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Kanacon - Dianoid, District 15
  • Beppu and Haruma: talking at the investor booth
  • Yu-ri: Interview with a(n) (economic) vampire at the investor booth
  • Shion: Chilling with the concert-goers
  • Umeko: Bustin' Brennan's balls
  • Brennan: Balls busted
  • Akari: Walkin' round the con

MgRonald's - District 7
  • Kara-han: "Very hot, please date him," - anonymous classmate
  • Hisui: Twisty T-Pose Terminator
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Dianoid, District 15

Magical Powered Kanamin. The official English title of the multimedia franchise known more commonly in its native country by the name: 超機動少女カナミン (Chō Kidō Shōjo Kanamin). Its protagonist, the titular Kanamin, was a certain ordinary high school girl, except for the fact that she was actually a magician in disguise as a schoolgirl in order to avoid the Albigensian Crusaders of the Roman Catholic Church. This unique situation of hers was a never-ending source of trouble, and the misadventures she found herself wrapped up in were the focus of a TV anime (and its critically acclaimed sequel, Magical Powered Kanamin Integral). Every denizen of Academy City knew her name. How could they not? To many, Kanamin was their heroic idol, and thus it was no surprise to know that on this day, the Dianoid would be hosting the greatest Kanamin convention in the world.


Not only was it a place for fans, but the corporations and creators behind Magical Powered Kanamin's success were present too. Voice actress Yuka Iguchi, whose famous early roles included Nitros Oxide in Crash Twinsanity and Toristein in Jewelpet Twinkle before she became Kanamin herself, had arrived early to greet the fans and promote the new song produced by her collaboration with the Orbit Portal Company: Shining Star ☆ LOVE Letter. The main scenario writer of Integral, the rumoured cyborg who went by the pen name "Kamachi.EXE", could be spotted near the artist stalls where he was buying every print of Kanamin he could find. And even SEGA had set up their own tent where convention-goers could play nearly-finalised builds of the highly-anticipated upcoming Kanamin fighting game: The Second Magical Powered Kanamin Fighting ☆ Climax!!.

Anything a Kana-lover wanted could be found within this floor of the Dianoid.

—— The stage where concerts would be held.

—— The hall where autographs would be signed.

—— The dealer rooms for merchandise.

—— The cosplay areas. The art exhibits.

—— The food court filled with con-exclusive stores.

—— The many, many stalls that dabbled in everything Kanamin.

—— Even investor booths for those who were of a more financial mindset.

All one needed to do was simply look around.

Here, in the great diamond building that was the very jewel of Academy City's District 15, Kanamin had descended.

MgRonald's, District 7

"Why do they call them MgNuggs, chief?"

"All about the brandin', ya see? When Ronnie the Mime's on your chicken, folks'd be linin' up for that MgRonald's quality."

"But why? Nuggs are all the same everywhere!"

"Nah ya see, these are special 'cos they be MgRonald's nuggets."

"That can't be it, chief. Who goes bananas for Ronnie's? That just ain't logical."

"Logical schmogical, that's just how adversit-adver-fuck-advertisin' rolls."

Standing in front of the MgRonald's counter were two men (young adults) dressed in thick leather jackets. For the last ten minutes, they had been staring up at the menu, faces scrunched up in thought as they tried to decide on what to order. On any other day, taking so long to deliberate on fast food would have earned them the ire of other customers seeking the comfort and warm embrace of a Big Mg, particularly with their tendency to get sidetracked onto the most inane conversations. However, they were lucky enough at this moment to not be impeding any other customers. The line was empty except for them, and the short, hatted girl taking their order was patient enough to wait for them to finish.

"Sounds like mumbo jumbo to me, chief."

"Don't ask me, 'cos the rules of capit-capiche-capitalism-fuck yes! ain't mine."

"Still wack, chief. Gotta abolish those someday."

"Nah, then we'd none of Ronnie's MgChickens - two meals to go thanks lass."

"That'll be twelve-twenty yen." said the cashier politely as she rung up their order.

"Isami, sure you ain't hungry?" called out the mulleted one of the duo to the front of the restaurant. "Chief's paying!"

The girl in a frilled white dress sitting at a table looked up from her smartphone. "No. Ronnie's vegan options are disgusting."

"Whatever, suit yourself!"

"But," she continued, gesturing at the crowd of visibly-frightened customers that had huddled up near her. "Think one of these dweebs called Judgement and Anti-Skill, so get snappy with those cardboard burgers."

The sound of sirens drew closer outside the restaurant. The two men at the counter glanced silently at each other for a second. The mulleted man's gaze slowly travelled towards the large, wrapped object hanging from his companion's back.

"Chief, you really shoulda left the bazooka at home."
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"Sooo-" Aya began drawling out as she leaned over and began inspecting the toy which was safely tucked away behind a protective barrier of cheap plastic to provide a view of it and cardboard which was plastered with corporate logo and facts. Its bright coloration attracted Aya to it like a moth to a flame, and in a more literal sense it really encouraged her to poke at the edge of the box. "Howzabout 3000 yen?"

The girl kept her attention between the cardboard box which she continued to poke and lazily glancing up to the dealer behind the stall; a middle-aged man who looked overly dressed compared to other stall vendors. Staring down at Aya with a grimace as he was utilizing his left thumb and index finger to scrunch at his eyebrows. While Aya was reaching out for another poke at the box, the stall-keep swiftly swiped the cardboard box away from her. "Let me explain this clearly to you; this is not up for negotiation. This is 7420 Yen -"

"Bit steep for a toy innit?" Aya inquired as she tilted her head to the side as the man puckered his lips clearly perturbed at the notion. As he placed the boxed figurine against the back-wall display so this freeloader could not mess up the in box nature of it, the man placed his palms together and breathed in.

He had to be courteous, professional, and not blow a gasket. "Miss, this is not just 'a toy', this is a Figma. They are a superior breed, look at the sculpting and paint job. It is a highly articulate toy with replaceable parts, a figure which all collectors would die for." Aya kept her tilted for a moment as she began scratching her head, "Oh so it's like, wazzit-" Aya slowly began snapping her fingers, "The Henshin Cyborg. S'fun toy, dunno if they were that expensive though..." Aya tilted her head back upright and began rolling her shoulders around. "'Kay so mmm I'm bored of your stuff so I'mma go check other stuff, if you reconsider haggling I might be back..."

