausages. Omelettes. Scones. Muffins. Fruits galore. The table, which was meant for no more than six people, was covered completely. It was like a goddamn buffet.

On the counter by the fridge, there were four lunchboxes: Stanley Steel, Star Trek, Human Organ Transplant, and 'I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS'. Dad. Tempest. Temperance. And Bonny-Lee. He didn't know what they were going to do today until the game, but they'd at least have lunch. He'd have to bring some food over to his grandmas. His grandpas were probably out hanging at the diner, or even just exploring the outskirts with Desi's gramps, James Carter.

By the window, the chill causing the house to get colder than it should be, Remy slowly exhaled, letting his hot breath fog the glass up. There were prominent dark circles around his eyes and his appearance was far more... unkempt than usual. As if he had just rolled out of bed, not giving any fucks, but in reality, he's been in this kitchen the entire night and had not changed from his outfit from yesterday. It was cold... but he didn't mind it. His cheeks were kissed pink from the chill that he let in. His father would give him hell, surely. Are you trying to get your entire FAMILY sick? Maybe.

Bringing his pointer finger to the glass, he slid it down and, at a snail's pace, spelled... J...A...R...E...T...H. His eyes saddened at the sight of his friend's name. Why am I stupid?

God. It was fucking cold. Was this really his brilliant plan? HEY JAR. MEET ME AT OUR SPOT. I'M BORED. Zipping up his coat as high as he could, Remy stared at the soon-to-be-frozen lake. Midterms were just around the corner... and by that, he meant: two days. Two short days.

And yet, all he could think about was... just saying it. After Jareth and Temperance tried to date, but it not getting past the first month, Remy felt like his life was an emotional roller coaster. It didn't help that after the fact, his sister-to-be kept questioning him, since she knew something that he didn’t realize until she hit him hard like a highway pile up. You ever realize how much... you talk about him? And you still have his sweater from forever ago AND your ONLY Dating Sims' character looks JUST LIKE HIM. Don't even get me started with my King Pin date with him. You were OUT to GET ME. I thought I was going to DIE with how many accidents happened that day, and all because you were... jealous. You love him, don't you? And I don't mean the cute bromance love. I mean loooooooveeeee him. You love Jareth Wells, Mister Remy Delaney.

Fucking hell, she was annoying. Blowing heat into his hands, with his cheeks blushed from the cold, Remy tried to not think too much into what he was about to do. For so long, he always prepared himself for things. Surprising Jar wasn't something new for Remy, like when he baked him a congrats cake for getting his license or when he planned a weekend ski trip getaway with their buds to get Jar's mind off of the sadness that he didn't necessarily want to talk about. Time with friends was a good remedy to cheer someone up! And the one person Remy wanted to smile, all the time, was Jareth. Remy wasn't prepared, at all. How could you prepare for something like this? He considered writing his feelings in a letter, or giving his best friend another journal to add to his collection, but here he was, with nothing but himself and well, his feelings.

Was this going to be a mistake? He didn't know. But if he didn't try, how would he know? What if... it could happen. He really wanted it to happen.

Jar was holed up in his room strumming on his acoustic - instead of studying, like he should be - when his phone buzzed. Ever the determined musician, Jareth tried and failed to arrange the chords of the current piece he was working on. He had the words, and a title, but the melody continued to elude him. Alas, after about 10 minutes of frustration, he set All Nereids Beware aside, until he could deem it acceptable on another day (a day that might never come), and picked up his phone.

Remy wanted to meet up at the usual spot. It was strange that the good little nerd wasn’t studying, but Jar wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Music and some time with his best friend sure beat the hell out of reviewing notes for midterms. ’Sounds good, c ya soon.’ He had said before rummaging in his closet for another two layers to put on. It was getting cold out in Colorado, too cold to leave your house without at least three layers, two of those layers being jackets.

