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As far as a night trying to balance having a good time with his best friends of both sides of the gender coin and making sure nobody gave Madéline the wrong kind of glance, especially not the kettle of Hawks that recently decided to consume a few tables and make more noise than everyone else combined. So far, they appeared to be settled whenever Nolan addressed them, so Theo was thankful for that, at least. Nolan was a decent enough guy and he had no problems with him, but ever the protective older twin, Theo wouldn’t let his guard down if he came looking Madéline’s way.

But Theo knew he was too tense. He knew that he was worrying too much. He knew that as soon as he saw Cassian that his blood was boiling, but Dana was with him and if he got out of hand, she could just rip him to shreds with that hazard of a jacket she has on.

So instead, Theo took in a breath. He wasn’t going to repeat the same mistake he made last week. He wasn’t going to allow himself to succumb to the impulses that landed everyone in hot water.

“Just have a good time,” he repeated to himself in a low, inaudible voice, looking around the table. He might’ve been on edge, but something about seeing Madéline smiling quelled that. Her being a literal deer in headlights in any other situation aside, if she was enjoying herself, maybe the least he could do was try the same?

Soon his attention fell on the stage once again as Darla took the microphone from Fiona, whose set was pretty good from what Theo heard. Darla soon handed it off to his brother, who Theo could only but smile at when he took his place in front of the piano. Bastien, who was arguably one of the best pianists at Meadow, always knew how to make the simple act of pushing a few keys seem like something out of Bach or some of those other dead musicians that Bas went on about.

To Bas, it was an art form and Theo watched him with as much interest as he always had shown.

And then he started singing. His voice was soothing, soft, like a Damien Rice who could pierce your soul with a single harmony.

Theo was never someone who ever felt truly moved by music -- live or pre-recorded. It wasn't that he couldn’t recognize its brilliance, but he didn’t what his brother had. He didn’t feel like the right note could make you surrender your entire being and give your all into feeling the performance. But, then again, not everyone heard what Theodore Bonfamille heard. Parts of the song grabbed his attention like Bas had fished for him specifically. Their eyes locked as though the only person in the room that honestly mattered was Theo.

In that moment, though if asked, he’d say something was caught in his eye, Theo quivered within himself, a few tears fell down his eyes, and he felt it. He, honest to any God out there, felt what Bas had always yammered on about music and why it was so important to him.

But possibly the biggest takeaway Theo got from his performance and every word he sang was a look into his brother’s mind and how maybe he didn’t trust his brother enough. It was no secret that Theo had received most of the negative affection from their mother and that weighed on him so heavily that, as Bastien pointed out quite literally, he formed walls around his heart, closed off most of everyone who wasn’t Connor and Shiloh, to ever knowing the effects of what she did -- what Adelaide did.

“No more, “ he mused, bowing his head into a fake action of sipping more of his beer as he wiped away a tear that came late to the party.

Theo stood up, looking to Shi and the others. “Gotta use the bathroom. Be back in a bit.” He told them, leaving his jacket at the table.

Squeezing through the crowds that lingered, the ginger male did his best not to knock into anyone as he made his way into the back of the room. A myriad of thoughts came and went, occupying his mind as he avoided bumping into anyone within the human maze, but none seemed to dominate the fact that he had Mackenna on his mind.

Somewhere between trying to convince himself that he was justified in getting physical with Cassian Lee and realizing it was, to quote what Mac might say, his fragile male ego, he eventually came to terms that not everything was about him and maybe -- just maybe -- Theodore oughta make it right.

“But how?” He mused, reaching the bar, leaning against the countertop and taking a seat in the stool behind him.

He turned and saw Cassian and Dana near Nolan. If he wasn’t about to do something stupid, he might even go up to them and start some half-assed process of apologizing. Now, that would be a hilarious story to tell Shi and Connor so they could laugh if he wasn’t seriously considering it. Instead, he took out his phone.

Sliding through all of the unanswered text messages that he ignored all week, most of which were from his mother, some from his professors, but to further his unusually lamenting state, none from Mac.

