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Geralt of Rivia

Eryth Sea-> Edge of the Blue

Lvl 5 (65/50) -> Lvl 5 (67/50)

Word Count: 761 words

Geralt nodded along to Kamek's explanation. He raised both royals, essentially, as the magician put it. And it appeared that the two also commanded a much larger army in their world. That made sense, one didn't simply gain the know-how of organizing and commanding large numbers of troops just by collecting some spirits. While he wasn't certain how long they'd all been here, he doubted the others were in this place long enough to develop such a skill to the level that they had.

"Huh. Big army of less tough guys lead by the biggest, toughest guy? And I know, there's more to it," Geralt said as a way to ward off any complaint from his conversation partner before he finished, "But I'm just putting it simple for myself. He's definitely got more to him than he lets on, you can tell just from the way his facade cracks at times. He really loves his kid." Reminds me of me and Ciri, actually. Geralt let out a quick chuckle. "You're right that I'm not the usual type of hero. Your boss is more like me than those kids are." Letting out a wistful sigh, Geralt committed to explaining.

"Where I come from, I'm as likely to be called a monster and a murderer as I am a hero. People call me the White Wolf sometimes, on account of my hair and the school of Witchers I learned under." Touching his medallion, Geralt hummed. "They also call me the Butcher of Blaviken. Saved a townfull of folk from being sacrificed as hostages, and that's what I get for it. I'm not a hero, Kamek. I'm a mercenary. A killer for hire. Oh, I've a code, I don't hunt men or sentient monsters unless they're murderers themselves, but I am what I am. The first 'monster' I ever killed was a bandit about to...take liberties with a peasant girl." He settled for a more civilized explanation.

"I'm not entirely human, is the thing." Turning to show his eyes directly to Kamek as a demonstration, Geralt smirked. "Witchers are taken in as boys, trained, then forced to undergo what we called the Trial of the Grasses. A horrific cocktail of alchemical drugs and magic that transforms us from the inside out. It makes us more resilient to disease, it enhances our bodies far beyond what a normal human is capable of, and it kills three quarters of the boys who experience it." Geralt failed to keep the disgust out of his voice. "Thankfully, the secrets to the Trials were lost decades ago. Most of the Witcher schools were destroyed in massacres. Only a few Wolves remain." Thinking of Vesemir, Geralt frowned a bit.

"I could go on for hours about the distasteful things I've had to do to protect people, and all the times I was too late to help anybody. But it'll only bring the mood down further. Suffice to say, I'm just under a century old, and I've seen more death and killing in each month than most do their entire lives." Letting out a slow, deep breath, Geralt shook his head. "It just stops hitting the same way it used to. I do wonder if I'm just too old and weary to care, or if they're just too naive to understand that sometimes terrible things need to be done. But given the choice, I prefer to at least try the way where nobody has to die. I just...can't pretend it might not happen." It was obvious that Geralt was opening himself up more than he was used to. It wasn't quite a crisis of faith, more a moment of not-so-silent reflection on his history.


As the group made shore, Geralt returned the fishing rod with a nod and thanked the captain for the journey. Their new guides were quite bizarre. And that was putting it lightly. They were girls with what appeared to be tiny cannons and boat pieces attached to them. How anything he'd just witnessed worked was so far beyond him, he just had to chalk it up to some horribly advanced technology the others might be used to. What interested him most off the bat from their explanation was Hawker's Alley. He might be able to restock on alchemical ingredients there, or find some new equipment that he could use there.

"I'm going to check Hawker's Alley, myself." His tone was a bit flat, not inviting people to join, but also not discouraging those who might want to. It was up to them if they tagged along.
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Doom Slayer

Level 2 Doom Slayer

Location: Dead Zone

Word Count: 357

The Slayer caught his breath from the intense battle he had just transpired. Examining for the time being the sentinel crystal he had collected a few moments ago; there was a blip on his map of where the second sentinel crystal was. His plan was to get the crystal however he felt the nest shaking and starting to crumble; perhaps he should have found the crystal first before flipping that lever. He cursed himself as he started running towards where the crystal was located; the demons in front of him were easily dispatched by smashing their heads open with the butt of his shotgun. Trying his best to avoid the disgusting flesh ceilings falling above him. He hauled ass towards the crystal before the nest collapsed, quickly moving through the hallways. Slapping around the demons who were trying to claw at his armor.

These demons seemed to want to take him with them into death's sweet release; of course he was not going to have any of that. Grabbing one of the imps using him like a hammer; slamming and hitting the demons around him. Eventually he had gotten to the room where the crystal was; but by the time he headed into the room the nest had almost collapsed. Quickly moving towards the crystal; using the skateboard form before sending it to the UAC in case of an emergency. Skateboarding towards the crystal grinding and ollie around the collapsing gore nest; eventually reaching the crystal grabbing it in his hand. Grinding out of the flesh building on a long wire that connected a pillar to a few feet away form the gore nest.

Stopping in front of the group kicking his skateboard so he could grab it; placing it over his shoulder. “What is our next plan of action?” VEGA chimed in completely ignoring that the Slayer skated out of the gore nest. Of course people would seem to forget that the Slayer had experience skateboarding back in the early 00’s. The Slayer put away his skateboard by strapping it to his back.

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Word Count: 733 (+1 exp)
Level: 6 - Total EXP: 16/60
Location: Edge of the Blue

Although only a few of the group took up the fishing challenge, it didn't lessen the Cadet's enjoyment of it. After hauling up the mass of bass with his net - and being thoroughly pleased with himself about it - he switching the rod that Brineybeard was kind enough to lend them. He didn't get many chances to improve his angling skill back home, let alone here in the mishmash-ed world. Although soon enough the school of fish dispersed, especially after Junior's thunderous plan, but the hunter didn't have many more catches after switching over to the rod anyway. He kept his line in the water regardless until Shippy pulled into port. Then, the Cadet set his eyes upon the city.

"Wow, it's huge!" he exclaimed, swiveling his head about to take it all in. It was maybe twice the size of Port Tanzia, his only real frame of reference for big seafaring cities. Limsa was definitely taller at the very least. Much, much taller. The white brick of the city's construction made it hard to look at coupled with the shining sun and the reflection of light in the water around it.

Ace Cadet was excited to explore the place. He packed up his fishy haul, inspecting them a bit more closely to see if they could be of practical use... besides for eating, that is. Were their spines particularly sharp? Were their scales sensitive enough to violently burst apart? ...didn't seem like it. Just fish for eating then. He pulled two of the bass from the pile and presented them to Briney - who'd been appointed judge by Kamek, apparently - with a bright smile. "Here ya go. Thanks for giving us a ride."

It was weird that there were no other ships around at all. The captain said as much earlier, but it was still so strange, what with the place completely surrounded by water. He hadn't seen any airships around either, come to think of it. How do people get around? Ultimately he didn't take much time thinking about it. He was just eager to see the city, even if they wouldn't be able to leave it very easily.

Peach flagged down some strange looking girls, and Cadet was glad she did otherwise the whole group would be totally lost with where to start. They claimed to be ships but... well, they were the cutest ships he'd ever seen. "They kind of remind me of Poppi," Cadet thought aloud as he watched Shropshire zip away. Now, to commit what she'd said to memory... or at least the important stuff. Bulkwark Hall led to the Admiral's office, where they would find the woman in charge. Hawker's Alley and Seventh Sage for shopping... and a Hatchery would sounded like it could be pretty cool.

He waved Junior and Kamek off as they left, Cadet himself not very interested in where they housed the fleet of "ships." He had a bunch of fish that were gonna be stinking pretty soon after all, so his plan was to pawn them off for some spending money, maybe pick up some cool new items! He was about to do just that when Sakura piped up about responsibility. The Cadet folded his arms and nodded to himself. She was right, it might be better to meet with the Admiral as soon as possible, even if part of the group had already broken up. After all, they could explore to their hearts' content once they had to go find people to feed to The Maw...

...but then Geralt spoke his plan of heading to Hawker's Alley, and the Cadet's eager curiosity won out.

"I want to check out Hawker's Alley too!" Cadet said, raising a fist straight up into the air. "And the import place. I bet there are all kinds of stuff there that could help us, can't be too prepared right?" He smiled at the ladies. "Since Kamek and Junior already went on ahead, it's probably better to look around rather than wait an hour for them to get back, so we don't have to repeat anything we learn from the Admiral to them."

The Cadet was about to invite everyone to come along with him, crowding poor Geralt's shopping trip, but a sudden thought came to mind when he thought about meeting back up with everyone.

"Maybe we should find out where Bulkwark Hall is first though, heh."

Word Count: 416 (+1 exp)
Level: 2 - Total EXP: 1/20
Location: Sandswept Sky

Off they went, half of the group flying directly towards the towering camel while the others sat ready and waiting inside the car. The vehicle carried them straight underneath the beast, making harsh turns when needed. By now Primrose was getting used to the bumpy ride, and she clutched her seat tightly as they drove forward. When she could no longer see their flying companions from the car's window, Primrose looked at Fox, letting her eyes linger for a moment before she nodded. "Copy," she replied to him.

Primrose stood up, keeping a firm hold on the seat's back. Although at the moment she still suspected she would be of little help, she had to consider all of her options. Morgana... the car was a living being. Perhaps her Panther Dance could speed him up and help them all keep out of harm's way. On the other hand, a boost to attack power or defensive might also serve the group well——

A sudden jerk of the steering wheel very nearly knocked Primrose off of her feet. She quickly gathered herself again and bit her lip, clenched her fist. This was no condition to be dancing in.

If I had my magic... she thought to herself, glancing out of the windows at the camel's hooves and the weaknesses the keen Fox pointed out. Even the teens were doing their best to battle Naboris. Primrose tightened her fist. If I...

A familiar feeling spread from between her fingers. At first, Primrose though she'd broken through the skin of her palm with her nails, but as she slowly brought her hand up to look she realized what it really was. She loosened her fingers one by one, and dark swirling energy unfolded from around them. Whether it was the influence of the others or the danger of battle, her magic had returned to her. A small smile spread on the dancer's face and she moved to the back of the car.

"Not quite as useless as I thought," she murmured to herself. Magic gathered in one hand, and with the other knocked on Morgana's interior. "Open the back," she instructed of the feline thief. Once open the hot wind hit Primrose, but it was nothing she wasn't used to. She focused the dark magic in her hold until they were close enough to one of the machine's hooves. "Here, my Moonlight Waltz!" She thrust her arm out letting loose the bolt of magic, and shot forward toward her target.
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Level: 6 (7 -> 8/60)
Location: Dead Zone - Argent Tower -> Sundered Avenue -> Hell-bent City
Word Count: 701 (+1 EXP)

Power: Pending…
Blue Eggs: 100 -> 62 -> 39/100
Red Feathers: 50 -> 44/50

The going away from the tower was hardly the fastest, but at least now they were making their getaway. With a vehicularly inexperienced mechanoid at the wheel, however, coupled with the resistance they would no doubt meet along the way, the diminished pace didn’t the going any easier. The duo maintaining their balance atop an armored vehicle with a mounted weapon meant having to hang onto it with every other turn (even the most shallow) while making sure to avoid it every time it fired, on top of repelling the share of Flood that got past it between charges. For what it was worth, they were decently suited to the task in one way that no one else was. While they were unaware of the specific threat posed by the smaller, skittering Flood forms, their perpetual back-to-back positioning conveniently ensured that none of them would find purchase on the back of either of their necks.

By sheer quantity there was no stopping a small, but appreciable number of the Flood jumping or crawling aboard the dozer in waves, those that managed to not be splattered under its tires or against its front bumper. It fell to the duo (and whoever else) to fix that from the roof. They began by spitting off a few repelling shots at the bounding combat forms until too many were aboard to keep shooting at, whereupon they resorted to Beak Bayonet for close range, then Breegull Bash shortly thereafter before stowing Kazooie to cover Banjo’s back. They didn’t have too much difficulty fighting them aside from their numbers, the first of which were cleared by the turret, manned by an inexperienced driver who couldn’t see them. After that close call enemies began piling on again, but sharp beak and heavy paw seemed to suffice for another round more, with a wing stomp to clear the crawler buildup.

Soon, Banjo found himself having to hold his face shut after getting his first whiff of poisonous gas sourced from a flock of flying creatures that, while not allied with the Flood, still saw fit to harass them. Upon spotting them himself, and dodging a swooping bite from one of them, Banjo threw the turret arm at the nearest of them to swat them down. The weapon happened to be discharged at that moment to take out more mid-swing, and those that were still up and on them, the duo took care of with some parting egg fire.

While they managed to eventually break through and leave behind the greater mass of the Flood, they had not yet freed themselves of peril. For one obstacle, they traded another, as the terrain became their new enemy. Thankfully, by the time the path fractured, dropped, and made traversal and balance maintenance harder for those to whom it mattered, Jak and Daxter, the best drivers in the party, booted the Medabot from the driver’s seat and took the wheel from her, straightening out the difficulty curve somewhat. It didn’t entirely solve the problem of the Flood bomber dropping organic mines on the road ahead of them, however, boding near ill when the dozer finally hit one close to the upcoming gap. Suddenly, before anyone else had a chance to see to it themselves, a cloaked, phantasmal figure flew in unexpectedly, and from out of nowhere, to cleave the bomber down, clearing the jump for them.

Banjo hunkered down in preparation for the ramp. Whether the dozer cleared the gap or not, him and Kazooie decided to get off here. Just as the tires left the pavement, Kazooie sprang forward from a green platform, landing back atop the dozer at its apex in tandem arcs. Where she had left a green platform, she landed back on a blue and red one. Once they took to the air, they planned to stay there, at least for as long as they could or had to. They were silently thanking themselves for their good decision when the ground on the other side showed the first signs of giving way. In suit with the rest, the pair climbed in altitude and continued making their way for the remaining Qliphoth root, whether it meant following the group or leading them.

