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Aloysius Leighton

Aloysius hated travelling. He just hated it. Okay. Maybe he didn't hate travelling, but he hated having to travel with the chauffeur that his mother had appointed him. In order to keep an eye on him she had picked the most stupid, dense and all round idiot you could find. He could not even begin to fathom why his mother wanted to do this to him. His guess would be to keep him on a short leash, or at least something along those lines. No matter. It was time for him to break his ‘leash’. His mother had served him well over the past few years, but he didn’t need the old hag anymore. He had been twisted and manipulated far too long by her. He had let her take advantage of him and now because of her he was stuck in the frightful situation he was now in. He had gone beyond the point of no return along time ago.

It was now him or Salem. Both could no longer exist in this world concurrently, despite any feelings one might have for the other. The distant past was just that, a memory. If politics hadn’t gotten involved, Aloysius would have been in The Guild and who knows how far him and Salem would have gone. He never wanted the power himself, despite what Salem’s father might have thought. He would have been perfectly content with living by Salem’s side. He no issue recognising her power, or at least he used to. In the aftermath of her father's decision, his mother had taken the chance to try and convince him to rise up and remove the De Silva’s from power for good.

So here he was, locked in a kind of proxy war against his former lover for power he never wanted to start with. Still. The past eight or so years had given him some lust for power, and he would no longer say no to it. But he was more than aware that the second he did succeed in his goals, his mother would try and use him for her own selfish gain. While Aloysius would never class himself as evil; he would most certainly put his mother into that category. If he was going to go through with this it was going to be for himself, not anyone else. So for now he needed to try and break away from his toxic mother. And he had just the plan to do that.

On the sly, Aloysius had been saving money and emptying his accounts to other accounts that were hidden from his mother. Most importantly none of these accounts were in his name, but instead under an alias. So all he had to do now was to make his mother believe that he had suffered an unfortunate accident. Which exactly why he had bought his wonderfully dull chauffeur with him. They had driven all the way out of New York and into the forests and hills that dotted the landscape. Tall trees and miles of ever stretching wilderness was now surrounding them. They had stopped for a rest break by a railway crossing in the middle of nowhere. They hadn’t seen another vehicle for at least a good hour which was perfect. All Aloysius had to do now was wait.

His dumbass chauffeur was busy sitting on the bonnet of the jet black vehicle they had driven out on, eating some kind of meaty food. Aloysius didn’t really care to be honest. As for Aloysius himself he was busy leaning against a tree observing the railway tracks. He was looking in both directions, hoping that any time soon a train was going to pass by. He secretly hoped it was going to be a freight train. While he needed to execute his plan today, he didn’t want to have to destroy a passenger train if he could help it. While other members of his organisation might be blood thirsty, Aloysius just wanted to get all this over with. Every person killed just made this war more and more costly. And while he didn’t exactly like the non-magi, they didn’t deserve to get caught in the middle of this.

The symphony of sounds that comprised of the forest was interrupted when the signal crossing siren began, pulling Aloysius out of his trance like staring state. Looking both ways he finally spotted what he wanted. And to his relief it was a some kind of freight train. The train would keep getting closer and closer towards the duo. Aloysius kicked himself towards off the tree he had been slouching against and casually began to yawn, stretching his arms into the air. Once his arms were up in the air however he would quickly bring them down with force, back to his waist. As he did that there would be a sudden updraft of wind in front of him. Underneath the train a sudden cone of gale-force would spring from the ground, lifting the train from its track, the carriages that the train comprised of broke apart from one another and began to fly all over the area.

The chauffeur let out a large scream watching the train break apart and hurtle towards them. Waving his hand once more, Aloysius summoned a second, more focused bolt of wind, appearing from behind the broken train, just to propel the debris closer to his idiot chauffeur and vehicle. In a single crash both the vehicle and the poor man were crushed. What a shame. No more having to listen to annoying conversations about his dog eating his sofa while he was away. Things were going to well, that was until one of the stray containers that were attached to train came loose and was flying towards Aloysius. Swiftly, he flicked his wrist and the container suddenly was flung to the side, hitting a poor pine tree. At this point everything had calmed down. The sounds of the crash had died down, and the symphony of the forest resumed undisturbed.

Aloysius surveyed the scene. His vehicle was well and truly destroyed and his chauffeur was most certainly no longer of this world. Time to vanish. Aloysius reached into his black overcoat he was wearing and pulled out a vial of red liquid. It was actually blood. His own. Collected earlier this morning when he went to the clinic for a blood test. No one needed to know that he had ‘borrowed’ the sample. Popping open the vial he carefully began to drop small droplets of his own blood in a line, moving from the vehicle wreckage and ending just where the forest began. Once there he poured the remaining contents on the muddy grass to make a small pool of blood and proceeded to drop his wallet on the floor there. To finish it off he pulled out his work phone; the only phone that he had according to his mother, and proceeded to pick up a nearby rock and bring it down on the phones screen, smashing it. Now destroyed, Aloysius discarded the phone next to his wallet.

Now it looked like there had been an unfortunate accident. Aloysius had crawled out of his vehicle, bleeding and stumbled off into the forest. Never to be seen again. Who knows, maybe he gotten eaten by the wolves that stalked the forest. His body would afterall, never be found. They would search and look, but would find nothing. It was now time for him to disappear. Before that though he needed to do one last thing. He pulled out his ‘personal’ phone and opened the camera app, taking a picture of the wreckage. He then began to message someone, attaching the picture in the process. The person he was messaging was none other than Salem. Underneath the picture he put the message:

”Whoops! I sneezed xD”

He knew she wasn’t going to take it well. It was Salem. Even when they were together she constantly had her serious face on. She only ever laughed rarely at his jokes. Though this one was more of a deliberate attempt to mock/annoy her.

With the picture sent, Aloysius began to walk down the long road, back to the nearest town, which from memory was roughly a mile away. Not too long a walk, but long enough for him to enjoy the tranquility of the forest for a bit. Once he had arrived at the small town he hastily summoned a taxi and made a beeline for New York. Sitting in the back of the cab, Aloysius checked his messages. He knew he needed to see everyone tonight. There were going to be consequences for what he just did and he needed to make sure they were prepared. He opened the Dark Shadow group chat and sent a single message:

”Meeting Tonight. 8PM. HQ. Don’t be late.”

With that he turned his phone off and proceeded to relax. It was a long ride back, so he might as well make himself comfortable. An hour later, the news broke out about the crash. While everyone was obviously concerned for the loss of life, the media couldn’t help reporting that the heir to the Leighton Empire had died. Despite the fact the police had released a statement saying that he was missing. Bloody media. Oh well. Aloysius had his phone off too. So no one who saw the news could message him. Until the meeting tonight, it would look like he had well and truly vanished. And that was exactly how Aloysius wanted it.
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Circe awoke in a large warm bed, the alarm clock on the night stand said it was just shortly after one p.m. She jumped into the shower, cleaning off the mess of last night. After drying herself off and throwing her hair up in a ponytail she rumuged through the closet, tossing dresses and skirts off to the side.

Seriously, it's 2016 who even wears this shit anymore? She thought to herself. Finally settling a pair of black skinny jeans and finding a Halestorm tee-shirt that she managed to just fit, she turned her phone on. A single text message was awaiting her, it was in the group chat, she went and read it.

