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8:30 am, Sunday. - Good morning Suncrest! Seems like this dawn's early drizzle has completely passed in a jiffy, making way to this fairly sunny Sunday morning. By afternoon light clouds are to be expected but worry not friends the day will go on in it's usual sunshiny spirit. And something for all you early birdies out there, to top off this lazy wonderful morning.

The compact radio echoed faintly through the hallways, distinctly coming from the apartment's empty concierge area. Clear enough to be heard within the building yet just as mild to be unobtrusive. This was a typical Sunday morning in Suncrest Heights. During these days people would most likely stay in, or be out all day so it's not unusual that the Sundays are specifically tranquil at these hours at least.

Vee Liem

Vivian's shift ended at about 7:30 this morning. Work that evening was at it's usual, a little quiet than most but aside from the occasional house calls her evening was a long 8 hour of pure serenity. That's not always a good thing, as this kind of mood easily drag her out as opposed to actually working on emergencies. The adrenaline mostly keeps her on her toes, but that evening she only managed to steal a long undisturbed nap. She did have a really good nap, leastways.

On the way home she managed to get herself a cup of coffee at the convenience store near work. Wouldn't be her first choice but the buzz works. Her hair messily tied up, a cup in hand while her jacket slung to her forearm, and her duffle bag over her shoulder, as per her usual post work mien. Regardless of that nap, she looked like she had a tough night. A quick shower always does the trick, hoping no one at this hour has already beat her to it.

Over the hubbub of the morning radio she heard Lourdes, unsurprisingly, was already up and about. And unlike most mornings, she was busily carrying boxes that looks to be a bunch of dusty old knick knacks, hauling one after the other, out of her apartment then placing it at the side of the hallway. Vee paused for a moment to observed her curiously. Soon as Lourdes sees her, sharp brows raising and a cig between her lips, Vee now felt the obligation of giving a polite greeting.

"Morning." Lourdes continued lining up the boxes on the sides. Vee glimpsed over the pile and could make out some snowglobes, old cd's, board games, metal hangers among other seemingly unimportant things. "What's all these for?" she queried.

"Thought I'd do a little Sunday cleaning. Mostly useless junk left by the previous tenants, which I kept under my storage all these years." she took a huff of her probably fifth cigarette. It was a bit too early but then again nothing is ever too early for Lourdes. " I plan on getting rid of em. Sell it to some millennial novelty shop or whatever. It's only gathered dust in storage for the past years. Hey, why don't you go ahead and take a some. It won't be much use to me because I already checked everything."

"Thanks. But I'll pass." Vee was never the type to hoard stuff, trying to keep things as minimalist as possible. Besides, who's to know the original owners could probably be dead or is a convicted axe murderer. Not that she's also the type to believe in that kind of thing, it's an eerie thought still. Lourdes returned her an apathetic look, and just went on with her business while casually changing the subject" Have you eaten?"

"Ah. I haven't."

"Well make sure you don't forget to this time." She voiced out concernedly. Vee resided long enough in Suncrest to know Lourdes is a kind and caring person on the inside, her bad habits may lead people to believe otherwise but that just on first impressions. Vivian acknowledges her concern, and after that short encounter, she headed made her way to her apartment door.

Dropping her stuff on the sofa, she made a quick detour to the fridge as per her land lady's request. Made herself some toast whilst distracted on her phone, elbows leaning on the counter while she lodges a piece of buttered toast in her mouth. The scrolling bored her instantly, there was nothing much to see other than the same everyday drivel. At times she wonders why she even bothered making a social media account, she doesn't have that much friends to begin with. The real kind. Not that she can't but more like she couldn't.

Vivian has yet to challenge herself in breaking her predictable workday routine. She would leave for work at eleven in the evening, go home at seven in the morning, grab a cup of black on the way, and go directly to her apartment, take a shower and doze off to bed. Social interactions are just mostly in between and sometimes non existent. It's like she's living in her own little version of Groundhog Day and is just completely ok with it.

The day she decided to get people to live with her, Vee had to enforce herself to adapt, for better or worse. They can get spontaneous at times but not on the annoying-unbearable level, though personally at times it tends to go there. She was never used to sharing her personal space with anybody let alone to complete strangers. That aside there's not much else to say, after all it's only been less than a few weeks. Suffice to say living with roommates have been more or less, tolerable. Nothing majorly daunting so far and hoped they can keep it that way.

In a short moment she finds herself deep into the abyss of her own thoughts, spaced out in a general direction while chewing her breakfast in a long drawn motion. She considers what to do with her weekend. Being barely drained from work, she might take up the chance on doing something different after all, at least just for today.
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Jeanne Croft

There was, as there was every single morning, a whirring sound coming from room 4G. Jeanne watched, bleary eyed, as cherries and vanilla extract were whirled around and sliced into itty-bitty liquid chunks. She popped the lid off of her blender, easily her best buying decision she had made in a long time, and added milk, and then hot coffee. Then another whirl in the blender, and she tipped the entire thing out into a mason jar, a hole through the lid and a straw through the hole.

She drank the entire tart, lukewarm mess in three long gulps, before sitting down on the floor and thinking of nothing much in particular.

Every weekend was the same. Work her ass off on Saturday to make sure she had no work to do on Sunday, then mope around on Sunday because she had no work to do. It was quite the dull routine, but Jeanne was excellent at doing things over and over again pointlessly. It was why she was such a good student.

She hauled herself up and slotted another pod of coffee into her machine, before sticking an actual cup underneath it and letting it fill up slowly. She carried the blender-jug-thing and the mason jar over to her sink, where she flicked on the hot water and pulled out washing up liquid.

She hated the fact that everything she did created dirt. She wanted to, one day, experience a day when she had not made a mess, but alas, that was impossible, because she had to make her goddamn bed every morning.