And enter dumb act in three, two, one…

The sounds of his fingers tapping away on his phone produced a message about ten seconds later.
Hey Mac,
Yeah, I don’t know what’s going to happen but this week was pretty crazy. Or maybe it wasn’t. Either way, I’m at Nectar’s. Everyone’s here: Nolan and his squad of obnoxious jocks, Nate and Dee with Jasper (1/5)
Yeah, like that’s a recipe for success. (2/5)
Anyway, seems like most of the idiots we all know are hanging about. (3/5)
And, I don’t know if you’re in the mood, but I’ll be here for a while if you want to stop by. (4/5)
If it convinces you any, I’m buying drinks for my friends. Just wouldn’t be the same without you here.(5/5)
From Your Least Favorite Ginger

When the wall of messages was sent, Theo felt better. And for all of three seconds, that bottomless pit feeling in his gut when AP was announced on Monday returned in full, but this time the only person Theo could blame was himself.

“Holy fuck. What did I just do?”

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𝓜 𝓲 𝓵 𝓵 𝓲 𝓮 𝓙 𝓮 𝓪 𝓷
LOCATION: ɴᴇᴄᴛᴀʀ'ꜱ

There was something about rolling your eyes too hard that was slightly painful, like a twinge in your eyebrows when your vision goes dark for that split second. Millie Jean only knows this because she rolled her eyes so hard at Jasper that she saw red spots for a split second. She doesn’t really know what she did to offend Jasper so much other than stick up for her friend. In her humble opinion, the other girl’s immense dislike of her seemed uncalled for; not that Jasper would care to hear her opinion at all, or even hear anything Millie Jean had to say.

Usually Millie Jean would chuckle at Nate’s awkward and endearing nature, but her mood had soured at the presence of Jasper. Millie Jean was too nonconfrontational to talk to Jasper about her frankly offensive behavior, so instead she took a sip of her drink and kept her eyes on the napkin before her. The club suddenly felt very, very hot.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Millie said suddenly, standing up and grabbing her drink. She moved away from the table quickly before she could hear them say anything, gunning for the bathroom to at least get some space from the table. Tonight was supposed to be her night.

And it, decidedly, wasn’t her night.

The bathroom door looked like the gate to heaven, a golden halo around it symbolizing her escape. Her imagined getaway was beautiful until it was blocked by a familiar silhouette. Like a train wreck, she saw everything in slow motion; her body careened forward, tripping over someone’s foot in the crowd, and she face planted into someone’s back. Her drink dumped all over her and the not-so mysterious other.

To be quite honest, Millie Jean was tired of falling onto Cassian Lee. What is that saying? Once is an accident, twice is a hobby?
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Location: Errbody at Nectar's

There were clear problems lingering at their table and she had yet to pour herself a beer. Damn, no chill. Did they think she knew about whatever thing they had going on? Clearly they didn't know how oblivious Dee was to the drama that transpired at Meadow University. She wasn't glued to her phone like some people. While Nate tried his best to start a conversation, Dee drowned him out to recall her week and put two and two together. Why would Jasper look at Nate like that? Why would Nate let his nerves come out in laughter? Why would MJ's eyes roll so hard that you'd think they'd fall out? Dee's gaze trailed from her friends to the stage where one of the other legacies played on the piano. With a raised eyebrow, she curiously listened to his voice.

This was a first for her.

Hearing Bastíen Bonfamille singing.

Someone once told her music was an external heartbeat, and the lyrics were a gateway to the soul. Really, music only lives in moments like these, in a bond made accidentally, drowning yourself in intense emotion. This song came to the artist like it was second nature. Something he played without hesitation. It was something Dee could tell he held close to his heart. Whether it was the song itself, or the subject matter, Bastíen cared about the music he was playing. His song filled the air without effort, the sound rushing in and surrounding everyone and everything. The monotony of her day was made fresh simply by hearing his voice.


Color her impressed.

When a tsunami of applause filled the air, Dee turned to look at the people at her table and realized a couple of things:
1) MJ was gone.
2) Nate was looking like a deer in headlights - did no one reply to him?
3) Jasper was drinking a lot - as to be expected.

