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Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath

Interacting with: Padawan Ila'Iri Orina @rusty4297 Solace @Alfhedil Dra'kal Sherom @Lmpkio

Mandalore, Great Jedi Archives

Airus had yet again been up all night, the Holocron vault door's power breaker shorted last night when Knight Leia had been putting back the few holocrons they had just finished cataloging. This of course, caused the security protocol to be tripped and sealed all of the holocrons up and armed the locks and the ray shield generators. Now they were going through disarming it section by section, to ensure nothing else had happened Luke and Leia had gone to be while he'd been working.

Now back at work after a good nights sleep, they were nearly done, looking over at Luke he called. "Luke, head down and talk to the maintenance, then see if you can go into Keldabe to get some new power converters. I'm not sure how the are current ones will hold up, with the new breakers you installed." Luke hopped up from where he'd been checking the panel near the door shutting it as he stepped back.

"Yes Master Vel Aath." Luke spoke with a practice grace as he headed out towards the exit. Airus still didn't like that they referred to him that way, even if was chief librarian he was by no means a Master, though the other Lorekeepers didn't see it that way. Especially Leia and Luke, who seemed to be part of the surge of younger Lorekeepers like himself, Jedi who viewed keeping our traditions and knowledge safe so we could ensure more Jedi would come.

Airus turned to Leia, the more knowledgeable of the twins at least though far more headstrong. "While your brother does that, Leia, let's get the closed up and pray to the force this doesn't happen again. Council of First Knowledge already has me second guessing myself, I don't need malfunctioning locks to ruin my life too. Would you then please, head over to the Council Chambers with my report on the most recent Mandalorian Wars heritage site survey." Airus gave a tired sigh as he withdrew a datapad from his robes, offering it to Leia.

Leia chuckled a moment as she collected the datapad he offered her. "You worry to much Master Vel Aath, ought to go out into the city more. Even if your the Chief Librarian you have to be a person sometime, go out with somebody seriously. You've been working in here for three days now, only time I see you leave is for a bath or food. Sometimes not even for food." The Lorekeeper elbowed her boss smiling as she started away from the archives. Airus could only give a soft smile and be grateful to having such wonderful people helping him keep the Jedi Archives in a functioning state.

Airus was glad the twins had become Lorekeepers, the help from them was amazing. They were fine assistants and unlike so many of the older Masters they seemed genuinely interested in the work not simply using it to pass the time. As Airus and Leia stepped out of the vault and the massive door rolled shut and sealing the vault without the security system needlessly arming. A voice called out behind him, as he turned he was greeted by one of the Padawan's waiting assignment. "Master Airus. Could you spar with me if you're free? I don't have very much to do while I wait for assignment."

"Sadly I'm already late for a meeting but... How about I let you accompany me Padawan Orina?" Airus added giving a small bow in return. "A new Holocron has been brought to the Citadel, I have to go meet with our guest and my favorite diplomat." Airus chuckled, waving for Ila to follow him. "It might not be sparring but I can promise, it'll be interesting. Afterwards we can see about that training too, of course I'll be careful of you." Airus gave another friendly smile, a walking stick floating over to him. The staff had been a gift from his old master, a branch from a tree she had grown. One of the saplings from the old garden on Coruscant one of the few things she had ensured survived the temples destruction.

The soft thump of the wood against the metal floors as Airus made his way to the stairs, he was late already no doubt but Solace knew how to keep a guest entertained. The sounds neared as the service desk, one clerk looked up at Airus the young man smiled back, Airus wearing his usual soft grin. The Clerk pointed towards the Imperial room, as Airus headed right for it catching the tail end of a conversation being had there, no doubt their guest, Dra'kal Sherom. "The Imperium had tried to open it for years." the kaleesh explained bluntly, "They've always boasted in housing the best experts in the galaxy... but alas, not even they could open this perplexing case. Thus they turned to your order for assistance, although even they seem to doubt in your capabilities."

"Forgive for being blunt to our esteemed guest but, the best experts in the galaxy died in the temple twenty years ago. We are still learning but I like to think I'll match their knowledge soon." Airus gave a polite bow to the Shadow Council's Jedi. "I am Chief Librarian, Airus Vel Aath. I heard you brought a Sith Holocron for me to... Oh my word." Airus head turned, the Miraluka stepped forward his robes of purple sliding back revealing the black synth leather gloves as he gently picked up the Holocron carefully turning it over before his blindfolded face. He laid his staff against the wall, pulling down the hood, an expression of genuine curiosity as he looked it over. With his tousled hair and bandage wrapped forehad one had wonder if he saw what they did when he looked at it, or if there was more to it when view through the force.

"It's ancient... After the Second Sith War the design is more elegant than the Sith of that period... More likely from the period just after the Great Galactic War..." Airus muttered tilting it careful to avoid the bio-metric system, tilting his own head as well. "No distinguishing marks or memory crystal insert points. Possibly contains a Sith spirit..." Airus suddenly shook his head and placed the holocron back down looking back to the others. "I'm so sorry, it's been so long since I've gotten to a proper investigation into one of these. From what I can tell it's from a minor Sith, possibly a Lord maybe a lesser known Darth. Probably promoted to the position after the death of one of other Sith during the Great Galactic War." Airus gleaned this in a couple of minutes of looking it over, it probably helped his days most recently were spent working with holocrons constantly.

"It's obvious this was more academically minded craft rather than one of the more war like Sith of the time... It was made with great care, hence my thought about it being used to contain a spirit... Of course that would be opposing the idea of a having a bio-metric lock. What's the point in trapping your part of yourself if you might never be freed..." Airus spoke picking up his staff. "It's interesting no doubt, though the answers will have to come from the archives rather than the holocron itself. I doubt the bloodline of a Sith so ancient could have survive in a enough of an amount to connect to any modern relatives." He paused looking at Dra'kal with an eyeless stare, before giving another deep bow.

"Thank you Knight Dra'kal, I'm sure this will be something we can learn much from if nothing more than as a curiosity." He gave a friendly smile to the man, even if the aura he saw not one he'd want to befriend he could still be respectful. "Why don't we all journey down to the vault, place this away then perhaps a tour of the Citadel? Or at least the library, I can offer that much. The rest of day's agenda will be determined by our esteemed Diplomat. So, what say you Solace?" Airus spoke tilting his head towards, with a small knowing grin, not the usual one of simple kindness. Instead this smile one that betrayed he did not choose to smile but did so merely did it upon looking at her as just a glance at her could brighten his day.

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Ro shook his head as he sat across from Koren, waving his hand as well to signal he wasn’t in a drinking mood. Then there was the quick shift in conversation, turning things back to the Clone Wars. Koren was quite the diplomatic type, and it showed now more than ever to the Jedi Ace. The Kel Dor folded his four-fingered hands together and gave a slight chuckle himself. ”It was complicated, sure. But not much different from now. Hard to tell who the enemy is these days, and who to trust.” Ro paused a moment to scratch at his leathery chin for a moment before chiming in again. ”Well, at least then we could assume the bad guys were the ones shooting at us.”

Koren chuckled as he looked out the window at the ships flying past them as the Nova Cruiser moved in to within a kilometre off the shipyards. He sighed. “Thankfully nobody has shot at me in a very very long time. I don’t expect that trend to continue now that I’ve re-entered the wider galaxy however. I don’t think I’m going to be very popular with a lot of people. Especially the CIS, I have a lot to say about them.” He stood as there was a chime at the door. “Excuse me.” He walked over to the door, keying the door it opened to reveal the captain.

“Sir. We’ve entered a stable orbit, as instructed by Keldabe.”

Koren nodded. “Thank you, I’ll leave when my escort deems it time.”

“Yes sir.” The Captain turned as Koren keyed the door turning back to Ro.

“So, Master Jedi, you know the environment better than I? Where do I head first, I bow to your wisdom.”

Ro shook his head for a moment, stifling the chuckle echoing in his mask as best he could. "Never thought I'd hear you say that after I tried convincing you to leave your lightsaber behind on Balith." Ro's brow then knitted as he raised a single sharp finger up to his chin in temporary contemplation, before simply sighing. "It would be best if I took you to the council. I can put you in touch with Solace when we touch down on Mandalore. She has more inroads with getting an audience with the Mandalore than I would. Even Tarkin won't give me the time of day."

”Well I don’t tend to use my lightsaber much these days anyway.” Koren stood up and sighed, placing his drink back down. The communicator on Ros wrist went off, as he did so. The Jedi excused himself, agreeing that the two of them would meet up again in short order.

Koren sighed, this was an interesting start to the rest of his life as a Jedi. His own communicator went off. He activated it with a hologram appearing off Queen Mother Allana his wife. He bowed his head in a sign of respect, a smile crossing his face, a warmth flowing through him. He missed her, and was worried about his role in all of this. As a Jedi he had been a teacher, and aided in humanitarian efforts yes. He never played the role of diplomat, and never expected he’d be playing the part in such an important way. ”My Queen.”

She smiled. “Greetings my love, I take it you have arrived?” My Love, she had company. Otherwise she wouldn’t have started the conversation so formally. That meant he had to respond in kind, fulfill the expectation of his station.

”I have. I am in orbit of Mandalore now, and making ready to head down to the surface. I aim to meet a Jedi who acts as a representative to both the Mandalorian Republic and the Jedi Order.

A look of contemplation crossed her face. “Is this the fastest way forward?”

Koren nodded. ”It is a big day in the Mandalorian Calendar, I do not have the connections or the knowhow on the lay of the land to just jump in and speak to someone. I imagine they didn’t anticipate our arrival so soon”

“Then you have my blessing-” She looked off to the side and nodded to someone off screen. “I must go my love. Safe travels.” She winked at him and mouthed ‘I love you’.
He smiled in return, mouthing back to her. “Till then my Queen.” Koren stood up and walked to the hangar, the Jedi Starfighter was already gone and he nodded his head solemnly. He would have to try and find Ro again at some point to catch up properly, without all the pressure of the impending diplomatic battle. Boarding the Express class shuttle. Flanked by two guards he sat in the front pod, giving him a view of the entire space around him as the shuttle coasted through space towards the planet. Two Miy’til Starfighters flew escort, they in turn accompanied by four Z-95s flown by the Republic Navy.

Once breaking atmosphere and approaching the Jedi Temple all the escorts broke off, Koren stood up as he saw the Temple in the distance eying it with curiosity. If he wasn’t mistaken the Jedi Temple appeared to be a ship, bigger than a Venator Star Destroyer sat on its engines and propped up against a mountain. He had a thousand and one questions as to why this was a thing. It made some form of sense in that it was a quick way to get a big building quickly. The ship landed on a landing pad, near a strange looking fighter that appeared to be a cockpit and wings and nothing more. Koren left the shuttle accompanied by his royal guards, walking out of the shuttle he stood marvelling at the sight of the ship. The faint discoloration of the sky as the shields of the vessel seemed to be active.

Koren supposed that the Jedi weren’t going to risk their temple being destroyed again. He put his hands on his hips as he stood there, a faint breeze blowing his cape. He walked through the grounds, flanked by his people. While they gathered many looks no-one stood in their way or directly interacted with them until they reached. He approached what appeared to be the main desk. He found it terribly awkward.

Walking up he cleared his throat. ”Greetings.” He bowed his head slightly. ”I am Prince Koren Omi-Ren from the Hapes Consortium, Jedi Knight. I am here to discuss diplomacy, if you could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.”

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Alanna & Ezali

In collaboration with @Cuddles 1438

Ezali laughed at the memory of the havoc Sable had wrought on that project. ”Funny how the Port Authority wasn’t too keen on heavy turbolaser batteries on a civilian passenger dock.” Tucking her helmet into the crook of her left arm, she smiled to her friend. ”Sure I’ll catch a ride,” She added. ”Just got in system, and when I realized where my ride had docked I thought I’d come bug you at work. Last job got a bit rough so I decided to take some time off.”
Turning back towards the way she’d came, Ezali stood and waited for Alanna to catch up. ”So, how ’ve you been?”
Alanna gave a small sigh at Ezalis' question. "Oh you know, things are just… ok at the moment. Today was my last day here. Alanna gestured at the rung itself. "The twins are, well the twins are being difficult at the moment. You remember that thing I mentioned to you about Jiari? Well, Firith has taken that as his sister is now the favourite child. Sable's as annoying as ever but there's not really a lot I can do about that. And Laars is… Alanna gives a deep sigh. "well we're still together."

She gave her friend a sympathetic smile and wish she had something more than just words to offer. ”Sorry to hear that. Firith’ll get over it eventually...it must be hard finding out your sister is ‘special’ while you’re just you. The day Grumpybot stops being a pest is the day he powers down for good.” The way Alanna said her husbands name tweaked something in Ezali’s mind, there was more going on...but standing in the doorway of a droid workshop wasn’t the sort of place to try and unpack what had her friend so down.

”You said you’re done here, so what’s next? A woman of your talents shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a new shop; or are you going to open your own?”

Alanna smiled at her friends suggestion, she had often wondered whether she could open her own droid shop, she certainly had the knowledge to get by on her own for a while. But at the same time she also felt that, that part of her life was coming to an end. With everything going on with her home life what Alanna really wanted was a fresh start maybe even to just retire and move away with the kids.