When she had washed up, she towelled off her hands and put the wet crockery onto her drying rack, before walking over to her fridge and getting out milk and cereal. Yes, she kept cereal in the fridge. It was convenient. She carried them over to her cupboard and took her coffee off, popping in two sweetner tabs and stirring. No milk.

Cereal in hand and coffe in her other, she walked back to her bedroom and sat down at her desk, shaking the mouse to wake it up off of sleep mode. Last night's room was still on her desktop, but nobody was on it. Obviously, since she had specifically closed it. The donate jar still wiggled though, and she clicked on it to see how much she had made.

Seventeen dollars. It was something.

She spooned cereal into her face, and opened up Facebook, then youtube. Nothing new on either. Desperately, she opened up twitch, but nobody she was subbed to was streaming.

Fuck. She might have to interact with other people.
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Bryan Alexanders

Saturday night was all but a blur, the club WAS LIT filled from corner to corner with potential. Women lined the walls but it was the ones on the dancefloor that had him most excited cause if she could drink then dance to club music and didn’t puke that was an amazing start to an even better evening and Bryan had his sights set on the raven haired beauty. The two exchanged a few words and Bry started dancing his ass off. She looked him up and down and gave him the smile and bit her lip. Seeing this let Bry know she was gonna be fun.
That was about all he could piece together from that night.

Waking to the hum of the morning weather forecast that he had grown used to. Without her knowing she had helped Bryan stick to his code of no women beyond ten in his bed. He was about to rise until he heard the words that make him cringe “Come snuggle baby.” Fighting back the intense urge to projectile vomit, he answered with ease.

“Can’t, got to take care of some stuff today” which wasn’t a total lie he just didn’t know what stuff he had to take care of just yet.

“But its Sunday” she whined and flipped her hair back allowing the bedsheet to slip low and reveal the reason he bought her home in the first place. Her piercing green eyes stared at him intently almost as though she was trying to telepathically change his mind. She wouldn’t be the first though and odds are she wouldn’t be the last. Bryan however wasn’t the type to have his code broken for anyone least of all a No Strings Attached lay.

Bryan eyed her up and down and knew what had to be done. “ok Vanessa we can snuggle” He said purposely calling her another woman’s name. In actuality he knew her name was Cynthia but her reaction was perfect.

“Cynthia! My name is Cynthia” she said as she grew irritated

“That’s what I said wasn’t it?” Bryan asked


“no wait don’t go please stay” Bryan said in a monochromatic tone. As he hopped out of bed and headed to the shower to ready for the morning. He knew his roommate heard, and like bryan got used to the morning announcements his roomie had hopefully gotten used to the angry slamming of the door in the morning of the ladies that wanted more. That just wasn’t Bryans scene, though he had nothing against relationships for other people it just wasn’t for him. Alas th day has been begun and there had to be something to do.

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Without having a driver's license buying groceries was way more of chore than it had to be. Barbara was learning this lesson the hard way this Sunday morning as she gripped two plastic bags in one hand and balanced another paper bag filled on her hip. On top of the bag laid her mail, including this month's rent. Barbara was very reliant when it came to her bills and payments. She might not eat for a couple days or do laundry for a week or two but the girl always made sure her dues were paid.

Walking thorough the entry way she was met with the presence of one of the newer residents she had noticed came in within the last month. She smiled and nodded, but didn't stop to talk, as her hands were full and she'd rather not melt the ice cream she bought over small talk. She also wasn't really dressed to impress that morning but she wasn't a total slob either, a tad of make up but her dirty hair done in a braid from a few nights before. Babs rested her bags on the floor so she could get the feeling back in her fingers for a moment before walking down the hallway to the elevator.

Arriving to the elevator she pressed her slender fingers onto the button several times. She knew one press would be enough but several presses seemed to make it go faster- even though it never did. As the door opened, she walked in. She pressed the key for the 4th floor and leaned back against the cold railing inside the elevator shaft. Babs shrugged her tired body, her arm tightening around her bag as the doors reopened. She fiddled with the keys on her key chain that hung from her book bag- as she opened the door with her hip. A strong hint of mint would hit the nose of the young girl and any one within that floor as the door opened for Barbara's place. She always had incense, candles, or some type of air wick type machine going so that her small place didn't reek of weed. Placing her grocery bags on the counter, Barbara proceeded in slipping off her timberlands boots and dropping her book bag into the closet opening right by the door.

Within the apartment wasn't anything too classy, Barbara had a small kitchenette with a table that could seat four people. Her living room had a large couch and television, in the living room also was a desk that held various paperwork and a camera that was taken a part into pieces. Art hung all over the wall, both bought and hand made. A small bathroom down the hallway, and Barbara's bedroom across from that. Her bedroom was fairly packed with clothes, shoes, and other accessories. A bed much larger than what she needed took up most of the space and a bedside table held a lamp and some smoking paraphernalia. If anyone asked they were sculptures from France or something.

After dropping off her stuff and putting the mail on her desk, she began putting away everything that needed to be refrigerated or put into the freezer. It seemed like it was going to be a fairly smooth day, she had gotten all her errands done in an impressive time and would have the rest of the Sunday to do exactly what you were meant to do on Sundays:

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Eliza Nguyen

Waking up at 6:30 and going on a morning run around the city was its own special high. It has been less than 2 weeks since Eliza moved to Suncrest but she has been too busy adjusting to her new life that she was hardly “home”. Home being the apartment space she shared with 4 others. But between the clients, the blog, and her daily exercise routines, it would be a miracle if she used the apartment for anything other than sleeping.

Sweat beads down her forehead and when she reaches the end of her run, Eliza undoes her tied up hair letting the brown curls fall way past her shoulders and down her back. She’s been told that she always smelled like lavender even when working out a sweat and embarrassingly enough she would smell her hair and wrists after every run to find it true. She takes notice of the eyes on her – mostly from men stumbling their way to work. She pretends not to be aware as she pulls out her phone, checking the schedule for the day. It was a Sunday – which meant only one client for the day. So when she receives a text from said client detailing their cancelled work out session Eliza was somewhat thrilled. She walks the short distance back to the apartments, each footstep lighter than the other.

