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It'd be noted that David throughout the whole course of the conversations and the visions and so forth had been deathly quiet, maybe due to the utter shock of the realization of humanity's creation and having been agnostic the majority of his life. He did however... know something was about to go down as he reached into his thick plated riding coat for something of particular note. This turned out to be a M9 pistol, loaded with a clip and no round in the chamber as he'd follow after Cyl still, both hands in the proper position and gun pointed to the ground on safe as he'd keep off to the side with Cyl.

A muffled voice would come from the helmet as he'd ask a very brief and simple question to Cyl as he looked wide eyed at the sudden summoning of winged soldiers who took on who he wagered were either U.S. Army grunts or possibly even Marines like himself. A loud cry of surprised escaped his mouth as he'd turn his helmet covered head to look at Cyl almost pleadingly, "Do... something, whatever the hell you all are. Just try and give me a damn assault rifle or something, don't know what is going on and I don't want to die or see anyone injured here."
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A Promise Delivered


Amos gave no care for Delthrael's words, and showed just as much when he spoke them. Then the soldiers had come, he knew not how or by what means, but they had found them. They fired with a fixed aggression, not unlike his own. Courage in the face of battle after all, was his domain, it was time to show them all the true powers of a God.

Bullets hit him over and over again falling like pennies to the ground, but Amos made no sign that he felt anything, though his clothes were beginning to show holes. His smile grew wider, he had not felt so...Strong for such a very long time. He honed in on the soldiers, and in one leap he landed in front of two. Before they could react, he reached out- grabbing both of their helmets by the sides and then crushed them together. There was a sickening pop and they both fell lifeless to the ground, Amos did not like to use his hands but without his sword, he had no other choice. More bullets struck him, tearing apart his shirt and leaving it in tatters but he carried on to the next group of soldiers unscathed still.

He grappled with a soldier, breaking his neck, then throwing his body into his comrades. He quickly finished them off as they screamed, another hail of bullets bounced off him. This time they came from a building two stories up just in front of him. Amos gained some momentum, then jumped at them, shattering the very wall and leaving a sizable hole. Debris flew everywhere and their frantic shouts were quickly silenced by the God. He moved back to the hole, and to his surprise, some type of missile hit his chest. The explosion bathed him in fire and sent him falling as the floor gave out. He fell onto the ground outside the building amidst the wall wreckage. It buried him, but Amos found it amusing that such a crude weapon could cause so much damage. Impressive for a human, he was sure, but not to him. He pushed his way out of the debris, dust and smoke pooled together as a fire raged inside the unlucky building behind him.

Gunfire still waged on around him, he wondered how his siblings fared. He had to admit however, the soldiers were committed and he respected that but they had little chance against them. They were but ants underneath a boot, quickly squashed.



The people celebrating in the town of Maybell new something was amiss in their small slice of heaven when army helicopters began to arrive. They disrupted the festivities and soon enough someone was calling out for them to vacate the town, effect immediately. People shouted angrily, others began to whip out their phones and start recording, and confusion ran rampant.

Then the gunshots started, and the crowds hushed as they listened, then the screams began as people realized something was happening. Something bad, in their small town. Confusion turned to panic as families began to call out for their loved ones. Children cried as chaos drove the masses. Then an explosion rang in the distance and people began to run away from the whatever was happening.

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Regales smiled softly when his newfound artist calmed down. Now he could explain everything "you see I have been around for a long time and I've seen artworks tha5 changed the very face of this earth. From Michelangelos David to da vinchis Mona Lisa. Each piece of art changes our perceptions of the world around us. Your artwork though street art has that hidden potential. The problem is only in your willingness to leave this box and change not just the art world but the world itself.