With a soft raise of her arm she gave the vendor a goodbye, of sorts anyway it probably counted, as she began strolling down the aisles to engage in further window-shopping eying for better bargains.
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Dianoid, District 15

It certainly looked more professional than she had expected.

Through the glittering gates of the northern entrance walked, amongst other Kanamin obsessors, a translucent girl in a sailor uniform as black as a mourning widow, her strides as disciplined as if she were in a funeral. Slipping through the gaps within the crowd, she walked above the mash of thirty-year old enthusiasts and parent-dragging children, her eyes narrowed slightly against the brilliance and the noise. Opening songs and insert songs sounded brightly over the speakers, punctuated by coarser cries as, on one of the many stages within the convention, the famed ‘GinyaForce’ wotagei dance group twirled their iridescent sticks about. Elsewhere, a cosplayer with a convenient power flew around and granted panty shots to her followers. Yu-Ri wisely plastered herself to the side as the camera-wielding mob swept by, her own eyes affixed to the business side of things.

In a more controlled section of the convention floor, the booths of various companies affiliated with the Kanamin brand were set up, gentlemen in well-tailored suits and their attractive female aides walking about and shaking hands. There was even a surprisingly classy Kanamin-themed solar-powered sports car on display, set up as the grand award for a charity lottery. She tilted her head slightly at that, before pulling out a card and purchasing a ticket for herself. AI-Assisted Drive enabled even children to ride and own vehicles, after all. And considering how it was donated by one of the up-and-coming car manufacturing companies in Europe, the schoolgirl in mourning clothes certainly knew someone who’d be interested in dissecting it.

A good deed a day kept the devils away, right?

Her cellphone pinged, notifying her that an email contained the ticket number had arrived, but Yu-Ri was already turning her attention to one of the more ostentatious booths in the area. The Orbit Portal Company had, alongside with setting up a separate booth for special preorders of Yuka Iguchi’s new album, also had a sleeker (if not still Kana-pandering) booth in the financial area, and Yu-Ri arrived there soon enough, her smartphone in her hands now as a note-taking app booted up.

“Ah, excuse me,” she said, waving down one of the representatives, “I’m of Sakugawa Middle’s News Club –de arimasu. Could I take a minute of yours and ask a lot of questions –de arimasen ka?”
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MgRonalds, District 7


MgRonald's was by no means a ceremonious establishment. Even in its homeland of America, the mecca of meat and grease, MgRonald's was never seen as fine dining, only a quick and easy fix of that classic stars and stripes staple: a burger. To most that lived outside the States, it was simply another form of fast food, one that had a particularly bad reputation for your arteries thanks to a certain documentary. For one resident of Academy City, however, those American roots were still a drawing point in the time of greatest need. They were ,ore than a simple trivia tidbit about the chain's history— They were an anchor to home.

I'm gonna die if I eat another bowl of Woodles.

Yes, sometimes "home" was represented by a choice in lazy fast food. A reminder of one's upbringing, food of the homeland's masses. Something that encapsulated the heart of the people. And for a certain transplant from New York, that heart was in the "fast" part of "fast food".

"Are these slow assholes done with their order yet?" a gruff young voice sounded from the obscured hallway, heralded by the rough close of a door and the muffled sound of working plumbing. The wholly unconcerned tone clashed so jarringly with the atmosphere of every other customer's fear that, in a way, it would have been funny. "I hate tourists."

But going between the Karasawa the Delinquent, Noriaki North High's School's Student Council Secretary, and his burgers was no laughing matter.

The purple-haired ruffian, clad in a nondescript dark grey v-neck and tan shorts, walked into the scene with a knit brow and a frown. He surveyed the suddenly desolate eating area, frown deepening for a moment in confusion, before he caught sight of the clientele's location— huddled around a girl wearing a frilly white dress, boredly scrolling through her smartphone.

...She didn't look like she was some out-of-towner in cosplay for Kanacon, or anything attention-getting like that.

As a matter of fact, the attention-getting one...

"You guys got a problem?" he demanded testily of the assembled group, challenging their confused and frightened looks with a snarl. "A guy can't use a public restroom?"

Just because some damn Instagram celebrity, or whatever she was that was soooo interesting, was here! The fuckin' nerve!

He took a step forward to continue, before some large dark splotches appeared his peripheral.

He turned his head, and locked eyes with the two men currently still ordering. He heard sirens approaching. He heard the hushed horror of the crowd. And he saw the cylindrical shape strapped to one's back.


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Yamada, Hisui
District 7

While there were others fighting desperate battles within Kanacon, she too was fighting her own battle. Three hundred grams of beef! Chinese cabbage! Mushrooms! Items on sale for which determined men and women with mind awoken to pricing and discounts battled over each item like it was gold.

However, unlike their battle, hers was already over. Behind Hisui was a small roundish spiderlike machine, with the smooth front having a drawing of a couple of dots and a squiggly line under it, a common drawn cattish expression. An odd sight considering she had attached a high tech restraint and guidance system on it(dog collar and leash) to guide it along as she walked. It was but a simple carrier bot, the inside hollow containing her spoils of war(groceries). It was a bit more than she would have eaten, but that was because of someone who crashes every now and then at her house, mooching off her things. Truly a nuisance, she would declare to anyone who asked, but she didn't exactly mind her at all. In fact, Hisui did like it a little bit when she came over. Just a little bit, though she would deny vehemently should anyone try to point that out.

She would have, perhaps, gone to Kanacon to try her luck at the investor's booths, but, she already had a benefactor, one that was generous as long as she was silent, and finished their orders on time. Well, there were smaller private jobs through them as well, such as that time someone asked for a smaller, more portable version of the Testament machine. She couldn't remember what happened to him.

