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Yi didn’t look to Chloe as she explained how she felt the bonds were building between her and her new friends. He tilted his head to the side at the odd metaphor she used. She seemed to love using them often. It was interesting.

He scratched his cheek when she called him Sir Helme. He felt it was really odd. ’You can call me Yi. No need for Sir.” He chuckled slightly. She then offered to have Tea with him later. That was something he never had happened to him before. But he did love tea. ”Well I can’t say no to some tea.”

She was then off towards Dawn and Raymond. Leaving him behind. To which he moved towards everyone else, Keeping his hands behind his back as he walked calmly passed the ruckus that Raymond was dealing with.

Steven was speaking up trying to get attention. Very out of character of the Steven he knew for the past few weeks. However looking at his outfit it would seem that was indeed in his character. The gold armor greaves and tasset clearly spoke to this, however it seemed like his attempt had backfired, as it only made people uncomfortable or irritated. Perhaps he would learn.

”It is because too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Like water. Drink too much and you could die. Eat too much you become obease, train too hard you stunt your potential. Sleep too much you miss out. “ He said in a calm tone with a slight smile, he was silent for a moment. Raising a finger before adding ”Except for kung fu movies and some noodles. I can't get enough of them.” chuckling with a grin.

Looking to Kerianne, he then asked. ”Are you ok? That’s the fifth time Dawn has tackled you since joining our class. Perhaps we should turn the tables and pull a prank on her? A collar of bells with a lock on it would seem appropriate?”

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"Though I hope my spirited opening re-introduction didn't alarm any of you, you need not be! Truthfully, I haven't been acting myself as of these past few weeks but that is change." Nonplussed at the admittedly sparse reaction he received from his fellow classmates, Steven was further emboldened in his endeavors to warm the crowd up to him. Though he could do without some of the more distasteful looks he received, honestly he'd almost think that some are just incapable of recognizing a showman for his craft.

"And no, I don't think I will dial it down. I'll do as I as please, as I am with nothing more or less and certainly not as a stripper nor a pervert... though albeit that was a good jest on your part, Miss Gibbs." Never leave a deserving compliment unsaid or at least that's how he was taught in his upbringing, one kind word being able to change someone else's entire day or whatever works like that. "I'm sure that some of you may think that I'm acting out of character but I assure you, I'll never be any more in character than what I don my costume. From now on, I'm sure we'll all get along famously and well... for those who don't. Your loss."

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The casual chatter among the students was almost loud enough to drown out the low shout that echoed in the distance. What it didn't drown out, however, was the person who made that shout: everyone's favorite forgetful fool, Dakota Roice, cresting over the hill and speeding down towards the group, still shouting.

"Look ooooooout!" Dakota flailed her arms in front of her as she careened towards everyone else, gliding along the ground as if it were ice. She had just enough control to avoid crashing into any kids, though, yelling, "Sorry I'm late agaaaaain!" as she passed a large group of people. In a last-ditch effort, Dakota tried to dig her heels into the ground, like a brake, only to lose balance completely and tumble to the ground with all the momentum behind her.

And so she lay, a crumpled, scuffed, and bruised heap on the ground. But then she lifted herself up on her arms, sighing out a breath of relief. "Whew! Those are way different from ice skates," she said to herself as she picked herself off of the ground, brushed a few twigs and pebbles from her hair, and unlatched the thick journal from its belt. Not paying any mind to the onlookers her commotion caused, Dakota began jotting down the whole ordeal in her book, humming to herself without a care in the world.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I think you're not as early as you hope."

At the edge of the orange light of the warehouse, halfway in the shadows, someone sat in a small metal chair facing Molly. All she could make out was the man's sprawled-out legs in their roomy pants and a pair of tan feet, their skin rough and one looking more like a flesh-colored sock than an actual body part. She could make out the outline of his torso in the dimness, though before her eyes could adjust, he leaned into view. A muscular arm resting on his knee, Orson peered at Molly, squinting in the light.

"Really?" He asked after scrutinizing her. "You were out, broad daylight, looking like that. Damn..." He stood up, the chair creaking from the loss of his weight, and he stepped into the center towards her. It might've been a bit hypocritical, since Orson stood out too, with his shawl and the addition of a porkpie hat, but he didn't bring that up.

"See, this is why I can't stand you conventional villains," he continued. "You play the role of a criminal but do it so blatantly, with so much style, it's a wonder any of them can stick around for as long as they do. No subtlety."
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Sana found herself in the motel room she had been paying for again, laying on her side on the thin mattress, staring dully at her phone propped up on a pillow as it autoplayed through videos. She wanted to avoid going home. Though she hadn't been caught for long, she had no clue how far along the process had gotten. Most importantly, she didn't know whether her mother or her brother had found out what she had been up to. She had been texting her mother a bit, and all seemed fine thus far, but still. Sana had thought it best to not make her way back home for now.

The girl had also avoided interacting with any of her... 'coworkers' during the past week. The fact that she had mostly been able to take care of herself when the League had shown up was the slightest of comfort, but she had still needed them to give her the opportunity to begin with.

Maybe that was to be expected. She was completely new to this whole supervillain business. She was young, and stupid for it. Regardless of any excuses, just the thought of her failures and weakness made her stomach sink into itself. Her father would have punished her heavily. It just angered her further that her body didn't seem to realize he couldn't harm her anymore. Physically, at least. The girl believed his influence would never leave her.

She brought her legs closer to her chest. She had even almost cried in front of one of the villains--Marionetta, as she had learned. Shortly after their escape, the woman had offered to remove the cuffs that had been binding Sana's hands. As much as Sana had wanted to leave immediately, she quietly accepted the offer. It took several minutes of effort on Marionetta's end, only making Sana feel guiltier at her weakness. Much of the same thoughts that were running through her mind now were doing so then, so the girl hadn't been great conversation during the lock-picking. When it was done, she left the woman with a quiet and terse 'thank you.'

Sana sighed, shifting her gaze to the hands that had been freed by Marionetta. The villains had been called to meet up again, so there was no avoiding her or the rest any longer, unless Sana just bailed completely on the whole thing. That wasn't really an option in her mind. Not even she herself was totally sure why, but she wouldn't quit yet. It just felt impossible to bring herself to do.

So she found herself pushing herself up, climbing off the bed to make her way to the shower. Though she had a few hours before she had to get the meeting place, she'd end up shooting herself if she laid in bed with her thoughts any longer. Briefly, she considered her options to kill that time, though she settled quickly on heading to a small rustic bookstore she had found a few days ago. It was seemingly run by just one old man, as far as she could tell, and he was nice enough to leave her alone for hours on end as she'd sit in one of the comfy chairs off in a corner. It was quiet, but with more to do than her motel room. And though she had spoken maybe a dozen words in total to the old man, it was less lonely--the right amount of loneliness that she needed to keep herself from losing her mind.

Sana made her way to the warehouse from the bookstore wearing her orange coveralls with the top undone and off her shoulders, the arm sleeves tied together around her waist to keep the article of clothing up. A plain white tank top fit her figure closely, and on her nose was a pair of black wayfarer style sunglasses. While she wasn't particularly a fan of how she looked in any sunglasses, she figured making a passing attempt at hiding her identity might be a good idea while in public. The outfit was simple and comfy--and eye-catching enough for her taste, but not overly so. Again, being a villain and all meant attention wasn't really a great thing. She looked good in it. Considering what her life was becoming, that was probably a really dumb and insignificant thing to put energy into, but she still felt the need to.