Gleaming with joy about her suddenly free day Eliza practically prances through the door to the apartment. She stops just at the entryway when spotting Vivian, the girl who had originally put up the ad for the apartment hanging around seemingly deep in thought. Eliza hadn’t spoken more than a sentence to anyone since she moved in. At most she acted with formality and small smiles. And with the chaotic schedule she had so far, Eliza was afraid it would be nothing more than those small smiles. So Eliza decides to take this free day as a chance to finally socialize. She walks up to the fridge only to pull out a protein shake and grabs a seat next to Vivian. Eliza remembers that the girl had a work schedule that involved leaving for the night only to return in the morning. And by the time Eliza returned from her morning runs and got ready for work – Vivian was already asleep. So the two hardly ever talked much less see each other around the apartment. But Eliza gives it a go in hopes to at least make a new friend.

“Uh hey Vivian right? I was wondering what kind of fun stuff there is to do here. I unexpectedly have a free day ahead of me.” Eliza gives her a kind smile while taking sips of her shake.
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Rupert Puckett

Interacting with: Vee @Attica / Eliza @KimmiNinja / Geoffrey @HushedWhispers

"Listen, I have a thing this week, I can't really go and don't patronize me. I'm completely fine, okay? I'm over it just get off my ass already." Scratchy-voiced McAngry Ass grunted, exhausted from walking god knows where from and to at 2 in the morning. He couldn't sleep last night, what with 4... 5 mugs of coffee? and 2 bottles of beer in his system. It's not like he had a choice; he had to work on scripts, set-up interviews(call some very stubborn people), write some articles, be on air at 10 in the evening and then manage NOT TO FUCKING SWEAR A STORM UP, IT'S YOUR LAST FUCKING WARNING PERTIE SOME KIDS ACTUALLY LISTEN TO YOUR SHOW MISTER, Whatever Linda. Seriously, what parent would let their child listen to a show called "Down with the dirt, with Pert." at 10 in the fucking evening?!?! S E R I O U S L Y. Anyway, walking around for the past 5 hours apparently works wonders for insomnia, oh wait. NOPE, adrenaline just kicked in because some boy just called, so uhhh still awake! Also it's not just a boy, it's the boy, the ex boyf. He was still not over it, despite the former acknowledgement. Oh, he was far from over it.

It was an 18 year relationship, 3 or 4 years of which were romantic and they were childhood bestfriends. He was basically one of the few friends he had left in his life so it sucked, big time. They were both at fault, Rupert knew it but he just didn't know how to come to terms with it like he does with a lot of things involving emotion. Sadness was starting to kick in, although it was more from being disappointed than being upset and he knew it will just get worse if he starts gloating so he's starting to think maybe he should not be not busy this week. That's right, no dilly-dallying, he needs something proactive... like setting up a party, or climbing a mountain, the former of which he has more experience of than the latter. The sun was rising, and so were the people, and AH, the lovely sound of the morning chaos... was not present. Bummer. It's the weekend and a lot of people love sleeping in, like what's up with that, how can you just sleep in on a day where you practically have 24 hours waiting to be filled with DOING STUFF?!? Disrespectful and such a waste, were the thoughts in mind.

Coming into Suncrest, the weary-eyed but still somehow energetic Pertie stumbled into Lourdes, who was dragging a whack ton of treasure out the hall. "Morning, mamita, the fuck are all these?!" his chirpy ass riddled with intrigue. "Just junk from previous tenants, you want some?" although she probably knew she didn't have to ask that question. "I'll just put my stuff down and then OH MAN, I AM GOING TO DIVE DEEP IN YOUR JUNK MAMA!" ---sounded less inappropriate in his head. He hauled ass to 4F before even acknowledging what went out his mouth. Anything can get Rupert worked up, it's harder to get him disinterested about something than it is to hype him up. He's very driven even if sometimes he is misdirected.

Although he was still getting used to Suncrest, he hasn't had any regrets about moving in so far. He does need to work on the whole knowing your neighbor department, although he's been too busy with uni and work so it wasn't exactly fair game. The place was pretty cozy and the people seem okay, at least on the surface, it's only been no less than three weeks so that opinion might change. Rupert puts his trusty backpack down the clunky office chair by his busy(meaning, Cluttered as a rat king, don't google that) desk. He grabbed his comfy grey sweatshirt and a distressed(like, I've had this since high school and it's worn but it still fits so bite me) jeans, and set it down the bed. The guy doesn't have a daily ritual because of his erratic ass but he does make sure that a bath is within the cycle of a day, there's nothing he enjoys more than a quick refreshing bath to cleanse yesterday's grit off.

After getting fresh and ready to knock Sunday down, sleep not necessary, Rupert grabs a cup of hot chocolate to get a squeeze of a jolt. Taking sips as the warmth fogs up his glasses, he skimmed through his social media, trying to get informed about some latest goings-on and light morning gossip. Nowadays, Twitter and Facebook is littered with shit-talkers and over-sharing people so you don't even have to walk down the street to hear the nasties. Wait up, he thought, catching his reflection on the screen. Helloo, boiiiii, looking good~. It was the natural morning filter from the sun god, he took the opportunity and flipped to instagram, snapping once because the lighting was just too perfect. Before putting it up, he tagged Geoffrey, the next door cutie. They've had this thing about tagging each other on selfies for the past few days now. Is that getting flirty? was it within friendly boundaries? who cares, it's whatever, flush face.