He was still resistant but he then just looked skeptical as if he was given 3 wishes and didn't know their was a catch. He then asked "what do you get out of this? Why try to help me" but regales simply grinned before saying "simply promise you will never mention me as your inspiration. Never say my name in any interview you may get or documentary you get filmed in. Keep me anonymous and I will giv3 you the keys to the proverbial kingdom" he scoffed as if it were easy but Regales knew it was easier said then done. He had to keep his name from entering the world of art of he would be sought out by pretenders wanting to be the next big thing. Regales did his best work when he was just a kind stranger. He said "deal now what are you talking about when you say inspiration?"
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Hiyori Kozlovsky


Of course this guy knew and naturally, was looking to see where it took him. Hiyori was anticipating that and her expression lightened a little. She leaned back and crossed her arms, keeping her tone a bit hushed. "Yea. You aren't the only one. I heard that shit awhile ago, just after... Well, that doesn't matter. Don't have any idea what it means but here I am, wandering around like some asshole trying to find the stupid thing."

There were some reservations that Hiyori still possessed about this man and about the bell. Mainly she didn't want to exactly disclose she was someone from the underbelly of society. Even if this bell promised something greater, Hiyori's reputation could certainly still be leveraged against her. There were also some doubts that she had about revealing the particularly strange episode of her blasting that guy into the wall of her apartment. That wasn't natural and if anything could be garnered from movies or manga, it was that the hero always played their cards close to the chest if they were smart.

As a sort of counter demonstration, the piece of shit customer who had ordered a shit load of food and thus delayed Hiyori's meal likely, was boasting loudly about some stupid shit. It was easy to hear her comment about the very thing Hiyori and this guy were talking about. "Eavesdropping asshole..." Hiyori muttered just loud enough for lunch companion to hear as he, no doubt, also heard. Of course Hiyori didn't take the other woman's words at face value, believing fully that she was just throwing a sarcastic taunt at them.

Hiyori would be entirely content on letting the woman leave without further thought but her dining companion might say something otherwise. Regardless, her attention would turn from the conversation and focus on something in the restaurant. No other patrons and an incompetent waitress retrieving some common snack food, left Hiyori to focus in on the TV. As some talking heads were offering their opinion on some bullshit news, the camera cut them off and instead focused on someone else. A man with a very solemn expression on his face was mouthing some words as the TV was muted. Hiyori's attention naturally shifted down to the headline. Terror Attack in Maybell Oregon ...

What the fuck? Hiyori's expression seethed into something tense. Why was this going on right now and why the hell did Hiyori believe that this place sounded familiar? She had never been to Oregon in her life and now, all of a sudden, she has an attachment to this town? Fuck. It has to be the bell. Considering all the coincidences up to this point, this was some narrative that was all tied together. "Shit."
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A fresh face, A new start

Gage awoke to a rain drop not so gently plopping on his nose. He opened his eyes slowly and took in his surroundings that he was awaking to. He was siting on a tree branch, back to the tree trunk, and had fallen asleep the previous night looking at the stars above. Now it was raining, and the sudden arrival of stormy weather surprised Gage. He wobbled on his branch having lost balance due to the surprise, then fell off the branch. It was not a very long fall, the fall itself lasting only two seconds, but when he landed Gage landed on his back. His head slammed against the ground and all of the wind in his body was knocked out of him all at once. Gage took a few moments to catch his breath and compose himself. He willed his inner energy to blossom and mentally recited an oath that was as familiar to him as his own hand.

    Burn the sickness in the flame Burn the sickness that would maim
    Burn the illness by your might Burn the illness in your light
    Heal me of illness and pain Heal me of all that is bane
    Heal me and set me free With my will so must it be

A faint light blue aura glimmered off of Gages body. Gage kept his eyes closed, hands holding his head and body slightly twitching, but as he mentally recited the spell in his head the pain he felt started to dim. He could feel where he felt pain on his body and he could feel the pressure points where the pain was the most intense. With his will he healed his slight head pain and back pain, mentally able to see which dots connected. For a moment his back and head felt numb, then that feeling along with any other pain or numbness went away. The light blue aura disappeared suddenly as well. Gage sighed, realizing what a waste of energy that was to use his power for something like that. It was slightly ridiculous but he had not meant to initially start that. It was more of a reflex than anything. Gage has been practicing using his powers quite a lot lately, feeling that using his power would be more efficient in the art of healing towards vital injuries. But he did not want to replace his knowledge of medicine with this power which is he kept his book on medicine with him in his bag. Gage has read this book over a dozen times, but every time he reads he remembers things from the book a little better or he realizes he missed something and learns something he did not know before.