Meeting Tonight. 8PM. HQ. Don't be late. It said, Circe sighed, someone would have to teach Mommy Ally how to text, he was just to formal. Circe walked down the stairs and made her way to the kitchen. Last night's dinner only half eaten still sat on the kitchen table, she dug her way through the cabinets looking for food, finding a s'mores poptart she began munching on them.

She had to step over the bodies of the couple from last not to make her way to the door, she put on a light jacket and her shoes. As she opened the door she turned back to the now deceased bodies.

"Thanks for last night, though you should definitely work on your cooking skills next time. Hehehe" And with that she closed the door and headed for the city.
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Joe awoke in his sparsely decorated apartment. He stretched and let out a soft yawn as he took a look at the time, a little after one o'clock. He had been up late getting into the city and unpacking well into the night. He looked around at the scattered boxes still littering his room. School books and clothing, primarily. He got up and stretched, heading into the bathroom after grabbing the toiletries he had set aside before he had passed out, along with some clothing he had set aside.

The apartment he had gotten was a small studio that was part of the campus' housing. It wasn't anything grand, but it was his, and his alone. No roommates, no one to bother him. He could do as he pleased, so long as he didn't damage or outright destroy the apartment of course.

He walked into the bathroom, his bare feet against the cold off white tiles. He set his clothing on top of the toilet's lid, along with his towel, set his showering supplies within the shower, and set the rest next to his sink. He leaned in, turned on the shower, and waited for it to get to the right temperature before stripping down and stepping inside. He took a deep breath and placed his head against the slowly warming tiles of the shower. After enjoying the warm water against his skin, he quickly washed his hair and body, turned off the shower, grabbed the towel hanging out, and began drying off.

Once he had fully dried off, he applied his deodorant, slipped on his socks, underwear, a pair of black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a white long sleeve button down. He finally grabbed a pendant that he had set aside from the clothes, it was a pretty plain thing. A silver chain with a large tear shaped green stone. He held it and smiled fondly as he rubbed the smooth gem beneath his thumb for a moment, taking a deep breath. "...Mom... Dad... I hope that you understand what I'm doing..." He mumbled quietly to himself, letting the pendant slip down to hang off of his chest.

He left the bathroom and finally walked over to the side table where he had kept his brand new phone. He had saved up to get it, a brand new model of smart phone. He figured that since he was in such a large city now, having an updated phone with a GPS system seemed like a good idea. He noticed that he had gotten a text message while he had been sleeping.

"Meeting tonight. 8PM. HQ. Don't be late."

Joe read the message over and over again. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest... excitement? Anxiety? He wasn't sure. But he knew that today was the day that he actually took his first steps towards his goal. No going back now. He knew where HQ was, he had gotten the address through the SMS group he was now part of. He had memorized the address and deleted the message, just to be safe. Wouldn't want people to be showing up at some top secret base or something because he lost his phone.

With that in mind, he turned to the door, took a deep breath, and left his apartment. Once he reached the crowded and lively streets below, he input the address into his phone and began making his way towards the HQ. He... really hoped that they would understand his lack of magical prowess.
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Lana Arlene Ryder

Lana is anything but a morning person, so when her alarm started blaring at five in the morning, it was no surprise that she got annoyed and practically threw the blasted thing against the wall. It was a good thing those things were cheap, because that was the third one she had broken in the span of a week. It was beyond her as to why the store she worked at opened at six in the morning, but she couldn't complain. They were the only store out of the three that she had applied to that would accept her, and she had to pay the bills and her rent somehow. A supermarket clerk's wage was nothing to admire, and couldn't afford anything more than a shabby little apartment, where all the rooms were crammed into one, save the bathroom and a wardrobe. That wasn't so bad for someone living on their own though, like she was. It also managed to keep the food on the table, the lights on, the water clean and hot, and a roof over her head, so it was more than enough as far as she was concerned.

Once the room had fallen quiet again, the green haired female was given the opportunity to lay in bed for a moment and gather her thoughts. Her head was pounding and her mind was fuzzy, no doubt from how much she had drunk the night before. She didn't recall much -if anything- of what happened, but she knew it had to have been fun. Still, a hangover wasn't very pleasant to have to deal with, especially when she had work in less than an hour. That was her own fault though, and just like every other time it happened, she would have to push through it. Lana would allow herself another few minutes to lay in bed, before she finally decided to get up.

One of the convenient things of living in such a cozy apartment was the fact that her bathroom was only a few steps away from her bed. After a nice how shower, and a cup of coffee, as well as a fresh new change of clothes, Lana was ready to go. Before she headed out the door, she went through the list she had in her head of items she needed that day. Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Helmet? Check. With everything accounted for, all she needed to do was slip on her shoes and she was on her way. Obviously, making sure to lock her door as she left. Once she was downstairs she made her way to the apartment complex's shared parking garage to retrieve her motorbike.

Lana arrived at 6:00 am on the dot, which was usual for her, because she was always punctual; at least when she wanted to be. Unfortunately her manager, and the one with the keys to the store, was always late. She could of course unlock the door herself, but that would only serve to raise suspicion, so she was forced to wait out in the cold instead. It was rather frustrating to have to work with someone so incompetent. But aside from quitting, there wasn't much she could do, and since she needed the job, she had no choice to put up with it. At least the cool morning air was refreshing, which helped to ease her headache a little.

By the time her manager had arrived, a whole quarter of an hour had passed. A couple more employees had shown up in that time, and were quietly talking among themselves in a small group off to the side. Though they had tried several times to converse with her, she had shown them she wasn't interested, so they no longer bothered aside from an occasional greeting. Lana wasn't one for pleasantries, but considering she had to work a whole eight hour shift with these people, she figured it would do her some good to keep things at least civil between them, so she would make sure to return their greetings with one of her own.

Once she was inside, she was able to relax a little. It was warmer indoors, fortunately, though the air wasn't nearly as refreshing. After taking a moment to adjust, Lana would head straight for the staff room so she could change into her uniform, before getting to work stocking the shelves. She didn't have the patience to work the register, or the door, so she avoided those tasks as much as possible.

-Small time skip to a few hours later-

A few hours passed, and Lana was in the middle of a break when she got a notification from her phone. She didn't talk to very many people, so she already had an idea of where the message was from. That didn't stop the irritable sigh leaving her mouth when she read it though.

”Meeting Tonight. 8PM. HQ. Don’t be late.”

"Great." Lana scoffed after she was done reading what Aloysius had sent to the Dark Shadow group chat. She would then lock her phone and slip it back into the pocket of her jeans from which she had received it. By that time her break was over, and she would reluctantly return to work.
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A new room, a new scent. Emily woke up tangled in the arms of her overnight lover. He was… lacklustre at best but definitely not the worst. Now Lana? Sure, she loved the girl but damn she never knew she could let loose and be as fun as she was. Unfortunately even totally wasted Lana was too ‘responsible’ to let Emily teach her how to seduce a man for the night. It was sad, Lana had a pretty sweet body, if Em were a guy or interested in girls she'd tap that.

Emily turned her attention back to the man whose arms were holding her close to him. She turned to the alarm clock. 6am. Perfect timing. With that she wriggled herself free from the man's arms. He stirred and murmured a few words, most slurred, with the only distinguishable one being the name ‘Robyn’. Em knew she was the rebound and, to be honest, she didn't really care. She grabbed her bag from the other side of the room and pulled her tube of bright red lipstick from it. Using the mirror in the ensuite she put on a thick coating of it.