Mutter mutter mutter, ooohh roomies. Pertie skipped out his room, "Heeeyy, ladies, morning!!" rusty throat cracking a bit. It was, Eliza and... Veronica? Valerie? Volta? the lady who put up the ad, anyway, both girls seemed like nice people, girl who is not Eliza was a bit stiff. Maybe a little too much, but hell, Rupert hasn't had time to know either of them so judgement withheld. Because he doesn't have anything planned for the day, he thought maybe he can get to know them a little bit. "OH, have you seen Lourdes' pile of junk downstairs? Let's make like ravens and go scavenge." smiled with teeth, trying to win them over. "It's free stuff, and do you have anything better to do than getting down and dirty with maybe cursed items left behind by the ghosts of Suncrest past? You should come with, come onnnn, it will be fun." smile wider this time. "OH and has anyone had breakfast? I am famished, let's go grab some grub at the Rabbit Hole afterwards." Too much? maybe but it's still their choice so it's whatever and it's an empty Sunday waiting to be filled.
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Domimic Ortega

Dominic woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. Before he could answer he could hear the lady his roommate brought home.
“FUCK NO YOU CALLED ME VANESSA THAT MUST BE ONE OF YOUR OTHER BITCHES, YOU NOW WHAT I DON’T NEED THIS SHIT ITS TOO EARLY IN THE MORNING.” with a frustrated sigh Dominic got out of bed. "Puta Madre." Dominic muttered as he silenced his phone.
Dominic had spent last night with a couple work friends drinking a little hole in the wall bar they found across town. They tended to get wild so he preferred going to bars they frequent rather then his favorite places.
slowly dominic rose from his bed and got dressed in red and black basketball shorts and a black sleeveless undershirt. Rubbing his face Dominic opens his door and looks out to see a woman leave the apartment.

"Well that's festive..." Dominic muttered as he headed to the kitchen to make some coffee. Quickly he realized he had a phone call, sluggishly Quickly he looked at his phone and saw the number in the call log with a 2 minute message. It was a girl he met while out drinking a while back. It was odd that she called him so often as last time they had been face to face he had kicked her boyfriend's ass for being an ass. Just thinking about that night made his hand hurt when I find out he gave her my number... he thought as he headed back towards the kitchen. I don't got time for this he thought as he quickly goes to contacts and sends his roommate a text. thanks for the wake up, not like I wanted to sleep in ass. he typed with a smile. Dom knew his roommate knew that he was joking around. Im gonna make some coffee I'm hung over so I don't wanna cook or drive.
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Jeanne Croft


Jeanne sighed and went to her wardrobe, pulling out her clothes. There was very little different about each individual one, other than the colours of them, but she eventually went with a black pair of yoga pants, pulling them up and bemoaning the fact that she looked completely average in them. She had gotten a pretty good thing going what with walking a few miles from the train station to work every day that kept her in shape, but she knew she should probably be doing squats or something to make sure all that muscle was in the right place and toned.

Through one of the walls, she could hear someone shouting about being called the wrong name, causing Jeanne to cringe as she pulled on a yellow t-shirt. Yay for obscure references from a film that really wasn't obscure. Seriously, she loved KB to death, and it was right behind Pulp Fiction as her favourite Tarantino movie of all time, but apparently most people sort of knew it as 'Uma Thurman kills a bunch of people in a restaurant.' For shame.

When that was done, she picked up her keys and phone, and walked out the door, her deadbolt clicking as she pulled it shut. With her eyes closed for a second however, she walked straight into someone, sending both of them over. "I'm... I'm so sorry!" She stammered and got up, brushing down her clothing before offering a hand to the stranger.
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Geoff's Location; Apartment 4E → Making his way towards The Rabbit Hole
Grant's Location; Apartment 4E → Wandering around the hallways
Interacting With; Each Other, mostly
"Dude! Really?!"

Geoff shouted as he was waken up by one of his brother's stupid pranks. He groaned loudly as Grant was still videotaping him, laughing to himself as Geoff shoved him out of the way so that he could go to the bathroom and clean himself off. "And there you have it, folks. This has been another G. Kil Production." Grant said and a thumbs up gesture followed as he shut off his video camera then went towards the bathroom door and leaned against. "So sorry, bro but you know not to stay sleep whenever I am around." Grant commented as Geoff opened the bathroom door furiously and eyed his brother, his eyes rolled as he walked past him.

"One more prank on me while I am trying to get my beauty rest and I'll kick you out." Geoff said as Grant eyed him with an innocent smile, which caused Geoff to smile then they both could not help but to burst out laughing. "I hate you, Grant." Geoff said as he started to make his bed then Grant shook his head. "I love you, too." Grant muttered while leaving his brother's room and going inside of his own room. Instead of Grant starting to make his own bed, he logged onto YouTube and uploaded some of his newest videos even the one from a few minutes ago. "Hey! Do you have to work today?" Grant questioned towards Geoff, who waltzed inside of Grant's room, nodding his head.

"Indeed I do. When have you not known for me to work?" Geoff responded as Grant turned towards his brother, shoulders shrugging as he now stood up. "Yeah, you do work an awful lot." Grant said as Geoff raised a brow at him. "An awful lot? Have you been watching those Medieval shows off of my Netflix again?!" Geoff asked as Grant scoffed then turned away from his brother. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for work?" At that, Geoff walked out of his brother's room and into his own, where his phone chimed with a notification.

It was Pertie. A somewhat warm feeling came over him as he opened the notification that sent him to Instagram and there was a picture, well selfie, of Pertie and he was tagged into it. With a raised brow of curiosity and without a second thought, Geoff started to type a comment underneath the picture. 'Ooh, looking good, Pertie. ;)' Geoff hit the post button and the comment was now visible to Pertie and everyone else. His eyes went towards the rather tiny time onto the top of his phone as he groaned, already being just a little bit late for work.

"Grant! Grant!" Geoff called out as his brother came running towards him room now, opening the door and panting from the small run. "What? Everything okay?" Grant questioned towards Geoff, who was looking in the mirror then turned towards his brother with a smirk. "Does this uniform make me look fat?" With a chuckle, Geoff finished getting ready for work as he walked past his brother, ruffling his hair before going towards the exit. "Oh, since you don't have work or class, you could clean up the apartment." Geoff mentioned as he sauntered out of the door, not caring about his brother's response and going towards The Rabbit Hole.