"I honestly don't know Ezali, I've spent over a decade at MDY, surrounded by loud noise, annoying droids and even more annoying men. I just want to get away from it all. Maybe take the twins and retire somewhere nice and away from the big cities. Like maybe out there." She said pointing out the window at the lush forest on Mandalore below them. "Just somewhere peaceful, away from all the noise and the stress." And possibly away from Laars

As they left Alanna’s former workplace, she couldn’t help but notice that her friend failed to mention her husband in the potential retirement plans. The last time she’d visited things had seemed good with her friend, but now there was an undercurrent of something. Yeah, and last time you were here was nearly two years ago, Ezali reminded herself. Shit changes. Weaving their way along the concourse towards the shuttle docks, she tried to keep the conversation ‘light’ while they were in public. ”You? Retire?” She smirked, giving Alanna a playful shove on the shoulder. ”You’d be bored within a week and be pulling apart your speeder for something to do; but I get it, especially the annoying males and droids part.”

While the Orbital was a massive installation, it was also intended to deal with high volumes of traffic, both externally and internally. A short walk from the droid bay took them to a high speed tram line, which brought them to the ‘local’ orbit-to-ground shuttle dock in short order. During the trip, she’d tried to make small talk, but things like that had never been a strong suit for Ezali.

Seeing they’d have a moment to themselves, as they shuttle they wanted hadn’t quite arrived yet, and the waiting lounge was mostly empty, she decided to say something. ”Okay Lanna, what’s wrong?”

That question was a new one to the Twi'lek, it had been a very long time since anyone had actually noticed that something was off about her, but could she bring herself to answer; A: In such a public place. And B: While sober. There was also the issue of just what was wrong with her life. If her daughter being at risk of disappearing to the Jedi at a moments notice and her son taking that to mean that she was the favourite now wasn't bad enough, her husband was seeing another woman. The whole perfect life that she had built for herself to escape the horror that was her childhood, was coming apart at the seams and though Ezali was a good friend that she trusted, could she really dump all of her own problems onto her? It was probably best not too, at least not where they currently were.

"I don't know what you mean Ezali… things are… fine at the moment." Her tone was horribly unconvincing but if she couldn't even convince herself of what she was saying, what hope did she have of convincing another person.

”If things are fine, I’m next in line to be Mand’alor.” Ezali replied in a complete deadpan. ”If you don’t want to talk about it now, fine, but please Lanna let me help if I can.” She added quietly. She set her helmet on a nearby ledge before taking both of Alanna’s hands in her own. ”Other folks might not notice, but something is eating at you. I could tell almost right away, so please tell me. You’ve had enough shit thrown at you in your life, you’ve earned the right to have someone else share your load.”
A chime announced the docking of their shuttle, and the small lounge rapidly filled with disembarking passengers. Releasing Alanna’s hands, she took up her helmet and stuffed it on her head. ”Alright, we’ll talk about this later, and no I’m not going to drop it.”
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Adaahna and Mor'gann

written alongside @LadyRunic

Keldabe city market : Adaahna, Mor’gann

She’d been wandering for a few hours in circles, more or less. Just trying to get her bearings in this new and frankly to her mind, overpopulated place. Her stomach eventually leading her to try and find any stall that was selling something edible, ever since leaving Shili everything had either been overseasoned or sold alongside flora, so she had quickly resorted to just buying meat directly from butchers and the like.

After some searching she came across what appeared to be where the meat vendors had set themselves in the bazaar, eyeing the food and mouthing the prices to herself as she counted the credits in a small coin purse at her hip with a finger. Numbers hadn’t been a great priority back in the village, but she’d had ample time to learn in the decade since leaving. Though it still took her some time and concentration. Her eyes and stomach simultaneously deciding on the eel that some… creature.. Was serving, now to try and convince him to stop wrapping it in the local vegetation. Adaahna cleared her throat, deciding to take a guess at the creatures gender. “Sir, the sea snake, i’ll have two, no greenery.” Her hand dropping a handful of credits onto the stallside, finally glancing around to notice another human, of course a human.. Dressed more similarly to her than the others in the city, causing her to raise an eyebrow as she examined more closely, a skinny thing.. If it wasn’t for the bone and armour mixed with her cloth Adaahna would have assumed her to be some poor farmer. Though to wear the bone of a beast amongst her own culture required its personal slaying, she only assumed this was a matter of course for all peoples. Deciding that staring wouldn’t sate her interest, she took the eel-like meat from the vendor and waving one portion at the woman to try and catch her attention.
“Human, why aren’t you in those plastic things the rest call clothes. You almost look like you don’t smell of processed soaps..”
She did her best to not smile at her jab towards this “civilized” world.

Hearing a voice over the din of the bazaar, Mor’gann diverted her attention away from the wide array of food. Finding one of the slugs being waved under her nose, the Dxun native resisted the urge to slap it away, even as the strange being with purple skin trying to converse with her. From her own limited understanding of the language of these off-worlders she was able to glean a fair bit of something… Apparently this being had mistaken her for a man and was rattling on about something about her appearance and smell. The yellow eyes narrowed as Mor’gann lifted away the drexli hood to reveal her short black hair pinned back by a bone brooch, and the fact she was a woman. Speaking slowly to make sure this woman understood her. “Travel. No Man.” Plucking the drexli cloaked her raised a brow in question before lowering it. “Clothes?” Was that what she, Mor’gann assumed that ws what the stranger was, talking about? Her clothes? A slim hand snatched away the food that was being waved under her nose. It was a distracting annoyance and well… Food. She was sorely hungry after all. Taking a bite, she forced herself to swallow while turning a delicate shade of green. Oh, it tasted as disgusting as it looked. ”Disgusting.”

On seeing the human reveal themselves, Adaahna expected a conversation, only to be a little taken aback that they seemed to loosely grasp basic. She scratched at her jaw for a moment as she thought to herself before speaking again. “Travel?. No Man..” Adaahna repeated back, taking a bite out of the meat she’d just purchased, watching her counterpart do so and faintly enjoying the look of displeasure. Adaahna would glance around the bazaar before trying to speak further. “Travel, where?. Not Mandalorian, hm..?” She gestured towards the sky. Smelling potential to be off of this place sooner than she might have thought.
Her mind shooting back to her own troubles learning basic in depth early on, she thumped two knuckles against her own chest. “I am Adaahna, of Shili.” Before gesturing to the Raven haired woman, some of her trophies jangling against each other at the quick motion.

The young woman inclined her head at the obvious introduction. “ Mor’gann Arnhar.” It seemed more appropriate that she gave the title that would have been hers if she had stayed with her Clan, yet she couldn’t bring herself to do that. She had left her clan and it would be death if their hunters found her and demanded retribution or if she returned. ”Man’d’lore?” She questioned gesturing about the bazaar. So that was the name of this world? Despite this strange humanoid woman’s accent, she was able to get some answers. ”Adaahna O’Shili.” She repeated with a slight nod, forcing herself to nibble away at the eel. It was horrible, but food could not be wasted.

The Togruta allowed herself a flash of a smile at what appeared to be progress, returning the nod. ”Mor’gann of the Arnhar” After all, it seemed only polite to return the confirmation before sinking her teeth into her meal to bite away a hearty chunk. Now that introductions had been made, she couldn’t help but indulge in her favourite pastime, inquiring about what appeared to be trophies. With a gesture to Mor’ganns’ shoulder, she would try her best. “The plate, your kill?.” Adaahna gestured with the remains of her lunch at her own wrist, various teeth and fragments there to try and get her question across. “Trophies, prizes, prey.” Before gesturing to herself, pride easy to spot on her face. ”Huntress.” With this, she thinks, at least gauging this womans’ usefulness should be simple enough.

So this strange woman-creature was a hunter herself? Well, at least they weren’t surrounded by complete fools. Considering her answer about the zakkeg plate, Mor’gann saw little reason to admit the truth. That it would had been stolen from her old mentor after that entire mess. Nodding slightly, she continued to nibble at the meat. Eating slowly to work through the flavor. ”Ay’.” Unsure what else to offer, the woman hoped it would not come to a test of strength. The zakkeg was one of the largest beasts on Dxun and few hunters would try to take it on when they did? It was a village-wide affair. No hunter was spared, old or young, to kill the beast.

A far more restrained response than she had expected, on Shili sharing tales of the hunt was practically a hobby all on its own, she had to remind herself that she was not home to restrain the flash of disappointment. Perhaps this womans custom was to make the hunt personal, Adaahna thought as she gestured to what seemed like a cantina. ”Drink, you drink, yes?.” Her fanged grin on display as she tries to usher the human toward the building. ”We will drink, share stories!. Such as how treacherous compatriots would abandon you for making their job simpler!” Adaahna chastised herself for a half second, as a moment of her bitterness slipped out, her face creasing in frustration at being stuck on this world.

It seemed the woman wished Mor’gann to join her. Not that she was against it at all. It would give her a chance to learn a bit more about the world. Merely nodding along as the fanged, stranged woman chattered on and shooed her towards an apparent mead hall. Noting how the woman looked irritated about something. Though whatever it was about, she couldn’t even guess what it was about. ’Half of what you are saying, I do not understand.” She noted in her native language and a wry smile. ”Yes. Good.” Mor’gann encouraged.

Adaahna laughed heartily at the foreign tongue, not understanding a word and retorting in Togruti ”Ahh, the joys of not speaking basic!” On entering the cantina, she gestures to an empty table, before gesturing to what appeared to be a bartender. “whatever you have for drink on this world, we shall have.” Making her way to sit down, gesturing for her new compatriot to follow, Adaahna tilts her head to glance over the lekku hanging from her shoulder. “So, here, why?.”

Sitting down, she looked about the inside of the building. Curious about the customs of the world. Considering her new ‘friend’s’ rough question ”Ship stopped. Taris go to.” She shrugged slightly as she paused. ”Smuggler no go. Stop here.” Mor’gann looked annoyed by her loose Basic. If she was going to stay around this planet she would need to learn their language. Sighing, she nodded to Adaahna. ”Why?” It seemed an acceptable question.

Nodding, she considered carefully how best to respond. ”An answer for an answer. Hn.” . Adaahna stopped for a moment to graciously thank the man that brought their drinks, she sniffed at the ale before taking a sip and grimacing, placing both mugs onto the steel table between the pair. “ I was with companions. More ‘hunters’. They did not like the way I hunted, took the trophy, took the pay, left me here to try and find my own way.” Her face flushed, or at least the purple skin of her cheeks became a deeper purple at the thought of fellow hunters betraying her in such a way.

So this hunter, Adaahna O’Shili, had been left behind by her clan? A strange thing to the mind of Mor’gann. Sipping the drink, her lips curled at the unfamiliar taste of the ale. It was harder than the drinks they had on Dxun. Stuff made of bone and berries. Still she drank a bit more before setting the cup down. A slight fuzziness settling over her senses. Drugged? No, she had seen nothing. ”Com’an’ons…?” She puzzled on that word. Companions. It was not something she had heard before. The smugglers certainly didn’t use it. The answer came soon enough with ‘More hunters’. Leaning back slightly, she sipped at the drink again. It warmed her bones and made her curious. ”What hunt?”

At the question she flashes another toothy grin, swallowing down another gulp of the drink before slapping the mug down onto the table, quickly becoming accustomed to the taste of the local brew. ”What hunt, mm?. Whatever hunt provides glory and wealth. Criminals, beasts.. Whatever a man is willing to pay to have hunted. There is always somebody trying to have somebody or something else brought to them. This hunt was for some murderer or other, we tracked and killed. The others disagreed on transportation.. You mentioned a smuggler?. An odd way to travel.”
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Verra "Solace" Alleron, The Diplomat

Interacting with: Dra'kal Sherom @Lmpkio, Airus Vel Aath @Apollosarcher, Ila'Iri Orini @rusty4297

Mandalore, The Citadel
Year Four, After Re-synchronization

"It's a bit gaudy looking."

Solace took a few steps around the table at the center of the room, looking over the holocron which sat glowing just a couple feet from her. The low pulses of red illuminated not just it but also the dark wood upon which it sat, faint lines running up and down the gold and black of the outer surfaces. For just a moment she swore she saw writing along the edges, but shook her head as she studied it for a moment longer. Regardless of it being far and away from her field of study, holocrons such as this were feats of engineering that were worth the attention. It didn't even have seams that would depict where it would open, lenses for the display of holographic images or a method of opening it at all aside from the small indent at the base.

It was there that there was a small slot just large enough for a finger to press against, dark stains against the metal showing where it had tested the biometrics of perhaps dozens through the millenia. How many did the Shadow Council have try their luck at it? Perhaps dozens, hundreds? That was a question that couldn't be answered, not by anyone in this room and even if they were to analyze the dna left behind. More than that, it wasn't like it mattered. The holocron had remained sealed, and its secrets kept secret. While she personally wasn't too big on the mysteries of the force and left things up to Ashla where that was concerned, there was certainly something about this holocron that… Called to her in a way.

Just then her thoughts were thankfully pulled away by the door sliding open once more with Padawan Orini and her preferred sparring partner entering to offer his own thoughts. Unprompted, as per usual. She allowed him to take the lead in this matter, as it was really more of his thing, only taking up a position off to the side while he took his own observations.

"It's ancient... After the Second Sith War the design is more elegant than the Sith of that period... More likely from the period just after the Great Galactic War..."

"You mean gaudy. It looks a bit like a Hutt paperweight to be honest, though I suppose the Sith weren't exactly known for their style were they?"

And as she had expected, he was completely lost in having the ancient paperweight there in his hands. No matter how many times they had the talk about dangerous artifacts, he just kept-

"Possibly contains a Sith spirit..."

There it was. Always something. "Whoa. Hold on now, let's not get too carried away. Let's not have a repeat of Telos, or Balmorra, and we are sure as hell not going to do that whole Krath thing again." That was the last time she had been asked to come along for an archaeological mission with the order, and had almost caused a diplomatic incident with the Alsakani. He had just had to open a vault, despite warnings in some ancient language talking about the visitation of untold horror upon he who violates the tomb. And as she had snarked back to him when they were running for their lives, it had seemed that they were serious in the way of a thousand Krath War Droids. Luckily for them both, Toryn had been there too and the reactor for the tomb complex was remarkably unstable. She had met his smile with one of exasperation, turning wry for a moment as she reached for the holocron, aiming to turn it away from him but making a slight error in depth perception.