Emily then relapsed into her usual routine. She scoured the room, finding the guy's wallet inches away from his jeans, crumpled on the floor. She snatched it up and opened the money section to reveal a crisp $50 note. Jackpot. She snatched the note from the wallet, shoving it into her bra. Generally she had to look for emergency cash as little people just kept it nowadays. She sauntered over to the sleeping man. ”Thanks for my food and drink for today, sweetie, I'll have one for you,” she says, planting a kiss on his cheek, a red lip stain remaining. With that she shuffled into her jeans, pit on and buttoned her shirt and left, grabbing her handbag on the way out. She traveled down the road a few blocks before calling a cab to take her home, more specifically, the DS headquarters.

10 hours later

Emily had made her way to the bar, paying for drinks with her ill-gained profit. She was sipping at her whiskey, even Em knew it wasn't time to get tooooooo wasted yet, when the news playing in the TV on the side of the bar caught her attention, it scarcely did. Then again, it scarcely had the face of her organization's leader and never accompanied with the words ‘missing’ and ‘dead’. “What the…” she looked at her whiskey. Sure, Al and Em weren't super tight but she'd known him for years, they've been to hell and back together. Em storm out of the bar and went to the liquor store and bought a couple bottles of whiskey. She then relocated to the training room and spent the afternoon drinking and attacking the mannequins between tears and screeches.

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Belial Rothford

Waking up in his large and messy bed, Looking over to his right seeing a nun and a female midget dressed as the pope. To his left he could see a Maoi tribesman and a fat nerdy fellow. Slowly getting out of bed making sure not to wake anyone, As he didn't want to deal with them going for the pack of cigarettes on top of his dresser.Finding some boxer shorts for him to wear heading to the balcony of his apartment, Lighting up his cigarette and trying to remember what he did last night to put him into his predicament. All he could come up with is that he was at a bar drinking a shit ton of screwdriver, Then he must've been really drunk because he does not remember the rest of his night. Never the less he would have to get these people to leave his apartment. Which would be easy for him since he could tell them to fuck off or just use a bit of his magic for them to leave. Running his hand though his bright red hair, Rubbing his upside down crescent moon birthmark. Taking a few deep drags on his cigarette, Letting the nicotine seep into his damaging lungs. Putting out the cancer stick into a ashtray and heading back inside, Waking up all of his sleeping "partners" telling them to leave his apartment. Being quite stern about them leaving him alone insisting they do not say for breakfast or lunch as his drunk self suggested last night. Soon everyone left which made him let out a sigh of relief, Walking over towards the medicine cabinet.

Pouring himself a glass of water and taking two aspirin pills down his throat, Drinking the water and taking a moment for the painkillers to kick in. Afterwards he got dressed in his janitor outfit seeing on his watch he still had time, He thanked god or whoever since he would not get another yelling at by his boss. A fat woman named Bertha who was a mean bitch to say the least, Taking a quick shot of rum before heading out locking his apartment door. Once he got at work luckily for him he was about 6 mins early, So he had sometime to prepare for his day. He had quickly gone before with his lunch, Consisting of a sub sandwich with french fries and a diet coke. Putting it in the fridge and beginning work. The little shits of the school he had been cleaning for a couple of years were quite unruly today, Wiping up blood form what he assumed was a brutal fight, Unclogging a toilet filled with diarrhea, blood, piss and what he thought was semen. Getting hit by piss condom balloons by some of the bullies of the school, And being harassed being called a "Pedo" or "Scizo" by the chatty rich popular girls of the school. He ignored it for the most part wanting to keep his job since he did not have the money of his parents, And he got back at these little shits by spitting or pissing on their food. And most of them eating it and blaming it on the cafeteria staff, So their has been many complains, firing and hiring of new cafeteria staff.

10 Hours Later.

After work he was always at his favorite bar, The place was called "McDoogal" ran by a tough son of a bitch named David McDoogal. Drinking a Miller High Life beer while watching the football game. It was the New England Patriots vs the New York Giants, He wasn't gonna cheer out right but he was rooting for the Patriots. Looking at his phone he saw a text message on his cheap HTC android phone, It said to go to HQ in a few hours. He didn't know what The Guild would need form him, He thought it would be another spying mission or interrogation which was starting to get on his last nerve. He was wanting to do something exciting, Something to get his blood pumping. But alas it would not happen so he chugged the last of his beer and paid for his tab. Heading out inside of his 1996 Toyota Camry, Putting on some of his favorite music (Being this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYV-XJdzupY) While he was driving to The Guild's home base.
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Jun-Seo Kim

Jun had been pulling a lot of night shifts lately, he couldn't complain though, work was work. The restaurant was a lot busier at night though, and the poor guy hardly got five minutes to himself between serving tables. It didn't help that they had been short staffed for the past week as well. Even someone as laid back and easy going as Jun couldn't avoid the occasional stress induced meltdown, especially when dealing with the pretentious rich folk who frequented the restaurant. He did his best to keep calm and carry on though, he couldn't afford to lose his job. He needed the money to pay his bills and buy food, and considering how much of a struggle it had been to get it in the first place, he couldn't imagine he would have much luck finding another.

Eventually the hell that was night shift would end, and Jun would finally get to go home, where he could relax, have some food, and maybe hit a blunt or two before going to bed and getting some much deserved sleep. At least, that's what he usually enjoyed doing. That night, however, would be different.

Upon getting home to the dorm he shared with his friend and fellow waiter; Kyle, Jun would be disappointed to find that they were out of their precious herb, and wouldn't be able to get any until the following day. It meant winding down after his stressful shift would take a little longer, but it wasn't the first time it had happened, nor was it a big deal, so the boy simply shrugged it off. Before making his way over to the couch he grabbed himself some left over pizza and a soda from the fridge, and settled himself down in front of the tv. There wasn't much on to watch, but there never usually was. After flipping through a few channels, Jun finally settled on watching some old, soap opera.

Eventually Jun would drift off into a sound sleep, which would last for approximately nine hours before he was disturbed from his slumber by his alarm. When he woke he found Kyle was nowhere to be found, and he figured he must have gone out to meet with his cousin/dealer to get more herb. He didn't have work for awhile, and didn't have anywhere else he needed to be, so he decided he would do some tidying up while he waited for his friend to return; starting with the pizza box and soda can that had fallen from his lap while he had slept. There wasn't a lot that needed to be cleaned, as the boys had become a lot tidier since moving into their shared dorm at The Guild's living quarters, but he knew even a little mess wouldn't be tolerated by Salem. Both boys had received very harsh lectures from The Guild's leader on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and neither fancied getting on her bad side, so they did their best to keep their dorm as clean as possible.

After a couple of hours Jun was finally finished with tidying up the dorm. Kyle still hadn't come back, but he figured he might have been called into work early. He thought it would be a good idea to check in on him, but just as he was picking up his phone to call his friend, he got a notification for a message from Salem. Apparently there was going to be a meeting. Jun was sure he would end up seeing Kyle at the meeting, so she abandoned the idea of calling him and decided to get ready for the meeting instead. After a quick shower, he got dressed into a fresh change of clothes, and then headed out of his dorm in search for the meeting hall. He was still new to The Guild, so he left early to make sure he would still get there in time in case he got lost along the way.
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Kari & Sigrun

"(now raise your right hand)"

"mmmmmmmph! mm hmmmmm!"