Gage opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. He remembered he had been traveling on foot through Oregon now for the last two weeks and at the moment he believes he remembers seeing a sign saying he was in a place called Maybell before he found this delightful tree to nap on. The sound of rain pouring from the sky was almost deafening to Gages just woken senses. Gage walked around the tree and picked up his backpack which had fallen in the opposite direction that he had fell. Placing it over his shoulder Gage wiped his face as he started to walk towards the opposite direction that he remembered coming from. Oregon seemed very.....well plain would be a bad word for it but Oregon was not one of Gages favorite places. Out of all of the places he has visited in his travels he would never say Oregon was a must see location. Or at least most of it wasn't.

Gage heard the distinct sound of sirens blaring after a few more hours of walking. As he walked he also heard a rather unusual amount of aircrafts approaching overhead. Gage had no idea what was causing enough problems to warrant all of these different sounds but it piqued his curiousity. He had travelled in this direction for a purpose and did not want to veer of course too much but it sounded as if people might be hurt. Gage walked towards where most of these sounds seemed to be originating from, hoping that soon he would be able to figure out what was going on.

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Luclie: we interrupt this conversation

Luke sipped at his coffee as he listened silently to her words. Perfect. It wasn't a lot of information, but it was enough to assure himself that it wasn't just in his head. He lowered his mug once he had emptied it. "All that matters is that you find it, right?" he mused as he reached for the coffee pot.

As the other patron loudly devoured her sickeningly large meal, Luke couldn't help but glance over. He filled his coffee mug and watched her as he sipped, a morbid curiosity overtaking him. Eavesdropping asshole, came a low mutter from the other side of the booth. Luke didn't immediately respond, but placed down his once-again empty mug and raised an eyebrow. "Did she say her mother was a goddess?"

Then he shook his head. She must be crazy, spouting off stories and not able to tell fact from fiction. He kind of pitied her, so lost in her apparent madness that she would announce such things with confidence to strangers. Still, her mention of the bell caught his attention. He stared at her as he reached for the coffee pot - now empty, he realized as he turned it upside down over his mug.


Luke turned his attention to his companion as she spoke again. She was focusing on something else entirely: his eyes followed hers to the television, which was now showing shakey cellphone footage of the attack. Maybell, Oregon. His lips were parted with shock. The bell - he knew it had to be related. That must be where they were going.

He glanced back across the table. The woman's expression changed; she clearly felt it too. It was now or never.

"Listen, you and I both know that whatever's happening there, has to do with this bell." He spoke quickly, and not as quietly as he would have liked. "We need to get there fast. Let me come with you. Safety in numbers, especially when facing something like this."
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Hiraga - It has begun

She couldn't feel it, him yet, but there weren't many things that could spook Death, and half as many people. Right now, only one came to mind. As if on cue, a fairy appeared behind the same window as Iratze before, knocking furiously. Hiraga was right over, and listened to the little winged sprite whisper into her ear. "Maybell, Oregon." She called out to the rest of the room, specifying the destination. She didn't intend to wait for the rest of them though. Walking back to Iratze, she asked of the messenger: "Can you please find my daughter?" handing her a picture form her wallet. In her eternal wisdom, Hiraga still didn't think to get a cell phone, citing it as something beneath her. But without knowing how to use whatever divine powers Shirley was sure to have, Hiraga didin't count on needing her aid, not this soon. she didn't currently know where she was, but if someone could find her, it would have been the Messenger. "Please, tell her to meet me there as soon as she is able." Then the Earth's guardian was out the window and in a flash of light she vanished, traveling in her true form to reach the place in mere moments.