A soft click sounded as her hand brushed past his, thumb finding the indent and a sharp stabbing pain following. "Ouch! It pricked me!" Though she quickly withdrew her hand from it and took a step back, it was clear that the mechanism had done exactly what it was designed to do. A series of lights blinked along the outer casing, the reader retracting within the holocron until the surface was perfectly smooth. It was as if it hadn't even been there at all, but the shifting of the device was not over, not by far.

"Dra'kal, Airus. Is it supposed to be doing that?"

The red glow of light from within pulsed, strengthening until a beam erupted from the top and splashing the ceiling of the room with an eerie glow. Energy surged throughout the outer casing of the holocron, rippling waves of power activating systems that had been dormant for millennia or more. It was awake.

"Bloodline determined." It spoke with a booming feminine voice that felt as if it were shaking the walls around them, but only to the four of them directly. So it was a spirit locked within the holocron, and somehow or another it had just been released. Could it have been a reaction to the incorrect genetic sequence? Perhaps a measure used against Jedi seeking the secrets of the Sith? But the Shadow Council had said nothing of a spirit, only that twice the guardian had deigned to speak to them, and it was merely to tell them they were unworthy. If that was the case though, then at least it was appearing in the presence of four armed Jedi, and though she didn't know the skill of Dra'kal, she was sure he would be able to pick up soon enough. She was just about to reach for her sabers though when it spoke again...

"Legacy recognized, releasing authority to the Arkanian Verra Alleron."

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Mor'gann Arnhar & Adaahna Vanil

Location: Mandalore, Keldabe city, Cantina

So this woman, strange as she may be, was a hunter who was paid to be such. A curious notion but not one that was unfamiliar to Mor’gann. There were those on Dxun who also paid to have others hunt for them. Though those were usually women or men who didn’t mind giving a night of entertainment for a bounty of food or whatever goods they needed. Though some did this enough that they grew thick and fat with their sloth and greed. Causing their own downfall as their former partners would move to more attractive suitors. Sipping carefully from the mug she had to admit this place could brew it’s drinks well, though the potency was far stronger than what one could find on Dxun. Shrugging her shoulders slightly, Mor’gann considered the comment about the smuggler as a choice of travelling aide. ”Ship.” She explained simply and truthfully. A smuggler was the only ship that came to Dxun and the only ship that left- well aside from the odd rumor of ships coming to one of the far distant ruins. As hostile as Dxun was, travelling far from the village was hardly viable. ”Good price.”

Adaahna, losing track of her own drinking alternated between sipping and sloshing the mug idly while she thought, everything becoming warmer and fuzzier as she went. ”Ah.. Then that must mean you can’t pilot them either. There goes my plan..” She spoke aloud, though not consciously, slipping into Togruti for a few moments at a barely audibly volume as she tried to think her way through to a new idea before giving up. The togruta glanced back up to her drinking companion, flashing a smile before sitting upright again and clearing her throat. ”Then, I wonder.. What would be on Taris, something worth finding? Adventures to be had, credits to be made?.” She leaned in to listen to Mors’ response, intent on finding something interesting out, if she hadn’t found her new pilot.

Mor’gann was in the motion of shrugging when a fellow sporting quite the lump on his head came stumbling in. Perhaps looking for somewhere to drown his sorrows, or rather his headache. Dressed in a manner that pretty much said he was used to space-faring, he was handsome enough to charm a lady but not so much as to have hordes chasing after his dashing personae and daring adventures. Average is as average does would be the words to go to the smuggler from Dxun. Saved from answering, Mor’gann hunched her shoulders, hoping the fool would miss her in the dim light. ”No Dxun.” She pointed out. No one wanted to be on Dxun, and those that did were half mad. Or consumed by the spirit that dwelt within the Temple.

Noticing her companion hunching down, she leans back in her chair, frowning as her moderately impaired brain does its best to compute. “Something wrong with Dxun?.. Nothing to hunt, no food?.” Adaahnas’ voice getting louder and more boisterous as the alcohol starts taking its toll. Glancing around to take a glance at the guy entering the cantina, she shakes her head barely even trying to be subtle “Looks like he ran into a post or something!. I suppose your kind can’t sense their surroundings too well, How dull!.” Her hand slapping down on the table at what to her now felt like a joke.
The woman was drunk and boisterous. Mor’gann would be amused by the fact if the man she brained with a pipe hadn’t been attracted by the attention. He had been wandering about for a bit and this wasn’t his first drink. Spying the barbarian who had brained him, the smuggler gave a nasty sneer as he stumbled towards the table. ”Well, well! Look who I ran into! Didn’t get far after you knocked me out and robbed me.” Slamming his hand on their table the smuggler plucked up her mug and drained it. ”Good drink. Still owe me for taking my credits though.”

Mor’gann gave a pointed glower at the man. ”Owe no. Taris pay passage. No Taris. No pay.” It all seemed rather simple to the young woman. She had paid to go to Taris, not Mandalore.

Rather confused by why the man had come over to berate her companion, Adaahna rather quickly pieced together why by listening in. Her good mood quickly fouling as the man helped himself to Mors’ drink. Her hand resting rather firmly on the strangers arm “‘scuse me, mister human.. But me an’ my frien’ here were having a nice drink, and you’re interrupting.. An’ i’ll have the credits for that one you polished off.. “ She pushed herself up to her feet, doing her best to seem intimidating and puffing out her chest. “an’ while we’re on it.. Why would somebody rob you, you’re wearing the same schlock as the rest of the people in this cantina, at least this lass has the sense to wear something her ancestors would be proud of!.” . Feeling justly proud of herself, Adaahna couldn’t restrain herself from housing a ridiculously arrogant grin on her face.

The smuggler looked rather confused when the Togruta gripped his arm and stood up loudly demanding credits for the drink he had just chugged. ”Look here, that wraith stole my credits. You with her?”

”Adaahna O’Shilis.” Mor’gann spoke over them both. Her voice icy cold with the warning as she gazed at the man, standing herself though her height was far from impressive. ”Paid passage Taris, not Man’d’lore. Took price Man’d’lore.” She continued in her native tongue. ”Why could you not have remained knocked out? I should have hit you harder.” However it was to be her undoing. Mistaking a tone of annoyance and her native tongue to be dealing an insult and already past his limit on those, the smuggler swung at Mor’gann. The woman dodging enough that the fist merely took her in the shoulder rather than the face as was intended sending her down into her seat again.

Seeing a fist swing towards her new drinking buddy, Adaahna decided that the stranger intended to harm her friend, her hand on the mans arm gripping tighter as she let out a hiss, twisting the mans arm as best she could as she sending her other fist drunkenly across the mans jaw. ”Mister human, i am quickly becoming unhappy with you.” Her mind half focussing on the rest of the room, waiting for any signs of others moving to be picked up by her montrals.
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Vasani’Brinme, The Popstar

Interacting with: N/A

Unknown - CIS Space
Unknown Time

A low drumming through her skull was the first thing that the young togruta noticed as she swam through the murky waters of regaining consciousness. At first, senses came trickling back to her piece by piece as her mind tried to shake off the clutches of unconsciousness that had gripped it mere moments before. Yet this was only a bliss as the dam holding back the wave of sensations came crashing down and her eyes shot wide open with a strangled scream of pain leaving her throat. The togruta’s eyes shot wide as both memory and new sensation surged through her mind at the same time. Her body feeling as if there were fire surging through her veins, searing every nerve that it came across while her muscles fired rapidly and out of control, yet only served to cut her wrists against the metal holding her down. The spasms growing more painful as her vision swam from the brutal feeling tearing through her. She didn’t even have the breath to scream out in pain anymore, as the shocks racing through her body stole those precious breaths from her, despite her desperate attempts to cry out for help. Which her frantic mind had attempted to reason would help her, yet a rational one would already know such actions were hopeless in her current situation.

Then just as suddenly as the pain had roused her, it suddenly cut out. Of course, the young togruta’s body still twitched occasionally and sent the rough spasm as the remnants still coursed through her. The girl’s breathing was ragged, heavy, and her eyes contained a wild and scared look as tears fell freely down her face. The girl taking a few long moments to catch her breath as her vision finally returned, and a scream stifled itself in her throat as her eyes went wide once more at the behemoth before her. The droid frame of the being before her was rather imposing, the dark cloak hanging off his shoulders and white metal of the body making the creature before her rather unmistakable. Coupled with that the yellow, slitted eyes and the intimidating stature, it was unmistakable to the popstar who was standing over her. Vasani’s instincts told her to flee, struggling against the restraints that held her to the rack which had been so recently causing her so much pain. Though her rational mind told the girl that she could not flee from the monster before her, that primal part of her mind screamed at her to run. Tears fell freely down her face as she panicked, already knowing what would come next as it had come so many times before in the recent days. The girl having gone from the refined persona she usually put off to that of a simple scared girl, something that made quite a bit of sense given her current situation.

Then the creature leaned in and let out a sinister, menacing chuckle. ”Goodmorning, Shiri The voice said, emphasis on Vasani’s stage name in a clearly mocking tone. ”You must realize by now that there is no escape from here, girl.” The voice said as it turned towards the young togruta. Leaning in even as she tried to press away from the monster before her. Those terrible yellow eyes taking a moment to study her, as if trying to figure out whether or not she was broken yet. ”That is why you WILL tell me what I desire, little togruta.” He growled as the togruta made a small sound of panic, before seeming to try to force on a brave face despite her voice cracking. ”I won’t tell you anything, Grevious!” She tried to declare defiantly as she was interrupted a wave of laughter from the general as he leaned back and moved towards the panel on the wall of the cell, a hand hovering just over it as he could see the togruta begin to panic. ”Your words mean nothing when you quiver like a whelp, girl. Worry not, girl, when you tell me how you contacted your precious sister, she will soon be joining you in this cell.” The general said before getting cut off by the young togruta. ”You can’t do this! When she hears she’ll come kick your meta-” She tried to yell back before yelling out in pain as the general placed his hand to the panel. ”Alas, girl, I CAN do this.” He said in a small pause of the process before pressing his hand to the panel. Then he turned to leave as the girl whimpered at the sound of the device charging, and the door to her cell slamming shut just as her screams once again tore through the halls.

Talik “The Fox of Ryloth” Gida, The Rebel

Interacting with: N/A

The Liberator - Mandalore Hyperlane
Year Four, After Re-Synchronization

”Can’t this damn tub go any faster?” The twi’lek demanding of the men sitting at the control consoles around her, as she watched out the front viewscreen. The anticipation and edge in her tone rather obvious to even the casual observer. From her right side and just behind her, came a male voice with a heavy coruscanti accent. ”We’re in hyperspace, we cannot move any faster than we are going.” The voice said, as the older man stepped up and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. ”We will get there in time, lass. He added, before moving on to check on how the ship was running. Which, admittedly, was not the best shape it could be in. The occasional sparking from the consoles, and the alarms constantly blaring across the screens doing much to display the poor state that the massive ship was currently in. That is, if one didn’t cast their looks out the viewscreen and she the sparks and obvious battle scars all across the outer arms of the Lucrehulk that the girl used as a mobile base. The remnants of the previous conflict the ship was fleeing from, one which they had barely survived in the first place. ”We better make it, Admiral Kilian, I can’t lose Vasani to that monster.” The girl said in a voice heavy with concern, turning away from the admiral just as one of the crew made a sudden announcement. ”We are approaching Mandalore, and damage to the ship is rather immense. Brace yourselves, this won’t be a smooth deceleration!” He called out as the bridge crew and those around the Lucrehulk who heard the announcement over the comms all braced themselves.

Moments later, the orbit of Mandalore had a new and rather strange sight to behold. As the damaged Lucrehulk, a ship usually associated with the CIS, suddenly appeared in orbit. Although it seemed to be a bit of a rough stop as it started to spin and came to an abrupt stop. Moments later, a single mandalorian escort ship dropped behind the damaged ship as it started to right itself and began moving towards the massive orbital ring. Yet even as the ship started to move closer, one of the massive thrusters on the rear seemed to spark and send out a sputter of flames before falling dark as it failed. Immediately, the ship slowed as it no longer had the capability of producing thrust needed to move, eventually coming to a stop. Two small tugs left the station and came to latch onto the ship and start to guide it into the designated position. Meanwhile, just before the ship itself docked, an even odder sight came as a Republic Era LAAT left the Lucrehulk’s hangar and started burning its way down towards the planet itself. The speed of the gunship betrayed a need to reach the surface rather quickly for whoever happened to be onboard of the lone gunship.

Onboard said gunship, stood about five figures. One in a suit of jet black Beskar’gam, two wearing simple battle armor that had clearly seen better days, and two magna-droids standing on either side of the mandalorian girl. The gunship itself groaned and creaked as it dove sharply towards the surface of the planet, moving about as rapidly as the thing could handle at the behest of girl in the black armor. Soon enough, however, it flared up and slowed its descent as the gunship made its way towards the tower’s hangars. Soon enough making its way in and setting down with a small thud, and the side door sliding quickly open. Turning towards the two soldiers on either side, the Mandalorian spoke up. ”Once the ship is getting refueled and front end matters are done, take the next few hours to go get a drink. Just keep comms open for when we need to leave.” Came the feminine voice as she stepped off the gunship and spun on the two magna-droids who had started to follow her. ”IG, Pally, stay with the ship. I doubt they will appreciate two magna-droids walking around, even if you two are with me.” The girl said firmly, despite the immediate protests of both droids. Though they eventually stood down and moved to guard the ship. The two grumbling about it being unfair as they watched the girl make her way through the hangar.