"(I said raise your right hand!)"

"This isn't working Siggy" Kari was standing behind a man strapped into a chair of in the corner of the training room, his mouth gagged to silence any of his screams. In front of him was Her twin, Sigrun, attempting to give the man commands as they experiment with enthralling the sparks they so often manipulate, using a difference language so the man does not simply feign his obedience. So far they have seen failure.

"Right, saying it out loud probably doesn't even matter" Sigrun leaned against a nearby table and looked to her sister, ignoring the man as he continued to struggle and sob. The man did not even have a name to the two, he was simply a subject to them. Over the course of his ordeal he has died 6 times in the span of about 4 hours. It turns out so many deaths in such a short time can play havoc with not only one's mind but their spark as well, as to the twins eyes the man's spark is erratic and unstable and his sobs come between incoherent babbles.

"We may have worn this one too far to be-" Kari was cut off as they heard someone enter the hideout. The twins had thought they'd have more time alone before others returned. Acting quickly Kari threw her arm around the mans neck, twisting it till it snapped and giving the man his seventh, and final, death. She then turned the chair over and tumbled his body beneath the table where Sigrun then covered it with a cloth they'd kept nearby. they then attempted to act natural and hope to pass of the sounds as them sparring. Though it would turn it they wouldn't need too.

It was very distraught Emily that came storming in, not even noticing the twins as the redheaded captains started venting whatever it was that was upsetting her on the training dummies. The twins simply stood there side-by-side and stared for a moment before turning to each other and shrugging. Sigrun turned around first and noticed her phone had a notification, picking it up and reading the text.

"Seems there's to be a meeting tonight"

"oh? think things are finally kicking off?"

"maybe. What should we do about...?" She caste a cautious glance over her shoulders at Emily and gestured under the table

"uhm...get rid of it later I think? when we won't be seen. If they find it before then they'd probably blame it on the Masers girl. or we could act that we were playing with our healing"

"right. well should we leave her to it then?"

"yes, let's go" With that the two quietly left the training room to kill time until the meeting.
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With a sigh, Lola took a step back, rubbing her face. The motor oil that sloshed out of the funnel onto her hand left a patchy circular streak from her eyelid and around her cheek. Another job well done, well, a job done well enough at least. She shut the bonnet of her small Mitsubishi and wiped her hands on her jeans when her phone’s text tone sounded from her back pocket. She pulled it out. Aloysius the notification read. She need not open it, the message was small enough for the whole thing to come up on the notification. She gave a groan as she read it, she was meant to be working that night, couldn’t Al set up a roster for these things? Or at least give her enough notice that her managers wouldn’t get annoyed at her for swapping out her shift. She scrambled to find a colleague to take her shift and called her manager, pretending not to notice the obvious annoyance in her voice. After that she relocated to the bathroom to wash off the grimes of her oil change.

Not long later her ringtone went off, she pulled out her fine to find her mother’s number. Odd, her mother rarely had any contact with her. The last message she sent was 5 months ago, just asking to tell Aloysius to call her back when she was free, she never called. Perplexed she answered the call. Perhaps someone had the number? Or someone picked up the phone?

”Hello?” Lola asked warily into the phone.

“Lola!” Her mother cried. She was in hysterics, Lola had never seen or witnessed her that was, for someone cool, composed and, quite honestly, a cold-hearted bitch, such emotion seemed impossible. “Have you not heard, Aloysius is dead. Why the fuck is he dead?” Well, that explains why she was in such a state but… really? Was Al really dead?

“Yeah… I’m well thanks mum… wait dead? Why would I know why?”

“You’re part of his posse, why did he die?!”

”Why would I know, I’m not around him 24/7. Why don’t you know? You invest enough in him to know that shit if you want to.”

”IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU! Why did he die, I wish it was YOU who died. I had one useful, valuable child and now I don’t even have that.” That should of been a hard blow but this wasn’t a surprising blow to Lola, she heard stuff like this her whole life but still, she’s never been outright told she was wanted dead before. Sure, her mum’s hinted that she’d rather Lola was never born but never told her to die, which is what she basically just did. Lola was fuming, she was done. There was a reason she made the exact same effort to reach out to her mother as she had her

”You know what mum? FUCK YOU!” and with that she hung up the phone. Still fuming and her actually decent day ruined she went straight to DS, if she had to be there already, she might as well attack a couple of mannequin, imagine it was her mother. Her head was swimming, was Al actually dead? Did her mum really think that a good response? Why did she even call? Greif welled up but Lola released it through her fists other than tears. Come 7:50 she made her way to the meeting room, standing in the corner, arms crossed and awaiting the others. She made no efforts to talk to anyone. She noticed a few pitiful or sorrowful glances from the more loyal members but she gave no response. It was no secret Lola was Al’s sister but neither was the fact Al was far superior. She leaned her head against the wall, looking at the ceiling and just hoped this would be over soon.
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Salem de Silva

Just like so many others in the large city, Salem woke to the sound of her alarm the second that the clock struck eight. She rolled over with a groan, hitting the button to make the annoying sound stop as she flopped her face into the pillow. She was comfortable in her bed, and the last thing that she wanted to do this morning was remove herself from the warm cocoon of blankets that she was currently wrapped in. But no matter how much she didn't want to do so, she had to go out into the world and adult. She had a normal mundane job that expected her to do as she promised, and then there was the Guild - she couldn't let them down under any circumstances.

So, with an irritated look on her face, she would toss the covers off, exposing herself to the cold air. The moment her feet hit the floor, she was sent into the motions of her morning routine. Pulling her hair back into a messy pony-tail, she proceeded to walk down the hallway of her apartment and find herself in the bathroom. Salem turned on the hot water, allowing it to warm up before she adjusted it to the right temperature. Stripping down, she would take her time with her shower, letting the hot water relax her. All to soon it was over. Yet another moment of comfort that she couldn't stay in forever. She got out, wrapped herself in a towel and walked back to her room, where she would throw open the door to her closet, trying to figure out what to wear today. She settled for a comfy gray t-shirt with a skull design, black skinny jeans and white converse high-tops. The woman towel dried her hair and quickly brushed it before pulling it up once more. Not the most extravagant outfit, but having a job as a waitress, she dressed for comfort, not to be fancy. She finished up her morning routine. Brush her teeth, eat some cereal (Luck Charms, of course, her favorite), grab her phone and earbuds off the counter and then she was out the door.

For Salem, it was easier to walk the three blocks to Huskers than it was to try and catch a cab. Why waist ten buck to be stuck in the car with an angry stranger? If there was one thing everyone living in the metropolis could agree on, it was that New York City traffic was a living nightmare. So off she went, walking down the familiar sidewalk path that she took just about every day. She was lucky enough to get the earlier shift at the restaurant. It was Friday, and she wasn't up for dealing with the parties of drunk people that came in - now matter how well they tipped. Her phone buzzed silently in her back pocket as this mornings various notifications came through. I'll check them later. After all, there was nothing to important going on right now. Hopefully.