Grant heard Geoff's words and knew that he needed to get some much needed cleaning supplies for the apartment before he did indeed clean it. So, Grant grabbed his smaller video camera and headed out of his apartment, wondering around in the hallways and turning on his camera. "Hello there, people of YouTube! Just going to the market to get some supplies so I can clean the apartment today. Boring, right? But who knows what trouble I may get into along the way." Grant said into the camera. "Stay tuned, folks!" His voice shouted as he shut the camera off for a moment now, continuing his little trek throughout the halls.
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Kaitlyn Elise Holliday

@Lady Selune

Buried underneath a clump of blankets and pillows, Kate lifted her head up and looked at the time on her clock. It was too early to be up on a Sunday, but with all the commotion outside she couldn't go back to sleep. She had lived in this area for only a few weeks, still not used to living life on the opposite side of the country. She probably had to get her ass out of bed now. Getting up and hearing a pillow fall to the ground, the mechanic sighed. She had the day off today, but since she was new to this area, she had no idea as to what she should do in her spare time. She didn't know all the cool spots, or what there was to do here. Maybe she could go exploring today or get to know her roommates better. As long as it wasn't spending the whole day in her bedroom. As tempting as it sounded, she knew that it probably wasn't going to be good for her.

Getting out of bed, she took a deep breath and sighed, shuffling out of her room and making a beeline for the bathroom to get freshened up for the day. Luckily nobody was using it, which allowed Kate to take care of herself a little better. A few minutes later and Kate was out, ready to take on the day. Donning this outfit, which totally was not biased toward any brand or anything like that, she emerged from her room once again. Her roommates were in the main rooms chattering amongst themselves. As Kate walked past she gave a brief wave and smile before hastily going for the door outside. Truth be told, she still didn't know everyone's names. There were a couple girls named Vivian and Eliza, as well as another girl with a name super similar to her own. She struggled to remember the male roommate's name, it was like Robert or Roland or something like that. He was cool, though, based off of the few interactions she had with him.

Walking out the door, her lanyard with her keys and whatnot in hand, she was probably going to hit up a Starbucks and grab herself some coffee and breakfast if she liked what she saw there. Walking down the hallway, Kate pulled out her iPhone and started to look through her emails and texts. Most of her emails were just promotional offers from the shops that she frequented, but Kate wasn't a stranger to them and often pounced on those offers. All they needed was one that sounded remotely decent and she was on it like glue. It was kind of chilly outside, but Kate had a feeling it would be a little better by the time the afternoon rolled around.

Still keeping her eyes on her phone, she suddenly felt an impact and was knocked on her butt. Some wind was knocked out of her, but Kate was ultimately fine. She looked up to see a pink-haired lady look very shocked, although very apologetic. "It's okay. I'm alright." Kate took the hand to get herself back on her feet. "You alright, though? I wasn't looking so I probably ran into you. I'm sorry." Kate chuckled sheepishly before realizing that this lady most likely lived here, which was super close to her apartment. "Hey, you live here? I'm Kate, and I live down at 4F." Kate gestured to the door back there, hoping the lady was at least friendly.
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Damien Rankin

6 hours. That was a start.

Damien awoke from his sleep underneath his duvet covers, rubbing his eyes with depleted energy. God did he need more than 6 hours, but luckily, that was the norm. With a few strains of his body he tried to pick himself up enough to turn the phone on, wanting to make sure it was going to be a nice day. His bare eyes were exposed to the fully bright screen, making the idiot flinch as the screen hit him full force. He muttered a few curses under his breath before flicking through missed messages from the night. His messenger usually got a few stragglers after he'd gone to bed but luckily there wasn't too much to be worried about this morning. With a sigh he prepared to actually kick the sheets off and get out of bed.

After undertaking such an arduous task of removing himself from his bed he yawned, slipping on a pair of trousers and a band t-shirt he'd acquired from a gig not too long ago. He looked at the clock, biting down on his tongue as he realised he didn't have much to do today but one long lay and his sleep would go out the window. Too late to turn back now, plus it seemed his new roomie wasn't awake yet so that was an added bonus. Glasses on, the brush went to work on his hair, wanting to look a little presentable for the coming day because it seemed there was people already outside and from what he had heard, if he didn't show face, no one was going to like him. Popularity wasn't his goal, he just needed some people to go drinking with instead of nights in with wine.

Before he'd go on such a dangerous venture for someone who preferred the comfort of his computer chair, he got out of his room, patting himself down as he put on a light purple plaid shirt that he felt went well with his black t-shirt. of course this was for casual, if he actually intended on leaving the complex he'd be putting on much more of a show than something so tame and dull, but he didn't want one of the more refined people here to comment on his fine choices of sweater vests.

His coffee was made smoothly, no hinderences in the morning routine, and it seemed the mysterious roommate was awake yet either. he shrugged, his hot cup of coffee in hand, sipping on it slightly. The mug was decorated with a logo of Samuel L Jackson pointing a gun from pulp Fiction, one of Damien's favourite movies. As he sipped on his coffee and felt the caffeine already coming to help him wake up, he returned to his bedroom and turned his attention to the computer. Great, it'd been on all night. He quickly did a quick save of his draft for the newest novel, giving it a quick skim and sighing. He'd have to gut this chapter for sure, probably change the whole tone in the process. It just, didn't flow.

After that ordeal, he put the empty mug down and put on his red converse shoes, getting ready to leave the apartment and grinning as he could properly hear the radio. He'd taken a breakfast bar with him and ate at it a little as he lazily walked down the hallways, looking for something interesting to at least see or talk to. God were sundays boring, everyone that he worked for or placed orders wouldn't start sending requests until like 1pm.