It was a bit of a walk to make it to the turbolift that would take her up to hopefully meet with the Mandalore. Reaching up and taking off her helmet as she waited for the lift to make it to the top, the girl shook her head slightly to let the two red lekku out and to hang free. She let out a long sigh as she took a breath to calm herself before reaching her stop. Afterall, it wouldn’t really do much by way of getting the support she needed if she was overly emotional when trying to get help breaking Vasani out of that prison. As the repulsor lift stopped, Talik stepped out and took a long look around the room, before being led towards an office near the Mandalor’s office, where a woman sat behind a desk. Who, despite sitting behind a desk, still very much looked like she could throw people out the window to the side of her office. ”Thank you for seeing me, I won’t waste any time. I need the Republic of Mandalore’s help. Vasani, ner vod (my sister), has been kidnapped and my forces were not enough to break her out of that hell. Hear me out, please, ni liser va sarna kaysh (I can’t lose her).” The girl spoke in a voice quite unlike her usual. Instead of the confidence and bravado she usually carried herself with, the girl’s voice betrayed emotion. Betrayed the fear and worry she felt deep inside herself for the safety of her twin.
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Location: Mandalore, Jedi Enclaves
Mentions: @Alfhedil (Solace), @Apollosarcher (Airus Vel Aath)

Just after he finished his remark regarding the Imperium and their so-called "expertise" on the holocrons, Dra'kal would notice another figure joining the two - a pale blindfolded man who wore a rather elegant robe for one of his muscular stature. For a moment, he thought the figure was one of a blind human, before quickly recognizing him to be in fact a Miralukan. After all, he had seen only a hand full during his years in service, hence his initial thought. He would be escorted by what he would later describe as his padawan, a young togruta female. The former would respond to the kaleesh's assumption.

"Forgive for being blunt to our esteemed guest but, the best experts in the galaxy died in the temple twenty years ago. We are still learning but I like to think I'll match their knowledge soon."
Airus Vel Aath

Fearing that he unintentionally offended the librarian, Dra'kal was quick to issue a respectful nod and explain himself. "I was only repeating what they've claimed." the Kaleesh replied in a softer, more humbler voice, "I did not mean to be disrespectful." He would pause for a minute before he looked back up to ask him his name, but the chief librarian, Airus Vel Aath had already beaten him. After their introduction, the blind librarian was quick to proceed in inspecting the holocron. The kaleesh made sure to leave him plenty of room to concentrate, while he listened to his comments.

"It's ancient... After the Second Sith War the design is more elegant than the Sith of that period... More likely from the period just after the Great Galactic War..."
Airus Vel Aath

At the same time, Dra'kal made his own attempt to touch into the sith holocron's aura, trying to see if he could sense anything from within. He would find himself relatively unsuccessful to pierce the thick fog of darkness, let alone in hearing a voice that beckoned him to come as he heard in various legends. But, in his defense, he'd never actually attempted to open or listen into a sith holocron either, so even then he had little idea as to what he should be looking for. He was more situated for using the force in combat rather for situations like this.

Solace would then ask her question.

"You mean gaudy. It looks a bit like a Hutt paperweight to be honest, though I suppose the Sith weren't exactly known for their style were they?"

The kaleesh would make an attempt to answer her, "From what I've seen and heard, such designs varied from sith to sith. Some were more elaborate and elegant then others, which is mostly in higher ranking sith lords or masters, for reasons only they could say. Or perhaps, it's unassuming, dull, nature is a measure to hide something more..."

It would be then when Airus claimed the possibility of a sith spirit residing within the holocron. The inquisitor's right eyebrow perked curiously as Solace tried to downplay the potentiality of it being a thing. She curiously mentioned what he assumed were three separate events that involved a sith spirit, however Dra'kal didn't bother to ask at this time. He watched closely as the diplomat reached her hand to touch the artifact, before a sudden prick from the holocron forced her to retract. Her reaction also caused him to stand up and assess the situation.

"Are you ok?" he asked Solace, before looking back at the now pulsating holocron.

The artifact would shoot a crimson beam from its top as it illuminated the ceiling, while a strong aura of dark side energy flowed through the entire room. The Kaleesh took another few steps back as his left hand was planted on his lightsaber, ready to draw it if need be. Solace asked both Dra'kal and Airus as if it was supposed to be doing what it was doing, but the Kaleesh said nothing. He simply shook his head, for he too had never seen something like this happen before. Then a feminine voice emanated from the artifact, determining Solace's bloodline before giving out a solid statement:

"Legacy recognized, releasing authority to the Arkanian Verra Alleron."
Sith Holocron

A curse spat from the diplomat's voice. The kaleesh would then glare at Solace - or in this case Verra Alleron - with a notion of pure confusion, before cocking his head to the Librarian, and then back to the diplomat once more.

"Solace..." Dra'kal slowly asked again, this time with a bit more force behind it, "Would you... care to explain just what is the meaning of this?"

A disturbance of the force rippled through his soul, already feeling as if something ominous was going to happen. He truly had no idea what to expect next from all this...
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"You call these value for money? look at it, it's bruised… all of them are bruised. Sable had been ranting at the young stall attendant for over 20 minutes now because her vegetables were bruised or too small for the price. "B… But you bruised some of them." The attendant meekly replied from her position of cowering in the corner. "Irrelevant.".

From behind a curtain an older man with a walking stick emerged, giving a look of 'Oh for fucks sake not again. He consoled the girl who couldn't have been more than 16 or so before turning to Sable. "You do this every, damn, week. My granddaughter is helping me out in my old age and you're not. There was a metallic clunk as the old man hit Sable on the head with his stick. "You're just lucky that your master is well liked around here or no one would sell you anything. Now either pay for your stuff or leav…" The old man was cut off by Sable sticking his finger up to shush him.

Sable was still patched into the secure comm channels and a new arrival had caught his attention. Sable put his bag of various fruits and vegetables down and walked off, the old man still ranting about how much of an ass the droid was. "A lucrehulk you say? From CIS space? Badly damaged? Rebel leader? This was some juicy news that Sable had 'stumbled' upon. Perhaps he'd found himself a job opportunity for himself and Alanna. Sable hurried off in the direction of the shuttle port, arriving just before his master landed.
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Ila'Iri Orina

As Airus claimed to have a meeting, Ila started to nod in acceptance that he was busy, only for him to offer for her to come along. She paused her nod for a moment before then continuing it, "I'd be honored, Master Airus." As she followed behind him, she quietly thought to herself I meant to leave Master Solace to the business she had, but unless there's another diplomat hanging around the temple that I didn't know about, it looks like I accidentally got myself involved. Must not be too big of a deal if Master Airus is allowing me to attend, though. Despite being invited to see said holocron, she felt slightly nervous, like anything Solace was doing was likely too important for the young togruta to be involved in.

Upon getting the directions to the correct room from the clerk, Ila gave a quick smile and wave on the way by, hoping to make up for her nervousness with quiet friendliness. As she entered the room behind Airus, she gave a quick bow to the two already in the room. Not knowing whether she should introduce herself or not, she stayed silent. Official business is a little worrying... I hope I don't get assigned to Master Solace, I couldn't handle figuring out what to do in situations like this. Before she got too far into wondering about whether the diplomat would even be getting a padawan, let alone the risks of it being her, she focused on the comments being made by the three in the room.

Ila quietly craned her neck just a little, hoping to get a good look at the holocron without getting in the way or distracting any of them. Right, sith... the ancient evil that wielded the force like we jedi do. She suddenly straightened her posture as she heard something about a Sith Spirit. Wait, this was actually super important, and Master Airus just walked me in here without a care. I guess I'm getting assigned soon, so I can handle myself well enough... I guess I should get used to stuff like this from whoever my master is. As her thoughts wrapped up her near conversation to herself, she started to relax slightly, assuming she was at least okay to be there since she hadn't been asked to leave.

Ila almost got into a fighting stance when Solace recoiled from the holocron. She watched as the device begin to react, and started to get ready to pull her lightsaber for, if nothing else, defense. The lights flashing, the surprise from the others in the room, and then the red light. It all felt dark, wrong, overall unmistakably not good. It could have been Ila's expectations of the thing tainting the experience, but it didn't matter what it actually was, she didn't exactly like it. As the thing rung out something about releasing to Verra Alleron, Ila spread her stance slightly to defend or take off if needed. She quietly spoke out, a nervous smile across her face, "Does.. this mean we're learning more about the Sith?" Maybe not the best time for her to speak up.
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Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath

Interacting with: Padawan Ila'Iri Orina @rusty4297 Solace @Alfhedil Dra'kal Sherom @Lmpkio

Mandalore, Great Jedi Archives

Airus gaze fixed on the Holocron, seeing it through was... Unique, he focused not on the voice or the fact that Solace was the bloodline relative of a Sith, though that would certainly be a topic when they had a moment alone. Airus focused on the fact, this kind of lock was layered even if it had opened it seemed like there was more to it. Because the elegant and impressive design, it proved with no doubt in his mind that the Holocron housed a ghost of a long dead Sith. Either way, it unlocked for Verra, while normally he would be ecstatic right now he was worried what the High Council might think he didn't need her in trouble.

Airus spoke this time not in the curious and questioning tone he had moments ago in a more serious and respectful tone, one more suited to the station of Chief Librarian. "This is most troubling. However, I won't conduct the investigation into the thing now. Even if the bloodline is related to you Solace, it could be fluke. Similar enough to another persons to match, you should know it is possible for these old bioscanners can be spoofed." Of course that was a lie, it could be using the force as much as tech or it could have used advanced Sith Alchemy for he knew right now.

Right now it was important to distance this from Solace and move the subject elsewhere, the Holcron was no longer Imperial and thus it could be looked into later. "Solace, why don't you and Ila take the Holocron down to the vault, tell the guard I sent you. Perhaps you two could look into some of the other Holocrons for her training? I'll see to our guest with a tour of the Citadel and I could impart some of the knowledge we've already obtained from our years of study here?" Airus offered looking at his fellow Jedi, trying to move things along before they had time to start pouring out questions on the following events.

Ila's joke and Drakal's question were things he didn't need to answer now, more importantly they were things he didn't want answers too in the first place at the moment. Today was supposed to be a celebratory one and for the time being he would forestall any trouble in the name of keeping some semblance of order. Even if internally Airus dreaded having to review this Holocron and what it could mean for Solace, what it could mean for them both if the council didn't like things.

"Either way, for now the matter of the Holocron will be put on hold. While it has opened Solace may be related to the bloodline. We cannot make assumptions until research is completed and we know the history of this Holocron. Which I cannot work on currently, as such until I can get the answers we need." Airus turned looking between Ila and Drakal, then decided to be clear about why they were doing this. "It will be stored and we will continue about our day, I know Solace well. Whatever this Holocron may think to indicate is not true, she is a Jedi Knight and one of finest I've had the pleasure of knowing, someone I trust completely and wholehearted with my life but those of others in the Order." Airus spoke as addressed the other two Jedi present, very clearly tilting his bandage covered eyes towards them.

"This matter is for the library, Solace, and myself to determine then make a report to the High Council. We will determine what exactly that Holocron intends and whether or not it truly is related to Solace." Airus cut off further conversation, trying to close the matter before any accusations or speculation could get out of hand. Making it clear to them all that discussing it at length would only cause trouble with no real research or data on the device being known.

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Xarthas sat quietly on the floor of the old hall in his clan enclave. Legs crossed, resting in his hands on his lap was a bowl of Aunt Rendos famous Bantha Stew. Word had it that Aunt Rendos had been raised on Tatooine a slave before being saved by a member of his clan, and too this day she still managed to somehow find Bantha meat in a local bazhaar, get it for a reasonable price and then cook it to perfection. He sat in among clan mates, most of them his junior or his senior. In front of the fire at the other end of the hall Odd Ball stood “-Like flying through a thick mist. Lights barely managed to cut the fog, and the native fauna messed with our thermals. Blaster fire rolled through the clouds, this was back in the day before our ships had any shields.” There was some oohs and ahs from the younger members of the enclave. “The Umbaran fighters were weird looking things, a solid ship and then a hovering cockpit. I had two fighters fly above me, diving down out of nowhere. Firing on the reverse thrusters I tilted the nose up and lanced them as I hit the main thrusters and pulled a vertical.”

“Pushing up, Hotshot on my tail I lanced the one on the right and he hit the one on the left. They bailed as the ate dirt. That’s when we received the call that General Skywalker and the 501st had been ambushed from behind and that they were falling back, needed close air support. As the closest units we were assigned-”

One of the younger kids raised his hand, and Xarthas smirked. When he was a child he had asked the exact same question that he knew this one was going to ask. “Bav’odu.”

“-Yes child?”

“I thought you were in your Z-95s. They’re not bombers.”

The old clone chuckled. “Not technically. They’re meant to be multi-purpose, and it's true that the Y-Wing was designed for bombing, and is such a strong powerhouse that its still used today, but in war you have to use whatever assets you have that are available.” Xarthas stood, placing his bowl of stew down as his communicator trilled. He excused himself as he walked out of the room, pulling his helmet on before he removed his communicator from his belt and raised it before him. A holographic image of Admiral Killian appeared and Xarthas nodded his greeting.

“Admiral Killian, I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so soon after the last shipment. You’ve never ordered as much before, what are you after?”