After a bit of wandering, the girl spotted the sliding doors that were slightly agape. She slipped through, taking off her sunglasses and folding them up before hanging them on the collar of her tank top. As her eyes quickly adjusted to the dimmer lighting, she spotted the group that was already gathered. One man was speaking, and as she approached she started to make out what he was saying.

"... why I can't stand you conventional villains."

Hm. It seemed like he was pushing his thoughts on Marionetta. Sana felt she had a bit of a debt to pay.

May as well start on that now.

"So being a 'conventional villain' means having style, mm?" she said after the man finished his small spiel, shrugging her bare shoulders. "Doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me."

The girl sat easily on one of the empty chairs, stretching out her arms over her head with a satisfied sigh. Her eyes scanned the group more closely as she finished the stretch, noting the only person present she had seen before was Marionetta.

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XiaoPao Xia // Power Prawn

XiaoPao walked stiffly towards the training arena. Due to an incident on the first day of class involving damage to negligent government property mistaken as unauthorized quirk use, XiaoPao had been detained by the authorities and prevented from attending class for an unsettling amount of time. After an inordinate amount of paperwork, background checks that involved some of her extended family, and some remedial lessons to catch her up with her classmates, XiaoPao was finally here among her peers, ready to learn how to be a hero!

Yet there she awkwardly stood at the edge of the crowd, students who had had a month to become friends. What if they thought her shrimpy parts were weird? What if they found her enthusiasm for niche topics annoying? No! She was going to become a hero, and courage and confidence were key! She should take a lesson from her idols and just go for it! XiaoPao was about to bombastically introduce herself when suddenly...

"Classmates! Yes, it is I, Steven Armani Rein! Whoever said that good things are to come in small doses obviously hadn't met me! How does the day find you all today?"

XiaoPao stood there, frozen in shock, her thunder having been stolen, her moment gone. How could she follow that up? "Gyagh...gyaaaaagh..." XiaoPao began fidgeting and froth formed on her lips, an unfortunate trait of having a crustacean quirk. But since her attention was on Steven, she heard someone react to him.

"It is because too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Like water. Drink too much and you could die. Eat too much you become obese, train too hard you stunt your potential. Sleep too much you miss out. Except for kung fu movies and some noodles. I can't get enough of them.”

"D-Did you say Kung Fu movies?" XiaoPao crouched and slammed her tail against the ground, causing her to dash suddenly over to Yi's side. Zipping over had caused the accumulating froth to streak across XiaoPao's left cheek. With an unsightly slurp, XiaoPao wiped away the froth. "I-I like Kung Fu movies too! Wai faai but po!" XiaoPao declared, stating a Cantonese phrase that translated as 'only speed is unbreakable', while striking a pose.

Shifumi Ushiyama // Ushi-Oni

Shifumi arrived at the warehouse only to notice a few people had already gathered. Wordlessly, she checked her watch. Right on time. These others must be early birds. She was just glad that she wasn't late; it wouldn't do to behave unprofessionally and make a poor first impression. She was dressed in an expensive-looking business suit, complete with silk tie, leather shoes, and typical Yakuza sunglasses. She obviously wasn't going to wear her armor walking around town, but she still had to let people know that she wielded power through wealth. That coupled with her intimidating height made certain that trouble avoided her. And she wanted to let the other members of the League know that she was Yakuza; it was a part of her identity and being Yakuza and League of Villains was not something that needed to be mutually exclusive, even though the rise of villains was, in part, responsible for the decline of organized gangs.

It looked like those gathered had entered into an argument. Shifumi 'tsk'-ed in disappointment. That was something 'villains' lacked: discipline. But better to put her misgivings aside and at least introduce herself and perhaps defuse the situation. Besides, the yseemed to be arguing about 'style', so maybe her presence and obviously Yakuza get-up would give them something else to criticize. "Yo. Shifumi Ushiyama. You can call me Shifumi, but I also respond to 'Boss' or 'Aneki'. Otherwise I go by 'Ushi-Oni'." Though she began casually and led into a bit of a joke by asking them to call her 'Boss', she followed it up with a deep, respectful bow.
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Marionetta Molly

Having been sitting in a shaded part of the room like some sort of brooding, trying-too-hard-to-be-edgy social outcast, Orson had evaded Molly's notice until he spoke up. Her gentle smile didn't waver despite her having been taken by surprise, and she turned to face the individual as he leaned into the light. He looked like some kind of travelling hobo, but-- no. She recognized him from a news broadcast she'd seen a couple months back. His name escaped her, but he was a crime boss of high repute who had evaded capture by a police-hero raid. Hm. Never thought I'd be rubbing elbows with someone like that, but here e are.

After hearing his criticism of her attire and villains' general lack of subtlety, she opened her mouth to retort, but someone beat her to the punch with a sassy quip of her own. Turning her body halfway, she looked back toward the door of the warehouse. It was that young lady, the one they rescued from the police transport the week prior. Molly couldn't help but feel for the poor girl. Being a villain in the first place meant your future could be taken from you at any time, but being an escaped convict meant even more of her future was at risk. She wouldn't have blamed her for abandoning the League after such a scare. Given that, it was a relief to see she Animus displaying some more spunk than she had on the day of the rescue, which had seen her much less talkative and more subdued overall.

As Molly reformulated her comeback to account for Sana backing her up, another person entered the warehouse and gave an introduction. Like Molly, she was dressed in ostentatious formal wear, but of a markedly more modern style that made her not stand out as much as Molly's ballroom gown did. Molly looked back to Animus, who was wearing a more casual getup than either of them, then turned back to Orson with his ragged hobo outfit.

"...I was going to argue something along the lines of, "there's no room for subtlety when we're trying to change the world", but it would indeed seem that I am the one who overdressed for the occasion," Molly said, shrugging as her smile turned sheepish. "So, you win this one."

Molly turned away from Orson to make her way toward Animus. As she passed Ushi-Oni, she returned the bow. "Marionetta. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Boss." Molly hoped that didn't come across too sarcastic as she raised back up. She intended to just treat "Boss" as this woman's name, since she'd jokingly offered it as an option, so there was some slight sarcasm to it. She'd made sure there was no snarkiness or defiance in her tone, so she hoped her own joke in kind came across properly.

As she approached Animus, Molly's calm smile opened up into a bright grin.
"Those bright orange cover-alls are so gaudy. I love it! If I could pull off any sort of non-Goth look, I'd ask to raid your wardrobe."
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Shuffle 'em Up - Vincent Silver

It had been a few years but his police dress coat had still fit, an ironic thought considering how far Vincent's morality has strayed from 'Protect and Serve'. Evidence of this change was in the wear down or removal of any indication this was a police jacket. The badge was no longer proudly displayed and in its place on the lapel of the jacket was a Blackjack Viola, a flower whose blackish violet color masked itself into the dark colors of the jacket. There were other options to potentially commit for a uniform that was to be the very image of rebellion against the, as she so poetically described, "systematic disease" of society, but the image of a fallen guardian as it were was to precious to pass.

In truth, Vincent's initial rage against the system wasn't really aimed at grander ambitions. Although he did believe the system was wrong, he initially thought that he'd only really be satisfied with revenge against the individual who chose saving another over his Emily. Yet when that opportunity came and justice was carried out, he felt emptier. There was no purpose for him anymore but he still felt a calling to do something more. Others will face the same grief he had and others will form grudges to despise those that were unfairly saved. It was a sick society and not many people saw that. It was best to remove that blight.