Reaching her destination, the blue haired girl would push open the glass door to find herself in a familiar surrounding. The hard wood floors, the bright lights, the bar and the soft sounds of pots and pans clinging coming from the kitchen - it made her happy. The atmosphere of Huskers was something great, and any local could tell you that. Though the Bar and Grill didn't open until eleven, Salem came in early to help get everything ready for the day. She made her way to the back before slipping her apron over her neck and tying it around her waist. She would feel someone nudge her gently as they made their way by. She tensed, unable to help her natural reaction. When she looked up and seen Jaspers - the other waiter - goofy grin, she would relax. "What's up, Jazz?"

"Oh, you know, same as you, Em. Slaving away at a nine to five trying to make my way in the world."

Salem rolled her eyes in response, and gave him a slight nod of her head. She made her way back to the front room before she started taking the chairs off the tables and putting them in their usual places.

Minor Time Skip

The restaurant was buzzing with the early four o'clock dinner crowd, nearly every seat in the building filled with a patron. Some were there for the beer, others for the steak, and some for the mere company that the workers and other customers provided. The TV above the bar was on the evening news, the volume just loud enough where you could tell that the news reporter was talking, though you couldn't hear what he was saying over the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Judging by the video that they kept flicking over to, there was a train wreck. The caption mentioned something about low-level politicians and civilian injuries, as well as deaths. "Hey Hus," she said in the direction of the restaurant owner/bar keep "Turn that up a bit, would ya?" The older man did as such.

"Breaking news. A train headed for the states capitol for tomorrows legislation meeting has been derailed, killing three people that we know of. One was a member of the camera crew that was on site, the other a civilian, and last, but not least, John Sinclair, a man who has served our government for many years. A car registered to an Aloysius Leighton was also found at the site. Officials have said that the driver was found inside, but as for Leighton himself, it has seemed like he has disappeared into the woods. Police officers will be starting their search any minute now. At this time, law officials have nothing to report to us as on what caused the train to apparently flip onto it side, derailing from the tracks. We'll update you with more information as we discover more facts throughout the afternoon."

Salems arms were folded across her chest, a million thoughts running through her head as they played the clip once more. The train seemed to be running smoothly before the accident. And then ,suddenly, like the newscaster said, it just seemed to tip over and fall off the rails. Maybe it was the fact that she was on the lookout for any suspicious activity that would point to the Dark Shadow allegiance, seeing as there had been no reports of activity from them for months. Some of the elder members of the Guild were gullible enough to believe that maybe that maybe they had given up. Salem knew better. She stared at the screen doing her best to gather in every movement that she could from the scene.

Her phone buzzing, she walked to the back of the restaurant, unlocking her phone. A message from an unsaved number - But a number she recognized, nonetheless - had made its way to her.

”Sneezed my ass. What a fucking idiot. It's 2016. Who the fuck uses ‘xD’ anymore? Did you honestly believe that anyone was going to believe you dead?” Not responding to the message, Salem messaged the Guild group chat before heading back out for the last few hours of her shift.

"Meeting at Headquarters tonight. Be there at ten sharp. No excuses.

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Willow awoke to her own internal clock as she always did. Living on the streets for so long forced you to always keep on your guard even when sleeping and by now it was just a habit. She was off today but also just wanted to see Salem, but knew she worked today, so she probably wouldn't get to see her till tonight. Willow could've slept in if she wanted but she decided not to. She made her way out of her bed and headed to the bathroom to shower.

She got out and ended up looking at herself in the mirror for a minute while she dried off with a towel. She looked so...normal now. She remembered when her hair was an absolute mess, her face spotty with mud and dirt, even blood from some small brawls, her clothes torn and dirty. It felt...strange still. Not in a bad way but...like it wasn't hers? As if she didn't deserve any of this. Salem had helped her out considerably, but most of what she had here she had earned at this point, so why did she feel she didn't deserve even this small apartment?

She sighed and went to get dressed, and applied her usual makeup, which consisted of her usual attire of anything black. She spent a couple hours just strumming on her guitar or watching TV before she received a text from Salem in The Guild group chat. "This seems sudden for Salem. I remember hearing something on the news today about her lame ex. Some kinda crash thing? I wonder if this is about that. Good riddance if he's really dead..."

Willow checked the time on her phone. She had a few hours to kill before she had to head to HQ, which was within walking distance (And also Salem). She spent it giving her weapons a good cleaning as well as a bit of practice then heading to HQ to see Salem and the other Guild members.
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Character Information

𝙻𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗: ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴜɪʟᴅ ʜǫ [sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ ᴀʀᴇᴀ]

Vivian forgot what time it was last she saw the clock. A hypothesis suggested that quite a lot has passed, since her test subject was a deathly pale now compared to his bright red face from before. Luckily, she had thought of stripping to his underwear and stuffing a ball gag in his mouth, erasing possible complications that could occur during the blood extraction. Twirling the mini test tube between her fingers, she noted the slight twinkle of beryl that shone amongst the thick, wine blood. Glancing at the aerotheurgist strapped down on her torture bed, she thought about releasing him. Thought about it, didn't mean she'd do it.

Placing the vial down on a rack, she pressed a button situated near the cut-out door that appeared on the wall. In mere seconds, the entire wall propped up, revealing a large staircase that covered the entire entryway. A noise behind told Vivian that the man was seeing a chance to freedom, confirmed with the gush of colour coming back into his skin. Seeing him wiggle in desperate hope made the researcher chuckle darkly. "You should relax, darling." She stepped forward past the line that marked the boundary between her secret lab and the staircase, and reached for the red swipe machine with her glossy ID card. The man on the bed struggled a lot more, shaking the restraints with panic, his sweat running down every membrane and panting that reverted him into a lowly dog.


The remaining light faded from his eyes as the door drew to a close, darkening the entire laboratory with it as well.

"Criminals like you..." spoke Vivian to herself, an echo sounding throughout the hollow and empty space with just a staircase, and began her ascendance towards the exit, "Deserve cruel treatment." The noise of her shoes tapping against the marble stairs echoed with every step - 'Tap... tap... tap...'
The vibration of her mind alerted her to check her eyeware - a prototype contact lens that acted like a smartphone. It would be a revolutionary piece of technology once perfected and released, but for now, it was Vivian's everyday gadget, minimising the amount of items to carry place to place.
It was a text. From the Guild Leader. Expanding the holographic message with her index finger and thumb, Vivian read the message.

"Ten sharp... hm?" She was already at The Guild, in fact, she'd stay a couple of days straight to experiment, when and where de Silva would let her meddle with suspicious people's lives. It was essential, and yes, practically immoral, but Vivian was already past that 'immoral' stuff. She was a researcher, pursuing the greatest heights of science, technology and magic. If being labelled as 'debauched' would get her there, so be it. Besides that moral ideology, she was a scientist, with human expectations and human decency.
A sniff at herself made Vivian almost gag from the reek. "Oh G-, I need a shower." With that train of thought, the doctor heads towards the employees' bathroom.

Only once Vivian deemed herself proper again, she would trade her bloodied lab coat for a new one hidden within her lockers, slip on fresh undergarments, black slacks and a red long sleeve with a V-line so low, it dipped straight down into her valleys. Random women entered, eyeing Vivian with a look of disdain and scorn. Would she care? No. There were other things to worry about than petty thoughts and drama, like the meeting.
Checking her message again, Vivian eyed the in-built digital clock in the gadget.