The place was a mess, she noticed as she descended, once more in her human form to spook the flesh bags as little as possible. With the mayhem that was going on the ground, they perhaps even didn't notice her descending form the clouds that gathered over the town. It didn't matter much to her if they did, though. Seeing several buildings on fire, she raised her arms and willed the clouds to rain over them to snuff the flames. It brought a small ghost of a smile to her face, to be able to use her appendages again, so to speak. then, she turned her eye to the military craft that was the cause of the mayhem, her eye watching if their puppetmaster was nearby.


Shirley - Food break over

The eater was inevitably drawn to the screen as well, alerted by everyone falling silent and pointing their gazes on the TV. As she watched, the pit she felt in her stomach seemed to grow, if that was even possible, although she knew hunger was not the cause of that. If those were terrorists, how did they managed to obtain military hardware on the United States' soil?

Her doubts were quickly snuffed though when in the corner of the view, one of the cameras caught what seemed like a woman crash down from the sky, only to land like a feather on the roof of one of the buildings. When she raised ehr arms to the skies and they torn open in a downpour, there was no doubt in her mind anymore. "Mom?" She asked rhetorically, before shaking her head. Forget the damn bells. If her mother's powers returned, perhaps she could shed some light on what was happening to her. "Tab, please!" She called out, fishing for her keys in a hurry.

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Fiala: There goes my ride

Fiala froze at Death's outburst, her glass raised nearly to her lips, pinky held far out. She waited a moment, unsure at first of how to react; the panic was definitely out-of-character for Desious, and she couldn't be sure she didn't miss something with her inattention. She set down her glass, a gesture she hoped would communicate that she was actually taking this seriously.

Then Hiraga crossed to the window, and Fiala watched as her sister communed with the little creature. The location was announced to the group: Maybell, Oregon. Fiala shook her head, annoyed that she wasn't going to get her drink after all. She straightened herself and glanced around: she didn't bring much, but she didn't want to forget anything when she left.

Hiraga was speaking to the Messenger now, and Fiala suddenly realized what was missing. "Sister, my knives -" she started, but before she could finish her thought, Hiraga was gone, a flash of light that filled the room before disappearing from sight. Fiala made a noise of disappointment. She truly hoped she would be armed before the first fight... but whatever. She was capable enough, even without them.

Turning to Keyla, she made a slight motion with her head toward the door. "Ready for an adventure?" Without waiting for an answer, she bolted out the door, calling over her shoulder, "Meet you outside!", and made her way down the stairs at inhuman speed. In the building's lobby, she lingered for just a moment, glancing at the glowing numbers above the elevators and wondering how long it would take for the Demigod to catch up - if she chose to come at all. Fiala stepped outside and lit a cigarette.

Puffing away casually, she scanned the street, looking for another ride. An affluent-looking teenager pulled his sleek BMW into a nearby parking spot on the street. Puff, puff. She watched as he slammed the door and locked it with the key-fob. Waited as he walked toward her, a disapproving scowl on his face as he looked her over. She stepped aside as he passed her to go into the building. She flicked her free hand's pointer finger, and the keys slid from the kid's pocket, landing on the sidewalk in front of her. He didn't notice.

Fiala scraped out the cigarette on the bottom of her boot, and with a fluid motion, picked up the keys while still bent over. Lit another cigarette while she waited for Keyla to catch up. She didn't expect her siblings to choose to travel with her - many of them had reliable methods of transportation themselves - but she wouldn't turn them away if they chose to come. By the time she was finished smoking, she figured anyone who wanted to be there would have already caught up. She scraped out the cigarette and casually approached the BMW.

Looking over the interior as she hopped into the driver's seat, she smirked. "Fit for a goddess," she quipped. "Keyless ignition. Nice." She started the car. Taylor Swift blasted from the speakers. Grimacing, Fiala turned the stereo as low as she could. "I'd feel worse about this if the kid didn't have such shit taste in music." Glancing back toward the building, she checked to make sure she wasn't leaving anyone behind, and waited about a minute longer for any stragglers while she cycled through radio stations, looking for something reasonable to listen to.
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@Lord Zee


Goehearth was restless. He wanted to go wild, but knew he would be suppressed by the others quickly. "Desious! Keep...Me...From...Killing...Need...To...Be...Weak...Please!" he howled while rising and holding his horns. His tail swished back and forth, hitting Vetra after she slid off."I'm...sorry!"