So here he was, trying his best not to look suspicious, instead he just came off as tired and looked pretty odd wandering in the halls at such a pace.
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The sun had only just made its way into the sky and already this day was finding ways to slap her in the face. Vern woke up at her desk, ostensibly called her work desk but more often than not was used for anything other than work; this wasn't the first time she had fallen asleep at the desk and thus woke up with a stiff neck and a slight headache, but this was one of the first times where she woke up in a small pile of dried caffeinated beverage. It was fortunate that she hadn't been working on her pages last night since it was likely they'd be ruined now. That didn't stop the folly of her decision, namely sleeping next to a mostly full can of Pepsi, from biting her in the ass. Or, as the case was, sticking her face to the desk. Vern's first act that morning was slowly dealing with the stinging pain that came when having to literally peel skin out of a puddle of pisswater pop.

That was going to leave a vibrant red mark.

Vern's work desk was like a warzone. Empty soda cans lined around it like trophies, with greasy snack food bags strewn about, though plenty of those lined the floors along with wrappers from hamburger places. When she was younger and living with a room that was a different sort of messy, with clothes and papers all around, her grandmother often compared the room to a sty. If only gran could see Vern's room now. A pig's sty was probably more inviting to the average person. Vern didn't think it was so bad. For one thing more of the floor was visible than wrappers, and there were still plenty of cans and packages in the garbage bin...just that there was no longer any room for anything else. It could've been much, much worse. It had been worse before, at the apartment she was living in before Suncrest. Buncha controlling assholes at that place.

With her face unstuck and her eyes adapting to the much too early wake up time, the memories of the night before slowly came back. She stayed in. Of course she did, it was a Saturday night. She did some pages. Drank a six pack...though not of beer. Ordered some take out. Didn't tip the deliveryman. DID tip the girl on the computer a crisp ten dollars for the show. Downed a few more. Left the television on. Passed out without pants on. That explained the attire, the same shirt she wore on Friday being her present clothing, complete with stains that were probably there even before she put it on.

"Wild night." Vern yawned to herself as she reached for the white box of Chinese food that was just sitting there near her desk. "Still fresh." There was a plastic fork sticking out of the box of fried rice with extra egg and though it had been out all night, Vern still took a bite. It didn't go down easy, and the rice was...crispy? Cold, clammy egg and cold beef. Not the most nutritious breakfast but hunger worked in mysterious ways. She took a second bite and nearly hurled. Then she took a third bite and decided that even she had her limits.

Vern set the Chinese box aside, it'd be thrown out when garbage day rolled around. She didn't want spoiled take out smelling up the room and ruining the pleasant odor of hamburger and sugar that permeated the room presently. And with her mind on sugar, Vern stood from her desk chair, stretching her arms above her head, and sighing at the chub on her arm. Another thing her grandmother would have complaints about. Best not to dwell on it. The pantsless artist crossed the gap from her desk to her bed, specifically to the mini-fridge that sat near her bed...for those late night sodas and early morning chugs. "What? No no no. FUCK!" The fridge, as Vern opened it, was empty. She just put a twenty four pack in there on Friday.

It was Sunday!

Vern didn't plan on leaving today, but what other choice did she have? Her fridge had to be stocked. It was the only way she could live. And work. And be responsible. The corner store wasn't terribly far but it still meant having to be a functional adult and changing into clothes that weren't three days old. People could always tell. Maybe the shop was open now. Maybe she could get there, grab some cans, and maybe have time for a breakfast sandwich. Extra egg.

Tossing her stained shirt to the floor, Vern picked up a purple t-shirt also from the floor. After giving it the sniff test, she put it on, then took it off when she saw a much more noticeable stain covering up the funny little graphic on the front. Another shirt, red, was given the sniff test, passed, and put on. There was a hole on the bottom right, but no stains that Vern could see. Good. An old pair of shorts made up for her lack of pants. "I look like a reverse tomato." Her shorts were a rather ugly green and with her red top she lamented the tomato comment with a slight grin. Had she grown? She remembered those shorts going to her knees but now they barely managed to get past the thighs. It was fine. She was just popping down to the shop.

Grabbing her purse, or rather her wallet, and keys, Vern left the safety and comfort of her room, closing and locking the door behind her. Keep the head down. Keep walking. Surely no one would bump into her.
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Aiden Langford

Interacting with: Damien Ramkin @Scallop

Aiden was starting to get used to his new apartment. It didn't smell of apples and cinnamon like his old one did, but he welcomed the clean, odorless scent as a good change of pace. It was better than the sweaty grime that he was used to when he shared a room with his brother and he appreciated his new roommate for that. "Waking up with all of the blankets is also nice," he thought, perhaps trying too hard to look at his break up in a positive light. The warmth of the blanket made him reluctant to get up. So instead, he reached for his phone and began to scroll down on some of random social media app.

He instantly regretted his decision when he stumbled upon a picture of his ex with his friend Tyler. He was tempted to throw the phone at the wall, but instead dropped it on the bed beside him. He then tossed the cover off of himself and did his morning routine, trying not to let too many little things remind him of Val.

Once he was somewhat presentable, wearing a plain black t-shirt and jeans, he poured himself a bowl of cereal. As he mindlessly ate the bowl of off-brand Frosted Flakes, he realized that it was Sunday. He finally has a day off. No more packing, moving, and unpacking. No school because it's the weekend. The library was also closed on Sundays. And there he was. Finally alone with his thoughts. "Shit."

He quickly finished his breakfast and washed the dishes. He needed to get out and do something, meet people, or whatever. If he was lucky, his roommate would be somewhere down the hall. He had never gotten the chance to talk to his roommate beyond the basic introductions and house rules. Aiden hoped that he didn't seem rude but he had been on auto-pilot mode for the past couple of weeks. He slipped into his sneakers, and made it out the door. Of course, not forgetting to lock it after.