Level: 4 (32 -> 33/40)
Location: Sandswept Sky - Shadow of Vah Naboris
Word Count: 392 (+1 EXP)

To say the least, the party didn’t disperse their forces in quite the way he had hoped they would. When prompting the flyers to fan out and issuing the command to target the Beast’s feet, he didn’t expect or intend for them to fly straight to its interior while leaving the feet to them. In fact, he had counted on Poppi, boasting the heaviest artillery among them, to chip in on that front, and as for the Courier, it was impossible to tell where he was at on his end without being able to see or hear from him. There was no telling for him if this resulted from an error in communication or just everyone having their own ideas how they could best contribute, but there was no means of or sense in arguing it now. Besides, this was more his area than anyone else’s, even if he was presently under-equipped for it individually, and he wasn’t one to command anything of others that he wouldn’t do himself if he could.

“Be ready,” he called out after knocking on the van’s interior wall to alert both the van and the driver, “I’ll need you to pick me up.” It was hard to tell between Skull and Morgana who was really in control, so he made his request out loud nonspecifically to whichever one of them could better fulfill it. With the back wide open, while Primrose bolted one foot, Fox was free to take the other opposite. He took a calculated, deliberate fall out of the opening to line up with his target, and before hitting the sand, he dashed straight for its foot, stopping dead on top of it with an explosive report.

He found out quickly as the foot lifted up just how poor a foothold it made for. He slid down from the ankle of the rising hoof, kicking off of it, air dashing in reverse to hit it with another explosion before it got too far away from him, and caught himself against the ground in a recovery roll. He couldn’t afford to linger in the open for long, so he made haste in moving to intercept the van on its return trip. If he could manage, he would try to get off one more Burst to hit one of the other feet on his way back.
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Tora & Poppi

Level 8 Tora (17/80) and Level 7 Poppi (63/70)
Location: Sandswept Sky – Shadow of Vah Naboris
Primrose's @Yankee, Fox's @Dawnrider, Sectonia's @Archmage MC Midna's @DracoLunaris
Word Count: 815

With its heavy slash turned away, Thunderblight presented no defense against Sectonia's magic. Her ring of light raked across its bizarre body, loosening shards of some kind as well as a spray of malefic corruption. The globules of dark magic threatened to spatter across her if she wasn't careful, but her opponent remained a greater threat. Though subjected to a direct hit, the thing barely slowed down. It zipped backward in a blur, faster even than she, then dashed three more times to come at her from above and behind. Its vicious swings came relentlessly, forcing her onto the defensive.

Midna arrived during the onslaught to lend a hand. She caught its sword arm mid-swing and held on tight, even as the corrupter uttered a loathsome gurgle and tried to wrench away. Sectonia got her chance to attack, but only for a moment. Lightning covered Thunderblight's weapon, discharging into the imp's hand.

Down below, Tora struggled against Urbosa's assault. The champion moved with both immaculate grace and uncommon strength, raining down blows upon him. Her speed and reach far outstripped his, allowing her to attack from every angle. For every harmless clang of her scimitar against his Mech Arms, she landed at least one clean blow, and Poppi could only mitigate so much. Red slices quickly spread over Tora's head, torso, and wings, his clothes gaining more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. His vast store of HP was draining ast. She gave him no window to counterattack or even start thinking of a strategy, forcing him instead to endlessly protect his face and eyes. It wasn't long before she concluded that he presented no threat and ceased respecting him altogether. Urbosa brought her leg up and slammed it down across Tora's Mech Arms, dropping his block, and raised her sword to chop into his head. “Mehh!?” The Nopon's eyes went wide, and Poppi reached out her hand with a scream.

At that moment, Joker made his move from his vantage point. “Leena! One-shot kill!”

His persona, looking down her sights at the small of Urbosa's back, placed her finger on the trigger. “Affirmative.” Her rifle issued forth a bright yellow blast that drilled into the champion's back, dealing critical damage.

“Ugh!” she cried, but before she could turn around Poppi cannoned into her from the front. “Bad lady not kill masterpon!” Though much smaller than Urbosa she tackled her bodily to the ground. Urbosa brought her arms up to block as the artificial blade pummeled away. Tora ran around to the other side to start punching, but the champion would not be so easily beaten down. She rose with a dancer's elegance on her hands, spinning her legs like a sawblade to strike both driver and blade at once. As she landed on her feet she hurled her shield toward the upper section of the chamber, forcing Joker to throw himself from his perch and grapple away. Tora used the precious moment to launch himself into the air with a blast from the Mech Arms, avoiding Urbosa's slice, and deliver a two-handed wallop to her head. Poppi followed up with a strike to the champion's back where Joker's persona shot her, forcing Urbosa to her knees with a gasp of pain. Overhead, Joker swung in with his knife at the ready to deliver a plunging slash. The champion clenched her teeth. “You curs...! Feel my fury!”

A greenish-yellow field expanded around her, enveloping Tora, Poppi, and Joker. Unprepared for such an attack, all three went on full defensive. Without being ordered Poppi switched to her Alpha form, allowing Tora to defend himself with the Drill Shield, and Joker canceled his attack to bring forth Leena in front of him. The next second a calamitous blast of lightning shook the Divine Beast, filling the entire cavity of its body.

When the light faded, there lay Poppi, down for the count, as well as Tora and Joker, both smoking. Urbosa was on her feet, both weapons at the ready, and she wore a grim smile. “Your death is at hand!”

Below, the collective efforts of Yellow Team bore fruit. Pursuing and landing hits on the hooves of the Divine Beast might have been difficult for a lone fighter, but with a dedicated pair of hands on the wheel of the Morgana-car and a slew of projectile-slinging heroes free to let loose, two of the four hooves went red in no time. Fox's maneuver took care of the third, and while he needed to focus on himself to avoid another lightning strike on his way back, his fellows took out the fourth after only another handful of seconds. Once all four hooves glowed red from sustained damage, Vah Naboris let out a distressed rumble before coming to a stop. Its legs bent as it lay down, like a camel waiting for a rider to climb on.

Edge of the Blue – Seaward Bay

Ace Cadet's @Yankee, Sakura's @Zoey Boey, Link's @Gentlemanvaultboy, Junior and Kamek's @DracoLunaris, Hat Kid's @Dawnrider, Geralt's @MULTI_MEDIA_MAN, Isabelle's @Eviledd1984

Regardless of final destination, the first step on Blue Team's tour of Limsa appeared to be Mealvaan's Gate. Peach led the party as they caught up to Junior where he queued behind Shropshire, Northampton, and a dapper man going through customs. The fellow ahead of the three appeared to be finishing up, and after the two ship girls gave the customers officers a look at some loot they evidently collected on their voyage, the kid koopa was up. “Not selling anything?” The officer asked. “No cargo? No fruits or vegetables? Well, if there's nothing to tax, there's no reason to hold you up. Move along, please.” Accordingly, customers went quickly for everyone.

Once through, the gate, the Arcanists' Guild the officer came from lay to the left, its learned members well-versed in the sums needed to to their jobs. Ahead lay Hawkers' Alley, quite unavoidable even for those uninterested in shopping who walked this route. It bustled with a great many of people, some looking to buy but a great many milling about, chatting and trading among themselves. Some even sat around crafting in the open, putting together products for sale at the market board. Peach found herself looking around as though her neck were on springs, constantly distracted by new sights, sounds, and smells. True to Shropshire's word, just about everything one could possibly buy seemed to be on sale here, from weapons to armor to jewels to materials to monster parts to food to furniture to pets. She couldn't help but stop by the stall labeled 'Minion Mart' and look at all the little critters on sale. Beyond Hawker's Alley lay a circular plaza with an uncommon amount of people. There were people talking, arguing, taking pictures, and more. There were humans, people with cat ears and tails, big bulky folk, tiny potato people, reptilians, blocks caricatures, more ship girls, and more. Most interesting, however, seemed to be on the young lady dancing by the giant blue crystal in the center. She put on a breathtaking spectacle, to say the least. Still, the red eyes of every single person present provided a sobering reminder of the reality Blue Team faced.

On the opposite side of the aetheryte plaza from Hawkers' Alley, another large bridge led to Bulkwark Hall. Stairs to the right led down toward the main harbor, where fishy smell wafted from on the breeze. It was here that Limsa Lominscuttle Town truly opened up.

Dead Zone – Hell-bent City

Blazermate's @Archmage MC, Banjo & Kazooie's @Dawnrider, Linkle's @Gentlemanvaultboy, Bowser's @DracoLunaris Doom Slayer's @Eviledd1984

The ground shook and alarms blared as the reactor spiraled further and further into ruin, and those within the Super Gore Nest had no need to think twice about what to do. The four fighters cheesed it with every bit of haste they could muster. Acting on some indiscernible intuition, Raidou's spider demon carried him up a wall and through a patch of loose ceiling tile. Whether or not the unusual path lead toward the surface and salvation couldn't concern the others for the moment. Behind him, Nero could hear the roar of approaching fire. There wasn't a moment to loose. With a yell he shot out his Punchline arm, which extended into a missile that swerved back his way to pick him up. Nadia jumped and clung to the devil hunter's back as he rode down the hall, desperately trying to remember the way the crew came in. “Radiation, hallways, lab, atrium, hallways...whoa!” A Penance demon pounced out of a nearby room, but Nero managed to sway his makeshift rocket-board out of the way. He dared to look back, only to wish he hadn't; the unlucky monster vanished into a wall of flame sweeping forward far too fast for comfort.

He rounded a corner, gritting his teeth to make the turn with the unfamiliar weight on his back, and saw to his dismay a dead end. “No!” Not a dead end, but a corridor leading straight to the elevator he rode in on. But even if it worked, it would rise far too slow to escape the deadly blaze. He leaned forward to pick up speed, ignoring the panicked yowls of the feral girl holding on to him, and at the last moment jumped off the arm. His shoulder hit the elevator wall with negligible damage, and he hurried to pop the arm back on. He spotted Nadia staring back at the flame wall, hear ears flattened in fear, and began to charge the arm. “Grab on! We're gonna blast off!” Punchline heated up as he crouched down, its engine's speed and pitcher getting higher and higher. Nadia clamped her arms around his neck, and with considerable effort Nero growled, “Boost...Knuckle!”

Punchline blazed upward in brilliant jet, pulling the Devil Hunter and his hanger-on after it. Its fist blew straight through the elevator roof, then rocketed up the shaft, just ahead of the raging firestorm. The duo flew up, up, up like a screaming firework until Punchline struck the top of the shaft and promptly blew up, throwing Nero and Nadia out into the facility's ground-level lobby. They tumbled across the ground in a chorus of grunts and groans, with Nadia falling to pieces, but altogether not much worse for wear. A few moments passed before they picked themselves up, only to find Doom Slayer and Raidou waiting for them. The skateboard in the berserker's hand told them everything they needed to know about how he escaped. And the man still hankered for more, judging by his question.

Nero shook his head, trying to catch his breath. “Hey, give us a sec, will you?” An awkwardly silent couple of seconds passed with the others looking on while he and Nadia composed themselves. “...Okay. Well, we helped you clear out this mess, so I guess it's on to the Qliphoth root. Let's just hope that blast didn't get the attention of every monster in the city.”

“Hey, kid!”

After a moment of confusion, Nero remembered the strange fate befallen Dante and got up. “What is it?”

He watched his aunt drop from the half-deli a few hundred feet away -where she'd either been keeping watch or slacking off while the others slogged through the gore nest- and point roughly northward. “We've got a bunch of weirdos headed this way! Animals, robot, ghost, tentacle turtle, you name it!”

The devil hunter sighed, and Nadia gave a dry laugh. “Ya just had to open your big mouth, huh?” She tried to stand, only to wince and nearly hit the ground again. Nero caught her just in time. Without his demonic vitality, or Raidou's demon proxies, she'd put a lot of energy into the fighting back there and gotten a few good wounds for her efforts. Whatever kept her alive despite being cut to pieces clearly didn't make her invincible, so if forced to fight again, things could end badly. Raidou seemed low on energy himself, so that left just himself, Dante, V, and the Slayer against any enemies. While on paper that seemed like an unstoppable team, things could still get messy. He looked around for Nico's van, hoping that his friend and Pandemonica wouldn't end up caught in the crossfire.

Although Dante wore a cheery smile, her eyes betrayed her concern as well. “We should intercept 'em before they get close. Stay here and look after 'em, huh Nero? You there, with me.” She took off, and the Slayer followed right behind with V in the rear.

Less than a minute later, the three crested the edge of a building overlooking the street on the great crater's edge. Sure enough, a ragtag team was moving quickly down the road. Dante narrowed her eyes. “Not zombies or demons. Or those stinking parasites. But if there's anything I know about this city, it's everything's out to get you. Might as well get 'em first. C'mon, tough guy!”

After beckoning to the Slayer, Dante jumped down, and at the same time Griffon flew up to flap in front of V. “Hey champ, get a load of this! It's those wackos from earlier!”

Squinting, V realized the truth of the demon's words. “Oh, no...”

As Red Team neared the Super Gore Nest, attracted by the tremendous spectacle of it exploding and sending chunks of demonic flesh flying for thousands of meters, a blur fell from a nearby building. It hit the sidewalk without even a suggestion of damage and began to walk forward. She turned out to be a statuesque woman with fluffy white shoulder-length hair plus a short ponytail, with a red headband and a number of short black spikes plus two white horns that blackened toward the tips. She wore a red and black suit with many silver fly accessories plus a black tie and dark red longcoat, although she wore them rather sloppily. Beneath her aviators lay a cheerful smile, brimming with the sort of joy that could never be faked. She would not have been threatening at all if not for the rather ghastly sword. She held across her shoulder.

“Well hey there,” she greeted them, waving. “If I knew the circus was in town, I would've brought some popcorn. So whatcha guys got for me? Elephants? Trapeze? Ooh, how about juggling? Here, let me getcha started.”