Vetra hit the wall, not destroying anything. She got up, rubbing her muzzle. "Goehearth! she said while walking up to him. "Desious, I'll take him out somewhere away. You do what you need." She took Vale Splitter from Goehearth's side and opened a rift. She grabbed Goehearth by the muzzle and hand pulled him with her. "Calm down, you may be Anarchy, but you are the god of it, you control it. Just come with me, I'll help you." she pulled him into the rift. "We'll be back." and the rift slammed closed.


"Find them, and kill them! Now! I gave you mystic rounds for a Reason!" he screeched. He looked at his eye, then back at the screen. "You know what? I;m coming there. Be prepared to see a being in robes and evil eyed." and he took off his patch and slammed the gem in the socket. A rush of power hit him at that minute. His body shifted and shadows swirled around him. "RRRRAAAAAGGGGGGHHHA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" and he blinked out of the room and next to the commander. "Kill every last entity here now, or I will kill you all! Bring the demigods and godlings to me!" and he corrupted all of the soldiers, giving them the knowledge necessary.
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I've had the time of my life...


Golkai was enjoying the mayhem. His army was actually taking some casualities.

"Well that's interesting. Maybe I should-" A bullet hit Golkai in his left shoulder. "Hey!" He threw a look to the wound on his shoulder. This was no ordinary bullet.

It actually was causing him harm. "What in the void? That does it! You want war? You'll get war!" Golkai raised his banner as he stood in the flying chariot and the sky above became filled with another nine-thousand ninehundred soldiers aswell as the army champion, Garvus. All winged and now descending on the human army.

"And get that guy who did this wound to me. I hate the damn heroes who think they can win wars on their own. No offense your allmightyness." Golkai looked around for Amos.

"Where did he go? Ahh who cares! Garvus destroy that chopper and get whose leading these humans to me. I'd like to congratulate him on his loss!" Golkai gripped his horn and blew a loud ear piercing noise which seemed to spark the 'spirit' of the soldiers he had summoned but also the gods nearby would remember it and get more resolve.

A change of plan...


Delthrael was not interested in fighting against some humans which had noticed them. He raised a barrier of earth around himself, Cyl and David, incasing them in a bubble of stone and Earth unless they decided to jump away. His goals were elsewhere after all. Golkai and Amos were both capable in battles. They could do this on their own.

"Cyl, we must go to Desious right now. Amos and Golkai can handle things here. If we don't seize the moment now, then we shall later have to regret it with death slipping out of our hands."
He would have prefered to have had Golkai and Amos there as a support. But there had been a change of plans.

"Those who do not adapt to a new enviroment are doomed to die out. As sad as dear sister Hiraga would be hearing it. The world is in constant motion."
Delthrael waited for Cyl to answer him or to send them both to Desious. It was the main objective after all. Making sure he could not exile them again.

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Stjerne and Zencrux: Divine Intervention

Stjerne whipped out Aetherius, tossing it forward to the table where it rapidly expanded to show them Maybell, Oregon. Zencrux closed his eyes, a sudden storm overtaking the view outside, between his storms and Stjerne's celestial power, few could get past this kind of defense, especially as the light of day waned, allowing Stjerne's stars to peek through. Aetherius seemed to shimmer, a golden hue covering it's surface as it sealed off it's rift, so that nothing would be able to traverse it. All still present at the penthouse would remember the night Stjerne and Zencrux joined forces. While they were an unlikely duo, they were a powerful force to be reckoned with. Stjerne's eyes glowed as all around Maybell, an Aurora formed. It flicked through the town swiftly, with each pass it pulled out civilians caught in the crossfire. Stjerne knew this was pushing his current limits, as he had yet to get enough power to call upon the true powers of his stars. Any injured civilian was taken to the hospitals Stjerne helped fund, getting them patched up and looked after, their friends and family taken there too, as not to worry. Stjerne's nose and ears bled with the effort he expended. "If this only happened a few hours later..." Zencrux, on the other hand, worked to aid in the other gods' defense, creating lightning strikes on some of the choppers. He sees the bullets they use and swears. "That bastard is definitely behind this... Luckily magic hasn't fully seeped back in yet so they don't have the full strength to bear... but it's a double edged sword... We can't pull anyone to the Hall...'
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A Time For Action