While Talik was away handling the business of getting the mandalorians to assist in breaking her twin out of Grievous' clutches, the man went about getting their ships repaired and refit. The mandalorian docking ring was handling the major repairs on the Liberator herself and most of their ships, but some of the gunships needed additional repairs and almost all the smaller craft need their missiles and likes replaced. "Ah, apologies for reaching out so suddenly, Xarthas." The man said in a polite tone towards the Mandalorian. [Color=green]"The truth is, we're currently docked at your orbital ring above Mandalore. We're in desperate need of some minor repairs and restocking ammunition on some of the smaller craft. I trust you can help us with our shopping list?" The man asked as the hologram tapped a data pad and sent said list to the smuggler. "Think you can help us there, lad?"

Xarthas raised his left arm while he continued to hold his hologram transmitter in his right as the list was relayed to him from the Nightfury. He nodded as he worked his way through the list. While it wasn’t terribly easy to get some of these things it was all possible given time. The more pressing issue was what had happened. “If you don’t mind me saying Admiral, but a lot of this is stuff you just received, what kind of mess did you get yourself into?” He was already walking towards his ship, no doubt his quick pace was being transmitted through the hologram to wherever Killian was viewing the transmission.

"I'm not at liberty to discuss such matters. If you must know, you can ask the Fox herself. Though I fear you might have to wait on that." The man said with a soft sigh, thinking for a second. It was still odd that Talik did not have an official rank despite being their leader, and calling her by parts of the title given from her actions of Ryloth still felt odd to the military man. "I trust your response means you can help us, Xarthas?"

Xarthas sighed. “I can get you a lot of the small arms you need on the spot, the bigger items are going to take time, so if you have any kind of timeframe you can give me then that would be helpful.” He waved too Chuckles who was down the bottom of the ramp of his ship, using his free hand he performed a motions of actions that had been programmed into the little droid who wheeled off in the direction of a hidden weapons cache via the turbolift that was used to lower people to the bottom of the cliff. No doubt the little droid had already been eavesdropping and as such knew exactly which ordnance to get. “Also I’m adding an additional ten percent to my usual fee, if you choose to go through with this. I’ll help with the repairs for free but I’m having to basically empty my clans emergency reserves here as I’m assuming you’re on a tight schedule.”

Running up the ramp he sat himself in the cockpit, transferring the hologram to the ships console. “I understand your discretion, and your loyalty to your Alor but the more information you can give me right now, the better I can be of assistance and the cheaper it is for everyone. I may even have some ideas of extra supplies I can bring aboard. If I was in it solely for the money I could have sold you poor grade arms or sold you out to the Separatists a hundred times over. I believe in what you’re doing, help me help you.” At this point he heard footsteps behind him, muting the audio receiver on the device so the Admiral couldn’t hear him he turned around to find himself face to face with Odd Ball, dressed all in his old pilot gear, minus the helmet.

“Get out of the cockpit Xarthas and load up the supplies, I’ll do pre-flight-”

Xarthas was about to interrupt when the old clone raised a hand.

“I owe the Admiral a favour. I’m flying shotgun on this one.” Xarthas climbed out of the seat as Odd ball sat down in the co-pilot seat, unmuted the transmitter and spoke into it.

“Admiral Killian, CC-2237 Odd Ball reporting in. Don’t worry about the tab Admiral, this ones on me. I want in.”

"Good to see you again, Oddball. We'll be happy to have you onboard, although I must insist on the tab, Xarthas needs to make a living." The admiral insisted, studying the two through the hologram for a long moment. "I also must insist on keeping the details vague, you can ask the Fox herself when she returns to the Liberator." The man added, unwilling to share the details that the mission was personal for Talik.

Xarthas and Odd Ball looked at each other, both of them sharing an unseen look. Almost as if there was non-verbal communication between the two of them. Xarthas turned back to the transmitter. “Keep your secrets then. If you have anything else too say, you can tell Ba’vodu..” With that the Mandalorian turned and left the cockpit, leaving Odd Ball on with the Admiral.

Taking the turbolift down to the hidden cache, one hand scan later he was stood in the vault. Chuckles was perched atop a forklift moving crates of weapons and ordnance as Xarthas walked over, patting the small droid on the head. “I don’t like this y’know.”

The droid let out a low whine. “I don’t like being called out of the blue, rearming a ship that we just loaded to the nines with explosives only for them to show up needing more and damaged. The whole thing stinks to me.” Xarthas looked around the room as the droid let out another stream of expletives. “It just does. I was always told, never trust a man who claims he has no ammo when you know his blasters loaded.” There was a confused series of beeps from the small astromech. “It just seems suspicious to me, somethings going on.” The little droid navigated the load onto the turbolift, placing it down gently and then continuing its work while Xarthas stood being very unhelpful, atleast to Chuckles perspective as he was contemplating the mission ahead of them. “It can’t be a foothold situation. They would never have actually made it into Mandalorian space. I’m sure its inspection was very thorough at the border of our space. Maybe they were attacked?” Chuckles chimed in something that may have been ‘You know this would go faster if you were helping’.

“Hold on Chuckles, I’m trying to figure this out. You’re doing a great job, worthy of that oil bath you’ve been badgering me for.” That ought to shut the little droid up. “It couldn’t have been an attack on them, if the Separatists had discovered where the Liberator was then no doubt they would have destroyed it.” He wagged his finger at the little droid who let a low whirr of discontent out at being pointed at. “I bet you she attacked something. Something big, I mean I don’t know why that’s her home base!” He sighed. “Oh it’s something important!”

With that he hopped into his own forklift and started moving arms. Tapping his comm he opened a channel to one of his old contacts on Mandalore. “Mar. I need some arms, I’m sending you a list. I’ll be there in a half hour.”

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Adaahna Vanil & Mor'gann Arnhar

Location: Mandalore, Keldabe city, Cantina

Hitting her seat harder than she would have liked, Mor’gan watched as her newfound companion slugged the smuggler. Hearing an offended shout as the man fell back into another table, the Dxun native pinched the bridge of her nose. So they would go from a discussion to a fight? It seemed that despite the difference in so many things, some stayed the same. Kicking back slightly, Mor’gann wondered how she had managed to find the bloodthirsty woman that seemed intent on fighting the smuggler who had shoved himself away from the table he had sprawled against. ”Fuck’n trendril’d bitch.” Snarled the trader as his hand snagged a mug, much to the displeasure of one of the men at the table (Or whatever they were, Mor’gann was beginning to think assuming sentient and male was the generality on the planet), and swing it ideally to clock the Togruta upside the head. Wondering if she should get involved or not, Mor’gann gave a snarl of annoyance. If this was Dxun, she would have dived into the fight alongside the Togruta. But perhaps slipping out would be the best thing to do? ”How in the name of my ancestors do I get involved in these messes?” Perhaps she was cursed from her constant chants in the temple. It would not surprise her for the spirit that dwelt there had designed for her to meet a messy end. At least this would be a fun end at least, Mor’gann considered, even if it was a foolish one.

Her attention split, Adaahna had noticed a little too late when a mug hit her over the head. Vision blurry for a moment she gripped the table to steady herself, grumbling in her native tongue about the bruise she was sure to receive. Her free hand moving to her head to check for a cut found what she had expected, a small wet patch. “Tendril?.. They’re my best feature you fluffy headed freak!.” She spat back at the Smuggler suddenly feeling very sober as she hissed to bare her fangs like a jungle cat as she pounced, aiming to land atop the man with a fist back and primed to swing before she was even jumping.

Watching Adaahna apparently swear in her own tongue, Mor’gann smirked slightly as the fight raged on. It seemed her help would not be necessary. Not yet at least. It was just as well. ”Fight well, Adaahna O’Shilis. Your ancestors will smile on you. She commented as she leaned on the table, watching as the woman launched onto the man’s back and began to swing at him. Much to the amusement of some and horror of others. Mor’gann was unsure which category to be in. ”Ai, what brutes.” With her smaller frame and lean nature, Mor’gann tended to avoid fights in a group. Finding them often the bane of her childhood and apprentice days. Fights like these in mead halls sooner or later would devolve into a frenzy of a battle.

After enjoying the pleasant sensation of her fist connecting with the humans head a few times, she swiftly stepped herself down from the mans back, bringing him down to a knee by using the back of it as a stepping stone and pressing her weight into it. Nails dragging across the mans face to leave a rather unpleasant scratch as her other arm waved to her… ‘adoring’ spectators. ”Good friends, what a journey! What a lov-” And that was about as far as her attempted speech would get before enjoying the displeasure of an elbow to the stomach,forcing her most recent meal and drink out of her mouth and onto the floor as the man took advantage to turn on her, sent into a fit of what between blows Adaahna assumed must have been a mixture of anger and displeasure at his new look courtesy of her. A mug striking her face as a makeshift hammer a few times before she managed to scramble back, leaving her face rather bloody. The smuggler looking more than a little pleased with his own handiwork.

Opening his mouth to shoot a barbed comment no doubt, he didn’t get a chance as the dark form of Mor’gann intervened. She had little motive to get involved, but seeing Adaahna brought down low with an elbow to her stomach Mor’gann found herself unable to remain sitting. Bringing her hand to grip the man’s shoulder, Mor’gann gripped the man’s shoulder as her knee slammed between his legs. Sending the man to the ground with a whimper of pain. Uncaring of the crowd, the barbaric woman stared at the smuggler with cold yellow eyes. ”Up go, Adaahna O’Shilis.” Urged the young woman as she drew back the drexli leather cloak and tossed it to the Togruta, revealing the thick knives at her waist along with several pouches and a worn and ancient-looking metal cylinder. ”I would have rathered stayed out of this…” She cursed softly. However, how could she sit aside when Adaahna had been so quick to her own defense? It was repayment and nothing more. Gripping the woman’s arm, she pushed her away from the smuggler who was nursing his balls. ”Go. Smuggler. Fight she ‘n’ I no more...” The voice was pointed and cold at the smuggler. Refusing to turn her back on the fallen man. That had been a lesson she had learned years ago and bore the scar it had been bought with.

Adaahna took a moment to rest her eyes in the dark of the cloak for a moment, just enough to make things stop spinning before remembering her bleeding, and shaking it off. Unable to stop a small grin from showing through with a wince at seeing the knives the younger woman was carrying. “I think i could take him, if he’d stop cheating and using things.. So uncivilised.” Half a joke, and half nursing her own pride, the Togruta took notice of the odd cylinder at Mors’ hip a half moment after speaking, giving an odd frown before turning her attention back to the man. ” ‘Done here, yes?. Both got a few good strikes .. Perhaps it’s best to leave before peacekeepers decide things are too loud.“ Her interest very clearly shifted now from the fight to trying to figure out where she’d seen something like Mors’ item before. The woman cautiously moving for her belongings, gathering them quickly and fastening to her spear while Mor’ stared the man down. ”Mor’gann?” She spoke as she shifted her head in the direction of the exit. A few trails of orange marking her purple features.

Mor’gann sighed and inclined her head. Apparently her new friend was quite the talker. More than Mor’gann cared to talk herself which worked well enough. Inclining her head to the Togruta, she turned enough to head to the exit while keeping the cursing smuggler insight. It would be best to get away from this place before the man thought he could repair his reputation. ”Yes.”

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Jaessih Suard

Interacting with: Talik Gida @JessieTargaryen

Mandalore, The Tower
Year Four, After Re-synchronization

Already well on alert with the Founding ceremonies alone, much less with the arrival of so many other foreign ships, it was fortunate for this one in particular that a signal had been sent ahead of their tumultuous arrival. Still, the fleet reacted and the battered Lucrehulk was flanked by Imperators as it was maneuvered into a position to dock and resupply. All hands had been called in order to remain vigilant, even after the identity of the captain was made known. They watched the descent of the shuttle carefully, ARCs disembarking from the ring to follow it all the way to the Promenade and the tower which served as the beating heart of the Mandalorian Republic. Only when it had docked and released her passengers did they return to their patrols, handing off duties to yet another group to follow Talik on her way to make her plea.

Silent footsteps through the halls, careful observation. A mountain of a man bound in beskar maintained his distance from the woman, keeping to the shadows and in the blindspots of the security the entire distance. It was a task he was not taken to, that of watching their own, but he had been given the order from his alor. There was no refusal, no arguments. While he did not like this task, he did understand the necessity of it and why Deathwatch were the ones trusted to undertake these assignments. Few cared for them among the Mandalorians, as despite being united fully under the Paladin there were still resentments for the Civil War as well as their part leading up to the rise of the new Mand'alor. Again, it was something he understood and accepted, even if he did not agree to it.

The turbolift doors closed and their guest was on her way up to Jaessih's office, cutting line of sight between them for now. It was no matter, as he took a different route up, slipping into a hidden access corridor and taking an express lift to the office where he awaited the meeting. There, secreted in the shadows across from the desk he would wait, and the knowing glance from the secretary was all he needed to know that she would call on him if needed.

Jaessih did not however, respond immediately to the arrival of Talik in her office just outside the Mand'alor's chambers. Her fingers moved across the keypad in front of her, typing out a report for the Jedi Enclaves marked urgent, yet another request from the Paladin and only somewhat listening in to the girl's demands. When she was finally finished, her plea given and awaiting an answer, that was when she made her move. The fine fabrics of her suit shifted with the motions of her standing from the rolling chair at her desk, stopping just short of the stand that held her beskargam behind her. There, reflected in the silver and blue armor, she addressed Talik shortly.

"Transmit the relevant information to this datapad," She began, stepping around the desk and offering the one in her left hand to Talik. "Then I will take it to the Paladin for consideration." There was but a moment between her offering the pad, the information transfer and her glancing over it, a scowl on her lips as she thought about what would be required to carry out such a mission.

"Remain there."