'5:04 PM', it read. "Nutrition and energy is needed to successfully meet my quota of a healthy digestion system. I suppose I should do it, for science." Vivian made a trip to the shared kitchen, ignoring the respectful bows of passing workers and stares of lusty men, waiting for the rest of the members in the foyer with an apple, where she'd wait for the rest of them.
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[:: One week ago... ::]

“So, what you’re trying to tell me is that you have no idea how over five hundred of someone else’s hard-earned dollars suddenly ejected itself from the ATM machine at Brooklyn Financial last night?”

The tall, thin fifty-something detective leaned over the cold metal table staring past his bushy furrowed brow and thick glasses at the short-haired, bleach blond girl who could do nothing but focus on her twiddling thumbs for the moment. There were a few moments of silence between them, save for the cool air blowing through the tarnished AC vent above their head, before the detective cleared his throat with impatience.

“Well?” He arched an eyebrow, clearly tired of having to deal with yet another teenage degenerate on the streets of New York.

“Yes.” The girl muttered under her breath as she continued to look down at her nervous hands, the few silver rings she wore clinked together every-so-often.

“What? I can’t hear you?” The other said in a much sterner voice.

“Yes.” She spoke up.

“Okay, ‘yes’ what?”

“Yes, th-that’s exactly what I said.” She shrugged. “I have no idea how it happened.”

And so the reality was that Alex didn't quite know how it happened. Sure, she knew she had some strange and unexplained connection to electronics, and especially those networked into cyberspace, but just how it manifested and the lack of control over it isn't something she understood. She only knows that there is so much more to the world beyond what any human can perceive. But what the hell does it all mean?

“Bullshit.” The cop leaned in closer, mere inches from the other’s downcast face. “The security footage pins you as the only suspect on scene when it happened. And after a thorough search of all the techie junk and computer hardware you had laying around in your bedroom at your parent’s house, I think we can conclude that you knew exactly what you were doing, and knew just how to hack into the bank’s ATM machine whereby you manage to circumvent multiple levels of security.”

“That must be it.” She retorted in a hushed tone of voice. “Guess you got me figured out.”

“Trust me.” He scoff. “You’re no different than the other assholes out there trying to make a quick buck at the taxpayers expense.”

“I wasn’t there to steal.” The girl muttered under her breath. “I was-”

“What?” The detective slammed an open hand down onto the tabletop, causing the girl to jump a bit. “Speak up for cryin’ out loud.” The detective shook his head in annoyance.

The young woman slowly stopped moving her hands and finally looked up at the man staring back down at her, the expression on her face dull and unremarkable as her emerald eyes glared back at him. “You’re wearing a hearing aid…” She cocked her head slightly with a hint of curiosity in her face as her eyes moved toward the right side of his head. “Detective.”

The cop narrowed his eyes in confusion at such an unusual -yet very accurate- comment. It wasn’t a question from her though, but rather the girl was essentially pointing out the fact that deep inside his right ear laid a small electronic hearing device made up of even smaller components that the naked eye would not have been able to spot. Of course, the man assumed it was a lucky guess or just some snarky remark due to his age, but before he could respond to the girl’s assessment, his hand flew up to his ear as high-pitched static feedback echoed from the device, causing his face to screw up into a painful expression.

“What the hell-...” The detective hissed through clenched teeth while simultaneously attempting to pry the hearing aid from just outside the auditory canal it was attached to. The fact that the man, the once authoritative figure standing in front of her was now flailing around frantically trying to ease his suffering, brought just a little crack of a smile to the girl’s lips. She never liked to be yelled at.

Suddenly the door to the small room they were both in opened up, and a woman dressed in business attire, and carrying a leatherbound brief, entered through. “Alright, the shows over.” The dark-haired woman said, and at that moment, the young girl’s concentration over the electronic hearing device broke and she looked over at the other woman who was addressing the detective who was recovering from the previous pain in his ear.

“I’m miss Bellamy’s representative.” She said, placing a business card onto the table and sliding it toward the cop. “And I’ll she’ll be coming with me.”

[:: Present Day | Husker’s Bar & Grill ::]

Alex felt comfort in familiar places, and the ol’ watering hole that seemed to have been a landmark within New York City since the beginning of time was no exception. Huskers was simple, not over-the-top like most flashy establishments in the area, and it just had a warm, homey feeling even in the most rowdy of evening hours. The girl sat in her usual spot, the corner booth near the rear of the room, just across from the bar. She'd been there going on two hours, with a black laptop, a plate of half eaten fries, sliders, and her third root beer, which was already screaming inside her bladder. But, despite the fact that she had to piss like a racehorse, Alex Bellamy was in the middle of an online business transaction...

With multicolored lights glaring from the laptop screen against the girl’s fair skin, black sunglasses on, and fingers poised against the keyboard, she began the descent into the online game's cyber-infrastructure, her innate magic seeping into the very core of the computer's processor and out through the network.


[J!nX]: Yo, when should I expect the shit I paid for?
[J!nX]: You ain't holding out on me, right?
[J!nX]: I know you got my deposit through paypal. O.o??

[ΝØ∀Δ]: Patience.


Her client, some kid who apparently found her through the dark web as a potential dealer in all kinds of virtual gear for just about any online game on the market. Of course the more rare the commodity, the higher the price tag, but if it meant less grinding for drops and unlocks and more time showing off all the latest hardware and looking like a badass doing it, then gamers would pay up.

Sure, after being bailed out of a very long jail sentence, Alex was told to “stay out of trouble and keep a low profile”, but a girl needs to eat regardless. Besides, no one is getting hurt and her real identification is hidden well enough.

The text message regarding the Guild meeting showed up on her phone, but she was too far gone and embedded into penetrating the game server's security protocols and firewalls to have even noticed. It would also be her first time meeting with others like her, at least as far as she knew.


[ΝØ∀Δ]: Done. Check your IG mail.

[J!nX]: NICE!!!! omg thx!!! ur teh best!!!


Before any further communication took place, Alex carefully backed out of the multi-level firewalls, and when it was safe, severed her connection. The faint green glow that emitted from her retinas while maintaining a deep connection slowly subsided, and she removed her Ray Bans, and blinked a few times to regain her normal vision. Her eyes closed for a moment as she rubbed the area right above her nose, the stinging pain of neural fatigue falling to the wayside.

As her eyes opened once more, the girl saw Salem, one of Husker’s staff, standing at the edge of the table staring back at the blonde.

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Casara Talbot

Cas heard the news on one of her delivery runs. Two Guild members were talking, not caring that she passed by. "Do you think he's really dead?" one asked. "Will that Dark Shadows group fall apart now, do you think?" It was just a few words, but that was enough. Cas went cold, then fearful, and it took a moment for her to regain her composure. Luckily she had her back to the two talking.

Finishing the rest of the day's work was a test of endurance and control. Cas couldn't risk taking time to find out more, for fear it would be true. She wouldn't be able to handle that. When her thoughts strayed, she reminded herself that Aloysius was a clever man, if perhaps lacking in judgement at times. Still, by the time she finished she was shaky, and for a long moment she just stared at her phone, wondering what she'd do if it was true. A vague idea had built up in her head over the last couple hours, a suicidal effort at vengeance. She wasn't much of a fighter, and Shakti wasn't powerful enough to handle everything that would come at her if she started a fight in the Guild.