Keyla startled, she had not been expecting the sudden outburst from Death, the old man looked wounded in a way. Why did they have to go back? His panic caused her to panic, and countless thoughts pushed in her head. If they had all heard the bell, there was no telling what other angry God could have as well. She saw Hiraga take off in an instant, then Fiala quickly followed beckoning for Keyla to join her. She quickly felt sick, the alcohol working its way through her systems, but as quickly as it came her wave of panic calmed again. Her sickness went away slightly, and she felt like she had a better grip on her thoughts. Still, dread lingered.

She went to the door, hoping to catch up to Fiala but first looked back to the others. She hesitated as Death looked at her with a soft expression. One that ached of sadness. But the determination to get back to her family swelled up inside of her. She turned away and quickly bounded down the steps, with speed she had never felt before. It took some time to get use to, she even hit a couple walls from not being able to turn fast enough but she shrugged the pain off. She arrived in the lobby disheveled and slightly out of breath, and as she glanced at the elevators she felt a bit stupid. She shook her head, and looked for Fiala, just in time to see her enter a car. She smirked, a car, really?

She calmly walked to the entrance of the building, then bounded over to the BMW, getting in the passenger seat. She put on her seat belt and let out a long sigh. She looked at Fiala and spoke, "So why exactly are we taking a car? Couldn't we just have the big guy whisk us back again?"




Amos hit another soldier, sending the poor man flying back into a building, with but a flick of his wrist. The soldiers in front of him fired, again and again but it was no use. They began to retreat, and a deep frown set upon his face. Where was the honor now? The courage? Oh how he missed the days where monsters would assault his gate, seeking to defile the purity that was beyond. They proved a challenge once, then they stopped coming because of these humans. He sighed but continued walking.

It began to rain, snuffing out the fires that clouded the area with smoke. In that moment he felt the presence of another sibling, one even older then he. Hiraga must have found her way to the town. Amos knew not how she would react to what was occurring, but for now there was other things to occupy his mind. The soldiers who had been running in front of him, had decided to abruptly stop, reload their guns and turn back to fire at him. Had they not learned their lesson? Then the bullets struck him, and Amos let out a curse. The bullets actually stung? No, they were even piercing his skin, but only slightly. Just enough for his golden blood to flow down his bare chest. He had not felt such pain in over a century and it did not amuse him any longer.

These were not ordinary rounds, they were blessed by some foul god who knew how to strike his fellows. He could only guess a few, but he would make them pay for giving such abilities to humans. Anger flashed across his face as he jumped at the soldiers, crushing them one by one. This time they did not scream, or turn to flee. He sensed in them a dark presence, one that changed their very beings.

"Abominations!" He bellowed out loud for all to hear.

Suddenly an aurora flew past him, illuminating the town. Lightning bolts struck in the distance and Amos knew more Gods had joined the deadly fray. His outburst however, only called forth more soldiers, who took aim at him. They began to fire at him, but this time Amos was prepared. He willed his true form to come forth. Blessed golden light sprang forth around him, blinding all in the vicinity. His armor sprang forth, as ornate and gilded to befit a God. He was beautiful yet terrible to behold, but the soldiers did not stay stunned for long and instead of their minds turning insane, they fought on. An effect of the corruption to be sure, for any mortal who gazed upon his heavenly body would them self have their mind torn asunder by his divinity. Now the soldiers bullets yielded no effect, simply plonking to the ground flat as pennies. Golden lightning crackled in his hands, before he unleashed it upon any soldier he came across.