"Sorry, got distracted. Wasn't listening." Dee admitted, with a shrug. The applause came to a calm and the chatter around them filled the void where there would be inevitable awkward silence. Grabbing the pitcher that Nate so graciously got for the table and pouring herself a drink, she enthusiastically cheered, "Chicken wings, fuck yeah dude." Once she downed her first cup like a champ, she went straight for the wings and started devouring them. Completely unladylike, not caring about her appearance at all, even if she kind of was dressed like a slut, Dee looked between the two and bluntly asked, with her mouth full, "Did you guys fuck or something? I feel like I missed the memo. If you didn't, you guys probably should. Get all this tension out, if you know what I mean." She threw a bone on the nearest plate and licked her fingers real quick, "I got a great idea." She grabbed another wing and started waving it in the air, while she continued to make her proposition, "Why don't we all just say the petty shit we're thinking about and then leave it out in the air? Get shitfaced... have a good time... say fuck the past, cheers to the now. Like the sound of that? I love the sound of that. I know Viv always lookin' for a reason to drink, amiright?"

Chomp. Chew. Chuckle.

Seeing a waiter walk by, Dee shouted, "Waiter, bro. I'mma need three rounds of shots, for four people. Kamikaze, Blow Job, and Mind Eraser! Thanks, man. Yeah, on Nate's tab."
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Dana watched Bastien's performance with a slightly pronounced pout, bottom lip jutting out in tandem with her sharp jaw as she was victim to Cassi's taunts. His full perfect lips were pursed together like he wanted hers to meet them, but considering the way he had just blown an easy lay-up of a boba date, she knew that taking him up on such a tease was akin to putting a kick me sign on her own back. So she locked her hands tightly by her sides and, as though she was going through a windshield, drew her already 5'10 frame up on her tiptoes and nudged her forehead against his lips instead. Forehead kisses were pure, and more than he deserved.

Then she had plopped back down, flat-footed, to watch the rest of the song. As much as Cassian liked to joke, she could tell it had moved him seeing his friend open himself up like that. Though she had no real love of doing the same - baring herself in front of people like that - she could appreciate the people who were capable of it, and she supposed she could get across emotions like anger and...determination...and...anger...

She grinned, a bit sheepishly.

But such displays just weren't in her nature. Karaoke was one of those rare activities she liked to do just for fun.

She was broken out of her reverie by another approach to the little gang. It was a girl, their age, who Dana was sure she must have seen on campus once or twice. She looked too singular to go unrecognized - pink hair, bright eyes, and a big grin, which grew brighter as the girl's confident approach continued. Confused, she looked over to Cassian to see if he had drawn over some artsy chick or something, but his eyes were still on Bastien's little Macross routine. And the girl's eyes...


The girl's eyes were on her jacket. How very justice of her, to recognize such impeccable and brash taste. Proud of her style decision for the evening, Dana-chan pulled on the lapels of her jacket a bit; the Balmain spikes on her collar, shoulders and back all jingled like a full ring of keys. The girl's eyes never left the jacket, and Dana grinned confidently.

"Whassup?" Dana tried to say, although her tongue still tripped over the casual American greeting. "Like the jacket? Veeery powerful. Suit of armor against jackass like this."

She nudged her shoulder into Cassichin's solar plexus.
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Just can't catch a freaking break, can I?

As Jade Scott stood, dressed to an entirely different set of nines that she was used to, she wondered just what the universe had against her lately. Didn't she deserve happiness? Didn't she deserve to feel free for once in her life? Able to do what she wanted without having to watch and make sure it was cool with the coach or the referee?

Joey made her feel like she deserved it. The clothes, the hair, the lovely ride downtown where she noticed the Neon Pixie was occasionally stealing glances. Jade did her best to return them while keeping the Uber driver preoccupied with soccer talk. It was easy to casually do that, although Joey definitely made it harder than usual. It was shaping up to be a night that both of them could have used given the stressful week post-Bash.

So why did this have to happen? Who the heck thought it was a good idea to do renovations on a club in a college town in the fall? All the students were coming back and ready to go! Why wouldn't you shut down in the summer or something? It made no sense.

Of course being out on a Friday night during the season made no sense. Except for Joey. And Joey was not having this right now.