She wound back and flung the sword, which span through the air like a helicopter blade. It hurtled among the group, forcing them apart. Tess flew up to avoid it, then dove toward the enemies. “Allow me!” She slashed at the Slayer, then swung toward Dante.

Her cleaver descended, but Dante pulled a black pistol from her back and fired once, nailing Tess straight in the face. She fell back, shrieking, and Sparda completed its Round Trip as it flew back into Dante's hand. She swung it upward to send the wraith flying away.


The woman glanced over to see V descending from the building with Griffon's help. “Stop now! These aren't enemies!”

Dante's red eyes flashed. “No dice. These jokers are aimin' to kill me!”

“What!?” V looked and sounded baffled. “Have you lost your senses? Only one has even attacked, and in self-defense no less!”

Dante ignored him, her eyes blazing. She stood with the Slayer against the whole of Red Team, both of them aggro'd. “You ready? 'Cause it's showtime!”
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wordcount: 641 (+1)
Midna: level 2 EXP: //////////////////// (1/20)
Location: Sandswept Sky (desert): Vah Naboris

Midna’s ploy worked, at least for a moment, halting the Ganon thing’s lightning fast assault on Sectonia right as it was about to strike her from an unexpected angle. When Thunderblight struggled Midna held fast, her hands gripping her mount’s fur and her thighs it's waist as the wolfos’ own claws scraped against the stone in an effort to avoid being thrown off of the precarious stone platform they were fighting on.

Their success in holding on was rewarded by the monster getting clever, electricity springing from its weapon and then down into its arm, the energy striking at the giant orange hand being made by Minda’s fragment of the fused shadow. Had it been made of flesh she might have flinched away, but the magical limb felt no pain and as the pinnacle of the Interlopers’s magic it would not bend or break to this fragments of the arch enemy’s power. That did not, however, mean Midna was safe.

The lightning bit and fizzed around the fingers before rapidly arching up them and into the hand, the electricity conducting up the magical limb and directly towards the back of Midna’s head. Midna gasped and in the moment before it struck her released her grip on thunderblight’s arm and spurred her mount back. The wolfos leapt away from the two floating fighters, leaving Sectonia on her own as Midna mentally wrestled with the lightning coursing through her magic third arm. For a tense few heartbeats it looked like she was about to receive the jolt directly to the base of her spine before the electrical sparks coursing through the glowing limb suddenly turned black and orange and was quickly drawn back up to the palm of the arm where it condensed into a barely held ball of angry energy.

It was at this moment that things went massively south for the members of the team facing down Urbosa. Midna caught the beginning of their battle’s end out of the corner of her eye. Energy pulsed out around the desert warrioress, sweeping over the heroes in a seemingly harmless wave but putting them on the defensive nonetheless. No one could miss the actual ending of the bout as lightning struck out at those within the field, rocking the insides of the camel with a deafening roar and blinding light, forcing Minda to cover her eyes reflexively. Even with the blur it left her vision in, it was hard to miss the fallen forms of those caught in the blast and the looming threat of Urbosa looking close to them, ready to finish the job.

Midna gasped and then yelled ”Keep that Ganon thing busy,” at Sectonia before racing to stop the worst from happening.

With a rapid sprint and a daring leap, Midna and her wolfos landed among to the fallen heroes. Her mount growled at Urbosa and readied itself to pounce as Midna combined the electricity of thunderblight with her own magic, forming a Dark energy zone (which looked like a rapidly growing orange ring filled with shadow) around her. The field quickly covered the fallen heroes, bathing them in darkness and presenting a flickering field of power around them. The intention was clear. If Urbosa wanted to finish them, the wounded warrior would have to enter the field and suffer the consequences.

”Try me, and we’ll see how you like it you whore of Ganon” She dared the fallen hero even as she warily watched her opponent with her recovering vision. She just needed time, some of which was bought as the ground shook beneath them as Vah Naboris’s outer defenses where beached and the giant camel submitted to be boarded by the rest of the team.

”So what was it that you betrayed Hyrule for hmm? power? jealousy? revenge? Must have been something irresistible to turn traitor and side with that that monstrous perpetual loser right?” she asked/taunted with as much false bravado as she could muster while the camel shook beneath them and her mount kept her balance during the transition for her, the beast ready to lash out at a moments notice despite the titan's tumultuous transition.
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Word Count: 345 (collab: 2739) (+3 exp)
Level: 6 - Total EXP: 19/60
Location: Edge of the Blue

Maybe the man handling customs took pity on the Cadet's meager sack of fish, but he managed to get into town proper without much trouble. He wasn't a merchant after all, just a visitor. It was lucky that most of their crew was interested in Hawker's Alley, because it was stretched out in front of them, a sight to behold. "So groovios," the Cadet commented, immediately diving into the area. Seeing the unusual populace was no longer, well, unusual, so the hunter was quick to mingle. In particular he was very curious about all the spinning wheels and anvils that people seemed to just carry around. I need to find out where I can pick one of those up, it would be super handy!

First things first though. Offloading the bass. After gifting two to Brineybeard, Cadet had only a few left. With some observation of the buyers and sellers, Ace Cadet discovered that though there were plenty of people visiting stalls and making purchases, no one seemed to be selling anything back to shop keeps. Instead, people were pawning items at a nearby market board, and pretty fast at that. Stepping closer to it, he could see that there were listings for items of all kinds. Clothes, weapons, armor... raw ores, needles, hammers, pets, and food. Even fish! The Cadet wasted no time writing up a listing of his own for about the same going price as similarly named fish, and almost immediately several well dressed men and women of all kinds approached.

They all said some variation of, "I am purchasing this on behalf of my employer," to which the Cadet replied, "Oh, uh, sure!" He came away 200 gil richer, which judging by some of the board asking prices, wasn't a lot. The hunter judged gil to be of similar worth to zenni, and it was enough for a little shopping at the very least. The market board was crowded, so with his selling done the Cadet wandered back towards the merchants in their booths to pick up anything useful or interesting.
wordcount: 2,907 (+3)
Bowser Jr: Level 6 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (107/60)
Kamek: Level 6 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (42/70)
Location: Edge of the Blue – Seaward Bay

After having derided the young heroes’ naive Kamek did his best to prevent his own growing horror at the things Geralt had seen and done from showing on his beaked face as the man spoke. It was a dark place the man had come from, or so it seemed to Kamek

”Well, you're certainly a lot more spry than i was at your age,” Kamek said in an attempt to lighten the mood, before sighing and suggesting that ”I’m not sure if you’ll take envy or solace in this fact, but it may be that some worlds are simply,” he paused, looking for the right word ”Kinder than others. Theirs. Mine. I am old. I've seen much and persuaded the darkest corners of my world in search of power and it thinks its deepest shadows might pale in comparison to those in yours. Now that all worlds are one, I fear we’ll be thankful for your hard earned experience before too long.”

He left it at that.

After a brief trip through the city’s customs and an incredibly quickly aborted explanation of what taxes where Jr and Kamek stepped through into the Hawker's Alley. Convenient for those who wished to visit, and even the troop couldn’t resist taking the time to examine the wares on display as the small pair slowly moved their way through the crowds, as was likely part of the intention of having the alley in the entrance. Initially the need to weave through the herd of tall people prevented the worst of the window shopping, but after roen to many traffic incidents jr took off in his clown car to hover above the crowd, with Kamek following after him via his broomstick so he wouldn't lose the young prince in the bustling city.

There was a brief unnerving moment where the pair’s liftoff became the focus of dozens of pairs of glowing red eyes, but after a moment of curiosity the shoppers returned to their business. Most of them had seen stranger things than a pair of flying turtles after all. For above the pair could see all of the items on sale with ease, and there certainly was a lot to see. There were things from a hundred or maybe even a thousand worlds on display: trinkets, food, potions, weapons, furniture, pets and more could be seen. It was all rather overwhelming in Kamek’s opinion, at least from up near the ceiling. Jr was much better at getting into it, swerving back and forth in a meandering path, leaning over the side of his clowncar as he ooed, and ahhed, at all the neat things on offer.

”Please do recall, young master, that we don't have the largest amount of gold and rupees on hand at the moment” Kamek reminded Jr as the boy looked over a rack of colorful weapons ”So we will need to be picky, if we do indeed get anything at all”

”yeah yeah I know” the boy replied dismissively. Despite that he left the interesting display behind at the prompting and floated upwards to take it all in thoughtfully. His eyes drifted across the crowd, catching on what the other members of the blue team were looking over till he spotted the Cadet and the pet stall he was looking over and his eyes lit up ”Oh oh, what are those!”

"Oh, hey guys!" the hunter greeted. He swept an arm out over the booth like he owned it, a little shop where little critters of all shapes and colors waited patiently for new homes. "Man here says these little guys are called minions."

"Indeed," the shop keeper said with a wide toothy smile. "And these minions here are the finest in all Eorzea! They make excellent companions. They follow you wherever you go, and are smart enough to avoid trouble when you get into a scrap."

"Pretty neat, huh?"

”Yeah they are,” Jr agreed, as he landed next to the Ace and looked at the assortment of minions for sale, ”aren't they Mimi?”

The equally small pokemon was not quite as impressed as she examined the, to her mind at least, lesser minions on display. Jr brushed off her non verbal dismissal and started asking about the creatures individually.

A small ghost-like flame floated close to the Pokemon and snapped it's mouth open and shut a few times. The shop keeper gentle moved the minion away and turned his bright smile on the young koopa.

"See any you're more interested in? I'd be happy to tell you all about them!"

Among the more normal looking animals like birds and rats, there were some strange creatures like puddles of slime, some bricks with legs, and evil looking purple pigs. There was even a very tiny man which the Cadet was eyeing with curiosity.

While the brick with legs was about as impossible to ignore as the tiny human wah really caught Jr’s eye was the purple pigs. Their regal horns, great manes and general villinouse aesthetic spoke directly to Jr’s tastes in style, ”Oh those are cool! What are they?” he asked, pointing out said swine.

The Cadet looked over at Junior's exclamation, and he followed where the prince was pointing. The red head's face broke into a grin at the site of the piglets, though for different reasons.

"Oh, poogies!" Cadet cooed, crowding closer to the koopas and the shop keep. "They look like weird little feral poogies."

The salesman coughed into his fist. "You must be quite the adventurer if you've heard of poogies. Unfortunately they aren't for sale here in Limsa. Not to worry though, these little ones are called Behemoths! Baby Behemoths, specifically. 'A sleek violet hide, hungry eyes, and two polished horns;' quite adorable, no? And exclusive!"

The man scooped up the pair of wriggling minions in order for his potential customers to get a better look.

”These things must get way bigger to get called Behemoths huh?” jr said as he moved a claw over to scratch the fur of one that was having a fiery eyed staring contest with Mimikyu…’s fake head. This ment it completely missed the spook’s long shadowy apetnage till it booped the Baby Behemoths on the snoot, much to its outrage. ”How big we talking?” Jr asked as the pig got into a sparring match with Mimikyu’s long arm, which it lost by being snoot booped several times over.

“Uh, yes, very big,” the shopkeeper answered. Clearly he was perturbed that his prospective customer’s tone seemed to imply that getting “way bigger” was a good thing. Clearly the little turtle was unfamiliar with what exactly a Behemoth was, outside of being big. “Yes they grow quite large, though it takes a while. Not to worry though, our baby Behemoths are mostly docile.”

They certainly were not docile, given how one was giving Mimi the evil eye and the other was struggling it’s hardest to escape the shopkeeper’s grasp. Ace Cadet, who’d been trying to calm the minion by petting it and failing, suddenly blinked and stood up straight when the repeated word “Behemoth” finally jogged his memory.

”Wait, Behemoth? Really, really big, mean, giant horns and can summon meteors?”

“...yeeees?” The man hesitated in his answer, unsure which of the two potential customers he should appeal to for a sale: the kid who wanted a cool monster, or the man who seemed to be concerned about it.

”I knew it!” The Cadet shouted, although it wasn’t with excitement. The normally cheery hunter was glaring at the seller, his earlier smile replaced by a firm frown. ”It’s that monster that came with the crystal to the New World! That thing was really dangerous, plus it’s a monster. It’s illegal to buy or sell live monsters!”

Clearly this was not the way the shopkeeper expected his afternoon to go. He stared at Cadet, speechless at first, but as the hunter went on he quickly scrambled to defend himself and his business.

”I might not be a Guild Knight right now but I can’t just ignore poaching!”

“P-poaching?! Sir I am no poa-”

”Then you got them from a poacher! Right? You’re a smuggler! What if the adult Behemoths came to find their babies? The whole place would be in danger!”

Well I don’t think that would-”

”Poaching is a capital offense where I’m from and-”

“C-c-capital offense?” The shopkeeper’s face paled, and as more and more curious eyes turned toward the shouting it only paled all the more. “Enough, stop, stop!” He hissed. He leaned forward and ushered the Cadet closer. The hunter obliged, though obviously disgruntled.

“You can’t slander my shop like that! You’re going to hurt my business,” the man pleaded, “The Behemoths aren’t often sold but I’ve never heard it was illegal!”

”It’s a giant monster, why wouldn’t it be??” the Cadet countered, completely unwilling - or maybe even unable - to entertain the thought that selling baby monsters was not only legal but encouraged here in Limsa Lominscuttle. He didn’t look like he was backing down anytime soon either. The shop keep looked between the red head, his turtle companion, the nosy crowd and the two wriggling pigs in his arms. He pursed his lips and considered his options. Finally, he shoved both of the baby Behemoths toward Cadet and Junior, figuring that both the piglets and the newcomers were more trouble than they were worth.

“I don’t want any trouble, okay? I’m a law-abiding citizen,” the shopkeeper said, emphasizing the ‘law abiding’ part loudly. After a moment he daringly lied, “I don’t have any other baby monsters or anything, so just take these and leave, please!”