The sound of sirens drew her out of her own thoughts, as she walked past the MgRonalds. What was going on? Just to be safe, she put on her red gloves, the one with the large flared cuffs made of composite material she milled herself. Her boots... well her boots were already on, and made of the same material, as well as the same coloration. She doubted she would have to fight, it seemed Anti-Skill were already on their way here after all.

"...Yunya. Go home."

Letting go of the leash, the small cat faced spider robot scuttled away, as she stood around, waiting for the event to unfold.
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In spite of the loud music being played around the convention, a girl walked alone through the crowded space with large headphones on, ironically playing the same music that everyone else could hear. Dressed in her Kirigaoka Girls' Academy uniform, a source of pride for her, she scanned the booths and stalls looking for rare or personally appealing items. She arrived at a vendor selling phone cases and though they were high quality and there were some that weren't too expensive, the girl's passion for Kanamin was very minor. Besides, her phone and prized mp3 player were both already covered in Gekota memorabilia. Still, she knew that there were some at her school who would be willing to pay more than this for the items she looked through, so she decided to sspend 2500 yen on a couple of phone cases.

Some time later, Shion had seen most of the merchandise and found herself buying a ticket for the car before finally finding the diamond in the rough of Kanacon. The preorder for the new album of Kanamin music. It took the rest of her savings, but she managed to part with the money easily enough for what she was getting. And with that singular errand done, she went to the stage to wait for the live performance scheduled for later on, ready to record the live audio for her personal music collection.
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When standing in a hall of mirrors, how do you know which of the images is the real you? In a sea of facsimiles of varying quality, who is the original? The best? How are you supposed to know, surrounded by imitations, that you are the best? The mold from which all of these impersonations have been cast?

You know. You believe. It's a certainty, an unshakable belief, that you are the prime. In this vast sea of knockoffs, Kawaguchi Umeko was the best.

Except for the girl with the rocket engine.

That was fucking cheating.

It had been a long, long week. An unreasonable amount of inconveniences had come to pass in a time that should have been filled with marveling at the wonderful engineering of a 1/60 scale Perfect Grade GN-001 masterpiece. But despite these setbacks, nothing was hindering her excitement. For today, Kawaguchi Umeko had become the Super Mobile Girl of Love and Justice, Magical Powered Kanamin. Every stitch of her outfit done by hand, painstakingly researched frame by frame from the TV show. Her staff meticulously fabricated with the same care that she created components for the space probe, or her personal engineering projects. Nothing was missed. No seam or mark out of place. But the outfit was only as good as the person wearing it, and she was more than up to the task.

After poring over the show frame by frame, it was nothing to meticulously practice Yuka Iguchi's tone, delivery, and inflection for every catchphrase.

And now her preparations had come to fruition, even if her plan of attack had not yet.

The dealer room would be very important, and had to be hit quickly in order to ensure that the best finds were not sold already. Rare merchandise only came out of the woodwork so often, and others would be seeking it. She had to get there first. But equally important was the Magi☆Mint Chip. It was only being sold here. She would need to obtain it for immediate consumption, and to take home. But how?

This called for a certain, ruthless cunning if her goals were to be met.

"Brennan," She began, elbowing her captive slightly and stretching out the first syllable in a way that was uniquely Kawaguchi Umeko, and not Yuka Iguchi for the first time since they had boarded the train. "We need a plan, Brennan, or we shall be beaten to the spoils. What do you suggest?"
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Gotou, Haruma
Dianoid, Orbit Portal Company Booth

Haruma sighed briefly as he drank from his water bottle, which he soon began to detest due to it's small size and the heat. He stood in line to purchase a ticket for Kanacon, what was to be "the greatest gathering of Magical Powered Kanamin in the world." Not that Haruma had any clue what that meant. Hell, all he knew from the franchise was the fact that it was very popular with kids in his school, and it had a relatively large following throughout the world.

Personally, Haruma couldn't care less for the franchise, or anime in general, but he'd have to be a fool to miss out on this kind of opportunity. Even if he couldn't manage to find a good company to invest in here, there had to be tens of thousands of yen trading hands every minute in the con. If that wasn't an opportune time for money to get lost in crowds of feet and make their way towards Haruma's pockets, he didn't know what would be better. Finally making it to the front of the line, Haruma reluctantly paid for his ticket with a large collection of coins, and made his way into the Dianoid.

The place itself was, as advertised, filled with booths related to the Kanamin franchise. Haruma doubted he'd need to protect it considering the location and large number of people, but he made sure that his wallet chain was still attached - the last thing he wanted was for someone to steal and waste his money on figurines of some anime girl. Noticing that the nearest map was crowded with other con goers, Haruma decided to simply check out the various booths. After all, there was no need to rush for the financial booths - may as well make the money he spent on a ticket worthwhile.

Haruma had quickly realized the temptations that led people to spending so much yen at conventions - the food looked far better than it normally did, and there simply seemed to be an air around the place that encouraged spending. Of course, it was a lot easier for Haruma to resist when he saw the price tag for most of the stuff, and that he could probably find the same thing online for far less.

Not that he wanted the stuff of course... J-just hypothetically speaking.

Haruma eventually noticed one of his schoolmates talking with a vendor and, in an uncaring manner, simply left the well-dressed man to show his wares to other customers. Haruma didn't recognize the girl, but he simply assumed she was a fan of the show - after all, why else would she have come to the convention if not for that? Walking past the man, Haruma was quick to note the asking price of the figurines he was selling. Steep, but considering how obsessive some collectors could be when things go out of stock, maybe it'd be worth it?

Haruma shook his head and kept walking. He didn't have time to keep fooling around, and it seemed like the maps were open finally. He made his way over to them and, upon finding the path to the financial section, began to walk.

Sirens sounded in the distance, but Haruma didn't really pay much mind to it.

Finally, Haruma managed to find a section of booths that were significantly less crowded. This must have been where the investors came to - after all, Haruma was only here because he knew he could make a bit of money. Hell, he already made 10,000 Yen just from walking around! There was especially a lot of money from the charity auction going on nearby, which was the only reason Haruma stayed in the area. He had no interest in the contest - Luck was something he relied on a lot, but he knew people rarely won these things.

Besides, even if he did win, he already had his beautiful truck~.