A plucky emo tune from some years before now filled Jareth’s ears as he traversed through the snowy woods. In any other season, there were beaten down trails to follow to the river’s edge. During the wintertime, everything was blanketed in a obfuscating powdery white. That didn’t matter all that much, Jareth knew the way like the back of his hand. The Westworth kids spent the majority of the summer navigating these trails, and tubing down the river. In fact, it was in this very spot that Jareth learned how to swim in middle school - he was from the city, and he never learned, until Ray had caught wind that he didn’t know how, and set to fixing that.

Bobbing his head to the music in his earbuds, Jareth danced around the trunk of the big willow, holding it with one arm as he swung around the corner to the shore. It was rare to see a willow that large around this area, but the river supplied it with ample water to thrive. Jareth popped out his headphones when he saw that Remy was already there. He was facing the water with his back turned to Jar’s direction. Mischievously taking advantage of his unheard approach, Jar walked as softly and quietly as he could, to sneak up on the unsuspecting blond.


Instead of jumping, which in most cases Remy would have, since he wasn’t one for scares, the blond boy shook his head out of his daze and turned to look back to see his best friend. A light smile graced his face when he finally realized what Jar had did, “Oh, you got me.” He could feel his mouth jitter and he honestly could believe it wasn’t because of the cold. Was he being obvious? That he was out of it? Quickly, and with intent, Remy turned on his heel and saluted his friend (hopefully to cover up his reaction moments ago), “How’s studyin’ going?!” Ehehe. He was dying.

“Right now I think I’ve decided on transitioning from d minor, to f, to e flat, but I’m really not settled on it.” Jar responded casually, not referring to the type of studying that Remy was asking about at all. He smirked his crooked half-smile and hopped up onto one of the big boulders near the shore. They were called the sittin’ rocks, because they were good for sittin’. “What’d ya wanna do? …please don’t say study...”

“O-oh. Um.” Remy had to think about this one. Should he just… say it? Or- “Talk about… things.” Okay, yeah. Slowly get into it.

Jareth furrowed his brows curiously, which could not actually be seen behind his curtain of ebony fringe. “Okayyy… what about?” Remy looked weird, has was upset, maybe? Maybe it was about the upcoming wedding. That would be understandable, kind of out of the blue, but understandable. He was gaining a whole other half of a family. Jareth couldn’t think of anything else that might get Rem this worked up.

Taking off his hat, which was probably a dumb idea, because his hair sprawled upward and it was extremely cold, Remy fiddled with it in his hands. “The dance… is soon.” WHY WAS IT SO HARD TO SPILL IT OUT? Not making eye contact, Remy glanced downward to his rundown shoes.

“Oh, yeah. Should be fun! You’re going, right?” Jareth watched how nervous Remy seemed. Just watching him wringing his hands around his beanie made Jar feel anxious. Normally the tables were turned, but Jar owed Remy an ear to listen, after all the times that he’d been that ear for Jar. The dark-haired boy cleared his throat a little after the somewhat falsely light-hearted question he had just asked. “Are you… okay? he inquired softly, dipping his head to try to meet his gaze with a Remy that was very intently looking at his shoes.

No. No, he wasn’t. Actually, it dawned on Remy that this was probably an absolute mistake, and he was regretting this decision. His nerves were making him feel absolutely sick. What if this ruined everything? What if Jar hated him? What if this ended their relationship, and Remy would never be able to see his best friend smile again? He was freaking out. He couldn’t even take in any of his friend’s words, because all he could think of was saying: “I love you.” Mustering the little courage he had in him, Remy looked up from staring downwards and locked his terrified brown eyes with Jareth’s silvery blue storm. He bit his bottom lip, wondering if this was going to fly over Jar’s head, or if he would realize the connotations behind that simple, three word phrase.

Jareth almost responded back with a quick ‘Love you too, man,’ when he realized. Wait… what? Jar looked down at the way Remy was chewing on his lip. It appears as though that particular nervous tic was one of the many things the duo shared in common. Surprisingly enough, Jareth didn’t look away from Remy, he kept his gaze steady. In simpler terms, he was basically… staring. “Uhm… like… you?” the string of words coming out of his mouth weren’t making sense to either of them. What was he trying to do? Get him to say it again? It was quite clear what Rem had said, but some part of his brain was demanding confirmation.