Associating with others who were trying for the same goals was the idea. Thus he was brought here to an unassuming warehouse for some purpose. It was bound to be a waste of time, most likely. Sure enough as he peered into the partially opened door, he heard the beginnings of a conversation. He slipped inside, the details of the conversation becoming more understood and subsequently concluded as trash. "Oh god..." He loudly sighed announcing his entrance as she strode forward, head dropped as his hand rubbed his forward in a disappointed expression. "...please tell me you were not talking about what is or is not fashionable." Shaking his head for a moment, he shrugged with a smile slighted into his expression. "Ah well, that is to be expected when women mingle. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised." He lifted his head, one eye scanning the individuals gathered. "Is this everybody, then?" He asked with a tone that sounded a bit disappointed.

Batter Up - Namie Braggs

Crossed armed and looking on as her classmates socialized, Namie felt like she was the odd one out. She felt like she didn't want to be here contrasting herself greatly with those that were present. It just made her feel weird and it was something that was making her put herself on the outside. It wasn't like that was hindering her but everything up to this point had been evaluated on individual effort. A far cry from what she experienced from working as a team, she was beginning to think hero academies were more about cutthroat competition rather than teamwork. Sure, she could probably be more social and make friends but what was the point when competitiveness would drive them apart? It happened with friends from other baseball teams so why wouldn't it happen here? No, it was better to be ahead of the curve.

Namie's lips tightened as she felt disappointed that other person who seemed to 'get it', Steven, betrayed that outlook by thrusting himself into that group. He kept to himself too for awhile before this. It might have been encouraging if it were not for the sudden mauling by several individuals criticizing him. She frowned as she was becoming quite bothered by the reception the others had to him but she kept her lips sealed. It did help provide evidence for her belief that everyone here was just trying to step on each other to get ahead. Sure, they seemed friendly but it was a trick or something.

Namie wasn't sure but she kept out of it, focusing instead of trying to figure out what she was being graded on today. She had a high fiber breakfast this morning and was ready to push herself. Her mind started to drift off, regretting that she was swayed to join the academy. She wasn't very happy here.
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Kerianne Morley ~ Nightwatch

@Aerandir @TruthHurts22

Turning to Yi, Kerianne gave a twitch of a smile. Something about his effortless calm and positivity always lifted her spirits - as long as he wasn't pranking her, anyway. "Oh, believe me, I wouldn't recommend it," she replied. "She'd have her ways to get back at anyone who tried that, collar of bells or not. I doubt that'd alert anyone to monkeys about to clamber all over them, or anything of the sor-"

She stepped out of the way as someone yelled a warning and careened past her. The blur, one Dakota Roice on roller skates, made a sudden stop only to do a faceplant that rivalled Kerianne's earlier one. "Are you alright?" Kerianne rushed over, but thankfully Dakota picked herself back up with no sign of pain, acting as if nothing had happened.

The morning was proving eventful already, and the test hadn't even started yet.

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@Tenma Tendo @Metastability @TruthHurts22 @Stern Algorithm

Freya responded to Chi's thumbs-up with a shaky laugh. "That's one way to think about it." For all her attempts to relax, she tensed at Steven's showy arrival. Not that she knew him well, and that was possibly just it - maybe his difficulty mixing with his classmates caused a vicious circle of showing off and pushing them away. Plus he hadn't made fun of anyone... Yet. It would take Freya a while, though, to fully trust someone who displayed an attitude she'd seen all too often.

"Ehh, it's been as good as early morning can be," she replied, shoulders slouching. "The day found me sleeping and wouldn't leave me to it. And yeah, got to say, it's good that you're getting into your hero persona, but dialling it down might make working with others easier. Hey, it's a team exercise, we'll all have to share the spotlight."

Even though all she wanted was to stay out of the spotlight, after that last disaster of an exam. At least Gabby had cheered up, launching into anime discussion while hugging Momo, who squealed back. "Yup, this evening would be good, as well as any evening this week! The more practice, the better! Can't wait to see how people react this time!"

Freya had no idea what Gabby and Momo meant by 'Jeice's poses', but knowing they had something to keep them in good humour brought a smile. With half-closed eyes, she glanced around the group, her gaze settling on an equally nervous-seeming girl. A girl who also bore animal traits, namely the claws, tail and antennae of a shrimp. "It's ok, I was kidding about things not boding well for the exam," Freya reassured her. "Chi here's got the right idea, I-I mean how tough can it be? And at the very least, it should be over quickly."

She put her hands behind her back to hide their shaking, resisting the urge to dig her claws into her water bottle. That desire to scratch at things during stressful situations didn't help. Instead, she took deep breaths - only to jump several feet into the air, spilling her water, as Dakota hurtled past. Wincing at the other girl's fall, she headed over as Keri did.

"Nah, you're not late," she told Dakota. "We've still got... hmm, I'll take a look." She reached for her phone, but before she could check it, the answer became clear.

The school bell rang through the courtyard. Right at that moment, the arena doors burst open, a whirl of energy that eclipsed even Momo and Melissa making her presence known.

"EVERYONE READY???" the teacher squealed, grabbing two of the many, many pom-poms attached to the skirt of her hero costume, a red and black cheerleading outfit. The youngest and newest UJ teacher, Miss Carmine Dunwich had taken to her second job with gusto, radiating exuberance and warmth despite her unsettling stare. Black eyes, sclerae and all, their only colour several thin scarlet rings spreading from the centres, shone with glee. Nobody knew whether such features were contacts or simply bizarre colouration. Thrusting the pom-poms into the air, she grinned at the students. "Put up a fight! Put on a show! Go, future heroes, go, go, go!"

She pumped her arms and leapt up and down, her ponytail of wayward dark curls bouncing as she bubbled with enthusiasm - quite literally. Patches of skin on her limbs shifted like boiling wax. With squelching sounds, many crimson tendrils burst from her arms and legs, grabbing the remaining pom-poms, waving them while writhing and pulsing.

"Ahem." A loud cough over the chanting cut short Cheering Hero Eldritch's display. "It's all very well treating this like a game, although may I remind you it's anything but!" Martenell strode forward, turning her glare from Eldritch to the students. "Everyone inside."

She led the group into the arena, where several other teachers waited, a simulation area set up behind them. Like last time, a cityscape sprawled, the difference being the many high walls that divided the area into sections. "As you'll all know, provided you've been paying attention, this will be a three-on-three combat test. Now, it isn't a guarantee that everyone in a team will be from the same class - you'll be grouped according to cooperation potential, not how well you know each other. This is also because pro heroes from different agencies sometimes have to work together when the situation calls for it."

She studied the crowd. "The teams will be as follows. Each of you will move forward when your name is called.
Team 1: Gabriella Gonzales, Erika Sommer, Freya Leander.
Team 2: Breeze Porfirio, Raymond Carter, XiaoPao Xia.
Team 3: Renard Sparks, Kerianne Morley, Chisato Yuuki.
Team 4: Dawn Gibbs, Steven Rein, Thomas Kazinsky.
Team 5: Yi Helme, Simone Moseley, Dakota Roice.
Team 6: Alexis Runa, Melissa Summerfield, Namie Braggs."