And with that, she turned and entered into the Mand'alor's chambers, the door securing itself behind her and leaving Talik nominally alone in the room. Her watcher remained silent, observing her actions as instructed and doing nothing to call attention to himself, though he was once more beginning to doubt the necessity of this particular mission. While she was not personally known to him, he did know of her second-hand from a Skirata on the watch. Her and her sister had been raised in their ways, taught what it was to be Mando'ad, and given the armor that for many was a second-skin. In contemplation he thought to look over at Jaessih's own armor. The silver claw marks across the chest plate represented her own struggles before the rise of the Paladin, of how her clan Suard had nearly been destroyed by the Civil War some decades ago. All that was left of them now was her by his own reckoning, and she had yet to declare any intention of securing the clan's future. For some, that was the way. To accept and endure as Mandalorians and await one's destiny. He could respect that... As well as her strong left hook.

Neither of them had much time for contemplation though, as the door slid open once more, and Jaessih appeared before Talik bearing the same datapad as before and an envelope.

"Ceph." She commanded and he stepped from the shadows, practically melting from the wall and coming to kneel before her. All eight feet of beskar-clad Mandalorian moving with all the grace and silence as the wind itself, head down in respect to her. "Madam Secretary."

"I have orders for you and the Deathwatch." The envelope was handed to him, the seal clear in the confidentiality of the orders within. "We have taken into consideration the provided information, as well as consulted archived data on the potential opposing forces. You are to gather the necessary personnel and execute Fireplan Haran." Then her attention was turned to the twi'lek before her. "Report to Anchor 1313 in six hours with a dozen of those you wish to bring with you and no more. There you will be met by Vicar Braegg of the Banner Dral'kad, who will be running the operation. You are both dismissed."

Sena Alleron, The Seer

Interacting with: Koren Omi-Ren @Sep

Mandalore, The Citadel
Year Four, After Re-synchronization

Mandalore, The Citadel

To most force-users, chaos was something to be avoided. It was the moment before death, the collapse of well-laid plans, a single misstep spelling disaster, or perhaps more mildly end of a string of good luck. Most Jedi disliked chaos because it disrupted their focus on the Light and allowed them the potential to slip into darkness. The Sith disliked it because it could easily put to ruin their scheming and allow their prey to escape. Yet, to some it was different. To the seers of the seer council, they had come to see chaos as an infinitely blossoming flower. Each petal a potential future, a potential past, a potential present. A myriad bloom of cascading colors and arrangements, never the same again and always more beautiful than the last.

That was how Sena Alleron saw chaos, not as a thing to avoid, but as something to study and understand. It was how she had risen through the ranks at a pace that left many wondering. Were it not for the brilliance of her aura and her devotion to the light, there would be doubts about her indeed, but even if there were, she wouldn't have paid them any mind. They were but another petal in the flower that was chaos. She was high up in the Citadel that day as she was for most, interpreting the bloom with her fellow seers, trying to pierce the dark clouds that still remained looming over the future. Despite the shifting of currents following the end of the Clone Wars, the rise of multiple Jedi orders and some relative stability finally settling in, it had been concerning how those dark clouds first scried several decades ago were still there. Her lips pursed as once more she had been denied, and rather than attempt to push through, she chose to let it rest for today.

"That will be all for today, please return to your normal duties." Soft spoken and gentle, she was ever the mirror of her twin sister, thin fingers grasping the edge of her seat as she pushed herself to stand. Her robes cowled about herself, she had to take a moment for her force-sight to slowly draw back from scrying, feeling and hearing those around her dispersing from the room before being able to see them as vague outlines against the background noise of the force which surrounded them. Unlike Solace, she had been born without eyes, a veil about her face obscuring the empty sockets that betrayed her Miralukan genes just as much as the pointed ears betrayed her sister's Sephi genes. It had only ever been a burden in moments like this though, when she had spent so long looking into the future that one had to take the time to root themselves in the present.

Slowly the colors returned, soft whites of the stone walls, the red carpeting beneath her bare feet, a gentle brown tone of her own Jedi robes that made her look much like every other Jedi in the order. Now, that was better. She nodded to herself as she could finally feel herself rooted, and began her journey. It was still early in the day and she knew her sister would be busy, what with first the Imperial and then a Corellian, not to mention a long-lost comrade of the order from the Hapes Cluster. Or had the order been different with those last two? Sena was not quite certain, a certain irony considering she was the head of the Seer Council and one of the few able to pierce through the veil over the future. For a long moment she simply stood lost in thought, wondering whether to consult with her sister herself and if it would be worth drawing her away from whatever insights she might have to respond to her. Their bond let them communicate effortlessly telepathically across vast distances, so she didn't necessarily need to be nearby… Just a peek might be enough for now.

Sena glimpsed through their bond, reaching out to feel out where her other half was, guided by the force down the winding corridors of the Citadel and to the very base of the structure. Distantly she could feel the yearning within the durasteel bones of their home to once more ply the stars, it was a sensation that many of their more gifted members felt when they were too unfocused in their sensing of the force. It had a name once, Battalion, a name that belied the explorer's nature of the vessel's heart. She shook her head, a cascade of colored strands enveloping her features for a moment as her bands came loose around her hair. Focus had been lost and she found herself dwelling on things that could be, and had been rather than what was. Solace was… Ah, there she was. She was with Airus and two others on the ground floor. While the other two she barely glanced across, there was enough reason to leave her be with just Airus alone.

Those two often had strange thoughts revolving around each other when in proximity, thoughts that she tried not to intrude upon for the sake of their own privacy. At one point she recalled feeling something different when she saw them together, consistently spending time with each other, taking on missions, training among other things. It was an unusual sensation, one that was suppressed and forgotten until… Sena wondered on things, finding another within the lobby heading towards the main desk. This one was unique, he had a different aura than those of the Citadel. A stranger. Her focus shifted to him, seeing where he had come from, who he had spoken to just before, why he was here. The Prince. Of course, he was here for Solace and would likely be waiting for a decent bit considering…

"Kimryi, Soldan."

At her beckoning, two figures shifted from the shadows at the back of the council chamber, silver armbands prominently displaying the wings and staff of the Jedi Enclave's Medical Corps. Her shadows in a sense, the two knights dedicated to being at her side since… How many years had it been? She had known them since an early age, almost since joining with the order. Both were among the premier defensive duellists in the Enclaves, and single-minded in their purpose. After nearly twenty years though, there was a bit of a bond between them as more than simply being their charge.

"Yes, Lady Sena?" Soldan came forward first, saberstaff gently coming to a rest before him as his mask turned to regard her. He was the eldest of the two, brothers from the old order, and tended towards being more pragmatic and thoughtful. Many times she had quietly confided in him her troubles, knowing she could count on him when her sister was not at hand.

"There is a guest in the foyer down below, I am going to speak with him."

She was moving before there was any room to counter her intentions, bare feet transitioning from the carpeted floor of the council chambers to the cool metal of the hallway beyond. Her attendants followed, their auras showing their concern as they maintained their proscribed distance at all times all the way to the turbolifts. All three crowded within, Sena smiling as she found herself before the doors and feeling the gentle breeze through the crack in the door of the many floors passing by. So rarely did she speak with those from outside the order. Never before one from beyond Mandalore, and so this opportunity was one she was willing to risk the disappointment of the master's for.

"My lady, you know how the Council feels about you making trips to the ground floor and the public areas."

"The Council will understand, afterall I am going to speak with an esteemed guest of our order. Would it not be rude to leave him waiting all on his own in a hall of strangers while my sister is busy with other matters?"

The brothers exchanged glances to each other, the opaque lenses of their eerily human-like masks staring into the other for a long moment. They both shrugged in defeat, knowing that in the end it really wasn't their place to stop her from doing anything in particular, but rather to protect her from whatever may come of it. It was their entire purpose. She knew that, and tried not to depend on it all the time if she could help it. The vague shimmering of a force-barrier around her body showed that, a gentle blue tint over the pale Arkanian hues of her skin. With a gentle thump the turbolift came to a stop, the doors opening to reveal the milling people beyond. Some saw her and gave a wave, but her focus was singular.

With determined steps, her attendants in lock-step behind her as she made her way to the desk where a somewhat lost looking Hapan stood with his own attendants. The receptionist was attempting to convey that Solace was currently engaged in other matters, but stopped dead in her conversation when she spotted her on her way towards the two. Hood up and covering much of her face in shadow, Sena offered a smile as she dismissed outright those who seemed to be the guards of this man, instead hearing his thoughts as shouts in the wind. So many questions, of this place, the people and what may be. He seemed concerned about something, perhaps… Ah, she pressed just a little into his aura and found what it was. For her it was effortless, second nature like breathing. Yet, the moment she had her answer to her own question, she remembered how she had been counseled for reading into someone's thoughts and desires without their permission.

So, she thought to try this the correct way, calling to his attention by clearing her throat, waiting for him to turn before addressing him properly. With a bow that had long strands of vibrantly colored hair spilling out to rest against her chest in braids bound by numerous colorful braids, she smirked as she called him by name and title.

"Crown Prince Koren Omi-Ren of the Hapes Consortium, I do hope that the Citadel has been welcoming to you so far. While my sister Solace is a bit occupied at the moment with one of our Imperial friends, I would be most pleased to speak at length with you of our ways, as well as hear of yours."

For a short moment the woman at the desk paled, seeing the head of the seer council at the ground floor, confused as to what she should be doing before looking to the attendants who both slowly shook their heads to her. "V-very well, I will let Lady Sena handle this from here, honored guest." She offered, before slowly backing away, all the while Sena smirked over towards the Hapan and his entourage, wondering on how he might react.

Verra "Solace" Alleron, The Diplomat

Interacting with: Dra'kal Sherom @Lmpkio, Airus Vel Aath @Apollosarcher, Ila'Iri Orini @rusty4297

Mandalore, The Citadel
Year Four, After Re-synchronization

Red light reflected from her eyes, suffusing her naturally pale skin with an eerie glow as she watched on with a mixture of curiosity and horror at what had been unleashed. The holocron had opened. It had called her by name, and more than that it had decreed that she was of the correct bloodline connecting to the master who once owned it. Flares snapped out from the pillar of light in the center of the room, making manifest the shape and form of the occupant, the spirit coming into being before their very eyes. Dra'kal was accusatory in his tone, quickly countered by Airus and of course Ila was not quite concerned either way but was preparing for battle regardless. This only worsened things, as the spirit saw their preparations for violence and the pressure of the force around them began to intensify. Its aura was terrible and dark, almost seeping with malevolence as the creature within stared back into her eyes.

There she found herself the doubts deep within, of her own slightly dark aura that had so many times brought her into question with others in the order. Her own eyes stared back at her, a face that was hers within those depths. This one was hardened by years of life among the Sith, dozens slain by her own hand, a hollow reflection of her own inner potential. Bit by bit, the light bound itself into defined form, staring to show the others what she too saw.

"You see an enemy." The voice spoke from the holocron, a hardness to the synthesized voice that was becoming more and more organic as it awoke from its long slumber. "Yet…" A long pause, free thought one of the first things to be restored to the spirit as it came into being. Its gaze turned to Airus first, looking upon him and his robes, reading his aura. Then to Ila and finally to Dra'kal. That one was a curiosity, as he was not of the same order as Solace but… The form of the force spirit flared again, the red deepening as the distinctly female shape of it came into focus.

"I do not see enemies."

Now that put her off balance for a moment. All of them except for her had leanings towards the light side of the force, and even her aura was more so grey than anywhere close to dark. For it to recognize them not as enemies had her wondering about the information they had been given. Was it actually a Sith? It certainly looked the part, what with all the red and the gaudy pyramid of black and gold. Not to mention the place it had been found all those years ago, in the depths of Sith Space. More and more questions came, ones that she did not have the answer to, and doubted very much the Council would acquire or share with her all things considered. If the holocron even deigned to speak to them.

"Airus, wait." Solace started, holding out her hand to pause him in his motions for sequestering the holocron for later study. "Something's not quite right with this holocron, I have this feeling about it."

For a moment its attention turned to her, the image of the force ghost finally clearing to give them all an understanding of the woman before them. She was her in nearly every way. Fiercely intent eyes green in hue and showing the terrifying intelligence that had once been a living person. Facial features that belied a nobility not just given through birth, but earned through deeds over a lifetime far longer than one such as her deserved. The dress alone, delicate and refined, clearly showing her position within the higher echelons of one society or another. Her thoughts on her would have continued, this long dead ancestor of hers, but then she spoke and the longer she went on, she knew she had to act.

"Remnants of the Jedi Order it seems… A shame your fate was shared by that of my own order, as while our downfall was inevitable yours was a tragedy of fate. Some have inherited the spirit of the old Jedi though, for better or worse it remains to be seen but that your order at least seeks to correct the failings of the old does provoke confidence. I wonder about your Shadow Council though…"

Her palm slammed against the underside of the table, pressing a hidden button that reacted just as quickly as it was intended. All around them the walls shook with the motions between layers of durasteel, the floor and ceiling too vibrating and if there was any doubt the look the force ghost gave Solace spoke volumes. The displays on the table went silent, going dark and error messages showing no connection to the Citadel's mainframe. All around them the force was cut off from the room, the walls dark to force-sight and preventing anyone from looking in or out. A multi-point security and privacy barrier, securing the room so that nothing could listen in to the conversations within.

"Ah… Precautions. You've cut my access to the outside world, and thus the flow of information about the current era. That is acceptable, though I have enough at hand now to understand that each of you are at the least not an enemy of myself or my holder."

Solace stood, narrowing her eyes at the image of a more human reflection of herself, standing smug atop the table and meeting her gaze. The ancestor within was clearly one who had been quite clever and insightful, knowing to ensure that her legacy would not fall into the wrong hands. First, a biokeyed activation sequence in order to verify that only those of her bloodline would be able to even open the holocron. Then a determination of the alignments of those around the holocron, and at first she thought it might be a test to see how they might react, but now she knew that it was something else. For whatever reason, this 'Sith' seemed to be an ally of the Jedi, or saw them as such. That particular thought would have to be discussed at length with Airus later, but for now there was the matter that the third layer was passed as well. That they were in fact of the Jedi Order specifically, even if branch chapters. She had more questions than answers, but for now she had but one to ask.