He then saw a familiar mop of dark hair and called out, "Damien!" He quickened his pace to catch up with his roommate. "H-how's it going, man? Sorry we never got to talk. I've been busy... You know how it is." He slid both his hands into his jean pockets and hoped that he didn't come across as weird as he thought he did. He forgot how hard it was to meet people. Like in the wild.
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Katie slowly rises from her slumber to the faint sounds of talking. Groggily she reached over to her bedside table for her phone to see that it was just after 8:30. Groaning she covered her face with her arm. She didn't feel like getting up but knew it'd probably be best if she did. She sat up outta bed and started heading for the bathroom in order to get a nice dose of hot water to the face in order to wake up.

Minutes later the red head exited the bathroom heading back to her room. She decided to just throw on some comfortable casual clothes because she didn't feel like going to church or anywhere really today. Picking her phone back up she saw a text from Alex. Grunting she silenced the phone. Katie wasn't in the mood to deal with anything this early. Walking to the main room she saw the majority of her new roommates chatting up. She waved to them as she walked towards the fridge. She produced out of it the rest of the smoothie she had from last night. Turning to her roommates she said, "Did I hear the word free?"
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Jeanne Croft


"Thats good." Jeanne smiled. Accidentally causing someone to break something would be a fantastic way to start off her Sunday morning, that was for sure. As for where she lived... Well, she supposed it was the same complex, not like she would be super safe if the lady was some kind of rapist... Even though Jeanne was pretty sure she wouldn't mind that considering how little she had been getting any this past... Well, this past whole of her life. "Yeah, I'm just in 4G. It's ah, one of the singles."

She stuck her hand out again, this time not to help her up but to greet her, when she saw a familiar slob walk out of her room and shuffle along. Verne. Since when was Verne up before 11 on a Sunday? And more importantly, when did she leave her room? The scientist knew it was weird for neat-freak her to be friends with Vern, but even she had to admit that sitting in a room being so intimately comfortable with yourself was pretty nice. Sometimes she envied the other girl for being able to not have the urge to immediately wash everything up, and then she remembered that she only visited 4A, and didn't spend her actual life there.

Whew, that was a kinda long thought, and here she was standing awkwardly. Waving her friend over, and hoping this new girl didn't get freaked out by her, she smacked herself on her head once her hand was shaken. "My bad, I didn't even give you my name. Jeanne. Jeanne Croft."
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@Lady Selune@Bee

Technically, no one bumped into her, though almost as soon as she started the needlessly long march down the hall towards the stairs, something entered her field of vision - which was a rather impressive feat considering her gaze was practically glazed over. She wasn't exactly anti-social on the best of days, but given the nature of her 'quest' as it was, how could she really face the more early risers of the complex? Then again, why should they care how she spent her money? She was over thinking it. It was early. She should've been asleep. Or at least building up the caffeine rush to have the appearance of being active and awake.

Fortunately, the wave didn't belong to the landlady who would probably have some choice words for her, like any other landlord, but rather the unmistakable vibrant hair of Jeanne. Vern would recognize the hair anywhere. Well, almost anywhere, depending on how cognizant she was. At least it was Jeanne, there was a friendly sort of rapport between the two of them, thanks in part to Vern giving the vibrant med student a place to vent. It was a give and take sort of thing. Vern took up Jeanne's time -which was surely precious, or moreso than Vern's own - and in return Jeanne gave Vern amusing anecdotes.

While she hadn't known every resident of the hall (nor did she probably want to), Jeanne had always been decent, even with Jeanne's relatively new arrival. It seemed like longer than a month. Clearly Vern had enjoyed the bitch sessions.

After once again glancing down at her...garish attire and glad that she opted against the more unclean variant of shirt, Vern shuffled her way towards her friend and the stranger that she was talking with.

"Yo, J.J.," Vern's voice was still in that early morning rasp, with a scratchy tone. Turning her head from the two, she cleared her throat, fixing that unfortunate problem easily enough. "You workin' today? Don't they know about weekends?" Her voice was normal now, the rasp to her voice less scratchy and full of phlegm and more husky as one would assume a smoker to have. "Who's your friend and is Adidas paying her?"
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Bryan Alexanders

interacting with@misscapncrunch

Scrolling through his Tumblr Bry got a notification from Dom that made him chuckle. “No prob bro you know how it is…imam just come out there” He said finishing up his text. After sending the text bry would put on his pajama top that looked Exactly like a suit but was made of silk. Even his slippers looked reminiscent of a pair of shoes. Most would get a kick out of this but to Bry this was just his norm nothing felt more natural to him than wearing a suit…well almost nothing.

“Yo bro what is good?” He asked Dom, “Im guessing not that hangover that is visible all over your face. I told you about drinking that cheap shit.” He said as Dom started the coffee. The two haven’t been living together long. A little less than 2 months but the two clicked like gears. Bryan saw dom as the Bro he had always wanted but took decades to find. On chill days they were found bullshitting or settling random ass disputes over bouts in laser tag. Neither of which really know the win loss score, but Bry is up by 1…Head cannon.

“I gotta be honest I never expected her to get so pissed but she was talking about cuddling or snuggling or some shit that’s just wrong like no strings attached means NO STRINGS ATTACHED and cuddling or snuggling is the start of strings getting attached. Well for what its worth I’m gonna head over to Dimitri’s and get a burger ill let you nurse that hangover bro and for future reference leave that bottom shelf shit alone.” Bry said as he headed over to his room and then to his closet where he looked at his huge wardrobe of suits.

“What to wear what to wear” He thought to himself as he ultimately settled on
after picking out what he was wearing he wrapped a towel around himself after disrobing and headed to the bathroom that he and Dom shared. Bryan would take a solid 45min shower meticulously making everything that needed to be done WAS done after clearing his head he headed back to his room to apply all of his after shower product. Finally getting everything done and fully dressed Bryan caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, “Well Damn Bry this is why you stay in trouble. The devil never looked so good” he said to himself as he exited his room.