Death's Despair


Everyone left as quickly as they came. Hiraga, Fiala, and even Keyla off to a battlefield. The young demigod was only a child yet her curiosity would put her in a world of danger. Perhaps it was only necessary for her to grow.

He looked to Goehearth and Vetra and spoke, "There is no need to be sorry old friend. I thank you for staying out of this mess, with any luck, it will be resolved shortly. Go now, the both of you, to a place outside of all this. You will know when it is time to return."

Next he walked over to Stjerne and Zencrux as they took out Aetherius. He saw them working together to save those in need. "Thank you, Stjerne. Thank you, Zencrux. I will get there on my own way, I can see this is a considerable effort and I wouldn't want to strain you further. Take care, join us when you can and it is safe."

Desious then summoned his Shepard's Hook. An ornate tool, one used by a Shepard to tend his flock. With it he ripped a portal to the Underworld in the middle of the apartment then stepped through. The portal closed behind him. Nothing in the Underworld was off limits to him with the staff, he could travel anywhere and everywhere. That included grave sites, and he had chosen Maybell's as a quick access point. Once he arrived, the ghosts and spirits bowed before him but he paid them no attention. The God of Death was hesitant at what came next. Everything could change, or nothing at all but every moment he lingered more humans died. He opened the portal, and stepped through.

The graveyard itself was in a well tucked corner just outside of Maybell, but he could already here the chaos the raged inside the town. Gunfire, explosions, and a multitude of powers were mixing together. Goehearth simply would not have been able to contain himself. Death dismissed his Crook, then transformed himself in a silver Raven. He took flight immediately and as he got closer he could identify which Gods were in attendance. Cyl'Nyarlith, Golkai, Delthrael, Amos, Hiraga, Zencrux and Stjerne. And he could feel the presence of Huseror himself and the humans under his corrupted influence. They would be able to feel him as well, for better or for worse. He wasn't entirely sure how these newcomers would feel about what had happened, but he was ready for a fight.

His raven form flew over the town and over the main epicenter of the battle. He saw Amos erupt into his Heavenly form, much to his distress, but also noticed the God did not have his sword. That was one good thing. He noticed Golkai's army battling with the soldiers, and the bullets unique signature that erupted from their weapons. What was going on here? Who had started this feet? Well it didn't matter, because Death was the end of all things. He transformed into his heavenly form, a figure of terrific presence bathed in a shadowed hood. He landed almost immediately in the center of it all.

He shouted, his voice magnified with a dark tone so that all might hear him, "All of you stop this madness at once!"

The World Wakes

The blue fairy, whose name couldn't really be pronounced in a mortals tongue, flew with the uttermost glee of a child high on sugar. They had searched and searched for the God of Valor's sword after he had visited them and they were close now. Very close. There were several fairies with her, and they were all flying towards a human building with laughter. Amos' energy could be felt inside, his sword! They cared not about being seen by humans anymore, their Gods were back and times were changing for all supernatural beings. It was wonderful!

The fairies hovered outside the door, waiting for their opportunity and at last it came. A man walked out of the door, saw them and stared but the door was open at least and they all flew inside. The man instinctively shouted and tried to protect himself from an assault that would never come. The fairies in the meantime searched the place high and low, frightening anyone else inside and sending them running out.

At last the blue fairy honed in on the magical presence of Amos but instead of just finding one, she found three! Three swords! Wait, no that couldn't be right. The blue fairy zipped over to the tall blonde girl and hovered in front of her. She didn't look like a sword. The small fairy frowned, but her presence felt akin to Amos but mingled with that of a human. The same was with the others, each had a power inside of them, then it clicked with the small blue fairy.

She exclaimed with glee, "Demigods! Oh what joy! You're not a sword but you'll have to do!" The blue fairy zipped around Hiyori's head laughing in a high pitched voice. "Come, come! Children of Gods, we'll take you to your parents! That'll be fun!"