He wasn’t clear enough. Remy’s expression became disheartened. Yeah, this was definitely a mistake. Why would Jar like someone like him? He wanted girls. Not boys. Even if it seemed he could swing it both ways, he was definitely more of a ladies’ man. Balling his hands up, his beanie still in his grasp, Remy shook his head, “Forget I even said anything.” He put his hat back on, bringing it lower to where it nearly covered his eyes, “The gay boy who thought a fantasy could become his reality. Silly me.” He wanted to leave, but maybe… just maybe, Jar could say the right words to keep him there.

“No…” Jar said quietly, his eyebrows stitching together. He’d never seen Remy look so devastated. This was Smiley, that’s literally what people called him, and Jar was the reason he was making that face. It was awful. “Please don’t do that. I’m not mad-”


“It’s just... a lot of information to get at once?”

He was speaking in a tone that one might use if they came across a small, frightened animal. In some ways, Remy did seem like a wounded pup. Instead of holding his hands out to show that he meant no harm - like one might actually do with a dog - Jareth reached his arm out and touched Rem’s elbow. “You’re not silly, it’s okay.”

“I’m sorry.” He didn’t know why he was apologizing, exactly, but he felt like he had to. Because, Remy still wasn’t smiling, and it was his fault, And he didn’t say that he loved him back, even if he did, more than any other person… but just not, in the same way? Maybe? Thoughts swirled in his head and he couldn’t even think straight as his own anxiety started to grow. “I just… need some time?” his voice didn’t sound like his own, it was hollow and disembodied, as his mind was clearly wrapped up itself in that moment.

No… a lot of information… sorry… Remy wanted to react positively. Wanted to forget the feeling in his chest right now. Wanted to forget this ever happened. As broken as it was, Remy’s gaze softened and he did smile, but along with his smile was a rainfall of salt and tears. “Take… as much time as you need.” To think about how to reject him even more. Pulling away from Jareth, Remy peered down at his wristwatch and started walking away, “Oh… look, I should get back home. For dinner. I’ll, um, see you later, J-Jar.” And even though he absolutely hated running, he ran. Far, far away.

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Interacting With: @alexfangtalon Sadie Hill, @BrutalBx Sami Alejandro & @BeautifulSnow Luna Woodland (via Facebook Group Chat) And the others from the chat as well

Sophia looked between Sami and Sadie as the two spoke about the dance, she rubbed the back of her neck slightly she didn't have anyone ask her out to the dance just yet. She did however plan on going, whether it was with someone or by herself Sophia then felt her phone vibrate taking it out seeing that it was a text from Luna and smiled slightly as she watched Sadie's replacement coming in to take over for her. She leaned up against the counter running a hand through her hair as she waited a few minutes later her friend was out with regular clothes. Sophia decided to text Luna back to answer her friend's question.

To Luna:
"I think its pretty much for anyone who is in our class, so i'm sure that Lala wont mind you tagging along since you are in our class as well. And no problem at all, it would be really cool to help each other find a dress for the dance. :)

Sophia hit send as she stood up and started to put on her winter hat as well as a pair of gloves, she started to follow behind both Sadie as well as Sami. Mustangs were always Sophia's favorite kind of car, she wouldn't mind giving it a try behind the wheel but Sami probably wouldn't even trust her though driving the car. "Thanks again for the ride by the way Sami." Sophia said with a soft and friendly smile as he opened the car door, she decided to climb into the back seat letting Sadie take up the front passenger seat. Sophia watched as Sami pulled out of the parking lot of the diner and then started to make their way over towards Lala's place, when he brought up the Cali kids she smiled softly and nodded. "Don't worry i'll be careful, i'm sure that they are nice and nothing like the weird and crazy drama reality shows that they show on TV." Sophia said jokingly.
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Location: Sports Authority Field - Denver, Colorado (approximately 5,280 feet (1609 meters) above sea level)
Interacting With: Westworth High's Football Team
Now Listening To: Don't Let Me Go - G-Eazy ft. Grace

Today was the big day. Westworth High School was back in the 5A Colorado State Championship after many, many years of not doing so. At the helm was Ryan Townsend. The legend himself. Over forty-five touchdowns in the regular season alone,the third most passing yards in a season, and the second best completion percentage out every quarterback in the entirety of the state of Colorado ever. Him being good was an understatement.