”Score!” Jr cheered, before picking up his latest minion in both hands and tacitly accepting the bribe for the two of them. The pint sized behemoth wiggled in his arms, its trotters going wild, as he turned and showed it to Kamek, who had arrived a little bit after jr but hadn’t had a reason to input anything to the discussion as of yet, ”Look what I just got! For free! A giant monster!”

”It might take quite a while to get larger young master” Kamek warned him, ”creatures don’t grow up overnight”

”Well i mean yeah.. But I’m tough, Mimikyu’s tough” the pokemon puffed up with pride at this compliment ”and this little guy’s got alota fire so I bet he’s tough too! If not, i’ll make him tough!”

The baby looked fierce and prideful when it was praised, and then distinctly nervous at the prospect of benign made tough.

"They really shouldn't be pets," the Cadet said to Bowser Jr. He looked at the little Behemoth more closely now that it was in the koopaling's arms. "But at least they aren't gonna be traded around anymore. Normally I'd bring them to the Guild, but we can look after them for now I guess."

”Hang on let me juuuuuust” Jr was saying as the cadet collected his own. The boy put his pig down inside his clown car for a moment where it immediately began running circles around the car’s seat as the prince rummaged in the vehicles hammer space storage compartment. Mimikyu frowned at this, and then spooled out her long noodly arms, grabbing the behemoth around the waist and hauling it up into the air. The pig squealed and wriggled before coming face to face with a bright purple pokepuff jr had gotten for it. It sniffed the puff suspiciously and then took a little bite. Its eyes litt up, its wiggling stopped and a single blissful tear rolled down its cheeks for one singular moment of clam before it voraciously devoured the rest of the irresistible pastry.

Mimikyu looked at this with both horror and betrayal for a few moments as the pig devoured one of her snacks, before she too was offered a puff by the prince and all was forgiven. The Cadet had the second Behemoth tucked under one arm, where it soon gave up struggling against his strong grip. It snorted multiple times, glaring jealously at its fellow piglet as it was being fed. "Hey, calm down, I'll feed you something soon too."

Watching this, Kamek nodded approvingly, and put aside his worries about this impromptu pig-acquisition for the time being and instead asking ”So, have either of you thought of any names?”

"Hmmm," Cadet blinked down at the Behemoth, and the little guy blinked back up at him expectantly. "Maybe like... Ace Behemoth...? No, wait, Ace Minion?" he suggested, showing off the less than creative naming conventions of his world.

”What no your’s can’t be the ace-whatever! No way they can be better than my behemoth or minions. You should give it a different name! Mine’s is gonna be called… uh... um… wow this is actually kinda hard,” Jr said as Mimikyu put down the now much calmer pig again, who trotted around for a bit before plopping itself on jr’s lap

“Mimi!” Mimikyu squeaked, a little afonted that she hadn’t gotten a name when caught

”What? No that’s your name”


”Yeah that. Uhhhh. Hmmm. how about Baco-, no thats dumb.” Jr continued on missing Mimikyu, no, Mimi’s delight at her new name.

”You know what. You're gonna be big and scary one day, so you deserve a big and scary name. So I’m gunna name you Tyrant!” Jr decided after a fair bit more contemplation, poking the newly named Tyrant on the forehead as if he could push the new name into its brain. Instead he got an “oink” of confusion ”That’s your name. Tyrant. Got it?”

It wasn't particularly clear if Tyrant got it, but as he gave no resistance Jr considered the matter settled.

”a worthy name young master,” Kamek said, before asking ”had any thoughts yourself Ace… I’m sorry but I have to ask but is Ace Cadet actually your name? Or is it just a title and you don’t want to say your real one? I don't much mind if that is the case, but i am curious.”

"Uh, well, it's just what I've always been called. The other Ace Hunters all got called the same. Plus the Commander, the Field Team Leader, the Caravaneer, the Seeker..." He listed them off with a shrug. "Honestly I don't really think about it. It's kind of a radalos name anyway, right? As for this little guy..." With the prince's proclamation that he couldn't put "ace" in the name of the baby monster, the Ace Cadet was currently at a loss. "Not really, but that's okay, I'll come up with something to call it. Like Hungry, or Grouchy..." The behemoth didn't seem to appreciate either, so the hunter quickly followed up with, "...or not. Uh... baby behemoth... BB?" This suggestion seemed to placate the minion at least.

”I see,” Kamek replied. The fact that he lived in a world where lots of people just went by species names, like Toad or Bob-omb, ment he didn’t think about this bizarre set of affairs particularly hard either. There where more important things to worry about.

”Now that that is in order, I suppose we’ll be on our way,” he suggested, glancing back at the increasingly irate shopkeeper.

”Oh. Yeah sure. Seen anything else cool looking yet Ace?” Jr asked as he rolled his increasingly overcrowded clown car forward, Mimi balancing casually on its rim while Tyrant poked his snout up from Jr’s lap and over the side, sniffing anything and everything that passed them by.

"Yeah! There's tons of crafting stuff and potions and food, I'll show you what I bought later. Oh and there's a bunch of cool armor and clothes everywhere," Cadet replied, shuffling off after the Koopas. He was quickly getting back into a good mood after, from his perspective, rescuing some poor little monsters from a smuggler. Hopefully Tyrant and BB saw it that way too. "Not all of the clothes are human sized either, some would fit you guys, and the bigger stuff miiiight even fit your dad.

Oh! And the rest of us are..."
The Cadet lifted a hand to shield his eyes from the sun, looking out over the crowd. ”Right over there!”

”ehhhh. Nahhh. Clothes are for Toads” Jr replied dismissively as they shuffled their way through the crowds and rejoined the party

”Something to look into when we’re better funded. I wouldn’t argue against replacing these old robes if there's something justifiably useful on offer,” Kamek replied, considering the prospect with an eye both for utility and as an excuse to get something more fashionable than his magikoopa uniform.

As they talked, the masses of people and stalls began to come to an end as they approached the courtyard on the other side of the ally. Here was where the city actually started to branch out into the many other locations mentioned by the ship girl, including lifts leading directly to the admiral’s office.

”Ah, I see the layout of this place has somewhat foil my plans,” Kamek noted as he read the local signage ”Unless those of you who wanted to go shoppers have anywhere else they wish to go, I suppose we could head straight for the admiral? If she’ll see us?”

”Well we’re important aren't we? No way she won’t,” Jr replied, with childish self assurance.

"Agreed! Here, lemme go grab everyone else and we can get going."

Kamek wasn’t quite so sure, but there was only one way to know for sure.

Word Count: 634 (+1 exp)
Level: 2 - Total EXP: 2/20
Location: Sandswept Sky

It was impressive, the speed with which the ground team took care of the massive camel-like construct. Turned out those on team yellow were quite competent after all. The machine began crashing down, it's legs lighting up and buckling beneath it, and Primrose deftly stepped aside as the Morgana mobile flew over the sand and morphed to catch the daring Fox. They continued on, riding alongside the length of the beast until it came to a stop and settled in the sand. Now that it's height was so drastically reduced, they could get a better look at the body of this thing. There were ramps, hallways and doorways all on the outside, strengthening Primrose's theory that this was a place people lived - or at the very least spend some time inside. It also made boarding the beast that much easier.

Primrose stepped out of the car, lifting her gaze skyward and shielding her eyes from the sun with one hand.

"I don't see them from here," she said, speaking of those that went on ahead. It was probably a good idea to hurry on and find them. There was a brief moment of hesitation as Primrose stepped onto one of the ramps. The material was hard and smooth, yet unlike any she'd ever seen. It didn't appear to be metallic. Primrose had seen a lot in her twenty three years of life, including deadly monsters, but she was still relatively new to the whole "hero" thing. So she paused on the incline, paralyzed between one heart beat and the next.

...I hope this thing doesn't come back to life, she thought and continued forward, a bit uneasy with the prospect of riding it as it moved.

With the rest of the ground team surely close behind, Primrose entered Naboris. The inside was maze-like, alluring to treasure hunters no doubt. Primrose was not a treasure hunter, because the things she wanted most couldn't be sated or bought with trinkets. Rather than navigate the interior of the beast, she climbed up the ledges on it's outer layer. It appeared to be designed with the idea of people moving and working on the outside of it in mind, which made getting onto it's back smooth sailing for the most part.

It was there, in the camels humps that their missing companions were found. They didn't seem to be faring too well.

One the one side, Tora, Joker, and Midna faced town a tanned woman of imposing stature. Beside them lay Poppi, unconscious. On the other, Sectonia faced down a ghastly looking creature wielding the power of lightning. Quickly Primrose had to decide where her own strengths would be best utilized. With a deep breath, she decided...

"Sectonia!" Primrose ran in the direct of the giantess and her opponent, leaving the warrior woman to the stronger combatants in their party. However, rather than attack the demonic looking creature with her magic, Primrose beckoned the queen bee to notice her. Even just a glance would do.

For you, the Peacock Strut. With impossible grace, Primrose transitioned from running into a twirl. The cloak she wore billowed outward, showing off glimpses of her rich red dance clothes underneath it. The coins sewn in jingled as she moved, and she stopped her moment in one smooth motion by extending her leg, letting it rest on the ground in front of her pointing in the queen's direction. The dancer had already seen demonstrations of Sectonia's magic, and so with a flourish Primrose raised both of her hands high over hear head and brought them down in an arc on either side of her body, completing her dance and empowering Sectonia's magical capabilities. Hopefully it would be enough to overwhelm the ghoul and let the queen join forces with the rest of them.
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Geralt of Rivia

Eryth Sea-> Edge of the Blue

Lvl 5 (67/50) -> Lvl 5 (68/50)

Word Count: 337 words

Geralt nodded at Kamek's response. That's what I'm worried about... He mused, before following the mage's lead and letting the conversation end.


Geralt was not prepared for this. Sure, Novigrad could be busy, but the sheer volume of activity in Hawker's Alley made him shake his head. The place was filled to the brim with different things to buy. From tiny critters to suits of armor, Geralt could was sure he could spend a day and night in here and still not see everything there was to offer. He didn't exactly have a lot to his name at the moment, though there were a few things he could probably sell off to get a bit of extra coin. The most obvious was that helmet. He didn't suppose the others were the type to use that sort of thing, especially not with the gaudy fringe on the top.

Heading to the market board, where he'd seen others selling miscellaneous merchandise, Geralt offered the helmet for sale. Not having a perfect frame of reference for how much things were worth here, he let it go for 71 gil. It was one of the many types of currency he'd seen around, and frankly, it all seemed to be handled identically to him.

Now a bit richer, he set about finding an alchemist he could purchase the necessary ingredients from, a small sigh on his lips. The path of a Witcher could certainly be lucrative, but his monetary luck had been rather poor since he'd appeared in this strange world. It certainly didn't help that half the quests he took offered non-monetary payment.

Still, after a look, Geralt found himself the owner of enough reagents to make another batch of grapeshot bombs, which he set about doing nearly immediately.

It only cost most of what he had. Still, it was probably worth it to be properly prepared.

His business taken care of, the Witcher made his way to Bulkwark Hall, ready to meet up with the others and get going.
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Queen Sectonia

Level 5 Sectonia - (19/50) +1

Divine Beast
Word Count: Less than 750

Thanks to Midna's help, Sectonia could land another heavy blow on Thunderblight. While he was countering the grip of the imp girl, Sectonia summoned another ring of light and ripped it along his face. However, when she made this motion, she found that her ring of light was spinning much faster and looked even more ornate than she was used to. Apparently the people who were left in the car managed to make their way up to where Sectonia and co. were and one of them gave the bee queen a buff to her magic ability. Still, she only gave the slightes acknowledgement to both premise and midna who had to dart off to help the others with the amazoness lady, leaving her to fend with thunderblight on her own. Even still, Sectonia had more powerful things under her command than this 'thunderblight ganon' and she wasn't too worried about handling him alone.

With the lighting strike that hit the others though causing them trouble, and Thunderblight retreating after getting hit hard twice by Sectonia, Sectonia lent them a bit of aid herself. Thanks to the buff that Premise gave her, Sectonia could summon more minions than she was used to, and when she went to summon her ice antillons to slow down and potentially freeze this amazoness lady to death, instead of 5 8 appeared out of the small portals she summoned over the ladies head. Surrounded by all angles, the antillons began to spray her with bone chilling frost, far colder than the simple air conditioning they had been doing in the car earlier.
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Tora & Poppi

Level 8 Tora (19/80) and Level 7 Poppi (65/70)
Location: Sandswept Sky – Shadow of Vah Naboris
Primrose's @Yankee, Fox's @Dawnrider, Sectonia's @Archmage MC Midna's @DracoLunaris
Word Count: 754

Midna's arrival and subsequent extension of her dark field forced Urbosa to pause and consider her approach. The rumbling and unmistakable downward movement of Vah Naboris confirmed that the other invaders must have brought the Divine Beast to its knees. Needless to say, things could not be said to be going well for Urbosa. Yet a true warrior did not flinch in the face of danger, at the prospect of taking pain and accomplishing the mission, and neither did one yield to derision no matter how vile. “You'll regret uttering such slanderous filth. Prepare!” So saying, she stepped into the field, shield poised in front of her. In an instance Midna's wolfos lunged, crossing the distance as a blur and slamming into the shield with remarkable force. Urbosa staggered backward, but she did not fall. The wolfos clung to the shield and snapped at her face, aiming to rip out her eyes or throat, but the warrior held firm before flinging the beast off. Her shield arm then dropped, numb from the impact and useless from the herculean effort of keeping the dead weight up.

The seconds afford to him allowed Tora to pull himself up, head spinning, but the Drill Shield firm in his grip. Joker approached from the right to help steady him, sizing Urbosa up. “We'll surround and fight her at once. Two swords, one shield. On my mark.” He conjured Arsene in a curtain of blue flames, and the specter loomed behind him. “Sukunda!”

Arsene snapped his fingers, and a dark aura surrounded Urbosa. She shook her head as if dizzied, swatting at the cloud, but even as it disappeared her disorientation remained. Joker nodded to himself. “Her agility is compromised. Now!”