Finally shaking his attention from the large sum of coins in his pockets, Haruma finally managed to make it to the Orbit Portal Company booth. One of their members seemed to be busy talking to a young girl, so Haruma motioned for another worker to come to him.

"Good Afternoon Sir - My name is Gotou Haruma, High school student and Professional Scrounger." Haruma reached into his suit jackets pocket and extracted a business card, handing it to the man.

"I was hoping to become an investor for the Orbit Portal Company - would you mind if I do so here?"

Even if they didn't let him, Haruma was definitely going to invest in them - they had 3% Dividend Yields, and considering the nature of their business and success in their field, they were certainly quite stable.
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Akari Onishi


Today...today Akari Onishi would conqueror this convention.

She'd come early, stood near the front of the line for so long, even donning her pixel-perfect cosplay of Kanamin's "super form" she unlocked during the final episode of season 3. That had been a badass battle. Very badass, according to all those that had been laying praise upon her fine work....and taking pics from afar with giggles under their breaths. Perverts, all of them! Such infidels could not hope to understand the purity of-....ok, so perhaps she'd bought some of the doujins in the past too. Maybe a lot of doujins, actually...look, that one girl in Kanamin's class in the show was her best friend, ok! They were meant for each other!

Then again...she wasn't as crazy as some fans out there, that was for sure. Albeit, putting the functioning tazer in her replica of Kanamin's wand wasn't perhaps the best idea if anyone accidentally bumped the trigger. Oof.

But Akari shook all of these thoughts out of her head as she continued to walk along to look at the booths, a bag of figma and scale figures from the show hanging on her right wrist. These she could make into robots, and potentially resell online as buyers aimed to grab up merchandise they couldn't be there to see. Plus the upgrades would only add to their value in the eyes of some. After all, who didn't want a small robot Kanamin to take them up in the morning singing her theme song? Hehehe.

Eventually the teen's eyes shifted over to the highly modified smart watch on her wrist, as some sets of eyes glanced over her as she passed by them since leaving the cosplayers' area. Tapping a button or two on the touch screen of her de vice, a real-time holographic projection of various stock values and formulas appeared in front of her face. Albeit, it was ultimately confusing numbers and such moving over the screen. This was her stock she had in regards to Kanamin's show and merchandise, albeit to her this confusing mass of things on the projection made perfect sense. To her it was like looking at a flower and knowing outright that it was colored red.

Yet after a bit of looking, brows furrowing, and punching in a few things the projection disappeared and the redhead let out an audible sigh. Her bank account was growing, the stocks seemed to be on a rise for now in part due to Kanacon, and the sale of what she had would go along smoothly as it peaked post-Kanacon. Automatically dumping all that stock out at peak price/desirability during and just after Kanacon, only for it to pay off big....she could smell the sweet cash now filling into her bank account.

After all, she wasn't sticking everything into stocks. This was a binge, a thing she had picked up after overnight learning how to do all of this. And to help with this she had programmed one of her computers at home to keep track of these and adjust accordingly to the stock prices as they shifted up and down. It had taken some time to get it working, but the fine-turning had made it automatic. PLus she could reconfigure the computer for this in the future if she binge-invested again to make some quick cash. But yes, this would do nicely, albeit that didn't mean she couldn't invest in some other places here and make more money fast before all was over here at Kanacon~

Out of the corner of her eye, Akari could see her next possible target. The Orbit Portal Company. With Kanamin's voice actress coming out with a new song, there was assured money in that company for a time at least. Potentially enough to get more cash for future projects....maybe even "that" one which she had dreamt of for a while now.

Yet two figures stood in front of the booth that she could see, a girl with black hair and a darker haired boy as well. From a glance over things she felt she got the idea of what was going on pretty well, a glimpse of the girl's phone being seen and the boy extending out a card. Other young investors as well, most likely. Rolling her eyes to herself, Akari decided it probably wasn't the best idea to approach at this time. More likely, she could stop by a bit later and nab up some suitable stock regardless. After all, once the main festivities slowed down a bit...most people tended to be too tuckered out from to go to the investment booths.

Not that her attire and such wouldn't possible draw attention from the people at the booth anywho. Among cosplayers she stood out in some manner, due to wearing this particular piece that mane had praised since her arrival. Not that she....could really hold conversations with them before confusing them. Sometimes....er.....due to her ability she would end up doing that to people. Not on purpose, at least.

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Beppu Aya

Beppu continued her stroll, idly admiring the various vendors who were gathered. Her mind at this point was in a quick set of inquiries to herself such as, what would be some good eating. Maybe she could get a hand on that Magi☆Mint Chip flavor. Apparently it was a trademark secret by corporate types that was only released at Kanacon, Beppu had her suspicions on it and gave a credible amount of weight to the theory of it had a higher concentration of cream than other normal batches of mint. Her thought then quickly went to what would be some neat stuff to purchase, cause hey gotta buy something at a convention cause like, memorabilia is important. Perhaps she would get some posters, there was always the possibility of some toys being cheaper, or maybe she’d just settle with a t-shirt. Of course there was one thing she absolutely wanted to do for sure, see the Kanamin Concert and commit it to memory. This was both a matter of wanting to see the concert and enjoy the music styling of it, but also to put it to her memory so she could use it to her own benefit later.

Her friends who weren’t able to make the con for, whatever the reason, would so dig the fact they could see it!

However these thoughts didn’t last too much longer as they were replaced by a new thought as she noticed a boy from her school. It wasn’t anyone from her particular class or anything, but Aya’s mind quickly raced about the importance of contacting this boy.

She had a matter of life and, okay well maybe not a contrast to death, but it was definitely a matter of a nicer life compared to a less nice one.

And so she had begun to make her way to the investors pavilion; hopefully she wouldn’t miss out on the free concert while getting another important matter settled.

Upon entering the land of the business oriented, a nest of scum and villainy who would try to instill values of ‘working hard’, as she scanned the field trying to find her target she noticed someone who seemed out of place for this particular environment but fitting at the other floors. Aya slowly tilted her head to the cosplaying Akari and gave out a loud whistle. “ ‘Eeeeeey Kanamin, don’tcha need Mobile Black?! Only the two of you can combine the thunders to banish the Bishop!” Now with that out of the way she could search for the boy.