But today, Ryan would leave all of that behind and forget that those records were ever a thing. The most important thing for this team was a championship and the '16-'17 team had the opportunity to do so.

All that was on his mind today was the game. Was he nervous? Yes he was. Everyone was nervous. Some boasted that they weren't, but those people were often the ones that were the most nervous. It was either that they were incredibly nervous, or they didn't care at all. Today was one of those days were it was best for Ryan to keep his cool and remain silent. He didn't want to appear overwhelmed, especially as the team leader.

The Wolves were on the field for their last practice before the game tonight. It was expected to snow tonight, which put a damper on Coach's plans. Originally the plan had been to utilize the running back a little more than usual, since the air was way more dense up here and balls traveled further. But, after finding out that their parade was going to be snowed on, the coach had switched it up. Everyone was going to be slipping and blind and cold. It was going to be a miserable game for sure.

After the warmup routine and stretching, the team got to running their drills and going through their gameplan one last time. It was their last full practice the game. The entire team was dressed up in their practice gear as they huddled up around the coach. Coach had wanted to focus on the offense first, considering that he had just announced that the offensive gameplan was shifting toward the opposite of what they had set out to do. Ryan didn't mind the shift. It wasn't like he was annoyed that he didn't have to hand it off as much to his beloved running back. He just had to use his arm more often.

The first play that they were going to use a lot more often was called and Ryan had repeated it to the huddle. "Alright here go we got 72 Ghost Left Tosser Right on set. 72 Ghost Left Tosser Right on set. Ready? Break!" The offense broke into their formation and had lined up appropriately. Ryan stepped up to the center and crouched right behind him. To the untrained eye, this position looked semi awkward. Ryan overlooked the defense in his weird squat-sit position. "Ready... SET!" The ball was snapped and Ryan took it in his hands. He dropped back seven steps before overlooking what his receivers were doing. Cooper and Dixon had broken to the right side of the field and beat the people that were on them. As he was scanning for the open person again he was moving his feet as if he were stepping on hot coal. This was done in order to keep himself mobile and ready to run if someone was about to sack him. Locating Dixon across the middle of the field, he stepped up into the pocket which was still maintained by his offensive line. Cocking his arm back, it quickly came forward and released the ball it possessed at an incredibly fast speed. The ball flew like a rocket over the defensive lineman and found its targets into Sean Dixon's hands as he went to the ground and secured the catch.

After running plays for about an hour, the last play of the practice was called. "Gun Strong Right Flex Zone Read on two. Gun Strong Right Flex Zone Read on two. Break!" Lining up again, Ryan stared down the defense. This time he wasn't practically dry humping the center as he examined what the defense was giving him. This time his beloved Aidan was right next to him. "White 80! White 80! Set... Hut! Hut!" On the second hut, the ball was snapped and Ryan immediately moved his body to a forty five degree angle and stuck the ball out as if he was handing it off to his running back. He stared down the right defensive end which was running toward them unblocked. He pulled the ball and let Aidan and Jackson collide before taking off and running for dear life.

After coach blew the whistle, everyone knew that it was the end of practice and they went back to the locker room. Everyone took their helmets off if they hadn't already, and took the long stroll back into it. It was surreal that they got to use the same locker rooms that the Denver Broncos had utilized. Professional football players were in these rooms, and now this team of high school players were in that same locker room. Ryan had gone to his own corner locker and took off his gear, placing it in the locker. But before everyone went back to the bus to the hotel, one of the players had called for a prayer. Everyone took a knee as someone stood up to lead the post-practice prayer. Everyone called this man Preacher because of how much he loved God.