“What are we going to do! We spent all that time for nothing. I mean, fuck! I need to do something Jade! I can’t go back to the house knowing we got dolled up for no reason!”

At least Jo was really cute when she pouted. But she was right. There was a lot of time and effort spent to get to this point. To just go back and keep staring at that blank Word document while looking like she should be a backup dancer in a mid-2010s music video felt like the saddest possible use of her night.

What could Jade do though? She wasn't exactly up on the bar scene in town. She turned 21 during exams last year, and wasn't exactly in the mood to remember what happened after her final. There was a lot of pre-drinking at the house and then... things were a blur. Jade wasn't exactly paying attention to the surroundings, so there were no suggestions percolating in her head.

"I...." she started, trying to jog her own memory. She was drawing a blank though. "Well... there's gotta be a bar or something available, right? Something that has a floor? Even terrible bars have a dance floor open on Friday nights!"

Jade grabbed Joey by the shoulder and spun her around. "We are gonna find a spot, we are gonna get our dance on, we are gonna have a good time, and we are gonna look damn fine doing it! All right? All right!" It wasn't one of her better pep talks, but Joey hadn't heard all of them, so it would work... right?

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Nathaniel Blake was known for a lot of things. His reputation of being a student at Meadow U for three years had afforded him the often-unfortunate “motor-mouth” moniker that may or may not be part of the reason behind his over-reliance on weed. Through that, his tendency to ramble on for multiple minutes was as impressive as it was pointed out to him -- on numerous occasions, at that -- annoying. It’s probably another reason why he went with the flow and laughed at himself before anyone saw the chance to. It’s true what they say about laughing at yourself so bullies can’t.

But being eerie quiet for several minutes as shots ordered by Dee that were put on his tab came to their table was, unfortunately for all of the thoughts coursing through his mind, thinking of ways to utter even a single word, wasn’t something Nathaniel Blake ever did, yet there he was just sitting in the awkward silence. The chatter and hollering of the football players at the bar became white noise as Nate’s mind circled around the blunt approach Dee had into helping him, all the while Mandy’s advice replayed against it as if fighting a gang war inside his own mind.

Maybe Dee has a point. Whatever it was that was between me and Jasper, I know it’s there. Does she, though?

Of course she does. Or why would she still be here?

Nah, maybe she’s just here for the booze. Yeah, she definitely is still here for the booze.

Okay, you really need to stop letting that voice in your head win, Nate. Or at the least, listen to their positive twin sister.

He shook his head and forced any whisper that was anything but positive into the deepest parts of his mind and let out a random, if not short, battlecry and downed his shot without even thinking about it. The rush he experienced from the alcohol and added flavorings was enough to wake up Nate’s senses. He felt the most alert he has been in a while and that caused his legs to repeatedly shake with a sensation of excitement that was foreign to Nate. Something inside him had awoken and maybe it wasn’t just the rush of alcohol that tickled his throat and made everything south of it burn with a fire not felt in a really long time.

And the fire in his eyes lit up when he faced Jasper. For a few moments, however short they were, lingered a speechless gaze until Nate coughed a dry cough. “Dee, despite her strange ways, has a point. I mean, I know I fucked up on Monday but a person very dear to me said that I shouldn’t let that or anything else ruin the potential for me to have fun tonight. This same person made me put on my best shirt and my best pair of jeans and try and have some fun.” Nate and the point weren’t close associates, but now would be a good time for them to get to know each other.

And then Nate remembered something very important about himself. He wasn’t good with words. Nate liked to ramble on more than most preferred him to, so he wasn’t able to get his message across clearly.

Nathaniel Blake was a man of action.

So he took it by grabbing Jasper’s face with an impulsive grasp, hands on both sides of her face, and stared into those inviting eyes. Blue dipped in a pool of black that he wanted to get lost in until he did and leaned forward, the moment taking full control as their lips locked. His heartbeat increased nearly tenfold but it was relaxing and exciting and dangerous all at the same time. Nate hadn’t thought about it -- he just did it.