As Martenell continued announcing teams, students stepped forward one by one. "Aww..." Momo gave her two best friends an apologetic look. "Oh well, let's hope we get to work together another time! And best of luck!" She skipped towards Yi and the other Class A student. Disappointing as it was not to work with Erika and Alex, or with Gabby, Yi seemed easy to get along with. As for Dakota, this would be a perfect chance to make a new friend.

"You may take a few minutes to quietly discuss your Quirks and possible strategies among your teammates," Martenell went on once she'd called the last few names. "But I mean a few minutes. Once it's time, it's time, so no idle chatter!"

Dunwich, all too eager to get everyone as hyped up as she was, launched into another wild flurry of tendrils and pom-poms. "Woooooo! Who's gonna make it to the top? Who's gonna rise up like All Might? Who's gonna show they can't be stopped? Come on UJ, let's see you fight!"

Scowling, Martenell folded her arms. "Or time wasting of ANY kind."
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Yi shrugged when Steven didn’t answer him. hmmm must not like Noodles… he thought to himself. He didn’t worry more about it when Keri answered his question. She brought up a good point. The bells wouldn’t have an effect on her quirk. She could attack from afar.

Yi side stepped without looking as Dakota yelled look out! Yi smiled at the site. The girl was an odd ball, as was most of the students of this class. But her energy is contagious. Keri and Freya both went after her to see if she was ok.

Before he could do anything he was suddenly in front of Xiaopao. Or rather, she was suddenly in front of him. He smiled at her quote. It was a memorable one and held much truth. He simply raised a finger in counter to her statement.. “Chúfēi pèngbì...” He added while moving his hand back behind his back once more. He would open his eyes and translated incase she didn’t speak cantonnese, ”Unless you run into a wall…

Before he could say more the teachers arrived, one reallllly excited one...which was also kinda creepy to be honest when the tentacles popped from her body. Then the teacher who seemed a little hard ass from a week ago came up told them to follow. He noticed a few more teachers in there. And started looking around to get a lay of the land while the other teacher spoke.

Hearing the teams he allowed his head to cock to the side. It would be interesting with Momo and Dakota...hopefully the latter didn’t forget who’s team she was on and start trying tohelp another team.

He smiled at Momo as she skipped over. Bowing his head slightly. ”Good to see you again Momo.” When the teacher then said they had a few moments to dicuss their quirks he looked to Dakota and Momo making sure others from another group didn’t hear them if he fought someone from another class.

”Ok, so I can seal quirks for a short period of time. I have to touch the person first. But I tend to use it as a last resort as it can cause massive migraines for me. But I’m fast and Agile and trained in the martial arts extensively. So I can keep the attention of our opponents if necessary. What About you Momo? And Dakota?

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Strangely enough, throughout all of the chaos that happened in the moments previous to the beginning of the event, Erika had remained silent, calm and poised in her corner. She did not snicker at anyone or used of her sarcasm and attitude at any moments - something that might have surprised even Alexis and Momo, her two long time friends. It wasn't certain if she was focusing, tired or if she was arguing inside with Happy Dusk.

"You know, most people dislike stress. They just can't deal with it, you see? It needs some degree of preparation. Of course it's going to be stingy or stale if you gulp it down - but with a little love, it's delicious...and such a varied menu we have! The Academy should be holding exams and what not every days of the week, if you ask me."

"No one's asking you." Erika couldn't help but say out loud, not that it mattered very much. Alexis may have been around, but Momo was very much mixing up with those brats from 1A. Erika couldn't be surprised, too, knowing Momo and all. SOme of them looked like they had energy that could rival her own, something she surely was not sued to with herself and Alexis.

When the announcement was being said, Erika wasn't long to get a move on. Doing so moved her a bit closer to the 1A group that had gathered, but still behind them. Everyone was listening to Miss Carmine, Erika included...so anyone not solely focused on her might be able to notice a big, semi-transparent pink fog-like shape hovering somewhat above Freya, using both of it's arms as if it was bringing in stuff to it's mouth. Towards the end of the announcement, Happy Dusk mimicked as if he was gathering more of that food only he could see, glanced over at Gabby...and grabbed some of her annoyement at herself for staying up too late. Erika noticed at about that time, sighed and headed towards to two.

Upon arriving, she immediately launched at them; "Stop stressing so much, it won't help you perform any better - and it certainly won't help me." and then looked at Gabby "Sleeping so late was irresponsible at best, didn't you think of the teammates you'd be teamed up with?" she sighed "I guess it's not all bad, though - I'm all charged up." she said with the hint of a smile.

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Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal

Breeze felt like her heart was on fire, eyes burning with the sensation of incoming tears. While it wasn't anything intentional on her part, the girl often seized breathing when she felt the need to try and disappear. Teeth bit down on her lower lip as she looked down, hair covering most of her face as she studied the ground like a textbook. She only looked up a little when she felt a hand on her head again and caught sight of the familiar blonde she took refuge behind.

The poor girl stared at Renard for a moment, not doing anything before taking in a shaky breath as instructed. It was enough to clear her mind and listen up to the advice her friend bestowed upon her. And while it was hard to believe that Renard was ever scared of anything, Breeze clung to every word. Inhale courage...exhale fear...? Would that help her? A part of her wanted to question if that would really work, especially for someone like her, but before she could get the chance to do so, a quiet giggle bubbled up inside of her. Leave it to Renard to make things better again.

"Hehehe...th-thank you, Renard." She stammered, taking another deep breath before giving the older boy a small smile. "I-I won't forget it." She whispered afterward, slowly stepping out of Renard's shadow and placing herself next to him like she had before.

She didn't realize how soon she'd have to use that special technique Renard blessed her with, but with Dakota ramming into the scene and more unnecessary comments from Steven, Breeze was almost hyperventilating, exhaling all the fear she could in favor of courage. Luckily, the announcements distracted her enough to calm her breathing to something close to normal; she could've done without Miss Dunwich's squealing though.

Emerald eyes glanced around at her new surroundings, holding a bit of indifference. As the teams were presented to the group of students, Breeze could only curse Chisato for being on the team she would kill for. Shaking her head to rid the negative thought, Breeze looked to Raymond, then XiaoPao. She didn't talk much to the former despite being in the same class and the later was a complete stranger...it could be far worse.

Shuffling slowly over to Raymond, Breeze glance over at the little shrimp girl as if willing her to join them with weary eyes. While Breeze knew of Raymond's Quirk, it was clear that they'd need o go over it for the other girl, what they could and couldn't do.
"I-I...um...I can store things on my skin. Anything y-you need me to hold or carry I can...u-um...I guess I'm pretty fast, m-more close ranged than anything." Although she was trying, the poor girl's voice quickly died out, her attention focused back on the ground as she took a deep breath and murmured something to herself.

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Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir

Yeah, this Steven dude was going to be a bit of a problem...was what first came into Chi's mind. But the naturally good side of him just chalked it up to himself being a little cranky. At least Steven looked to be ready for whatever was going to be thrown at them!

Taking his straw along with giving the most encouraging smile he could muster despite his energy levels, Chisato nodded along as Gabby spoke, his silverish blue eyes practically sparkling.
"ドラゴンボール Z (Dragon Ball Z)! Such a classic, kind of hard to dislike those, haha!" He giggled. "And Encyclopedia Encyclopedium? Oh! I think they call it '百科事典 の エンシクローペディアム (Hyakka jiten no Encyclopedium)' back home? I've seen a few gifs of it online actually! Never got around to watching it though, but if it's anything like Zatch Bell with Trigger animation, I'll check out the first episode after this exam!"