"Dear God, we thank you for this game..." He trailed on, reciting the prayer he always said after every practice. It was routine at this point. Hell, even the non-Christians participated in it because of how inspiring it was, "...Amen." The rest of the team had repeated the religious saying and headed off to the bus, where they would go back to the hotel and get a chance to nap, shower, and whatnot before game time.
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Interacting With : Sami(@BrutalBx) ; Sophia(@Nallore)

Sadie smiled that Sophie had joined the conversation and that she was also joining the small group trip from the diner to the lodge. On the car ride Sadie calmly watched the scenery pass by. Riding in a car was pretty much the only time that Sadie slowed down when it came to talking. She just loved watching the area pass by at a rapid speed. Once they arrived at their destination she got out of the car and sent a quick text to her parents that she was at the lodge. She smiled at what Sami said and Sophia brought a little chuckle out of her. "I'm sure they will be nice. You just make sure no one hurts themselves while snowboarding."

While walking towards the entrance to Lala's humble abode, Sadie turned to Sophia and asked, "So, do you have anything special planned for the dance? Also I'm mainly just coming to help anyone who needed help to get a dress, but as I'm thinking about it I was just planning to wear a dress I've had for a while. Do you think I should try to get a new dress?" This was really the first Sadie had put any thought really into what she'd be wearing to the dance. She that not getting a new dress for a dance could be weird to some, but she wasn't sure. Due to Sophia basically being Sadie's best friend she trusted nearly all advice that came from her. If Sophia thought she would need a new dress then she would definitely get something during this shopping trip.
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Location: Hell, briefly. Mostly CR’s place

Collab with: @Universorum @Lovely Complex

Upon arriving at CR’s place, Jar encountered Beverly Hills native, Davy, and Oliver chatting in the front yard. Oli waved silently and continued his conversation with David. Jar stuffed his cold hands into his jacket pockets and approached them, looking around for Christopher Robin and not seeing him anywhere. “Hey Davy, where’s CR at?” he cut in during a lull in chat between the two boys about Davy’s dance date with Madison.

It was as if Jareth had spoke the magic words, as if he had the cast the spell to summon the Westworth Storybook Character out of thin air, as Christopher Robin, in all his glory, stepped out of his home, a steaming plate of pancakes in his hands. He thrust it in Oli’s direction, before complaining loudly, “They just vanished into thin air, my guys. Eh, what up, Jar? We just about ready to roll out — got a few more people coming in, but I figure we can load up my truck first and foremost, but gotdamn, those LA dudes don’t fuck around, my dude. They just keep at it, if they can lock a door they will bang their girls behind that locked door, so I gotta go fetch these motherfuckers right now, you wanna roll with your boy?” Say what you want about his cadence, but CR had a certain way of speaking that was undeniably his own. A little of column A, a little of columns B, C, and Z too.

“You got this. I’ll stand here and welcome anyone else who shows up.” Davy offered with one of his charming smiles directed at Christopher Robin, and Christopher Robin tossed an arm around Jar’s shoulder and led him toward the house.

“So what’s up, what’s happenin’? You got a date for this ball yet? I ain’t asked mine yet, but I’m hoping she says yes.”

There was a question to ponder. “Uhh…” Did he have a date? He wasn’t sure if he still had a best friend, or if he was going to have a boyfriend, or what exactly was happening between Remy and himself? He was going to the dance, and Remy was also going, and he was hoping to attempt to fix how bad he fucked up last week, tomorrow. At said dance. The question made him nervous, he couldn’t answer it directly so, instead, he practiced a little misdirection.

“Haven’t asked yours yet? You mean… your wife?” Jar laughed. “I think she might already know that you’re going, my dude.”