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Featuring Nolan Murphy @Melissa and Theodore Bonfamille @Metanoia

After excusing himself abruptly, Nolan found himself leaning up against the bar with a glass of whiskey in hand that held a single round ice cube. As he sipped on his poison of choice, he tried to fight his emotions from getting the better of him, Bas’ wink replaying over and over in his head. Was it something that the football player had said earlier that started it? One of his mannerisms or choice of words that was telling enough for Bas to figure it out? In any case, Nolan was on high alert, taking note of every breath and every glance.

Finishing the drink and promptly ordering another, the boy made the executive decision to head back to his friends before they had the chance to grow suspicious. Swirling the new sustenance in his hand, he began to saunter back to the corner table where his boozy and belligerent teammates sat blissfully unaware of the dilemma he was currently facing, but stopped as he noticed Theo sitting at one of the tables. As a kid, Nolan remembered numerous days running around campus with the Bonfamille triplets, young and naive without a care in the world. Things had certainly changed since then, but that didn’t mean that the football player couldn’t be social.

The dark haired boy offered the redhead a smile as he approached. “Party of one this evening?” He asked, noticing that Theo was sitting alone amongst pulled out and shuffled chairs at the table, meaning that previously people had been sitting there.

Theo had been so deep in his own thoughts over the impulsive text messages he sent Mac’s way, wondering how or if she would respond, wondering if she even saw them, that he didn’t notice Nolan pull up a seat at the secluded table he was sitting at. He offered his old friend a casual shrug and a smile. ”Not anymore it’s not,” he mused, grunting through a chuckle as he adjusted himself in his seat. “So what’s going on man? Figured you’d be huddled over there with your brothers in arms.” He glanced at the football players who were still as rambunctious as they were since Theo arrived with Connor and the others.

“I was,” Nolan started to reply, watching as Theo looked over at his teammates who were doing god knows what. “But I’ve been with them for almost six hours straight now and I needed a break.” The tall boy laughed as he took another sip of his drink, setting the glass down on the table and crossing a leg casually over the other. “Where are your other thirds? I thought I saw Maddie over here… did she leave already?”

“Six hours?” Theo let out an extended, slow and low whistle to announce his surprise at the man’s comment. “That’s six more than I could stand -- no offense. You’re the only one from that team who isn’t insufferable.” Theo was known for his honesty, though Bas was always the one who had some tact, which speaking of, Theo hadn’t thought of them for a bit. He did a quick search for them and noticed that at least one of them was gone. “I don’t know man. Bas isn’t anywhere in sight and I don’t see Mads. Guess they ditched me,” He laughed, “which is exactly what I did to them at the bash. Might as well be karma giving me a firm kick in the ass for being a shit brother.”

The dark haired boy nodded, a smirk crossing his features. “You get used to it after a while- you also learn how to tune them out when they get annoying as fuck.” As much as he loved his teammates and as much as they were his brothers, he could agree with Theo that they sometimes could be quite unbearable. But Nolan froze as Bas’ name came up in conversation. Did Theo see the wink? The football player tried to shake off the nerves that coursed through his veins and simply shrugged.

“I think one of the bars in town is doing welcome back specials, wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped by.” At the Bonfamille boy’s statement regarding the bash, Nolan couldn’t help but assure him that it was not the case. “I doubt you’re a shit brother- everyone has to have gotten over the fight. Sometimes things just get out of control. How’s your hand?”

“I appreciate that.” Maybe it was how close to his emotions he was tonight or just the right moment, but Theo did appreciate Nolan’s comments. Or maybe he was still reeling from the emotional performance his brother gave earlier and how it was unofficially dedicated to him. Maybe Theodore needed that and what Nolan said was just reaffirming that maybe he wasn’t as bad as he thought he was. “The hand doesn’t hurt as much as it did. More of an annoyance than anything else. I’m more interested in finding out who the leak was, if I’m being honest.” Theo thought back to what Connor’s professor/friend let slip up. “Especially after what Connor told me.” He said as he took a slow, tension-building sip from his beer glass.

But Theo’s vague statement piqued Nolan's interest. The football player’s future was almost jeopardized due to the probation that the junior class was subjected to, AND If the redhead had any leads about who leaked the video, he certainly wanted to know. Casually, he probed for more. “What did Connor tell you?”