Aha! There he was.

Heeeeeey, Noriaki represent!” Beppu Aya remarked as she rose her right arm up in what could possibly pass for a greeting, as she approached the man she was after who was – Beppu’s guess was just soliciting advice on proper cuff-link maintenance. Haruto right? The Private Dick who sometimes uses the second floor janitor’s closest to conduct like investigations an’ junk, cause like it hardly gets used cause of the rumor of the ghosts haunting it due to previous angry janitors?”

“Look y’see, I’m in need of a man who can get things done, and like by accounts you get things done Noriaki Poirot. Buuuuh, like I getcha wanting something up front so hang on...” Aya firmly remarked as she began idly fishing for something in her pocket, “ ‘Kay so li-” the girl remarked as she pulled out a scrap of paper. She tilted her head and stared at the object for a brief moment to confirm what it was.

“Oh jeez!” Aya quickly slapped temple as she directed her attention off of Gotou and onto the scrap, “Swore I told her she could have this one, like this coupon applied with other in-store bargains, like as long as 2,250 yen was spent...” Aya gave a weak smile as she began scratching her head as she returned the item back into her pocket, “...Oughta find her and like give it to her; suppose I’ll drop by for it later.” With a slight flourish, but not all that much, of the wrist she returned the paper into her pocket as she began searching her pocket for the necessary item. Feeling her fingertips brush up against a slightly waxy feeling piece of paper, Aya let out a noticeable smile as she quickly removed it from her pocket and checked it to be sure. She glanced at Haruma as she spoke, “For an upfront deal like, I’ve got a free drink coupon at MgRonald’s. Iunno if uh, it’ll be enough but...” Raising her left foot off her heels she began grinding it at the ground as she stared away from the boy before continuing on.

“B-but you can find Ken’s oh-so-adowable, pawfect, fuzzy-wuzzy lil mousey wousey right?! H-he’s been s-so-so sad without the toy to smack around, right!?” Aya began bawling out in a, well to most really, really over the top manner as she used the edge of her hands to combat any tears that were starting to well up and make themselves present. However despite this she still kept out the up front cost for the wannabe detective to take if he was so inclined, and of course if he were, which how could any man of repute deny such a valiant quest, could provide more details about the case.

@Duoya @Crusader Lord
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Evolution was a mighty force in nature.

Many physical anthropologists believed that there was a singular genesis, a turning point, that would unite chimpanzees forced to survive on the savannas of Africa into the disparate groups that would later become humanity. Karl Marx would brush on the same principle millions of years later, but the chimpanzees faced a problem far more immediate than something as droll as late capitalism or the struggles of the proletariat. The chimpanzees were arboreal creatures, stranded on the savanna; they were, quite simply, easy pickings for the lions.

The first examples of collective action in what would become human history were, simply, ganging up to throw rocks at lions. One chimp with a rock was a laughing matter to a lion. Fifty chimps with rocks was a fatality. The Bible would go on to popularize the story - or maybe just dumb it down. But the principle was still the same. David slung a rock at Goliath. Goliath died. The Chinese used this same principle to kill traitors and fiends. This was a recurring instinct throughout human evolution.

It was now being utilized against Brennan Griese, local Goliath, traitor, and fiend, to damning effect.

When he had fallen asleep the night prior, he had been an easy-going, run of the mill Academy City boy with a nerdy yet cheerful girlfriend at his side. Waking up had been a startling experience, not just because Brennan had hoped to get a few rare hours of relaxation on this fine Saturday morn, but also because that same lovely girlfriend seemed to have been replaced by a Kanamin-mimicking pod person, glaring down at him with wide, baleful eyes for having the audacity to sleep. The glare had been hidden behind Kanamin's signature V-finger pose. Brennan had thought about telling her how offensive that would have been in the home country, but he was more appalled at her costume.

It was a fucking hot costume.

But he could have handled it if she just waltzed around the apartment, or even in public, wearing it. He would have overcome his natural impulse to mock the earnest otaku as she deserved to be mocked and simply gone about his day. But now Brennan was feeling uncomfortably like a lion. One magical girl throwing the vee was simply a cute example of cultural ignorance. Thirty thousand magical girls would overwhelm him like the chimps on the savanna. It didn't help that Umeko thought she was the best of all Kanamins gathered.

It definitely didn't help that it was true.

My God, I died the other night.

It was a jarring realization.

Mam, I went to hell...

Holy shit, the Dianoid was full of them. Nerds dressed as their idealized versions of characters, magical girls of every stripe, from Kanamin to her erstwhile rival-turned-best-friend. There were booths with figma and doujins and fucking Magi☆Mint Chip, a special tie-in flavor that they had seen at the supermarket earlier in the week. It was a tie-in product with Musashino, their first foray into ice cream. Brennan half-expected Umeko Kawaguchi to try and hold that entire stall up with her wand.

It would probably be best to get that first and then get the hell away, before she started thinking of ways to try and pilfer every single spoonful of the ice cream in the convention center. Every single virgin in this place probably had a battle plan that was along those same lines, though, and there was no doubt they considered the other cosplayers to be competition. This combative streak was no doubt why Umeko had brought him along. That and she was just a clingy girlfriend by nature.

"Ice cream foorst," Brennan said, his natural Dublin brogue and use of English making himself doubly unintelligible to anyone around. Umeko would understand it, and that was enough. Plus it beat outing her as a Kansai lunatic to those around. "Then I don't give a fook. I just wanna go to the Orbit booth."
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Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth - Dianoid, District 15

Had it been anywhere but at Kanacon, the representative flagged down by Yu-ri would likely have been just another suit, a faceless man or woman who would have been utterly forgettable beyond the details of the company they had been hired to shill for. That was the nature of the investor booth, where many businesses failed to produce even a single individual with any form of charisma to reassure existing and potential shareholders that they would be profitable.