As if on some sort of cue, the familiar blur of Dakota startled him into a dizzy spell. The boy swayed for a moment before catching himself, expression strained. Seeing as this was a normal occurrence for him, the healer pulled out a granola bar he was saving for later and began nibbling on it. While he wanted to make sure Dakota was alright, he'd be useless if he just passed out on the way walking over to her. Kerianne seemed to be handling the situation though. Not to mention the exam looked to be getting underway!

The students were finally brought into the test location and split off into teams. Hearing his full name made the pinkette flinch, but he was quick to hide it with a small smile, making his way over two the two familiar faces.
"Guess we lucked out, huh?" He questioned, absentmindedly fiddling with the container on his back and pulling out what seemed like endless vials from his pockets and started filling them up with his blood. Filling up two finger length vials, Chi handled one out to the both of them with a small smile. "In case any of us get separated from each other. Drink it if you get tired and rub it on any injuries tat may be bothering you." He instructed before munching slowly on his granola bar again, the previous second wind he found quickly dissipating.

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When the students walked in they would have seen other teachers in there besides Ms.Martenell and Ms.Dunwich. While most were at attention ready to see if these kids could work well together, one of them looked like she couldn’t give one damn about it. Sitting backwards in one of the chairs that were there with her head down, with a large toothpick in her mouth. A mug of coffee barely hanging from the tips of her three fingers around the rim.

She didn’t even look up when Martenell was explaining what was happening. She did move her free hand to pinch her own temple’s with her ring finger and thumb in the hopes of suppressing a clear headache.

When Ms. Dunwich got all excited again and started yelling her cheer the woman visibly flinched in pain, She suddenly turned to Ms. Dunwich and yelled “God damnit Carmine! She’ JUST said No IDLE CHATTER. It’s too early to be so LOUD as well!” She growled as her eyes pointed daggers at the all too cheerful Dunwich before closing again as she took a long drink of a clearly hot drink with it’s steam rising. and didn’t even flinch.

Alex had been keeping to herself when everyone was chatting. Standing near Erika but lost in her own world. One hand crossed her chest and gripped her opposite bicep. She wasn’t used to wearing her outfit of course… she hoped it would hold up like she thought it would. She looked over to momo as she went over to class A again to chat with them. She had been spending more time With Gabriella...she didn’t know how she felt about that. But as she did her nails dug into her arm.

She didn’t think about it too much as the teachers suddenly came out and moved them to a new area. She followed silently next to Erika and looked at the other students from all the classes then listened to the teachers as they explained. Only to groan inwardly, she wasn’t on momo’s or Erika’s team. She lookedw to Erika as she just walked away without saying anything to them… Momo sounded sad about it as well. She raised a hand to say goodluck but momo was already skipping over to her team.

She scratched her cheek before looking around… she didn’t know Namie… She knew Melissa from class, though she really didn’t talk to her much. Raising her hand while her other balled up in a fist and covered her mouth. “Um…’scuse me Ms. Martenelle… Who is Namie Braggs?” she asked in a soft tone.


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Martenell faced Alex, lips pursed. "You'd know if you'd watched or listened, and you'll find out when you go talk to her," she replied, gesturing towards the brunette from Class 1-A, "so get to it."

Right as Martenell pointed her out, Melissa made a beeline, no pun intended, for Namie. "So you're Namie! I'm Melissa, though you can call me Mel, or Honeybee. That's gonna be my hero name." While not everyone had thought of their codenames this early in the year, she liked to plan and prepare as much as possible. She took a sip of her energy drink before continuing, leaning in and lowering her voice. "Soooo, first things first. What's your Quirk, and what's your fighting style like? Close quarters, ranged, support, stealth, defensive, capture based, how would you describe it? I'd say I'm mostly the last one, and Alex is a good mix of defense and offense." She grinned. "Can't wait to see how we work together!"

Leaving the team to it as Melissa babbled away, Martenell approached the woman slumped in a chair, and sighed. "That I did, and the students could do without distractions right now..." She glared at Dunwich, then back at Halstrom, eyeing the steam that curled from the cup. "But you know, as soon as you turn your Quirk off, you're going to wish you'd let that cool a little. Replacing a headache with a burned tongue seems rather counterproductive." For all the statement's bluntness, her voice became a fraction softer.

"Heyyy, this isn't a distraction, it's a pep talk!" Dunwich spun, making Martenell back away to avoid getting whacked with several pom-poms. "Gotta lighten the mood for both of you too! I mean, want me to explain what stress does to nearly every organ in your body?"

Martenell clenched her fists. "Some idea you have of lightening the mood."

"Just saying! Besides..." Dunwich turned those strange eyes towards the students. "It looks like some people need the encouragement."

Freya Leander ~ Cait Sith

@SimpleWriter @Nyahahameha

Well, this was just her luck, Freya thought, trudging through the crowd. At least she'd been grouped with Gabby, but Erika? The same person who'd insulted Class 1-A a week ago, a kick while they were already down? She tried to think the best. Maybe Erika had simply been in a bad mood back then, and had lightened up by now...

"Stop stressing so much, it won't help you perform any better - and it certainly won't help me."

... Or not. Cringing, Freya turned round, face to face with the grouch from last week. "Eheheh, I'm fine, it's all going to be fine," she claimed. Had she really been that obvious? Her eyes shifted to the ground, flicking back up when Erika turned her verbal lashing on Gabby.

"Hey, who doesn't sleep late now and again?" In a protective gesture, she sidled closer to Gabby. "And believe me, you'll be glad to have her on our team when you see her in action." She smiled up at her friend. "You show her."

That was when she noticed the mass of mist behind Gabby. "Ehhh?!" She jumped, skittering round to face the entity. Maybe it was her limited colour vision at play, but to her, it looked like a cloud of dingy fumes floating in the air - with what appeared to be a face.

"What's with the, uh, smoke?" She glanced at Erika, pointing out the entity to Gabby. "And what do you mean, charged up?"

Kerianne Morley ~ Nightwatch

@Tenma Tendo @Heartfillia

Striding right over to Chi and Renard, Kerianne nodded, accepting the blue vial. "Thanks, although we'll try to stay close by," she reassured Chi, tucking it into the belt around her jacket. "And if one of us gets hurt or tired, the other can keep opponents distracted while we use these."

Her eyebrows furrowed at the sheer amount of blood in Chi's container. "Here." Stepping towards an empty chair, she pulled it over. Even if her teammate only got a few minutes to rest, that would be better than nothing. "If you're dizzy, I find deep breathing can help. In and out for a slow count of five each way."

She turned to Renard, launching into the planning before he could make any jokes. "I'm wondering," she whispered, "How easily can you charge up enough to make electricity arc around you, and how long can you do that for? If you can generate enough light to lengthen shadows, that's one way we can combine our skills."

Simone Moseley ~ Momo

@Aerandir @TruthHurts22

"Hey again!" Momo called to Yi, twirling in front of him and Dakota. She leaned forward, listening as he explained his Quirk and battle techniques. "Ooh, martial arts, that's neat!" She kept her voice quieter than usual, but no less enthusiastic. "I'm more of a dancer, but that's how I fight. You see, I can channel sound through my body, hence the music last time!" She gestured to one of the devices on her wrists, and to the ones built into her shoes, much sleeker than her training gear.