Aloysius's phone went straight to voicemail, but that could mean any of several things. But the police report was more encouraging than the sensationalist media. "Body not found", "missing": those were words of hope to Cas. And how like Aloysius, not to tell anyone -- damn him. Oh, she wouldn't know for sure until the meeting -- "8Pm. HQ. Don't be late." -- but it made more sense than a random train accident.

To cool her head she went for a flight around town, weaving between skyscrapers with practiced ease. She didn't have to worry about being spotted. Air distortion turned into an art form saw to that. The voice of her demon, whispering in her mind for lack of a convenient shadow, didn't help any, but they had a short and rather one-sided conversation on a hotel roof, explaining that the hurt Aloysuis had caused was inadvertent and not by any means justification to harm him.

At six thirty, Cas checked inside the Dark Shadows' headquarters, then took up an overwatch position on the entry. She didn't like being inside the building. Underground and with only one way in or out, it felt like a cage. There was no reason to subject herself to that until necessary -- and she wanted to catch Aloysius when he arrived. It was just a few minutes to eight when he came into view, and Cas stepped off her perch and descended in a rush of wind. She nailed her landing, touching down just far enough ahead that he had to use his own magic to keep her winds from mussing hair and clothes. He looked none the worse for wear, thank goodness, but with the profound sense of relief she felt there came another emotion, a sharp stab in the gut. She drew herself up and looked him dead in the eye. "Bastard," she hissed, before turning on her heel and heading inside before him.
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New York, New York | Louis Tower

"Breaking news. A train headed for the states capitol for tomorrows legislation meeting has been derailed, killing three people that we know of. One was a member of the camera crew that was on site, the other a civilian, and last but not least, John Sinclair, a man who has served our government for many years. A car registered to an Aloysius Leighton was also found at the site. Officials have said that the driver was found inside, but as for Leighton himself, it has seemed like he has disappeared into the woods. Police officers will be starting their search any minute no-"

"Aloysius... Isn't that-"


"I thought the shadow was-"

"No." Damien stood, arms crossed and half a step behind a blonde women, both of their eyes on a monitor flashing images of overturned cars, uniforms and yellow tape. The anchor at the scene was pointing into the forest marking the area where a search would begin for survivors... or a survivor. Damien shook his head. They weren't going to find anything. "Call Barbara at Bellevue. Tell her to get back to me as soon as the body of the driver arrives."

"You think he's dead?"

"The driver?"


"Not likely." He took a sip of his coffee, letting the brew sit on his tongue before swallowing. "To be a mage of his caliber with dominance over the air, oblivious to a train derailing right next to him. To the public, it's an accident and a terrible one. To the rest of us..." Damien paused as he watched the same images replay over and over again, twisted metal and scattered debris a portrait of destruction. "...It's either negligence or... worse."

"What's worse than negligence?"

He nodded toward the monitor just as the anchor cut back to the crushed vehicle. The back door was open and a man with a camera was peering inside. "He let that land on his car."

"...Which... could have been avoided and he might have driven off, driver intact. He-"

"Yeah." Damien put down the mug. "That's the Shadow."

"You have a message coming through."


"Salem. There's to be a meeting tonight. 10pm."

Damien signed and rubbed at his temples. The Guild. They'd be in sorts and the ones who were naive enough to think the Shadow gone would be running around like chickens without a head. Salem would need to have words. Lots of them. Recruits would need to be composed. Members would need new assignments and his captains would need his direction to assign them. Months of planning going into a project would have be put on hold. He was about to be extremely busy.

He could feel a headache coming on.

"Right. Clear my schedule."
10 o'clock that night at Guild HQ...

Damien was first into the room as he always was. Another coffee in hand, a white dress shirt tucked into the hem of his grey slacks and the sleeves rolled up with the edges tucked in just above the elbow. A black tie traced his midline ending half an inch past the buckle of his waistband. Dress shoes were derby and of a midnight color. He was business as he always was but a little more casual than usual. Airflow wasn't always the greatest this far underground and it helped to move around in one less layer. Especially now... with her.

It was always a fascinating thing to feel the aura in a room shift and move with someone. To observe other eyes follow every sway and step. To see the oxygen pulled from lungs as if the inferno cascading down her back was eating away at the air in the room. To see her... approach nonchalant as if the men she'd left disconnected on her way to the foyer wasn't her doing. He couldn't blame them. It was a wonder how anyone could concentrate with a figure wrapped in that.

He sipped at his coffee, letting the warmth spread across his chest and crawl to the tips of his fingers, the slight burn his distraction.

"Vee. I'm assuming you heard the news?"
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“We gotta run. Get in the cab.”

Short and to the point was about as much as Alex was given by the young woman known as Salem. She’d only briefly met her after being released from police custody a week ago, knowing that the girl with the cobalt hair was one of them. One of the “mages” she learned very little about, and a very significant part of the Guild that she was about to be indoctrinated into. Everything happened so fast though, as one minute she is in her hometown of South Boston, and the next, she’s whisked away to New York City in order to perhaps have a new life. A life to make a difference? Who the hell knows.

Alex let out a sigh as she gathered her things, closing up the laptop, and replacing it into the black messenger bag she managed to stuff everything that mattered into, which consisted mostly of gadgets. She slipped out of the corner booth, and trailed behind Salem on their way to the cab awaiting them outside.

“How strange…” She muttered while stepping into back seat of the cab, musing over the thought of supposedly magical people still having to rely on public transportation.

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Circe skipped down the streets of Manhattan, humming Psychosocial to herself. The day had so far been dreadfully boring, it was nearing one in the afternoon and she hadn't killed anyone since the couple last night. She swung around the corner and bumped into a man who mumbled his annoyance at the mage. She looked up at him and noticed he was a buisness man. Circe gave a twisted smile, she had found a new toy, and he had a mouth on him. She liked the ones that acted tough, they always screamed the loudest.

"I said move out of my way, I have several meetings to get to!" He said raising his voice, Circes smile only grew wider with anticipation of a new game. Her shadow began to elongate as she prepared to pull the man into the alleyway for a bit of one on one fun when her eye caught a tv screen in the window.

Aloysius Leighton missing, presumed dead in hiking accident. More to come at five.

Circes mind raced in a multitude of directions at what this could mean for her and Dark Shadows. The man pushed aside her as she became lost in thought. She worried that with Aly gone that the Guild would buckle down and hunt the remaining members down, or worse, DS could disband.

Or even better yet, we could be embroidered in an all out civil war for who is the new leader, oh that would be entertaining, yes! Let's make that happen! She thought to herself, and started heading off to Dark Shadows lair.

Several Hours Later

Circe skipped into view of the entrance at six O'clock, she was so excited and couldn't contain it singing the whole way to the door.

"Ding dong the dick is dead. Which old dick? The Aly dick! Ding dong, the Aly dick is dead!" She belted out. As she got up to the door and slapped her hand on the panel allowing her to enter. The meeting room was fairly large to accommodate the many members she would now rule over. She walked around the table in the center of the room up to Aloysius's now abandoned chair. Circe turned and sat in it as her darkness rose up and covered the seat. There she sat waiting for everyone else to arrive, still singing her song.
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”The gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds, but they haven't seen the best of us yet.”