However, this booth was at Kanacon. And the Orbit Portal Company was not a business that lacked in interesting individuals. As expected of a company that called the walking, asymmetrical fashion disaster known to the world as "Ladylee Tangleroad" their Chief Executive Officer, the representative answering Yu-ri's questions had also strayed from what society deemed to be correct fashion, albeit to a far lesser extent that her employer. Her black suit and white dress shirt were akin to those worn by employees of other, less space-focused companies, but the blue necktie snugly hanging from her neck was covered in five-pointed stars (an inaccurate but easily recognisable depiction of the actual astronomical objects). A fashion faux-pas, but one that could be considered "eccentric" rather than disastrous.

But the real "ugh, no honey" was above the neck. The combination of a dyed-pink faux-hawk, plus the visor made to replicate the famous shades worn by Kanamin's rival in Integral, was a mistake that could only be made by the youth. In the past, this would one day go unacknowledged, but the prevalence of social media meant that Megumi Motome, age twenty-six, would have to deal with the consequences of her fashion indiscretions for the remainder of her adult life.

Of course, given her choice of employment, she was at least surrounded by fellow deficient individuals.

"I certainly have a minute," she said warmly to the middle schooler who had called her over. "What burning questions do Sakugawa have for our company?"


Haruma's chosen representative was less of a weirdo.

Kyuuichiro Idemitsu (twenty-nine, twice divorced, father of two) also wore a suit (though both jacket and trousers were navy), but his was far plainer, having chosen not to pursue a childish necktie design like his fellow Orbit Portal Company employee. The only major standouts were that he had chosen to wear a light blue plaid waistcoat (the colour of which was shared with his tie), and that around his waist was an utility belt containing Kanamin's wand, a Bible that had clearly been stolen from an American hotel somewhere, and a walkie-talkie.

He did have a shock of black hair too, but that was less a lack of fashion and more a lack of morning self-grooming (he had chosen not to brush his hair before leaving for the convention).

"I am Kyuuichiro Idemitsu."

That was the response given to Haruma as he politely, but tersely, accepted the teenager's business card. There was no acknowledgement of the minor faux-pas in business card exchange etiquette, because he was willing to produce his own, personal card as well (plus the company's) to provide to the Noriaki student.

"That isn't something I would mind," the representative continued. "We have brokers who can assist you. If you're interested, I can -"

He trailed off at Beppu's arrival.

"I can ... wait for you two to finish."

Stage - Dianoid, District 15

All concerts needed security personnel, and Iguchi's upcoming performance was no different. If Shion were to look around the stage area (which still wasn't fully filled given that the concert had yet to begin), she would notice a black-clad individual not too far from her standing in the shadow of a balcony overhang. An armband with the word "SECURITY" could be easily distinguished, but the rest of the garb wasn't exactly that of a normal security guard. Particularly the helmet hiding their identity.

In fact, they seemed to be separate from the rest of the guards.

Catching sight of Shion already present, however, the black-clad individual waved.

@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra
Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream - Dianoid, District 15

Before the dawn of the Anthropocene, primates had already been enslaved to the divine ambrosia known as sugar.

Orangutan and chimpanzee would spend their days in the glades searching for ripe fruit and sweet nectar, to give worship to the sweetness that sustained their monkey brains. For sweetness was a signature of more sugar, and with more of that heavenly hydrocarbon, the greater the edge primate could possess over their rivals, whether they be predator or fellow ape. So the primate palate honed itself. It refined itself. Sugar was strength, so it selected for sweeter. If the monkey that loved fruit was the monkey that would be king, then the monkey tongue would develop a taste for those children of their home trees.

Even when ape left the forest, their worship did not change. In fact, that preference extended beyond mere fruit. From the honey of the bees to the saps of the maple, the primate chose to embrace sugar in all forms. It allowed its sweet tooth to guide its path into the light.

And today, that light had become ice cream.

With regards to sugar, no difference existed between the nerd and the ape. Had one dressed a gorilla in the garb of Magical Powered Kanamin, it was inevitable that they too would seek out Magi☆Mint Chip. The special edition, limited time ice cream recipe that could only be found in the halls of the Dianoid. None could resist it. Nerd, monkey or some hybrid of both were united in their quest for the creamy, sweet wealth in the ice cream.

If there was one difference, then it would be that apes were infinitely more tolerable.

They could not speak, and thus were far less inane.

"I saw Cosplay Girl Olivia!"

"Really? Wow, did you get her autograph?"

"No, she was airborne. That jet engine of hers is just too sweet."

"Big mood."

The young man stared straight ahead, the inane chatter of his customers drifting into one ear and out the other. After the indignities he had suffered during a prior night, he had discovered that what once would incite his choler now seemed so paltry and insignificant to him. He could now tolerate the inelegant blubbering of the common man, though it tarnished his sense of elegance to admit so. However, it was also a situation of necessity: as disgustingly debilitating it was to debase himself through such dreadful deeds, it was his duty, and to approach it without any professionalism or subtlety would only bring greater shame.

"Your Magi☆Mint Chip is 900 yen," he declared, the register chiming beneath his skilled fingers before he handed over the customers' strange purchase. "Please, enjoy your day."

To his left, an individual wearing a deformed facsimile of the fictional protagonist turned to face him.

"My friend, you look like you want to 'blow off steam', yes?" asked his comrade from within the costume with unfettered joy, voice distorted by the technological wonders of Academy City to replicate Yuka Iguchi's role. "Do you want to 'take five'?"

"No. I am able to handle this," replied the young man stone-faced. "However, why are we here?"

Why were they at an anime convention in the first place? Why had they lowered themselves to sell Magi☆Mint Chips? He could not comprehend the reasoning behind their presence.

"When you feel a bit 'under the weather', as they say, it's hard to do things you like, right?" mused the costume lackadaisically. "I wouldn't know, but we can 'get a leg up' on our reputation if we can hold 'their feet to the fire', yes? That is the saying?"

"Again, I do not speak English."

The costume shrugged, as costumes were wont to do.

"Ah well," his comrade said. "We have been 'press-ganged' as volunteers, but we can still 'have a blast', right? And next time, she can 'pick up the tab' inst -"

The costume caught sight of more customers.