With as ferocious a cry as he could muster, Tora charged straight at her. Joker followed, circling around to the left and trusting Midna to do the same on the right. Owing to the Nopon's stubby legs they converged on Urbosa at the same time. Joker began with a feinted stab to cover a clean gunshot, and Tora clubbed the warrior's shin when she didn't give him her attention, giving Midna an opening. For a few brief but furious moments the trio scuffled against the champion, their teamwork pitted against her masterful technique but diminished agility, wearing her down to such an extent that even when she regained feeling in her shield arm the tides did not turn back.

Meanwhile, as Primrose and the Phantom Thieves navigated up toward the humps, which was by no means the work of mere moments, Sectonia continued to square off against the vicious Thunderblight. Her light ring sawed through its stony, goopy exterior, but the unfeeling brute continued to rage against her. It darted around with blistering speed, able to track her teleports effortlessly and zip around to strike from different angles. As much as she thought herself above this thing, even her strength and magic found themselves challenged on their own. That cruel hooked blade of blue energy carved into her carapace and even nicked her precious wings a few times.

The arrival of Primrose did give her reprieve, granting a power boost potent enough to push Thunderblight back. Perhaps trusting the beast to retreat and lick its wounds, Sectonia immediately turned to lend a hand to the fight against Urbosa. Her participation meant that the tired and wounded champion faced not three but eight enemies. Worse still, one immediately started summoning icy minions. She gritted her teeth and hissed at them. “Relying on strength in numbers, hm? Face me like warriors, cowards!” Her scimitar flashed and carved two of the antlions up, then flew into a glittering spin attack to keep the rest off her. Yet they seemed happy to stay out of range, releasing a chilling spray.

A howl echoed through the structure as Thunderblight zoomed in. It bounced between the assembled fighters like an electrified pinball, slashing again and again. A glimmer of hope lit up in Urbosa's eyes, and with the moment's distraction she charged and released a smaller burst of Urbosa's Fury to take out the antlions and keep from freezing to death..

Skull, however, shrugged off the lightning. “Waste 'em Captain Kidd!” Obligingly the Persona appeared and smacked the champion with his ship. Caught off guard, she fell back, wide open. Thunderblight, also undeterred by electricity, shrieked as it darted around to share its pain. Feeling mighty loopy from the second electrocution, Tora could only on Poppi as she self-repaired, shielding her with his body.
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wordcount: 838 (+2)
Midna: level 2 EXP: //////////////////// (1/20)
Location: Sandswept Sky (desert): Vah Naboris

”Mistake!” Midna declared with a snap of her magical fingers. The power in her the dark energy field lashed out, striking Urbosa and marking her for death. Her mount landed forth at Urbosa, but the technique, hand crafted to kill corrupted Twili, proved imperfect against an opponent wielding a shield and acting defensively. The metal barrier confounded her overeager Wolfos and bought the warrior enough time to recover from the impact and shove it off of her.

The beast hit the stone flood on its back, before quickly rolling over and finding its feet below its mistress, who remounted her bestial minion as soon as she was able. The strike hadn’t been the knockout one Midna’d hoped it would be, but her strategy hadn’t been for nought. Bearing the brunt of the Wolfos’ unintended bodyslam and then forcing it back had overtaxed Urbosa’s muscles, leaving her shield arm limp and the woman herself vulnerable. To Midna’s satisfaction she saw that her ploy had also given some of her allies the time they needed to recover from the fallen hero’s lightning strike. Joker and Tora had picked themselves up off the ground (the mechanical Poppi was worryingly still down for the count) as warrior and wolf hand tousled and were now ready to re-engage Urbosa with a new strategy.

The masked teen summoned forth a phantom of a winged being with the most absurdly tall hat. It had many other extravagant features as well but Midna didn’t have time to take in all the gentleman’s outrageous aesthetics as it acted within an instant of being summoned. With a snap of his fingers (a popular type of flare today it seemed) a dark cloud smothered Urbosa, leaving her dazed and vulnerable. Midna didn’t need prompting to know now was time to strike, rushing forward and acting in tandem with the others. Her wolfos sprung to the right, the beast delighted to be fighting like it was in a pack and adding a howl to Tora’s battle cry as they bull and horned their foe.

The trio swarmed her, harrying her with a torrent of strikes. As Tora bashed her shin and Joker stabbed and shot Midna’s wolfos darted in to try and savage one of the giant woman’s calves while the princess herself drove a double sized magic fist at her gut. Even fighting dirty and ganging up on the massive muscled woman the team had their work cut out trying to bring down the warrioress, who dwarfed them all comfortably in terms of training, muscle and sheer size, and so the best they managed was piling on weaker blows, slowly but surely weakening her with strike after strike.

Their roguish attempt to bring death by a thousand cuts was bolstered when the rest of the team arrived, having boarded the camel after bringing it to a halt though means unknown to Midna. Primrose’s intervention, consisting of an eye catching dance, empowered Queen Sectonia’s magic, allowing her both to push back the darkness of Ganon for a moment and to summon eight of her ant like minions to aid them against Urbosa. The creatures that had been used as coolers now showed off their true ability, blasting their foe with icy shots. There were only three problems with this.

First, the shots were being thrown into a melee with her allies in it. That problem ended quickly without any friendly fire incidents with the introduction of the second, which was that Urbosa became enraged with a warrior’s pride when assailed by so many foes at once and found fresh strength, driving them back with a very familiar spin attack and mercilessly cleaving into the ant minions with her scimitar. The third was no-one was handling Thunderblight for a mere seconds, and that was apparently all the blighted beast needed to cause them all major grief.

”Goddesses, it's quick!” Midna cursed as Thunderblight darted from ally to ally, slashing at them with its magical blade whenever it got close. When it came for Midna she and her mount were already on the move. The wolfos dashed and leaped away from Thunderblight’s blade swings as the princess ducked her head and clung close to its fur. They ran through the chamber until the tyrant’s spawn suddenly switched targets on a whim and went after another one of the team.

The distance Midna had covered to avoid Blight’s harassment meant that when Urbosa unleashed another shockwave of lightning strikes she was just barely clear of the blast, tingles of static rolling across her mount’s fur as they leapt back into the fray. As they landed Skull, having shrugged off the lightning, brought out his own summon. This one was some kind of sailor Midna guessed, based on the fact that it proceeded to deck Urbosa with an entire ship. Smelling blood, Midna spurred her mount to keep up the momentum of their return, the Wolfos sprinting hard across the sandstone colored floor and then leaping at Urbosa, viciously lunging for the off balance warrioress’ throat.
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Kasugano Sakura

Level 3: 02/30
Location: Hawker's Alley, mentioning @Yankee
Word Count: 356
Points Gained: 1
New EXP Balance--- Level 3: 03/30 (level up pending)

Sakura quickly followed suit, eager to explore the town. She had approximiately zero gil to her name, and literally nothing of value on her.

(Hooray, window shopping!)

Her youthful excitement, however, was quickly dampered. The red eyes of those around her reminded her of their mission. It reminded her of how she felt to be like that. For her, at least, her priorities were all out of whack. Since she was convinced nothing was wrong, she just went on another globe trotting adventure to find Ryu. If she had been in control, she would have known something was wrong, and immediately went to find her family. How many of these people had their priorities shifted? Their minds locked out of key parts, their personalities altered to keep them in a blissful state of ignorance?

To say the least, it was creepy. Even the prettiest men and the most handsome ladies, the most exotic good and spookiest animals, all of them were affected. Total mood killer. It sent a chill down her spine, though she tried to keep her spirits up.

(Sure, everyone is posessed by an unknowable eldritch entity...but...at least the food still smells good!)

Still, the kind-hearted Sakura couldn't have the fun she usually did, and ended up hovering next to the group. While normally she would be prone to just sprinting off in a random direction, the idea of being alone in this world full of Light people really skeeved her out. Plus...it's not like she had any money, anyway. This conundrum drained her spirits slightly, much like the encounter with the cloaked woman who spoke of necessary sacrifice.

Joining the others at Bulwark Hall, Sakura found herself attracted to Cadet's little pet monster thingy. "Wow!" She said, leaning over it, her eyes wide. "Did you get a pet, Mister Cadet?" She backed up, realising she may be violating personal space. "What's it's name? Is it a boy, or a girl, or something else? It's so cute! Can I pet it?" She rattled off another series of questions, bouncing eagerly on the heels of her bright red sneakers.
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Tora & Poppi

Level 8 Tora (19/80) and Level 7 Poppi (65/70)
Location: Sandswept Sky – Shadow of Vah Naboris
Primrose's @Yankee, Fox's @Dawnrider, Sectonia's @Archmage MC Midna's @DracoLunaris
Word Count:

Paws drumed against stone in a rapid rhythm and then all at once silence reigned as the Wolfos lept, Midna grinning a vicious grin as it cleared the boat struck warrioress’ defences this time. Claws stabbed into fabric and flesh, anchoring the predator in place for just long enough for its bestial muzzle to dart forwards and sink its fangs into Ubosa’s throat. Then, with a wrench of its jaw, the shadow beast ripped out her jugular, causing a spray of blood that quickly turned to ash and dust as the quick death ended the gerudo champion’s life for a second time.  

With a yelp, the wolfos fell through the place where Urbosa had stood only moments ago, paws scrambling and landing poorly on the floor of the chamber as its own actions ripped its support from beneath it. It bounded away instinctively but there was nothing left but the spirit of a warrior slowly drifting to the ground. But it wasn't over yet.

Midna’s eyes immediately locked onto Thunderblight as it howled, then dove back into the fray with wild swings. Spurred into action by his new friend's success, Tora threw himself at the threat, and behind him dashed Poppi, recovered enough to fight thanks to the others' efforts. For some reason the death of Urbosa threw the monster intro a frenzy, but it now found itself severely outnumbered. No matter where it blitzed to, an enemy waited for it; together, Sectonia, Tora and Poppi, Primrose, and Fox hemmed it in on all sides. It didn't take long for one to land a decisive strike and knock Thunderblight down.

As it tumbled across the floor, Mona made his move. With a huge grin he bounded forward, his own scimitar in hand. “Make way! The Thieves will end this with style!” At his prompting, Joker, Skull, and Panther leaped into the air. A shattering noise ran out as the air itself in a wide radius seemed to break like glass, staining the space carmine red. Inside the Phantom Thieves moved like lighting, striking Thunderblight again and again in a blur of shadows. Finally a shape cut through the anomaly, a big chair plopping down and spinning toward the onlookers to reveal Mona sitting with a cigar, his legs crossed and his grin devious.

“And that's curtains!”

Thunderblight exploded in a shower of corrupted blood, leaving only its spirit behind.

A moment of silence passed, with the Thieves regrouping, before Tora broke the silence with a loud exhale. “Wheeeeew! That tough fight to have all of sudden, meh!”

Poppi nodded sagely. “But thanks to friends, everyone is okay, and now giant beast machine is ours.”

Her words made Tora's face light up, and he bounced up and down despite his wounds and fatigue. “Wait one second! Tora just have wonderful idea!”

Mona jumped down beside him, his eyes big wide hype. “You thinking what I'm thinking!?”

“We use beast machine to cross desert!” The Nopon sang.

“Aw, yeah!” Mona hopped up to high-five Tora. “That means no more sandy wheels, no blazing sun. We can chill out while this thing takes us to the mountain!” He put his paws on his hips, looking around more for the others' praise than approval. But it didn't take long for him to realize something. “Uh, trouble is, I don't know how to make it go. And I think we just wasted the only one who did.” He glanced at the Urbosa spirit, floating innocuously near Midna.

Edge of the Blue – Limsa Lominscuttle Town

Ace Cadet's @Yankee, Sakura's @Zoey Boey, Link's @Gentlemanvaultboy, Junior and Kamek's @DracoLunaris, Hat Kid's @Dawnrider, Geralt's @MULTI_MEDIA_MAN, Isabelle's @Eviledd1984

While most of Blue Team occupied itself with the sights, smells, and charms of Hawkers' Alley, Peach moved ahead through the aetheryte plaza. An entire team wouldn't be necessary to lay out the situation to the Admiral, after all, so if she could forge ahead and take care of that, her party's time would be that much better spent. She did pause a brief moment in the plaza itself to watch the entrancing dancer at work. Seeing her plying her trade reminded her of Din, making her wonder if this girl shared the same supportive talents as her ally, and then whether or not Din found her way to Alcamoth. Hopefully the mercenaries visited Lumbridge, given that both capable hands from 1-1 and the Dead Zone found refuge there. Peach left the plaza behind without bothering the half-genie dancer, though she did leave a few gil in her pot. Link accompanied her, quite used to serving as a princess' bodyguard, and anyone already done with their shopping could do the same.

Once in the Bulwark Hall, a quick conversation with the lift attendant informed her that the Admiral happened to be out, evidently preparing for a sortie against 'the enemy'. Ominous nomenclature aside, that meant Merlwyb seemed to be the sort of commander to lead from the front lines, a trait she and Peach shared. After getting directions Peach set out in search of the main harbor, but she underestimated the tricky layout of the city and got lost. A talent for jumping meant that she could find paths where others couldn't, however, and the sight of magnificent sails allowed her to home in on her destination. She arrived at the harbor to see the former shipyard converted almost wholesale into an outdoor armory. Everywhere she looked, ship girls were attending to their apparel and equipment, performing checks, making repairs, and stocking up. They presented a lot of variety, yet at the same time, not that much variety at all. Something subtly unsettling gnawed at her about seeing so many pretty girls in the same place, like some deranged weirdo had gone to great lengths to collect them. When she saw the Admiral, however, she couldn't see her as anything but the utmost professional.

The towering Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn cut an imposing figure. A sheer black coat sharply contrasted her moon-white skin, and her expression and mannerisms smacked of austerity and strength both. She issued orders sharply, with Peach getting the impression she hold the ship girls to a much higher standard than they were accustomed to, and she did so from the prow of the only ship docked here, impressive as it was. Peach swallowed her hesitation and approached, waving. “Ahoy!”