Cleo had spent the day running errands. The DS headquarters needed food for the kitchen, as well as cleaning supplies. She would have grabbed some things for her house, but in recent months it had been all but abandoned. The Dark Shadow Headquarters was her home now. She had seen the news, but she also had the common sense to keep an eye on her phone. The proper authorities believed Aloysius to be dead, but he had sent a text requesting a meeting, which proved them wrong.

Arriving at HQ, Cleo made her way inside, arms covered in bags. Luckily, the door to the meeting room was open. Gently shoving people out of the way as she went, the woman made her way to the center of the room, placing the bags on the table. The scene around her was a mixture of emotions. Some people were in corners or lined up against the walls, having quiet conversations and shedding silent tears. Some - such as Lola - looked pissed. Others had their game faces. Last but not least, a particular someone was singing. ”Have some snacks, drink some Bleach. I honestly don't give a shit,” she announced before turning to glare daggers at Circe.

”Get out of Al's chair you incompetent, violent girl. Our leader isn't dead. Don't tell me that you don't have enough brain cells to check your phone.” Pulling up the sleeves on her teal colored long sleeved shirt, she turned to face the crowd with her arms folded, leaning back on the table to prop herself up. Her eyes would come to their final resting spot as she looked at the door, waiting on Aloysius to arrive.
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& The Haaken Twins

Since Emily’s arrival interrupted their experiments the Twins had to find another way to occupy their time until the meeting. The pair simply milled about HQ, killing time either in their room or the meeting room, staying mostly out of the way of the few other arrivals they saw as time passed. As the meeting time got closer, about 20 minutes to 8, the two noticed that of the arrivals in the meeting room Emily was not one of them. The two of course knew she was already in the hideout, however she’d been upset and there may or may not have been a drink in her hand...or several. The two didn’t even say anything to each other as they decided to head back and check on her in the training room.

The room itself had a bit more insulation than most others in the hideout, more to keep stray magic from bleeding out into the rest of the place as someone trained but it also had the effect of blocking out most sound. From outside one wouldn’t know that a drunk pyromancer was having fits of grief and sorrow, however it was rather apparent once one stepped into the room. The entire space smelled like alcohol at this point and there were scorch marks all over the place. The twins noticed that they’d no longer need to worry about the evidence of their earlier activities, the body and table they hid it under now reduced to a pile of ash. Stepping further into the room they looked about for the grieving redhead, Kari softly calling out her name when she wasn’t immediately visible


Emily was lost in her own world, and her own drunkenness. She hadn't changed between leaving her overnight lover and making it to the training room so she was still wearing her stilettos, sure, she could take them off but they made the women feel powerful… and her drunk stumbling to be more amusing. She hasn't even noticed who had come in and out over the past few hours, let alone the twins rearrival, until one said her name.

At this, Emily locked up from her spot in the corner where she was sat, legs spread, chugging the second bottle of whiskey, the other laid somewhere on the training ground. Emily had an oddly high alcohol tolerance, while most would be suffering alcohol poison she just be very drunk, perhaps it was as she was a pyromaniac, alcohol was just a fuel for her fire abilities. At her name she looked up.

“‘Ey, it's th’ weirdo guurrrrrrlls,” she slurred, standing up. She stumbled toward the girls, one in front of another in a line anything but straight. Though, somehow, she managed to not fall over until she got close to the twins. “‘Ow're ya faring, Grady's daughtaaaaaaas?”

The pair watched Emily stumble toward them with some amusement, smirks on their faces and they stepped forward to catch the drunken girl before she could hit the ground. One took each arm to support her, giggling all the while.

“Hah, why we’re faring well our dear flamefinger”

“We’d say better than you”

“But we’ve the feeling sober isn’t what you call better”

“Still you’re in quite a state”

“Did you even know about the meeting?”

“Leighton called for us all”

“We’re due in twenty minutes”

The twins tried their best to steady the girl between them as they spoke but it didn’t seem as though she’d get far without their support.

Emily's head flung side to side as the girls spoke, sometimes not flinging around fast enough to see the speaker. She couldn't help but giggle alongside the girls, swaying side to side. “Uh'm fine, Uh'm fine,” she protests swatting the girls from her, stumbling a few step forward. ”This is da beeeeeest o’ staaaaaates,” she sings possibly too close to their faces for comfort, switching between which she looked at. She giggled and stumbled back a few steps, taking a large gulp from her bottle of whiskey.

”Yeeeees I heard about the meeting but have yoooooooooou,” she swings from one girl's face to another in an arc, “Heard aboooooouuuuut our looooord and saviour Mr Biiiiigshoooooot Alllllll?”

The twins stayed behind her while she staggered away from them and were ready as she came back, catching her and she took another drink from her bottle. The twins were now more behind her as they held her up, their faces coming over her shoulders.

“Heard of him?”

Sigrun reached forward and took the almost empty bottle from Emily’s hand, turning around to look at the label for a second.

“Well of course we have”

“Oh, does she mean…?”

“She believes it?”

“Oh dear, the poor girl”

“We should get her out there”

“Yes, better if she sees”

Sigrun swigged what was left in the bottle before flinging it off into the room. The twins then ducked under each or Em’s arms, taking them over their shoulders as they half-carried half-dragged her toward the door.

“Let’s get you taken care of”

”Hey!” Emily yelped as one of the girls took her bottle. Was it Carrie or Siggy? Emily couldn't tell the difference when she was sober, well, the closest to sober she got. As Sigrun gulped the last bit she yelped “HEY!” in protest again, this time lunging for it, only to be grabbed and carted off by the twins, her head flailing from one to the other as they talked in unison. ”That was ma drunk! I buyed it m'self! Wif ma own monay!”
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Belial Rothford

Belial had arrived at the HQ of the guild, A cigarette hanging out of his mouth with it still lit form a few moments ago. Looking over towards Damien and Vivian with a blank look on his face, "I heard of it, That son of a bitch thinks he's been cute by killing a bunch of innocent people" He said feeling his blood boiling form the situation. "So when Salem comes i will tell her where we can find this bastard and end this shit" He said finding it strange that The Guild was not attacking the Dark Shadow or at the very least killing Aloysius, He felt that they should not pussyfoot around. And letting Aloysius doing as he wants he wondered if Salem was doing the right thing.

The short man took a deep breath of his cigarette letting out a few puffs of smoke, "So other then that how is everyone" He said causally changing the subject waiting for Salem and the other members. He wondered what his brother was doing, Probably at the Dark Shadow HQ annoying the shit out of the other members. Although not like he gave a shit what that fruit cakes does, Just as long as he does not annoy him or nag him.



Azrael Rothford

Azrael meanwhile had entered the Dark Shadow HQ, Rubbing the back of his head seeing the crazed girl singing a song while in Aloysius chair. "I think i can help with that" He said to Cleo using his magic to flip the chair over, And hopefully get the girl out of their leader's chair. "Do you think that Al will be late?" He asked Cleo looking over at the others as they arrived, The tall man running a hand though his hair and taking a seat on one of the chairs near the table.

His hands in his lap looking around and observing the other members, Pulling out a small red book form his pocket and reading form it while he was waiting. The gold lettering of the book said "The Life And Death Of Caravaggio", Using his telepathic magic to listen to their thoughts. Being amused by what they were thinking, Their arguing and screaming at each other which he found quite funny since they should be working together to murder The Guild.

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