"- oh, welcome! Would you like some Magi☆Mint Chips?"
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Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth, Dianoid, District 15

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how one thought harsh realities should be given), Yu-Ri had long grown numb to fashion faux pas committed by the various eccentrics that lurked through Academy City. From 12 year olds with bodies that could put supermodels to shame to man-children who tattoo actually scannable QR codes on their foreheads to straight-up psychos who indulge in wearing what amounted to a colored sarashi on their day off, Megumi Motome’s hairstyle hardly phased the young child. It was simply a silly detail to take note of, really, and before she scribbled any meaningless notes onto her phone, Yu-Ri was already marking down ‘hot pink mohawk’ on the pad.

All in good natured fun though. The representative looked nice enough to at least warrant that much mercy.

“Thank you very much –de arimasu,” the schoolgirl in mourning clothes bowed, “To begin with, I understand that part of it is to bring in new interest towards space exploration, but, at least in terms of Kanamin franchise itself, there’s no direct tie to the OPC’s own specialities, correct me if I’m wrong –de arimasu. If that’s the case, what’s the reasoning behind playing such a big part in this convention, and why do you believe that people will be more interested in the OPC as a result –de arimasen ka?”

Yu-Ri paused, before offering a slightly apologetic smile.

“My seniors really just want to know why there was no collab with a series like Mobile Soldier Gunman or something of that sort, which ties more closely to extraterrestial themes –de arimasu.”
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Yes!" The Kanamin chirped, bounding up to the front of the line. Her color-coordinated companion was dragged along with her by his wrist, held in the hand not clutching her painstakingly replicated staff. Before the costume addressed them she had clearly been lecturing him about something, though the only bit that drifted to the costume's ears was a snippet of linguistic semantics about the link between Kanamin's name and her color scheme. The two were very much a bridge between two of her biggest interests, you see, and she had been really disappointed when there wasn't a Zeta reference of some kind in Integral.

It was enough to make you feel for the Irishman.

Still she refocused, once the costume spoke in a passable imitation of Kanamiin's voice. The voice was spot on, the voice changer was amazing. But the intonation was all wrong. That was on the speaker. She hoped whoever was inside the costume had studied the intonations of the right catch phrases at least as well as she had, or that would just be embarrassing.

"Two, please. And a pint for home." She silenced her companion's complaint before it ever really got started with a firm; "It's limited, Brennan, it must come home with us too. Justice demands it."

"Do you know any of her catch phrases?"
She inquired of the costume, cocking her head. "How do they sound with the voice changer? Does it get hot in there? I bet it's roasting."
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MgRonald's, District 7

In every young adult's life, there would always be a time when they would have to debate whether or not it was a good idea to get arrested. On one hand, to face justice as was proper after violating the laws that held together society was the correct thing to do; the world of adulthood was one where it was necessary to take responsibility for one's actions, and thus to do a crime was to do the time. On the other hand, handcuffs chafed.

And for the one referred to as 'Chief', the latter was a more important consideration. You couldn't eat a burger with cuffs on.

Also he had sensitive wrists.

"Well ain't this spectac-spec-spect-fuck it This just ain't our day," he muttered under his breath. The cops were on their tail, but they still hadn't eaten lunch. "Hey lass, how long's them MgChickens be takin'?"

The cashier was unfazed despite the sirens. "It'll be a minute," she said, casually waving at the boy who'd just walked out of the restroom. "Do you want to add anything?"

"Nah, we're good thanks lass."

"Sounds like the pigs gonna be here soon, chief. Still gonna wait for the burgers?"

"Already paid, ya see?" The bazooka-wearing one of the duo produced his debit card once more. "Buyin' lunch means none if you ain't got Ronnie's."

"Kinda cutting it close, chief."

"And what about toilet boy there?" interjected Isami once again, though she wasn't looking up from her phone. "He looks like he wants to do something American."

The duo looked as if they had just seen Karasawa.

"Hey lad."


"We'll be done in a bit."

"Don't look at chief's bazooka."

"It's a toy from a Ronnie's Cheery Lunch. In Rakkoshima."

"Your two MgChicken meals," declared the cashier, handing over the paper bags.

'Chief' took them gratefully and handed them to his mulleted companion. "Thanks lass, hope you have a nice one."

Then a: "Isami! Get the bike!" before the trio of suspicious young adults made a break for the door.

Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth - Dianoid, District 15

"Oh, that I can certainly answer!"

Megumi Motome paused, as if to allow light reflecting off the Dianoid's carbon structure to reflect off her own shades.

"After we were able to shenangle the collaboration with Iguchi-san for a promotional single," she began, "we thought it would be a good idea to involve her most famous role as well. To let Kanamin herself extol the magic of space travel. She has many fans who we think would love our work too."

She glanced around, before lowering her visors in a conspiratorial manner.

"And this will be a scoop for your club," she whispered, leaning down towards the middle schooler, "because tomorrow there will be an announcement for another Kanamin show that deals exactly with those themes. The new season hints were not just for show."

@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra
Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream - Dianoid, District 15

"I'm the Super Mobile Girl of Love and Justice, Magical Powered Kanamin! In the name of the Consolamentum, I will give you a brain-freeze!"

Despite the costume being one that hailed from the super-deformed line of Kanamin paraphernalia, the Cathar-cosplaying comrade delivered the order in the same motion that the franchise's protagonist used when declaring her intent to combat her foes, and both the voice and intonations were almost perfect replications of Iguchi's acting. There was nothing in the distorted voice that revealed any recognition or approval of the two customers and their costumes, though one could consider the choice of opening catchphrase as being one. Because when 'life gave you lemons', the supposed thing to do was to 'make lemonade', yes? Finding a good way to 'wing it' was exactly what the Americans meant, right?

With surprising dexterity for stubby costumed hands, a box was handed over to the young man to diligently and gracefully fill with the takeaway pint of Magi☆Mint Chip Ice Cream.
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Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth, Dianoid, District 15

A third Kanamin show? Though Yu-Ri wasn’t personally all that attached to the franchise, it definitely seemed like the sort of news that would rock the internet for at least a month. She made note of it with a few quick keystrokes, head bobbing along as she fed off Megumi’s own secretiveness.