Ever perceptive, Merlwyb spotted the stranger and narrowed her eyes. “And you are?”

“Peach. Princess Peach.” The half-biker figured that she should lean on her authority to be worth this admiral's time. “I rule the One-One region, east of here. My crew and I are on a vital mission to defeat the bosses of each region.”

A small crowd of ship girls had gathered around, interested. After a moment, Merlwyb raised one eyebrow. “I see?”

Picking up steam, Peach nodded officiously and crossed her arms. “That's right. A scout has informed me that our target lurks beyond the Bottomless Sea. To get there we plan to stow away on the Maw. We were hoping you might be able to help in some way.”

A round of whispers went up among the navy, and Merlwyb gave a fearsome scowl. “You must either be wasting my time with a poor jest, or not realizing what you're saying. The Maw isn't some pleasure boat. It's a nightmare given form. You'd have better chances sailing through the storm on Raven's Cry here, but be you princess or pauper, I cannot squander my resources on the whim of one I neither know nor trust.”

Peach took that in wearing a thoughtful frown. “Is there anything we can do to earn your trust?”

“Hah!” The Admiral snorted. “Like trust is something you can earn by doing chores!” She crossed her own arms, glancing across the assembled ships. “Although, you could count me grateful if you found a way to deal with Abyssal Fleet for good. No matter how many vessels we sink, the same ships rise again and again to threaten our home.” The ships nodded, their collective expression grave. No matter what they looked like, after all, these ships shared a singular purpose: warfare. Yet despite the rigging hanging off them, they were hardly machines. A never-ending battle, with peace eternally under siege, sounded like hell to Peach. Merlwyb nodded. “Yes, very well. It's a tall order, but so is your desire. Solve the puzzle of the Abyssal Fleet and we'll give you all the support you need. Or if you're serious about this damned Maw business, go find Mimic. He's studied the thing. Now if you don't mind, we have business to attend to.”

Peach and Link left the harbor with much to think about, heading back toward the Bulwark Hall to meet up with the others and relay their findings.

Dead Zone – Hell-bent City

Blazermate's @Archmage MC, Banjo & Kazooie's @Dawnrider, Linkle's @Gentlemanvaultboy, Bowser's @DracoLunaris Doom Slayer's @Eviledd1984

It took a moment for Dante to steady herself, but for all her wounds she appeared to be in decent shape. She looked around at the heroes, fully cognizant of their fight moments ago, and stroked her chin as she thought. “Well, I can't say why I started the fight with you all, but I appreciate ya obliging me. Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good brawl, huh?”

For a few intense moments V had been working to wrap his head around what just happened. Bowser manifested some sort of heart-shaped energy that went completely against his character before applying it to Dante, instantly defusing the situation. Whatever possessed her to embroil the heroes in a senseless fight to the death had taken its leave. Some sort of curse, maybe? But why not lead with that, then? Judging by what Blazermate said, perhaps there existed some sort of damage threshold before it would work. Or maybe Bowser needed to build up energy while fighting, like Devil Trigger.

The sound of heavy footsteps caught his attention and he looked over to where Banjo chucked the Doom Slayer to see the shotgun-wielding maniac on his feet, quickly closing the distance between himself and the heroes. Even with his face hidden, his bloodlust could be felt. “We're not quite out of the woods yet,” V cautioned the others. He turned to face the Slayer; time to test his theory. “I will present the opportunity.” Holding up his hand, he snapped his fingers, and the black dissolved from his hair like ash. A meteor fell from the sky and slammed into the ground between the group and Slayer in a plume of flame before resolving into the shape of Nightmare. The brute faced the Slayer head-on and began its assault. Between swings of its mammoth arms it raked the battlefield with its eye laser.
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Word Count: 746 (+1 exp)
Level: 6 - Total EXP: 20/60
Location: Edge of the Blue

With everyone already in Hawker's Alley, it didn't take much time for all of the blue team to come back together again. Outside of Bulwark Hall, the heroes gathered... only to be told by an attendant that the admiral with the very complex name was currently out of her office - but also that one of their own had already set out to find her. After that news there wasn't much else to do but wait. Or keeping shopping. Yeah that second option sounded nice.

Ace Cadet had his item bag in one hand and his new companion tucked under his other arm, the little monster contented after Cadet finally picked it up a few snacks on their way to the hall. After feeding it, the baby behemoth seemed to bond with him a little... the hunter supposed he didn't have to keep carrying it and that it would follow along after him like all the other critters in town followed their masters, but he wasn't completely sure. Although if it was like a Poogie in other ways besides looks, then a good rub would get it to follow him anywhere. It was really perfect timing when Sakura took notice of the minion and came over.

"It's name is BB," Cadet told her, "I didn't check to see if it was a boy or a girl yet, probably should, but it's a baby 'Behemoth.' They grow up to be pretty dangerous so we took them off the market, Junior's keeping track of the other one."

When she asked to pet BB, the Cadet grinned brightly and handed the whole minion over to her. BB looked disgruntled at that, but to be fair it had looked disgruntled pretty much the whole time Cadet had known it. "Yeah! You're friendly for a little monster, huh, BB?"

BB let out a hard snort through it's snout, and the hunter laughed.

"Pet it all you want, it will probably help it get used to us. Plus I can organize my inventory, gimmie a sec." After saddling Sakura with an armful of piglet whether she was ready for it or not, the Cadet slung his pack up and rustled around in it. With the money he'd made from selling the fish, he'd bought some local potions. Draughts that caused ailments like paralysis, blindness, drowsiness, and poisoning... plus an antidote and an elixir. It was a pretty good array of items, enough to cover the team's bases if they needed it in a fight. Once satisfied with the interior of his bag, the Cadet motioned to Sakura that she could set BB down if she wanted.

"When that girl, Shropshire? When she said this market had everything she wasn't kidding, huh?" Because really, it had pretty much everything. The Cadet blinked at Sakura, looking for... something. "Did you get anything?"

It didn't look like she had, even with everything available. Cadet couldn't relate, buying a ton of items, weapons, and armor was the reason he was pretty much always broke back home (though he could make his zenni back pretty easily when taking quests). On that train of thought... Oh, wait, maybe...?

"Are you broke?" the hunter blurted out unceremoniously. After a beat he realized how straight up rude that sounded, and he pinched the bridge of his nose while laughing the situation off. "Uh, sorry, that was not Ya-cool of me. What I meant is, you probably didn't have any money on you when you woke up in this world, right...? I didn't either."

The Cadet reached into his pack and produced the rest of his gil - the native currency of Limsa. The small pile of gold coins totaled a meager 92 gil, but it was better than nothing, right? He held the money out to Sakura. "I already did my shopping, so here! It giggisux big time to be in a big market like this without being able to get anything. Say it's like a welcome-to-the-team present!"

She'd probably have time to pick something up before the Princess got back, that or later on.

When Peach did return to relay what she'd learned to everyone, Cadet listened diligently. A fleet of ghost ships, huh?

"Won't we need a boat for this? But there aren't any. You think they'd let us borrow that big ship, or should we go find Captain Brineybeard again?" Cadet questioned, wondering how they were supposed to go find a sailing fleet without a ship of their own.

Word Count: 531 (+1 exp)
Level: 2 - Total EXP: 3/20
Location: Sandswept Sky

As Primrose flowed out of the final steps of her dance, she was quite pleased to see that her performance had the intended effect on the queen bee. "Still got it," she murmured to herself, the shadow of a smirk on her face. It had been too long since she last danced, and like her magic she'd been worried that the ability was lost - so it was a relief to see that wasn't the case. As for the enemy in front of her, it certainly looked like it was taking a beating from Sectonia, but it was hard to tell how injured it was. It's form was twisted and grotesque, the usual signs of injury would look perfectly normal on it's body. Sectonia backed off after dealing a presumably harsh blow, but Primrose hesitated to move on. She'd only just arrived at the battle, seeing the creature for the first time she was wary and wanted to make sure it was down.

It turned out that the Thunderblight was not, in fact, down. It blinked across the back of the camel, it's blade lashing out at every person it appeared beside. When it flashed in front of Primrose, the dancer barely had time to think before the monster made it's attack. She raised her arms in feeble defense and the creature's blade bit into her skin, sending the spell she'd been preparing harmlessly up into the air. As the sword pressed towards her, Primrose let herself fall backward to save herself more pain. As she expected, even though Primrose was sat defenseless on the ground, rather than finish her off the blight flew away to harass someone else. It was running around mindlessly, which made it easy to pen in once the others finished off the warrior woman.

With the battle over, Primrose sighed and rubbed at the cuts on her arms, her hands coming away with blood. Her injuries weren't grievous or life threatening, but... well, is possible she'd like to avoid any scarring. She herself only had the most basic medical knowledge, and the rest of the group didn't quite look like healers, but Primrose wasn't on to judge a book by it's cover.

"I don't suppose any of you are versed in healing?" she asked of them. "If not, we may want to try and find some medical supplies... especially if we're going to be taking on more enemies once we get to the mountain."

Speaking of the mountain, taking this contraption there was a pretty interesting idea. It would probably be a lot safer too, in addition to being faster. Primrose looked over at the floating spirits, recalling what the Master of Masters taught.

"That shouldn't be a problem, Mona," the dancer said. Curiously she walked over to the two spirits and picked them up, one in each hand, and held them out to the group for anyone to claim. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but if one of these people knew how to run this machine, we can still learn from them."

Well, maybe not this one... she thought, eyeing the Thunderblight spirit warily. That one would probably do more harm than good to learn from.
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wordcount: 309 (+1)
Bowser Jr: Level 6 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (108/60)
Kamek: Level 6 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (43/70)
Location: Edge of the Blue – Limsa Lominscuttle Town

”You went and spoke to her without us!” Jr whined upon hearing about Peach's meeting with the captain.

”Now, now young master, the princess was simply being efficient I’m sure,” Kamek told the boy. He was more than used to being left behind when it came to matters like this and as no important decisions had been made without them there was little reason to raise a fuss

”Why don’t you show the princess your new minion?” he suggested, attempting to derail the boy’s burgeoning tantrum.

”oh oh oh. Here.” the boy scooped up his new pig-like minion in both hands and raised it up lion king style for the princess to see ”This is Tyrant! He’s a behemoth and he’s gonna get real big and summon meteorites when he’s grown!”

The piglet wiggled a little in his grip, but seemed to accept being shown off without much complaint thanks to it's tummy still being presently full of pokepuff.

With Jr’s anger suitably smothered, the conversation could turn to what they were going to do with the information Peach had acquired. There were, at the moment, two routs that could be seen. Finding the The Maw and facing The Abyssal Fleet. Neither sounded like particularly pretty options to the mage, but the Cadet didn’t seem to even consider the Maw now that there was a more straightforwardly heroic option available. Kamek, frankly, did not blame him in the slightest now that they had additional confirmation of it's nightmarish nature.

”Airships. Duh. Boats might be old news here, but nothing beats an airship; they are the coolest thing ever!” was Jr’s response to the Cadets’s question about how they were going to get about the ocean without access to a naval vessel

”The Airship Deck does seem to be our best option at the moment when it comes to finding transport. The Sky's Hatchery might be worth an investigation as well, in case it is some kind of giant ride-able bird supplier,” Kamek said, probably accidentally taking the name of a bar, inn or tavern literally with his last suggestion.

”Sounds lame. Airship! Airship! Airship!” Jr chanted (with Mimi and Tyrant copying his tempo if not his words with kyus and oinks) in response to the bid suggestion, his mind clearly set on what they where gonna do

”Yes yes. Airships are certainly more our troop’s forte than overgrown birds. His majesty commanded quite the fleet of them back home and the young master was quite the accomplished pilot of such vessels,” Kamek agreed ”so if we can acquire one you'll be in safe... in well practiced claws, that I can assure you”

wordcount: 427 (+1)
Midna: level 2 EXP: //////////////////// (4/20)
Location: Sandswept Sky (desert) - Vah Naboris

Urbosa fell and, almost as soon as she did, Thunderblight’s Tyranny came to an end in spectacular fashion at the hands of the Phantom Thieves, who struck it down in a dazzling dance in a fractured space.

”You kids really are something else,” She commented, after shielding herself from the blighted bloodrain that had erupted from the Ganon fragment’s death. She could have said more, snarked about how over the top the whole finale had been, but they’d just ended a part of Gannon. That deserved, if not admiration, then at least the courtesy of putting aside her barbs for a while.

Tora was the one to diffuse the tension after the battle was over, releasing a loud sigh and the princess silently agreed with his assertion that the encounter they’d just had had been surprisingly sudden spike in danger. It did not gel with Midna’s experience with dungeons in the slightest. Then again, said dungeons never turned out to be perfect transport vehicles to cross the desert as Poppi and Tora together pointed out it was. The only flaw was that Minda had just dusted the person who would most likely have known how to use it.

”She was working with something that reeked of Ganondorf’s power, we wouldn’t have been able to trust her” Midna insisted incorrectly as she dismissed her wolfos, the beast hopping into a portal in the floor obediently without reviving any acknowledgment or praise for it's job well done at taking down Urbosa.

”Besides, I’m sure I can figure it out” she insisted, even though the task was a daunting one. Primrose's reminder of spirit mechanics and suggestion that they use spirits of the fallen defenders to help them take control provided a convenient shortcut for the task of deciphering the controls of the massive magical construct.

She drifted over to the dancer and plucked the spirit of Urbosa from her hand, ”Seeing as I’ll have the best basis for what we’ll be learning from this one, I’ll take the plunge” she said, before indicating to the remaining spirit of Thunderblight ”Also, If you know what’s good for you, you’ll break that one rather than let it anywhere close to your heart or mind” she indicated to Thunderblight ”and pray to whatever goddesses you hold dear that its corrupt master hasn’t risen yet in this world. This fight is nothing when compared to facing Gannondorf himself would be like”

With her warning given, the princess drifted back and raised the sprite of Urbosa towards her forehead. She paused right before contact, taking another breath to psych herself up completely for her first comprise of the self, and then completing the move, pressing the spirit through the fused shadow and into her forehead to absorb its knowledge.