"Who exactly are you?"

"Ah, there it is. I am Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Acina's most trusted adjutant, Marisena Alleron the Dark Lady. Though in certain other circles, I have other titles."
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Location: Mandalore, Jedi Enclaves
Mentions: @Alfhedil (Solace), @Apollosarcher (Airus Vel Aath), @rusty4297 Ila'Iri Orini

As all of this went on, Dra'kal remained silent as he watched the whole scene play out. Compared to everyone else, he was a true outsider in the midst of this sudden chaos. He had seen many weird and dire situations take place, but this was quite a peculiar predicament. With Airus urgently suggesting to shut the entire case down, the Kaleesh partially wanted to agree with him. After all, he had only been the messenger regarding the situation, so all of this is technically not his, or the Imperium's, problem anymore. Nor did he initially want to interfere with this situation. He would rather be on his way.

But this was different.

Like Solace, he found much in the fascination of seeing a true sith, even if she's a ghost, with his own eyes. He had only heard of them through legends and artifacts. So when the Librarian urged for the holocron to be placed away, and Solace protesting, the kaleesh placed a steady hand in between the two and took the diplomat's side in the matter. He silently stared at the librarian, in a way as to let her be.

"Steady librarian," Dra'kal said calmly, "Let her speak. After all, I was the one who brought it here. And I would be lying if I wasn't curious about the identity of this ghost as well..."

As he listened to the ghost's prattling, he could sense a faint uneasiness emerging from the diplomat before she proceeded to cut the room off from the Citadel's mainframe. Thus making the ghost's contact to the outside minimal, with no word going in and out of this very room. Dra'kal was now trapped in here with the Librarian and the apprentice, whether he wanted it or not. Nonetheless, this had prompted more of his curiosity and thus continued to remain silent as listen to as much as he can.

And then it was confirmed.

Marisena Alleron. Confirmed ancestor to Solace Alleron and an adjutant to Empress Acina of the Sith Empire. If that was to be believed, that would mean the holocron could be thousands of years old. To think that he'd carried an ancient, biokeyed, sith holocron that happened to be part of a lineage to the very diplomat he was to meet with, seemed almost unreal. He wanted to ask more questions about their history, when they lived, and other various questions that he deemed urgent. On one hand he wanted to ask these very questions for his sake, yet on the other he wanted to leave Solace to ask these questions herself if she so wanted to.

For now, he will keep quiet and let the diplomat do what she does best...
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Koren Omi-Ren

Koren stood to wait for some time, the receptionist was informing him that their official diplomat a Solace was currently engaged with talking to a Jedi from the Shadow Council whatever that was supposed to mean. He was about to inform her that he did not mind to wait, and could simply take a tour of the grounds when she stopped midsentence. He turned to see a woman in Jedi Robes coming straight towards him, most likely a Miraluka from her the head covering blocking where her eyes would be from sight. The species always interested him, some had no space for eyes, others had eye sockets but merely nothing in them. With a slight wave of his, the guards stepped aside. Used to reading subtle movements that only he and the Queen knew.

He was ready to bow to her in greeting, though visibly recoiled slightly as he felt her presence probe against his mental defenses. His guards looked at each other as he did so, unsure of the exchange that was going on. He had no doubt the two women would go for their weapons if he had reacted a little more violently. He dropped two fingers at his side as he bowed, indicating to them to stand down. All was well, he was sure he saw the Jedis two guards react slightly to the movement of his own. Part of him wondered what was the particular importance of this Jedi, to be given the escort of two. From their age, the way they moved. He doubted it was a Padawan style relationship unless things had changed in greater ways than he had ever imagined.

"Crown Prince Koren Omi-Ren of the Hapes Consortium, I do hope that the Citadel has been welcoming to you so far. While my sister Solace is a bit occupied at the moment with one of our Imperial friends, I would be most pleased to speak at length with you of our ways, as well as hear of yours."

"Greetings Master Alleron" He had to guess at her last name, considering she had never actually offered it. Though hearing of Solace Alleron being this Jedis sister gave him a potential clue as to her surname.

"That is a most gracious offer Master Jedi, I would appreciate that. I may have been born and raised a Jedi, though things appear to be very different these days. I would appreciate an update on what the Jedi Order is these days, I had hoped in some ways to be able to return to the Jedi Order-" He raised his right arm to highlight his wedding band "-without giving up the things that currently make me who I am of course, though the matter of my potential return is likely more of a conversation to have with the council."

Xarthas Den
Den Enclave - Concord Dawn

Sitting in the pilot seat once more the engines of the Nightfury roared to life as Xarthas' hands glided over the console. Pulling on the yoke the ship creaked and strained as the repulsors pushed against gravity allowing him to pull a vertical in his push toward orbit. If he had been taking off from any civilized spaceport in the Galaxy he had no doubt that he would have a very angry ATC worker shouting through his comm system, but being at the Den Enclave he likely just had a group of children looking at the ship laughing while Hawk shook his head judgementally. He turned his head to Odd Ball who sat in second seat, a mischevious grin on his face.

"There was absolutely no need for that Xarthas."

"It has been a while since you've been to space old man, just wanted to make sure you enjoyed it."

There was a tweedle as Chuckles rolled into the bridge, saying something about how the cargo was secure even without the help of the two so-called 'sentients' who were too busy playing with the ship to help. "I remember how it works, I've flown more combat ops and faster ships than this old bucket."

Xarthas turned to Odd Ball with a pained and insulted look on his face, though with his helmet on it probably looked more like a death glare. "You want to see what this old bucket can do?" There was a chirp of warning from the small astromech at the back who really didn't want to do it. Odd Ball chuckled slightly. "No really, you want to see what this can do?" The old clone turned to him, his head tilted to the side.

"This ship has nothing I haven't seen before." There was a whine of protest from Chuckles and a clunk as the droid magnetized its legs struts, bolting itself to the ground. Xarthas hands meanwhile ran over a console to his left, the console had obviously been tacked on as an optional extra. Flicking a couple of switches to overwrite safeties in the engine control systems. There was a whine all over the ship as systems prepared for the lurch in speed, grinning below his helmet he flicked the final switch as the two pilots were thrown back into their seats at the sudden lurch of speed as the interia dampeners struggled to compensate. The modifications he had made weren't exactly safe, overdoing it and he'd burn out the engines. It was essentially only good for a sudden burst in speed but not for a continuous burst. There were extra conduits running to the main engines, reinforced components and a second reactor designed to give a momentary surplus of power. It also acted as a backup should the main reactor fail, and that was its original purpose. Though why have all that energy go to waste?

Xarthas chuckled, and Odd Ball couldn't resist joining him as the two laughed as the ship shook breaking atmosphere. As a low warning trill began to sound Xarthas flicked off the feed from the second reactor, the engines returning to their normal output and the warning lights fading. "Told you old man, don't try me."

Xarthas Den
The Tipsy Rancor // KELDABE // Mandalore

Xarthas walked into the small tavern just off one of the Main Bazhaars in Keldabe. If there were two things in abundance on Mandalore, it was weapons and cantinas. Not two things that went together rather well, but typically infractions were kept to a minimum. At least between Mandalorians, off-worlders sometimes liked to cause trouble. No doubt there'd be a couple of them fighting in one of the cantinas along this Bazhaar. His filtration system hissed as he entered the room, helmet instantly compensating for the lack of light. He heard a lot of the mercenaries talk about how on most worlds beyond the Mandalorian Republic the entrance of a Mandalorian into a cantina turned everyone's head. While he was unlikely to experience something like that on Mandalore, it was an egotistical craving off his. To once be recognized for what he was, even though he wasn't exactly the epitome of a Mandalorian Warrior. By his reckoning, he could outfly just about everyone in this cantina when it came to a melee or even a blaster fight he probably ranked no higher than your average Clone Trooper. There's a reason no-one from Clan Den served on the front lines among a Banner.

He saw the individual he was looking for navigating the cramped space as he worked his way over to her. He bowed his head respectfully. Alaris was one of the best 'acquisitions' experts on Mandalore. Nothing illegal, within Mandalore, but she had a way of getting him exactly what he needed when he needed it. Together the two of them were exclusive, at least in the arms dealing world. She didn't use anyone else to ship her goods, and he didn't smuggle for any other arms dealers. A working relationship that kept them both in business. "If it isn't my favorite smuggler-"

"I hate to skip the foreplay Alaris but this is just a flying visit, you'll have to manage with a quicky." The Togruta audibly scoffed under her helmet, as she indicated the booth beside her for the two of them to sit down.

"You know you can't tease a lady like that."

"Well, when I see one I'll take that into account." Reaching down to his belt he pulled off a datapad and placed it on the table, sliding it towards her and spinning it so it was the right way around for her. "I have an important client in need of some serious arms right now, I've negotiated an extra five percent for us both due to the timing. I've taken the liberty of taking most of the items of the list which I had in my stockpile, there's just a couple of rarer items I'm in need of. Do you have anything on hand?

He could hear her clicking her tongue in her mouth as she worked her way down through the list. Shaking her head as she did so. "You're a greedy boy Den, you practically want all I have to offer."

He raised his arms in an amorous shrug. "Well, what can I say? You're my favorite." She waved her hand at him in mock bashfulness. "So, can you be my gleaming beacon of hope?"

He could practically hear the excitement in her voice. "Don't worry Xarthas, I can sort you out."

Xarthas Den
The Liberator // Mandalore Orbit

The ship hissed slightly as it settled down on its landing struts. Xarthas could practically feel the uneasiness radiating from Odd Ball. He hadn't seen droids nor been this close to a Lucrehulk since the Open Circle fleet settled in for the long haul at Mandalore. While there were many sentients running in the hangar below them, Talik still used a large number of B1s to perform the menial tasks that it would be a waste to use her limited crew on. Right now the droids were running around all manic, as he heard Chuckles whir away towards the loading ramp he saw a group of B1s approaching and swore under his breath. "Stay here ba'vodu. The old B1s sometimes still get defensive when they see someone in clone armor." He stood up and ran towards the ramp, swearing at the deck officer who should know better than send B1s to his ship to help with the unloading.

As if on cue as he approached the ramp he could already hear one of the droids. "Stand aside Astromech. We are here to unload the cargo of this ship in the name of the Not-Separatist Alliance." There was a blurt of astromech expletives as Chuckles used a rather specific form of language that wasn't for polite conversation, though Xarthas picked up the gist of it which was There aren't any other droids coming aboard this ship so long as I'm here.. Just before rounding the corner Xarthas stopped running, it didn't do well to send an image of being panicked and in a rush.

As Xarthas rounded the corner the droids all looked to him for help, as Chuckles took the opportunity to rush forward and push one of them over. "Hey!"

He raised his hands, sliding in front of Chuckles as he approached the droids. "Alright boys, you know the deal. Only sentients unload my ship, that's the rule. There's a lot going on back here, and the last thing I need is more malfunctioning bolts running around back there." He turned his head to Chuckles putting a lot of emphasis in his voice. "Especially when I already have enough." His hidden meaning to the little droid being clear. Start behaving or you're going to be left here to play with the lunatic B1s..

"My droid will start bringing some of the goods down to the deck, and you lovely gentlemen can take it from there. If the deck chief wants things to go faster, he can send some sentients to do the work. These have always been the conditions of my business." Xarthas sighed as the droids reluctantly went down the ramp and he turned to his little astromech. "Please go start fetching the merchandise, I'll wait here for the deck chief to come and complain at me."
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Saveld Caldrassir 'Sav'

Location: Mandalore

Sav looked up into the sky waving as the old ship that his parents had used to drop him off took off. It wasn't easy leaving his parents, but it was something he knew he wanted to do, something he had to do. He turned around once it was far enough off in the distance as he took a deep breath as he began his way out along the city of Mandalore. His eyes filled with wonder, and a massive smile on his face. He would watch each being as he walked by, each one of a different species, and so much noise. He couldn't believe it, he hadn't been planet side in months since the last time they stopped to sell things. But now he was going to most likely be planetside much more than he had ever anticipated. He began to walk by what he assumed was a bar, looking through one of the windows as he passed by he saw a few people looking like they were having some choice words with each other.

He wasn't a stranger to conflict, after all there was that time on Courscant. But he merely shrugged it off and headed to wherever the crowd was going. After following them for awhile he found where they were going, what looked to be some type of trade district. His eyes big with wonder, but so many people calling out for him. "Hey kid over here!" On yelled, but he ignored it. His eyes were locked ahead of him as he passed by some type of fruit vendor towards an Espirion with a couple others sitting behind him trying to sell a Band limiter to the man. "I'll give you this Band limiter real cheap, my friends and I here will sell it to you for... say, 10000 credits."

Sav seemed to tilt his head as the man buying it was reaching into his pocket "You know that those are worth about half that amount... right?" He asked the Espirion selling it. The second he opened his mouth, the other two who were sitting behind this one stood up. The man looked at Sav and then back and nodded and spoke, "Yeah... what are you trying to do rip me off? I'll go somewhere else!" he put the part down as he walked off. Sav shrugged as he began to continue to walk. "Hey kid! You know... you owe me 10000 credits." The salesman said. Sav looked back and shook his head, "Oh sorry sir, I don't want it either. It's a bit expensive for my taste as well."

"Are you trying to play games with me boy?" The Espirion walked forward from his booth as did the others.