“No, man, I love her. I gotta treat her right, y’know? So I got this whole elaborate plan. Check it out, my Snowflake really likes Rolos, y’know? So, tonight, after she gets back from shopping — we’re probably gonna have to come down from the mountain early for this, which is lame, but whatever… I’m gonna write on her bed, with Rolos ‘will you got to the ball with me?’ and the question mark is going to be laid out in roses. She’s gonna love it, and remember it forever! I don’t want us to break up, but I think it’s important she has the memories to look back on, know what I mean? Like, getting asked to prom and stuff… I’m not gonna rob Lala of those memories, just because we’re already dating.” CR shrugged his shoulders. Hey, maybe he was overthinking it but… he was blinded by love. Lorelei would have things to look back on! He’d make sure of that.

“That’s…” The unpierced side of lips raised in a half-smile. “That’s really sweet, man. You guys are couple goals, pretty much.” Speaking of couples… they were inside the house now and trying to gather up some people being… very involved in couple things. Great, this wasn’t going to be awkward at all. “Are we just gonna, like, bang on the doors?”

“Couple goals? The fuck that even mean? You know what, don’t worry about it. Check it out, Leon and Noli are involved in the guest bedroom, if you get close enough you can hear the rhythmic thumping of the headboard against the wall, and then you got Connor and Melody in the bathroom, shower’s runnin’ so god knows what they’re doing in there. You wanna take the bedroom, or the bathroom? You get one, I’ll get the other.”

“Which one seems less prone to violence? They’re much larger than me, and I don’t want my pretty face messed up.” Jar was only half serious, though he did have a pretty face that he’d much rather keep the way it is. But, this could turn out poorly, and in his honest opinion, neither option seemed ideal. Couldn’t they just leave them to their business?

“Connor’s almost seven foot and his girlfriend looks like she’ll shank someone with her toothbrush if you interrupt them so I got that one. You go to the bedroom. Bet.” CR fist bumped Jareth, and he was off on his way to complete his mission and assemble the Avengers, one stay at a time.

“Good luck with that.” Jar said, perhaps he would soon be mourning the loss of his storybook friend. Jareth headed to the guest bedroom without any amount of haste. Pausing in front of the door, he did in fact hear the the headboard, as CR had mentioned, and grimaced at it. Wonderful. Not wanting to stand here any longer than necessary, he knocked hard on the door, three times, proceeded to stand with his hands in his pockets once again, and hummed loudly.

The thumping slowed down to a crawl, before stopping as Jareth hit the door the final time. There was a brief moment of silence, before a shout came out to greet the emo boy. “Yeah, what’s up? I said we’d be down in five minutes… oh, shit I said that twenty minutes ago. My b!” Leon’s voice carried through the wooden door, the tone giving away the fact that he did indeed feel guilty about that. A carefree giggle followed soon after, and if Jar listened carefully, there were quick movements happening on the other side of the door.

“Right… well, we’re packing up now. Try to be downstairs, fully dressed, like, also now.” Jareth responded to the door. Good, he did his job, time to leave before Leon did something like open it. Jar had no desire to see a half-dressed dude, given this morning’s misadventures, and his preoccupied mind at present. Maybe there were still pancakes around to be had, Jareth thought as he turned to walk away.

The door swung open, but it wasn’t Leon, it was Noli, wrapped in the guest’s sheets like a toga. With her cutesy attitude and whimsical smile, the high energy girl pounced on the emo boy from behind, “You’re such a good friend!” She needed to raid Melody’s luggage and steal her panties. Still hanging on him, she rested her chin on his shoulder and grinned, “You should totally save me some pancakes. And if someone wants to fight you for them, punch them in the gonads. Or tits, if it’s a girl. Thank you, JarJar.” Before freeing him, Noli kissed the boy on the cheeks and then unlatched herself. It was time to see what Melody packed for fun times with Connor!

Jareth froze in place. Sure, he had met and talked to Noli before, but they weren’t exactly ‘pounce on you while half naked’ levels of close. No, Jareth actually wasn’t that close with anyone, in fact. This girl - who was just banging her very large, jock-shaped boyfriend, who was right there - was currently clinging to his back. Maybe, just maybe, if he stood very still and said nothing, she would stop. That turned out to only half work, because before she let go, she kissed his cheek. He felt his face flush automatically, time to leave. Now! “Yeah. Pancakes, right. Can’t guarantee that there are even any left, but I’ll try.” he mumbled. How did he get himself into situations like this, anyway? This was CR’s fault.