On his way out a thought occurred to Bry, “Damn it’s a gorgeous Sunday and I really have nothing to do…HMM..Well as the saying goes when in doubt party out” He said as he remembered Bright Eyes from 4B. She was one of the few people he had the pleasure of actually meeting and had showed him a few of the sights here not long after his arrival. She like him was a bit of a party girl and Bry knew that if he was Gonna throw a party he would need an ace in a hole and that was Bright Eyes.

Upon exiting the apartment, he saw a small gathering in the hallway he stopped and introduced himself. exchanging greetings with any that were there but excused himself rather quickly as he made his way to 4B. Delivering a few knocks to the door and awaited an answer.
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It was already thirty minutes past 8. Vee was in the middle of assessing the things she could possibly do on a unbridled Sunday. Staying in with a good book seems fine. Greeted by the delightful sunshine through the window, she realized this would be too good of a day to waste.

"I wonder if Barnes and Nobles has anything good this week. I should drop by. Maybe before lunch. In the meantime how about visiting the park? Enjoy a little sunshine. Take a walk. Watch people. Feed the pigeons. That could be fun.(???) Which reminds me, just ran out of eggs. Hmm, Omelets for dinner perhaps? I should really cook for a change." Taking a sip from her coffee, the bland room temp liquid made her shudder. " And get something good at the Rabbit Hole later... " Eerily out of touch with reality, Vee wouldnt have noticed somebody sitting beside her if they hadnt spoken, her stare turned to the woman next to her, in an obvious look of surprise. It was her roomate Eliza.

Personally, Eliza seemed like a nice girl yet that's as far as she can say about her. It just occurred to her that she's yet to properly know everyone in 4F. In her defense, her work schedule's a bit complicated. Moments like this, like talking face to face, can be very rare.

"Hey." she let out the friendliest smile she can manage. "Yes that would be me." Her greeting came off a bit stiff, her on duty atmosphere was still sticking. Vivian can't really know for sure what to suggest to Eliza when she asked about fun things to do, retracing her earlier plans she has a feeling Eliza wouldn't really dig her own idea of "fun".

"Well. Not much to be honest. I barely engage in anything around here. " That sounded a bit depressing. All the more since it was true. Vee managed to suggest the most obvious she can think of. "If you're the partying type there's local nightclub just a few blocks across the street. I've gone there once. It's very lively." She had gone once, and thought she should never again. Not by herself at least. From her experience people over there can get a little pesky.

In the peaceful air of their conversation there was a unsuspecting noise Vee has yet to get used to, the noise of Pertie coming in the direction of the apartment door. The man is a bundle of energy, just when youre in the same room as him he'd suck the living energy out of you. That's how Vee feels about him, still barely knowing him though there could be something more to his merry personality.

"Yeah, I've seen." She wasn't particularly fond of his suggestion of scavenging. She had already denied Lourdes' request though there wont be a problem with them doing so as long as they keep their stuff in their respective rooms and out of her sight. Since the day's too early to be starting her plans, with only little else to do it wouldn't hurt if she'd spend some time with her roommates, it's about she does time anyway. Not long Katie slipped into the kitchen with them, fresh from the bed as she made her way to the fridge. Like the rest of her roomates she's yet to get to know her.

"I'm about to go out and do some errands. I suppose we could meet at the Rabbit Hole for lunch." After a short while Vivian excused herself, and took that blissful shower. It took her a good fourty minutes to take it all in, and after she picked her dress for the day, her usual buttoned up flannel and a pair of jeans she went off to start her day.

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Damien Rankin


He'd been lost in his own thoughts as he wandered aimlessly down the halls. hell, that peace wasn't going to last long and he knew that before even setting off. Most people were at home on a day like this so there was sure to be some kind of commotion. Not to mention all the new residents. It'd been about 2 weeks or so since they started flooding in, an interesting change of pace in Damien's books, he was happy something interesting was happening at least. But wasn't there a place with 5 bedrooms or something according to what he'd heard? That meant parties.

With a smirk he finished off his breakfast bar and let out a sigh. What was he going to do today? Probably go to the cafe later on and check out bars if he had the chance. Even though he was self-employed on sundays and other public holidays, he'd snatch the chance for a break from work. It usually meant losing money but he could nab it all back quick as he'd lost it. He chuckled a little thanking himself for not being a gambler. However a familliar voice interrupted him.

He turned around with an amused grin, shaking his head a little at how flustered he was. "pfft morning Aiden, and here I was beginning to wonder if that wonderful announcement didn't wake you up" He smirked again and looked around a bit. "Honestly, don't worry about it, I've had roommates before that never talked to me, I'm impressed you're talking to me now to be honest. So do tell, how are you settling in, met anyone else besides my gracious and beautiful face?"
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Kaitlyn Holliday

@Fabricant451@Lady Selune

Finding out the lady had lived down in 4G, Kate was quick to start reciting the alphabet mentally to get an idea of how far that was from her apartment. It was actually the unit right next to hers, which was sort of humiliating once you put it into perspective. Kate couldn't even go past a unit without running into someone.

Taking the lady's hand and shaking it, she looked at the sound of shuffling to see a tomato looking figure emerge from a room. Upon a closer look, it turned out to be a woman - someone she had never seen before in her time here. Based on the way she carried herself and how Kate felt, the lady either didn't give a damn in the world or was just too lazy to care about most things. Kate understood where she was coming from, as she was pretty much the same way. There wasn't much she cared about besides her clothes and her cars. Not enough time in the world for that.

Watching her come over, Kate couldn't help but to smile at the girl's comment about her being sponsored by Adidas. She wished. Kate put her hand up in a half-assed wave of sorts, "Kate. Nice to meet you." She put her hand down into a fold, looking at Jeanne. "So, how do you two know each other?"
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