Theo grunted as he leaned forward, gesturing Nolan to do the same. “So get this: Connor’s programming professor, Anderson, was hitting the sauce a little too hard and implied someone from our year might be behind the leak.” The good thing about being isolated from most of the chatter and hollering in the bar menat that Theo didn’t have to keep his voice too low, but he made sure to speak loud enough so Nolan could hear every word. “Crazy, right?”

Eyebrows raised, the dark haired boy took in the information that Theo gave him. Someone from their own year had ratted them out? How did that even make any sense? The great bash was a rite of passage, the biggest and most anticipated event of the year. And with only two left for the Junior class (well, now one), why would anyone want to ruin that for them? Nolan shook his head. “That’s bullshit, if it really was someone from our year, they’re going to have hell to pay.” The boy took another small sip of his drink, nursing it to make it last just a little bit longer. “Well… who wasn’t at the bash? I would only assume that if they leaked the video, they probably didn’t go.”

He shrugged. “I honestly wouldn’t know. I was too busy chilling with Connor and giving Cassian Lee some tender loving with my fist to keep track.” That produced a subtle grin on the young man’s face and he chuckled as he remembered the look on Cass’ face when Theo got one over him, regardless how limited it lasted. “Truth be told, man, I don’t even know if anyone keeps track of the invites. This year's Bash was so kept under wraps, nobody tied to last years knows anything.” There was a bit of worry and possible frustration in Theo’s voice. “I mean, that’s a lot of people to keep track of. And it’s not like the bash is everybody’s scene, ya know?”

A laugh escaped Nolan’s lips as he nodded in agreement- it was a well known fact that the Bash planning was top secret in order to not let the administration figure it out. He tried to think on the top of his head who didn’t attend the bash that he knew of, but it was difficult considering he wasn’t even there himself. At least he had an alibi that he was at Football practice. “So we then know two things about the person… they’re our year and they were in the know enough to be aware of what happened, possibly not even having attended the Bash. In any case, the only logical explanation, in my opinion, is that they had to be tied to either you or Cassian in some way and be frustrated enough to leak the video.”

“Okay Sherlock Holmes,” Theo laughed, taking a slow sip from his glass. “But let’s say you’re right and they are connected to the two idiots in the video--” Theo had to laugh at himself before everyone else could, “--who do we got on that list?” Theo wasn’t an easy person to get along with. He honestly had more enemies than friends, so trying to reduce the list was proving to be difficult. “Well, I know we can knock off Bas and Mads off that list. Conner and Shi, too. Not only would they never do anything like that, they want to see this person get what’s coming to them as badly as we do…” He looked at Nolan, “well, probably not as much as you do but still, it’s up there.”

“Theo, you don’t understand,” Nolan started, unsure of whether it was a good idea to bring it up, but the redhead seemed like a safe enough confidant for this information. “You can’t say anything because no one knows, but I have Med school riding on this. Probation could screw me royally and bar me from getting accepted. I don’t know why the hell this person leaked the video, but my future could be ruined because of it, and I wasn’t even at the Bash.”

Well, Theo didn’t expect that to come from Nolan’s lips. He had always pegged the football coach’s son and star quarterback as someone who always wanted to do the whole nine yards. There had never been a moment in all the time Theo knew him that he was actually here for something else entirely. But thinking back, Nolan had always been exceptional at the science-related classes they shared. So it’s not like it should be a total shock, but alas, here was uncharacteristically-silent Theo being a mute because he didn’t know what to say.

“Damn Nolan. Okay, so it’s no wonder you’re so anxious to get to the bottom of this.” Theo rubbed the back of his head and let out a somewhat slow breath. “Alright, we’ll figure this out man. There is no way your going to be fucked out of a medical degree because some stupid bastard decided to play with things they don’t understand. I’m with you on this.” Theo put his fist out in front of Nolan as if wanting him to pound it.

Nolan was thankful that Theo was on his side, and bumped his fist in appreciation. Although he did not expect to tell anyone, especially a Bonfamille, his secret, it felt good for someone else to know and support him. “Thanks, dude.” He tipped back his glass, finishing the rest of his drink in one fell swoop. “I’m gonna make sure the person who did this will get what’s coming to them, you just wait and see.”

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