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Kasugano Sakura

Level 3: 03/30
Location: Hawker's Alley, mentioning @Yankee and Blue Team
Word Count: 853
Points Gained: 2
New EXP Balance--- Level 3: 05/30

Sakura was on the case. Immediately she turned the purple big around and held it with her arms outstretched. Her mouth became a small 'o' and she then neared the baby behemoth very close to her face. "Ya-hoooo, BB-Chaaaaannnn~!" She greeted the adorable, grumpy creature. Unbeknownst to her, Sakura went full anime girl, her voice reaching heretofore unprecedented levels of high-pitched glee. It was practically a squeak. She booped her nose against it's snout and giggled. Then she rested in the crook of her arm and began to pet it's weirdo hairdo. Tongue stuck out, she was entirely absorbed in her showering of praise for the baby behemoth, giving him so much affection for merely existing.

"He's so smaalll and purpleee. I've never seen a purple piigggg but now all of them should beee purpllleee~" She murmered in an odd sing-song voice. "Yuki-chan and Blanka-chan have some competitiooonnn for kawaī otokoooo~~ Cutest guy in the whole wide wooorld~"

Sakura was finally brought back into this reality as Ace Cadet asked his question. The brunette chuckled. "Yep!" She replied simply, not seeming to take any offense. "No problem, Cadet-san. I'm used to being broke! And being insulted for being poor. You get used to it when your friends slash arch enemies with Karin Kanzuki." She shrugged with a smirk, petting the pig politely.

However, her face lit up as Cadet offered his gift. "Free money!? The best kind of money!" Sakura exclaimed, foreshadowing her potential future as a broke college student. Sakura rushed forward and, still holding BB in her right arm, hugged Ace Cadet with the other, picking him up, spinning him around and setting him back down again.

"Domo arigato, Mister Cadet!" She greeted him. "That was...gigginice of you!" She said, wanting to relate to him with his language. She accepted the gil and put it in her student bag. Then, she bowed.

"Okay! I'm gonna..." She turned around to run back into Hawker's Alley, then hesitated. She saw the dull colors and the red eyes of the people and felt that awful feeling again. "I...I'm gonna go, spend money...right now." She paused a moment, gathered her courage, and plunged ahead. She wasn't planning on doing anything too adventurous, and already her nerves wavered as she weaved from person to person. But she was going to be leaving here for a while, probably. She needed to get used to it! Encouraging herself onward, she found a snack store and bought the item she was looking for. It only cost a single gil. Once the transaction was complete, Sakura hurried back to the others.

She had acquired a packet of Pocky's, one of her favorite snacks from back home. It was a red box full of thin, crunchy sticks of dough covered in hard chocolate near the top. Satisfied, she showed them to Ace Cadet and anyone else who was looking. "If we're ever bored we can eat these for fun. I can even tell your future with them! I would know. I've been beat up by two separate fortune tellers, so some of their magic rubbed off on me, I'm sure." Sakura was only half joking. She shuddered the remaining chills that had built up in her spine throughout her quick trek. Sakura was pleased with herself, if a little tired from being around those influenced people.

Later, she would listen intently to Peach's findings. At least the Princess was good at diplomacy and finding things out. To be honest, Sakura had completely forgotten about actually needing to talk to people in her mixed reactions to the strange, wonderful, and dreadful city.

Then she heard what Cadet said, and what Bowser Jr. and Kamek said. They would need transportation. Sakura had mainly travelled the world by walking, by bus, and by boat, with a few plane trips thrown in here and there if she was travelling with Karin. The journey was half the fun...in most cases. The Abyssal fleet sounded serious. But hey, if they were really going to be heroes, beating up evil bad guys sounded way better than the hard calls and lesser whatevers that Geralt was talking about earlier.

Sakura decided to voice her opinion. "Um...well. An airship really does sound fun. But it's probably not as good as an option as it sounds, if no one here has already done it. Those navy boat girls look pretty tough, and they can already fly. We'll probably have to sail right into the bad guy's lair and shut the portal off from whatever evil dimension they come from. Like something out one of my otouto- uh, little brother's video games. You know? A real adventure." Sakura brightened up at this prospect.

"So yeah. That's what I think. Keep in mind I have no experience in this kind of thing, so take what I say with, a, uh, grain of salt. At least two tea spoons of figurative salt. I'll go with whatever you think is best." She looked over at Princess Peach. A sweat bead appeared on her forehead, and she bowed. "Uh, your majesty." She added awkwardly.
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Queen Sectonia

Level 5 Sectonia - (20/50) +1

Divine Beast
Word Count: Less than 750

With everyone dogpiling on the amazoness warrior, including Sectonia's ice antillons, she went down fairly fast especially as those in the car below finally got themselves up here to assist everyone. Although Sectonia underestimated thunderblight ganon a little bit, as it got a few hits in on her and when she thought it was dead, it wasn't. It did die soon after the amazoness lady, but only after dealing some damage to the others as well as the queen herself, going down in a blaze of glory.

with the fight over, Tora sighing his relief and Sectonia dusting herself off once the fight was over. With some of the others injured as well, Premise asked if anyone had any method of healing. Sectonia shrugged, saying. "Our main healer went with the giant buffoon. Healing is not something I am versed in." The queen said, not showing any flinches of pain or anything form her wounds, keeping her royal composure.

Midna suggested that they use this camel thing to explore the desert in relative safety, with its inhabitants dead. Sectonia nodded at this suggestion. She also nodded at the imps suggestion of crushing the Thunderblight's spirit, as she said. "Agreed. I will not allow any of you to fuse with such a hideous thing." Although Sectonia wouldn't break the spirit herself, as she didn't want to even touch such a grotesque thing.

"So, do any of you have anything that we could use to patch up these injuries?" Sectonia contiued on, watching Midna absorb Uribosa's spirit into herself to gain her knowledge to drive this machine.



Level 8 Blazermate - (26/80) +1

Dead Zone
Words: Less than 750

"I am glad that is over..." Blazermate said, healing up Bowser and their new ally Dante as Bowser had friend hearted the demon hunter. They still had to deal with the other person who had engaged them, the Doom Slayer, but he was a bit preoccupied killing the buildings the engineer had put up. Still, the turret he destroyed didn't tickle, and left the slayer wounded. Plus the assistance of V summoning some monster to fight him also helped a bunch, although the doom slayer didn't seem afraid at all of this newcomer. Seeing as Bowser had friend hearted Dante, Blazermate pulled one out of her, holding it in her other hand as she rode Bowser into battle healing up who needed it that was nearby. "Lets get this over with big boy. That guy is almost to the hearting zone. I'll get him this time, just beat him up and hold him when I say to!" Blazermate said, pointing Bowser into battle.
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Level: 6 (53 -> 55/60)
Location: Edge of the Blue - Inkwell Isle Three -> Seaward Bay -> Limsa Lominscuttle Town - Hawker’s Alley -> Bulwark Hall -> ???
Word Count: 766 (+2 EXP)

As tempting as it was to jump ship to chase a Time Piece on her radar just as they were leaving port, Hat Kid made the difficult decision to instead set sail and come back for it later. The voice in her head was right. There was no telling what she would be tasked with or asked to do by the time she found it, and she would then have to find her own way across the sea afterwards to catch up. Besides, she didn’t like to work that way anyway. Anytime she made planetfall/went somewhere with a specific task or goal in mind, she didn’t detract from it to tend to another; she saw it through. There was always next time, when they made their eventual return trip on their way to the Dark Forest, so she was content to simply make it her next goal for when they passed back through.

Kid settled in as they left port and seated herself for the ride in the stillest spot she could find on an animate vessel that lived on the basic principles of animation. Of course, she made sure her spot had a panoramic view; perhaps the crow’s nest would suffice. This way she could calmly scan the horizon on all sides, from the bay to the Sea, while also keeping her mind’s eye on the waypoint and direction given respectively by her Hat and Compass. The former pointed ahead, and the latter behind, so she wanted to be aware of any sudden changes made to that as they went. Needless to say she would be opting out of the fishing minigame, but casually observing as they passed the trawler heading the opposite way.

They eventually made port at the seaborne town; Hat Kid didn’t wait for them to finish docking to jump ship and begin looking around, consulting her Hat and Compass once more. She quickly lost focus on either of her objectives with the arrival and introduction of the hybrid ship-girls, whom she giddily redirected her full attention to. Okay, maybe not her full attention. She mostly just looked them over and admired the novelty of their concept whilst skimming the listening portion of the rundown Shropshire was giving them, mostly honing in on the answer she gave that they were, in fact, ships. But is that what she really meant, or were they but pilots wearing/wielding ship parts being classified as ‘ships’? Related inquiries aside--such as how mass shipments of anything were handled in the presumed absence of proper freighters larger than a female humanoid--the child had a feeling she would have her answer sooner or later.

With Shropshire’s departure and Peach’s permission, the latter of which she wouldn’t have waited for anyway, Kid set off to explore the city at every altitude she could manage, just to cut loose in this bustling new locale they had made the right decision to come to. Though, she kept track of where Peach went in case she needed to get back to her in a hurry, which wasn’t and wouldn’t be too hard for her. In any case, the shopping district wouldn’t keep the child long, given she had nothing to spend there to make it worth her while.

Some few minutes after leaving Hawker’s Alley for the ‘ship’-yard to get a better look at its ‘navy’, Kid ended up incidentally reuniting with Peach, both of whom skipped conventional routes to get there. The Admiral, who was not at all like the subjects she commanded, was stern and rather blunt in her dialogue with the Princess, initially dismissing their mission as folly. She was right about one thing though: trust really wasn’t earned through taskwork. Hat Kid personally knew this much from experience; she mutually distrusted just about everyone she ever did a favor for, and for what almost always turned out to be good reason. Still, that didn’t seem to stop her from assigning them what sounded like a sizable task before returning to her own duties and sending them on their way.

Regarding where to go from there, the child consulted her internal waypoint for the next relevant point of interest while the others debated on the next step to take. Then it was just a matter of monkeying her way there (not that she had to, but would choose to) to see what was in store. Any who wished to follow her were welcomed to do so, but she would have to manage her pace and route choice to accommodate those less mobile than her if that included everyone.
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Doom Slayer

Level 2 Doom Slayer (12 EXP)

Location: Dead Zone

Word Count: 461

The Slayer was caught off guard by the bear; being thrown onto the ground landing onto his back with a loud thud. “Damn” He muttered under his breath; slowly getting back up onto his feet and preparing to fight the large dragon like creature. However he was distracted by V summoning some sort of large creature that was coming towards him; he reminded himself to wrangle the pretty boy’s neck after all of this was done. Pumping his shotgun firing a couple of shots into the body of the beast; most of his shoots landing but didn’t seem to be slowly down the creature. It would seem he would need to find some sort of weak point that he could exploit. Funnily enough he was reminded of the Barons Of Hell; big hulking assholes that can are built like a brick shit house. The Slayer starting firing a few more shoots; trying to dodge the melee attacks of the demon.

One of the demon’s hands hitting him in the chest; which once again sent him flying into a wall behind him. Staggering back to his feet he checked the damage to his suit; noticing a large dent in the stomach regin of his armor. “Now you’ve done it” He grunted running towards the demon at full speed. Switching out his shotgun for his chainsaw; revving it up and jumping as high as he could go; trying his best to get onto the demon’s back. Once he climbed onto it’s back he started sawing pieces of it’s back. It seemed to be quite pissed off when he did this; because it was trying to swat him away like an insect.

After being shook around the Slayer tried to keep his footing on the beast; gripping the handle of his chainsaw as tightly as he could. Finally being grabbed by the beast which loosened his grip on his chainsaw. Now being slammed along the ground leaving Doom Slayer outlines on the ground; The Slayer ripping of a couple of fingers of the shadowy demon. Freeing himself and throwing the finger’s at the creature as extra fuck you to it. Pulling out his shotgun once again while having his pistol in his other hand; he wished he had a minigun or at the very least a super shotgun.

Firing both his shotgun and pistol into the demon’s face; while doing this moving towards it’s back so he could try to retrieve his chainsaw. Ducking his head but occasionally being fling around by the large demon. Landing face first on the ground while slowly getting back up; only to be interrupted by being slammed back onto the ground by Nightmare. He hoped that the others would come over and help him with the hulking demon.


Level 1 Isabelle

Location: Edge of the Blue - Inkwell Isle Three -> Seaward Bay -> Limsa Lominscuttle Town - Hawker’s Alley

Word Count: 368

The small dog left the ship with the other’s towards Hawker’s alley; she was amazed by the many stores selling various items. She was reminded of the many stores on the island she had passed by while walking to and from work. She stopped for a moment to admiring the display window of a clothing store; she was staring at a small pink dress with small flowers. She found the dress to be quite cute; although she wondered if the store would accept Bells as a form of currency. Walking inside of the store and along the many racks of clothing; Stopping to admire a gothic looking dress; her small paw touching the dress. “Hello Miss; do you need help with picking a dress?” The dog turned around to the female employee addressing her. “I quite like this dress; it feels very soft. What is the material silk?” She smiled putting her hands to her side.

“It is silk; the dress is quite popular in other places. Would you like to try it in the dressing room?” Isabelle pondered the employee’s question. “Yes please and thank you” The dog nodded being handed the dress; she made her way to the dressing room putting on the dress. Admiring the dress in the mirror; she looked like a goth rocker or a singer from one of the mayor’s rock albums. Coming back out of the dressing room to the employee waiting outside; “This looks great, how much is it? Does your store accept Bells?” Isabelle pulled out her purse from the pockets of the dress. “All types of currency is welcomed in Hawker’s alley” With the confirmation that her Bells would be able to buy the dress; Putting her old dress into her pockets and walking to the cashier counter. Paying for her dress and walking out of the store; she did not regret her purchase. Now she needed to buy some furniture for her home.