“Would it be joint announcement then –de arimasen ka?” Yu-Ri asked, her own voice hushed as she leaned in as well. “Is there someone here from the OPC that’s like, super high up there –de arimasen ka?”

Her own dark eyes flickered with a more intense curiousity now, as if celebrity incited some investigative spirit within her.
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MgRonalds, District 7


The air seemed to grow thicker as the two wiseguys stated their case. Perhaps they, in their leather jackets, were just feeling the summer heat— in spite of MgRonald's having an industry standard AC Unit that was functioning perfectly moments ago.

There are certain things in this world that could be deemed careless, like not ensuring a rogue element entering your controlled situation was properly. Certain others could ascend to the moniker of reckless, such as directly engaging that rogue element when it is suspect of being volatile. A harrowing step up for sure, but it too paled in comparison to the final tier: insanity. This was reserved for not simply engaging the rogue, volatile element, but doing so through the implication of force.

Make that "The best damn city in America"n, broad.

So saying, Shinjiro Karasawa and the confessed bazooka-wielding goons were two parties of a kind: Both out of their damn skulls.

The classic MgRonald's was set up to have the bathrooms nearest to an entrance point, serving as convenience for those unfortunate drivers who needed a quick break on the road or before their meal. This meant that when the trio sprung into action, so too did their purple-haired obstacle, immediately body-blocking the doorway.

An observant and keen-eyed witness would note that in addition to the strange pulses of heat that were beginning to radiate out from that corner of the room, the glass of the doorway was beginning to fog behind him.

He would normally need to apologize to the girl behind the counter once this was all said and done, but picking a fight with some East High schlubs was about a world removed from doing the same with armed criminals.

Especially those that were terrorizing other customers.

Especially those that were pulling a fast one on him like a ten-year-old.

Lying fucking terrorists! This was civic duty!

"You come into a MgRonald's with a fuckin' bazooka and you expect me ta just let you by!? Quit bustin' my balls! Those sirens are on your asses, I wasn't born yesterday!"

And they were just begging to have their faces pounded into the pavement. What kind of New Yorker could resist?
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Yamada, Hisui
District 7.

Rocket launcher, bazooka, rpg, whatever propelled explosives these people carried were undoubtedly thrown under one of those umbrella terms. Ah, these uneducated fools. Why wasn't one of them knowledgeable enough to tell her the make of that thing? Inevitably, she had entered the building out of annoyance(discreetly, using the front door), looking to see what they held, but... it was wrapped carefully, and slung over that man's back.

Ah... now she was really getting annoyed.

As soon as that boy blocked the door and took their attention, Hisui executed an odd spread armed maneuver at the one with the alleged rocket launcher slung over his shoulder, looking like a T pose 3d model spinning. But... Oddly enough it was enough to transfer the thing from his shoulders, to her own, as she continued spinning away to a distance between them. Stopping, she executed a few poses quickly, knocking over a chair, before putting her hand in a 'peace' gesture near her eyes.


A moment of silence as she confirmed the 'bazooka' was indeed on her shoulders.

"What are you weirdos doing here?"
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MgRonald's, District 7

"These MgChickens are legal!" protested the mullet-wearing individual, at the same time as Isami's "Is this dweeby otaku girl calling me a weirdo?"

"Nah nah nah," interrupted 'Chief', raising his hands in a conciliatory manner (the bag. "Calm down folks, let's not let nobody be too impet-imp-impetu-sonuva-impetuous."

There was an uneasy grin on his face as he tried to placate the two good-doers before him. He was definitely aware that Hisui had managed to score the bazooka right off him with that dangerous spin. One could immediately tell from the beads of sweat that were beginning to form on his skin. Or maybe that was just 'cos of the strange rise in temperature.

Back at the counter, the hat-wearing cashier was struggling to reach the aircon.

"We just be havin' lunch, ya see? There's none need for anything crazy."

The one with the mullet lightly shook the paper bags. Isami on the other hand, was surreptitiously looking around the room.

And the sirens continued to grow closer.

Orbit Portal Company Investor Booth - Dianoid, District 15

"Iguchi-san will be making the announcement for both of us. In the original Kanamin voice too, I hear!"

"One of our higher-ups will be involved, but we here at the investor booth are not very in-the-know," said Megumi with a sigh, her faux-hawk flopping sadly. "I saw him around today though, if you want to find him and get an interview."

She gave the middle schooler a thumbs-up. One had to foster the sense of investigation in the youth
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MgRonalds, District 7


For his part, the rough-and-tumble esper took the ensuing whirlwind of chaos essentially in stride, only raising a quizzical purple brow at his unexpected comrade's theatrics. He'd seen dabs with better form and context. Situational context and context within a routine both, in fact. However with all that said, she'd succeeded in taking the bazooka off of the thug's hands.

"Nice goin', Helicopter." he growled in approval, offering the strange young woman a thumbs-up without taking his eyes off of 'Chief'. His jaw tightened in malcontent. Sure, with the sirens approaching fast, he and Helicopter could stall these wackos out for probably another 30 seconds before things were a done deal...

"We just be havin' lunch, ya see?"

But he really wanted to knock 'em a few blocks uptown if they kept acting like they could con their way out of this right to his face.

"Yeah, havin' lunch. No funny business whatsoever. Which is why you've got the rest of the damn store quivering behind your groupie. Ha! Y'know what?"

There was no humor in that laugh.

"Think I'll have lunch too. Obviously you ain't in any rush, but I've been waitin' on line for ages now. Hat-chan!" he called out to the blonde behind the counter. "Ring me up a Big Mig in the meantime once you kill the AC, would ya?"

He had come here for a good old-fashioned cheeseburger, after all. It'd be a shame if he went hungry after getting himself into something like this. A damn, damn shame— the fuzz'd probably have the place on lockdown once they got here, too. May as well get some servicable food out of calling the bluff.

God forbid he resort to this street's bodegas. All awful.

"Looks like we're all tied up for the minute— I don't suggest you go eatin' that on the run, either." he indicated the bag of MgChickens. "You ever seen Supersize Me?"
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