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Madness? This is war!


He grinned widely when he heard the familiar voice of Desious, a voice he had not heard in a long time but he would recognize that voice anywhere.

"Yo! Desious! Thanks for that great exile! Had alot of fun wars thanks to you! But you really ought to ask first!" Golkai collected himself as best as he could while his army was fighting all around him, even throwing one of his soldiers out of the way as he commanded the chariot he was in to move closer to Desious.

"Oh yeah and I'm working on solving this.. uh.. madness."
He pointed casually to the sky being lit on fire by all the fighting going around. "Oh and by the-" Golkai would not finish the sentence as he was interupted.

Nothing will ever be the same again...


The voice of Desious. A voice not forgotten. An act not forgiven. Upon hearing it Delthrael looked to Cyl before flinging himself out of the earth and stone made bubble he had formed for them. He flew upwards and spread his demonic looking wings wide before he took quick flight towards Desious. He had to get to him fast. Before Amos would do what Delthrael suspected he would do.

Delthrael landed with a shadowy-like a distance away from the god of death before he took his sword out of it's wrappings and gripped it.

"It has been a long time, Desious. It is however time for you to rest for a change. The world has spun on the same spot long enough with your meddling. The one which brought on this madness was none other than you. But you alone be not enough to stop it now."
The steps the lord of change took forwards were steady and filled with determination.

"I am here to relieve you of duty before you are exiled the same way we were. Hand over the Shepard's hook and your domain over the mortal lives to me." Delthrael reached out his free hand towards Desious.

"If you refuse then you shall doom the people of this world, living or dead. But also bring great change to our pantheon."

The god of death was powerful certainly, he was experienced and capable. But the world needed change. It was already changing. It was inevitable and unavoidable. If Delthrael would not strip Desious of his domain over the dead then Amos might just end his existance alltogether. Dooming every mortal life in the process and spark a war of the gods unlike any other where the only real winner would be those seeking an empty void for existance.

"Either you'll hand it all over willingly or I will hew it from your flesh..."

Flight or fight?


The trip on the plane was long and worrisome. Galviere was uneasy and pondering if she would arrive too late. She felt as if something terrible was about to happen. She could only hope that the gods would be reasonable, but knowing quite a few of them that may be too much wishful thinking. Looking outside of the airplane window she could see the land below, how it had changed during the time of their exile.

How it had go forwards, but all the terrible wars and horrors the humans could do, they were also doing much good. New things were created, something she found impressive. That these mortals who lacked their powers were able to do all this during their short lifetimes.

She pondered for a moment on her own existance, how many human lifetimes had she really lived and now experienced? She had met so many different people most of which had been dead for very long. She had tried to keep a distance but ultimately found it difficult, she wanted to aid people but feeling them relying too much on her or thinking she could solve everyhthing had worn her out.

All that mattered now was to get to Desious and then go back to their home. They could all return home. It had been such a long time since she had seen it. She wondered if she would ever see it again. Home. A thing she had sought a long time on the earth. There was one time she could remember she felt at home for a brief time with the mortal man Verdock whom she had a child with.

But fate works in mysterious ways, even more so with the one having command over it had been exiled aswell. She felt bad about leaving the mortal man those years ago and those attachments she had on earth. But it was for the better of them both, the child and also the others of the world. Two healers in one place was not optimal.

Verdock was no longer alive though. She knew that. Word spreads quicker than some might believe. Galviere pondered where her son would be now? Had he followed in the tracks of his father? If so he was going to be a good man indeed. Then came the thought. If she could speak with Desious. Maybe he could bring Verdock back alive. It was a selfish demand though, and one which would be odd for her to ask. She who gave aid to others but never asked for anything herself.

Had this exile made her more or less of a goddess? Were she becoming more mortal than she had first thought?

She crossed her arms and looked out of the window. Soon she would arrive to the place where the bell had been heard.

"Aid is on the way."
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