She was in desperate need of some kitchen appliances, chairs and a desk for her laptop. Stopping off at a furniture store that was conveniently beside the clothing store; Waving hello to one of the employee’s while looking over some desk she could use.
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Tora & Poppi

Level 8 Tora (20/80) and Level 7 Poppi (66/70)
Location: Sandswept Sky – Shadow of Vah Naboris
Primrose's @Yankee, Fox's @Dawnrider, Sectonia's @Archmage MC Midna's @DracoLunaris
Word Count: 517

With the Master of Masters' advice in mind, Primrose collected the spirits of the fallen warriors and offered them to any willing takers. She scarcely needed to tell the gathered heroes that fusing with the feral monster might not be a good idea, and the collective opinion more than concurred with her. Given the changes absorption could manifest in a person, Poppi couldn't particularly fault anyone for not wanting to merge period. As nice as hitching a ride across the desert on this titanic camel sounded, it wasn't strictly necessary. Still, she felt some relief when Midna floated up to accept the spirit, noting with a sideways glance that Tora's excitement only seemed to mount. All eyes lay on the imp as she prepared to take in Urbosa's spirit, which she used to caution the others about someone called Ganondorf—a powerful enemy, Poppi supposed, although their mission made facing powerful enemies not just an eventuality but a necessity. After saying her piece, Midna began the fusion, vanishing and reshaping in a shower of multicolored light. Even though the light, however, all could see her shooting upward in height

Soon after the fusion completed, leaving Tora utterly agape and Poppi utterly unamused, Skull approached from the direction of the forward window. “Hey, boss!” He waved to get Joker's attention, as well as that of the other heroes. “I went up to take a look around, and you won't believe what I saw. There's a pyramid!”

Joker's gaze fixed on him. “Show me.”

A few moments later the two thieves stood on the neck of Vah Naboris, gazing across the vast and trackless desert. It took a moment to find the pyramid, but Skull directed the attention of his compatriots at what could only have been the shimmer of an oasis. “There, just on the other side of the water! It's gotta be hers, right?”

Crossing his arms, Joker squinted to get a better look. “Could be. It's not a serious detour from the way to the mountain either. Couldn't hurt to check.” Hopefully Midna agreed, and would use her newfound link to the divine beast to direct the team there.

Tora, meanwhile, had waddled over to Primrose. He jumped up and down in front of her. “Only catch small glimpse, but Tora saw friend Primrose dance, right? Was amazing, meh! Sort of like friend Din, but with whole different flair. Dancers wonderful for adventure, both lift spirits in fight and out! Tora very happy to have wonderpon Primrose along!”

He then reached out for the other spirit. “Oh, and can Tora have this, meh? Was hoping it maybe give weapon chip for Drill Shield.” Since nobody else seemed to want it, she could scarcely keep it for herself, and Tora shattered it eagerly. From the resulting flash came exactly what he hoped for—a little core chip that shone with either. Once Poppi switched to her Alpha form, he plugged it into the Drill Shield, and the weapon transformed from a hodgepodge of wood and iron into a metal shield of intricate design. “Ooh, this can really do work!”



“Mission begins in thirty seconds!”

The no-nonsense voice of the administrator rang out across the battlefield for the umpteenth time, precluding the beginning of another brawl. With a sigh, a mace-wielding Knight laid his gauntlet-clad hand against the orange gate barring the exit. From here neither he nor anyone else could see much but weathered stone walls and pillars, but just a few turns and a handful of steps beyond lay the fortification overlooking the obelisk-profuse ruins that formed the battlefield over which the factions contended. Every day the mercenaries of Builders League United fought those of Reliable Excavation Demolition in a furious and bloody struggle, to which there seemed to be definitive end. The soldiers fighting on the frontlines couldn't so much as remember the world beyond the chain-link fences and ancient structures, although supposedly the two organizations squared off in countless other turf wars across the world. Neither could anybody accurately describe the conditions that defined one faction's victory. Personally, the knight bet on it being ten straight victories for either team, but even that nebulous goal seemed forever out of reach. It was an eternal stalemate.

And the knight, and all those he fought alongside or against, were glad. Fighting was what they lived for.

“Smell that?” he asked in a gruff voice. He turned around to face his teammates, the Heavy and the Spartan. “Smells like victory. We're getting this round for sure!” Going quiet, he looked around. “Where's the Medic?”

“Changing weapons,” the Spartan told him. “Wants to try that crossbow thing again.”

“Ugh, not that thing. He never hits any of us.” Shouldering a sniper rifle, the Infiltrator joined them. Behind him followed the Raider, his vicious dane axe sharpened and ready. “If he just kept the syringe gun he wouldn't be tempted to use the crossbow instead of the beam for healing.”

“It works well enough,” the Knight argued. “Better than any crossbows where I'm from. Reloads quick, shoots straight and far, and mends my wounds through armor!”

The Spartan nudged him. “But you'd still prefer the beam, right?”

After a moment, the Knight coughed. “Hm. Yes.”

The undeniable voice of the Administrator cut through the banter. “Three, two, one! Fight to the death!”

Like clockwork the gates flew open, and the mercenaries burst forward. The Spartan sprinted ahead, followed by the Cunning as she mounted a horse. In squid form, the Inkling went after them. Disappearing from view, the Infiltrator made for a vantage point atop the fortifications. That left the Knight, the Raider, the Priestess, and the Heavy to charge for the front lines. “Come on, fat man!” the old Knight practically sang. “Last one to crack a BLU's head pays for the first round!”

Edge of the Blue – Limsa Lominscuttle Town

Ace Cadet's @Yankee, Sakura's @Zoey Boey, Link's @Gentlemanvaultboy, Junior and Kamek's @DracoLunaris, Hat Kid's @Dawnrider, Geralt's @MULTI_MEDIA_MAN, Isabelle's @Eviledd1984

After a short conference everyone was up to date on Peach's finding from her meeting with the Admiral. The general consensus confirmed her assumption: the members of Blue Team would much rather strike out on their own, wielding their own strength against whatever odds, than gamble on the robed stranger's plan and the ominous Maw. “No need to call me 'Your Majesty'.” She told Sakura, suppressing a smile. Even the old princess never leaned much on formality, and she certainly didn't plan to start now. But this girl seemed nothing if not earnest. “Just 'Peach' is fine. As for an airship...” She watched Hat Kid zoom away, leaping and scooting across the veritable platforming heaven that Limsa's seastacks, bridges, and rigging provided. “We're not just going to get an airship and more than we're going to get a boat, and I'd doubt that we have the purchasing power to gain one, if they're even for sale. We would need to rely on the cooperation of whomever will sell us their service.” She tapped a finger against her chip thoughtfully. “Given that our destination is unknown and on the other side of a stretch of monster-infested ocean universally shunned and feared by the citizenry, cooperation may be too expensive to buy.”

She watched a late ship girl run by on the way to the marina, her rigging in disarray. Remembering how easily her kind sped across the surface of the water, a thought entered her head, but she shook it out immediately. Even if it weren't morally bankrupt, it would be extremely dangerous. Her mind turned to the Admiral's challenge. “I suppose the question is what exactly it means to solve the problem of the Abyssal Fleet. The navy here seems able to destroy its vessels, but the Admiral mentioned the same enemies returning again and again, although not immediately, since that would make the war far more hopeless than those girls looked. If enemies never stopped spawning, the same ones wouldn't appear over and over.” She felt close to a revelation, but couldn't quite flush it out. Unable to contribute further, she consented to visiting the airship landing.

The highest stack in Limsa loomed over the whole city, but it couldn't be said to be large. Instead of a hangar it struck Peach as more of a dock, with the tower itself like the middle of a flower and the landing pads arranged around it like petals. The middle area housed the attendants' counters and seating, as well as a small staircase leading to Sky's Hatchery on a layer above, from which the cries and squawks of birds issued forth. While the others got busy looking around or making their own inquiries, Peach approached the main counter. “Hey. Would it be possible to fly over the Bottomless Sea?”

Looking at Peach like she was crazy, the man snickered. “Hah, sure.” It took a moment for him to realize she was serious. “Oh...you're not kidding? Well, uh, no way. Even if it's not storming, that place is crazy dangerous. These airships are for transport, not combat, and it doesn't take a lot to drop them. Plus, they're always busy hauling freight. Nobody's stiffing the merchants to risk their necks. Unless you're some crazy-rich queen or something.”

Frowning, Peach half-turned away. “Well, not a queen, but you ought to see my...treasury...” Her eyes went wide. “Oh. Oh! Damn, I'm stupid.” She ignored the worker's look and turned to face Link. “I forgot about the treasury in my castle! It's got everything Mario's collected in years and years. We might have enough gold to get our own ship, after all.”

She hurried to gather the others. “I've got tons of money in my castle. If we can get it here, we can probably buy a vessel. It wounds like the airships aren't combat-worthy, but maybe they've got a ship or two lying around after the navy came to be. At the very least Brineybeard might give us Shippy if we set him up for life.” She held up her hands. “So that means we need some people to go to my castle, and the rest to try and find a vessel that's for sale and suits our needs. Then we either solve the Abyssal Fleet problem to get the Admiral's help, or go straight for the Bottomless Sea ourselves. Sound good?” Her eyebrows fell. “...Of course, the portal to Lumbridge is back on that Inky..uh, Inkwell Isle. So getting back might be tough. And getting the gold here. Damn, if we could just zoom over the water like those girls...” Cursing inwardly as well as outwardly, she regretted thinking aloud. She didn't want the thought to gnaw at anyone else.

Dead Zone – Hell-bent City

Blazermate's @Archmage MC, Banjo & Kazooie's @Dawnrider, Linkle's @Gentlemanvaultboy, Bowser's @DracoLunaris Doom Slayer's @Eviledd1984

After a brief but furious struggle, Nightmare timed out, leaving the Slayer the victor but markedly worse for wear. Nobody needed to say it; now was the time to set him free. Dante watched as Blazermate boosted forward, pulling from her core another warmly glowing heart of pink energy. She slammed it into the fatigued Doom Slayer with all the force she could muster, and he took to it like a fish out of water. The ashes clinging to his armor drifted away like dust in the wind, and his bloodlust evaporated like morning dew. Within his helmet, the sunset-red light of Galeem's influence faded, leaving a still-scary but no-longer-corrupted face. Dante stroked her hairless chin and gave a sagely nod. “Hmm, yes, I think I see...!”

She stumbled as V pushed past her, his cane clenched in his hand. With a deadly serious face he called forth both Shadow and Griffon, heading straight for the Slayer. Though just for a moment, the legendary devil hunter got a look at his eyes, and identified the same malignant luster that she saw glowing inside the Slayer's helmet only moments ago. “He's on his last legs,” V observed coolly. “Now we may end this menace for good.”

“Hold up, champ!” Dante called, stepping forward and clapping a hand on V's shoulder. The mysterious one whirled on her, his cane poised to strike. Putting a hand to her chest, Dante emulated the motion shed seen both Bowser and Blazermate perform before, and without the slightest issue manifested a Friend Heart. “Here, this one's on me.” Before the man could strike her she slapped the heart right into him. Hard.

To the tune of a meaty smack V just about fell over, clutching his cheek. “Gah...in what furnace was thy brain?!” Yet when he glared at Dante, his eyes held no worrisome light, and his familiars made their way to his side. Griffon glanced at Dante briefly, thinking about making a witty remark or threat, but thought better of it. She shrugged, and V shook himself off before standing up straight. “Well, if we're quite finished wasting our collective time with useless brawls, we should rejoin the others.”

“Aw yeah!” Dante agreed, looking over the assembled fighters. “We've got a good bunch together, huh? More that can fit in that van, that's for sure. Heh, the chumps in this place won't know what hit 'em.”

A white streak shot out of the destroyed building “We're not through with you yet!' Tess howled, diving at Dante from behind. She swung her cleaver and drove it into Dante's unprotected shoulder. “Hah!”

Dante barely moved. She turned to place Sparda in the way, causing the cleaver to ricochet off the blade, then spun with a turning punch strong enough to slam Tess into the ground and pop her up. “Get...” The devil hunter leaped skyward, pulling out another Friend Heart, and raised both hands above her head. “Dunked on!” True to her word, she dunked the wraith straight to the ground, hearting her in the process. When the dust cleared, it left behind a lightly-dusted Dante and one very dizzy ghost. “Alright, hopefully that's the last one,” she declared, cheerily. “Let's boogie.”

A few minutes later, Red Team stood on the other side of the sunken rubble formerly known as the Super Gore Nest, by the half-deli. A fresh coating of ash painted the area—Nero had been busy while the others were out. Dante chowed down on the remaining third of her sandwich, it having been sitting on a table in the musty air all this time, while Nero took stock. “So...let's see. Me, Dante, V, Nadia, Raidou, Slayer, Donovan, Banjo and Kazooie, Jak and Daxter, Blazermate, Bowser, Linkle, and Tess.” He shrugged. “Well, that's just about enough people, I guess.”

Nico prodded him in the side. “Forget summan'?”

“Just saving the best for last,” Nero protested, holding his hands up. “Nico. And uh, Pandemonica too.” He glanced over at the van. “Well, we're not getting everyone in there.”

V glanced down the street, spotting movement. “It matters not, for our goal is near. The last root stands just a few blocks south. Though getting there may not be uneventful.”

“We'll just roll over 'em,” Nadia assured him. “If not with the van, with our numbers. But I call shotgun, 'kay?”

Nero watched her scamper toward the vehicle, sighing. “That's where I sit.” He turned to see a number of eyes on him. “What're you all looking at me for? He's in charge, right?” After pointing toward Bowser, he headed after his feral ally, and Nico went for the driver's seat.

After a few moments of figuring out who would be riding and who wouldn't, the Minotaurus was off.
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