Shortly afterwards, another new person put their hand on Jar. This time however, it was a much larger, manlier hand than the body of Noli, that clasped down on Jar’s shoulder. The voice that followed after it was much deeper, though it seemed less aggressive than Noli’s, “Hey don’t worry about her, yeah? She’s just kinda spastic, but I got her on lock. She’ll be ready in time.” Leon himself was already fully dressed, in all honesty, he’d wanted to finish what he was doing, but the slopes were calling. “See you downstairs! Aren’t there more people missing anyway?”

Meanwhile, in front of the bathroom door, Christopher Robin mercilessly pounded on it. “Ayy, get the fuck out the bathroom! I know ya’all are clean as fuck in there! We gotta roll!” Motherfuckers.

An irked voice hissed on the other side, “We’re almost finished.” What was happening on the other side, no one needed to know, but Melody did not like sex going unfinished. If CR was in the same position with Lala, wouldn’t he be too occupied to rush to the slopes? Unfortunately, Melody didn’t know CR well enough to assume he was married to two things: Lala and the mountains. Snowboarding, to be exact.

“Nah, it’s alright. We’ll be out in a minute.” That would break Melody’s heart, but they were guests! So he had to be nice. “Don’t leave without us! Ty said you and Davy are dope together, I wanna see it in person, dammit.” He’d missed the last few runs, because Melody had wanted to do other shit, but NO MORE.

“Get your asses on the move! You’ve had enough sex to last a gotdamn lifetime. You got forty five seconds.”

Hmpf. Melody pulled away from Connor and didn’t say a word. It was time to go skiing, or well, she needed to learn snowboarding now. This was stupid. Connor was going to be distracted by boys, and her friends were going shopping. Her day was going to suck. Putting herself back together, she had to retrieve her coat back where her luggage was, she kissed her Alpha on the lips and begrudgingly smiled, “I’ll get your coat, go hang with your friends.”

“Mel-mel, maybe you should go shopping with your friends. You can pick out something cute for yourself to wear to the dance tomorrow, and something snazzy for me to wear — cuz if you don’t, I’m gonna wear a Caiden Winters shirt and jeans, and you know I will.” Connor suggested, smiling down at Melody and kissing her forehead. she didn’t need to be all amped up all the time, she could chill.

“And let other people gawk at you? PLEASE. I’ll tell Belle to get us something, she knows our sizes.” Melody immediately declined his suggestion. Hell-to-the-fucking-no he wasn’t going to the mountains without her. There were most definitely some snow girl junkies out there that would hit on him and she absolutely would not tolerate that. “Plus, I’m happiest when I’m with you.”

Meanwhile, CR reconvened with Jar downstairs, where Mama Bishop was handing out pancakes. She’d made… a lot, to say the least, knowing that there’d be a lot of hungry boys to feed, and was still churning them out. CR grabbed a few pieces of bacon and crammed them into his mouth, before looking over at Jar, “Alright I got ‘em together. You bout ready to dip?”

Jar looked up from his plate of second breakfast. He was ferociously chewing a mouthful of pancake, which was delicious. Maybe he could eat his feelings like a fucking girl or something. What a week, what a day… He was most definitely ready to get on the slopes and clear his mind, if that was possible. “Yeah.” Jar said and swallowed the last of his pancakes before putting his plate in the dishwasher and thanking Mama B. “Everything packed up? My board was here last I knew.” He finished his reply to Christopher Robin.

“Gotta go to the garage and fill up the ice chest, but I got weed and I got everything else. Got snacks, got snowboards… I’m ready to rock. You ready to rock? Dude, me and Davy are gonna blow you away, gonna be dope.” CR said simply, shrugging his shoulders as he crunched on another strip of bacon. Was there such thing as too much breakfast? ...nah.

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