"Yeah, I modelled how I use my Quirk a little on how Enterprise uses hers, only with a few dance moves thrown in," she admitted. "Of course I'm not anywhere near that level, but I use it for speed and ranged attacks. Don't worry, gonna try not to hit you!"

She gave Dakota a bright, warm smile. "Alright, your turn now!"
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Gabriella Gonzales
Repulsa Libre

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Gabby flashed Chi a wide grin, happy to have convinced him to try out a new series so easily. She felt like she had also just made another new friend within a week of having made her previous one. How was it they had gone this long into the semester without discovering their shared interest in anime?! Well...neither she nor Chi really went out of their way to socialize, so that probably had something to do with it, she realized. Though, she felt maybe that would be starting to change, at least for her - spending time with Momo was great for her social confidence.

Confidence which is about to be tested, Gabby ruminated as she heard the names of her team members get called out. Freya she didn't know very well, but she was a kind person who was always trying to lift the spirits of those around her. Erika she knew even less well, but from the one time she'd seen her, she had the impression she was exactly the opposite. Gabby took another sip of Melissa's drink, the liquid now low in the cup, and punctuated it by selling another pretend punch. If her assessment was right, it might fall to her to keep those two opposites from butting heads. She hoped it wouldn't come to that - Freya, while protective of those she cared about, didn't seem like the type to get into an argument when more important things needed doing, while she had it on good authority that Erika wasn't necessarily as bad as she seemed. Momo mentioned once that she hoped Gabby would be able to get along with Erika sometime. Momo hadn't gone out of her way to try to make it happen, but it was obvious she wasn't the type that would want to keep two of her friends separated from one another.

It was for this reason - and the boost she'd gotten from Melissa's tastebud-assaulting drink - that she took Erika's criticism in stride when she presented herself. Freya coming to her defense also helped soften the blow. "It is as you say. But Gabby, too, is feeling fully charged and ready to go, so no need to dwell on that. I shall uphold my responsibility to you regardless of the number of hours of sleep I did or did not receive!"

Excitement coursing through her body, Gabby adopted a wide stance and tensed her muscles, being careful not to crush the cup in her hand. Indeed, the cup stayed un-crumpled even while the muscles in her arms, back, abdomen, and thighs bulged outward, a giddy grin adorning her face as she let the hype run its course. Before she could turn her attention back to Erika, Freya was surprised by something. Seeing Freya looking at her, Gabby's eyebrow quirked behind her cowl, at least until she realized she was looking past her. Gabby turned around and was met with the same sight as Freya, who went on to ask Erika about it.

"Ah, your quirk, it many-- um...ma-ni-feasts as an entity, yes?" Gabby guessed. She hadn't seen such a quirk herself before, but she had heard of them. It certainly reminded her of some of the descriptions she'd heard, being vaguely humanoid and ethereal. She'd heard they often have personalities separate from the quirk user, some describing it as being like having a pet, others describing it as having an entire other person living inside them. Regardless of which experience Erika had with it, she felt it would be rude not to acknowledge it, so she held out her hand to the smoky shape, offering a handshake.

"Mine is comparatively simple: I can apply a force to anything that touches my skin which will repel it away. I can control the amount of force used, but there is a maximum amount, so if something collides with me using more force than I can generate, I cannot repel it. It also has recoil that affects my nervous system - using it too much with one part of my body will cause that part to get numb and eventually paralyze. If something is too sturdy to repel, such as the ground or a wall, I will instead be repelled, which is good for travelling large distances quickly."
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Renard smiled as she thanked him. Giving her a nod before standing back up. Just in time to see Dakota come flying by and plopping into the ground. There were just too many odd girls in this class. She was a funny girl though. Freya and Kerianne had moved to see if she was ok so he didnt. But then they moved to the training area with the teachers and told what they were going to do. He got excited. He had been wanting to get in a good fight for a bit now.

He was teamed up with Kerianne and Chi. Keri was a decent fighter from what he saw… Chi he didn’t see as much of a fighter, but his quirk was extremely useful. Before he could do anything Chi had walked over saying they lucked out. ”Yeah, it’s a good thing we know each other’s quirks. We got a good team. He added as he took the blood vail of his blood.

His lip curled up in slight disgust as he said to drink it if he got hurt or rub it on his wounds. Despite the blood staying blue and not oxidizing red when it touched air. It did little to help the thought of rubbing someone’s blood into his own...or drinking it for the matter. He shivered a little before slipping his vail into his suit. Hopefully he didn’t have to use it. Though he was grateful.

He was going to make a comment about becoming a vampire but Keri seemed to know him too well. Bringing up a question and a plan to use their quirks together. She was always so serious. But she was also the top of the class as well, and she was really cute. Especially in that costume.

Sighing, he might as well just jump into it then. ”I’ve actually been collecting a charge since we got to school just for this exercise. But the more I move around the faster I can accumulate electricity. Opening his hands to show the metal in his palms and fingertips of his gloves. Then shook a leg to bring attention to metal Shin Guards on his legs.

”To have a constant arc enough to lengthen shadows in this lighted area I would be at my limit for the heat I generate because of it. But If I have a target to aim at I can touch the metal to metal on my hands or legs to create an arc bright enough and long enough for you to use very easily. Just don’t look at it when I do, it can temporarily blind you. Just like a welder.

Looking at Chi ”I don’t think I ever saw you fight before. Can you? If not, it's probably best to stay behind us. looking to both of them.”Also, my suit should prevent it. But do not attempt to touch me without me knowing beforehand. You will be shocked with the full amount of volts inside me at the time. It can be fatal. If i’m knocked unconcious make sure you ground me by placing one of my hands in the dirt. His face was serious when he finished with this. His thoughts turned to Freya and how lucky she was she touched him after he sent almost all of his charge into that villian. She could have died otherwise.

Alex winced as the teacher Martenell pointed out she wasn’t paying attention. She scratched her cheek after and looked to Mellissa who thankfully was paying attention. She quickly followed.

Melissa clearly didn’t give her own quirk explanation but glossed over Alex’s. She quickly added, “I can create things with paper, and control them within fifty meters. Or harden them to make them strong as steel.” She tapped on her costume, clearly made from paper. Sounding hard like wood.

Halstrom looked up to Martenell, as she pointed out the flaw in her plan. She knew it would happen...not that she cared. The buzz of the ‘irish’ creme should help dull the pain of the burn and other things. “Seems like a good trade off to me... Seeing how her headache was really a migraine/hangover. She would take a burned tongue anyday.

Looking to Dunwich as she claimed she wasn’t a distraction. A look of annoyance on her face. When she then offered to explain what stress would do to their bodies. Halstrom quickly added. “The same thing you’re squealing does to my ears?” She said flatly before taking a sip this time of her drink.

She looked at the students. “They don’t need to be coddled...they need to be forged. Coddled trainees are useless heros. She said with a bit of anger in her voice.

Dunwich laughed, giving the two that wide, sunny grin that always seemed to annoy them no end. "Don't get me wrong, I know they've gotta push themselves to their limits, and that's exactly what I'm hyping them up to do!"

This earned a scowl from Martenell. "Hyping them up? More like wearing them out before they've even started." She turned to Halstrom once more, with an exasperated shake of her head. "They do need a great deal of discipline, but they also need examples." Her glare sharpened. "Something you're not exactly being right now. Is this really what they'd expect of the hero Deadeye?"