"Uh no." Sav said with a smile still on his face, "I'm sure there is plenty of games we could play though, but i'm not interested in playing any right now, I gotta find where to conscript into the -" Sav would be cut off. "NO!" the Espirion yelled at him. "SHUT UP!"

He took a deep breath as the others started to surround Sav, others beginning to look. Sav began to back up. "You owe me 10000 credits because you cost me 10000 credits by convincing that man to leave. That's how it works here... so either give it over. Or we are going to take it."

"Sorry, I'm not sure that's how that works though. You should just put your prices lower, then he'd probably have stayed" Sav said with a smile as he patted the Espirion on the shoulder, "But I hope you have a good day! Maybe another one will want to take your Band Limiter!"

Sav began to walk away, as the Espirion looked over at him. "Get him." he said, Sav was still keen enough to keep an eye on them and the second the other two started chasing him he took off in a sprint through the crowd.
(Music for this part of the post: youtube.com/watch?v=eRWR_k3rw1I)

He weaved by each being and person he could, these three hot on his tail as he began to go faster. He had no idea where he was going but it was away from these three. He didn't quite understand where things had gone wrong, but already his life was much more exciting than it had been. He looked up though and saw a line of people standing waiting to get something, no time to look at if it was just a grocery store or what it was though. Sliding underneath some species' legs, he cut straight through the line of people that had stood in front of him. He stopped on the other side and took a deep breath looking back. "Alright. I think I lost th- oh shit." he was saying as the three pushed their way through the line making a loud ruckus as they did. Sav continued to run as he turned down an alley and then another, weaving through a few men in armor and even past some people in some bathrobes.

He would find himself soon though turning to his right and finding a dead end. "That's it we've got him!" the Espirion yelled out. Sav though jumped up onto some type of circular support beam it seemed as he climbed to the top of the building that had a flat roof on it. He looked down as the 3 were still chasing after him.

"It's just a a Band Limiter guys, come on!" Sav yelled as he began to run again as soon as these guys got to the top of the building. Jumping to the next building that was close by he continued to do that, jumping from building to building as these guys followed him. One of them finally stopped and pulled out a knife as they closed in following from building to building, Sav heard the footsteps get closer as he continued to run. The next building was far away. But he could make it, he had to, he didn't even pause he felt something inside of his body tell him to jump as he leaped it almost seemed as if something was pushing him forward as if something other than himself was helping him move, and landed going to a knee on the other building. He looked back as the Epsirions had stopped and were staring at him. They seemed almost in shock and anger, the jump was really about 15 feet. He hadn't thought it was that hard of a jump to make. The Epsirions were still yelling at him but at least now he wasn't being chased, though they had probably made a ton of noise. He would stick to the rooftops for a bit longer not going down just in case they were there. But after awhile he finally had jumped off the roof to the ground. He landed right next to a Mandalorian with his full armor on who seemed to be staring at him as well as quite a few others and a few other passersby. Theyseemed to just stare at Sav for coming from the roof.

"What? " Sav asked looking around, he then looked at the Mandalorians and their armor and seemed to get a big glow of excitement. "Oh, cool! How can I get one of those?!" Sav exclaimed pointing at the helmet that the Mandalorian was wearing.
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Aroma Bel Iblis

Location: Landing Platform, Mandalore

As Aroma made her way down the landing ramp, a well-practiced yet warm smile formed on her lips once her escort came into view. ”Thank you Mister Esscan, I look forward to both witnessing and participating in the various events taking place in Keldabe. I must apologize for our late arrival though, the concert here was a bit of a surprise for the studio so they had to scramble to get all the necessities in place.” She explained before offering her hand and leaning a little closer. ”Just between you and me though, I might have run out of my favorite shampoo right before the departure time.” She whispered, giving him a sheepish grin.

Just as they were about to leave, however, Aroma noticed someone walking towards them from the entrance to the landing pad. Judging by the official-looking clothing, she guessed that they were most likely a Mandalorian envoy sent to greet her.

”Miss Bel Iblis? Firstly, let me welcome you to the Mandalorian capital Keldabe, it is a pleasure to have you here for the festivities." The envoy greeted with a smile, briefly glancing at her datapad for a moment before looking back to the Corellian.

”The pleasure is mine, it is both an honor and a privilege to not only attend but to perform at the festivities as well. I’m looking forward to exploring the city and learning more about Mandalorian culture, especially the food." Aroma replied, smiling brightly at the envoy before she was motioned to follow.

The envoy chuckled softly as she led the group out of the landing platform. ”Well, I’m sure there will be plenty of people willing to show you around, even among the staff there are quite a few people that are big fans of yours. Speaking of which, do you mind?” The envoy asked, gesturing with her datapad before Aroma accepted and they quickly took a picture together. ”Thank you. Now, before you can go explore the city, we’ll need to briefly visit the capitol building where you’ll meet with the Mandalore’s secretary, just to make sure that everything is in order for your stay here."

”Very well, lead the way. So what’s your favorite food to get during the festivities?” Aroma asked, the group drifting off into idle conversation as they made their way to the capitol building.

Location: The Tower, Mandalore

As the group entered The Tower, Aroma couldn’t help but look around the interior of the lobby in wonder, not because it was extravagantly decorated, but because it was just so different from home. The envoy led the group to a small sitting area, gesturing for them to sit before addressing everyone.

”Alright, I’ll just need everyone to wait here. I’ll go notify the secretary that you’ve arrived and she’ll come to retrieve you momentarily. I hope you have a great time here Miss Bel Iblis." The envoy ended with a smile before walking off and leaving the group to themselves.
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Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath

Interacting with: Padawan Ila'Iri Orina @rusty4297 Solace @Alfhedil Dra'kal Sherom @Lmpkio

Mandalore, Jedi Temple

Airus snapped back from his thoughts when the room shut, the click of the cortosis weave shelter them from all who might glance in this direction. the Librarian instead stepped forward, listening intently examining the Holocron once again, it seemed less dangerous now but it still unsettled him. Well, he soon knew why, he heard it say it's name without his datapads or any major resource to hand he could only run off his passing knowledge. "... I am Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Acina's most trusted adjutant, Marisena Alleron the Dark Lady. Though in certain other circles, I have other titles."

Airus crossed his arms, tilting his head up towards the hologram adopting his more respect if stern tone again one that more befit the station he tried constantly to prove worthy of. "I am Chief Librarian Airus Vel Aath... Marisena, you were also known as the Empress's Light? One of the other titles, you were rumored to have a cult of Sith who practiced the Light Side inside of the Empire." He paused touching his chin.

"So this isn't truly a Sith Holocron... I would think it more of as Imperial relic, since Sith are Dark Siders. She, is not." He spoke rubbing his chin a moment. "Which I suppose gives merit to further looking into this holocron... It's far more advanced and the more complex system implies that one does in fact contain a Ghost." Airus spoke force pulling his staff back to himself, tilting his head up at the ghost.

"There is much to learn here... I'll have to look into her history and more so on the the family in general." Airus muttered as he leaned on his staff. "Hmm, this is... A lot to take in." He spoke shaking his head. "Solace do we need to keep going, I'm not sure how many more revelations I can take more today."
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Alanna & Ezali

The journey to the surface was getting quiet between the two of them, Alanna still unsure of1 opening up to her friend about what was really going on. And Ezali impatiently waiting for her friend to explain why she seems so off and why she was so unsure of her words when talking about Laars.
Station-to-Groundside was a short trip, but even with all the chattering of the other passengers, it still seemed like a long and quiet flight. ”So,” Ezali said eventually, stifling a small sigh inside her helmet. ”How are the twins doing? Is Firith still ‘Banner-mad’? Or has he found a new distraction?” She’d only met Alanna’s family a couple times, mostly in passing on those few occasions when she’d stopped by to bug Alanna at work.
Firith’s eyes had lit up like a sensor board when he’d first seen her, and until Laars, Alanna’s husband had dragged both of the kids away to catch their shuttle, he’d been an endless stream of questions about her gear, where she’d been, what she’d done. Ezali had done her best to answer what she could, in a kid friendly manner, but was losing ground until she bought them all a few moments silence by letting Firith try her helmet on.
Jiari, almost unsurprisingly considering she was apparently a Force-sensitive, seemed much older than her tender years, speaking considerably less than her brother and taking in much more of the world around her. Laars seemed nice enough, though a bit stand-offish, though she chalked that up to jealousy because she was ‘True Mandalorian’, something that one still ran into from time to time.
Alanna shook her head, Ezali had never been one for small talk and it was clear that there was more thay Ezali wanted to know and Alanna reckoned she knew what. "Firith's fine, for now, more concerned with his sister for the time being." Alanna leaned back in her seat and looked towards her friend. "It's obvious there's more to this Ezali and since small talk has never been your thing I'd prefer you just came out and said it."
”Wayii! Jorhaa'ir, nayc jorhaa'ir, gotal'ur laam gar kovid...” Ezali muttered softly into her helmet. ”Alright, but I iwas going until we got somewhere a little more private.” Even though she was keeping her voice low, Ezali still leaned in towards Alanna. ”If you want to make it in my line of work, one thing you need to get good at, is ‘reading’ folks. Tell who’s lying, who’s scared etcetera...and I’ve known you long enough, and I’m good enough at my job to know something is up Lanna.”

Her voice carried a mostly ‘flat’ no nonsense tone, but at the same time it was tinged with concern for her friend. ”I know it’s got something to do with your husband. You broke eye contact for a moment when you said his name, the way your lekku twitched at the same time, or the fact that you didn’t mention him in your retirement plans.” She let out a sigh, and in a move that managed to generate a few half-heard grumbles from a couple of other ‘True Mandalorian’ shuttle passengers, she pulled her helmet off and looked at her friend with concern. ”Please, can you tell me what’s wrong? I just want to help, if I can.”
Ezalis tone was a fair one, Alanna had heard that phrase before and while she didn't know the direct translation she would hazard a guess at 'make up your damn mind'. And considering less than 10 minutes ago she didn't want to talk and was now asking what Ezali's question was, it was a fair comment. Alanna took a moment to think, on the one hand she was so close to pulling her plan off and kicking the two timing snake out of her house. But on the other, she'd had this all bottled up for so long that she needed a release, someone to vent about it too. But if Ezali cared as much as she said she did could learning the truth about what was going on cause her to do something stupid?
Whether to tell her or anyone for that matter had been on Alanna's mind for a while, Ezali had been her closest friend for a few years now, one of the few people Alanna was comfortable being open about things with. Alanna nodded to herself as she reached her decision. "Alright, alright. You're right I know I can tell you. But I need an assurance that after I tell you, you won't go and do something stupid until I say you can. Can you promise me that?"
Ezali’s face twisted with concern at Alanna’s words, but there was little to do but accept her friend’s terms. Bat ner ijaat, She replied, placing her right hand over her heart. ”On my honour.”
Alanna nodded her head and pulled her jacket sleeve up revealing her wrist console. Pushing a few buttons the image of a woman appeared, looking no more than maybe 20 with long flowing blonde hair. "This, this right here is what's getting me down. She's a new girl on Laars's shift… but… I'm pretty sure she's also the girl he's sleeping with instead of me."
Ezali’s eyes narrowed at the holo. Pretty enough I guess, though if I was goin’ for a human, I’d go redhead...bit young.

”How certain are you?” It wasn’t her doubting her friend, she just wanted to get a feel for how serious it was. ”You want me to run her through the system?” She added, fingers drumming on her helmet.
"Well I found a bra stuffed under our bed, that didn't belong to me and didn't fit me either. It also had her name on the label. She's also not wanted… unfortunately, I was on the panel doing her interviews, we made sure this time that we didn't hire criminals."
”Okay, that is pretty damning,” Thoughts of how she’d confront the hut'uun who’d hurt her friend started to form. ”I take it from your demeanor you’ve yet to confront him about this.” An eyebrow arched questioningly.
"I haven't no. My plan is to do it tonight, I've arranged for the kids to go to their grandparents, I don't want them there in case it turns… ugly. It was a strange feeling this, like a weight was slowly being lifted off of her shoulders. She'd suspected something since just after Jiari and Firith's seventh birthday but she'd only known what was happening for just over a month, but she hadn't sat around and moped.
Sure Alanna was heart broken. To her this was the ultimate betrayal, after everything she went through as a child Alanna had tried her damndest to rebuild her life on Mandalore and to do that she had opened her heart to Laars, given him everything that she was and now he'd thrown it away. But Laars had forgotten just who his wife was and more importantly, who her family were. Though Sable didn't know it, thanks to some memory wipes, he'd been helping her plan her revenge. No, it wasn't going to be torturing him for hours on end until he's begging for mercy, though inside she wished it was, but his life would be absolutely ruined as a result.
Ezali sighed and rested a companionable hand on Alanna’s shoulder. ”You’ll get through this. I’m planning on being in-system for a while, so if you ever want to call to vent or whatever, please, don’t hesitate.” She was doing her best to keep her temper, but she found it difficult. Though she’d been born on Coruscant and not introduced to the Mandalorian way of life until she was about ten, she had taken to it like a gungan to water. To raise children, and train them to be worthy of being called ‘Mandalorian’ was the highest aim of any worthwhile Mandalorian; that someone would cast that all aside for a fling was infuriating.
He’d hurt her friend, and his actions spat on her very culture; he was going to hurt badly.
It was reassuring to the Twi'lek to know that she had a friend who cared about her so much, it's just a shame that Alanna planned to drink enough to forget about the whole ordeal and Ezali was such a lightweight. "I appreciate it, I really do. Just try to be free tonight and probably tomorrow as well because I plan on having a hangover that lasts a good while.

Ezali sighed and shook her head. ”Fine, but if you get your ass thrown in lock up because you get too hammered, I reserve the right to laugh at you.”
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