Halstrom narrowed her eyes back at Martenell. "Seeing how I'm not Deadeye anymore I don't give a shit what they expect of me..."
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@Heartfillia@Tenma Tendo@Stern Algorithm

Raymond took notice of Stevens effort of...well attempting to get noticed. He chuckled at the sight as it was wholesome but perhaps a bit too much effort, though he did certainly succeed in lightening the tension that was built up in the crowd. Raymond then felt something biting at his body in which the boy began to scratch at frantically but not so much so to attract attention. The sensation seemed to only spread throughout his body until he decided enough was enough.

Raymond placed a hand on his chest and from their crystalize began to materialize and spread throughout his body until the boy was encased in a thick layer. His quirk made light work of whatever it was that Dawn has conjured up which earned the boy a sigh of relieve knowing the nuisance was dealt with. Once he relaxed his muscles the crystals that lined his body eroded away into dust that was scattered on the floor around himself.

“Don’t know what that was but glad its gone, something must’ve got into my costume.” He said brushing crystal residue off his vest, shortly after the announcements of the teams were made and he had landed himself with breeze and a girl named XiaoPao. “Hmm someone I know and someone I don’t” He said before seeing Breeze face the boy and begin walking over to him with a rather mink vibe. If we’re going to win we’re gonna have to do something about that morale.

The other teammate they had was a girl who had a mutant type quirk as she was part girl-part lobster. Breeze took intiative in explaining her quirk staying that she was able to store things within her body but it seemed that talking for just a bit caused her a bit of anxiety as her voice died out. Raymond sighed and gave off a smile, “No need to be nervous Breeze I don’t bite” He said before turning to XiaoPao, “My quirk allows me to summon and manipulate crystals making me a pretty good close ranged fighter, though larger constructs are a bit more difficult for me to control.”

Raymond then placed a hand on his chin as he examined his teammates, they definitely placed him with an interesting group then again if he was placed with another powerful front liner like Renard or Yi this competition would have been over from the beginning. Doing this alone was going to be impossible he was going to need the assistance of his teammates. “Breeze did you happen to bring any objects with you by chance?”


The orders his sensei had given replayed In his head, it wasn’t like Hasashi had taken missions where he was to be contracted to a laborer but they rarely came by. Whatever it is for it must be important.

Hasashi had arrived to the place where the group was supposed to meet up, a bit skeptical of the area. He was sharply dressed, all black suit with a red undershirt and black tie along with his signature mask. As soon as Vincent asked if that was everybody was when the masked man entered the warehouse, he gave him a glare despite have having a mask on his body language conveyed the message, he needed not to say any words as his prescience was enough. Silently he took his place next to a crate in the corner of the room, the dark lightning in the room felt rather satisfying.

Once he was settled in he decided to get a better at everyone who decided to show up and it honestly made Hasashi question if he was in the right place. The cast of attendees ranged in age from teenagers to middle aged people though no one that particularly stands out. This better be worth while.
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Thomas Kazinsky
Mr. Driller


The teacher had pointed people out while reading off the names. Dawn Gibbs and Steven Rein? They were both from class 1-A, which had already become pretty famous due to everyone surviving a villain raid on the factory they'd taken a field trip to. Thomas had heard not everyone in the class had taken part in said field trip, and he had no way of knowing who did and who didn't. But if their class toughened each other up through practice like his did, then surely the experiences those few had would make them stronger as a whole. There was no doubt in his mind he'd landed some really good team mates!

Not wanting to waste any time, he approached them. They were thankfully close by each other, since everyone had kind of grouped together based on what class they were in. With his brightest smile, blue eyes shining through the holes in his black half-mask, he introduced himself. "Hi, there! I'm Thomas, nice to meet you two! You can call me Tomka." He capped it off by politely tipping his construction helmet. "Gotta' say, it's gonna' be interesting to see what I can learn working with people from class 1-A. I hope you'll make good use of me so I can learn a lot!"
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XiaoPao Xia // Power Prawn

@pkken @Tenma Tendo

“Chúfēi pèngbì...” Yi added while moving his hand back behind his back once more. He would open his eyes and translated in case she didn’t speak Cantonese, ”Unless you run into a wall…

Yi's retort left XiaoPao looking up at him with a bewildered expression. Though he had spoken in a different dialect of Chinese than what XiaoPao spoke normally with her parents, the sounds were similar enough that she got the gist of it, and his translation was helpful. What confused and stunned XiaoPao was her brain trying to wrestle with a retort to the axiom that she had previously spouted, as if she had been given a problem to solve. "I...I'll PUNCH through the wall!" XiaoPao blurted out her 'answer' without much thought, before the announcement came from the teachers to form their groups. Before she went to join her teammates, she waved towards Yi as she walked away from him, "I'm XiaoPao Xia, but you can call me 'Pow'!"

Upon convening with Breeze and Raymond, XiaoPao visibly shook, giddy with excitement. "I'm XiaoPao Xia, but my friends call me 'Pow'! As you can see, I'm a shrimp. I can jump good..." at this, XiaoPao forcefully slammed her tail into the ground, sending her a few meters into the air before landing and continuing her introduction, "...I'm strong..." this was followed by XiaoPao throwing some straight jabs with her claws at the air, then clacking her claws together, "...and I'm kind of tough, but not as tough as CRYSTALS! Can you make crystal armor?!" XiaoPao was enamored by the very idea of Raymond posing and materializing a suit of crystalline protection.

Shifumi Ushiyama // Ushi-Oni

@pkken @Nyahahameha @Riegal @Pirouette @TruthHurts22

Shifumi smirked at Marionetta's acknowledgment of her self-proclaimed title of 'boss', even if it had a hint of sarcasm. After all, humor was essential to a functional 'family'. Vincent's proclamation, on the other hand, did not go down so well with Shifumi. Sure, she came from the Yakuza, which many considered outdated, but misogynistic patriarchy was far more outdated. Shifumi quietly walked over in front of Vincent, accentuating the difference in their height. Almost like a creepy owl, Shifumi hunched down to bring her face closer to his. Despite a significant hunch, Shifumi still looked down at Vincent. "If I'm not mistaken, you newfangled villains are trying to send a message by one-upping the heroes in their flashiness, so discussions on how best to convey that message are not inappropriate. Gender has nothing to do with it. But maybe I'm wrong, I'm a Yakuza, so this is all still new to me." Shifumi backed off as she noticed Hasashi enter, noting that the new arrival also gave off Yakuza vibes. She hoped that she had sufficiently nipped the bud of a potential argument, but slightly lamented the possibility that she was going to have to be 'Team Mom' for this group of villains. She felt the impatience rising within the room, another sign of lack of discipline. Whoever had gathered them all here together obviously wielded power, and for that, deserved respect; waiting patiently was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to proper etiquette.
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Collab with @LuckyBlackCat & @Heartfillia

Behind Elly, a boy in simple blue and black waterproofs sneaked up. A mischievous smile crept across his face as wisps of water vapour from the air gathered by the back of her head, forming a tiny cloud. Probably not the best way to introduce himself to a new teammate, but he couldn't resist. The cloud shrank to nothing as a flurry of snow whirled from it, down the back of the girl's neck.


She recoiled immediately with that shocked squeal, taking several awkward steps forward. Her previously crossed arms flailed for a second to keep her balance, before moving to wipe at her neck as she turned around to figure out what had happened.

Cheeks warm from the embarrassment brought on by the noise she had made, Elly glanced between the boy who had been several feet behind her and her slush covered hand. She took another moment to blink in confusion. Her other hand moved to wipe away the rest of the melting snow that clung to her skin. As she did, she made eye contact with the boy.

“You?” was all she could think to say, still unsure of what had happened.

The boy gave a goofy grin. "Surprise tactics, can't beat them huh?" Strolling closer to his group, he recalled the team seven announcements. "You must be Eleanor. I'm Leith, and hey, you needed to know about my Quirk, so that was a little demonstration. With the water in the air, I can create and control clouds for weather effects. Snow of course, and hailstones for battle. Rain too, but..." He shrugged. "That's mostly something I do for fire rescue training. Unless we're up against a fire user, I'm not sure how much use that'll be in a fight."

He gestured towards his teammate, a quiet blonde clad in blue, crystal-like armour. "And this is Clara. If anything I do goes out of control, she can keep us safe and dry." He paused, hoping the two timid girls would take it as their cue to get talking.

Elly felt her eye twitch in aggravation at the admittance of the prank, the embarrassment being replaced with annoyance.

“Watch.” It was an order.

She turned to show her wet neck. A moment later, the water disappeared into her skin. With a frown and a furrowed brow, she looked back to Leith. Her arm raised up to shoulder height, hand forming a finger gun pointed square at the boy. A breath later, she brought down her ‘hammer’ thumb for effect, and a short stream of water was ejected from the tip of her finger, aimed at his forehead.

As the jet struck, Leith pulled back, blinking, wiping the water from his face. A second later, he laughed. "Ok, I guess we're even now." He looked at his damp hand, then at Elly, eyebrows raised. It was clear, now, why they'd been asked to work together. "You absorb and shoot water? Looks like drizzly weather is in the forecast after all, in that case. Anything else we'll need to know about your Quirk?"

Clara had walked over to them just as Leith introduced her. Her right fist over her mouth as she was so nervous speaking with new people. She wanted to warn Eleanor before Leith pranked her but it was too late. Leith pranked everyone he knew...including her. Her face red with embarrassment of a soaked head in class a few weeks prior.

She was surprised at the unique pairing the two had, and disheartened to hear that Leith was going to make it drizzly. She loved the rain and all but not when she would be soaked in front of others... "I...um... I can control all types of glass." She said as she touched the crystal-like armor that was actually glass as it seemed to melt at her touch and move around her neck and reformed into a more watertight seal around her neck. "I-i-it can harden too, strong enough to stop bullets or larger impacts. But my body is fragile because of it..." She said timidly. Her face growing even redder as if the fact she was so weak was a bad thing.

Elly nodded, turning her attention to answering Leith. “As long as you’re with me, your rain is going to be your favourite tool,” she said to him, wearing her confidence with a smirk.

She raised her hand again, turning it to water this time. It held the shape of her hand for a second before she let go, causing the water to splash to the ground, leaving her with half a forearm. To demonstrate further, a small point at the center of her torso changed as well, growing outwards until the hole of water was about a foot wide and all the way through her chest.

The water on the ground floated back up into the air to first form a small cube, and then a ring. Finally, it began to whirlpool back to Elly’s stump, gradually reforming her arm. As the process finished with her fingertips, she stretched her hand out and balled it into a fist a couple of times to show it was functioning. The hole in her chest vanished as well. That show should adequately explain the first part of her quirk. As for the second...

“I can control any water that’s part of my ‘system’--I have a base amount that makes up my body, and any outside water I come into contact with I can absorb temporarily. That extra water makes me stronger. Like adding muscle mass.”

Seemed like that was the team, then. Elly didn’t really have any thoughts on their overall strength—she didn’t know what to expect from the students here, and as such couldn't compare them to the average. Despite the outside bravado she carried herself with, she was—as usual—anxious enough that her heart was pounding and her stomach was doing flips. Keeping up the front was the only thing that helped at all with that.

The girl glanced between her two teammates. “I’m sort of being thrown into this, to be honest. It’s my first day here.” She crossed her arms, her smirk showing a hint of bemused exasperation. “Not that I’m complaining, mind. I’ll douse this trial by fire with you two.”

Elly took a step towards them, reaching her hand out to Clara first for the girl to shake it, though still addressed them both. Her smile grew friendlier, but the determination displayed by the rest of her expression remained.

“I’ve got something to prove today. So I’ll make sure we win, and then later you two can show me around a bit as thanks.”
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Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal

"S-Sorry..." Was all Breeze mumbled out at Raymond's attempt to reassure her. While she didn't talk much to the older boy, she at least knew that he wasn't scary or mean unless he was just messing around with someone. It was less of him and more of--

Breeze let out an involuntary squeak when XiaoPao slammed her tail on the ground to propel herself into the air. Without really realizing it, the green haired girl moved closer to Raymond, eyes wide as she watched the shrimp girl squeal over Raymond's Quirk. Breeze wasn't really sure what to make of the girl quite yet. She was awfully loud, but seemed powerful and very willing to work was them as well. The green eyed girl could only hope that she herself didn't slack behind. I-Inhale courage...exhale f-fear...

She'd almost missed Raymond's question, looking up at him with a slightly tilted head before looking down at herself.
"Y-Yes. I have a chain and some rope..." She trailed, pulling down the collar on her costume to show the tattoos of both around her collarbone. "...two wooden knives, a filed up water bottle, a net, metal wires...oh and an umbrella." As she listed things off, Breeze pointed to where they were located on her body. Most of it was miscellaneous, especially since she had no clue who'd she be working with, so she only got things that would universally be helpful.

"I-I wouldn't worry about...accidentally hurting us. I-I mean, not that you can't control yourself, b-but...I could store any crystals that might hurt me and Xiao...I-I mean Pow, can p-protect herself with her hands?" She suggested, looking to the red girl to see if that was case or not before looking back to Raymond. "I could try to restrain the target, then the both of you go a-all out?"

@pkken@Stern Algorithm

Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir

The pinkette nodded gratefully towards both of his teammates, a small smile gracing his features. Even though it was never something he'd say out loud to avoid putting pressure on people, he was really glad to be with two people he knew were very capable. Truth be told, Chisato felt more like he was the one that lucked out the most between the three.

Eventually being pulled out of his thoughts when Keri brought over a chair for him, Chi's previous smile showed a bit embarrassment in it.
"O-Oh, uh, thanks..." He trailed off, taking a seat a bit faster than he'd like to admit. Leaning back and letting out a deep sigh, if anyone saw him now, they probably would've thought he sprinted all the way to school with how tired he looked. Keri's advice echoed in the back of his head, prompting him to follow while his eyes darted back and forth between the two blondes when one spoke up.

There wasn't much he could provide in regards to battle tactics, but he still listened in to stay in the loop, nodding to himself every now and again to make sure he knew what was going on. Taking mental notes of what others were saying became second nature once his Quirk started to develop, so keeping track of what the blondes were planning was easy. However when Renard pulled him back into the conversation, the boy stiffened before tilting his head a little.
"Basic self-defense, but nothing compared what some of the guys here could do. I mean, a few cuts might make me bleed out so I try to stay as far as possible." He explained before nodding briefly in regards to Renard's electricity. Something like that would definitely be top priority...

"I'd say I'm pretty good with creating distractions and using the environment to my advantage. Wouldn't be surprised if some of the teams try to knock me out first. We should use that to our advantage, yeah?" Chi questioned. He was confident enough in his ability to hide and stealth his way around, but would the other two have enough faith in him to resort to that if they needed to?

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